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^4i^,s»^^H^" ;. 

riiTiiWiiMi»iiTiHir»igM«r'"ifciii i.ai-MriirTiriinniiiKraiWMiinii |.f.,.,-.j^.->— ir(„.'~« —.-».«.■ y^'-^..<|»<~ . 



¥ YOU c.»n keep your hesd wk^n ali abo'U'I ymi 

Others are h$ing tke!r$ m<l M%mii)g k i)i'i y^^i^b 
If you cam tru$t yoursSf wli&ri ^M m^i'i d^Mbi ydijj 

But make sMowance t'm' ilieir chabifng $&&j 
If yoti can wait ami not bs ik^^d 'by wMilrngj 

Or being lied about, d^n't d^d fe Im, 
Or being hM^d don't glv4 ¥My t0 hiiim§> 

And yet don't look too good, noi >iiiik l^^ wi$^s 

If you can dream — and not make dreams y-mjr 


If you can think — and not mak^ thoughts your 
If you can meei with Triumph and Di^a^t^ 

And treat those two impoiitor^ fuM ihe -Mtf^e} 
If you can bear to hear the tmih yoi/v^ ^pdien 

Twisted by knave$ to make a ir^ hr '(0^$, 
Or watch the things you gave yow 'Me i4, bs'Qk^n, 

And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out iooiss 

If you can make one heap of all ymr mhmmg^ 

And risk it on one turn of pitch-mid' tos$j 
And lose, and start again at your beyinnlnijs 

And never breathe a word about your h^s., 
If you can force your heart and nerve and siiKw 

To serve your turn long after they are gone, 
And so hold on when there Is nothing in you 

Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on!" 

If you can tBik with crowds and ke@p your virtue, 
Or walk with Kings — Nor lose the c^innmi 

If mlihsr foes nor hvhg friend-) Qsin hur( yvL: 
U t// men count with you, but nom /at) niuQh, 
If ymt cm fill the unforgiving mJmtt-^ 

WUh sMy mconds' worth Qf d/Vi^inc? rwh 
Yours 1$ the Earth and svery thing thm'i In ft, 
And -^ which k more — yQifG bs n Men], rny 

=- Eudyard ^ , ^ 

,rt«ma*«Mi«w**w"'''-<*w«««*t«*^««*''*''«i^^ "TS^tt--' 






CLASS OF 1984 



Charles W. Cox II 

David H. Ruedi 
Associate Editor 

Ronald S. Hollenbeck 
Business Manager 

2 Opening 




It WF 












The Chain of Command 

Th(- Brigade of Midshipmen 

A Year al the Naval Academy 

The Class of 1984 

An Army-Navy Scrapbook 


Exlra-Curricular Activities 

Advertisements and Patron Ads 
In Closing 

n-^xi * tifiyi-f . ■ ■ I T^f ' jr 

^^hiffsr...; .;• -^r. 

Mission Of The U.S. Naval Academy 

To prepare mid- 
shipmen morally, men- 
tally, and physically to 
become professional of- 
ficers in the naval 

4 Opening 



Mother "B 

Bancroft Hall, the home for the Brigade of 
Midshipmen. It is the largest co-ed dormitory in the world 
containing over one thousand rooms and over four miles 
of hallways. In addition, Mother "B" contains all the 
needed facilities including a dining room to feed over four 
thousand people at one seating, stores and shops for 
personal needs, recreation rooms, and chapels for various 

religions. Bancroft Hall is always filled with activity-plebes 
"chopping" and sounding off, mids visiting other mids, 
midshipmen going to and returning from classes; except 
for the mandatory three hour study period five days a 
week when all midshipmen concentrate on their studies. 
Mother "B" is a home away from home for over 4,500 

.4B»xH»i "URaX" 

T^T'T-TfT^ ■ ..■>*■:* ^ff 

Opening 9 

';,•■ : »rv^^• 



"The Goat Is Old And Gnarly" 

The goat is old and gnarly 

and he's never been to school, 
But he can take the bacon 

From the worn out Army mule; 
He's had no education 

But He's brimmin' full o' fight; 
And Bill will feed on 

Army mule tonight! 

Army, Army, call the doctor. 
Army, Army, call the doctor. 
Army, Army, call the doctor. 
You're all in, down, and . . . 

whoa! Any oats today, lady? 
No!?! Brace Up! 
Army, Army, Call the doctor. 

You're all in, down and out! 

Go Navy - Beat Army 


jf' ".'jr 

Tecumseh, the legendary god of 2.0, is by far the most famous 
statue at USNA and the god after whom T-court was named. During 
finals, midshipmen bombard Tecumseh with pennies to insure at 
least a passing grade on the ensuing test. Tecumseh is painted 
every year on the following occasions; Induction Day, Plebe Parents 
Weekend, Army week, home football games, and for the final 
thirty-six days prior to graduation. 


Opening 13 


The Brigade has three formations every day 
with the exception of Sunday when only two are 
held. Noon and evening formations are held 
outside whenever it is not raining and the 
temperature is above 56° F, while morning 
quarters formation is always inside at 0730. Two 
battalions form in Tecumseh Court while the other 
four battalions form on the other terraces 
surrounding Bancraft Hall. Outside formations last 
approximately fifteen minutes and conclude with 
the Brigade marching into Bancroft Hall to the 
music of the Drum and Bugle Corps. 

14 Openiog 

'^>" ' - mw mm >* 

Opening 15 

-slf^;/^' ■ ■,.■>*.»>.- 



S^&5»^**' r" ?r«a 

A ^> 




'VS ../t-T^k, ^, 

'? • ;^ >•'' '^ 

/^ ■ •••*^ 








M Ir 

The Midshipmen 

22 Opening 

Opening 23 

• ui<K 

Cnaih Of Command 

President of the 
United States 

Secretary of 



Secretary of the 


Chief of 

naval Operations 


Superintendent of the 
naval Academy 

^ Commandant of 

Battalion Officer 

Company Officer 

Brigade of Midshipmen 


Commander In Chief 

Ronald W. Reagan 

Chain Of Command 25 


■., J •f'-.'if'.' ■^if--^- 

'H^v ,r- 

Secretary Of Defense 

Honorable Casper W. Weinberger 

26 Chain Of Command 


Secretary Of The Navy 

Honorable John F. Lehman 

Chain Of Command 27 

'■r-:-'i> /'<"vnf;'' ■ ^^Tj ', wK'-^ J r ., <:i 

Chief Of naval Operations 

Admiral James F. Watkins 

28 Chain Of Command 

Commandant Of The Marine Corps 

General Paul X. Kelley 

Chain Of Command 29 

^■'. i'^'.T>!*' ' . ■ .'*^'' 'V'; 


Superintendent of the Naval Academy 

RADM Charles R. Larson, USN 


chain Of Command 31 

Commandant oi 

COMO Leon A. Edney, USN 

32 Chain Of Command 




Military Organization 







































AssocProf J. M. QEHRDES 

_34 Chain Of Command 


Academic Organization 






CDR w. L. LUPTon, usn 


CDR J. P. siMPSon III, usn 






PROF D. O. TOMLinsori 





AssocProf J. H. SMITH 

Chain Of Command 35 


Of MidsHfpmen 



Brigade Staff 

M/CAPT John Morrow. Brigade Cdr; M/CDR Anuv i;,lhr^. Drpuly Hngade Cdr: M CDR Bruce Lipphardt. Operations: N/LCDR Edward Wihon. Adminiatralne. M/LCDR 
Jeffrey Giangmli, Adjutant; M/LCDR Mark Saianiwa. Supply: MA.T Dean Miller. 1st Lt.: M/LT Glen Schultz. Operations Assistant: M/LT Matthew McKelvey. Operations 
Assistant: MA.T Steven Berninger. Drill OfHcer: M/LT Stephen Chachula, Parade Judge: M/LT Timothy Pence. MIS Liaison. 

M.CAPT Jeffrey Baitkoakr. Brigade Cdrj M/CDR Kristine Holderred, Deputy Brigade Cdij M/CDR John Lerchbacker, Operations: M/LCDR Robert Oakenell. Administrative: 
M/LCDR John Reape. Adjutant: M/LCDR Timothy Daseler, Supply: M/LT James Collins, 1st LT; M/LT Steven Beringer. Drill Officer; M/LT Stephen Chachula. Parade 
Judge; M/LT Timothy Pence, MIS Liaison. 

38 The Brigade 

First Regimental Staff 

M/CDR William Guerrero, Cdr; M/LCDR Randal Gustafson, i'ut i J., .\LL1 Du.,<i Uh^n. Operations; MA.T Mark McDowell. Administrative: 
MA-T David Stevens, Adjutant MA.T Peter Dallman, Supply. 

M/CDR Joseph Moulton, Cdr; MA-CDR David Aumuller, Sub-Cdr; M/LT Scott Woessner. Operations; MA.T Mark Brodowicz. Adm. 
M/LT Patrick Kolbas, Adjutant. MA^T Janet Giron, Supply. 

First Regiment 39 

First Battalion 


imCDR Lance Carr. car, M/L J Hsy-wona l ,azk. Sub-Cdi; M/LT David Stender. OperaUons. M/LTJG Thomas Goaley. Adjutant; 
M/LTjg Douglas Caasidy. Supply: M/LCDR James Dorbin. Administrative. 

MXCDR John Herron. Cdr: MA.T Steven Bibeau. Sub-Cdr: M/LT PnsciUa Futcher. Operations: M/LTjg Todd Luttcn. Adjutant. 
M/LTjg BvTon Bond. Supply: MATjg Czina DiNicolo. Administrative 

First Battalion 41 



Co. Cdr. WLT Michael Mueller 
Sub. Cdr. MA.Tjg John Cable 
Admin. M/ENS Charles Fiah 


Co. Cdr WLT Kevin Burke 
Sub. Cdr. M/LTjg Craig Bertolett 
Admin. M/ENS Michael Mueller 

1 Beese, Larry 

2 McGivney. Michael 

3 Noreika. Scott 

4 Ratcliff, Blake 
6 Cable. John 

6 Kizzee. Carlos 

7 Larson, Norvan 

8 McDowell. Mark 

9 HoUingswortb, Al 

10 Selas. David 

11 Galhtta, Andrew 

12 Karnbach. C. 

13 On drey. Larry 

14 Romero, Glenn 

15 Vann, James 

16 Carr. Lance 

17 Bibeau, Steven 

18 Buckley, Patrick 

19 Fish, Charles 

20 Holtkamp, Louis 

21 Johnson, Richard 

22 Hamm. James 

23 Chen, Clement 

24 Burke, Kevin 

25 Bertalett. Craig 

26 Konicki. Joseph 

27 Mueller. Michael 

First Company 43 


iBt Row: 


2 HabD, David 

3 SimB, John 

4 Bnicb 

6 MoTT, Jerome 

6 Maraoui, A. 

7 McDonougb, Mark 

8 Owen, Teresa 

2nd Row: 

9 Fain, Ellen 

10 Bartoaik, Angela 

11 Henry, Jennifer 

12 Stenett, Arthur 
13 Reid, Randall 

14 Salza, Theresa 

15 Coetzee, Althea 

3rd Row: 

16 TUghaman, Richard 

n Stewart, Ray 

18 Coblentz, William 

19 SUvenson, Steven 
20 Lenixox, James 

21 Daniel, Jeffrey 

Not Pictured 

22 Beckler, Eric 

23 Bryant, Micbeal 

24 Coiad, Kyle 

25 Diggea, Edward 

26 Dunning, Mana 
27 Duran, John 

28 Evans, James 

29 Hemkley, Alan 

3 HoIU, Carl 

31 Kreba, Eric 

lit Row: 

1 Thames, Joseph 

2 Burgue, Daniel 

3 Redmond, Dennis 

4 LaDouchedr, Todd 

5 Bruner, Eric 

6 DiCampi, James 

7 Miller, Glenn 

8 Coddington, Dean 

2Bd Row: 

9 Adams, Timothy 

10 Bader, Robert 

11 Pagach, Kenneth 

12 Tuzzolo, Paul 

13 Le, Linh 

14 Altera, Allan 

Srd Row: 

16 Becker, Douglas 

16 Buronne, (Sep) 

17 WolsUnholme, J. 

18 Riley, Brian 

19 Dimicelli, Daniel 

20 Hamel, James 

21 Owen, Peter 

22 Meyer, Paul 

23 Walker, Larry 
Not PIctund 

24 Adkins, Jamea 
26 BoUiatri, J. M. 

26 Daniels, Steven L. 

27 Delberba, Brian 

28 FtrrtU, Eric 

29 Hattla, Jamea 

30 Hoffman, Pat 
31 Kramer, Timothy 

32 Lirette, Andrew 
33 Niemiera, Micheal 
34 Ordich, Scott 
3S Raines, Alfred 
Se Weir, David 
37 Welia, Royce 
38 Wolf, Randall 

44 First Company 



Front Row: 
McCartby. B. 
Reyner. T. 
Herndon, D. 
Littlejohn. S. 
Gianone. S. 
ShutUewortb, B. 
Bolat. J. P. 
Bond. P. 
Middle Row. 
Parker. G. 
Henry. P 
Watson, J. 
Horriaberger. P. 
Morales. J. 
Wolff. Z. 
Jewell. J. 
Back Row. 
Mills. T. 
Ubelacker. K. 
Beatun, R 
Smith. R. 
Peden. K. 
Wirriea, J. 
Vertel. J. 

First Company 45 


LCDR Bruce Sonn 




.'./ 1 



^ •■ 


^ 1 









Co. Cdr. M/LT Harold Hoffmann 
Sub. Cdr. M/LTjg Amy Thomas 
Admin. M/ENS Brian Jones 



Co. Cdr. MA.T James Brennan 
Sub. Cdr. M/LTjg Jeffery Amerine 
Admin. M/ENS Susan Borden 

1 Andersen, Kevin 

2 Slender, David 

3 Eldredge, Daniel 

4 Vu, Michael 

6 Oswald, Peter 

6 Pagel, Rick 

7 Hoffmann, Harold 

8 Amerine, Jeffery 

9 Brennan, James 

10 Braimigan, Peter 

11 Woeaaner, Scott 

12 Wharton, Jason 

13 Weigold, John 

14 Schumacher, Linda 
16 Jonea, Brian 

16 Goff, Timothy 

17 Desens. Mark 

18 Standard, Kari 

19 Dinicolo, Gina 

20 Eaves, Kathy 

21 Schmidt, Dean 

22 Lancaater, George 

23 Thomas. Amy 

24 Swift, Charles 

25 Borden, Susan 

Second Company 47 

Row 1: 

1 Stout, Daniel 

2 Heida, Jeffrey 
3 Valentine, Joseph 

4 Lowery, C. M. 
5 Szymanalsi, T. G. 

6 Mlincsek, John 

7 Portnoy, Ralph 

8 Kent, Gary 
Row 2: 

9 Altman, Bern 

10 Weiss, David 
11 George, Thomas 

12 Lange, George 

13 Duma, Scott 

14 Orlando, Anthony 

15 Butterfield, A. 

16 Stem, Jack 

17 Randle. David 

18 Prudencio. H. S. 

Row 3: 

19 Jenkins, Paul 

20 Puglisi, John 
21 Schuh, William 

22 Tranchine, M. S. 

23 Olson, Gregg 

24 Hartman, Richard 

25 Broberg, Brian 

26 Bailey, David 


27 Oneil, David 

Row 1: 

1 Jordan. Anthony 
2 Ciccolella. C. 
3 Johnson. Eric 

4 Barbon, Richard 

5 Wood, Lawrence 

6 Deeming. Shaun 
7 Cowan, Edward 
a Flinter, William 

Row 2: 
9 Kenntngton. Bruce 
10 Stancil, Anthony 

11 Frick, Stephen 

12 Saldino, James 

13 Perkins, Glenn 
14 Sciortino. David 

15 Sanchez. Anthony 

16 Carwin. Stephen 

17 Dolan, Matthew 

Row 3: 
19 Ball, John 
20 Bayer. Eric 

21 Jackson. Peter 

22 Allen, Douglas 
23 Scheufele, Peter 

24 Moore, Robert 

26 McDonald. J. L. 

26 Muench, Carl 

27 Kadowaki. Jay 

28 Killion, Michael 

29 Maitinuizi. Eric 

30 Vanderpyl. Alan 

48 Second Company 

Row I: 

1 BaUister, S. C. 

2 Okuinghttons, C. O. 

3 Cables. Loreto 

4 LaForge. Michaels 
6 Taliaferro. T A. 

6 Stanton. Roger 

7 Little. Charles 

8 Fisher. James 
iow 2: 

9 McCloy. Darin 

10 Baker. Robert 

11 Seibert. Joseph 

12 Hogan. James 

13 Mat2. Thomas 

14 Houck. James 

15 Nagy: Stephen 

16 Brown. Marshall 

17 Kushner. James 

18 Llaneta. Veronica 

19 Major, David 
Bow 3: 

20 Haley, Brian 

21 Ramsey, Paul 

22 Tomaiko, Thomas 

23 Mangan, Michael 

24 Fuller. John 

25 Stanford. Scott 

26 Liebert. Carl 

27 Boyer, Scott 

28 Hamilton, Mark 

29 Hill Gregory 

30 Culbertson. J. 

31 Dour. Letitia 

32 Horner. Brigitte 

33 Hurley, Patrick 

Second Company 49 

.fi^'W'' ■ ■^•''"■■•n 

Co. Cdr. MA-T John Nowell 
Sub. Cdr WLTjg Thomas Gehan 
Admin. WENS Patrick Walsh 


Co. Cdr. M/LT Gregory Pease 
Sub. Cdr. M/LTJg Bret Muilenburg 
Admin. M/ENS Gary- Watson 

1 Donnelly. Charles 

2 Fusto. John 

3 Olmer. Patrick 

4 Wilson, Michael 

5 Muilenburg, Bret 

6 Murphy, Michael 

7 SchulU, Glen 

8 Jennings, Kevin 

9 Hile, Michael 

10 Walsh, Patrick 

11 Gehan, Thomas 

12 Byron, Bond 

13 Turner, Francois 

14 VUoa. Rafael 

15 Clark, Raymond 

16 McGarrity, Robert 

1 7 Rabun, Patrick 

18 Casiwes, A. 

19 Richmond, Clay 

20 Smith, David 

21 Moaher, Terry 

22 Pease, Gregory 

23 Watson, Gary 

24 Pease. Michael 

25 Forney, David 

26 Nowell, John 

27 StAwos, John 

28 Fairley, Maurice 
Not Pictured: 

Beach. Robert 
McBride. Richard 

Third Company 51 


Row 1: 

1 Novak, Francis 

2 White. Robert 

3 Mendoza, Eugenia 

4 Debonis, Steven 

5 Cheney, George 

6 Horan, Dale 
7 Fazzio, Michael 

8 Berg, Timothy 

Row 2: 

9 WilJiamB, John 

10 Gilday. Michael 

11 Baquer, Jeffrey 

12 Waterman, Mark 

13 Poindexter, Mark 
14 Vancleave, John 

16 Mills, Charlie 

16 McEnroe, Martin 

17 Bellus, Andrew 

Row 3: 

18 Seigen thaler, D. 

19 Wileman, Robin 
20 Thompson, Bruce 

21 Cade, Steven 

22 Pbelpa. Peter 

23 Puliatti, Rene 
24 Merriman, Richard 

25 Mickey, C. 

Not Pictured: 

Devine, Floyd 

Goodman, Robert 

Hohrichter, Daniel 

Row 1: 

1 Hosack, Lisa 

2 Mann, Nancy 

3 Round, Robert 

4 Gabion, Leonard 

5 Taylor, Derek 

6 Tokoro, Reid 

7 Prout, Nancy 
8 Dykhoff, Nancy 

Row 2: 

9 Stevenson, Robert 

10 Sutherlin, Thomas 

11 Sizemore, Charles 

12 Larratt, Douglas 

13 Diverde, Michael 

14 Ward, Jay 

15 Shaw, Roberta 

16 Yamamoto, Takeshi 

Row 3: 

18 Bass. Elizabeth 

19 Pilon. Matthew 
20 Dahl, Jeffrey 

22 Kruse, Richard 

23 Fournier, Johann 

26 MiUer, Todd 

26 Gray, Robert 

Not Pictured: 

BaiiiBter. Daniel 

Mansueti, John 

Miles, Glen 

Roach, David 

Ryan, James 

52 Third Company 


Row 1: 

1 Smith, Morris 

2 Pign^taro. Robert 

3 Holder], Jerry 

4 Gotay. Orlando 

5 Coleman, Robert 

6 BurgoB, Brian 

7 Burkett, Paul 

8 Nelson, Ralph 

9 Roten, Stewart 

10 WiUcockaon, J. 
Row 2: 

11 Manhertz, Carey 

12 Shepherd, Robert 

13 MaxTield, Thomas 

14 Otto, Steven 

15 Merriam, C. 

16 MacFarland. R. 

17 .Allison, Todd 

18 Baker. Jamea 

19 Walsh. WiUiam 

20 Praaa. Ronald 
Row 3: 

21 Keller. Douglas 

22 Cassidy. Charles 

23 Pray. Andrew 

24 Gephart, Gregory 

25 Humm, Brian 

26 Belcher. Mark 

27 Peters. Stephen 

28 Ploheteki, John 

29 Horan. Matthew 

30 Ganahl. George 
Not Pictured: 

Alley, James 
Benaon, Marry 
Douglass, Robert 
Ruden. David 
Smith, David 
Sopko, Michael 

Third Company 53 



Co. Cdr. M/LT Gary Debode 
Sub. Cdr. M/LTjg Lorenzo Hiponia 
Admin. M/ENS Jeffrey Conklin 


Co. Cdr. M/LT Robert Syring 
Sub. Cdr. M/LTjg Mark Tbowpson 
Admin. M/ENS Beverly Baker 

1 Quigley, Timothy 

2 Holderied, K. 

3 Conklin, Jeffery 

4 Murphy, Brian 

5 Mitchell, Douglaa 

6 Mortenaen, Thomas 

7 Chriatopberson. R. 

8 Mooney, James 

9 Schmode, David 

10 Hiponia, Lorenzo 

11 Pfeitfer, Sharon 

12 Rabuse, Robert 

13 Griffin, Scott 

14 Debode, Gary 

15 Ranaom, Thomas 

16 Baker, Beverly 

17 Thompson, Mark 

18 Eppen, Cynthia 

19 Westerbeke, John 

20 Oh, Se-Hun 

21 ZevoUk, Dale 

22 Futcher. P A. 

23 Blum, Kevin 

24 Thompson, Jeffrey 
26 Fellowes, John 

26 Eves, Matthew 

27 Stubbe, Thomas 

28 Syring, Robert 

29 Dorbin, James 

Flaggs, Moreatba 
Wall Victoria 

Fourth Company 55 


How 1: 

I Cameron, Richard 

2 Freddy. Joseph 

3 Beygo, Cetn 

4 KlooBter, Michael 

5 Goffus, Thomas 

6 Ballard, Gordon 
7 Bourbeau, Thomas- 

8 Hauman. Mark 

Raw 2: 

9 Dibono, Daniel 

10 Sun, Dean 

11 Pimple. David 

12 PhiUipB, Michael 

13 Spear. William 

14 Grenier, Shawn 
15 Sehy, Ronald 

16 Berger. Michael 

17 Loeblein. James 
18 Gomez, Louis 

Row 3: 
19 Kowalewski. J. A. 

20 Hoppa, Robert 

21 Mats. Silvester 

22 Kyser. James 

23 Hanson, Joel 

24 GriU. Jeffrey 
25 Stout, Theodore 

Cuthbert, Douglas 

Dean, Edwin 

Kintzel. Stephen 

Rhodes. Douglas 

Switzer, Larry 

Row 1: 

I Szymanski, S. B. 

2 Cru2, Norman 

3 Boyd, Michael 
4 Dansey, Rick 

5 Mizson, Steven 

6 Tatera, James 

7 Butler, Peter 

8 Bledsoe, Matthew 

9 Herreros, F. 

10 Tabb, Robert 

Row 2: 

II VangeU, Arthur 
12 Lunde, Mark 

13 Moynihan, Dermis 

14 Campbell, James 

15 Lecarl, Glean 

16 Mores, Walter 

17 Bowea, Stephen 

18 Fernandez, George 

19 Powers, Mark 

20 Briileslyper. M. 

21 Eyres, Donald 

Row 3: 

22 Ramos, C C. 

23 Wilson, James 

24 Galamboa, James 

25 Wright. Grover 

26 Trancini, Joseph 

27 Whitaker, Kylor 
28 McQueen, Eric 

29 Stumhofer, David 
30 Stacbmann, Erik 

31 Kledzik. Nicholas 


Fen ton, Gregory 



56 Fourth Company 


Row I: 

1 Henrich, Robert 

2 Cruz, Allen 

3 Ingold. Tina 

4 Amy, Clare 

5 Hunter, Linda 

6 Herron, Michael 

7 Smith, Larry 

8 Duncan, Thomas 

9 Dikeman, Richard 

10 Burke, John 
Rov 2: 

11 Bibeau, Scott 

12 White, Dennis 

13 Farraday, Diana 

14 BrcK-kway. Barry 

15 Lott, Laura 

16 Earie, Jeffrey 

1 7 Hurler, Herbert 

18 Timm. Scott 

19 Eepwosa, Paul 

20 Belesimo, Thomas 

21 Neidhold, Carl 
Row 3: 

22 Turner, Darren 

23 Dewalt, Rodney 

24 Hanson, Dougls 

25 SeweU, David 

26 Schindler, Dan 

27 Kurka, Michael 

28 Ruggiano, Marc 

29 Slater, Scott 

30 Ribera. John 

31 WUlmore, Walter 

32 Parker. Eric 

33 Black, Kenneth 

Grabowsky, Jeanne 
Jacober, Jeffrey 
Loesch, John 
Musch, William 

Fourth Company 57 



Lt Richard Taylor 

Co. Cdr WLT John Abbot 
Sub. Cdr. M/LTjg Robert Gonzalez 
Admin. M/ENS David Neely 





1 Gehringer. Bryan 

2 KiehJ. David 

3 Saunders. Clayton 

4 Mohr. Mark 

5 Speer. Robert 

6 Michael, Craig 

7 Dugan, Donald 

8 Silva, Raid 

9 Otia. Glen 

10 Glaeser. John 

11 Casaidy. Douglas 

12 Gonzalez, Robert 

13 Abbot, John 

14 Huff, Thomaa 

15 Neely. David 

16 Abramaon, Alan 

17 Coucoules. Claude 

18 Harris, David 

19 King, Thomas 

20 Goins, David 

21 McDevitt, Peter 

22 Bishop, James 

23 Marnane, Thomas 

24 Dallman, Peter 

25 Cook. Joseph 

26 Graziano, Andrew 

27 Berninger, Staven 

Herron, John 

Co. Cdr. M/LT David Neely 
Sub. Cdr. M/LTjg Thomas Huff 
Admin. M/ENS Robert Speer 

Fifth Company 59 

Row 1: 

1 Green. Stefani 

2 McCartan, Kathy 

3 Laurenzano. Nancy 

4 Belt. Jeffrey 

5 Landauer, Anthony 

6 Rouble, Patricia 

Row 2: 

7 Baker, David 

8 McKinney, Lucinda 

9 Cedrone, Louis 

10 Ivey. Robert 

11 Horton, Jeffrey 

Row 3: 

12 Joy, Vonnie 

13 Olsen, Scott 
14 Fritz, Thomas 

15 Price, David 

16 Pearson, Curtis 


Adams, Thomas 

Ad kins. Lemon ts 

Cochrane, James 

Cozad, Garey 

Fen ton, William 

Flynn. Joseph 

Gardner, Eric 

Greenwood, M. D. 

Hannink, John 

HuffstuUer. T W. 

SaaJau, Susanna 

Webb, Andrea 

Yankovich, M. C. 

Row I: 

1 Caasidy. Ian 

2 Garcia, Levino 

3 Stewart, Alan 

4 EUy. Ronnie 

5 Montemayor, Carlo 

6 Jackson. Kyle 

7 Donofrio, Steven 

8 Burgesa. Eugene 

Row 2: 

9 Winfrey, Scott 

10 Byman. David 

11 Brewer, Charles 

12 Gerson, Gary 

13 Caldwell, Vernon 

14 Pearson, Brian 

15 Collins. Charles 

16 Porter, Brian 

17 Baughman, Kenneth 

18 Hook. Luther 

19 Presaly. Robert 

20 Miller, Justin 

Row 3: 

21 Hansen, Glen 
22 Brooks, Robert 

23 Everly, Stephen 

24 Olko, Ronald 

26 Barnett, Brian 

26 McGinnia, Brian 

21 Merrill, Craig 

28 Romaine, Richard 


Brown, Kevin 

Duffy. Michael 

Foley, James 

Forney. Todd 

Hanson. Kelly 

Heard, James 

Nibbelink, Kevin 

Stewart, Alan 

60 Fifth Company 



^ im 


Row 1: 

1 Kozar. Mark 

2 Van Helden. Joseph 

3 Stillwaggon. J. V. 

4 Martinez, Antonio 

5 Berry, Carol 

6 Lambert, Lee 

7 Shawblin, Bonnie 

8 Klatt, Deborah 

9 Bement, Daiid 

10 Young, John 

11 Asp, Alan 
Row 2: 

12 Desimone, Lisa 

13 Sheerin, Michael 

14 McCawIey, Brian 

15 Gallop, Patrick 

16 Britt, Lawrence 

17 Boener, Pauline 

18 Parker, Robert 

19 BeU. Troy 

20 Walker. Edward 

21 Ogden. David 

22 Hart, Duncan 

23 Hubbard, Thomas 

24 Flans burg, John 

25 Holm, Bill 

26 Travis, Pastula 

27 Curran, Paul 

28 Melhng, C N. 

29 Wuamett, Michael 

30 Wojcik, Frederick 

31 Wehman, Robert 

32 Wooster Michael 

33 Hopkins, Robert 

34 Huihold, Paul 

35 Keith, Robert 

36 Jett, Willie 

37 Polar, Luis 

Fifth Company 61 


f)''.^' " ■^'^ 

C •'•>■ ." ' , iw <:£ 


Co. Cdr. M/LT John O'Sullivan 
Sub. Cdr. M/LTjg Gary English 
Admin. M/ENS Daniel Adajnu 


Co. Cdr. M/LT PeUr Mayer 
Sub. Cdr. M/LTjg Supbea Brawley 
Admin. M/ENS Matthew Marron 

1 Cameron, Michael 

2 Nelson. Thomas 

3 Mesora, George 

4 Thien, Joseph 

5 Kolbas, Patrick 

6 McGann, Kenneth 

7 Niion, Randall 

8 Mayer, Peter 

9 Lutton, Todd 

10 Carpenter, Glenn 

11 Goaley, Thomas 

12 Marron. Matthew 

13 Wills, Eric 

14 Massee, Michael 

15 Mclntyre, Trevor 

16 Daverede, Alex 
n Sink, C. 

18 Poynter, Brent 

19 Adamus. Daniel 

20 Jorgensen. John 

21 Brawley, Stephen 

22 Devin, Michael 

23 EngUsh. Gary 

24 Powell. Kerim 

25 Burg, David 

26 Martinez, Michael 

27 daCrux, Daniel 

28 Randolph, Scotl 

29 O'SuUivan, John 

30 Boucher, Daniel 

31 Gustafson, Randal 

32 Hilferty, Sean 

Sixth Company 63 


Row I: 

I Lyter, Curtis 

2 Smith, Jeffrey 

3 WiUiamaon, Brad 

4 Payoyo. Jim 

5 Wade. John 
6 Fletcher, Matthew 

7 Studevan, Colin 

8 Norton, Jeffrey 

Row 2: 

9 Racooain, Robert 

10 Matthews, Peter 

11 Davis, Barry 

12 Scbweizer, David 

13 Hee, Paul 

14 Punelli, James 

15 Morris, Daniel 
16 Ireland, John 

, Raymond 

Row 3: 

18 Schmit, John 
19 Adamiak, David 

20 Pogue, Edward 

21 Maddoi, Mario 
22 Cobb, Richard 

23 Lumsden, Richard 

24 Costello, Timothy 

25 Ma tic, John 

26 BrowneU, Mark 

27 Martina, Delano 

Mosber, Kevin 

Row I: 

1 Dubinok, J. 

2 Korot, Susan 

3 Davison, Kathryn 

4 Edson, Denise 
5 Carlisle, Connie 

5 Smith, Tonya 
7 McSavaney, Robert 

8 Reddick, Matthew 

Row 2: 

9 CoUette, R. G. 

10 Doremua, Kenneth 

11 Bodziak, Richard 

12 Meehan, James 

13 Lamb, Russell 

14 Paget, Brian 

16 McClanahan, Rick 

16 D&mpier, Louis 

n Fowler, Stephen 

Row 3: 

18 Powers, Richard 

19 Holcomb, James 

20 Ayers, Gary 

21 MacNeil, Donald 

22 Miller, Gregory 

23 Paikyn, Michael 

24 Beaden, C. P. 

25 Donaldson, Scott 

26 Wtllin, William 

27 Gentry, Keil 


Echols, Eddy 

Hodge, Gerald 

McGUl, Michael 

Reeves, Patricia 


64 Sixth Company 

Second Battalion 

Ml. M. OtfMdt 

66 Second Battalion 



^^m^z. mBm^^mmCBm 

^ Jill 

MA.CDR Charles Hobougb, Cdr, WLT Perry Higgms, Sub-Cdr; M/LT Darnel SUeo, Operations, WLTjg Edward Butler. Adjutant; 
M/Ltjg Scott CbesBon, Supply; M/LTjg Dana Wilkes, Administrative. 

M/LCDR Jonttban Smith, Cdr, MA-T John Sylvmter, aub-aJr; WLT Marshall Parsons Operatioaa; WLTjg Jetfny V/tba, 
Adjutant; WLTjg Robot HaramatX, Supply, WLTjg Yvonne Brassier, Administrative. 

Second Battalion 67 

Co. Cdr. MA-T Jamea Scbotleld 
Sub. Cdr. WLTjg Jetfny Weber 
Admin. \f/ENS Lou Anne Neata 


Co. Cdr MA^T Danny Kum&ngai 
Sub. Cdr MA.Tjg Allison WebsUr 
Admin M/BNS. WiWem Biel 

1 Biel, WUIiam 

2 Manning. Cameron 

3 CowBtock, Brett 

4 Westenberg, D. M. 
6 Scbofield, Jaznea 

6 Rawbouaer, M. A. 

7 Flock. Bradley 

8 Neata, Lou Anne 

9 Webster Allison 

10 Murray, Mary 

11 Borrebacb, D. S. 

12 Weber Jeffrey 

13 Vogel, Scott 

14 Clemency, Steven 

15 Litton, Andrew 

16 Walton, Terrance 

17 Tillman, Willard 

18 Cheason, Scott 

19 Horn, Tbomas 

20 Gurbach, Glenn 

21 Augustine, John 

22 Kreuse, Russell 

23 Wii. Rose-Ann 

24 Butler, Edward 
26 Forehand, Mary 

26 Kumangai, Danny 

27 Beagle, Ronda 

28 McCormick, John 

29 Murphy. Gerard 

Ponseigo, Andrew 

Seventh Company 69 

Row 1: 

1 Culpepper, Edward 

2 BuehJer. C. L. 

3 Underwood, Robert 

4 Alexander. Lewis 

5 Cbaae, Andrew 

6 Howell, Terrance 

7 Marquis. David 

8 Delgado, Anthony 

Row 2: 

9 Perry, John 

10 Clybome, Thomas 

11 Williams, Gordon 

12 Peck, William 

13 Sutton, Patrick 

14 McArtbur, Robert 

15 Kerber, Thomas 

16 Olt, Theodore 

17 Norris, Warren 

Row 3: 

18 Fletcher. Mark 
19 TuUn. David 

20 Mearig. Aaron 

21 Becker, Delwayne 

22 Johnson, Michael 
23 Brooks, Dennis 

24 Armes, Bobby 

26 Price, David 

26 Petrilla, James 


Oleson, John 

Row I: 

1 Allen, Timothy 
2 Hudgena, Jeffrey 

3 Potente, Eugene 

4 Kahler, Stewart 
6 Althouse, Michael 

6 Jones, William 
7 MacMillan, Jack 

8 Schreckengoat, R. 

Row 2: 

9 Menninger, M. H. 
10 Nicodemua, Perry 

11 Turner, Mitchell 

12 Wardwell, Thomas 

13 McPhillips, Steve 

14 Walden, Cleon 

15 Heatherington, J. 

16 Wisotiki, SUphen 

17 Hale, Daniel 

IS Sutton, Patrick 

Row 3: 

19 Castro, Stephen 

20 Denuto. John 

21 English, David 

22 Ovens, Thomas 

23 Maua. Robert 

24 Laboa, Anthony 

25 Dodds, Franklin 

26 O'Malley, Brian 
27 Andreas, Roger 


Boener, Joseph 

Denneby, Robert 




70 Seventh Company 




Rov I: 

1 Bujyess, Beth 

2 Young, Robin 

3 Hoy, Eric 

4 Hamblet, WiWam 

5 Cameron, John 

6 Zambrzycki, John 

7 Secino, Tbad 

8 Norton, Michael 

9 Melgarejo, Carmen 

10 Zaccardi, Louia 
Row 2: 

11 Bird, Scott 

12 WitUn, Richard 

13 Startey, Michael 

14 Keller, Christine 
IB Watt. Michael 
IB Garrett, Stephen 

17 Cheneler, Joseph 

18 Fenatermaker, S. 

19 Vanwickler, R 

20 Meitch, Paul 

21 Mullina, Matthew 

22 Vanlue, Gordon 

23 Gordon, John 

24 Cogging, Michael 

25 Todd, James 
Row 3: 

26 Ahearn, Patrick 

27 Robinaon, David 

28 Martin, Ernest 

29 Sitemore, Robert 

30 Siditer, Samuel 

31 Stewart, Robin 

32 Oss, David 

33 Sutton, Patrick 

34 Mack, Paul 

36 Townsend, William 

36 Ellison, Greg 

37 Rowe, Andrew 

Brackett, Joyce 
Kleaa, David 

Seventh Company 71 

,r"jJi' .• \it\-'' 

Lt. WiUiam Bristow 


'i IMP ^^ iH^''' ' 

Co Cdr. M/LT B. Kruegar 

Sub. Cdr. M/LTjg D. Benson 

Admin. M/ENS E. Renda 


2nd Sem 
Co. Cdr. MAT J. Pagano 
Sub. Cdr. M/LTjg A. Stuart 
Admin. M/ENS A. Lopez 

1 Renda. Edward 

2 Lluy. Paul 

3 Wilson, Gregory 

4 Wiliea, Dana 
6 Lopez, ArtuTO 

6 Cbimiai, Mark 

7 Dim, TVeo 

8 Stuart, Allan 

9 Myre, David 

10 FarreU, A. 

11 Smith, Steven 

12 Ivan, Tbomai 

13 Olaen, Robert 

14 Babicz, Richard 
16 Benaen, David 

16 Eaeh, Scott 

17 Krueger, Bernard 

18 Melcher, Charles 

19 Newman, Mark 

20 Kirscbner, G. 

21 Smith, Jonathan 

22 Gelirme, John 

23 Guerrero, William 

24 Bovington, Samuel 
26 Pontureiro, A. 

26 Pagano, James 

27 Waldscbmidt, M. 

Eighth Company 73 

»■• ,■ ■. f^v '"-sP*' ■■ 'il^-t^' 

lat Row 

1 Jenkins, Kevin 

2 Jordan, Gerald 
3 G&rbuzinaki, T. 

4 Dayoub, Gretchen 

5 Schmidt. Wade 

6 Brunini, Keith 

7 Torbit. Michael 

2Dd Row 

8 Hume, Donald 

9 Miller, Deborah 

10 Mahlum, Sandra 

11 Wiaeman. Brett 

12 Poyski 

13 Fulton, Jonathan 

3rd Row 

14 Conatantini. W. 

15 Meloro, Mark 

16 Yamaahita, K. 
17 Benzing, Barry 

18 Risberg, Timothy 

19 Miller, Michael 

20 Barr, Harold 


Caisae, Bryan 

Hajoay, Michael 

Heine, Kenneth 

Ledhetter, Brian 

Lercb, Thomas 

Lutz, Chris 

Lyons, William 

Tbebaud, Cynthia 

Volgenau. Douglaa 

WeUer, C. 

Wozniak, Eugene 

Zebeil. Timothy 

lat Row 

I Marboia, Thomaa 

2 Rau8, Raymond 

3 Wolaki, Edward 
4 Burke. David 

6 Williams, Robert 

6 Prusao, Kevin 

7 Gruta, Daniel 
8 Wanaley, Charles 

2nd Row 

9 Semancik, Jeffery 

10 Lynch, Peter 

11 Loepke, Lance 

12 Istvan, Anthony 

13 Tolozneo, Raymond 

14 Amedick, Michael 

16 Feinstein, Brett 

3rd Row 
16 Jonea, Steven 

17 Miller, Matthew 

18 Crouae, Jay 

19 Goodwin. Scott 

20 Kyle, Eric 

21 Connors, Sean 

22 Zike. Stephen 

23 RamoB, John 


Carroll, John 

Cyr, Andrew 

Dunatan, Edmund 

Grandelli, P. 

Matsoa, Carl 

Melga, Guy 

Nahoopii, Michael 

Swatling, Mark 

Webatsr, Edward 

White, Daniel 

Sauerbrty, Erich 

74 Eighth 


iBt Row 

1 Johnston, Gregory 

2 Mines, Jamea 

3 Bartlett. Susan 

4 Hawkina, Kerri 

5 Cipriano. Nick 

6 Shields, Daniel 

7 Goodwine, Paul 

8 McFarlane. Scott 

9 Ho. Eric 
2nd Row 

10 Roy. Michael 

11 Quinn. Michael 

12 Green, Mary 

13 Chapman. Joaeph 

14 Roelker, Randy 

15 Schultz. Vicki 

16 Herrera, Michael 

17 Trott. Marjorie 

18 HoUand. Edward 

19 Harrington. Robert 

20 McCain. Roae 

21 Faulkner, David 

22 Springer, Winnie 

23 LenabuTg, Jerry 
3rd Row 

24 DeBeaucleir, Geoff 

25 Harris. John 

26 Duke, Owen 

27 Harria, Gregory 

28 Johanneaen, Lee 

29 Ingleaby, Kenneth 

30 Buckley. David 

31 Armstrong, John 

32 Connera 

33 Neweli. Paul 

34 Graves. Thornaa 

35 Wood. Geoffrey 

Brandt, Karl 

Eighth 76 


Co. Cdr. M/LT Gregory WaUra 
Sub. Cdr. M/LTJG Jan Cbinn 
Admin. M/ENS Dallat Roper 

Co. Cdr. MA^T Richard FarreU 
Sub, Cdr, MA^TJG Robert Faulk 
Admin. M/ENS Arthur Samora 

1 Nevina, Michael 

2 FarreU, Richard 

3 Roper, Dallas 

4 Rowe, Barton 

5 Catlin, Gordon 

6 Everist. Robert 

7 Sbeppard. D.borah 

8 Hammett, Robert 

9 Waters. Gregory 

10 Lochner. Jane 

11 Hudson. Derek 

12 Mrs. Flight 

13 Capt. Flight 

14 Strano, Michael 

15 Naeyaert, Lawrence 

16 Quigley. Mark 

17 Haberlin. Gail 

18 Pauik. Robert 

19 Chinn, Jan 

20 Samora. Arthur 

21 Skippy 
\ot Pictured 

Sakaniwa. Mark 
Sawyer, Robert 

Nine 77 

1st Row 

I Hyer, Randall 
2 Thone, William 

3 Harrison, Daniel 

4 Dewey. T. 

5 Hoffer, Robert 

6 Godeaux, Aaron 

7 Bowbers, VincenS 

8 Poor, Robert 

2nd Row 

9 Locber, Oliver 

10 Fordbam, Joseph 

II Nagle, James 
12 Harrison, Scott 

13 Lerke, W. 

14 Yi, Chong 
14 Winkler, James 

3rd Row 

IS Clapp, J. 

16 Assel, Allan 

17 Lewandowski, R. 

18 Bruce, Jeremy 

19 Watka, Gregory 

20 Smith, Troy 

21 Leeds, Kevin 

let Row 

1 Foy, Brian 

2 Cardinalli, F. 

3 Richardson, S. 

4 Merz, William 

5 Luntz, Joseph 

6 Cambre, E. 

7 Gosney, James 

8 RodniU, PeUr 

2ad Row 

9 McNair, James 

10 Render, Frank 
11 Wihon, Jesse 

12 Rivadeneira, M. 

13 Connelly, Agnes 
14 Black, Eugene 
16 Troiell. Wade 

16 Dubov. S. 

17 Trudell, Patricia 

3rd Row 

18 O'Connell, Jeffrey 

19 Cockey, Michael 

20 Harris, Eddie 

21 Sturken, Brett 

22 Hall, B. 

23 Standard, Todd 

24 Grieco, Daniel 

26 Skrabacz, Staven 

26 Miller, Mark 



78 Nine 



1st Row 

1 Wilson, Eai-I 

2 BranchTwld. C. 

3 Vajgert, Joe 

4 Daniels. B. 

5 FleweUen, D. 
€ Arias, C. 

7 Bastian, Kenneth 

8 Vanalte, Thomas 

9 Sadanage, Dean 
2nd Rove 

10 Quick, Shawn 

11 Plourde, John 

12 Boyer, Alan 

13 Gilstad. John 

14 Guyer, Michael 

15 Anderson, T. 

16 Cunin, Patrick 

17 Valmus, Jeffrey 

18 Wilson, John 

19 Smith, Ronald 

20 McNeiUey W. 

21 Sechriest, Walter 

22 Tierney, Patrick 
3rd Row 

23 Boerman, Douglas 

24 Dunn, Kenneth 

25 Brandle, Martin 

26 Muggleworth, C- 

27 Corcoran, Philip 

28 Cayouelte, N. 

29 Cox. George 

30 Greverhok, Hans 

31 Browne, Thomas 

32 Humphreys. B. 

Nine 79 

51-.1-V1. i--; ■-■ *#>: 


LCDR Thompso, 


BHHS^R -^gip 

"tf 1 

.It-.-., :-. 

Co. Cdr. M/LT Stephen Shepherd 
Sub. Cdr. M/LTjg Scott Seymenaki 
Admin. M/ENS Marshall Parsons 


1 Shepherd, Stephen 

2 Cedrun. Mark 

3 Peoples. Gerald 

4 Dunson. Jarreil 

5 Pence, Timothy 

6 Escobar. John 

7 Oberle. John 

8 Mar\il. Gregory 

9 Szymanski, Scott 

10 Parsons. Marshall 

11 Znirner, John 

12 Fijalkowski, J. 

13 Plaisance. Marc 

14 Freeman. Nicholas 

15 Pasterrak, Joseph 

16 Ceraolo. S. 

17 Mongan. Joseph 

18 Lee. Walter 

19 Chachuia, Stephen 

20 Hein. August 

21 Pierce. Randall 

22 EhJers. Mark 

23 McMasters. W. 

Co. Cdr. M/LT Gregory Marvil 
Sub. Cdr. M/LTjg John Zwirner 
Admin. M/ENS John Oberle 

Ist Row 

1 Uhl, Jonathan 

2 Spieth, Susan 
3 Teea. Timothy 

4 DorreU. Russell 

5 Shippey, John 

6 Price, Stuart 

7 TrujWo, Mario 

2nd Row 

8 Sbroyer, Deborah 

9 Lindsay. Curtis 

10 Richardson, D. 
11 Goodwin, Joanne 

12 Blaise, Lauren 

13 Jones, Warren 

3rd Row 

14 Thomas Wilbert 

15 Waidelich, George 

16 Jaenicben, Edward 

1 7 Faulkner 

18 Richardson, V. 

19 Floyd, Glenn 

20 Snigbt. WiUiam 


Coombs, Richard 

Dunbar, Laura 

Nelson, Robert 

Sodeur, Michael 

ist Row 

1 Graustein, Scott 

2 Franklin, C 

3 Campion. C. 
4 Jimenez, Carlos 

6 Castillo, Paul 

6 Kim, Hong 

7 Dunbrack, Harold 

8 Wailia, Joseph 

2ad Row 

9 Kough. Lawrence 

10 Shaffer, Alan 

11 Richey. Ryan 
12 Raggett, Daniel 

13 Sheedy, William 

14 Sneddon, Paul 

16 Donoghue, Thomas 

3rd Row 

16 ZiDgheim. Karl 

17 Jordan, Matthew 

18 Grimm, Laurence 
19 Kasperzak, John 

20 Dorko, Michael 

21 Rodriguez, John 

22 McAnanly, James 

23 Hedlund, Joel 


Beverly, Joseph 

Dewaele, David 

Donigan. Michael 

Gleason. Daniel 

Kern. James 

Kopchick. WiUiam 

McGarvey, Timothy 

Richey, Ryan 



1st Row 

1 Coleman, Alton 

2 Shaffer. Daniel 

3 Holmes, Sean 

4 Wong, Jason 

5 Dau. Frederick 

6 Yotz, Brian 

7 McKenna, John 

8 Bacigalupo, T. 

9 Herbner, Scott 

10 Mellor, John 
2Dd Row 

11 Parchment, Alfred 

12 McDonald, Duane 

13 Ray burn, Jeffery 

14 Fitzwilham, John 

15 Nilsen. Erik 

16 Gottschalk. E. 

17 Watson. Thomas 

18 Dalton, Marc 

19 Danzer. Michael 

20 Williams. M. 

21 Wagoner, Daryl 

22 Edwards. Robert 

23 Webb 

24 Shippey 

25 Gaffney. Michael 
3rd Row 

26 Baca, Howard 

27 Wheat, Juan 

28 Bomhold, Richard 

29 Hunnemeyer. Scott 

30 Shores. Jose 

31 Derrane. James 

32 Carson, Helge 

33 Lee. Brian 

34 Wallace. Frank 

35 Carlson. Rudolph 

36 Harper, Ernest 

37 McKelvey Jay 


Ten 83 

P /■ .^: -,*. *s-S^v .. ■<^r"*->^ 

''^---.f, :^";,.-.ti'>ki- 

Co. Cdr. M/LT ChriBtine Gromek 
Sub. Cdr. MA.Tjg David Aumuller 
Admin. M/ENS Dawn HoUoway 

Co. Cdr. MA^T Tracy Bowman 
Sub. Cdr. MA^Tjg Todd Hastings 
Admin. M/ENS Joseph Ziemian 

1 Bowman. Tracy 

2 Sylvester, John 

3 Intoy, Bienvenido 

4 Giron, Janet 

5 Williamson, Timothy 

6 Porter, Mark 

7 Matteo, Michael 

8 Gromek. Christine 

9 Albergo. Joseph 

10 Petroaino. Frank 

11 AumuUer. David 

12 Hoddard. Richard 

13 Higgins, Perry 

14 Karabin, Andrew 

15 Castaneda. William 

16 Stevens, Da\id 

17 Crabtree, Gregory 

18 HoUoway, Dawn 

19 Munoz. Andrea 
10 Ziemian, Joseph 

21 Baker, Thomas 

22 Ploeger, Terry 

23 Hastings. Todd 

24 Collins. Edward 

Eleven 85 

Row 1: 

1 Morradian, S. 

2 Fry, Ronald 
3 Bixby, David 

4 Beat, Kevin 

6 Edwards, John 
6 Racine, Stephen 

7 Munscb, Stuart 
8 Sullivan, Patrick 

9Lunifeld. Robert 

Row 2: 

10 Cramer, Scott 

11 Morgan, Cbarlea 

12 Muiicb. Terrenes 

13 Olmsted, James 

14 Genoble, Brett 

16 Heapby, Brian 

16 Per dome, Maurice 

17 Donobue, Robert 

18 Fahy, Brendan 

Row 3: 

19 Murpby, Henry 

20 Powers, Stephen 

21 Smith, C. 

22 Hugenrotb, R. 

23 Winter, Timothy 

24 Hull. Charles 

26 Stemple, James 

26 KoUey, Cheater 

27 Byron. Robert 


Brooks, Kevin 

Crone, Craig 

Perry, Robert 

Simei, Frank 


Bow 1: 

1 Patton, Philip 

2 Carpenter, Jerry 

3 Ashley. Matthew 
4 McCormick, Hays 

5 Ramey, Paul 

6 McMahan, Mark 

7 Richardson, Ralph 

8 Kenny, Michael 

9 Choi, Rodney 

Bow 2: 

10 Luikart, Timothy 

11 Vauk, Ronald 

12 Acoata, Robert 

13 Pletke, Michael 

14 ScheU, John 

16 Hennessey, James 

16 Waits, Jeffrey 

17 Moses, Timothy 

18 Harnden, Jonathan 

19 Hicks, Adam 

20 Powers, Zack 
21 Nelsen, David 

22 Sullivan, Joseph 

Row 3: 

23 Gibbons, Roderick 

24 Orzell, Michael 

25 Fitzpatrick, B. 

26 Fleming, James 

27 Wharton, Richard 

28 Petersen, David 

29 Fahy, Brendan 

SO Cutta, Michael 

31 Kaye, David 

32 Keith, Whitney 

33 Kolley, Chester 

Kim, Steven 
MoMur, Daniel 

; f ft :f f: f t 

V NT if V Sf 

86 Eleven 



Row 1: 

1 Lester. David 

2 Martinez. Arturo 

3 Hagler. James 

4 Oechaei, Craig 

5 Pieper, Robyn 

6 Thompson, Gregory 

7 Ryan. Steven 

8 HiU. Kevin 

9 Dougherty. Daniel 
Row 2: 

10 CovTie, Kevin 

11 Kowenhoven, Peter 

12 Tribhle. Kyle 

13 PoatuU. David 

14 Bennett. James 

15 Stauch. Patrick 

16 Campbell. William 

17 Mitchell. Susan 

18 Bradley, Sybil 

19 Wuestenberg. E. 

20 Limski. Lisa 

21 Chao. Richard 

22 Anderson. Michael 

23 Leong. Eric 
Row 3: 

24 Holbrook. James 

25 Berman. David 

26 Fleming. James 

27 Gomez, Gabriel 

28 Fitzpatrick. B. 

29 Walker. Joseph 

30 Shea. Patrick 

31 Banister. Grady 

32 Battle. Steven 

33 I 


34 Steffan, Joseph 

35 Kuziela. Thaddeua 

36 Greene. Joseph 

Gary, Francesca 
Petersen. George 

Eleven 87 


'>•■■ ■ '♦; 

Co. Cdr. M/LT Kent Koebler 
Sub. Cdr. MATjg Cbiia Kirscbten 
Admin. M/BNS Pedro Alicea 


Co. Cdr. MAT Douglas Conkey 
Sub. Cdr M/LTjg Cary Cusuwano 
Adtnin. M/ENS Hairy Summerfield 

J Panico, Earl 

2 Hobaugh, CharleB 

3 Funk. John 

4 Gradel, Robert 

5 VandenBerg, Gerard 
€ Dunn. Eric 

7 Koehler. Kent 

8 Miller Terry 

9 Oakeneil, Robert 

10 Summerfield, Harry 

11 Conkey, Douglas 

12 Sileo, Daniel 

13 Shibe, Robert 

14 Carothers, Franklin 
16 Hasbrouck, John 
16 Kirschten, Chris 
n Nielsen, Erik 

18 Gravini, Stephen 

19 Ruedi. David 

20 Baker. Eric 

21 Cusumano, Cary 

22 Skinner, Suven 

23 Schaefer, Thomas 

24 Alicea, Pedro 
26 Nolan, Timothy 
26 Barr, Paul 

Twelve 89 


lit Row 

1 FrieB, Franklin 

2 Brown, Gregory 

3 Rose, Mark 

4 Stepaniak, Michael 

6 Bush, Edward 

6 Peck, Debra 

7 Mallican, Jon 

8 Gilstad, Elizabeth 

9 McNeilly, James 

2Bd Row 

10 Harmon, Emily 
11 Olson, Greer 

12 Dalton, Ronald 

13 Burke, Brian 

14 Diederich, Kail 

16 Harter, Darlene 

16 Smith, Lee 

n Young, William 

18 Williams, James 

19 Geier, John 

3rd Row 

20 Vahsen, SUven 

21 Dasbiell, Michael 

22 Wright, Benjamin 

'3 MontMsnti, Michael 

24 Menke, Kurt 

25 Strong, Edwin 

26 Clark. William 

27 Wilkens, Peter 
]8 Minienmayer, Brian 

29 Edwards, John 


Debban, Vincent 

Evans, Evan 

Fisher, David 

Gannon, Michael 

Merritt, John 

Meyer, Victor 

lit Row 

1 Hughes, Christin 

2 O'MaUey, Kevin 

3 Herring 

4 Devino, Anthony 

6 Wilczynskia, John 

6 Lautrup, Joel 

7 Witte, Mark 

8 Minogue, Gregory 

9 Wilson, Charles 

10 Henry, Matthew 

2Bd Row 

11 Miller, C. 

12 Digiandomenico, J. 

13 Kim, Benjamin 

14 Vance, Philip 

16 Corish, Chris 

16 Layton, Jeffrey 

17 Calandra, Joseph 

18 Wiegman, Paul 

19 James, William 
20 Pelkey, Jack 

21 Welch, James 

22 AUilon, Peter 

Srd Row 

23 Irwin, Eric 

24 Monks, Tbomaa 

26 Martinet, Jeffrey 

26 Ulsh, Donald 

27 Schmiti, James 

28 Harrison, Scott 
2 Allen, Michael 

30 Merzke, Daniel 

31 Brochard, Paul 
32 Milhnan, Thomas 

33 Mitchell, Scott 


Fudge, Eric 

Jones, Marius 

Zlomke, Mark 


1st Row 

1 Moss, Allen 

2 Robbins. Donald 

3 Smith, Robert 

4 Veacb, Randall 

5 Sullivan. Sean 

6 Nagy, Timothy 

7 Karisky, Paul 

8 McElroy, John 

9 Alvarez, Isidro 
10 Goenell, Paul 
U FiUpatrick, F. 
2nd Row 

12 Arellano, Anthony 

13 Donahue, Robert 

14 Hart. Reuben 

15 Pham, Cvong 

16 Dennis, Shawn 

17 Moore, Wallace 
IS Blazes. Enoch 

19 Hutson. Peter 

20 Patton. Brian 

21 Howe. William 

22 Gfrerer, James 

23 Gozalez, E. 

24 Bell. Michael 

25 Evans, Frederick 
3rd Row 

26 Briabm. George 

27 Hoffer. Geoffrey 

28 Keane. John 

29 Compeggie, C. 

30 Ham. Kenneth 

31 Soer. Graig 

32 Kot. Brendan 

33 Hatheway. Michael 

34 McKinley. William 

35 Ladwig. James 

36 Morgan. Curtis 

■■-I •.-'.'->* ■ ' '■■ '-tH 

.■V" - "-',VI- 

Third Battalion 

92 Third Battalion 


WLCDR Cbriatisn Noah. Cdr; M/LT Joseph Murray, Sub-Cdr; MAT Philip Dobba. Operatiom, M,LTjg David CaldweU. Adjutant; 
M/LTjg Robert Rowsey, Supply: MA^Tjg Joseph Doyle, Administrative. 

M/LCDR Robert Clark, Cdr; M/LT Charles SUrnberg, Sub-Cdr; M/LT Marco Pagnanelli, Operations; M/LTjg Michael Sbeperd, 
Adjutant; M/LTjg Andreas Bierbraver, Supply; M/LTjg Henry Matloei, Administrative. 

Third Battalion 93 


't ' -*"'.**■'■ - ..' ;i *-•— ''.'x', 

Co. Cdi. WLT Chtil— Htteher 
Sub. Cdi. WLTjg Jtffery Riagtl 
Admin. M/ENS Philip Ltmvr 



1 Sutton, Frank 

2 Matts. Robert 

3 Ringel. Jeffrey 

4 Martin, Brion 

5 Nardi. Peter 

6 Martinez, John 

7 McCreaiy, Jeffrey 

8 Hatcher. Charles 

9 Taylor. James 

10 Guibas, Israel 

11 Brodowicz. Mark 

12 Brady. Eugene 

13 BuBwire. Terence 

14 Etkins. Da\id 
16 LaSeU. Horace 

16 Lawver. Philip 

17 Fallot. Mark 

18 Deppe. Martin 

19 Noah. Christian 

20 Wojtkiewicz. Paul 

21 Zaun. Jeffrey 

22 Johnson. Perry 

23 Laugblin. James 

24 Howard. Kevin 

25 Olsen. Kurt 

26 WiWams, T. 

27 Sc&nnell, James 

28 Murray, Michael 

29 GiARgiuii, J. 

30 Spooner, Scott 

31 PagnanelU. Marco 

Bunker, David 

Thirteen 95 


Row 1: 

J Jones, Andrew 

2 Espe, Benito 

3 Lareon, Arthur 

4 Klein, Gary 

6 Collins, Charlea 

6 Kim, Dal Ho 

7 Matza. Joseph 

8 McElroy. Paul 

Row 2: 

9 O'Brien, Seamus 

10 McPherson, Pat 
11 Lysaght, Mark 

12 Camacho, Richard 

13 Thola, Forest 

14 Ellis, Kevin 

Row 3: 

IB Fitzpatrick 

16 Olds, Bradley 

17 Mimms, Bernard 

18 Stoner, Troy 

19 Dupuis, Steven 

20 Petruncio, E. 

21 Moeller. David 


Clouse, Richard 

Hernandez, Ernest 

Long, Mark 

Magnoni, David 

Papetti, Joseph 

Pedersen, Timothy 

Prosper!, Michael 

Reese, Jeffrey 

Ridings, William 

Roland, Roger 

Stahlman, Michael 

Wohld, Richard 

Row 1: 

1 Atwell, Chris 

2 Cernicek, Mary 

3 Kawamoto, Scott 

4 Felichtbaum, Louis 

5 Collins, Kipp 

6 Morin, Gregory 

7 Donovan, William 

8 Lyons, Patrick 

9 Glover, Robert 

Row 2: 

10 Wheeler, Melody 

11 Swedean, Alison 

12 Wierzbicki, Anne 

13 Proebstle, Michael 

14 Fujiahige, Keith 

16 Beil. Bradley 

16 Noble, James 

1 7 Parker, Derek 

18 Williams, Gregg 

19 Ulisnik, Karen 

20 ManaTield, Peggy 

21 Weller, Martin 

22 Sivertaen, W. 

23 Walah, Thomas 

24 Roland, Roger 

Row S: 

26 Perron, Ruth 

26 Lombard!, John 

27 Turner, Tracy 

28 Jennings, Jody 

29 Wtttt, David 

30 Can, WOUtm 
31 Shuttlewortb, Larry 

32 Kelly, Michael 

S3 Snider, Jamet 

34 Lytiktinea, Carl 


PeUnon, Nick 

Snyder, Cttig 

96 Thirteen 



Co. Cdr. DaltoD, T. 
Sub. Cdr. Flubart, J. 
Admin. Erikaon, P. 



1 A. Coomber 

2 J. Fluhalt 

3 J Murray 

4 R Bower 

5 T. Smith 

6 J Willson 

7 A. Quintong 

8 R. Francilh 

9 P. Beaumont 

10 A. BierbaaJer 

11 G Dimitry 

12 P Poulock 

13 M Openshaw 

14 J. Allman 

15 D. Halpin 

16 P. Erickaon 
n R. Laufer 

18 C. Tettlebach 

19 T. Dalton 

20 M. McCracken 

21 M Dvorak 

22 B. Drummond 

23 M Lyons 

24 K Dijon 

25 J Hemmen 

26 T. Campbell 

27 J Cordle 

28 M Balow 

29 S. Coulter 

30 R. Miranda 

31 B Murtha 


M/LT Murtha, Brian 
M/LTJG Tetulbacb. City 
M/ENS Allman. James 

Fourteen 99 

Row i: 

1 Adams, Chris 

2 Caputo, Lisa 

3 JohnstoD, Jeffrey 

4 MeltoD, Michael 

5 Clay, Layton 

6 Chambers, C. 

7 Hale, Richard 

8 Kirby. Sandra 
9 Horine, Kimberly 

Row 2: 

10 Falkeobach. Laura 

U Cissel. Robert 

12 Wagner, Franz 

13 Carey, Jacqueiyn 

14 Kelly, Steven 

15 Woods. David 

16 Raines. Todd 
17 McCord. John 

18 Smith, Eric 

19 Beel. Joseph 

20 Mellecker. Daniel 

Row 3: 

21 Whalen, John 

22 Sobka, Scott 

23 Clinch, Kevin 

24 Callahan, Shawn 

25 Grace, Stephen 

26 Brown, Roger 

27 Gregory, Michael 

28 Ottinger. Michael 
29 Newhart. Dale 


Bishop, Peter 

Ing, Rudolf 

Weiat, Kathleen 

Row 1: 

I Shaw. Stephen 
2 Dodges. Curt 

3 McKinney. Anthony 
4 Jackson, Jayson 

5 Baca. David 

6 Adams, Erik 

7 Lloyd, Roger 
8 Scheiern. Michael 

9 Knapp, Edward 

Row 2: 

10 Giarrizzo, S. 

II Morriaaey, M. 
12 Varani, Stephen 

13 Macinais, Daniel 

14 Little. Eric 

15 Petri, David 

16 Conroy. Shawn 

17 Mackenzie, Timothy 

18 Tonan. Thomas 

Row 3: 

19 Judge. Thomas 

20 Chatelain, John 

21 Craig, Wilham 

22 Crane, Martin 
23 Jackson, Alfred 

24 Landkamer, Gregg 

25 Davis, James 


Casados, C. 

Green, Mark 

Hutchinson, A. 

Jackson, Torrance 

Tburlow, Wilham 

Vahsen, James 

Wade, Spencer 

Weakland. Norman 


100 Fourteen 




Row I: 

1 Swanson, James 

2 Lucas. WiWam 

3 Gary, Fran 

4 Lamerson, Sheri 

5 Snyder. Daniel 

6 Hearn, Thomas 

7 Cronin. Jason 

8 Leach, Scott 
Row 2: 

9 Miller, Thomas 
W Clark, Kenneth 

11 Huey, Wesley 

12 Smith, Frederick 

13 Dittmer. John 

14 Bays. John 

15 ReiUy. William 

16 Carroll, Michael 
n Permito, Curtis 

18 Dambra, Charles 

19 Crandell. Jay 

20 Kempkes, John 

21 Fenner, John 

22 Sanchez, Luis 

23 Lay, JefTery 

24 Wolf, Timothy 

25 Pitrof, Stephen 

26 Dick, James 

27 Callahan, Timothy 

28 Kaiser, Eric 

Ledesma, Roy 

Fourteen 101 


Co. Cdr M/LT CaBsetla. Richard 
Sub. Cdr. MA.TJG Kymn. Thomea 
Admin. M/ENS Quick, Natalie 


1 CaBsetta, Richard 

2 Wacb, Raymond 

3 Bates, John 

4 McGinty, Sean 

5 Schmitt, Jeffrey 

6 Dobba, Philip 

7 Prokopiak, John 

8 Nedry. Douglaa 

9 Knapper, Roger 

10 Sautter. Lawrence 

11 Terwilliger, David 

12 So. Johnson 

13 Miller. Nathan 

14 Sternberg. C. 

15 Lamade. John 

16 Murray. Glenn 

17 Nowicki. Jonathan 

18 Clark. Robert 

19 Kymn, Thomas 

20 Gomel. Armando 

21 PickenU. T. 

22 Koprucv, Feia 

23 Quick, Natalie 

24 Schmitx. Joanne 

25 Grammar. Laurie 

26 Bowman. William 

27 Crechowski. R. 

28 Wise, Timothy 

29 Dion, Larry 

30 Budicin, Robert 

31 Springer, Phillip 


M/LT Murray, Glenn 
M/LTJG Nowicki. Jonathan 
M/ENS Budicin. Robert 

Fifteen 103 


Row 1: 

I Sgrignoli, Rodney 
2 Coleman. Austin 

3 Brown, Richard 

4 Nguyen, Phong 
5 Hamman, Jeffery 

6 Peterson, David 

7 Andreas, Mark 

8 Maxwell, Gregory 

9 Smith, Charles 

10 Meeks, David 

Row 2: 

11 Albert, Philip 
12 Crimson, James 

13 Quinn, Eric 

14 Boehle, Mark 

15 Hodges, C. 

16 Weber, Mark 

17 Taylor, Michael 

18 Gardner, Todd 

19 Merritt, Charles 

20 Langford. Glen 

21 Atkinson, David 

Row 3: 

22 Hobbib, Thomas 
23 Croy, Timothy 

24 Walters, John 

25 Casey, Michael 

26 Derbes, Henry 

27 Plofchan, Thomas 

28 Henson, Jeffrey 

29 Colby, Mark 

30 Boelsche, Dan 

31 Garcia, Gregory 

32 Johannsen, W. 

33 Dunn. Patrick 

Row 1: 

1 Campbell, Glenn 

2 Bennett, Jeffrey 
3 Dietrich, Peter 

4 Dell, Ernest 

5 McGee, David 

6 Massenfeldt, J. 

7 Starsman, Raymond 

8 Ewing. Robert 

9 Kwoke, Paul 

Row 2: 

10 Dalgetty, Michael 

11 Barron, Joseph 

12 Burger. Robert 

13 Short. Edward 
14 Zimmerman. L. 

15 Lawrence, Gregory 

16 Urbina. Steven 

17 Warnock. Robert 

Row 3: 

18 Walls, John 

19 Maiuch, Chester 

20 Napolitano, M. 

21 Price. Richard 

22 Malloy. Matthew 

23 Carriedo, Ruben 

24 Roper. Barton 

25 Blumenberg. M. 

26 Lemek. David 

27 Sannicolas, A. 

Dean, Richard 

Kersey, Timothy 

Maffei, John 

Slook, George 

104 Fifteen 



Row I: 

1 Vddes. Joseph 

2 Folkerts. Keith 

3 Horan. Paul 

4 Tluchowski, M. 

5 Smith. Jennifer 

6 Sullivan, Wendy 

7 Hirko. Leslie 

8 Rathjen. Lisa 

9 Orr. Patrick 
Row 2: 

10 Higgs. Ronald 

11 Buzzard. Gunnar 

12 Herrmann. Alan 

13 Maroon. Samuel 

14 Alien. Kathryn 

15 Craig, John 

16 Cubbage. James 

17 Matthes. William 

18 Biumenberg, C. 
Row 3: 

19 Cobb. Philip 

20 Driesbach. Dawn 

21 Zymbaluk. Gregory 

22 Erdelatz. Scott 

23 White. Timothy 

24 Bradley. Anthony 

25 Rodriguez. R. 

26 Pereira. Frank 

27 Richarda, Dennis 

28 Snvder. Daniel 

Patterson, J. 

Fifteen 105 

Co. Cdr. Hartman, John 
Sub. Cdr. Nenna, David 
Admin. Edwards, Michael 



1 Nenna. David 

2 Baker, Dennis 

3 Johns, Michael 

4 Oaen, Da\id 

5 Mann, Kent 

6 Smyers. Tracy 

7 Sanders. Wilham 

8 Roakey, Sean 

9 Retmer. Jon 

10 Neal. Sherman 

11 Edwards. Michael 

12 Stephens. Robert 

13 Lanier. Stephen 

14 Doyle. Joseph 

15 Matlosz. Henry 

16 Meurer. Andrew 

17 Perkins. Charles 

18 Mazanec. Warren 

19 Smith. Alexander 

20 Hartman, John 

21 Collins. C 

22 Heys. William 

23 Dennin. Edward 

24 Chase. Michael 


M/LT Smyers. Tracy 
M/LTJG Perkins. Charles 
M/ENS Chase. Michael 

Sixteen 107 

Raw I: 
1 Adams, Kenneth 

2 Taylor, Craig 

3 Fields, David 
4 Graham, Michael 

5 Libonate, Mark 

6 ViUar, Reuben 

7 laaminger, Eric 
8 Anderson, James 

9 Conway, Robert 

Row 2: 

10 Paul, Andrew 

11 Smith, Robert 

12 Harris, Billy 

13 Drenter, Chris 

14 Misiaszek, Alan 

15 Mayer, Patrick 

16 Soltesz, Peter 

17 Bemardi, Jeffrey 

18 Benvenutti, E. 

Row 3: 

19 Franke, Jon 

20 Mack, Scott 

21 Redmon, Patrick 

22 Aleiander, Todd 
23 Yancigay, John 

24 Hull, Jeffrey 

25 Mevin, Barry 

26 Gibb, Andrew 


Dill, Robert 

Groover, William 

Logan, Todd 

Rist, Joseph 

Rosen, Glerm 

Stone, William 

Row I: 

1 Purano, Robert 

2 Paganelli, John 

3 Reiber, Deanna 

4 Simpson, C. 
5 Baczuk, Rebecca 

6 StallingB, Herry 

7 Atkinaon. Craig 

8 Bojo, Rudy 

9 Vermeulea, M. 

Row Z- 

10 Janvier, George 

11 Kelly, Thomas 

12 Luebbe, Paul 

13 Malcxynski, R. 

14 Salit, Paul 

IS Kuzy, Robert 

16 Testen, Michael 

Row * 

17 Hale, Arthur 

18 Turner 

19 Brocb, Albed 

20 Gately, Bernard 

21 Hale, Arthur 

22 Pereira, Mario 

23 Meenachan, Kevin 

24 Wilson, John 

26 Calkins, Brett 


Craig, Stuart 

Freeman, Karen 

Freise, Clark 

HoUey, Timothy 

Kmiec, Keimeth 

Koczela, Diane 

Rubs, John 


Zidbro, Joeepb 


Row t: 

1 Mykieby. Mark 

2 Ortiz. John 

3 Bates, James 

4 Jordan, Michael 

5 Crymes, Jeffrey 

6 Sampson, Matthew 

7 Suarez, Carlos 

8 Truden, Thomas 

9 Zengotita. Carlos 
Row 2: 

10 Oddo. Dominick 

11 Sullivan, James 

12 Tadlock, Jimmie 

13 Woughter. John 

14 Elkins, Thomas 

15 Walter, C 

16 Janac, Gary 

17 Peters, James 

18 Wolfe, Scott 

19 Hoffmann, Richard 

20 Hensley, Jonathan 

21 Upham, C 

22 Snoke, Timothy 
Row 3: 

23 Bonn. Timothy 

24 Ropiak, Michael 

25 Hilaridea, Roger 

26 Thompson, Jeffery 

27 Jenkins, John 

28 Wilson, John 

29 Bartkus, Michael 

30 Benson, Kirk 

31 Allen, Kurt 

Busland, Brad 
Hibbler, James 
HoUoway, Eric 

Sixteen 109 

^ ^ 


Lt. David Armstrong 

Co. Cdr. Whalen. Kent 
Sub. Cdr. Sichler, Robert 
Admin. Prusinski, Mark 




M/LT Swain, Gary 
M/LTJG Prusimki, Mark 
M/ENS Weldenhawmer. WHliam 

1 Robinson, Mark 

2 Rowsey, Robert 

3 Whalen. Kent 

4 Selbrede. Craig 

5 Lerchbecker. John 

6 Sichler, Robert 

7 Anderson, David 

8 Maurer, Clifford 

9 Hunt. Tim 

10 McKinoey. Billy 

11 Lihani, David 

12 Myers, Robin 

13 Weidenhammer, Wi 

14 Pasola, Joseph 

15 Salach, Michael 

16 Laria, C 

17 Swain, Gary 

18 Berko, David 

19 Harrison, WiUiam 

20 Heias, John 

21 McClary, David 

22 Faucher, WiUiam 

23 Moulton, Joseph 

24 Harkey, John 

26 Gundlach, Robert 

26 Zimmer, Geoffrey 

27 Prminski, Mark 

28 Freeman, William 

29 Witte, Barry 

Barker. Lee 
Lindsey, James 
Romaine, Robert 

Seventeen 111 

Row 1: 

1 Vance, Robert 

2 Noel, Jack 

3 Coyne, Ellen 

4 Miller, Karen 

6 King, Tammy 

6 Wiggs, Tracy 

7 Graf, HoUy 

8 Hogsten, Carl 

9 Rosner, John 

Row 2: 

10 Duecker, Jonathan 

11 Burke, C 

12 Patton, Sean 

13 Bryan, Scott 
14 Brown. Michael 

15 Strieter, Joel 

16 Berdeguez. Jamea 

Row 3: 

17 Russell, Richard 

18 Hitchcock, Marcus 

19 Randolph, Michael 

20 Wright. Joseph 

21 Hunt. Timothy 

22 Figgina, Gerald 
23 Reich, Jamea 


Ford, Maureen 

Martin, Kiamine 

Row I: 

I Pellegrin, Bryan 

2 Solo, Brian 

3 Rami}, Quintin 

4 Feffer, Mark 

5 Cintron, Miguel 

6 Leary, Patrick 

7 Moore, Brian 

8 Newton, Jeffrey 

9 Black. Mark 

Row 2: 

10 Dyson, John 

II Hoffman, Brian 
12 Woods, Jamea 

13 Barnes, Bradford 

14 Regina. Modesto 
15 Reich, Jamea 

16 Nottkamper, D. 

17 Teatyon. Richard 

18 Ludlam, Joaeph 

19 Lawrence, Leonard 

20 Ritmiller. David 

Row 3: 

21 Alegre, Mario 

22 Amea, Stephen 

23 Duecker, Jonathan 

24 Pimpo. David 

25 Krieger, Douglas 

26 Dragan. William 
27 Daugherty, L. 

28 Rehwald, Stephen 

29 Brown. Curtis 

30 Mitchell, Michael 


Bronn, Jamea 

112 Seventeen 

Row I: 

1 Wirth. Charles 

2 Weigert, Michael 

3 Coyne. Thomas 

4 VideU, Joseph 

6 Brasek, Thomas 

6 Miller, Gregory 

7 Hayden. John 

8 Hamilton, Patrick 

9 Spencer, Keith 

10 Diggle, Anthony 
Row 2: 

11 Duecker, Jonathan 

12 Woolfolk, Eric 

13 Brill, Roger 

14 Rademacher, Lon 

15 Brooks, Michael 

16 Morgan, James 
n Dye. Dennis 

18 Attisani, David 

19 Krogue, Kenneth 

20 Hill, Michael 

21 Biddinger, David 

22 Neumann, William 

23 Merritt. Howard 

24 Brandt, Philip 

25 Dugger, Lazaamel 

26 Teatyon. Richard 
Row 3: 

27 Avery. C 

28 Renberg, David 

29 Raymond, James 

30 Hardy. Todd 

31 Quast. John 

32 Clarke. Russell 

33 Duke, James 

34 Lelio, James 

35 Ferguson, Randy 

36 Stratton. Patrick 

37 Daniels. Charles 

38 Regina, Modesto 

39 Ames. Stephen 

Sims, Robert 
Sullivan. Edward 

Seventeen 113 




1 1.. 

^K^ "*'•''' 


-^ -s^jIi'i "jmaiu 







1 Tolg. Anne 

2 Karpick, Gregory 

3 Sheldahl. Richard 

4 Chipkevilch. Mary 

5 Seiton, Roy 

6 Kilday. Kent 

7 Richardson, R. 

8 Callaghan. Daniel 

9 Orren. Scott 

10 Darden, Ronald 

11 Doster. Daniel 

12 Downing. Thomas 

13 Talamantes. C 

14 Clark. Lawrence 

15 Winenng. Karen 

16 Lee. Richard 

1 7 Shepherd. Michael 
IS Caldwell. Da\id 

19 Brumley. Da\-id 

20 Hedges. Stephen 

21 Aiken. Rotxrl 


M/LT Callaghan, Daniel 
MATJG Lee, Richard 
M/ENS Caldwell. Dsnd 

Eighteen 115 

Row I: 

1 Olson, Todd 
2 Smith, Gregory 

3 Malick, Thomas 

4 Solgere, Andrew 
5 Mickey, Laurence 

6 Nolan, William 

7 Walker, Jeffrey 
8 Nowak, Richard 

9 Morris, David 

10 Hilhnan, Simon 

Row 2: 

11 Milowicki, Gene 
12 Higgins, William 

13 Habel. Gregg 

14 Johnson, William 

IB Saiman. Brian 

16 Geis, Randall 

n McGiffney, G. 

18 Muggins, Michael 

19 More, Bradley 

Row 3: 

20 Brigbtwell, J. 

21 Marshall, Thomas 

22 Gunsallus, Frank 

23 Smith. Charles 

24 Wood, Dakota 
26 Yniguez, Mark 

26 Miley, John 

27 Diest. David 
28 Andow, Andrew 

Miggins, William 

Row I: 

1 Gephart, John 

2 Neal, John 

3 Vincent, Gilbert 

4 McMichael, G. 

5 Perez, Dionysis 

6 Reinhart, James 

7 Tillman, E. 

8 Sita, Paul 

9 Morneff Jeffrey 

10 Crumblish, Mark 

Row 2: 

11 Whelan. Jeffrey 

12 Furey, Thomas 

13 Mehalko, Eric 

14 Rucker, Jeffrey 

15 Petersen, Forrest 

16 Maillet, Thomas 

17 Dougherty, C. 

18 Hams, Kevin 

19 Jarusewski, Alan 

Row 3: 

20 Kitchen, William 
21 Current. Gerard 

22 Coe, James 
23 Hanlon, Douglas 
24 Connolly, N. 
25 Arredondo, A. 
26 Bellinger, M. 
27 Driftmier, David 
28 Cannon. Sean 

29 Morney, Aaron 

30 Ohman, James 
31 Lawrence, Taylor 


Koehr, John 

Ryder, James 

Sprayberry, M. 

116 Eighteen 


Row I: 

1 Harris. Roger 

2 Moser. Heidi 

3 McGonan, John 

4 Fritts, Peter 

5 Joyner, Karen 

6 Kieas. Michael 

7 Dabney. Andrew 

8 Thomure. Timmy 

9 McCIoud. T. 

10 Panchyshyn. S. 
Row 2: 

11 Little. Eric 

12 Walters. John 

13 Helmers. Julie 

14 Shabert. Gary 

15 Broshkevitch. M 

16 Brake, John 

17 Adams, Thomas 

18 GroothuiB. Marc 

19 Burns. David 

20 Hendrickson. D. 

21 Wickerson, Andrew 

22 Nickels. Trent 

23 VanHorn. Kent 

24 Titus. John 
Row 3: 

25 Deleon. Joseph 

26 Tbomaasy. C. 

27 Coughlin. Sean 

28 Burns. Robert 

29 Money. James 

30 Fulp. John 

31 Shambhn. Brian 

32 Hardig. John 

33 Carter. Gary 

34 Misch, Robert 

35 Augenstem. Roger 

Eyers. Jeffrey 
Miles. Mary 

Eighteen 117 



118 Second Regimental Staff 

Second Regimental Staff 

M/CDR Konrad Kircher. Cdr, MA.CDR Blaise, Sdoli: Sub-Cdr; WLT Christian Haugen, Operations: MA.T Neil Duffy. Administrative M/LT 
John Hamann, Adjutant; MA^T Joel Bishop, Supply. 

M/CDR Andrew Pulliam. Cdr M/LCDR Lant! Ellis. .SuhCdr M/LT Brian Mcllvaine. Operations. M/LT Eric Meyer, Adminiatrative; M/LT 
Richard Dohoda. Adjutant; M/LT Vencent Donlan. Supply. 

Second Regiment 119 

Fourth Battalion 

120 Fourth Battalion 



M/LCDR David Vanderschoot. Cdr M/LT James Clark. Sub Cdr, M/LT Marc Miller. Opei 
Adjutant: M/LTjg Colin Chaffee, supply; M/LTjg David Ratte. Administrative 

M.LTjg Scott Rasphc 

Sf I.I HH Rehek«h Hnrrish. I \h \l I I' .Irmnu- Slelankn. Suh I '^Ir \/ / / l'h..t!,H, i .:l! i V" rn;- n-, \; l.Tjg Edmund Elkii 
.Adjul.ant. M.LJjg .lames l n,,gar. Supply. .M 1. Ijg .lames Saver, Adminislrative 

Fourth Battalion 121 

LT. Robert Prodoehl 



• • 

■■ ■#> 

1^ i 1 

m M 



'• ^' vJt-.' ^ 


3BlN-:-::^«l><r-^'CiiS^- V. 

Co. Cdr. M/LT Quint, John 

MA.TJG Coi, Charles 
M/ENS WiUjams, Gary 



M/LT EUiott, William 
MA.TJG Williams. Scott 
M/LTJG Arends. Paul 

1 Purcell, Michael 

2 Hale, Andrew 

3 Gellene, David 

4 Quint. John 

6 Atkin. Scott 

7 Shoemaker. Robert 

8 Gawryszewaki, Paul 

9 Jacobean. Matthew 

10 WiUiama, Gary 

11 Elliott. William 

12 Brandquist. Kurt 

13 Brown, Jeffrey 

14 Cox. Charles 
16 Ellis. Lantz 

16 Granier. Mark 

17 Burns. Daniel 

18 Hall. David 

19 Onorati. Anthony 

20 Arends, Paul 

21 Navin, Gregory 

22 Enriquez. Noel 

23 Stolarski. Mark 

24 Price, Lenny 
26 Hamner. Craig 

26 McArthur. Stuart 

27 Blue. William 

28 Vogleaang. Scott 

29 Hollenbeck. Ronald 

30 Rasplicka, Scott 

31 Wallace. Matthew 

32 Vanderschoot. David 

33 Williams. Scott 

Dukes, Curt 
Mauro, Anthony 

Nineteen 123 

-i-C-I'' -jM^ 

Row 1: 

1 WellB, SuBaD 

2 Yetman. Asbiey 

3 GroBs, AUiBon 

4 Bash, Rani 

5 Clark, Elizabeth 

6 Anderson, Kimberly 

Row 2: 

7 Henke, Douglas 

8 Gradwobl, Michael 

9 Hanson. Timothy 

10 Williams. Byron 

11 Buicheli, Wade 

12 Reichard, Scott 

13 Pimpo, Stephen 

14 Baiham, Dennis 

16 Sbeldrup, James 

16 Burton, Douglas 

17 Budway, James 

18 Bell. Walter 

19 Betton. Christopher 

20 Bongardt. Steven 

21 Denman. Charles 

22 Syvertsen, James 
23 Carlson. Scott 


Bailey. Jane 

Bever. Lynne 

Garbeai, Gregg 

Piatt. Samuel 

Rutherford, Eric 

Sylvester, Thomas 

Row I: 

1 Guy, James 

2 Emerick, John 

3 Queaada, Anthony 

4 Ware, Matthew 

6 Outlaw, Scott 
6 Salvanera. Roland 

7 Flores, Jeffrey 
8 Houseal. David 

Row 2: 

9 Malloy, James 

10 Schneider, Andrew 

11 Whaley. William 

12 Sawyer. Neil 

13 Needham, Philip 

14 Shuma, Anthony 
15 Reeger. Christopher 

16 Helmers, Scott 

17 Coliina, Raymond 

18 Temple. Keith 

19 Diaz, Jose 

Row 3: 

20 Martinelli, John 

21 Delia, Jerald 

22 Glavy. Matthew | 

23 Bickford. Brian 

24 Procak. George 

26 Glaros, Gregory , 
26 Wentz, Edward S 

27 O'Donnell. John 
28. Maceda, Ulyssea 

Delamer, Kevin 
Miranda, James 

124 Nineteen 



BHHB^^P '3Btii- 

Row I: 

1 Baker. Robert 

2 Wall, Maureen 

3 Baich. Mary 

4 Mackinnon, Mary 

5 Rangitsch, Joan 

6 Clautice, Susanne 

7 Padilia. Ann 

8 Morns. Donald 

9 Lesniak, John 

10 Nvgaard. Daniel 
Row 2: 

11 Lafnitzegger. Eric 

12 Sanders. WiUiam 

13 Olsen. Robert 

14 Ewing. Richard 

15 Buck. Paul 

16 Hughes. David 
11 Caldwell. Conrad 
IS Flood. Michael 

19 Wagner. Thomas 

20 Doman. Gabriel 

21 Sorenson, Matthew 

22 Tackett. Stephen 

23 Ivory. Steven 
Row 3: 

24 Roig. Ernesto 

25 Lukish. Jeffrey 

26 Felt. George 

27 Talley. Curtis 

28 Aldridge. Daniel 

29 Voder. Steven 

30 Jennings, Jeffrey 

31 Henderson. James 

32 Turner. Robert 

33 Lyon. Robert 

34 Polcari. Michael 

Dipaola, Joseph 
Edenfield. Brad 
Henry. Eric 
MaGee. Edward 
West. David 

Nineteen 125 

'^' ^J'^r" >> • ■ 'Vyi' -K 

... ^: 

Co. Cdr. MA.T James Hannan 
Sub. Cdr M/LTjg Richard Coi 
Admin. M/ENS Edward McCarthy 



1 Peckenpaugb, Kent 

2 GroBskuTth. A. 

3 Johnson, John 

4 Eapinosa, Rafael 

5 Hannan, James 

6 Booth. David 

7 Rogers, Timothy 

8 Hosch, WiWe 

9 Wiegert, Robert 

10 Heruth. Gregory 

11 Belt, Warren 

12 Bowie, John 

13 Meadows, Thomas 

14 Deitz, Thomas 
16 Lopez, Michael 
16 Cuff, Thomaa 
n Ripley, Scott 

18 Hayward. A. 

19 Frederick, C. 

20 Shore, Gregory 

21 Dobbs, Michael 

22 McCarthy, Edward 

23 Bagwell. Charles 

24 Wing, Thomas 
26 Avila. Matthew 
26 Ratte, David 

Cox, Richard 
Scott, Kurt 


MA.T Belt, Warren 
M/LT Booth. David 
M/ENS Avila, Matthew 

Twenty 127 

1 Gilmore, David 

2 Castillo. Henry 

3 CastiUo, Arthur 
4 Pounchock, Todd 

5 Park. Todd 

6 Zaccardi. Vimenl 

7 Mayfield, Howard 

8 Mize, Michael „ 

9 Dueker, Scott t 

10 Thomas. Jeffery \ 

Row 2: ] 

11 Dahiin. Michael ■' 
12 Island. David '■ 

13 Walzer. Robert ■ 
14 Haumer, Michael 
15 Polo. James 
16 Doyle, Eric 

17 Sheehan, Francis 

18 Landefeid. Todd 
19 Skufca. Joseph 

20 Dejoie, Bertel 

Row 3: 

21 Cue, Kevin 

22 Criswell, Philip 

23 Merritt, Michael 

24 Bates. Troy 

25 Oliver. David 


Biggs, Jeffrey 

DeGorbitz. Max 

Hoyle. Jeffery 

Moore. Th 

Muxlow, Robert 

Snow. Richard 

Syring, James 

Row I: 

1 Simoes. Thomas 

2 Luacher. Thomas 

3 Smith, Justin 

4 Moore. Nathan 

5 Wagner. Todd 

7 Fresquez. Ricardo 

8 Williams. Kenneth 

9 Vazquez, Larry 

Row 2: 

10 Mayeaux. Agnes 

11 Caballero, Denise 

12 Davidson, Sandra 
13 McLaughlin. P. 

14 AJman, Sharon 

15 Burkert. Todd 
16 Brown, Thomas 

Row 3: 

17 Baczkowski. D. 

18 Muckelbauer. M. 

19 Bail. Donald 

20 Gureck, William 

21 Landwehr, David 

22 Dunn, Craig 

23 Morgan, Russell 

24 Sommer, John 

25 Hornberger, J. 

26 Roberts, Ellen 

Allen, Brian 

Bijak, Francis 

Collins, Thomas 

Green, Collin 

Heliman, Matthew 

Metzger, Thomas 

128 Twenty 






If; f t I't f Iff 1^ 

^^^K^ ^^H^^HHB' ^^^^^^Ih 

Baw I: 

i A;ay, Michael 

2 Pecherek, Bryan 

3 Moroney, Kevin 

4 Schoenbucher, P. 

5 Hall. John 

6 Meoli. Dominic 

7 Laible, Henry 

8 Doherty, Daniel 

9 Ross, Kenneth 

10 Friend, Timothy 
Row 2: 

11 Levins, Richard 

12 Fay, Christopher 

13 Fir he. Marc 

14 Gotten, Gregory 

15 Hodges, C 

16 Lee, Curtis 

17 Scharf. Shawn 

18 Monroe. James 

19 Hemela, David 

20 Roth, Stephen 

21 Wilson, Frank 
Row 3: 

22 Plantz, Robert 

23 Stefanon. Gregory 

24 Jones. Logan 

25 Weiner. Michael 

26 Dutch. David 

27 Hughes. Arthur 

28 Glenn. Walter 

29 Roberson. Rob 

30 Wrenn. Kenneth 

31 Klimas. Anthony 

32 Ryan. Michael 

33 Eversole. Joseph 

Quinn, Patrick 



Twenty 129 

Lt DougltB Lowo 

90 ^S ^fll nV 

Co. Cdr. AC/LT Douglu Suiitno 
Sub. Cdr. WLTjg Dutiel Adtma 
Adain. M/BNS Robert Ernat 


Co. Cdr. M/LT Jontthtn HarUnui 
Sub. Cdr. M/LTjg N. Palmiotto 
Admin. M/ENS Scott Ntwman 

1 MuUeahArd, Peter 

2 TaJiri, James 

3 Spearing. Scott 

4 Suriano, Doug 

6 Armiatead, Edvin 

6 Montgomery, Wea 

7 Hartman, Jon 

8 Clark. Jamea 

9 Adams. Dan 

10 Kowalic. Dave 

11 Deal, Jamea 

12 Jelepis, Mike 

13 Vermaat, Maartin 

14 Palmiotto, Nick 
16 Turner, Stacy 

16 Stefanko, Jerome 
n Ernst, Bob 

18 Lazevnick, Jim 

19 Mergen, Bill 

20 Menendez, Cbico 

21 Roquebert, Javier 

22 Kocher, Bruce 

23 Fegan, Fred 

24 Newman, Scott 
26 CoUaio, Ray 

26 Wagoner, Keith 

27 Gordon, Scott 

28 Martini, Chuck 

29 Lting, Andy 

30 Luke, Tom 

31 Griffin, Don 

32 Lynch, Chuck 

Twenty-One 131 


ttt Bow 

J Groaamann, Douglas 

2 Campbell, Eric 

3 Licbolai, Matthew 

4 WUliama, Daniel 

6 Zdanowicz, Andrew 

6 Olson, Timothy 

7 PfUeger, David 

8 Hasty, Mark 

9 Peters, Jeffrey 

2nd Row 

10 Henigan, Lawrence 

11 PattoB, Kevin 

12 Wbitehouse, E. 

13 Miemicks, S. 

14 Flowers, Michael 

16 Livingston, Mark 

16 Kennedy, Steven 

17 Hess, Gregory 

18 Parham, Thomas 

19 Freitas, Kyle 

Srd Row 

20 Mullen, Edward 

21 Tinney, Timothy 

22 CaUagban, T 

23 Moraytis, John 

24 McDonald. James 

26 Kieler, Alei 

26 Siletzky, Stephen 

27 Quintan, Robert 

28 Mogelgaard, Erik 


Coonrod, Mark 

Springer, Cory 

ttt Row 

1 Colton, Karen 

2 Morocco, Patrick 

3 Lowman, Mark 

4 Davis, Bradford 

6 Isaza, Yamara 

6 Cbemoch, K. 

7 Monaco, Philip 

8 Bailey, Jonathan 

9 Selberg, Diana 

2nd Row 

10 Herlihy, Joseph 

11 Simonian, Lucy 
12 Maiden, Guy 

13 Quinn, Maura 

14 York, Richard 

16 Mastereon, J. 
16 Baian, Robert 

17 Manser, John 
IS Estrada, Glenn J 

19 Lorrin, Mark 

Srd Row 

20 Drew, John 

21 Noguess, Levi 

22 Arata, Frank 

23 Harris, Linzell 

24 Masi, SUphen 

26 Metzbower, David 
26 Obstinick, Paul 

27 Dempaey, Thomas 

28 Kohli, Paige 


Clopeck, John 


132 Twenty One 




1st Row 

1 Roylance. Timothy 

2 Hartman. Curt 

3 Vitaro. Richard 

4 MUlman. John 

5 Gavierea, Ruben 

6 Midea, Matthew 

7 Ruge. Dana 

8 Hair. John 

9 Shinnick, Gregory 
2nd Row 

10 McLaughlin 

11 Carroll, Sean 

12 Nerup. Carl 

13 Malloy. Scot 

1 4 Roberson, Bradley 

15 Dawson, Gregory 

16 Kata. Steven 
n Baker. Joel 

18 Johnson. David 
3rd Row 

19 Winkler. Mark 

20 Berry 

21 Schiffman. David 

22 Fabian, Anthony 

23 Potts. Kevin 

24 Parzych. Garry 

25 Babbit 

26 Famer. Conrad 

27 Ludwig. Mathew 

Anderson, Richard 
Corrigan. Timothy 
Deasy, Charles 
Gasperino. John 
Johnson, Avin 
Merritt. Howard 
Vaughn, Leroy 

Twentv-One 133 

d>- -^ * ■ ., •.,*>-«L< 


Co. Cdr. MAT Eric Rice 
Sub. Cdr. WLTjg John Wilcox 
Admin. M/ENS Rebbecka Barrish 


Co. Cdr. MA.T Kenneth Everilt 
Sub. Cdr MATjg Mark Quinn 
Admin. M/ENS Sonja Soleng 

1 Merino, Donald 

2 Campbell. Scott 

3 Teclaw, Daniel 

4 Chaffee, Colin 

5 WilletU, Perry 

6 Everill. Kenneth 

7 Fortune. Idean 

8 McConnell, James 

9 Kircher, Konrad 
10 Stephens, William 
U Leach, Thomas 

12 Judge Magistrate 

13 Suiitick 

14 Barrish, Rebbekah 

15 Florez, Edward 

16 Kuahino, Scott 

17 Honan, Susan 

18 Judy, John 

19 Soleng, Sonja 

20 Quinn, Mark 

21 Blav, Stephen 

22 McUvaine, Brian 

23 Hardin, Dianne 

24 Rice, Brie 
26 Polach, 

26 Farnett, Kathleen 

27 Wilcot, John 

Twenty-Two 135 

lat Row 

1 Trevino, Joae 

2 Greg, Michael 

3 Hoakina. Robert 

4 Molthen. David 

5 Rovenatine, Mickey 

6 Soupiaet, Raymoae 

7 Flynn, Patricia 

8 Headley. Stacey 
9Krom, Wendy 

2nd Sow 

W Johnson, Chria 

11 Skelley, Suzanne 

12 Kovanic. Edward 

13 Stringfeltow, John 

14 Honisberger, Mike 
16 Maloney, Brian 

16 Neabit, Paul 

17 Young, John 

18 Chamberlin, SUve 

19 Baldin, Kirk 

20 Eapaiza, Jorge 

21 Florian, Timothy 

22 Flaaini, Jorye 

23 Simet, Joseph 

24 Mickelaon, Lynne 

25 Brow, Paul 
3rd Sow 

26 Schieber. Ty 

27 Saldivar, Raul 

28 Cody, Jamea 

29 Kelley, Patrick 

30 Newcomb, Chria 

31 Ivea, Tbomaa 

32 O'Boyle, John 

33 Powell. Chria 

34 Penny, Arthur 

35 Biasa, John 

36 Boyd, Brad 

37 Burria, Craig 

38 Gallen, Chria 

Twenty-Two 137 

.-:^ ■■■■M;-^^ 

» ^1 

Co. Cdr. WLT Fnnk Cnapo 
Sub. Cdr. M/LTjg Junes CoUini 
Admin. M/ENS Richard Dohoda 


Co. Cdr. M/LT Gtry Fny 
Sub. Cdr. MATjg Samuel Ridder 
Admin. M/ENS Richtrd Haddad 

1 Astrup, Kevin 

2 Cilreeth. Harold 

3 Wallace. Donald 

4 Lamontagne. James 

5 Sanchez, David 

6 Leanhart. Jack 
? Bishop. Joel 

8 Wilson. Woodrow 

9 Dohoda, Richard 
10 Frey. Gary 

U McCabe. Patrick 

12 Cunningham, James 

13 Ridder. Samuel 

14 McCann. Mark 

15 Baker. Miles 

16 Newtcn. Robert 

17 Quist. Gary 
IS Goff. Jan 

19 Collins. James 

20 Haddad. Richard 

21 Crespo, Frank 

22 Elkin, Edmund 

23 Miller Mark 

24 Car r ad in i, George 

25 Hook, Gregory 

26 Saver, Jamea 

27 Allman, Bernard 

Twenty-Three 139 


lat Row 

I Knaaer, Steven 
2 Commons, David 

3 McHale, Paul 

4 On, James 

6 Sigh, Paul 

6 Ulbricbt, S. 

7 Marsh, Laurence 

8 Kindschub, J. 

9 Sladcik, Gregory 

2nd Row 

10 Clapp, Jeffery 

II Ravcb, Steven 
12 Yurovicb, Daniel 

13 Nelson, Steven 

14 McDuffie, David 

IS Hefti, John 

16 Lascari, Lesley 

17 Johnson, Robert 

3rd Row 

18 Elmer, David 

19 Proctor, Frani 

20 Paige, Brian 

21 Callaban, Sbaun 

22 Perreca, C. 

23 Loescb, David 


Biancbi, Kevin 

Francis, Edward 

Miller, Gregory 

Osborne, Maynard 

Reiwer, Keith 

1st Row: 

I Reilly, Michael 

2 Hall, Todd 

3 Marlett, Robert 

4 Wallber, Allen 

5 Gowez, Anthony 

6 Smith, John 

7 Partney, Gregory 

8 Jaquet, James 

9 Van Durick, M. 

2Bd Row: 

10 Kresge, James 

11 Laporte, Charles 

12 Losciuto, Thomas 

13 Tavares, Jeffrey 

14 Collins, Kent 

16 Cavallaro, Ernest 

16 Peoples, Valerie 

17 Chapman, Dale 

18 McGuirt, Robert 

19 Dalton, Rustin 

20 Beverly, Brian 

3rd Row: 

21 Smith, Daniel 
22 Roberts, Patricia 

23 Gomez, Richard 

24 Olsen, Thomas 

25 Lorenti, R 

26 Parks, Bryan 

27 Sample, Stephen 

28 rhian, Joseph 

29 Casares, Jose 
30 Mazenko, Gregory 

31 Walter, Bonnie 


Bryan, Bradley 

Cart, Kevin 

Clark, Kelly 

Daltin, Rustin 

Gordy, Vicki 

Kirby, Matthew 

Tbompkins, G. 

140 Twenty Three 




Row I: 

1 Bragg. David 

2 Schwitt, JameB 

3 Blanchard, Arthur 

4 LaCroix, Lance 

5 Brinker. Brian 
e Fluker. David 

7 McKee, Michael 

8 Hardebeck, Jason 

9 Howard. Neil 
Row 2: 

10 Pugb, Jason 

11 Bugg, George 

12 Taylor. Phillip 

13 Dupre. Paul 

14 Corkery. Timothy 
16 Walker. Paul 

16 Fennell, David 
n Welch. Thomas 

18 Diaz. Gil 

19 Hickey. Robert 

20 Meiaael. John 

21 Bowmer. Scott 
Row 3: 

22 Blochberger. Sean 

23 Emons. Russell 

24 Graves. Rodney 
26 Wiggs. Lewis 

26 KUne, Brian 

27 York, Andrew 

28 Robinson. David 

29 Sasek. David 

30 Blackburn. D. 

31 Zigas. Noah 

32 Foz, Mark 

CoU. Stephen 

Twenty-Three 141 

^- '.'-iJ'-^fh'' 



PLAY m}. 





Co. Cdr. M/LT Norm Smith 

Sub. Cdr MA.Tje Doug Gattuso 

Admin. M/ENS John Lyon 



Co. Cdr. MAT John Daniel 
Sub. Cdr M/LTJg Tony Saccavino 
Admin. WENS Gerral David 

1. Bruce Lippbardt 

2. John Pendola 

3. Greg Crabtree 

4. Gerral David 

5. Steve Peters 

6. Dave Abetl 

7. Mike Hagan 

8. Rob Kameti 
ft Jeff Graham 

10. Dave Peditt 

11. Brent Canady 

12. Glen Stahl 

13. Carl Schwenier 

14. Tom Manley 
16. George Her long 

16. Mike McCutcheon 

17. Tony Saccavino 

18. Jim Coogan 

19. Brian Doyle 

20. Bill Wright 

Phil Deajardina 

22. John Lyon 

23. Rob Ryan 

24. Scott Allen 

25. Conrad Brown 

26. John Daniels 

27. Mark Heapby 

28. Leonard Guinea 

29. Rick Lawrence 

30. Norm Smith 

31. Branch Wreeaecz 

Twenty-four 143 

Rov I: 

1 Huey, Joel 
2 Croce, Ratfaele 

3 Villaoueva, John 

4 Hudson, Douglas 

5 Little, Maik 

6 Smith, Steven 

7 McElroy, Kennetb 

8 Mooney, Patrick 

9 Edmiston, Scott 

Bow 2: 

10 Hooker, Robin 
11 Johnson, Christina 

12 Myers, KeBy 
13 Cooper, Donald 

14 Phillip, Lester 

15 Rave, Michael 
16 Hudson, James 

n Kessler, Michael 

18 Smith, Maribeth 

19 Nolan, Charles 

20 Slater, Neyea 

21 Carson, Deborah 

Row 3: 

22 Denno, Marc 

23 Buckta, David 
24 Beattie, Michael 

26 Hassan, Dennis 

26 Ellis, John 

27 Wright, Lloyd 

28 Haack, Douglas 

29 Logan, Sean 

30 Mudd, Michael 

31 Morgan, David 

32 Stevens, Mark 
33 Beach, John 

Cballender, James 

Row 3: 

I Aiiarita, Nick 

2 Meloche, ScoH 

3 Brammer, Dean 

4 Grabowaky, Paul 

6 Kirkpatrick, Andy 

6 Poinsette, Raymond 

7 Paaicbuke, Jamee 

8 Johnson, Jay 

9 Eakaa, Mark 
10 Mulbaam, Thomas 

11 Brown, Edward 

Row 1: 

12 Fritts, Jeffrey 
13 Griffin, John 

14 AngU, Mark 

16 Keeehan, Edwin 

16 Sanches, Joseph 

17 Wakeffeld, Bryce 

18 Baerga, Ruben 

19 Pusan, Jamee 

20 Hall, Glenn 

21 Moan, Patrick 

22 O'Naill, Charles 

23 Wottbrock, William 

Row I: 

24 Bayly, Mark 

26 Lindgrea, Eric 
26 Williamson, Frank 

27 Gilmer, Robert 
28 Freedlund, Alan 

29 Winebrennar, Jeffrey 
SO Saffold, David 

31 Plant, Randall 

32 Cariello, Louis 

Hince, Eric 

144 Twenty-Four 



Row I: 

1 Houston, Phyllia 

2 KeUy. Mary 

3 Smith, Chria 

4 Oleksyk, Martin 

5 Sylvester, Steven 

6 Milone. Stephen 

7 Foster. Frank 

8 Robinson, Joyce 

9 Thom&s, Gina 
Row 2: 

10 Zeile, Sandy 

11 Lewis, Paul 

12 Cantwell, Michael 

13 Meyer, Stephen 

14 Adams, Walter 

15 Pierson, Brett 

16 Mumm, Wesley 

17 Marsh. Charles 

18 Turner. Wayne 

19 Harris, Ronald 

20 Petty. Anita 

21 Jackson. Guy 
Row 3: 

22 Steggerda. Todd 

23 Hen wood. Thomas 

24 Peoples. Michael 

25 lannone, Edward 

26 Nupp. Jeff 

27 Schenck. Chris 

28 Wells. John 

29 RoweU. Steve 

30 Washburn. Jon 

31 LumwuB. Anthony 

Masters. Douglas 
Redling. Fred 
Roelker. Randal! 
Sammons. Danford 
Turner. Wayne 

Twenty-Four 145 

Fifth Battalion 

LtCol A. PeaaveDto 

MS. B. McGowam 

146 Fifth Battalion 



M/LCDR Brian Stolley, Cdr: MAT Maude Young, Sub. c'dr. M/Ll Martin Rabn, Operations; MA-Tjg Kenneth Braithwaite, 
Adjutant; M/LTjg Vernon Martinez, Supply: MA^Tjg Robert Broadston, Adminiatrative 

M/LCDR George Zamka, Cdr: M/LT James WiJiielni, Sub-Cdr: M/LT Robert Curbeam. Operations: M/LTjg Joseph Long. Adjutant: 
M/LTjg Joeepb Amoeo, Supply: M/LTjg Richard Eaaon, Administrative. 

Fifth Battalion 147 




Co Cdr M/LT Km BeUand 
Sub Cdr M/LTjg Leil DM 
Admtn M/ENS Brian Wtttlck 

1 FiUis, Michael 

2 Pratt, Victor 

3 Stubblerield, R. 

4 Rosen, Eric 

5 StoUey. Brian 

6 Thomas, Greg 

7 Andrews, Jeffrey 

8 Stowe, Robert 

9 Landesa, David 

10 Wittick. Brian 

11 Joseph, Peter 

12 Gerhardt, Michael 

13 Pregel, George 

14 Belland, Kris 

15 Hawley. Brian 
le Dahl, Leif 

17 Wilbehn, James 

18 Fierro, Jesus 

19 Bollinger, Paul 

20 Goodrow. Brian 

21 Young, Jeffrey 

22 Butler, Bryan 

23 Weires, John 

24 Rich. Nelson 
26 Nelson, Scott 

26 Hudak, William 

27 Mize, Ralph 

28 Bernard, Peter 

Muldoon, Richard 

Twenty-Five 149 



Row I: 

1 Kocb, David 

2 Otero, Victor 

3 McNamara, Daniel 

4 Ballard, Daniel 

5 Lewis, Andrew 
6 Nolan, John 

7 Holmes. Gary 

8 McDonnell, David 

Row 2: 

9 Pierce, Carlton 

10 Ward, James 

11 Trettin, James 

12 Lesser, David 

13 Holt. Timothy 

14 Kettell, Kent 

15 Connors, John 

16 Dillard, Mark 

17 Bonomo, James 

Row 3: 

18 Dezelon, Richard 

19 Smith, Thomas 

20 Morrow, Gregory 

21 Newton, Stanley 

22 Taylor, Thomas 

23 Gonda, Philip 

24 Reese, C. 

25 Devers, James 

26 Butler, Patrick 

27 Piercey, Patrick 

Row I: 

1 Philips, William 

2 Hoppea, Brett 

3 Quinones, Barbara 

4 Mills, William 

6 Kensington, Chris 

6 Huntley, Keith 

7 Redmond. Daniel 

8 Hagood, Laurence 

Row 2: 

9 MaGee. Richard 

10 Fink. Susan 

11 Peterson, P. 

12 Leeney. Michael 

13 Berryman, Brian 
14 Williamson, Jay 

15 Eustace, John 
16 Pointon, George 
17 Goodwin, Robert 

18 Davis, Frederick 

Row 3: 

19 Kazan, Jonathan 
20 Martinez, Elisa 

21 Lueke, Dean 
22 Rife, Fred 

23 Calton, Kenneth 

24 Huguenin, Blake 
26 Bruce, T/ioznas 

26 Tysinger, Russell 

27 Kwietniak. K. 

28 Fay, Stephen 

29 Applewhite. W. 

30 Huskey, Theodore 


Dumlao, Jean 

Jones, David 

Lobb, John 


*JI Ij 


1) .- :~.— ^-^ 


:^ f 






Ji ' 

^ ^H i 







\M IB 



t f Iff f t 

if,,-^; ^yrt '/^^ ■■ '•*»' ■'•A"' A§- 



— - , — -^ " . ^ ,, "^ 




Row 1: 

1 RsybiU. PauJ 

2 Noblick. Donald 

3 Childa, Jamea 

4 Cramer, Todd 
6 Schill, DanieJ 

6 Bramble. John 

7 Hagerty. P. 

8 Smith. Thomaa 

9 Lane, Charles 

10 Day, Stephen 
Row 2: 

11 Bernardo. Joaquin 

12 Ambrose, Charles 

13 Sambar. AJ 

14 Green. John 

15 Broda, Gerald 

16 ColUne, James 

17 Turner. Peter 

18 Heaae. John 

19 Stauber, Renaud 

20 Rowe. Robert 

21 Lara, Joe 

22 Curry, Ronald 

23 Tellez. Grover 

24 Morse. Michael 
Row 3: 

25 Larsen, Jonathan 

26 Begga. Jamea 

27 Dietz, Robert 

28 Sniffen. John 
2D ombrowaki. Paul 

30 Robbina. Greg 

31 Stieren, David 

32 Burnham. David 

33 Cook, Murray 

34 Snee, John 

35 Adama, David 

36 Griffith, Jeffery 

37 Brown. Daniel 

Koehi, Bernard 
Robell. Kenneth 

'V'v m/*^'. " -. ■-«.ir'/t-'( 

-4 4 ". ' ■ ?i'ri£. , 

Co. Cdr. MA.T Gary Douglas 
Sub. Cdr. M/LTjg James Waugb 
Admin. M/BNS Eric Byrne 



Co. Cdr. M/LT Thomas Qumn 
Sub. Cdr IH/LTjg Robert Stevick 
Admin. M/ENS Chris Dickerson 

1 Hirst. Jim 

2 Marshall. Larry 

3 Grabarek. Jeff 

4 Hamann. John 

5 Dickerson. Chris 

6 Crump. Norman 

7 Sousa. David 

8 Fli-nn. Mike 

9 Bournes. Jeff 

10 Waugh. Jim 

11 Curbeam. Bob 

12 Johnson. Dan 

13 Doyle. Gerry 

14 O'Gara. Mike 

15 Quinn. Tom 

16 Braithwaite. Ken 
n Graves. Jay 

18 Stewart. John 

19 Douglas, Gary 

20 Byrne. Eric 

21 Stevick. Kevin 

22 Sonderman. Chris 

Twenty-Six 153 


Row l! 

1 Adama, Gregory 

2 Norman, Thomas 

3 RutUnberg, John 
4 Meazies, Margaret 

5 Honan, Nancy 

6 McKenney, Gregory 

7 Duniel, Tammy 

8 McGinn, Elizabeth 

Row 2: 

9 Vanorden, Andrew 

10 Kerr, Anton 

11 Btiaa Karl 

12 Creager, Brian 

13 Padicb, Gerard 

14 Makridia, Basil 
16 Ruiz, .intclin 
16 Brown, Larry 

Row 3: 

17 Scbuhlein, Paul 

18 Delcamp, John 

19 Lawrence, Andrew 

20 Smith, Kent 

21 Fasanello, Thomas 

22 Becht, Gregory 


Barton, Robert 

Bizzaro, Jan 

Butterworth, F. 

Camp, Melanie 

Carlson, Richard 

Cox, Craig 

Curtis, Adam 

Hurley, Donald 

Lowry, Thomas 

WiUiams, Paul 

WiUiema, Steven 

Woodruff, Dwight 

Row 1: 

1 GrandTield, James 

2 Danda, James 

3 Tharp, Michael 

4 Furlong, Thomas 

5 Chase, Eric 

6 Taylor, WiZson 

7 Dibble, Bartley 
8 Cooper, Douglas 

Row 2: 

9 Pierce, Ivan 

10 Riley, Miles 
11 Kirby, Samuel 

12 Stitb, Patrick 

13 Shaffer, Jay 

14 Ryan, Kenneth 

16 Langley, Scott 

16 Johnson, Bradley 

17 Hall, Patrick 

Row 3: 

18 Semple, Bryan 

19 Durand, Jamee 

20 Wolfe, Kurt 

21 WiUiams, Michael 

22 Ellison, Aaron 

23 Allen, C. 

24 Wettscbreck, K. 

26 Evee, Daniel 

26 Kuhn, Jamee 


Bouchard, Donald 

Cooling, Norautn 

Duncan, Timothy 

Goodman, Eric 

Malone, Carl 

Shannon, Daniel 

Urbano, Rodney 

Walla, Michael 

154 Twenty-Six 




Bow I: 

1 Thompson, Mary 

2 Grey, Anthony 

3 Bartlo, Patricia 

4 Marks, Adrienne 
B Corsello, P. 

6 Bliss, Matthew 

7 Hagan, David 

8 Crespin, Rudy 

9 Prato, Anthony 

10 Lucci, Michael 
Row 2: 

11 Baldwin, John 

12 Peiia, Rolando 

13 Clarke, Steven 

14 Hoeey, Patrick 

15 Gomalea, Anthony 

16 Cimafranca, A. 

1 7 Rogers, Timothy 

18 Ennia, Tomas 

19 Johnson, Scott 

20 Borgdorff. L. 

21 Rape, Burt 

22 Torreon, Ben 

23 Pndeaui, J. 

24 Lobree, Shawn 

25 Bouchard, James 

26 D'Ambra, Michael 
Row 3: 

27 Anderson, G. 

28 Simmons, Guy 

29 Evans, Byron 

30 Eckert, Edward 

31 Kane, Jeffrey 

32 Anderson, Dale 

33 Miggins, Matthew 

34 Kennedy, John 

35 Mason, Douglas 

36 Meuron, Gregg 

37 Leahv, James 

Clark, Arthur 
Lombardo, Michael 
Miller, Karen 

Twenty-Six 155 

^' t'-'ftfW* 


' ,» \-Nih- 




/uonjoji CLoaA 


6RD\_tw PRC)OocT\oM mcv/v 

Co. Cdr M/LT Hal Murdock 
Sub. Cdr. M/LTjg Kevin Monahan 
Admin. M/ENS Christine Phifer 

156 Twenty-Seven 


1 Gass, Robert 

2 Walton. Stephan 

3 SuUivan, Michael 

4 Murdock, Hal 

5 Rodriguez. Jorge 

6 Nichols. Michael 

7 Carrington. H 

8 Daseler. Timothy 

9 Fippinger, Eric 

10 King. John 

11 Helinski. Mary 

12 Fogerty. James 

13 Taverna. Joan 

14 Aquiline. John 

15 Garbehtti. Car! 

16 Arnoeo. Joseph 

17 Monahan. Kevin 

18 Moore. Michael 

19 Moore, Lawrence 

20 Phifer. Christine 

21 Nichols. Alan 

22 Ohlhaver. Michael 

23 Mailoy. Karen 

24 Young. Maude 

25 Karditzas. W 

Co. Cdr. M/LT Lawrence Moore 
Sub. Cdr. MA^Tjg Kevin Monahan 
Admin. M/ENS Michael Sullivan 


Twentv-Seven 157 


Row I: 

1 Aajea, David 

2 Neira, Paul 

3 Bishop, Steven 

4 MigUori, Martin 

5 Stewart, Joseph 
€ Chen, Douglas 

7 Moore, David 

8 Lebredo, Nicolas 

Row 2: 

9 Pietzkiewicz, John 

10 Germano, Donald 

11 Lewis. Michael 

12 Roamilso, Paul 

13 Hirsch, Walter 

Row 3: 

14 James, Patrick 
15 Castleton, James 

16 Malpartida, A. 

17 DeCelie, Timothy 

18 McCallum. N. 

19 Ploof. Steven 

20 Knehans, William 

21 Kolp. Mark 

22 Chriaman, Kenneth 


Griffith. C. 

Moosmann, James 

Rush, Charles 

Sigler. Jeffrey 

Taboda. Frank 

Row U 

1 McFadden, Patrick 

2 Flares. Mark 

3 Lester, Timothy 

4 Judith, Joseph 

5 Banda, Hector 
6 Jessen, Craig 

7 McNutt, Jeffrey 
8 Hughes. Harry 

9 Palaganas, Arthur 

Row 2: 

10 Frizzell, Thomas 
11 VanDongen, M. 

12 Stafford, Glen 

13 McNeal, James 

14 Kowaid, Chris 

16 Kranker. Kirt 

16 McVay, Mark 

17 Cabana, Brian 
18 Kovach, Andrew 

Row 3: 
19 Gleason. Daniel 
20 Wharton, James 
21 Powell. Paul 
22 Marquis, Peter 
23 Lundstrom. Mark 
24 Doran. Thomas 

26 Yarger, Peter 
26 SkimmoDS. Brian 

27 Smith. Keith 

Singel, John 
Struse, Jamea 

t ft f t't ;t It 


168 Tweaty-Seven 



Row 1: 

1 Sanchez, Joe 

2 WiUi&ms, Susan 

3 Georgiefski, M. 

4 Pandya, Sunita 

5 Roas, WeadeU 

6 Cohron, David 

7 Moore, RuseU 

8 Martin, Leslie 

9 Donovan, Amy 

10 Doman, Thomas 
Row 2: 

11 Chung, Chang 

12 Woodaman, Ronald 

13 Springer, James 

14 SchiUing, C. 

16 Rodriguez, Juan 

16 Howes, Matthew 

17 McGany, Jeffrey 

18 Zucker, James 

19 White, Paul 

20 Tenhoopen. D. 

21 Weber. WiUiam 

22 Early. Matthew 
Row 3: 

23 Stec, Jeffrey 

24 Badger, David 
26 Smith, Derrick 

26 Bevans, Paul 

27 Wood. Samuel 

28 Shove. Benjamin 

29 Whelan, Timothy 

30 Folsom, David 

31 Fernandas, A. 

32 CampbeU, Glen 

Denine. John 
Flynn, John 
MacArthur. Robert 
Springer, Nancy 

Twenty Seven 159 


Co. Cdr. M/LT Thomas Callahan 
Sub. Cdr. M/LTjg Mark Cebulsti 
Admin. M/ENS Michael Clark 


/ Sterling, Glen 

2 Intintclo, John 

3 Fricker. Call 

4 Marr, Doug 

6 Callabtn, Tom 

6 Depman, Dave 

7 PulUam, Andy 

8 GalBgaerd, Alan 

9 Cebulaki, Mark 

10 Eason, Dick 

11 Enms, John 

12 Mullen, Mike 

13 Schlegd, John 

14 Marcum, Dan 
16 Garland, Buddy 

16 Johnson, Tom 

17 Hoetesa of Weema 

18 Clark, Mike 

19 Rabn, Martin 

20 Howard, Jimmy 

21 Wertz, Trent 

22 Marin, Dave 

23 Dempaey, Bill 

24 Bruner, Tab 
26 Woeko, Jim 

McLean, Angus 
Andrews, Tae Wan 

Co. Cdr. M/LT Douglas Marr 
Sub. Cdr. MA-Tjg Mike Mullen 
Admin. M/ENS Tom Johnson 

Twenty-Eight 161 

Row 1: 

I O'Neill, Kathleen 

2 Van bra bant, John 

3 Sears, Gregg 

4 Kowalkoskl, Steven 

6 Baldyga, Jeffrey 

6 Macoiino, Scott 

7 Bamonte, Scott 

Row 2: 
8 Molinari, Michael 

9 Goddaid, Brent 

10 Blakeley. John 
11 Bolivar. Babette 

12 Kirkbride. C. 

13 Ricbcreek. Kail 

14 Reed, Brian 

Row 3: 

15 Kane, Timothy 

16 Henderson, Mark 

16 Schatxle. Matthew 

18 Lastra. Guido 

19 Reeds, Kevin 

20 Johnson. James 

21 Gage, Larry 

22 McKay. Michael 

23 Getty, Richard 


Gaulke. Caroline 

McKinney. Roberta 

MitcheU, Donald 

Neumann, Barbara 

Olson. Eric 

Olson, Lester 

Perrone, Kenneth 

Robertson, J. 

Rosati. Joseph 

WilliawBon, Ricky 

Row 1: 

I Brockett, James 
2 Saivato, Gregory 

3 Shumaker, Thomas 

4 Petersen, Lynn 

6 Chun, Conrad 

6 Pitts, James 

7 Murphy, Shawn 

8 McMullin, Jeffrey 

9 Milliken, Kevin 

Row 2: 

10 Soler, C. 

II Braaweli, Donald 
12 Rupp. Robert 

13 Kibbey. Stephen 

14 Lupton, Michael 
16 Windbigler. Kevin 

16 Burke, Eugene 

17 Schrader, Shawn 

18 Oapina, Alex 

19 Quinlan. Brian 

20 Swanson, Nels 

ROW 3: 

21 DingesB, Jackie 

22 Johnson. Mark 

23 Borsch, Stuart 
24 Klosowski. B. 

25 Kearns, Edward 

26 Solomon, William 

27 Mariotti. M. 

28 Davila, Jeffrey 

29 Brookins, Adolph 

30 Meinrod, Adam 


Ameson, Kenneth 

Daghii, Mark 

McCarthy, C. 

Totty, Earl 



, :f t 'f if: t :« 

162 Twenty-Eight 


flow I: 

1 Tigani, John 

2 VonKlonitz. T. 

3 Schutz, Douglas 

4 MiUer. Kns 

5 Poetzman. Kelly 

6 Rasa. Kimberly 

7 Holtkamp, Erik 

8 Pappas, DimitrioB 

9 BolirgeoiB, Paul 
Row 2: 

10 Swickley. Robert 

11 Cressroan, Scott 

12 Huber. Michael 

13 Beemer. David 

14 Krensavage, J. 

15 Kirby. Charles 

16 Keaya. Wallace 

17 Lim. C. 

18 Thompson. Stephen 

19 Rskow. Steven 

20 Nies. Carol 
Row 3: 

21 Spaulding, Libby 

22 Demarab, David 

23 Packard. Randall 

24 Shay. Erik 

25 Towers. Roland 

26 Casey. Thomas 

27 Rivas. Rene 

28 Godek. Paul 

29 Laurilla. Shelley 

Dove. John 
Ellis, Robert 
Garrison, Jason 
Gibeley. Marc 
McKane. Brian 
Perrela, Eric 

Twenty-Eight 163 



Co. Cdr. M/LT Joseph Miller 
Sub. Cdr M/LTjg WiUiam Orton 
Admin. M/ENS Thomas Nolen 


Co. Cdr. M/LT Carlos DeLeon 
Sub. Cdr MA-Tjg Tod Ray 
Admin. M/ENS Rons Wilhelm 

1 Holcowb, Roas 

2 Kriete, Dave 

3 Summera, Timmy 

4 Wilhelm. Rosa 
6 Taff. Bayly 

6 McGee. Mai 

7 Alber, Dave 

8 Myer, Eric 

9 SchoU. Jon 

10 Parillo, John 

11 Churbuck, Jimmy 

12 Midas. Mike 

13 Nolen. Toby 

14 Zamka. George 

15 Stys, Mark 

16 Groody. Mike 
n Orton. Bill 

18 Martinez. Vern 

19 Morrow, Johnny 

20 Coins. Greg 

21 Brunger. Clitf 

22 Price. Gary 

deLeon. Carlos 
Miller. Joe 
Few. Bill 

Twenty-Nine 165 

Row I: 

1 Carver. John 

2 Loeblein, Tbomas 

3 Moalton, John 

4 Mollis, Kevin 

6 Dickerson, Donald 

6 Kreeger, Victor 

7 Speed, Stephen 
8 Pecaut, Mark 

Row 2: 

9 Bai, Shawn 

10 Roberta, James 

11 Arcaro, Ralph 

12 Varallo, Thomas 

13 Leung. Victor 

14 Doud, Brendan 

15 Loaee, Geoffrey 
16 Coen, Joseph 

17 MacKinnon. D. 

18 BuBwell, Bradley 

Row 3: 

19 WilliamBon. T. 

20 Datko, Laurence 

21 Jones, Thomas 

22 Alas, Jose 

23 Kehlenbach. J. 

24 McKianey, Gordon 

26 Day, John 


Alexander, Marc 

Bowers, Earl 

Gates, Thomas 

Clifton, John 

Hanlon, Peter 

Johnson. Tracy 

OUver. Robert 

Schnorr, Donald 

Watts. Geoffrey 

Williams. C. 

Row 1: 

1 Samuels, David 

2 Cawley. Albert 

3 Dixon. Derrick 

4 Rupp, Eric 

6 Russell. Nanette 

6 Maye, Larry 

7 Okamoto, Lynn 

8 Wagner, Charles 

Row 2: 

9 Sandor, Andrew 

10 Malskis, Raymond 

11 Groves, Aane 

12 Lombardi. C. 
13 Reynolds. Loretta 

14 James, William 
IB Kiah, Staph 

16 CasWas. Renzo 

17 Lawrence, Paul 
18 Parker, Michael 

19 Weathers. Richard 

20 Hebert, Carrie 

Row 3: 

21 Byera, Raymond 

22 Ward, David 

23 Wilboum. John 

24 Curry, Timothy 
25 Fogg, Robert 

26 Du^ane, Daniel 

27 Rhodes, David 

28 Maucb, Kevin 
29 Arthur. George 

Bencal. C. 
Callahan, Danny 
Leonard, Joseph 
Liodaey, Russell 
MacFarlane. Dirk 

166 Twenty-Nin 


Row I: 

1 Braden, Guy 

2 Casawassiiia, D. 

3 Hawkine, Albert 

4 Wood. Eric 

5 Stevenson, John 

6 Lindsey. Dwayne 

7 Campbell, Joseph 

8 Parrillo, Michael 

9 Halpern. Steven 
Row 2: 

10 Feeney. John 

11 Rapp, Christopher 

12 Marzec, Thomas 

13 Locke. Stephen 

14 Fickle. John 

15 Okland. Douglas 

16 Bolt. Christopher 
1 7 Dunphy. C. 

18 Huahoup, Larry 

19 Anderson. David 
Row 3: 

20 Wertwan. David 

21 Harrington, T. 

22 Burgess, James 

23 Basil. Daniel 

24 Harwood. Bartiett 

25 Skubi. Jason 

26 Johnson, Randolph 

27 Clark. Michael 

28 SzpisJak. Dale 

29 Cancio. Ramon 

Aanonsen. Paul 
Northcott. Tad 

Twenty-Nine 167 

Co. Cdr. M/LT Mark Barranca 
Sub. Cdr. M/LTjg Thomas GaUagbm 
Admm. M/ENS Noel Vinzon 

168 Thirty 



Co. Cdr M/LT Steven Wright 
Sub. Cdr M/LTjg Samuel Mohs 
Admin. M/ENS Timothy Birdsong 

1 Przybyszewski, John 

2 Lamson, Allen 

3 Caraieo. Bryan 

4 Adams. Frederick 

5 HoUmgsworth. C 

6 Hoover, David 

8 Lara. James 

9 Scioii, Blaise 

10 Inman, Richard 

11 Beck. Thomas 

12 Woltersdorf. Kurt 

13 Olds. Robert 

14 White. Ira 

15 Alberto. Glen 

16 Barranca. Mark 

17 Gallagher. Thomas 

18 Broadston. Robert 

19 Slewson. Alton 

20 Denneny. Douglas 

21 Wright. Steven 

22 Vinzon. Noel 

23 Schleicher. D 

24 Deroche. William 

25 Long. Joeeph 

26 Mohs, Samuel 

Thirty 169 


Row U 

1 Edwards, Jonathan 

2 Legaapi, Joey 

3 RutiowskJ, R. 

4 Caasidy, Shawn 

5 Prudbomine, David 

6 Lajiaing, Scott 

7 Goebler, Barry 
8 Kaneahiro, Kerm 

9 Turner, David 

Bow 2: 

10 Dom, Jonathan 

11 Bruno, Anthony 

12 Taylor, David 

13 Devore, Stephen 

14 CoUora, Kurt 

15 Zarate, Peter 
16 Wolaki, Eugene 

17 Shelden, Craig 

18 Mattbewe, Paul 

19 Waigand, Edward 

20 Arnold, Ralph 

21 Cuyno, Dominic 

Row 3: 

22 Sbigley, Mark 

23 Petouhoff. Michael 

24 Baratta, James 

26 Scbill, Thomas 

26 Watson, Troy 

27 Smith, Scott 

28 FitigeraJd, Kent 

29 Cbapin, SUpben 

30 Brown, Paul 

31 Barron, Danny 

32 Holdstein, Chris 


Bacbmann, William 

Row 1: 

I Rauscher. WiUiam 

2 Hopkins, James 
3 Jones, Morgan 

4 Ains worth, C. 

5 Garay, Roger 

6 Chase, Brian 

7 Taylor, John 
8 Alhnan, Todd 

9 Scbmitt, Robert 

10 Bvertaon, Scott 

Row 2: 

II Jackson, Edward 

12 Burton, Jackie 

13 Haatie, Bruce 

14 Reitan. Paula 

15 Smith, SybU 

16 Laws, Cheryl 

17 Secriat, Mary 
18 Walah, Patrick 

19 Wahlatedt, Eric 

20 SUffy, Todd 

21 Brown, Brian 

22 Schley. Nathaniel 

Row 3: 

23 Schweickhardt, A. 

24 Johanaon, Kurt 

25 Paterson, Adam 

26 Rngliah^ Donald 
27 Edwards, Douglas 

28 Collins, John 

29 Sullivan, Francis 

SO Nima, Stephen 

31 Jonake, Louis 


Kenyon, Cameron 

170 Thirty 




1 Leaaard. Laurence 

2 Waneho. Michael 

3 Sea Wright, David 

4 Takats. Terry 

5 Demchak, Michael 

6 Herbert, Joaeph 

7 Loricco, John 

8 Wilkena, John 

9 King, Samuel 
Bove 2: 

10 Brandenburg, M. 

11 Wall, Spencer 

12 Danielson, J. 

13 Baker, Samuel 

14 Wilson, John 

15 Buellner, David 

16 Cahill, Stanley 

17 Lochridge, Scott 

18 Galvan, Richard 

19 Schwab, Thomas 

20 Ward, Donald 

21 Martinez, Rene 

22 McGee, James 

23 Strautmann, Roger 

24 Sawyer, William 

25 Oatroff, Pacy 

26 Williams, George 

27 Hottendorf, John 

28 Wade, Patrick 

29 Williama, M- 

30 Brown, Scott 

31 Schill, Thomas 

32 Covle, Sean 

Caason, Charlea 
Col well, Jeffrey 
White, David 
Wilaon, John 

Thirty 171 

;^---.'r ,.-:^Ai^ 

Sixth Battp^^on 

Cdr. J. Minderlein 

Ms. C. Kellner 

172 Sixth Battalion 



M/LCDR Michael Kelly. Cdr. M/LT Jonthau Ken. Sub-Cdr MAT PbUjp Howe, operations: MA.Tjg Robin Franke. Adju 
M/LTjg Kurt Storey. Supply: MA^Tjg Kelly King. .Administrative 

MA-CDR Harry Ward, Cdr; M/LT Mark Micbaud, Sub-Cdr; M/LT Douglas Brown. Operations: M/LTjg Adam Leritt. Adjutant: 
M/LTjg Steven Jones, Supply; M/LTjg Mark Storto. Administrative. 

Sixth BatUdion 173 

ITTTTWI' '/--sr- 

I \ - - • f 





i74 Thirty-One 

LT. S. Schlientz 


1 -> 




^^^^^^^BBI^H^^x ^^ 

Co. Cdr M/LT Thomas CaJabrese 
Sub. Cdr. M/LTJg Thowas Draper 
Admin. M/ENS Joseph Gofford 

1 Jung, David 

2 Kan, John 

3 Cufford, Joe 

4 Carroll, Joe 

5 Lengyl, Pete 

6 Yablunowaki, David 

7 Clayton, Eric 

8 Calabree, Tom 

9 Peterson, Pete 

10 Krueger, Glen 

11 Bouldin, Mark 

12 Draper. Tom 

13 Gacuaan, Leo 

14 Forrestal, Tom 

15 MaJone, Tim 

16 PotochBiai, Dave 
1? Lenda, Dave 

18 Kilburn, Chip 

19 Ditton. Daye 

20 Hogan, Pat 

21 Wiggins, John 

22 Thatcher. Steve 

23 Michaud. Mark 

24 Lewie. Lance 
26 Shupinaki. Dave 
26 Steckel, John 

Co. Cdr M/LT Ray Peterson III 
Sub. Cdr MA^Tjg Galen Krueger 
Admin. M/BNS David Jung 

Thirty-One 175 

lat Row: 

1 Merren, Michael 

2 Mai, Bradley Carl 

3 Flagg, Marcus 

4 Cortesio, Michael 

5 Peters, Norman 

6 Sims, Charles 

7 Torres, Jerry 

8 Canvin, Joseph 

9 Webster. Richard 

2nd Row: 

10 Martina. Peter 
11 Gaviria, Jorge 

12 Ransier. Randy 

13 Hamby. Andrew 

14 Schott. Charles 

15 Walker. Mark 

16 Cardon, Anthony 

17 Carra, Christopher 

18 Card. Stuart 

19 Clark, Card 

20 Fuilerton. Robert 

3rd Row: 

21 Milligan. John 

22 Chriatman, Michael 

23 Luther, James 

24 Alberto. Donald 

25 Severv. Paul 

26 Krotow. Stephen 

27 Peters, James 

28 Reeves. Jeffrey 

29 Jenkins. Shawn 

Not Pictured: 

Gunning, Edward 

Hall. Robert 

Harrington, William 

Lightfoot. Ashley 

Porter, David 

Ross, Kenneth 

lat Row: 

1 Spears, Mark 

2 Stachelski, Geri 

3 Blair, Mary 

4 Donelan, Kathy 

5 Price, Cheryl 

6 McCarthy. Patricia 

7 Dorey, John 

8 Wise, Brett 

2nd Row: 

9 Giauque, Michael 

10 Stedham, Don 

11 Vantaaael, Peter 

12 Bateson, Damon 

13 Bamonte, John 

14 Crouae. Cooper 
16 Stratton. Michael 

16 Vloedman, Peter 

3rd Row: 

17 Bell, John 

18 Durand, Jeffrey 

19 Meier, John 

20 North. Car! 

21 Krege. John 
22 Reiman, Kenneth 

23 McGovern. Thomas 


Barnes, Kenneth 

Brady, Steven 

Butler. Vernon 

Ceres, Robert 

Smith, Mark 

%' r f I 

I I 

^ '^# 



I at Row: 

1 Debruyn, William 

2 Raymond, John 

3 Bahn, Christian 

4 Quick. Mark 

5 Gonzalez, Renaldo 

6 Gardner. Mark 

7 Armstrong, Wayne 

8 Edwards. Alex 

9 Cohan, Stephen 
10 Johnson, James 
n Filyaw, Olin 
Znd Row: 

12 Chua. John 

13 Pagan. Ivan 

14 Piontek, Joseph 

15 Quinn. Scott 

16 Becbtold, John 

17 Deamarais, Albert 

18 Kirkland. Gary 

19 Wilson. Douglas 

20 Contaoi. Gregory 

21 Thiesse. Trav 

22 Hallahan. William 

23 WaJters. Duane 

24 Grammer. William 
26 Matheson, James 
3rd Row: 

26 Miller. Lee 

27 Clarke. Stephen 

28 Kav. Robert 

29 Coker. Anthony 

30 Rodriguez, Miguel 

31 MacMurcby, Richard 

32 Hein. Robert 

33 Milligan. David 

34 Monroe, Robert 
Not Pictured: 

Emmitt. James 
Sledgianowski. John 

^ '"■^R"' — ^~" 

Thirty-One 177 

' r,'S'Ti!Jr'.y-T--^ 

1 Campbell, Lundy 

2 McCawley, Pete 

3 King, Kelly 

4 Porter. Scott 

6 Storto, Mark 

7 Thotnaa, Doug 
9 Duff, Drew 

10 Sympeon, Bill 

12 Becker. Mai 

13 Kerr, Sberri 

14 Wataoa, Will 
16 Petersen, Debbie 

16 Hullinger, Paul 

17 McCann, Steve 

18 Stepbena, Carta 

22 Kent, Rose 

23 Davis, Jackie 

24 St. Pierre, Albert 
26 Kaliacb, Mark 

Co. Cdr. M/LT Lundy Campbell 
Sub. Cdr. M/LT)g Andrew Duff 
Admin. M/ENS Paul Hullinger 

Thirty- Two 179 


)>f Row: 

1 Deranian, John 

2 Denardo. John 
3 AJfaro, Raymond 

4 McAllister, 

6 Witt, Glenn 

6 Whitfield. Gregg 

7 Hadley. Robert 

8 Earle, Robert 

9 Bucayan, 

2nd Bow. 

10 Stamps, Peter 

11 Shihadeh. Matthew 

12 Burke, 

13 Fitzgerald 

14 Vaugban, Robert 

15 Rasberry, John 

16 Duncan, Robert 

n Slselly, Michael 

IS Pteiffer, Curtis 

19 Brtezinski, Edwin 

20 Flint, Daniel 

21 Matzke, Daniel 

3rd Row: 

22 Etkins, Robert 
23 Wray, James 

24 Loria, Robert 

26 Hein. Jeffrey 

26 Venable, Jaime 

27 Ryan, Christopher 

28 Panico, Stephen 

29 Schaeffler, Mark 

30 Nichelson, Steve 
31 Moore, Michael 

32 Steigers, Curt 

Not Pictured: 

Borneman, John 


Henry, Frederick 

Lawton, David 

Wain, Bruce 

let Row: 

1 Smallow, Theodore 

2 Rivers, Thane 

3 Pedro, Daniel 
4 Jordan, Dewey 

5 Jarrell, Maurice 

6 Weugh, Stephen 

7 Censure, John 

3 Partida, Louis 

2nd Row: 

9 Hubbard, Garret 

10 Moses, Daniel 

11 Boyd, Alan 

12 Young, James 

13 Shelton, Paul 
14 Scbildmeyer, 

15 Wiemann, John 
16 Pfeifer, Gerald 

17 O'Keefe, Thomas 

18 Flachabart, Brian 

3rd Row: 

19 Merrill, Eric 

20 Clark, Darwin 

21 O'Keefe, Cornelius 

22 Oliver, Gordon 

23 Moaher, Jeffrey 

24 Adams, Jeffrey 

25 Enriquez, Kurt 
26 Cann, Thomas 

27 Ruth, Jeffrey 
Not pictured: 
Hoyt, Lance 

180 Thirty-Two 


iBt Row: 

1 Tyner, Jerry 

2 Groae, Paul 

3 Miles. Erica 

4 Buckley, KatbJeen 

5 Richmond. 

6 Telkamp, Sandra 

8 Brown, Suzanne 

9 Pinnata, John 

10 Soto, Ruben 
2nd Row: 

11 Berner, John 

12 Teeple, Stephen 

13 Perkins, Patrick 

14 Angelom. WiUiam 

15 Bannach, Keith 

16 Bates. Daniel 

17 Wanebo, John 

18 Parker, Richard 

19 Hansen. Leland 

20 Reimann, Timothy 

21 McBeth, Vincent 
3rd Row: 

22 Broun. Theodore 

23 Lipscomb. George 

24 Trahan, Arthur 

25 Byrne, James 

26 Strieker, heater 

27 Gordon, Andrew 

28 Fletcher, Kirklin 

29 Kyle, John 
Not Pictured: 

Murphy, Thomas 
Noah, Gary 
Metcalf, Ned 
Sianey. Steven 

Thirty-Two 181 

'^<'^^' ■'. /i?A; 

''•"■-'V -7 , ,.'i4*i' '■ 

Co. Cdr. M/LT Steven Lott 
Sub. Cdi. MA-Tjg Charles Raiaey 
Admin. M/ENS AJ Alabeta 



Co. Cdr. WLT Kevin McCallum 
Sub. Cdr. WLTjg William Frake 
Admin. M/ENS William O'Conneli 

1 Cooper, C. 

2 Donlon. Vencent 

3 Loft, Steven 

4 Alabata. Al 

6 DiAntonio, Mark 

7 Hacker. Rudolph 

8 Hinen. James 

9 Rasbury. Stanley 

10 Young. Steven 

11 Sullivan. Sean 

12 PitPit. Michael 

13 Buck. Nicholas 

14 Hog. Gary 

16 Haynea. Larry 

16 McCallum, Kevin 

17 Harbor, Jonathan 

18 Johnson. Jeffrey 

19 Vautier, James 

20 Rainev. Charles 

21 O'Conneli, William 

Frake, Wiilitun 
Haugen. Christian 
McKelvey, Matthew 

Thirty-Two 183 



lat Bow: 

1 Benaon, Chriatopher 
2 Haidvogel. Robert 
3 Vandiver, James 

4 WinkJer, John 

5 Roche, Jeffrf 

6 Pierce. Ja:. 

7 Sham, ft- '« 

8 ScUefer, Chai-!if>. 

2nd Roa: 

9 Baodyk, Marya 
20 Wolfe, Gilbert 
11 Kulaa, Stanley 

12 Spinelh, Julia 
13 Abounader, Selim 
14 KUmczyk, Tbomaa 

15 Diahman, Robert 

16 Mahoney, David 

17 Edmiaton, Jan 

3rd Row: 

18 Krepaz, Julie 

19 Rasnick. Lannea 

20 Gilliam, Howard 

21 Steadley, Robert 

22 Seivy, Donald 

23 McGiU, Susan 
Not Pictured: 

Earl, Robert 
Gabel, William 
Gofn, Richard 
Lankau, Paul 
Sharkey, Charles 
Smith, William 
Walla, Kenneth 

Row I: 

1 Tanner, John 

2 Beldy, Daniel 

3 Eaaki, Alan 

4 Lee, Kimo 

5 King, Kyle 
6 Goeser, Kurt 

7 Winters, Harvey 

8 Deguire, Stephen 

9 Hubbard, Bryan 

Bow 2: 

10 Redcliffe, R. 

11 Meltser, Mark 

12 SheUhammer, M. 

13 LaChance, Daniel 

14 Jacobaon, David 

15 Rexroad, Jimmy 
16 Coulter, Eric 

17 Koatrub, WiUiam 

18 Flood, Wayne 

19 Lang, Kurtia 

20 Wheat, Richard 

21 Podeck, Mark 

22 Greene, David 

Bow 3: 

23 Kinsey, Anders 

24 Jackson, Gardner 

26 Bartb, Mark 

26 Pendergrasa, W. 

27 Krumel, Andrew 
28 Roeckell, Mark 

29 Klansek, Patrick 

30 Sharer, William 

31 Olson, Richard 

32 Black, Robert 


Holyfield, J. 

Meltser, Mark 

Sherman, Gerald 

184 Thirty-Three 


Row I: 

1 Smith. Tracy 

2 Gordon. Charles 

3 VuiUemot, Andrew 

4 Schmidt. Harry- 

5 Slough. Timothy 

6 Alvarez. Dawn 

7 Jo. Sheldon 

8 Leonard. Judith 

9 Poore. Louis 

10 Ricciuti. Andrew 
Row 2: 

11 Shirk. Jeffrey 

12 SCollmeyer. R. 

13 Stewart. Michael 

14 Ashley. Darin 

15 Curry. Sean 

16 Spitzer. John 

1 7 Girardi. Mark 

18 Mologne, Michael 

19 MacMurtrie, James 

20 Mattson. Thomas 

21 Sahler. Erica 

22 Julian. Da\id 

23 Da\is. Susan 

24 Brown. Mark 

25 Wilson. C. 
Row 3: 

26 Grover, Darrin 

27 Mobley. Albert 

28 Frack. Kenneth 

29 Coil. Gregory 

30 Klein. Kristopher 

31 Schreiber. Mark 

32 McFadden. Bruce 

33 Lewis. Clayton 

34 Dorsett. Dolores 

35 Martin. Andrew 

36 Bunge. Paul 

37 Scheulm. Eric 

Cook. James 

Thirty-Three 185 




Co. Cdr. M/LT Victor D Andrea 
Sub. Cdr M/LTjg Ropert Tillery 
Admin. M/ENS Donald Cnllins 

y--. V, 


1 McGaugb, Steve 

2 Emestro, Audie 

3 Collins. Don 

4 Hays. Kevin 

5 Stevens, Monica 

6 Kasprzak, Toni 

7 Gwm. Beth 

8 Campbell. Don 

9 Crov, Lowell 

10 Stovall. Larry 

11 Collins. Mike 

12 Fisher. Tow 

13 Spradlin. Mike 

14 Ward. Harry 

15 Law. Leticie 

16 Harms. Bill 
IT Tillery. Rob 

18 Steindal. Da.e 

19 Derdall. Jim 

20 Reea. John 

21 Kirby. Melanie 

22 D' Andrea. Bucky 

23 Duffy. Neil 

24 Marin. Brian 

25 Storey. Kurt 

Co Cdr. M/LT Letitia Law 
Sub. Cdr MA^Tjg Brian Marin 
Admin. M/ENS Steven McGaugh 

Thirty-Four 187 


Row I: 

1 Lutnan, Robert 

2 EUegood. John 

3 Rauch. Charles 
4 McLean, Robert 

5 Watson, Kayle 

6 Burgard. Robert 

7 Cull. Scott 

Row 2: 

8 Litonjua, Jonas 

9 Jordan, Richard 

10 Trotta. Andrew 
11 Duzan, Robert 

12 Schroeder, Duane 

13 Rhodes. C 

14 Wheatley, Wade 

Row 3: 

15 Nasson, Scott 

16 White. Kevin 

17 Monagban, Joseph 

18 Peters. Gordon 

19 McDonald, Brian 

20 Pettit, Steven 


Alberts. Edward 

BelaJr. Steven 

Brodeur, David 

Chambers, Steven 

Clark. Laurance 

Daly, Brendan 

Hall, Jack 

Holmes. Steven 

Mangente, Gordon 

Marotta. Thomas 

Otero, Agustin 

Wild. Thomas 

Zaleski, Ronald 

Row 1: 

1 Crook. John 
2 McMullen. Richard 

3 Cook. Sprague 

4 Worman. John 
5 Metroka. Andrew 

6 Stryker, Richard 

7 Papa. Henry 

Row 2: 

8 Pall. Phillip 

9 James. Robert 

10 Hager, Carl 

11 Conion, Thomas 

12 Smith. Tbomaa 

13 Foster. Steven 

14 Casey. Kevin 

15 HoDo, James 

16 Siirina, John 
17 Nicolay. Herbert 

18 Taylor. Wayne 

19 Skillman. John 

Row 3: 

20 Rigolo. Thomas 

21 Silva. Henry 

22 Prior, Robert 

23 Rohm. William 

24 Gibson. Paul 

25 MaiUoxix, James 

26 Cronquist. Steven 

27 Farina, Anthony 

28 Lagasca. Jason 

29 McCormick. W. 


Baker, John 

Dwyer, Jamea 

188 Thirty-Foux 





J f|| ft »|l It 

I ft: ft 'f: I t^f , 

/ Carroll, Molly 

2 McKee. Margaret 

3 Cooley. Thomas 

4 Sben, Jonah 

5 Hallawell. Robert 

6 BeUing. Ralph 

7 Cimiluca, Arthur 

M Rodriguez. Edward 
9 Miller. Edward 
Row 2: 

10 Caporossi. J. 

11 Callahan, Andrew 

12 Mykyta. John 

13 Smith, Michael 

14 Sindoni. Anthony 

15 Walters, Janet 

16 Mlodzik. Maria 
1 7 Rookard. Curtis 

18 Brown. David 

19 Hollinger. A. 

20 Phillips, Joseph 

21 Ezakovich, Tamwy 
Row 3: 

22 McGrady. Jackson 

23 Rathbun, James 

24 Ferrari. Anthony 

25 Laporta. Leonard 

26 Welch. David 

27 Lauletta. Joseph 

28 Lavigna. Michael 

29 Dano. Eric 

30 Horel. Robert 

31 Schreiber, James 

32 Grifrin. Donald 

Calhoun. Robert 
Rizzo, Joseph 
Rodgers. Alan 

Thirty-Four 189 




Co. Cdr. MA^T Biliy Kumangaj 
Sub. Cdr MA^Tjg Donald Chase 
Admin. M/ENS Ronald Beasley 

1 Vagnoni, Adrian 

2 Poindexter, Scott 

3 Garcia. Manuel 

4 Kumangai, Billy 

5 Cannice, Mark 

6 Roaa, Ivan 

7 Beaaley. Ronald 

8 Crisp. Daniel 

9 Schmieley. Donald 

10 Knudson. Wade 

11 Moran, Michael 

12 Jordan. John 

13 Chase. Donald 

14 Miller. Stephen 

15 Levitt. Adam 

16 Amiaga, Carl 

17 Starling, Scott 

18 Bomberger, D. 

19 Edaon. Mark 

20 Kramer. Christian 

21 Howe. Philip 

22 Hamilton, Leonard 

23 Franke. Robin 

24 Baldwin, Justin 

25 Flood. C 

26 Creevy. Lawrence 

Thirty-Five 191 


lat Row 

1 Rubino, Mark 
2 Abreach. Richard 
3 Gonzalez, Lenny 

4 Ormond, Dale 

5 Miceli, James 
6 Thompson, Andy 

2nd Row 

7 Wellborn, Raymond 

8 WhJtbeck, Weeley 

9 Kyto, David 

10 TroBt, Steven 

II Dierkes, Chris 

12 Donovan, Daniel 

3rd Row 

13 Rboe. Reginald 
14 Morris, Michael 

15 Kenyon, Edward 

16 O'Nieli, John 

17 Clody, James 

18 Ward, William 

19 Bechter, Timm 

20 LaFave. Daniel 

Bowman, Eric 
Dougherty. T. 
Hale, Brian 
Kwon, Tony 
McClary. Rob 
Niea, Michael 
Phelps. Roger 

lat Row: 

1 Schanz, Marie 
2 Fallon. Karen 
3 Swanson, John 

4 Guevarra. Carlos 

5 Edmonds. Brian 
6 Fortin. Thomas 

7 Bogdan, Kenneth 

8 Perez. Victor 

9 Lara bee, Mark 

10 Pool. John 

2Dd Row: 

11 Murray, Cynthia 

12 Livingood, Debbie 
13 Schletter. Kurt 

14 Malley, Gregg 

15 Boaka, Kathleen 

16 Cadwell. Michael 

17 Dibble. Jeffrey 

18 Keels, Joel 

19 Segesdy, Scott 

20 Kovanic. Leslie 

21 Rainone. Henry 
22 Rodriguez, Robert 
22 Califano, Anthony 

3rd Row: 

24 Declue. Mark 

25 Blaatoa, James 
26 Sakaguchi. Mark 

27 Demers. Paul 

28 KiUian, Richard 

29 Pietkiewicz, M. J. 

30 Gardner. Paul 

31 Moore, Brian 

32 Loveless. Bruce 

33 Morin. Roger 

34 Young, John 

3d Hassi. Edward 

36 Thibodeau, Marc 


Kilby, James 

WiUiama, Daniel 

192 Thirty-Five 



lit Row: 

1 Santiago, Jovi 

2 Rowan, John 

3 MacRae, Thomas 

4 Pruett, Arthur 

5 Sullivan, Charles 

6 Deakin, Danford 

7 Pido, Erneet 

8 Swift, SUven 

9 Dineen. Timothy 

10 Packard, Charles 
2nd Row: 

11 Borja, Arthur 

12 Calhoun, Chrialophe, 

13 Lopez, Theodore 

14 Lewis, John 

16 Taylor, Jeffrey 

16 Zulick, John 

17 Green, James 

18 Diorio, Nicholas 

19 Swan, Ernest 

20 Tenney, Joseph 

21 Stevens, Glenn 

22 Martins, John 

23 Patten, Michael 

24 Latrash, Fredrick 
3rd Row: 

25 Franchi, John 

26 Weaver, John 

27 Byrne, William 

28 Perri, Craig 

29 Finch, Michael 

30 Watkins, Daryl 

31 Marsh, David 

32 Rinkacs, John 

33 Soper, William 

34 Gibson, Mark 

Spanoa, Michael 

Thirty-Five 193 


Co. Cdr. M/LT Evans. Todd 
Sub. Cdr. M/LTjg Bandars, Brian 
Admin. M/ENS Peffers. Stephen 


Co. Cdr. WLT Weiatroffer. Joseph 
Sub. Cdr. MA.Tjg Finney, Peter 
Admin. M/ENS Goodlett. Timothy 

1 Menzel. Anthony 

2 Brown, Douglas 

3 Kelly, Michael 

4 Zublic, Charles 

5 Bartkoski, Jeffrey 

6 Finney, Peter 

7 Jones, Michael 

8 Bandarra, Brian 

9 Peffers, Stephen 

10 Peters, Gerald 

11 Andrews, Frank 

12 Moble, Robert 

13 Armstrong, Robert 

14 Nepf Hans 

15 Bigelow, Andrew 

16 Nicason, Daniel 

17 Martin. Bradford 

18 Frasae, Christopher 

19 Aguilar, Tomas 

20 Keller, Glenn 

21 Goodlett, Timothy 

22 Evans, Todd 

23 Mew, Wendell 

24 Capaaao, Anthony 

25 Baker, Roaser 

26 Kim, Andrew 

27 Owens, Thomas 

28 Todd, Stevenson 

29 McClellen, Jeffrey 

30 Weiatroffer, Joseph 

Briggs, Tod 
Jones, Steven 
Stoddard, Daniel 

Thirty-Six 195 

/«( Row 

1 GigUotti. W. 

2 Ruiz. David 

3 Swam. Jeffrey 

4 Fitzpatrick, N. 
5 WoFsb, Kevin 

6 Medve. Martin 

7 Barwia, Robert 
8 Caaity, Madeline 

9 Hacker, Bruce 

2nd Row 

10 Watson, Cbaries 

11 Scbwarz, Thomas 

12 Armatrong, Robert 

13 Bereska, George 

14 SahJer. Chriaty 

16 Davis, Bruce 

16 Mork. Charlotte 

17 Newman, Daniel 

18 hinder, Jay 

19 Bedell. Daniel 

20 Pierson, Edward 

21 Morgan. Timothy 

22 Mikkelson. Thomas 

23 Heckman. Nancy 


Sweeney. Gregory 

Weaver, Susan 

let Row 

1 Lopez, Steven 

2 Hilke, Joel 

3 Finley, Michael 

4 Mayberry, Jamea 

6 Hale. Gregory 
6 Sepanaki, Scott 

7 Krauae, Kerry 
8 Kuplinaki, Paul 

2Bd Row 

9 Barnes, James 

10 Beckett, Karl 
11 Paro. Kent 

12 Grennon. Donald 

13 ORourke. Stephen 

14 Hudson, Bruce 

3rd Row 

IB Kieatler, William 

16 Blanchard. G. 

17 Rumph. Scott 
18 Oaborn, Thomas 

19 Hickey. Matthew 

20 Sheridan, David 

21 Aguilar, Leonard 


Anderson, John 

Avery. John 

Broussard, G. 

Gihnan, John 

Kobler, George 

Lowe, Harry 

Lynch, Andrew 

Miahik, Michael 

Quinlan, Scott 

Stewart, Warren 

Tunext, Mark 

Wells. Michael 

Young, David 

Zaffiris, Nick 

196 Thirty-Six 










Iff ft 1 ft f * 11 

* ^ -'^ ^^ *i- <*' ^^ -^r ^ ^ '^^^ ^ 










lit Row: 

1 WiUiams, Ted 

2 BiaaiUon, David 

3 Craig, Nelson 

4 Sims, Dwayne 
6 Ortega, John 

6 Stonaker, Daniel 

7 Mercer, Thomas 

8 McGinley, John 

9 Verhovsek, Eber 

10 Joslin, Mark 
2nd Row. 

11 Cundiff, Kenneth 

12 Tobin, Michael 

13 Zaorski, Robert 

14 Adier. Robert 

15 Dryer, John 

16 Council, George 
n Deane, Timothy 

18 Malloy. Terence 

19 Monk, Greggory 

20 Baltazar. Eric 

21 Mollon, Dennis 
3rd Row: 

22 Holland, Kevin 

23 Pickrell, Brant 

24 Miller, David 
26 BuUer. Warren 

26 Adams, John 

27 Bates, Grant 

28 Sims, Patrick 

29 Slaughter, John 

30 Taylor. David 

31 Wesson. Drew 

32 Thiede, David 
Not Pictured: 

Dellorso, Craig 
Or ana, David 

Thirty-Siz 197 

A Year At The N^ 


Naval Academy 


The Yard 

The Yard. A Home. School- 
grounds. A Prison. A Federal 
Preserve. A State Park. A 
Historic Landmark. One of 
the nation's largest tourist 
attractions. The Yard is all 
these things and more. It 
houses the world's largest 
dormatory, the largest dining 
hall, one of the nation's best 
institutions of higher learn- 
ing, sports fields, and much 
more. It is the place most 
midshipmen spend four years 
trying to escape and the rest 
of their lifes trying to return. 

200 Year 


202 Year 



Plebe Year 

•■i'A I 

^-^tO^^.^ - 





1 -. 



^ p- ^ ^ , 

'f M^^f/ 


^^ ^ 


Youngster Year 



Year 207 




-.'■• ' .'.W'-tiV 

Fall Parades 

Formal dress parades are held on Wednesday 
afternoons during the fall for a few reasons. The 
first reason is to honor the guest reviewer. A 
second reason is to provide the public with a 
chance to see the Brigade of Midshipman as a 
whole, not just individuals. And the ubiquitous 
reason, the parades give the midsipmen a chance 
to compete as companies for color points. 


212 Year 


Yeai 213 

mki i 

/.fr-'^v^- •<^' 


i laiiiiii 





Halloween at USMA affords midshipmen the opportun- 
ity to display their creativity and imagination as well as 
the chance to go trick-or-treating from door to door. Mot 
Just any doors; plebe doors. Trying to satisfy the sweet 

teeth of the upperclass can be expensive, but the plebes 
will have three years to collect on their initial investments. 
The annual costume contest is extremely competitive as 
is the pumpkin carving contest. 

216 Year 


rorrestal Lectures 






Forrestal lectures are a series of talks delivered by 
prominent individuals to the Brigade after the evening 
meal two or three times each semester. The lectures are 
not restricted to any particular subject, but they usually 
pertain to the military or a worid or national event. 

The Forrestal lecture series began in 1970 in honor 
of James V. Forrestal who served as Secretary of the navy. 

and the first Secretary of Defense under President Truman 
in 1947. 

The purpose of Forrestal lectures is to expose 
midshipmen to a wide variety of viewpoints from 
individuals who are prominent in government, politics, 
sports, entertainment, journalism, and the arts. 



The random ringing of the fire bells 
at 2230 on the Thursday night prior to 
a home football game marks the 
beginning of a USriA pep rally. For some 
mids the bells were merely a distraction 
while studying, but for many others they 
signalled the chance to dress brashly, 
throw rolls of toilet paper, and yell for 
Pfavy's football team. The pep rallies 
were led by the cheerieaders, the pep 
band, and, for the first time, Mr. T. The 
Commandant usually spoke, and he 
provided inspiration to the Brigade and 
to the football team to strive for victory. 
The Washington Redskinettes were wel- 
comed guests at one pep rally, and they 
too provided a great deal of inspiration. 




Army-Mavy ... In California 

This year for the first, and possibly the 
last, time the ARMY-NAVY Football Game 
was fought in the Rose Bowl. It was the 
biggest event of the year and required a lot 
of coordination. The entire student body of 
both schools had to be transported across 
the country, it was the largest airlift of 
people since World War II. Housing had to 
be found for over 9,000 people, and only 
half could be housed in hotels. The other 
4,500 mids and cadets were accepted into 
the homes of Los Angeles area residents. 
Everyone enjoyed themselves, sponsors 
and guests. Other events in California 
included tours of movie studios, a night at 
Disneyland, trips to Tijuana, and of course 
there was USC. 

Oh, we won the football game. 




Year 227 

^ i 



The Modern Music Committee Presents: 

Huey Lewis And The News . . . 


ECA 229 

'■'. < • --iiiJi' 

JtSSl^^^§iS^t&:':-n' '■.->'-:. 


. . . And .38 Special 



ECA 231 


Christmas Dinner 

The annual Christmas dinner is an event that will 
long be remembered by most midshipmen because it 
provides the opportunity to relax briefly before 
impending finals, to enjoy a delicious meal with friends 
who have become as close as family, and to 
contemplate the upcoming holiday season. For the 
plebes the Christmas dinner is unique because it is their 
first opportunity to light-up a cigar and see the combined 
efforts of 4,500 other cigars in the Wardroon. 


2 For 7 

After two years at the Academy, the 
Cla89 of 1985 enter their second class year. 
For those that depart before the first day 
of academics, they return to being civihans 
and strive for other goals. For those who 
decide to stay, they will strive to complete 
their last two years and eventually serve 
their obligated five years in the Navy. For 
these midshipmen a special "2 For 7 Night" 
party is given in Dahlgren Hall. Food and 
beverage is served and music is provided. 
The Class of '85 enjoy a night affair to 
celebrate their decision to enter the military 



Summer Cruise 

236 Year 


Year 237 

< <Ti a f . i »^-i»-..i.. ■;&.-:- 





^^^k^^^pr^ ^^^F^^Wv^^ 

' yidj^B^^^^^^^^ft 




B^^^^^^^B ^^^^^^^■?*V'' 



Year 239 


Service Selection 

Service selection night is a night long awaited 
for by all firsties because the decision of which 
career path to follow becomes final. For some the 
decision is easy and service selection is merely a 
formality, but for others the decision is agonizing. 
Each firsty knows prior to this night what he is 
physically qualified to pick. For example, aspiring 
pilots must have perfect vision. Future submar- 
iners are not involved in service selection night 
(except for the party) because they have 
previously been selected for that career path. The 
number of billets available in each community 
(Air, Surface, Marines, etc.) is limited, so class 
standing plays a key role in determining the future 
of some firsties. For the class of 1984 service 
selection night proceeded smoothly with all but a 
few firsties picking the career path that they had 
hoped for. 


mJ I 

Vi.' L '*' ; .•'.St- 



.?V.:i'" ■--- 'r' 



Hundreds night is held on the 
eve of the one hundredth night 
before graduation. For about 90 
minutes the roles of the firsties 
and the plebes are reversed, 
providing the plebes the golden 
opportunity to "flame" on the 
firsties who have been training 
them for nine months. Al- 
though the activities of 
hundreds night vary from com- 
pany to company the purpose is 
the same; to have fun and to 
allow that meek, subdued plebe 
to don the rank of a firsty and 
become a screaming idiot. For 
the firsties who must swallow 
their pride briefly there is 
always the comfort of knowing 
how fast 90 minutes can pass. 









'i^l^^^^fr^ fv 



i ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 











Mids can relax anywhere, anytime, and with almost anyone. For example: 




^- :^.^y!m 






Formal personnel inspections are held once a week at j 
a "Grease" uniform which is preserved specifically for this 
to marching into the wardroom for lunch. 

f formation. Prior to these inspections the midshipmen change out of their ordinary class uniforms into 
Midshipman stripers and Company Officers inspect the ranks for approximately twenty minutes prior 


Signaling the start of Commission- 
ing Week '84, the Class of 1987 climbed 
Herndon monument. The act of replac- 
ing the dixie cup with a midshipman 
cover signaled the end of plebe-dom for 
this class. 

The major event of Commission- 
ing Week for the Class of 1985 was 
the Ring Dance. This is the ceremony 
through which the soon-to-be first 
class gain the privelege of wearing 
their class rings. The heart of the 
ceremony is dipping the ring in a 
binnacle containing water from the 
seven seas. 

256 Year 

lP'^!BTTTT-...nmj,»ii>^'.'<-^iV » y>-^..^ 



Ring Dance 


Year 257 



258 Year 



Dedication Parade 

Year 259 

















» "^tea . 

- .« 



, fr »«,«>« ^ 

."H t.*' 

' f'v crV'Mi 

'a* » ^ \,,^.»^ ,' j' 






v;../ ■ ^ 





^^Hr^ >^ 



»rr^T:T;~T:r;T-^gTr^>.--»^nliU1lli ■1,m.n,y.CT-^CY^TnTt.« 


Larry W. Beese 


South Amherst, OH 

EEE Nuclear Power 

Pops cruised into Canoe U. from that 
wonderouB beArtJaad of America, Cleveland, 
Ohio. Larry was an old salt before cowing here 
having served three years aboard the USS 
Enterprise. Larry had a good old time plebe 
year running around trying to see how many 
upperclass he could in timida te. Ma ving 
enjoyed that so much he decided to try the 
same thing on officers. Larry's run-ins with 
various and sundry officers created a lot of 
laughs as well as heartburn. 

Larry was the adventurous type deciding 
to major in EE. Because of it he soon became 
a major in all-nighters as well. There wasn't 
a day or night gone by that you couldn't find 
hirn in the wardroom with a book in band or 
m the rack recovering. As it turned out, all the 
short hours of study and long hours of rack 
paid off as Larry now carries this experience 
into the nuclear navy. 

Along with that Larry also brings with 
him a fiery commitment to the Lord and a 
strong sense of principle. May Larry always 
succeed in everything he does for His glory. 
We wish him the best. 

Craig R. Bertolett Jr. 


St. Louis, Mo. 

EAS Navy Air 

Bert came to USNA via the NAPS route. 
He must have been there to get the partying 
out of his system because he sure didn't need 
the academics. After breezing through NAPS, 
fiUing his belly, and his bank account he came 
to good old USNA. Plebe year was no problem 
at all for Bert He joined the sailing team to 
maintain his top physical shape and to avoid 
the upperclass. The only books Bert opened 
that year or youngster year had centerfolds. 
They aroused him but not intellectually. For 
youngster cruise Bert chose a yawl in order to 
catch the rays and maintain his already 
impressive physique. Tobogganing with Dr. D 
and the boys convinced both Bert and myself 
that winter sports are too dangerous. Second 
class summer was another breeze for Bert. He 
proved that man can exist on beer and chili 
alone. Second class year marked a new era in 
Bert's life. He was forced to open his first book 
and study. To go along with his new found 
books. Bert found his way to Dahlgren and 
Hood College. Hood, however, changed Bett's 
life. He changed from a party animal and 
womanizer to faithful Bert the future 
husband. Yes, much to the displeasure of 
thousands of waiting women, Bert met his 
present steady, Sue. Hood College became his 
official weekend address. First class summer 
proved to be another good time for Bert. He 
found himself in Germany for a month to 
study European partying at the school's 
expense. First class year has been even better 
than the first three for Bert. With Sue now 
living in Annapolis. Bert was forced to change 
his weekend address once again. Pensacola is 
next on Bert's list and we wish him the best 
of luck. Stay the same and keep in touch. 

First Company 269 


Steven Karl Bibeau 


Thompson, Connecticut 

Marine Engineering, Nuclear 


Steve knew be was in for a fun time when 
be ended up walking into VSNA that first 
summer day after an arduous journey from 
Connecticut's northeastern corner. He im- 
mediately met his roommate for life from the 
"other" coast and his iife has never been the 

Youngster year brought stereos and another 
side to Steve as he decided that the words to 
his favorite songs needed some minor 
adjustments to fit his thinking. He also 
discovered that Kool-Aid was still as good at 
parties as when he was a kid- 

Tbe Coast Guard Academy was honored by 
his presence for a while as he continued bis 
pursuit of long study hours and ridiculously 
high grades closer to home. 

Bv the end of that third year, he realized 
that mid's sisters were people too. and his 
little MG logged more miles to and from Va. 
Beach than an RX-7 that lived there- 

A disciple of Rickover from the start. Steve 
overwhelmed Marine Engineering to become 
one of the few to remove any suspense from 
the dreaded interviews. The Nukes are 
definitely gaining someone who plans to 
contribute both inside and outside of bis 


Patrick E. Buckley 


Vienna, Virginia 

Operations Analysis, Na\y Pilot 

Buck comes from a Navy family, and it was 
only natural that he should wind up at USNA 
being a third generation member of this 
glorious institution. Buck laughed bis way 
through Plebe Summer and was always able 
to crack up the firsties with bis irrepressible 
grin. Academics were not part of Buck's 
vocabulary plebe year, or any year in fact. He 
soon found friends in Quatts. Vinnie. and 
Murph, and from then on bis antics were 
covered up by his first class mentors. Buck 
never ceased to amaze the boys on the 
weekends when a car full of girls would come 
by and whisk him away for the night. He loved 
his liberty, and rarely returned on time for 
taps, usually because he found the wall and 
a few too many beers in his way. Youngster 
vear saw Buck living with Louie and Chris: a 
room destined for destruction. Capt. and Mrs. 
B. always made tailgaters interesting for the 
bovs providing them with much food and 
many good times. Buck gave up the weekend 
hunting ritual with the boys deciding instead 
to rejuvenate himself in Jean's arms. It's OK, 
Buck, she's old enough now. The Army 
excursions to Philly in the wagon are 
unforgettable to us all. Buck also took /ij.s 
madness to the Rugby field where he excelled 
both during the game and afterwards at the 
parties: can you say "boat party '"^ Buck 
started the Boys' Porsche Club, eventually 
dragging Suki and Bonkers in with him. Buck 
owes money to every bank on the East Coast, 
but he plans on making a million as a P-3 
pilot. Fly high, buddy!!! Pat, Chris, Louie. 
Separately they came, together they were, 
forever they will be. 


Kevin T. Burke 


Marlboro, Massachusetts 

Physics, Nuclear subs 

Kevin came to the Academy from the small 
town of Marlboro with the eipectation of 
changing from boy to man. That be did. Not 
only did he lose hia shyness, but he also lost 
several other of his Ufelong attributes (punker, 
barge, and insulin). Aside from sex, be 
managed to devote his time to other hobbies 
such as scuba, painting, and weight Ufting. 

Freshman year proved to be a year of 
fruBtration; Jumpin Joe could vouch for that 
Ab a youngster, Kevin showed his streak of 
ambition by switching his major from 
oceanography to physics (later becoming the 
resident physic's expert). Youngster year was 
a mixture of fun. and wore fun - crutches up 
Blake's — , rubber bands in Norv's mouth. 
Vicks birthday party, and living with his 
buddies B.R., N.L., and M.M. Second class 
year was a dark period in Kevin 's life which 
deserves no mention. Finally, during First 
class year, Kev showed bis true colors. A new 
man because of hia engagement to Lynne. he 
strived to become the best. He proved that 
work and play go hand in hand by 
representing 84 a& class secretary as well as 
attaining hia four year goal of becoming Fun 
One Company Commander. 

For a while Kev was caught in the glamour 
of the Marine Corps, but be finally came to 
his aenaes. For all the nukes, we can be glad 
that we have not lost him yet . . . there's still 
Nuke school and the fleet Good luck Kev. 

John D. Cable 


Republic, West Virginia 

Applied Science, Marine Air 

John came to USNA from the tall pines of 
Washington, er. the state that is. via NAPS 
where he earned himself a free i-load) ride to 
USNA for football and fieidball John s plebe 
year passed relatively uneventfully, passing 
the hours away not studying and recording 
fricatives on his "stored" tape recorder. John's 
next two vears were highly goal-oriented 
during which he painstakingly searched for 
wavs not to studv. and how to beat anyone and 
everyone at anything. John's youngster year 
brought him a new set of roomies and even 
more varied study hour activities. As the year 
progressed John became intimately familiar 
with the admin-conduct system, as a small 
demolitions operation blew up in bis face and 
be learned old Seals never get out of shape. 
And so the restriction began 

Second class year, the restriction continued 
and John realized he had bad enough. An 
attitude change was in order John redirected 
bis efforts ever so slightly to being more 
professional, ie. not getting caught as much. 
John found the work load about as difficult 
with second class lacademics as he did the 
previous vears, a firm believer in the old motto 
"2.0 and go". First class year arrived and John 
found himself in a position of shall we say 
"responsibility" His weekends were occupied 
with visits to all the girls who found him cute 
— nose, ears and all — right. Hank"^ John 
opted to fly with heads de Jar when the Nukes 
laughed at him and he found out the Naiy 
doesn't fly F-I8's. It's been great knowing 
John and we all know hell be having fun 
counting the toe prints on the windshield of 
bis 280Z and carving notches in his buddy's 


270 First Company 


Lance S. Carr 


Sanger, California 

Economics, Nuclear Power-Subs 

Inspired by his favorite group. Pink Floyd. 
Lance left sunny California in search of "The 
Dark Side of the Moon". He found it one day 
later when be arrived at USNA. Never the one 
to let such a thing get him donn. Lance 
enjoyed himself when he could At his first 
Dintng-In. for instance. Lance found it 
difficult to remove his face from the table after 
sampling the port. Later that evening he 
bought the Buick and drove it back home to 

When it came time to choose a major Lance 
opted for Economics so he might better 
prepare himself to become a Na^y pilot- His 
theory was that the best pilots passed the eye 
exam When Lance wasn't saving his eyes, he 
was on Red Beach working on the essential 
tan. or on the phone with bis high school 
sweetheart. Sharon. 

Junior vear found Lance rooming with his 
sidekick. Buffy They didn 't see one another 
much that year, for Lance was gone aJot. How 
often? Let's just say that he became the only 
Junior to take more weekends than the 
Seniors. He was just checking up on Sharon 
who was now enrolled at American U- Later. 
Sharon moved to Annapolis and we saw even 
less of Lance than before. Nevertheless. Lance 
was active within the Brigade as Alpha Co- 
Cdr. over the summer, and as Batt Cdr. during 
the fall of his senior year. Lance then 
discovered that the marginal benefits of Air 
were not as great as those of Nuke Power, and 
thus he surprised us all by going Subs. 

We would all like to wish Lance and Sharon 
the best of luck in Orlando and wherever the 
Navv will take them from there. 


Clement C. Chen 
The Yellow Shadow 
Silver Spring, Maryland 
Applied Science, Surface Line 

Clem came to USNA from his faraway 
homeland of Silver Spring. Maryland where he 
had succeeded in graduating from the 
quasi-military institution of St. John's High 

Clem began plebe summer as an undercover 
plebe and practically remained out of sight 
except for a few racial slurs, until youngster 
vear when Clem decided to shock everyone by 
volunteering his 68-inch, 140-pound frame to 
be abused by the hea\y weight football team. 
To everyone's surprise. Clem turned out to be 
a regular Charlie Brown I Washington Redskin 
tvpel by always being open but seldom being 
touched- Needless to say. Clem was a favorite 
on the first company squads from then until 

Academically. Clem could compete with the 
best of sweats in any academic subject. He 
could be traced anywhere in Mother 'B' by 
following the trail of water being shed from 
bis brow. First class year saw a different Clem 
when he discovered that service selection was 
upon him and the coast button was easily 
within reach- 
Clem leaves USNA for the 'mighty fine 
surface line' where he hopes to continue as a 
management major- Clem, a dedicated man in 
Christ with a Godly desire to succeed, will 
always be well thought of by bis classmates of 
'84- Fair winds, following seas, and God's 
protection be with you throughout your career- 

Charles M. Fish 

Milwaukee. H7 
English. Surface Line 

Chuck must have been wondering why in 
bell he left Catholic U for the Uncollege that 
first night of plebe summer when we found 
him sitting in the lotus position on his rack 
(I'm sitting at the bottom of a lake, watching 
the bubbles). But starting off on the nrong 
foot didn't bother him. he just pulled the 
noose tighter Chuck had a unique way of 
dealing with authority, every bit of crap he 
caught he threw right back, which made him 
verv popular mth the upperclassmen But 
singleminded pig-headedness wasn't bis only 
virtue Chuck was also an outspoken. Marxist, 
suburbanite pack-rat. Seriously. Chuck did his 
best work on the debate floor Having earned 
the Forensic Society for 3 years, he became 
club president senior year. Procrastination was 
another of his strong suits and it was only the 
leniency of his profs that kept him afloat. 
Literature was his lifeblcK>d and he owned 
enough books to rival the collection in Nimitz 
Chuck became a member of the EMBC early 
in bis career, so it was no surprise when he 
earned his Black N. I with oak -leaf cluster in 
heu of second award) Chuck had his onu idea 
of leadership and was never hesitant to help 
the underclassmen increase their professional 
and personal development, in bis own unique 
way. of course We all know you'll make a 
damned good officer, despite your lack of 
certain "concepts" Fish and Hamm. What, no 
vegetables'' See va in Japan 


Andrew Richard Gallotta 
Mr. Obrien 
Economics, Submarines 

Andrew. I guess you could say, was destined 
for USNA from the very start- Born to a 
family with an active rear admiral in Uncle 
Albert and a captain, his non-ring knocking 
pop. During bis time here at Navy. Andrew 
used the many opportunities afforded him in 
unique was's. For example he was an engineer 
until he got into hea^y math ( 1.87 -t- 2.101/2. 
Yes his QPR first semester. Youngster 
summer was full of professionalism for Adm. 
Andy. He was a counselor for 45 screaming 1 7 
vear olds at ESS. and he was a proud rider 
of the greyhounds of the Severn where he 
contracted mono. We're still trying to figure 
that one out. Alwa\'8 a physical stud he had 
to prove It by dislocating a FRIENDS 
shoulder during a wrestling test. As time 
passed, Drew used his new found major and 
moved on to bigger and better things: VKG 
Ent. EDFTOR of the LOG and subs. During 
his interview he actually asked McKee for his 
address and got it. SMACK!! Always one to 
steal the show, with service selection night 
among them, old twinkle toes has promised 
never to skate again, or eat prime rib. Take 


for many will 
(someone has 


) Salty t 

Affectionately imot* 
knows why. 

PS. Don't forget to bring the 


ome. God 

First Company 271 


James J. Hamm III 
Jimmy Jack 

Cumberland, Rhode Island 
Oceanography, USMC 

Jim: a mystery inside an enigma wearing a 
pair of docks. Or leather jeans and a flannel 
shirt, incongruous. It ail settles into a pattern. 
Tuesday he'd be full of resolution - to writ^ 
the many escaped friends, to study, to 
workout. OK. fine, but workout meant hitting 
the cemetery with Herb, or study meant his 
eyelids. Wednesday was for Harry's if be 
skipped practice; and drill, which Jim Uked at 
first, though his military ardor later sparked 
jump wings, a scuba mask, and a platoon at 
NAPS. Thursday- Only one more classday. so 
why not wrestle with joeclyde and pb or attend 
an ill fated but exciting concert'' The weekend 
began Friday, in Washington or the steam 
tunnels or Frederick or First Wing. Saturday 
brought tailgates (Boy Scout cooking@Natty 
Bo — 1st Co ambience), juggling wenches 
(look guys. 2 . . . 3 ■ -) Sunday. Jim too tired 
to do anything but waste time. Monday 
crowed hours too early, crept along, slithered 
between the sheets to an early afternoon end 
. . . Jims diligence at study, his widely 
respected sense of duty (though lately 
acquired) won him 2 prize summer vacations 
in Annapolis. And the friendship of most 
everyone worth knowing. He belonged in a 
Hemingway novel, brusque and sure and kind 
— "there is infinite hope, but not for us. " 

Alan L. Hollingsworth 


Milton, Florida 

General Engineering, Navy Air 

Al wasn't appointed to the Naval Academy, 
he was transferred. When be said "All me 
blooming life" he meant it. He got into plebe 
summer like a pig into stink. The addition of 
academics and his disappointment m the state 
of the Academy combined to demotivate him 
enough to drop thirty-one notches in the 
company ranking in one semester. Recovery 
was a long time in coming, but nothing could 
keep him down too long - his hope is in a world 
to come. After a brief encounter with EE. he 
discovered the General. His 50 '~' roommate 
retention rate made him a perfect man for 
Tango Co commander. Most people thought 
Al was a quiet guy. but some knew better He 
always tried to keep an open ear to listen and 
a shoulder to cry on. A lover of fast cars and 
fast motorcycles, he soon hopes to find the 
world of fast planes. In God's grace he came 
to this place, and in it he goes. 

Louis M. Holtkamp 


Titusville, Florida 

Applied Science, Marine Corps 

Bom in the Central American paradise of 
Costa Rica and raised in the tropics of 
Antigua. Louie migrated to sunny Titusville. 
Florida, where he began bis streak of terror 
He came to VSNA where he quickly learned 
that the police were not the only people in 
uniform who could cause him problems. Louie 
led the company during Plebe Summer and 
volunteered to bve with Opie. an impossible 
and short-lived arrangement. Plebe year saw 
the beginning of Louie's affair with the 
restriction squad, and his membership in that 
club became permanent. 

With Buck's advice, as well as that of the 
Academic Dean. Louie abandoned his engin- 
eering major and entered the realm of 
management. His weekends with the boys 
were spent in various gin mills throughout the 
eastern seaboard. As a result of the tragic 
Georgetown experience, Louie entered a 
period of reformation senior year. Louie's 
partying style has changed but his spirit of 
adventure and good times remains. He was an 
important member of the awesome USNA 
Rugby Club, abusing his body in every way. 
Louie 's keen sense of competition was not 
restricted to the playing field, breaking many 
a young girl's heart whit his irresistable Latin 
charm. Louie has decided to offer his many 
talents to the Marine Corps, and we all know 
that he will find great successes in his career. 
It's been quite an experience living with you 
over the past four years, buddy. None of us 
will ever be the same. Louie. Pat and Chris. 
Separately they came, together they were, 
forever thev will be. 


Richard Eldon Johnson 


Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Systems Engineering, Surface 

Nuclear Power 

Rick Johnson, the only person to be carded 
a t McDonald 's. has managed to remain 
looking young. When asked. "How old is that 
kid in the baci^". Rick immediately knew he 
was being addressed. Rick comes from a navy 
family, having endured alt those demanding 
moves from one home to another, living in 
such places as Panama, Spain, and once again. 
Virginia Beach. Looking as though he just 
crossed the Mexican border, there is no doubt 
that be has a natural aversion to cold weather, 
you know, below lO^F. His size made him a 
shoe-in for coxswain. However, the combina- 
tion of the balmy January weather and early 
morning wake-ups didn't agree with his 
metabolism. Being no idle fool, or at least idle. 
Rick decided that his future lied with Systems 
Engineering . . . be still woes the day of that 
decision. Who needs weekends, particularly 
first class year, when one can spend them 
studying ES 402 and ES 408, etc It did give 
him a good background to be one of Hymie's 
boys. Ah. but life is so much better when the 
Super Bow! rolls around to find his 
Washington Redskins in yet another Super 
Bowl. Being such a devoted fan (who else has 
a Redskins pillow case"^) Rick could be heard 
talking about next year, or was it last year . . . 

272 First Company 



Z-: ■ i\ 

Christopher R. Karnbach 


Winston-Salem, North Carolina 

History, Navy Pilot 

How did Bonkers end up here at the 
uncoUege'' For four years Buck and Lou have 
searched for an answer, without success. What 
we have learned is that in spit^ of his 
mentality and inherent wildness. Chris is one 
helluva guy. Who will ever forget those plebe 
summer nights when Chris jammed on his 
banjo, rocking bis classmates to the sound of 
Foggy Mountain Breakdomi- The native New 
Yorker spent plebe year rowing crew and 
fmding new ways to convince his roommates 
that his threats of physical violence would be 
backed up by his mafia connections in 
Brooklyn. Life as a crew jock was short lived 
for our boy. Returning from France (where he 
got lost in Paris). Chris decided that youngster 
year was going to be a good year, dropping 
Mech E in favor of History. He spent most 
of his time in search of women, beer. 
rock&roU. and more beer! Drink beer, drive 
fast ■ right Chris'^ Second class year brought 
much of the same madness. His sweetheart 
picture frame could be compared to a 
revolving door as he lived up to his personal 
motto of "I live to love." Chris journeyed to 
France once again during first class summer, 
finding himself surrounded by many European 
beauties. Chris returned to USSA for one last 
time, jommg Buck's Porsche club and finding 
out that he could pick up high school girls in 
his smooth machine. Weekends found him 
with the boys at local woman's colleges, area 
nightclubs and of course John's, where the 
party never ends. Never losing his partying 
intensity. Bonks continually raged throughout 
the year. He finally got his nifty little car out 
of the shop, and the only direction that he's 
headed is north to Goucher. Chris is destined 
to raise hell in P-cola with the Buck and fly 
high forever. Chris. Pat, Louie. Separately 
they came, together they were, forever they 
will be. 


Carlos P. Kizzee 

Dallas. Texas 

Operations Analysis. Marine 


Carlos arrived at the Academy via Dallas, 
Texas, and this place has never been the same! 
Although living with him for these years has 
been an "experience" in itself, he wasn't 
around much because he was always out 
meeting the rest uf the Brigade and ensuring 
that morale was high and encouraging those 
of us who desperately need it. If he didn't 
know at least half the members of Canoe U . 
it would be surprising. He was obviously 
practicing for his career as a ground pounder, 
especially when he started getting E.I. on his 
"OO-RAH" technique. 

Z won't be remembered for being class 
president for 2 years, or his ever encouraging 
words, or his radiant personality; his faith in 
God and the desire to share the peace and joy 
of Jesus Christ is his trademark and was. and 
is. his number one priority. Colossians 1:28-29 
says It best. "And we proclaim Him. 
admonishing every man and teaching every 
man with all wisdom that we may present 
every man complete m Christ. And for this 
purpose also I labor, striving according to his 
power, which mightily works within me. " Los 
cares about people like no one else and is loved 
and respected by ail for his dedication to 
serving others. 

What a grunt this Cowboy is gonna make! 
Is the Corps ready for him"^ With that extra 
muscle, he can't lose. Thanks for being a part 
of a great "Academy experience!" Take care. 
God Bless, and keep shining His light nith all 
vou meet! 

Joseph Stephen Konicki 
Jumpin' Joe 
Houston, Texas 
Physical Science, Surface 

Jumpin' Joe came to Fun One in the 
summer of '80 with no more insight than a 
1976 USNA catalog could supply. Heck, this 
certified "Good Ole Boy" felt he would make 
Admiral in six months . . . plebe summer 
changed all of that A 5 semester battle with 
the Mechanical Engineering Department and 
two "Axe Boards" convinced Joe Phi Sci 
would fit him just fine. He battled not only 
in school but also in track. The Williams 
brothers kept him in check with 7- Vps and the 
captainship never materialized. Momma V's 
chow and VKG enterprises kept him going 
while his Cadillac Fleetwood gave him a means 
for escape. Joe did earn his Pilot's license but 
saw his NFO hopes shattered. After all Joe. 
who ever said justice exists in the world"^ 
Besides, Fleet Oilers can't be too bad. Joe 
found out early that knowledge comes to those 
who seek it and after 4 years. JRV. a Med 
cruise, a Pac cruise, and trips to A. C and the 
Ivy League, he learned plenty He departs 
while wishing all those who follow the best of 
luck in rea thing th eir goals. Pe trole um 
Engineering looms close on the horizon as does 
his very own airplane. No doubt he'd do it 
again, in a heartbeat 

Norvan James Larson 


Golden Valley, Minnesota 

Oceanography, Nuclear Power — 


In July '80, when the Minnesota tundra 
finally thawed some. Nor,- came to VSNA in 
search of reality. Though still looking, his 
short tit really wasn't that long, was it?) stay 
in Annapolis brought some swell times. Buffy 
took this place very seriously plebe year, being 
top ICOR for Dickie, the token minority, and 
K-Fart. An independent type, he took it upon 
himself to spiffy clean the room alone for 
formal.'', matching his stellar personal appear- 
ance. We still think be brassoed his teeth. 

Bv the time Norv figured out real mids don 't 
studv. his life was indelibly changed by those 
wild and crazies KTB. MM and BDR. A good 
time in that room was growing under -desk 
fuzzies and testing Bloke's fury (they're lucky 

to SUTMVe). 

Many damp nights passed until 2/c year 
when lie roomed with his twin (they still get 
us confused). Nor\- discovered Georgetown 
and the thrills of looking at girls but didn't 
believe in talking to them. Buffy was destined 
to be a megastriper as stars appeared, but 
spitting beer at the CO's wife wasn't career 
enhancing. Gator's were Norv's forte (free 
beer), and Saturdays were spent watching the 
ceiling spin. 

The Nordic warrior couldn 't get no 
satisfaction until be flipped for fun in P.I. 
Beckoning 1/c year and a change of pace with 
Kev. Now Norv and his go-kart could ramble 
to Bev's or Sha s (where he traded to drive the 
bus to N.y.l. Norv finally saw the glow the 
day before the Nuke deadline, much to the 
gain of subs. His adopted parents consider him 
to always be their best man, and all his friends 
wish him the very best Good luck. Norv — 

L S C 

First Company 273 


Mark McDowell 


Goldshoro, North Carolina 

Mathematics, Nuclear Subs 

Marc had a thing about bizarre places, he 
was born in Teheran, moved to England, then 
North Carolina end finally showed up at 

The man has become a legend He tried 
hard enough. Wherever he strayed, he always 
came back with a story. He'd wake you up 
most of the time so you could be impressed. 
Stories of countless girls left crushed and 
abused in his wake. He'd just flash that 
naughty grin. 

Mark's career at the Academy has been 
filled with fun and achievement. Plebe year he 
incited riots between his roommates JSK and 
KTB. He got involved in a few of his own-poor 
Krems, he should never have fallen asleep in 
boxing class. Worrying about Brenda and her 
"not yet" letters made the year a tense one. 
Youngster year he buckled dorni and set his 
sights on a sword. His power-lifting and grades 
brought him to the top of the company. But 
never one to be dull, he kept instigating 
attscks - this time directed at BDR - as he 
sat back laughing- Second-Class year was 
another good one. except for the unwanted 
visitor his roommate had. The year ended in 
grand style with an "N", an RX7 and an 
upcoming 3-striper job out of sight. Firstie 
vear, Marco grew tired of regular 3-striper libs 
and cut out on Secretary Weinberger For 
Shame' But nothing slows him down. 

Mark is destined for fame after USNA. A 
little nip and tuck here and there, and voila! 
a GQ model - finally. So look out you 
sub-surface guys, here he comes. Groucho and 
all. Best of luck. Bubba. 

Michael J. McGivney 


Flemington, New Jersey 

Mathematics, Navy Air 

Mike hails from Flemington. which is 
located deep in the heart of that Sanitary 
landfill known as New Jersey. After spending 
a vear trimming down bis bloated form at the 
Marine Military Academy, Mike met bis 
ultimate destiny coming to Annapolis as a 
member of the class of 1984. A rugby player 
and a geek from start to finish, except for a 
q uick dis tas teful experience with foo t ball. 
Mike learned (like Steve did) that kool-aid can 
taste different too when he pulled up stakes 
and moved in with a couple of real men. Mike 
met his future spouse at a rugby party and has 
never been the same. Xlike's dedicated 
roommates have spent many hours trying to 
convince a thoroughly "smitten" Mike that 
there are other fish in the ocean, but Mike 
would hear none of it as he spent most of his 
free time oggUng diamond rings and drooling 
on pictures of Sharon. Mike's 280Z has logged 
so manv miles between Annapolis and 
Pennsylvania that he spends most of his time 
sitting around broke. We told you so Mike. 
With graduation in his sights, Mike has 
become a Navy NFO with high hopes for P-3's. 
This decision really upset Hank who thought 
Mike would have made an excellent Marine. 


Michael Dean Mueller 


Bartlesville, Oklahoma 

Oceanography, Marine Corps 

Young, naive and impressionable, Mike left 
Bartlesville. Oklahoma in search of an 
adventure, a great way of life and with a desire 
to be all that he could be. From day one. he 
joined the proud at USNA the never 
understood why they were few) and set a 
strong pace for the rest of us. Mike majored 
in sleep, minored in Oceanography and 
managed to do well in both. A prime candidate 
for a fixture in the Midshipman sample room, 
Mikey baa been the "model mid" in everything 
he's done. He took max grief for being in D&B 
plebe year ("Dad-gum guys, I could be 
Commander someday'."), jumped out of 
perfectly good airplanes second class summer 
("Shucks fellas, there's nothing like it!") and 
continued to lead as a company commander 
first class year. He'll be most remembered in 
FUN-ONE for his drilling expertise ("Column 
left-Halt"), his eating habits (peanut butter 
sausage with mayo and catsup on rye. hold the 
pickles), and his concern for others. 

We know Mike will "Touch the face of God" 
in high flight for the Corps, and continue to 
touch the hearts of people as well. As he 
departs Mother "B". Mike leaves an outstand- 
ing example of faith in God's guidance. As 
Psalms 139 says: "Where can I go from thy 
spirit'' Or where can I flee from thy presence"* 
If I ascend to heaven . . . 

If I take the wings of the dawn ... 

Even there thy hand will lead me. " Press 
on for Jesus Christ. Brother ■ Semper High 
■ Fly High. 

Scott R. Noreika 


Mystic, Connecticut 

Oceanography, Surface 

Scott was a normal, partying maniac at 
Kutztown State until, with a little help and 
prodding from his dad. he was accepted at 
Canoe V. Ironically, when he showed up for 
plebe summer he was put in a room with Glen, 
one of the few people older than him. Plebe 
vear was a time of decisions for Scott. He 
decided to stay at USNA and his girlfriend 
decided to leave him. He next turned his 
efforts to converting 65 Kutzstown credits into 
18 USNA credits. Kind of disappointing when 
they told him that he'ld have a good shot at 
a master's degree. 

The rest is only a blur now but we will never 
forget Scott's water battles with the boys, his 
acclaimed collection of designer underwear, 
and his never ending pursuit of the perfect and 
most timely fart. Glen may never forgive 
Norky when he was caught coming in with 
civies on while Scott, also in civies, was on the 
back seat floor. I know I'll be permanently 
scarred after seeing Scott dance in a red, lacy 
teddy in front of two local mid-chasers. But 
luckily. Scott eventually met Michele; the only 
girl wild and crazy enough to keep up with 

First class year gave Scotty plenty of time 
to workout and save money after his "concept 
of dulv" slipped and he got 7 weekends for 
hlowing-off Cap Weinberger. He needed the 
monev to fix his vintage 240Z which spent a 
record breaking 7 weeks in the shop. Now 
Scott 's off to Pearl to drive a ship and I'm sure 
that wherever he is there'll be a party. 

Best of luck and have fun!! 


274 First Company 


Larry P. Ondrey 


Houston, Texas 

Mechanical Engineering. Surface 

Nuclear Power 



Larry's arrival here 
learning experience from the start. Each new 
dav of Piebe Summer introduced him to new 
people and places ... for instance "Dudley" 
and Manila Bay. 

Larry's plebe year was distinguishfd by 
studv hour vtTestling matches, the tightest 
sock rolls m Texas, an "A " on the PCR and 
many memorable D&B trips. 

Youngster year was Larry's bid for stardom. 
A high QPR. another "A " on the PCR and the 
starring role on the slow-pitch softball team 
were a few of bis less outstanding 
achievements During Dead Week Leave Larry 
went for all the beans. Larry decided that he 
would take on your average, everyday OOD. 
who jUst happened to be a SEAL, in a foot 
race. The result was. yes, count them. 31000 
reasons why this was not a good idea. 

The remaining portion of Larry's stay was 
distinguished with bigger and better reasons 
for gomg to Dahlgren, a championship softball 
team and encounters with the "Rocket ". 
•■Wild Bill" and Admiral McKee. Good luck 
at Nuke School and in the fleet 


Blake D. Ratcliff 


Paden, Oklahoma 

Computer Science, USMC 

Blake came to USNA from the land of 
spreading farms and cattle, where, yes. they 
do have running water. Believing the Na^y 
was more enticing than bailing bay or 
squeezing cold cow teats with freezing fingers. 
Blake sought an appointment to USNA. 
However, bis somewhat small high school, no 
it wasn't just one or even two rooms, hadn't 
prepared bim properly. A brief year at SJC 
geared him academically for USNA. a real 
college. Blake initially was confused with the 
slightly different accents and amazing speed 
with which people conversed, but he was quick 
to adapt- Computers proved to be more his 
speed. They didn't talk all he had to do was 
read, his strong suit. Well, computers were a 
snap and soon everyone came to this wizard 
of the computers for help. Blake was now 
ready to try his sea tegs, the big blue enticed 
him even submarines were not out of the 
picture. A few hatches, bulkheads, and low 
overheads proved to Blake that Naval vessels 
were not at all like a barn. Blake, one always 
quick to realize the sensible thing to do, now 
chose the Corps as his goal. Being from that 
Southwest stock, few plebes failed to learn to 
fear, of avoiding his large frame, his deep 
imposing speech, and his threatening demean- 
or. No one can deny the prudence of avoiding 
Blake's nrath when the glassy -eyed expression 
is seen on his face We wish Blake the best 
in hia future, a friend always. 


Glen R. Romero 

Edgewater Park, New Jersey 
Physical Science, Marine Air 

Glen graduated from high school while most 
of us were still in diapers. After three prep 
schools in three years Scooter finally made it 
on sheer determination and a talent for soccer. 

Plebe year saw Rip Van Romero log more 
hours in the rack than your average youngster- 
Scooter made many friends, too . . mostly 

By youngster year Glen had established his 
motto that "older women make easier lovers"- 
Also, he was all but a resident at Franny O's. 
In fact. Scooter enjoyed Annapolis so much 
that be spent all his summers there. Over four 
years Glen has probably had less summer 
leave than he had in a single Christmas break. 

Rome was on crutches and in white works 
for most of bis first three years. In fact the 
quantity of Glen's P.E. tests were a lot like 
his hair; a few leas and be wouldn't have had 

Finally, after four years, a quick move from 
Mech E. to Phy Sci, a run in or two n-ith the 
axe board. Scooter chose Green. Good luck in 
all you do. Scooter, especially Quantico. 
Pensacola. and your career as a mean, green, 
fighting machine. 






Sire's''/ 1 


wit^WP^ i-TjB 

■Kn - i ^^T^l 

James Roger Vann 


Miami, Florida 

Oceanography, NFO 

Jim came to us from Miami via Nen-port. 
His Plebe year he spent swimming and 
receiving inspiration from Mr Wizard. On 
Saturdays he and bis roommates enjoyed 
relaxing at the Library - the one out on West 

Youngster Summer found JR on a Sailing 
Cruise up and down the East Coast. When AC 
Year rolled around VKG Enterprises was 
born. He continued with his swimming, this 
vear claiming Varsity Additional Status Also. 
it was this year he made his debut with the 

2/C year found Our Man Vann running 
around in an Orange Dhoti Robe chanting 
"Hare Krishna" and in two more Log layouts 
- thanks to his roommie. Mr. OBrien. He had 
quite a love affair with Sustacal after his oral 
surgery and we had great fun trying to make 
him laugh while he was wired shut. 

Being an Oceanography Major and Pre- 
sident of the SOC Club, he thought it fitting 
to take an Oceanography Cruise out of Subic. 
.After Jim's late return from cruise the trio 
split up and 1/C year found bim rooming with 
Jumping Joe. Midn Y was in charge of the 
most important "papers" in the Company as 
1st LT 

Every Wednesday he could be found in the 
Express Office picking up the of chow 
package. We thought Mama V owned a bakery 
and held stock m UPS. And, of course, over 
his four years Jim made the circuit: Hood, 
Goucber. Dalghren, Annapolis High. Bancroft 
. . Look out Pensacola! 

First Company 275 

Jeffery L Amerine 

Harrsion, Arkansas 

Physical Science, US Air Force 

Even though Jeff was an Air Force brat, be 
entered this One "institution" i 

ded seventeen year old. Having had ail the 
benefits of the beat High School education 
Arkansas could offer, Jeff nevertheless 

\aged to avoid being taken to an "Axe" 
board. This is not to say he didn't belong to 
the "square root club" at one point. That s 
semester Jeff managed to puU out a 2.00. From 
there on out he made a resolution to never 
bout academics again ■ and he didn't. 
But Jeffs grades went way up. the next four 
semesters he averaged over a 2.9 and jumped 
three-hundred places in class standing. Even 
though Jeff is officially single he was one of 
the first to be under the thumb of a local cutie. 
So much for going out with the guys! Jeffs 
only problem with sports at the Academy was 
which to play. He found with a little effort he 
■ything but not great at 
anything. So he at one time or another played 
golf, boxing, rugby, battalion football, and 
tied a time or two. So much for 
getting a letter! When Jeff started considering 
selection he realized he had developed 
an allergy to being on a "grey island" 
surrounded by water for long periods of t 
so he opted for interservice transfer to the Air 
Force. In case anyone is worried, Jeff will not 
forget his roots, he fully intends to j 
Navy at next year's Air Force game. Off he 
the wild blue yonder . . . 

276 Second Company 


■ iTMiiiTrn^Mli^aB 


Kevin R. Andersen 


Keizer, Oregon 

Physical Science, Navy NFO 

•Vin came all the way across the USA to 
make his mark on the NavaJ Academy. And 
he's done that a million ways. Kevin started 
off by getting tight with the Academy's 
academic brass Plebe year. They left a lasting 
impression upon him. 

But never let it be said that Kevin let books 
get in the way of his fun He found plenty of 
lime to spend on moontanning. Tequila, beer 
and any female that moved. 

'Vin has always managed to stay just outside 
the ordinary world. His sense of humor and 
playfulness always kept us amused and alert. 

As for 'Vin 's professional life, be had always 
been a die bard Marine. At least until Service 
Selection Night The men in green couldn 't get 
Ke\in a backseat, so the Xa\y did. The 
Marines will never know what they missed. 
Kevin's Midshipman life was as diversified as 
the Navy itself He was known to spend much 
of his time with the Marines at Mountain 
Warfare School and sailing the Atlantic 
Ocean. He 's truly a man of all trades. 

Good Luck at P-Cola and in the Fleet! 

Susan Christine Borden 


Pittsfield. Massachusetts 

Computer Science, Surface 


When Susan came from her not so tiny town 
of Pittsfield. she was under the impression 
that VSNA was a "real" college. Ha' Even 
through the horrors of EE and knee surgery, 
she never realized the grim truth- 
Sailing helped Susan maintain her sanity 
At first, she was racing in 420's with her 
roommate - & coming in 2nd - once! Next 
came the Varsity Dinghy Team, and with it 
a skipper with whom she is stilt sailing true. 
Sailors really do have more fun! 

Susan 's other indulgence was the Protestant 
Antiphonal Choir Road trips carried the 
group from NYC south to New Orleans and 
back; it is amazing what that choir can pull 
off as long as it stilt sings well! 

Youngster year dawned brightly with the 
revelation that graduating was more impor- 
tant than a EE degree, so Susan swiftly 
followed suit with other Co. 2 engineering 
defectors. Applied Science, here we come! 

Somewhere along the line. Susan's view of 
a ser\-ice commitment metamorphosed, too, 
for she graduated from Canoe -V junior college 
and reappeared at the 2-for- 7 night the 
following fall! Let's hear it for those of us who 
stuck it out. 

As 2/c, we had a short-lived notion that we 
ought to flame, but Susan had to look at the 
deck so a poor Plebe would not see her laugh 
at come-arounds' What a softy. 

Soft or not. she's pulled it off. sailing, 
singing, and computing her way through. 

Susan can proudly claim to be the only 
woman from '84 with a CompSci degree, but 
that 's not her greatest achievement: Being my 
roommate for a steady 4 years surpasses 
everything. That's fortitude! 

■ Amy. 

Peter Owen Brannigan 


Freeport, Long Island, New 


Applied Science, Supply Corps 

Pete began his naval career along the banks 
of the NARRAGANSETT. After he tired of 
Newport he moved to Annapolis and here 
begins the "Greatest Story Ever Told" or 
"Five and Jive" if you're from the Island- 
Along the way a barroom misunderstanding 
and some time under the knife changed Pete's 
ambitions from surface line to the "Corps". 
Many thousands of hours partying in the 
Annapolis area caused many "how you doin', 
ladies" and many broken hearts, and due to 
space restrictions and in fairness to "T" I will 
not list them. Pete has been the prime 
roommate and his jo\ial nature has always 
inspired a laugh. Take care, and good luck in 
your sure-to-be successful career Pete. 

J- J- 

James J. Brennan 

J. J. 

Dunmore, Pennsylvania 

Marine Engineering, Surface 


The Brennan legacy began in a little Navy 
torn) in Rhode Island where he spent 10 
delightful months preparing himself for the 
land where fairy tales come to life. USNA. 

J. J spent much of plebe year in obscurity 
having been through it all before at Naps. 
Rates posed little problem for J. J on account 
of the fact that he had had a subscription to 
Proceedings since the second grade J. J. 
became close with a local gal that first year, 
enjoying the fact that a date was always within 

Third class year was for the most part 
typical. Girls came and went until Miss right 
tickled J. J. 's fancy After a short courtship 
the engagement was announced and that's the 
last I've seen of him. (the rest of this is made 

Second class year brought a new room 
arrangement as the second roommate in so 
many years headed for the (holy) bills The 
old pair had done it again, forcing yet another 
innocent youth to the depths of despair 

Now that first class year has arrived the 
fair,' tale is coming to a close J. J B is living 
his lifetime dream downstairs as company 
commander; white his i 
holds together i 
company's underground leadership. 

What the future has in store for James J. 
nobodv knows but with a little luck and the 
encouragement of his bride he'll as always do 

And until we meet again my friend, good 
luck and much happiness to you and Laurie 

Later. T. 

Second Company 277 

Mark J. Desens 

Baby bear 

Hickory Hills, Illinois 

Applied Science, Marine Air 

Mark came to VSNA from the land of the 
Itlini. eager to attack the world. He endured 
Plebe year with ease, and except for one 
obnoxious roommate, life was fine. Youngster 
brought him a lastmg friendship with ED. who 
we all miss very much, and his first challenge 
with the ail mighty computer. Mark went into 
Second class year with the flames on and soon 
became the terror of any unfortunate Plebe 
who crossed his path. Second class year also 
brought Jill and the weekend pilgrimages to 
Catholic V- Grades were never a problem and 
Mark skated through bis first three years. 

Mark went into First class year a lifetime 
aviator, but the Corps found him and now he's 
a Quantico bound aviator. Good luck to you 
at TBS and I'll see vou and Linda at P-Cola. 

Gina M. DiNicolo 


Arnold, Maryland 

History, Marine Corps 

Gina has epitomized the 
"professionalism" since the 11th grade, when 
she got her first job at the Boat School. Skate 
issue, gift shop saleswoman, anything to walk 
the hallowed shores of the Severn. Not that 
she was interested m the men — that's why 
she walked out Gate 1 to Marina 's. Cute outfit 
■ snug white pants and a black T-shirt (What? 
No glittery "Foxy B . . .?} 

Despite 2 years of pre -abuse, DiNic showed 
up 1-Day with her pink polo shirt and black 
fish-net hose. Not one to let indoctrination 
cramp her style, Gina proved herself a strong 
supporter of plebe-firstie relationships. She 
snagged the defmative Bancroft Hall gigolo 
plebe year but gave him up temporarily to 
pursue more diverse entertainment, so what 
were those leadership techniques you learned 
at Coast Guard again'!' 

First class year and Gina was still in pursuit 
of the plebe-firstie relationships. A little case 
of lust for the untried man, perhaps? Well a 
little reflection and she realized that only B. 
S. could fulfill her dreams of the illusive "real 
man. " Gina alway's gets her man — but does 
be know it^ 

Does the Corps deserve all this talent^ 
Maybe not ■ but they'll never find a harder 
working, more persistant, dedicated person 
than you. Disco babe. Take it easy on 'em. 
Gina — a gentle breaking in does wonders for 
the long term relationship! God bless you and 
remember those of us who love vou! 


Kathy L. Eaves 


Versailles, Kentucky 

English. Marine Corps 

Coming from Versailles, Ky (not pron- 
ounced like the famous city in France) Kathy 
had to leave her house in the forest before 
donning on the white works of the \aval 
Academy In the four years that I have known 
Kathy I will always remember that she was the 
most conscientious person at the Academy - 
a person who is as unlimited as her dedication 
to principles and her devotion to ideals - a 
person who takes responsibility quietly but 
Cirmly. But she also values other things in life 
like her devotion to Jesus Christ, and to her 

It wasn't a surprise to anyone when she 
chose the Marine Corps at Service Selection 
because of her dedication to the high 
standards that she requires. She will surely do 
well, and with God's guidance she has the 
knowledge of what she is to do in the future 
All of us will surely miss her but I the most. 
Thanks for being the sister I never had. 


Daniel Everett Eldredge 


Ayer, Massachusetts 

General Engineering, Nuclear 


Elrod was a timid young buck when he 
arrived at USNA from Massachusetts. 
Well-tanned and lean as a Plebe. Elrod found 
that sports were what made a man a man and 
went out for crew Half a year and a thousand 
blisters later Dan found that "individual 
workouts" were more to his likmg By the end 
of Plebe year Elrod has new goals in mind: 
eating and drinking Considered a mortal 
enemy of beer and food, Elrod set off on his 
quest with a vengeance. By Second-Class year, 
while armed with the two force member, Elrod 
was well on bis way to becoming a 
quiche-killer Elrod was often spotted m bars, 
decked out m leather, jeans, and high-tops, 
slamming brews and cavorting with women. 
Elrod spent his cruise time perfecting hia 
sleeping, drinking, and sexual education. 
Elrod knew by the beginning of First-Claas 
year that Nuclear Power was the only way to 
go. This was aided by his love of fast cars, 
expensive women, and leather Although a 
serious blowout kept Elrod from continuing to 
lift weights, he kept the 50 pounds he had 
gained by working out. The Thrift Inn will 
never forget when Eldrod, the Mayor. Dave-0. 
Dean-0. and Ayer buddy Pbilliam painted the 
town red land a little yellow'! Hopefully, 
Elrod will continue to have fun pursuing his 
hobbies of skiing, mountain climbing, ostrich- 
busting, driving, and eating Chinese food. 
Good Luck, Eldrod, and remember 'Any love 
is good love' does have its limits. And, Oh 
yeah, stay away from bridges. 

278 Second Company 


Timothy L. Goff 
Tim my 

Dyersburg, Tennessee 
History, Navy Air 

Tim came to us from the thriving metropolis 
of Dyersburg, Tennessee. A hick of the first 
order. Tim's idea of a ship was a bass buster 
with a sixty-five horsepower outboard motor. 
But it didn't take Tim long to catch on and 
although he was unable to change Navy Blue 
and Cold to Dixie. Tim has definitely left his 
mark on the Academy Under the guidance of 
the upperdass, Tim transformed himself from 
a backwoods hick to the perfect model of a 
modern military midshipman. Between tossing 
ftx>tballs and baseballs Tim found time to 
become a member of the History Honor 
Society, collect stars, an even go on an 
ix-casional date {actually quite regularly with 
Maryl. After graduation, Tim will be heading 
back to his home state of Tennessee to turn 
a few heads before going on to flight training 
m Pensacola. At the rate be is going Tim 
might just end up giving hicks a good name 
and who knows, someday, he may even mite 
some poetry. 

Harold William Hoffmann 


Annandale, New Jersey 

General Engineering, Navy Air 

How this tall, scrawny kid just m from 
Holland, Michigan made it through Plebe 
Summer will never cease to be a wonder. On 
the very first night be composed a panic letter 
home by the sole light of bis digit.al watch! 
Whether his parents ever received the letter 
IS doubtful, since after be left they moved to 
New Jersey without even telling him But, 
somehow, be managed to be the only one of 
us who did not suffer through Black Sunday! 

The next two years saw Harold studying his 
tail off so that when the stripes came he could 
dedicate himself to them. And who says that 
he hated the Puerto Rican kid"^ Just because 
one time he took him skiing in the Poconos 
and on the first lesson pushed him down the 
most difficult slope . . . Like Harold used to 
say, "Go for the Gusto!" 

It came as no surprise when Harold became 
our first set Company Commander our senior 
year. He did much more than was expected; 
he even used 3-striper libs nearly every night 
and was consequently admitted to the Square 
Club. Good luck as a pilot! (GML) 

Now that all of the truth can be told, noni 
of the truth will be told. For 4 years Harry 
(HTD) has enjoyed many things, including 10 
roommates. 11 enemies. 3 years of enjoyment. 
1 semester of torture and another one of 
freedom. He looks forward very much to 
enjoying bis USNA stay, in retrospect. 

Harold is a current member of Co. 2's 
underground leadership, which lost a great 
deal of power recently (thanks JJBl. The 
future looks good, so get yourself tor a 
reasonable 4-letter substitute! together, and 
"Go for the Gusto" before it passes you by' 

Brian T. Jones 

B. J. 

Kettering, Ohio 

Applied Science, Surface Line 

In the past people have pulled strings to get 
into the Academy. Brian however, pulled 
himself over 15 in the pole vault bis senior 
year to become perhaps the last candidate 
accepted to the class of 1934, he wasn't 
notified of bis acceptance until a week before 
"/■■ day. From the moment Brian walked 
through the gate it was clear he was not to 
be en ordinary midshipman. The barbers 
fought for the privilege of cutting his hair and 
the Firsties were surprised to find Brian 
singularly unimpressed Since that time Brian 
like everyone else has had bis ups and downs. 
Both on the track team, where he was a four 
year varsity letter winner and in the classroom 
where be consistently waited for finals to puU 
out his grades. Lately we have learned to 
expect the unexpected from Brian. Just when 
we thought that he would go on breaking 
hearts forever Brian got caught himself by one 
Tnshia Buckley and will head into the fleet 
a married man. We know Brian s ready for the 
fleet, but we are not sure the fleet is ready 
for Brian. 




x'^ir) 'v^^BH 


George Michael Lancaster 


Ponce. Puerto Rico 

Pohtical Science, Surface Line 

Mike Lancaster, a born naval officer? 
Anyone who spends two years at a naval prep 
school, then NAPS, and then comes here must 
be . . sick. Seriously. Mike is as profe-isionaJ 
as the next guy. almost. Few people knew what 
this little guy was really like with his many 
"comforts of home. " Special congratulations 
are definitely in band for the H's, so 
"Thanks" Well. Mike has done a lot here at 
the Boat School. He consistently earned over 
a 3 in bis demanding political science major. 
,He never had more than 15 hours per 
semester after youngster year) Academia 
■Assn 't his only strong point as Mike excelled 
in manv ECA's. Sailing t<?ok up most of his 
time the first three years. His climax m sailing 
came when be became foredeck captain on the 
offshore racer Spitfire. As a member of the 
USNA Flying Club. Mike terrorized the .nktes 
in his Cessnas- Also, the Trident Calendar was 
put out under his leadership, which included 
the privileges of his owti private phone Nice! 
And let us not forget that little red '64 MG 
of his It was nice of him to lend it out. even 
though you got wet and froze from no heat. 
Mike hits the "real Navy running (on a new 
Spruance), so watch out everybody, especially 
vou Harold' 


Second Company 279 


Peter G. Oswald 


Bellingham, Washington 

Ocean Engineering, Surface Line 


Rick Alan Pagel 


Phoenix, Arizona 

Political Science, Marine Air 

"Rick Paget, defensive end, PhO' 
Arizona. Hi, mom. " 


Dean Christopher Schmidt 


Houston, Texas 

Aerospace Engineering, Navy Air 

Although a true Texan, Deano came 
babbling out of that North Eastern meccs of 
kingpins called Long Island. Deano is a firm 
believer in that saying "you rate what you get 
away with". In fact, as a Plebe, he had a better 
stereo system set up in our room that most 
upperclass bad. Dean managed to get three 
tickets in the yard as an underclass, and 
somehow keep bis driving privileges. It was 
youngster year that Dean decided some classes 
weren't that important so he decided to show 
up when he felt like it. He continues this 
practice. You could always find 2 or 3 fans, 
a space heater, a TV, a case of road sodas, or 
a bottle of bubbly in bis closet. Dean 's pursuit 
of exiting experiences has been unending. He's 
found them in places like his motor boat on 
Great South Bay and his first car, "Old 
Betsy". After going to Houston with him 
spring break I could hardly call him a 
prejudiced Southerner. Two at once? Dean has 
been accused for his longing of very local 
women (like down the haU). but I can say that 
it 'a only wishful thinking. Dean will do 
anything anywhere, but our best times have 
been on the road. Cold beers, stogies, and loud 
muBic. Not to mention Pb . . . Philiiam. Dean's 
one weakness is his occasional forays into 
babbling. Some of his favorites are, "Yo Davy. 
Hey Bob, Yanaaaaa, Ah good morning - good 
morning. Young John, she was on to me, didja 
book her up?, coke, spirte, egglow. What's 
Up?". Dean was sometimes hard to live with 
for Plebe Summer and seven semesters, but 
I doD 't regret any of it Have fun flying Deano 
and stay away from my siater! 


Linda M. Schumacher 


Princeton, New Jersey 

Marine Engineering, Surface 


In July 1980. Linda arrived at the Naval 
Academy In May 1984. she left. What 
happened to Linda during her years at the 
Academy? The world may never know, since 
she spent so much of her time in Rickover 
learning to be an engineer. But, we her 
roommates know the rest of the story! 

Every person has his own little quirks - but 
Linda has some goodies. On a typical evening, 
a visit to Linda's room would find her at her 
desk in a multi-striped or tiger bathrobe. 
During the visit, she might search her closet 
several times and try on half of her clothes. 
You might also notice an old pro keds box in 
her locker. Among other unusual things, you 
will find a very expensive desk stapler in the 
box - be sure to ask the story behind this. If 
you are staying the night, be sure to remind 
Linda to brush her teeth, or else she will 
remember at some odd hour in the early 
morning and you will wake up to see her 
brushing them. Also remind her to put her 
mouthguard in or you might be awakened to 
the sound of her grinding her teeth. Quirks are 
fun and Linda, we really enjoyed living with 
you. (I'm glad you never brought a cat in!) 
Good luck always - have a happy marriage and 
Iota of kids! 

KLE and KAS 


280 Second Company 




Kari A. Standard 

Festus, Missouri 
Oceanography, Aircraft 

In July 1980. blond-haired, blue-eyed Kari 
arrived at the Naval Academy from the great 
state of Missouri Smce then, she has 
experienced, learned and gronn more than she 
ever dreamed. Kan is a very inquisitive person 
who asks questions about a lot of things that 



everything and it is this quality that let her 

learn so much. Her questions manage to keep 

ali expanding and growing. 

looking I 

ahead to what a 

change it. Her 

t day of classes, but thinking 
' may be i 




for i 

During he 

t the Academy. Kari was 
nber of the Judo team. She worked 
■ith the team from practicing, to 
competing, to stuffing envelopes. 

Kaii's greatest accomplishment at the 
Academy was her growth as a Christian. She 
started out knowing very little, but her 
persistence allowed her to become an 
understanding and loving Christian, and an 
inspiration to us all. With God's guidance, she 
has a knowledge of what she is to do in the 
world. I thank God for allowing me to share 
a room and many meaningful conversations 
with her. 

Good luck, Kari! You will always be in my 
prayers. And remember, you will never be 
good enough for Kermit, but you will make 
somebody very happy! 


David William Slender 


San Jose, California 

Political Science, Cryptology 

Dave came to us from that never-never land 
called California after a short stay at a normal 
('') college in DC. Dave seemed to enjoy Plebe 
Summer and once academic year started he 
never studied, a tradition he has personally 
upheld for four years. If you 're looking for 
Dave he can usually be found in the company 
wardroom or sleeping. Dave bought a gorgeous 
Austm-Healy for first class year and totaled 
it before the new year arrived Since it was the 
fourth car Dave had totaled he decided to give 
them up. He went out and bought his dream 
machine. A brand new Harley -Davidson that 
weighs more than your average import car. 
Dave was never a slouch for having a good 
time and a clogged sink and a bush under a 
certain bridge can attest to that fact. He 
claimed he got sea sick on his Belgian Foreign 
Exchange Cruise but 31 pints of beer in one 
night in heavy seas may have contributed to 
his illness. Dave's choices in women have often 
caused me anxiety, fortunately he is not 
planning on marriage any time soon. Dave will 
always be remembered for his different 
attitudes. He was the Company expert on Far 
East Religions, martial arts, table etiquette, 
punk music, languages, and World Travel. I 
feel that while Dave is spending his 
Cryptology career trying to Hgure out the 
enemy, his friends will spend their time trying 
to figure out Dave. Good luck Dave-0. and 
remember, tying your shoes after you trip 
doesn't help you. 


Charles D. Swift 


Franklin, North Carolina 

History, Surface Line 

Charles Swift . . . "Chaz" . . . From out of 
North Carolina came this great, unknonu 
philosopher of our time. He is a man of many 
diverse talents; historian, wrestler, swimmer, 
backwoodsman, and bis latest — dancer. 

The Naval Academy will never be the same 
after Chuck leaves — and neither will the 
people that knew him. If there ever was a 
person that could make things happen, it 
would have to be Chuck. From Charlie's West 
Side and dirty trou. to hospital wards and 
strange parties in the middle of the night that 
will haunt the consciences of him and his 
comrades forever. Charlie could always be 
found in the middle of it all ba\ing the time 
of his life. 

Chiz had his share of broken hearts and 
some of us thought that after visiting 
Baltimore he would never be able to "go Back" 
until he met Debbie Breaden — his duplicate 
of the opposite gender and queen of the dance 

Charlie, we will miss you very much, but no 
one will miss you more than I — those late 
nights. Guam?! It figu. 
any place that you go t 
Bure Guam will be n< 
Debbie show 'em how 
always be with you and neve 
U3 who love vou. 


es. But we know that 

omes alive — and I'm 

exception. You and 

done. May God 

'er forget those of 

Amy Elizabeth Thomas 

Statesboro, Georgia 
Applied Science, Navy Air 

Amy arrived at the Academy on 1-Day much 
as she had on her previous visits, with one 
difference: this time she was there for herself, 
no longer just the daughter of a grad or the 
little sister of a mid. She was about to foist 
her entirely obnoxious self upon the Brigade 
on a full-time basis for four whole years! 

She and her roommate sailed loudly through 
Plebe Summer in their favorite 420. Academic 
year arrived and Amy met it without 
trepidation- She was the first in her company 
to nildman a squad leader I you can also ask 
him about the dead fish she left in his rack)! 
.Aimless will undoubtedly remain in the hearts 
of the Class of 'Si! 

Our years at Canoe V. progressed, and so 
did Amy's antics. Her wise choice of a major 
let her maintain good grades while pursuing 
other hobbies — remember the six-pack that 
Patty deposited in our room before she left. 
a victim of the Axe? I thought Amy would 
have a stroke! 

Second Class year brought out the maternal 
instincts in Amy. The Class of '86 warmly 
referred to her as "Mow" — all but the one 
plebe who chased after her, crying out. "Oh, 
Miss Thomas! Let me marry you and take you 
away from all this!" 

Well, first class year sets its sun on many 
accomplishments for Amy: Co-Editor for the 
Trident. Company Sub-Cdr.. 3 times on a 
Brigade Champ team . . she can even 
acknowledge the existence of Julius the Iguana 
Iby the time this is printed he'll be out of the 
locker). Her greatest achievement: 4 years of 
Susan; 8 continuous semesters plus Plebe 
Summer with the same roomie! I'll miss you, 
Amy. Fly high and safe! 

Second Company 281 

John F. Weigold 


Riverside. Connecticut 

Applied Science, Surface Line 

Riverside's very own John WeigoJd came to 
USNA with hts personal formula (or success: 
sweat It. Plebe Year he secluded himself on 
3-3 from where the stones soon illtered down 
about John's idiosynchrosies. His roommates 
favorite pastime was to hide his slippers while 
he was m the shower (he would never waik one 
step barefooted!). Yes, John aJways had his 
special way of doing things and if someone did 
not agree, his simple reply would be "if they 
can't take a joke . - .". He waa a loyal member 
of the Catholic Choir and the Glee Club with 
whom he traveled across the nation on many 
tours. Early in his academic life here John 
realized that being a EE major would not 
make him a millionaire quite as fast as he 
would like, ^o he changed to Resources 
Management to learn the secreta of the 
finance world. First Class Summer was bis 
most memorable one, most notable being the 
fact that be took some undisciplined piebes to 
Bermuda on a yawl and brought back a few 
good youngsters for his future squad. We will 
always remember John for his good taste. He 
was considered by some to be one of the best 
dressed mida around. As for girls there was no 
limit for John, not age, distance, time, 
nationality, class, or even money (believe it or 
not). And. of course, the tags on bis BMW 
read -YGOLD"- Finally, he earned a 5000 
series award in recognition of bis exceptional 
hair cutting abilities. From your classmates 
John; "Thanks for the haircuts". 

Jason Scott Wharton 


Madison, New Jersey 

Applied Science, Civilian 

Sundo came to us from the fast paced life 
of Jersey. Full of life and vigor. Jason 
determined to get the most out of life at 
USNA. .And it was here that he found life to 
its fullest. Everyone puts their faith in 
someone or something. Jason put his faith in 
God. The mark of a man is someone who will 
stand up for what he believes, regardless of the 
consequences. Jason has stood by what he 
knows to be true, and God has been number 
I in bia life ever since. 

"For I know the plans I have for you, 
declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and 
not to harm you. plans to give you hope and 
a future." Jeremiah 29:11 As we each go on 
to bigger and better things. Jason will also be 
heading for the biggest challenge of bis life, 
civilian life with Rhonda Kay. 

Scott B. Woessner 


Towson, Maryland 

Applied Science, Nuclear 


Seattle came to tbia estsbliabment all the 
way from Towbod, MD. Boy, was be homesick 
by the second week of Plebe Summer. For him 
it waa more like a community college instead 
of a military academy. But who is complain- 
ing! The Sco'a life here can be broken up into 
pbaaea or ettitudea: Plebe Year Scott waa the 
kind of guy that had to carry buckets around 
to keep from drowning in bis own sweat. He 
even uaed to wake up at 0546 every morning 
to abine a light on hia greaae belt buckles to 
make sure they were perfect. Youngster year 
Scottie chilled out a little bit. Why be even 
blew it at the atriper board when he explained 
to them that long hair waa the in thing. Second 
Claaa year Sco's favorite saying was "If it's not 
on the teat I'm not going to learn it". As a 
result he was dubbed "The Mind" for hia 
extraordinary rote memorization capabilities. 
He once read bia leadership book five times 
before the final. It must have done some good, 
he finiahed 70th in the claaa. He almost cried 
when be realized be could have been 69th. 
What a letdown! Somehow Sco managed to be 
on both sidea of Lady Luck. One minute he 
waa an ace student, womanizer (been with only 
one woman in three years) and the next 
minute he was a confirmed invalid with a 
broken elbow, mangled ankle, or cracked 
forehead. No one would aay be was accident 
prone or anything though! All in all Scotty waa 
one of the best liked guys around and be made 
a laating impression on a lot of ua. Scotty, 
you'll go a long way $$. 

Michael David Yu 


Annapolis, Maryland 

Applied Science, Marine Corps 

Since Mike is a Crabtown native and grew 
up with the Academy in bis backyard be felt 
be knew the ropes around here well enough 
to sleep through Plebe Summer. Well, "THE 
DOCTOR" made it through that unforgettable 
summer without sustaining any serious neck 
injuries and we all cheered. Since then Mike 
has stayed awake long enough for us all to 
learn to appreciate him in everything he has 
done for us. His unwavering faith in God and 
bis concern and care for others has encouraged 
all those who have crossed his path. Mike has 
left a lasting impression on us all by his 
willingness to obey the Master's voice in 
everything be does. Although we hesitate to 
give Mike up to the Marine Corps we can be 
assured that we will see him soon enough on 
a very distant shore. 

"Watch ye. stand fast in the faith, quit you 
like men. be strong. " 


282 Second Company 





Robert A. Beach 


Marion, North Carolina 

Physical Science, Navy Air 

Bob Beach came to USNA from the 
beautiful raountains of North Carolina with an 
ardent desire to fly off a carrier. Along that 
path lay such namee aa Beacher. Screech, and 
Space Cadet. During Piebe Summer, Bob 
learned the meaning of "corkin' off" so well 
that he later earned a varsity Z by bis skill 
in the classroom bead jerk, and advanced 
studies in oamoaia. Bob'a other interests 
included company sheet posters, army 
projects, women, and model building (or the 
lack thereoO. It must be noted that the bizarre 
proportions of Bob's unbuilt model collection 
has nothing to do with hia famoua airbrush 
waxing for floors. Always sober. Bob will be 
bered for his sensitivity, good nature, 
an d ina bility to wres tie. He offers his 
companymatea many thanks for helping him 
through, and his claasmates the best of 
fortunes. We will, as always, be looking for him 
in the skies overhead. 

Third Company 283 



Byron E. Bond 


San Bernadino, California 

Computer Science, Surface Line 

Bonda came to USNA after a year at Cal 
State. For the first two years here, he devoted 
most of his time to studies and day-dreaming 
of his fiancee back home in San Bernardino. 
About this time, Bondo saw the light and 
found that East Coast girls could be just as 
much fun as West Coast girls, and broke his 
romantic ties to California. Hondo's social Ufe 
blossomed, and soon his 'San Bernardino 
Shuffle' became the hit from Annapolis to 
Georgia. Spring Break second class year saw 
Bondo playing the tourist in Florida. With 
camera in hand running shoes on, and a newly 
found sunburn, he assaulted Florida. No one 
could keep up with Byron, his stomach was 
better than a clock, and we made sure he got 
three meals to keep him happy The rambling 
spirit had gotten into Byron though, and it 
was off to the far east for l/c cruise. Japan 
was an educational experience for Byron, and 
Subic Bay was a physical one. Although Bondo 
cut loose during his travels, back at USNA he 
was always an easy going guy. Byron could be 
found many a day working on a favorite 
model, and we'll never forget his galactic fleet 
which grew and grew and . . . Byron bad time 
for much more than modeling though, and was 
always eager to help anyone with academic 
problems as be was a whiz with the books. 
When the Nukes started chasing Byron for 
Service Selection, he found a quick solution to 
bis problem. Who else would have told a 
Captain that Submariners weren't cool?! 
Successful both professionally and in 
academics, Byron will always be remembered 
as a hard worker. Bondo always knew he 
wanted to be a Surface Line Officer and will 
be a great asset to the Surface Navy. Good 
luck and God bless to a good roommate and 
a great friend. 


Alex T. Casimes 

Seattle, Washington 

Systems Engineer, Surface Line 

Aldo came to the "uncoUege" after a year 
of prep school and a year of real college. He 
was a service brat and claims his current 
hometown as Seattle. Washington. Al fell from 
singledom a bit earlier than the average mid 
and is also one of the honored few that 
retained the same girl for all four years of his 
"controlled happiness". He also has the 
unique situation of being outranked by his 
lovely fiancee for she is a 2nd Lt. in the Army 
(I guess Army isn't all bad). Although Al will 
not be getting married in the yard, be will be 
getting married only three days after 

Plebe year, Alex got a reputation with the 
upperclass in our company for punching a 
second class during a raid on his room. But 
even though he wasn't a smash hit with the 
upperclass, he was popular with bis room- 
mates. Alex, being a staunch Greek, has an 
inbred love for food and always brought back 
his homecooked specialties from his fiancee's 

Youngster year Al was a hard pedaling 
member of the bicycle club "Team Navy". He 
was also a dedicated member in good standing 
of his favorite ECA. the MSA club, for three 
years. Finally, in his first class year he became 
a loyal member of the Shakey's pizza club with 
bis own monogrammed table at the pizza 

Aldo came in wanting to fly but fate would 
dictate otherwise, and soon be lost his 20/20 
vision. So Al decided to go surface line, the 
surface fleet is lucky to have him. Break a 
"kick" Al. 

Raymond S. Clark 


Cincinnati, Ohio 

Ocean Engineering, Naval 


If the Naval Academy had not happened to 
ftay. he'd be sitting in Cincinnati right now 
eating a sack of White Castles and watching 
Caddyshack for the 98tb time. Instead. 
Pensacola is getting a sharp aviator and a fine 
officer. How did the Academy make Ray what 
be is today? It sure wasn't plebe year - Ray 
never had one. Basketball and a Spring Break 
SCUBA expedition were 4/c Clark's only 
challenges - no upperclass ever phased him. 
But then, Diff Eqn's hit him youngster year. 
For the first time, he actually bad to study 
during study hour. It was a long year for both 
Ray and bis plebes (what a flamer'.). Actually, 
most of his frustrations were taken out on his 
guitar in his rock-and-roll band - Blind Alley. 
Second class year kept Ray busy becoming an 
Ocean Engineer. Of course there were always 
band trips on the weekends and Benny Hill 
at nights. Ray left our company for a while 
first class year to serve the battalion. (What 
does the Batt Sub-Cdr really do'') His 
3-striper liberty saved us more than once from 
Neeb's Loaf or Ham Fransisco. That Christ- 
mas we found Ray's second home ■ Mexico. 
We never realized what a fascination he had 
for sombreros, scrapes, and switchblades. We 
also discovered his major obsession - downhill 
skiing. Macb speeds in jets will be nothing new 
to Ray 

Ray has proved to be a good friend to 
everyone, and a quality Ocean Engineer The 
skies of Pensacola will get used to seeing Ray 
in his happiest hour. Ray is truly an officer 
and a gentleman. We hope Na\y Air treats 
him right. 

Charles Richard Donnelly, Jr. 


Savannah, Georgia 


Dick came to the Academy a southern boy. 
Although he always looked as if he'd juBt 
stepped out of GQ magazine. Dick actually 
stepped out of the fleet, spent a year an NAPS 
and then came to Navy. Always a competitor, 
Dick played JV football his plebe year. 
Through good times and bad. Dick's easy 
going attitude seemed to get him through. 
When youngster year rolled around, a number 
of Donnelly traditions started: long hair, 
weekend rendevous (even some weeknighta) 
and the Honduran moved in. As if plebe year 
wasn 't enough torture. Dick cut 25 pounds and 
earned bis letter on the ISO's team. Second 
class summer saw Dick and Fust playing 
SEAL out in Coronado. Somehow they both 
made it back from BUDS in one piece. Second 
class year, Dick spent many "all nighters" in 
the wardroom hitting the books when he 
wasn 't watching the tube. The summer finally 
arrived, and Dick set out for Australia. We 
wouldn 't have believed the stories except he 
brought back pictures. After that, everyone in 
the company tried to figure out a way to get 
to the land down under. First class year saw 
Dick coaching the company basketball team to 
its best record in a long while, making road 
trips with the rest of the "G-Team". and 
continumg romantic forays in the area. Always 
a good friend and dependable classmate. Dick 
will be a valuable addition to the Corps. Good 
luck and God Bless. Thanks John. 







284 Third Company 




Maurice A. Fairley 


Concord, New Hampshire 

Physical Science, Marine Corps 

Moe started out bis Academy life with a 
number of exploits Plebe summer. While the 
rest of U8 were sound asleep. Moe would 
conduct individual recons on other companies. 
Moe went on to Plebe year trying to decide 
whether to be a track man or a hockey player 

— hockey won out. After Plebe summer 
decided that to calm himself he would have 
to get up at 0430 so he could jump out of 
airplanes at Ft. BenningAirborn! Youngster 
year Moe was a cornerstone of the "Thirsty 
Five" — / buy, we fry. Moe continued with 
Aero until the Aero profs Hnally shot him 
down. The Green Toad smiled on Moe and the 
Ac-Board lost! Moe decided that he needed a 
real job ao he decided to become Mr. \TNA 

— besides, he got the only phone in the 
company. First class summer was a big time 
of change for Moe. A Marine option Cruise 
(and the eye test) changed this hardcore flyer 
into one of the few, the proud, the you know 
who. Wendy changed this hardcore bachelor 
into one of the many, the proud, the soon to 
be wed. Nobody saw much of Moe first class 
year, except Wendy that is — / wonder if he 
even worked up a sweat jogging to her house? 
Moe is destined for success in the Corps. We 
all wish Moe and Wendy the best of luck and 
God bless. -Semper Fi- 


David Neal Forney 


Greely, Colorado 

Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear 


With names like Forn Dog, Fornicate. Corn 
Dog, and Homey Forney. Dave has faired well 
He came to us from the Colorado Rockies, 
where he attained his easy going manner; 
which also left him in good stead for plebe 
year. It seemed for Forn that be just laid down 
one plebe summer night and woke up to find 
it was youngster year . . - with no more plebes 
brought alot more time for parties. To this 
goal, Dave found his sponsors and their boat 
and their beer and the time to enjoy them, 
while still holding over a 3.0. He got smart and 
changed his major from math to something 
real like Mech E. Much to his adxisors 
disbelief, Forn has blown them away. Even the 
Rocket couldn't slow him down. Then he met 
Anita! Somehow we couldn't believe he could 
continue when every evening be would spend' 
2 or 3 hours on the phone, but he did. He even 
got the bonus of getting Anits to say yes and 
became the last to fall to the sound of wedding 
bells in his room. I guess he had to after 
getting caught low level necking by Capt. Cub 
Scout in the midstore parking lot. During 
Second class summer, Forn went on a crash 
course in money saving ■ Girls aren't cheap ■ 
and ended up eating only P & J sandwiches 
which makes it difficult to believe that while 
at Quantico he was in the color squad. You 
see Forn is only 5'8' and weighs 140 lbs. Even 
though Forn is little he is loved that is why 
for Christmas he was given an anchor so he 
wouldn't blow away. Fortunately, Dave opted 
to go submarines, I couldn't see him dragging 
that weight topside of a windblown ship. 
Speak truths and break a "kick". 

John W. Fusto 


Silver Springs, Maryland 

Oceanography, Navy NFO 

When the discussion turns to max guys, the 
conversation is not complete without mention- 
ing Big John Fusto. John is one of the older 
generation. He spent some time at Merrimak 
college and then enlisted In the navy as an 
biteUigence (?) Specialist. He then entered the 
BOOST program and found out how much fun 
it was to watch the sunrise in San Diego day 
after day after day. Long days and nights 
proved worthwhile, though, as be found 
himself in Thirsty Third with a short, 
obnoxious squad leader Plebe Summer After 
several thousand trips to the library with his 
little index card boxes, John realized that you 
sometimes got ta say "what the heck!" John's 
final selection of a major in Oceanography 
came just before his selection of Laura as bis 
beautiful wife. The traumatic experiences as 
Ail upperclass left an impact on John that he'll 
never forget. A short jaunt to San Diego to 
BUDS (hey, whats in the mud?!) netted a 
picture of John in the catalog. I'm sure he'd 
rather forget that. How many all-nighters 
John put under bis belt in the pursuit of 
academics will probably never be known, but 
the credit card, ring, and car loan came along 
to soothe the pain, (say YAAAAAAH) He 
always enjoyed a good beating if Greg's coffee 
just wasn't right or if the 'fish' got out of band. 
What else can be said about an all around 
great guy? With God, a loving family behind 
him, and Laura by his side. Big John will 
undoubtedly be set for a bright future in the 


Thomas Kelly Gehan 


Rochester, New York 

Applied Science, Marine NFO 

Tom came to USNA because his Blue and 
Gold officer told him that it was a "Party" 
school. Instead, he received the shock of hie 
life. Fortunately, the Academy was able to 
adapt . . . Plebe year saw Tom keeping a low 
profile, except for playing cards with Lemon 
and tormenting Hickory. Youngster year and 
Tango opened a textbook for the last time, 
prefering sleep to academics. But that didn't 
keep him from qualifying for 'stars" (except 
for a low performance grade.) Second class 
summer came and Tango went to Hawaii with 
Zieg and Schuitzie, where he gave his traveling 
companions demolition derby lessons in the 
Fairmonster. Protramid and P-cola saw Tango 
and Zieg going straight from Sff beer night at 
Rosie'a to the X-country course at 05(X). The 
dynamic duo set the record for the slowest 
time ever recorded in P-cola, not bad! Second 
class year and Tom roomed with Porky and 
Willie for the first time. Every weekend meant 
road trip, and Tango was totally unselfish at 
Hood's spring parties. He was almost willing 
to exchange the shirt off bis back with one of 
Hood's fmest; Indian giver! First class summer 
and Tango's travels continued this time to 
Europe. Besides having a good time, he taught 
a certain Italian businessman an important 
lesson. Plebe detail bad time spent between 
the rack., Mr. Pip's, and the visa money 
machine. Academic year was spent trying to 
perfect the no work, all play lifestyle. Finally, 
service selection night and Tango signed on to 
be a Marine aviator, much to his mother's 
dismay. Good luck in the Corps . . . 

Third Company 285 



Michael K. Hile 


Lisbon, Ohio 

Ocean Engineering, Marine Air 

Mike came to us from the thriving 
metropoUs of Lisbon. Ohio, a town famous for 
its proximity to "The Nail. " Starting out with 
his best foot forward. Mike impressed me by- 
returning from our first night out and 
mistaking the trash can for a urinal. With no 
place to go but upward. Mike set a new low 
by ending behind bars in Providence. R.I. and 
initiating "marathon drinking. " Ahng with 

weekends, and women. Who can forget the 
"360 cinema" Mike treated Tango. Bake, and 
myself to. Soon after this he reached the top 
of the driving pinnacle by four wheeling at the 
University of Maryland in the tbunderchicken. 
Driving was not all Mike excelled at. shortly 
after Christmas he discovered that he made 
the Machine's top ten list. Second class year 
began with the inaugural trip of the flying 
Hawaiians and Mike proved that one could 
exist on cornhorns. ding-dongs, sun. surf, and 
beer indefmately. Protramid immortalized the 
flying Hawaiians: free beer, stumpy, inexpen- 
sive beer, pilots in P-cola. the "nuclear 
lounge", the guardian of peace, and the beaver 
dash exemplified the summer. During that 
academic year. Mike was not around much. 
Mike demonstrated his true professional 
attitude by cheerfully volunteering for plebe 
detail. First class year was then thrust upon 
Mike. After a grueling six weeks in LA. for 
summer cruise and a delightful stint of plebe 
detail, he returned to USNA to captain the 
men's varsitv swim team. That was also the 
year he led the Marietta bridge burning feaat, 
which was quite a feather in his cap. 1 wish 
him all the luck in Quantico and in P-cola. 

Richard M. McBride 


Houston, Texas 

Applied Science, Navy Pilot 

Out of four years of determination we put 
together our own little volume of history that 
we may Cinally place upon the shelf of life. It 
IS unique to each of us, yet. it binds our lives 
in a way no one else could ever know. 

It could be a game at times, a challenge, or 
an adventure. But at others it could be as 
brutal as a nightmare. Still, it was four years 
of our lives. A part of you and a part of me. 
And that will remain with me always. 

Thanks for everything guys. 

Robert J. McGarrity 


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Applied Science, CEC 

Bob hails from the land of soft pretzels and 
"cheesesteaks". Philadelphia. After a short 
stunt at Wyoming Seminary Prep School, Bob 
"rolled" into the Academy at 5-8 and 191 lbs 
"Firsties" were afraid to harass him for 
fear be would bite. Since he never talked, 
several rumors surfaced about bis identity. 
Some pondered what crime he had committed 
for the judge to give him the option of this 
place or prison. Others thought he was the 
younger brother of John Belushi. We were all 
relieved, however, when Bob uttered his first 
sentence Well, actually be "tested his lungs." 

As academic year started. Bob quickly 
established himself as a man of action He 
certainly wasn't a man of words. After getting 
down to a trim 158 lbs. Bob made the varsity 
lightweight football team and began an 
illustrious athletic career here at the Academy. 
He gained All-League honors 3 years in a row 
and was elected team captain in his last 
season Academically, he also established an 
excellent reputation as he was honored as a 
USNA scholar -athlete. 

Bob's favorite pastime is getting as 
comfortable as humanly possible. He was often 
found wrapped up in a warm blanket nith 
both the heater and fan on. He says he doesn 'f 
like being too hot or too cold. After 
graduation. Bob plans to pursue a career with 
the Civil Engineer Corps and a life with Lisa, 
the special girl who has supported him these 
past four years. Best of luck and God bless. 
It's been greet! 

Terry D. Masher 


Baudette, Minnesota 

Computer Science, Surface Line 

Mosh came to us from the wastelands of 
Northern Minnesota, or the Great White 
North as he liked to put it Living with Terry 
was better than taking a personal finance 
course, he coined the phrase "why save today 
when you can borrow tomorrow". And who will 
ever forget the 'Mosh -mobiles'"' He spent 
almost as much time driving them (he went 
through 4!) as working on them. If he couldn't 
work on them. Terry brought bits and pieces 
back to the room to keep him company. If 
anvone had car trouble, he was 3rd company's 
Answer Man. Terry also had the answer for 
girls - don 't call me. I'll call you. No campus 
was safe from Mosh. Hood. UMBO. George- 
town: if the Mosh-mobile could make it. Terry 
was there. We'll never forget names like 
Louise. Ronnie. Kathleen. Mary, or Anna, but 
Terry will. But Terry was active in many other 
areas as well. He was the company Hockey 
Stud for three years until bis knee convinced 
him that ice was better in mixed drinks. And 
speaking of drinking, never to be outdone by 
a roommate. Terrv earned his very own Black 
A" second class year. Guess the OOD doesn't 
like togas, huh Mosh!"^ Who would have 
thought a Halloween party could amass a 
15000 series for one person! But Terry also 
knew the dividing line between work and play. 
A computer whiz. Terry has helped many a 
company mate through tough projects. 
Professionally. Terry was a walking "Ships 
and Aircraft of the US Fleet" After much 
thought. Mosh decided that "Surface Line is 
Mighty Fine." and he'll make a valuable 
addition to a proud service His classmates, 
and especially his roommates, will always 
remember him as a thoughtful and under- 
standing person and wish him fair winds and 
following seas throughout his career. 


286 Third Company 


Bret J. Muilenburg 


Titusville. Florida 

Mechanical Engineering. Civil 

Engineer Corp 

Bret cawe to VSNA from the Sunshine 
StMe. where the girls and beaches are 
plentiful. Bret spent most of his spare time in 
high school with "the boys" pulhng pranks, 
and hstening to no music. His plebe year 
roommate can attest to this because Bret had 
some trouble Hnding out who John Lennon 
was. Bret got along with everyone during that 
Hrst year, even the upper class, which his 
plebe year grease reflects. Also during that 
rsrst year away from home a certain youngster 
(who would eventually become our roommate 
a vear later) put Bret back in his place by 
telling him he had a "smarl-ass attitude." 

Youngster year saw Bret earn a varsity 
letter - a Black jV that is. Bret and four of 
our classmates thought Friday nights were 
getting a little boring and decided to have a 
party. This escapade earned Bret a spot on the 
early morning breakfast club for a month. 

Bret hopped through second class year, even 
though it was a tough one for the mecb. eng. 
major. He spent many hours with his nose in 
bis books and a ruler in his mouth. Bret 
studied hard during the week, but when the 
weekend came it was time to take a break. His 
first three day break saw Bret making a road 
trip that he will never forget. Even since that 
day be has had "Georgia on His Mind- " 

Bret took off for Europe on a well desened 
two week vacation during first class summer 
where he managed to get himself in some 
trouble he almost couldn't get out of Another 
trip to Georgia earned Bret the nickname of 
"The Rooster" for his dancing ability. 

Bret mil be joining the CEC on graduation 
date knotting that be v,iU always be on land. 
Bret, we wish you the best of luck in all that 
vou do God Bless. 


Michael J. Murphy 


Willingboro, New Jersey 

Applied Science, Na\y Pilot 

Mike Murphy came from New Jersey lent 
14 A I think) to be a na\y pilot and an 
engineer. After bis experience with Joey Head, 
though, he has found that management gives 
him much more time for the better things in 
life than did engineering. One of them is not 
studying. Instead Mike spends bis week- 
days running up a $200 per month phone bill 
and going out to buy food if they do not have 
steak or filet mignon in the ward room. 

One of Mike's most amazing accomplish- 
ments has been to keep his million-dollar car 
in various garages and body shops throughout 
three states. But he has managed to try it out 
on a few of his infamous midnight donut trips 

In between donut trips Mike has spent a lot 
of time romng. He was on plebe hghtweight 
crew and varsity crew for two years. 

Mike is going to Pensacola from here to 
become a pilot. Na\y airdales will be glad to 
have him join them and all of us in third 
company wish him the very best of luck, the 
opportunity to fly whatever he would like to 
choose, and a great career in the na^y 

John B. Nowell 


Hickory. North Carolina 

Ocean Engineering. Surface Line 

Hickory has established a reputation of 
putting forth a maximum effort, academically, 
physically, and alcoholically For his efforts in 
academics and performance he was awarded 
the lofty position of 3, C Brigade Commander. 
A short three weeks later he was awarded, for 
bis efforts m alcohol awareness, a black S" 
and prompt relief from the burden of 
command. Hickory was also a successful boxer 
and varsity sailor. During 2.''C year he found. 
quite by accident, that he was also an 
exceptional swimmer. {Right. Oscar"^! As a 
firstie. Johnny could be found either running 
the company or running around in various 
stages of lunidress. ranging from nothing to 
red tights al a Bud Man 

Johnny had a penchant for long distance 
love affairs Between Micheie. Shelly. Mary T . 
and Denise. many hundreds of miles were put 
on G G.. his 240-Z — and all without a spare' 
After every road-trip we endured many days 
of Johnny staring at a picture of his latest love 
with that puppy-dog expression we'll always 
remember However, none of these girls were 
lucky enough to capture John before he left 
for San Diego and Surface Line. 

Johnny will always be remembered by the 
members of Third Company as a thoughtful. 
dedicated, yet fun-loMng person. IVe all wish 
the best to someone who trulv deserves it 


Patrick D. Olivier 


Redondo Beach, California 

Political Science, USMC Pilot 

Patrick Olivier came to the Naval Academy 
from sunny CaUfomia as a member of the 
Class of Eighty-three. He quickly became 
famous for his 0900 five o'clock shadow that 
even a titanium razor was unable to conquer. 
After a great youngster year with the other 
members of the "dirty half-dozen". Pat took 
a sabbatical from Na\y. But alas, be could not 
stay away long and rejoined thirsty third as 
a proud member of the Class of Eighty-four. 
As a second class he made his infamous burger 
run and did his time. Not one to be found in 
the rack, Patrick spent many an afternoon in 
;he ring aa a Navy boxer. He was also well 
known for making maximum use of bis liberty 
time. If you heard PO say "ramble" you knew 
that liberty waan 't far away. He studied hard 
and as a squad leader ran a tight ship. A more 
reverent mid you would have trouble finding. 
Third Company wishes Pat the best of luck 
aa an aviator, and let it be known that the 
Marines are looking for one fewer good man 
with Pat in their ranks. 

Third Company 287 

Gregory W. Pease 


Baltimore, Maryland 

Physical Science, USMC 

Peaser came to USNA the hard way- After 
spending one and a half years in the fleet and 
fifteen months at BOOST, the -old man" 
finaUy made it. Taking charge at once as 
guide-on bearer. Peaser led THIRD COM- 
PANY through many march-overs and 
P-rades with bis dad and brother always on 
our left flank. 

Greg went through more pounds of coffee 
beana in his four years at USNA than King 
Hall has since its original existence. You could 
always count on Greg for a cup of home brew 
when burning the midnight oil. 

Although at times considered a sweat, 
Peaser was in fact a very hard worker whose 
diligence made life in Bancroft a Uttle more 
tolerable. Who else would have thought of 
providing donuts and juice for the whole 
company before the march on in Pasadena? 
First class year as company commander, he 
was even accused of conning the company 
officers out of Friday inspections. It almost 
worked Greg. 

Through the influence of one of our interim 
company officers, Peaser will be leaving the 
Navy to wear the uniform of a Marine. With 
the support and love of his parents, to whom 
he is eternally thankful, Greg will accomplish 
many things in his life. The Navy's loss is the 
Corps' gain. SEMPER FIDELIS and God 
bless you. 


Michael R. Pease 


Alexandria, Virginia 

Operations Analysis, Navy Air 

The "Fish", as he was affectionately known, 
came to USNA from, who knows where? Navy 
brat you know! Mike wasted no time in 
making friends and daily schedules (even 
included when to brush bis teeth}! Mike 
became the recipient of weekly beatings by 
some of his most popular classmates, which be 
normally provoked upon himself. Fish came to 
the Academy gung-ho on submarines but those 
Nukes showed him the light! He now wants 
to fly P-3's (NFO) and hunt down Soviet Subs. 
Michael chose Operations Analysis for bis 
major and forever told us how wonderful the 
computer was. It was so wonderful that Fish 
got to tuck NATS into bed at 0400 on several 
occasions. Third Company clocks were 
synchronized at 1900 daily when Mike aped 
down the ball to make the news on TV (never 
missed it!). Fish took on the job of fencing 
captain his senior year and hoped to go to 
Nationals (again). His other bobbies included 
bicycling, skiing, running, and occasionally a 
visit to Italy, where he grew up. Mike's fluent 
Itahan was only surpassed by his financial 
prowess. With any luck, this guy is going to 
make bucks. Anyone who drives a '63 Rambler 
that he called the "Sex Machine" (we strongly 
doubted this one) and fences, can 't be all bad. 
The Pease Family shuttle will always be 
remembered and appreciated by those who 
needed a helping band. Michael always looked 
out for bis classmates. You're not the neatest 
person in the world Mike, but you're working 
on it. Best of Luck in all you do Fish! Go For 
It! Go Navy Air! 

Patrick C. Rabun 


Farmerville, Louisiana 

Applied Science, Surface 

The pride of the Farmerville Farmers came 
to USNA without any knowledge of the sea. 
He sure made up for it though, with a 4.0 PCR 
average and command of his own YP. Pat was 
not quits sure what was going on Plebe 
Summer, but he kept a low profile and 
managed to catch on to the routine very 
quickly. A firm believer that gouge never 
really helped anyone, he managed to excel 
without it, amazing us with back to back 4.0's 
youngster year. But Pat's accompUshments 
never went to his head. He would always put 
down bis own homework to help a classmate. 
Indeed, he saved many a soul with hours of 
E.I the night before an exam. Much of Pat's 
hard work was directed to YP Squadron. 
Perhaps the most capable mariner in the class 
of '84, Pat was the CO of our Battalion's boat, 
and probably earned more color points for our 
company than two people combined. Pat's 
greatest refuge was Burger King — be went 
there so much on the weekends that we 
thought he had a part-time job. First class 
year saw Pat in the position of Academic 
Officer, where he undertook the title of "the 
Originator". During his reign of terror, Pat 
clearly put the fear of God into anyone who 
skipped a class. Pat is one of those guys that 
you do not come across very often in life. Who 
else would take your duty on the weekend? 
(except when he was skiing) Integrity, 
intelligence, and a sense of humor are all 
trademarks of this fine claaamate. Pat, the 
Navy is fortunate to have an officer such as 
you. Good luck in Surface Line to a faithful 



J^^BB*^ JP 







'> Ji. 


J > 




♦* ■ 







Clay A, Richmond 


Sonora, California 

Electrical Engineer 

Clay was a veteran of the Navy school 
system when he came to the open arms of 
Mother B. He never got use to the plebe way 
of life and thus became The Organizer, 
planner of parties and arranger of recon raids. 
All of the fun of being a plebe got to Clay, 
though, so be became a dedicated member of 
the crew team. It didn 't take long for him to 
discover where bis energy was better spent, so 
Clay said so long to Hubbard Hall forever and 
went to the Pbillipines for Youngster cruise 
where be recuperated nicely. Come Youngster 
year. Clay became an adopted family member 
of the MacCoys. It was here that Clay learned 
how to drive a boat, catch racoons, build 
bombe, and deliver newspapers. Once when he 
was in a professional mood took the initiative 
and taught the 4th class family members how 
to paint the beating vents green. Fortunately 
it waan 't long after when Clay met a lovely lass 
from Sevema Park. She bought him some nice 
clothes and the rest is history. Clay did the 
right thing by becoming the 2nd member of 
the married room. The last year at USNA wss 
spent in pursuit of academic excellence and 
hands-on experience in Electrical Engineering. 
Clay never failed to log leas than 20 hours a 
week on Qbert and he became the last 
surviving EE in our company. Well, here's to 
the beat of memories and we all wish you and 
Kathy the best Break a "kick" Clay. 

288 Third Company 


Glen A. Schultz 


San Mateo, California 

Mechanical Engineering. EDO 

Rumor has it that Glen's mother filled out 
his application to the Academy, hut once he 
armed he adapted well to the system. Most 
people can be catagonzed by their living 
habits, but SchulUie is not like most other 
people. During the weekdays be can be found 
in Nimtz n-ith an armload of books and his 
HP 330. (With reverse polish notation) But 
during the weekend he can be found in the 
nearest gutter face down The stories start 
with spring break plebe year by being 
rhumb-cuffed at BrowTi. Here Glen began 
enduro-dnnking for five days. It made for an 
interesting return trip as Schultzie ipassiveiyi 
cleared an entire box car. Youngster year he 
took up a new hobby at Disco called "Pour 
and Run" This was also the year he earned 
the "Punctuality Award" for his remarkable 
metabolic clock. Second class summer Tango 
and Mike learned that Glen did not know his 
left from his right as he "toured" them around 
Hawaii. Another adventure that was encoun- 
tered was "Death Ride with Stumpy, the 
One-legged Outlaw. " First class year has been 
no different from the other years. It started 
nith a weekend of jacuzzing with "Party Slut" 
and "Party Pig" The last "great" reported of 
Glen was a burning bridge in Marrietta. With 
these memories in mind we wish Glen the best 
of luck in the future. 

David H. Smith 


Indianapolis, Indiana 

Physical Science, Surface Line 

Dave, or D.B.D., as he is known back in his 
native home ro»7j of Indianapolis, came to 
V-S.N-A. by a rather strange route. Dave came 
to the Naiy by way of the U.S. Army. After 
spending a long strenuous year at the United 
States Militar\- Academv Prep School or 
MAPS as It IS more commonly called. Dave 
joined the blue and gold team highly 
motivated and dedicated to the .\'a\y way He 
had a hard time ridding himself of the 
brainwashing placed on him by the Army, why 
once when told to lead a cheer at the table 
he pounded on the table and then yelled at 
the top of his lungs "Go Army!". You can 
imagine the bazmg he received for that. Well 
plebe summer soon ended and Dave turned all 
of his energy into trying to meet the academic 
challenge placed before him. While not always 
successful at his academic endeavors he is one 
of the few people that can say that they have 
lived through five consecutive Ac-Boards. 
While haling to spend almost all of his leave 
time here at U.S.N.A Dave was still able to 
find time for a social life. Yes, Dave is also 
joining another team . "The few. the proud, 
the married". Yep despite all of the obstacles 
placed in his path Dave will make it out to 
the fleet on time and married yet well the 
Army has lost a good man and the Sa\y is 
gaining a good officer, and Danielle is getting 
a great man for a husband. Good Luck and 
God Speed. 

I /or ilia) 

John P. Stamos 


Ann Arbor, Michigan 

Naval Architecture, Navy Air 

Stames came to us from Ann Arbor. 
Michigan. We were hoping they would take 
him back but no such luck From the start. 
Stames proved that he was the typical Mid 
He won his Black 'S' youngster year as a 
member of Thirsty -Thirds Famous Five. 
Matter of fact. John even happened to be 
running the bar that night. Always one to 
enjoy a little female companionship, the 
Greek, as he was affectionarely known 
mastered the complei art of G.l'E. (Going 
Ugly Early) Stames always maintained his 
girls really weren't "all that bad." but we saw 
'em. Of course there was the beautiful older 
woman he picked up in Norfolk. iHumm. we 
never did see her though). While girl chasing 
and carousing took up a good bit of his time. 
John still managed to be a member of the 
Varsity Saihng Team and took command of 
the Na%y's finest offshore racer Always a 
uinner John showed Army how to sail in a 
special match race in Pasadena. Somehow. 
Stames even had a major. Why a guy who 
always planned on being a Tighter pilot went 
e we'll never know but at 
the Today Show. Course, 
• the Today Show? Somehow 
> three springbreaks. 
college road trips and "appropriating" Boston 
Whalers at Block Island. After all that, 
landing on a carrier should be nothing. No one 
could ask for a better classmate or friend than 
John. Na\y Air couldn't get a finer officer 
Good luck in the future and as the airdales 
say "Good Hunting and Check Six". 


Naval Architi 
least it got him ( 

Jean-Francois Turner 


El Paso. Texas 

Political Science. Surface 

Francois came into Plebe summer from EI 
Paso. TX without a clue It was quite an 
abrupt change in lifestyle from his laid back 
Texan atmosphere to the rigors of USNA. But 
Francois quickly (though not necessarily 
pleasantly! met the squad leader Mr Gerbig 
and element leader Mr. Davitt. The result was 
a long plebe year. But, Francois proved he was 
tougher than the system, and survived plebe 
year He even earned bis Airborne wings. 
Youngster cruise turned out to be the light at 
the end of the tunnel. Francois quickly found 
the California lifestyle to suit his favorite 
tastes. Prestige and a woman in every port. He 
always had an eye for flash. Never did a year 
pass when there was not a sports car displayed 
under his blotter. Between skiing, flying, and 
a love for fast cars, one could not help but 
think that he was James Bond's proteg^. But 
life at USNA was not always smooth sailing. 
Youngster year found Francois battling out 
academic obstacles until he was rescued by the 
Poli-sci department. After finding bis niche in 
foreign languages (after all. how else do you 
meet those French speaking ladies'^), be began 
to cruise through academics with an occasional 
poli-sci paper fall-nighter of course!). As far 
as first class year, it was only a matter of 
counting don-n the days for Francois to reach 
his ultimate goal: a USNA grad - What 
prestige! Francois - fair winds and following 
seas be with you. You are the kind of guy 
anyone would want to ser\e with. Look out 
Surface Line (and liberty ports), here comes 
a dynamite officer and a super guy. 

Third Company 289 

Gary H. Watson Jr. 


Audubon, New Jersey 

Naval Architecture, Nuclear 


Gary was a model mid; the kind that belongs 
in the sample room. He had a funny habit of 
intendy studying, getting good grades, being 
meticulously neat and organized, and being a 
fountain of engineering gouge. On top of all 
that he was a top notch drummer and a star 
goalie on Thirsty Third's Heldball team. It was 
the drum set that became his escape from the 
daily grind. Guy always had an ear for music, 
whether it was listening to bis radio after taps 
plebe year or blasting Ted Nugent at 150dB 
before a p-rade. A member of "Blind Alley". 
Gary helped bis band to become the premiere 
rock group at the academy. For bis efforts, he 
was elected president of the Modern Music 
Bands and keeper of the keys! As time passed. 
Guy came under the spell of the "Nukes ($) 
and fell in love with our silent service while 
his roommate saw the light and went air. Some 
say that be sold bis soul to rock-n-roll and 
nuclear power, but when it came to first class 
cruise, he chose an ARS and the ring dance 
over a sub in the Atlantic. Tough choice? Not 
if his fiancee, Barbara, had anything to say 
about it! Best of luck to you and Barb in sunny 
Florida . - . "May the elite force be with you'" 


Rafael Etnilio UUoa 


San Pedro Suia, Honduras 

General Engineering, Honduran 


Rafael wandered into the Academy from 
Honduras. He was all eyes and ears and could 
barely speak a word of English. After realizing 
this could be used to his advantage, homer. 
Rafael could reply to a rate he didn't know. 
"Sir. I don't understand". He also sidestepped 
another problem by being allowed to give his 
chow calls in Spanish. Little did we all know 
that we were being told all about the weather 
instead of the noon meal and officers of the 

Rafael did catch on to the "slang" English 
language, however, and soon was able to curse 
with the best of American sailors. He also 
managed to keep his head above water under 
a demanding engineering load, and under 
water before haircut inspections. The clean cut 
"wet look" gave way to the Georgetown 
civilian look on Friday nights. As of this date 
be hasn't been caught yet. 

After graduation. Rafael will leave his 
collection of "dreamy-eyed" American 
"babes" behind, when be goes back to serve 
In bis country's navy. 

Rafael's friendship and sense of humor was 
an inspiration to us all. even in the most 
dismal of times. Good luck Rafael, we wish you 
a safe, happy career and life. We'll miss vou. 


Patrick J. Walsh 

P. J. 

Kalispeil, Montana 

Applied Science, Navy Air 

Coach Walsh came here from a far off land 
that the rest of us have only heard about - 
Montana. He has suffered through four years 
of ribbing because of his origins. P. J. spent 
more hours defending Montana, "Bobeat" 
basketball, bis state's buffalo to women ratio, 
and the renowned metropolis of Kalispeil than 
he spent sleeping. Originally, P. J. was rather 
shy and introverted. His interests ranged from 
sports to sports! Hence the nickname "Coach ". 
He was a little bit of Jimmy the Greek, Ara 
Parsegan. Jim Thorpe, and Howard Cossell all 
rolled into one. You name the sport, date, and 
time; he 'd give you the teams, the victor, and 
the play by play. It didn 't take long for him 
to succumb to the social pressures of bis 
buddies. A metamorphosis occured and soon 
P. J. was in the thick of the pack. His 
biography would not be complete without 
mention of sailing dates. Hood College softball 
and postgame activities, Yale University. San 
Diego summer cruise apartment, his ability to 
sleep in any car at any time, spring break in 
Florida, wrestling at Shippensburg State, 
perfect attendance at football games, "poly- 
hester pants", "oooh sad", and his unparal- 
leled performance as a Hail of Fame member 
of the "G" team. He is truly an inspiration to 
us all. 

P. J. now leaves us for his calling as a Navy 
pilot. He has won our upmost respect and 
admiration as a friend, a colleague, and as a 
person. He is an inspiration for anyone who 
is trying to better himself. We thank him and 
wish him a safe and successful life. Good luck 
and God Bless. 


Micheal M. Wilson 

Richardson, Texas 
Economics. Navy Air 

Through four years of some very close calls 
we have finally made it! (The entire First Class 
year. Second Class Summer. Jimmy Buffet 
Rum Parties, and who could forget Newport, 
RJ.) We have definitely had some good times 
but then it has always not been a bed of rosea. 
However, we all managed to pull each other 
through. The friendships we have made are 
something I will always treasure. As we all go 
our separate ways good-luck in the future, and 
thanks for everything. 

To Mom. Dad. Pat, Rose, Scott. George, 
Kate, the MacCoys. the Clintons, and John V. 
it seems the support was always there - thanks 
for it all 'cause y'all know that I needed it. 

To the bovs of Third Company, and the 
Animals of 3-C ■ 

I want to party with vou Cowboy. 


290 Third Company 


~'-^''— —• -~- 



Beverly M. Baker 


Newport News, Virginia 

Economics, Marine Corps 

Bev came to the Naval Academy from 
Newport News. VA after a year's detour at 
NAPS. Apparently. NAPS refined her study 
habits, and she could often be found looking 
at ^ires, steam, and navigation in between 
Harlequin romances. As for her own romances, 
there was this guy from a place called West 
Point, then one from Bancroft Hall. Both were 
eventually abandoned, and she discovered her 
true love at the end of second class year - a 
'66 Corvette. First class year, little thought 
was given to anything else until Christmas 
leave, when her 'vette caressed another car 
and Bev. out of jealousy, rediscovered her 
West Point friend. 

Bev set her sights on going Marine Corps 
from the start and, except for a brief look at 
Na\yNFO (what doyou mean I'm taoshorf'K 
she has not abandoned that goal. Nothing will 
stand in her way - not those ff(S>!! swimming 
tests or the PCR - and she will get what she 
wants. Good Luck and Semper Fi. 

Kevin M. Blum 


Coon Rapids, Minnesota 

Marine Engineering 

Nuclear Power, Submarines 

Kevin steamed into Annapolis straight from 
the fast attack sub U.S.S. Flaaber. His unique 
approach to plebe summer and plebe year 
included teaching Mid./Ens. Marrin a few 
things about marching; he shouldn't have 
grabed Kevin 's aim. One would think that the 
old man knew better than to greet upperclass 
with. "I'm Kevin Blum, glad to meet you. " 

As a second claas his enjoyment of Marine 
Flng. began to show as did his love/need for 
coffee and Pepsi and anything else which 
contained caffeine. For three years, he had to 
sleep as a plebe, Kev was often up until 3 or 
4 AM doing work. A true hall rat, many 
Saturday nights he would spend at his desk 
dressed in bis brown bathrobe - a cigarette in 
one hand and a coffee cup in the other. Ail 
that work seemed to pay off; an A in beat from 
the Rocket is proof enough. 

When not working. Gramps could be found 
watching T.V. His favorites were Hill Street 
Blues. Emerald Point, and Remmington 
Steele. Perhaps his fiancee, Janice, will fmd 
more productive uses of bis free time. 
Throughout the years Kevin has become a 
close and trusting friend. Good luck in 
marriage. We'll always remember you! 

M.E., P.F. 

Ruth Ann Cbristopherson 


Mondavi, Wisconsin 

Applied Science-Management, 

Supply Corp 

Ruth came to us from Mondovi. WI with 
high aspirations and a winning smile. She's 
leading after 4 years with even higher goals 
and a wider smile. She never lacked 
companionship and. not being one to waste 
valuable liberty time, always made it back 
seconds before the clock clicked. The 
upperclass never seemed to understand such 
things, especially the calamine lotion. They 
never managed to break her cheerful smile 
though, which was put to good use on the 
cheerleading squad. Rah. Youngster year she 
spent much of her time away from 4th 
company, but 2/c year she did manage to 
develop in-company subspecialities and finally 
settled down with Jim. Yes, an unlikely 
combination, but one which gave her ample 
justification for not studying. I'm sure the 
reason she was NPQ 'd was for using her brain 
too much, but that's the price you pay for 
grades, (khhee-hee-bee) Good luck in Supply 
Corps Ruth - a financial whiz like you will do 
well once you get your calculator figured out. 

Thanks for all the pep talks and rationaliza- 
tions about life, and for always being able to 
bring out the positive (a little more blush 
always sets things right.) Your guiding 
philosophy has been to enjoy each day as it 
came along; and well Ruth, you have! The four 
years have merged together quite happily with 
alot of fun times and great memories. Bertard 
Russell's quote will always remind me of you: 

"There is always the pursuit of private 
excellence. " 


Fourth Company 291 


Jeffery Alan Conklin 


Los Angeles, California 

Computer Science, Marine Corps 


Conks came to us from LA. via Newport 
where be spent a year at NAPS making real 
money. He came to "The World's Largest 
Skinner Box" and because of deep masocbistic 
tendencies, he chose computer science for bis 
major This was fine for me because be would 
spend many a late night at the confuser and 
leave me a room to myself where I could crank 
up heavy metal music which be detested. Also, 
these deep masochistic tendencies are proba- 
bly the reason for his being a cheerleader for 
three years and the goat for one year. He was 
a fun loving individual and could be found at 
every rumble, including those that he did not 
instigate. He always had girl trouble. He would 
chase girls out here but bis heart was always 
with some girl from the west coast. His one 
fault was his indecision about service selection. 
He would change his mind about once a day 
but he finally decided on Marine Air. The 
choice cost him his hair. And to think that he 
became qualified in submarines on bis 
Youngster Cruise. We wish bim the best and 
when our paths cross, we'll be happy to see 
that crazy Californian. 


Gary Scot DeBode 

The Bodes 

Sedro Wooly, Washington 

Applied Science, Nuclear 


Gary entered the Academy as a quiet, 
mild-mannered, soft spoken person. In other 
words, he bad "mellow" written all over his 
face, just ask our plebes. During our plebe 
summer, his most memorable acts included 
calling our platoon commander. Lisa, "Mom" 
when reporting the muster and being flustered 
at a come around to the extent of adding 
profanity to the Oath of Office. Poor guy. he 
was so embarrassed! Well, as youngster year 
arrived, it became evident Gary had two weak 
spots: women and money. He has proved this 
statement true time and time again (Subic. 
MWC. and VSNA). As far as women go. a 
pretty smile and a sweet personality was 
enough to book Gary. For a period of time be 
was known as "Gary Lion " and his motto was 
"always Wynn and never lose. "' / prefered "all 
for Wynn and Wynn for all. " Anyway, after 
Wynn came Marie. Once again my boy was 
hooked. But due to circumstances beyond his 
control, the relationship was put on hold . . . 
or should I say, "to be continued?!" As far as 
money is concerned Gary has no control. He 
likes to buy outrageous clothing or else take 
a girl to Georgetown. In fact, when the boys 
from Nuke Power came knocking at his door, 
they seduced bim with the green stuff It was 
all over after that — Orlando, Florida better 
get braced for some heavy partying because 
Gary DeBode is on bis way. Good luck 'ole 
buddy. I'll see you in a year even if you end 
up glowing in the dark, I won't hold that 
against you. 


James J. Dorbin 


Boulder, Colorado 

Oceanography, Surface Line 

With a pretty girl named Amy on bis mind 
Jim came to Annapolis from mountain- 
wonderful Colorado. Plebe Summer found Jim 
hot, tired and busy, taking care of himself and 
bis roommate. Together with his other four 
roommates of the "Sweat Smack and Choke 
Barn, " Jim survived Plebe year. Youngster 
year and Second Class year found Dorbs 
heavily into heavy weights, studying, frisbee 
and "No Fun Allowed. " 

With a horizontal stripe of a first class Jim 
knew his time bad arrived. First semester the 
first Battalion learned to fear Jim 's half of the 
"Stanley and Black and Decker Power Tool 
Corporation. " As Batt Admin Jim bad a lot 
of work but also a lot of freedom to do things 
he had been putting off for three years. With 
his pretty girl Amy married, Dorbs was due 
for a new girlfriend. After Sandra came on the 
scene his buddies have seen very little of him 
but are anxiously awaiting their steak dinners. 
Whatever Jim decides to do we all know he 
will give bis best. Good luck SWO and take 
it easy. 


Cynthia Lynn Eppers 


Kenosha, Wisconsin 

History NFO 

Cyndi came to us from Kenosha. WI, 
determined to be herself. As a result, her hair 
was reg.. only with her reefer on. and anything 
that went under her wuba. wasn't 

She lived through plebe summer and 
strolled through Ac year - one of the privileges 
of destroying her legs at crew. 

Never one to waste any brain cells on trivia, 
Cyn proved that it is possible to graduate 
without learning to do mo-boards, take a 
derivative, or figure out the steam cycle. She 
carried this conservation of effort into her 
private life as well, and is now capable of 
talking with anyone without letting them 
know she doesn't know their name. 

One of Cvndi's major accomplishments was 
her success in breaking hearts, including a 
townie and whoop. Obviously Chuck was able 
to bring her eu-ound. and the past year and a 
half found Cyn quite content to study out of 

Cyndi is now off to an exciting career as a 
NFO. Fear not Pilots, for her potential as a 
Naval Officer is only beginning to unfold. If 
she is as dedicated to Navy Air as she is to 
her friends, she can be nothing but a success! 

292 Fourth Company 

IVl?»-» » c~rr ^T, ^ w ■ ^ -V. . -T-^v. ■— 




Moreatha Y. Flaggs 


Toledo, Ohio 

Political Science, Unrestricted 


Mo arrived in Annapolis fat, dumb, and 
happy and left slimier}, smartier}, and cynical. 
She was well known for her sarcastic wit and 
told the truth, regardless of the 
?nces or the enemies she made! Her 
often doubted her sanity when she 
her alarm for 0530 just to turn over 
and go back to sleep {without shutting off the 
alarm). Go running'' Yeah, right. Actually. Mo 
was a dedicated athlete, from coming back in 
the summer for three practices a day 
{beginning at 05001 to giving up every 
weekend first semester each year just for 
Volleyball. Plebe summer she was unofficially 
but unanimously voted "Least Likely to 
Succeed" but Alaska lor wherever the — she 
went) got a professional, highly motivated, 
outstanding officer. (What? Get a clue??) 

would s 

Matthew M. Eves 


Syracuse, New York 

System Engineering, Naval Pilot 

We knew that it was going to be quite an 
experience here for Matt when his plebe 
summer squad leader showed him how to 
chop, square corners, and sound off and Matt 
laughed at him. What a wav to start off the 

Matt joined the crazy band of brothers and 
turned into an excellent oarsman. From all the 
bard work he put into crew he managed to be 
a very sound sleeper. How many people do you 
know who can get a water balloon in the face 
and sleep through it? 

As a first class Matt discovered that there 
was a little more to life than crew and 
academics. It was always fun to watch Matt's 
face light up when be got psyched to party. 
Matt also learned about California girls. There 
were several trips made between California 
and here in just one year and there are more 
planned The problem is he likes it out there 

Another one of Matt's better traits is his 
organization. His room on a weekday looks like 
most do on weekends. It's hard to describe on 
a weekend, if you c&n find it. Once he even 
tried to teach his brother how to be organized. 

Matt's post -graduation plans will start off 
with the rest of the gang down in P-cota. We 
wish you the best of luck flying those sleek 


John H. Fellows, Jr. 


Annapolis, Maryland 

Applied Science, Navy Air 

Few can boast of size 12 h shoes, or a nose 
that moves when thev talk, or being awarded 
the title of CINCRAGLANTFLT 

John had a relatively tough four years at 
Annapolis in that if anyone felt like dishing 
out abuse, John was a handy recipient, not to 
say that he didn't deal out his fare share! 
Academics and conduct were two of bis 
favorite subjects; especially the latter! Moving 
planes in '80, "quiet " disagreements in '81, 
3-striper libs when be only had 2 diagonal 
ones. Thanks to a little PW action on route 
to Ca.!. and of course missing formations 
thanks to his well earned varsity Z! The whip 
struck John the summer after youngster year 
(You learned well from Kmg-whip and 
Alabama!) Since then, John proved himself 
time, and again in the art of female relations. 
J. T should talk! the rug. Wanda, german 
doorsteps, violet, hands-off. the wild-one. the 
mad kisser, and the free army tickets I use me. 
please!) Can't neglect a couple company 
actions either, can we?? With the aid of the 
other two Musketeers, Ben-rag. and Beeker. 
"Tinkles" found the true worth of liquid 
carbohydrates - perpetual pitchers, pizza and 
a six. Beefsteaks, and "studying beverages." 
Are you sure there's nothing in that parachute 
bag"^! • Yuga-Buga! 

In his quiet, unassuming way. the OOD's 
will agree with that! - remember, officers don 't 
part their hair that way! John has made many 
friends at USNA who wish him the best of 
luck - blue skies, shiny wings, and luck in 
finding that mysterious chest hair! Remember 
■ peace, joy. and tranquility!! 


Priscilla Ann Futcher 


Lewes Beach, Delaware 

Ocean Engineer, Civil Engineer 


Priscilla. 'Pete' or more affectionately 
known as 'Mom '. sailed to USNA to keep 
above the sinking shores of Lewes Beach, 
Delaware. For 2 years she sailed with the 
dinghy team traveling up and down the eeist 
coast. Having given that up, intramurals and 
drill then filled her afternoons when of course, 
there wasn't liberty. 

Priscilla always managed to find time for 
others. She was often found returning from 
weekends with baked goods for her friends 
who were stuck m the half It only stands to 
reason that this was learned from her family 
who brought the 'Delaware Food Service' to 
the home football games and put out the 
largest display of food than any tailgater in 
the lot. All of course were welcome. 

Many of us in fourth company have 'Pete' 
io thank for satisfying the late night cravings 
for munchies. An accomphshed food taster, I 
could always find something to eat in her 
room. We won't even mention a book of hers 
referred to as only T. T Her hospitality and 
kindness will long be remembered. KB 

Priscilla has been a true friend to everyone 
she has met and with her drive for perfection 
she should do very well in the CEC. Best of 
luck always, Priscilla. can't wait 'til our 


Fourth Company 293 


Scott Fitzgerald Griffin 


Eden, North Carolina 

Mechanical Engineer, Naval 

Flight Officer 

Scott came to ub from North Carolina. The 
state which be claims led the South in the War 
of Northern Aggression. He began his quest 
for a varsity letter as well as his naval career 
wearing stars through both plebe and 
youngster year. Scott went through second 
class year with a bang, terrorizing both plebes 
and motorists. First class cruise found Scott 
in Sweden having the time of his life and 
finding, according to him, his third "only true 
love". He claims to have denied himself many 
earthly pleasures due to his love for Anna. 
However, we ail know that had he not denied 
himself these pleasures, the girls would have. 
First semester first class year Griff could 
always be heard praising the Mech. Eng. 
department as well as the "Rocket. " Also, be 
finally received his well deserved varsity letter 
in lightweight football. Second semester Scott 
became a first class, and even got his driving 
privileges back, though bis Jag XKE was still 
in the shop from the second class escapades. 
None of us will ever forget his singing I in 1814 
we took a little trip) or his Little Debbies 
(especially Murph). This wild-eyed southern 
boy chose a career in naval aviation. They 
couldn't be getting a better man! Good luck 
always Griff. 


Lorenzo S. Hiponia 


San Diego, California 

Mathematics, Surface 

Pony. Lorem. Hipman and 'Lil are just a 
few of the names Larry answers to. He's 
flezible. If you know him from class, church 
or plebe detail you would probably say he's a 
very quiet person who's into the wood, but his 
bite is much bigger than his bark. Revenge is 
his middle name, so watch what you do. He 
may be too short to fly, but be does everything 
in a big way. 

One big thing is his stubbornness. You can 
talk all you want, but almost nothing will 
change his mind. That usually goes for women 
too. He let one play havoc for three years, but 
gave up that bad habit after detail. The magic 
of 3 stripes can go MILES. 

Another big thing to Larry ii 
ance. If GQ ever did a spread . 
of Boat School" he would be on 
every girl's dorm in the country 
is just right. If he spent his t 
instead of combing his hair he would have a 
4.0. If you look in his closet don't expect to 
find uniforms. It looks more like the racks in 
Cbessking. He even chose a ship in San Diego 
to keep his year-round tan going for the final 

Who knows if be will be a career man. If 
so. expect to see him in Proceedings. If not. 
look at the leaders in the Fortune 500 in a few 
years. Either way. you'll hear more from Hip. 
See you at Black's under that great California 
Sun. Cat. 


his appear- 
n the "Men 
the wails of 

h /] k 



Kristine Holderied 


Woodbine, Maryland 

Oceanography, Geophysics 

Kwia Holdaweed came to us from Wood- 
bine, Maryland. Nice and close for homeward- 
bound weekends - which we ail took advantage 
of Notwithstanding the "accomplishments" 
of: Trident Scholar (how anyone can become 
a Trident Scholar by making Utile bugs glow 
is beyond me. But it did give you ample 
3-striper libs.). Regimental Sub Cdr First Set 
Plebe Detail {Atten' boot!), and Deputy 
Bwigade Cdr. it's been a pleasure knowing 
you these four years. You gave new meaning 
to study hour and regulation room equipment. 
Guess the company officer thought your good 
grades would rub off on your roommates - no 
such luck, 'cause we held out (it could be 
because we went to bed way before you ever 
did). Memories of spring break excursions to 
sunny Daytona Beach will be treasured for 
quit a while - and don't forget the side trip 
to Orlando, Remember that teddy bears make 
good companions when all else fails and never 
stop being an optimist. Good luck in 
Geophysics ■ even if that does mean you'll be 
"stuck" in Spain, and you don't even bablo 
espanoi I'm sure someone will volunteer to 
teach you, do problem. 

Douglas Paul Mitchell 


Yorba Linda, California 

Physical Science, Surface Line 

Mitch arrived at USNA, a quiet, laid back, 
Californian track star. He also had a healthy, 
full head of hair. He was slow adapting to the 
quick-paced, regimented Academy life. During 
Plebe Summer Doug must have been on a 
different time zone since he was late for almost 
every evolution, but that didn't matter, he 
always showed up in the wrong place anyway. 
He slid thru Plebe year almost unnoticed by 
all. except for "Patty" who loved to play with 
his belt buckle at formations. Youngster year 
proved to be the time for Mitch to come out 
of his shell. Friday nights he became a man 
of many faces. He amused us all by dressing 
up as kufus lour janitor). Hitler, CHiPs, and 
Shiek Abdul Mobamedjust to name a few. He 
also was the keeper of Prince Bytor - the 
Mighty Cowled Falcon. 

But the Y'ongster year antics took their toll 
on his grades. He promptly changed from 
engineering to Oceanography. But this was 
still too much for Doug so he went Phi-Sci. 
Second class year mellowed Mitch since be 
ended up living with two Offshore "sailor 
baggers". His only two happiness' were eating 
and sleeping, both of which be performed with 
great expertise. He still has the rack bums 
from this era. First class year Mitch turned 
into a miracle worker ■ bow could he get a 3.1 
and not study an hour. He again enjoyed bis 
Friday nights but this time it was either at the 
"Mustang Ranch" or Frans. He started to 
work on his "SWO physique" early showing 
his enthusiasm forgetting into the Fleet Doug 
- 1 wish you all the best - May you always have 
fair winds and following seas. "Be careful out 


294 Fourth Company 


Brian Murphy 


Saratoga, California 

General Engineering, Surface 


The Smurfcame to us from the foggy banks 
of the Gay Bay with a bowl of chiU in one 
hand, and a footbaV in the other Since then, 
he has manufactured his own brand of chili, 
both here in the O.D. shack, and as far West 
as Steamboat Springs. Colorado. Thanks to 
some careful guidance from the Lash, Smurrs 
footbaH haa since been replaced by a 
somewhat rounder ball, and as a result. 
Murphy's Mustangs were born. A trip to the 
Nationals, through the fine support of the 
U.S.N.A. administration, ended similar to 
Murph 's state finals with St. Francis. 

Despite bis cross-country escapades with 
Greg, trips to Chi-town, and other adventures 
with Karen, Brian managed to walk the 
straight and narrow virtually unscathed until 
first class year. Maybe it was the gambling 
with Gene or trips to Tahoe that made the 
difference. Whatever it was, it kept Bamp 

Good luck you Wild Turkey. The Riverside 
Inn, Hardee's, and of course Wendy's chili and 
cheese will miss you. 


James H. Mooney 


Waldorf, Maryland 

Operations Analysis, Navy Air 

Moons strolled into Canoe U. in 1980 
dragging his high school Knockout, Lvri. 
Being from Waldorf and having his girl's 
family as a sponsor kept his SEE factor high 
while we were all dating Rosey. Being a cocky 
dude he boxed in the plebe smoker and won 
and also got his letter plebe year in 150 FB. 
His athletic career ended as a 2nd team 
AU-American D-Back for the 150s. I forgot his 
Z star with oak leaf clusters. 3/c cruise he 
traveled all around the Med. and due to his 
love for Lori denied himself many earthly 
pleasures only to get dumped at the end of 
3/c vear. We celebrated during June week with 
a V5 of Smirnoff & O. J. Being a squared away 
guy he broke all the rules and didn't get 
caught until the end of 2/c year. His car at 
St. John 9 began his EMBC career His next 
exploit? You guessed it. he went black. Yes, 
he went WUBA. And I've had an extra 
roommate 1/c year. But Ruthfu is pretty 
gouge, he says. He leaves Annapolis to the 
party life of P-cola and whether he makes flag 
or a million, USNA will miss this guy that gave 
Lt. Holman ulcers during plebe detail. Navy 
Air all the wav for this son of an old salt. 


Thomas Charles Mortensen 
Mortimer Mid 
White Bear Lake, Minnesota 
Operations Analysis Marine 
Corps Air 

Morty left behind his reportedly shoulder 
length hair, juvenile delinquency and his job 
as a professional killer in order to attend the 
Severn River Institute of Naval Technology. 
Soon after arriving he found out that that 
despite what the catalog said this was not the 
world's only co-educational monastary and it 
was possible to go here and stili have a good 
time. Setting out on a four year attempt to 
prove this. Tom was always the first into any 
rumble and the first out on any recon. Morty 
also met his fair share of girls, unfortunately 
if he was destined to meet five girls in five 
weeks, he met five the first week and didn't 
even see another one for five more. Always 
more motivated than most mids, Mort was a 
Cheerleader for two years, besides giving him 
the opportunity to man-handle the opposite 
sex. he had the opportunity to travel to exotic 
places for the games including Memphis, 
Tenn. for the Liberty Bowl. The Marines are 
looking for one leas good man now. 


Se-Hun Oh 


Margate, Florida 

Applied Science, Management 

Surface Warfare 

Doc started off at this old school with the 
highest contacts of all. the Supe was his 
sponsor, and he ended up . . . (it's a long 
story!). Doc's plebe year was one of the more 
interesting cases. The pranks pulled on him 
by two upperclass (Chuck & Virg) are truly 
classics. There are too many to mention and 
they might even embarrass him so we will 
spare him, this time. Another amazing thing 
about Doc was his athletic ability. This kid 
was tremendous in the pool & on the track, 
those situps gave him a tough time also. One 
thing that he was amazing at was soccer. He 
made the varsity soccer team plebe year, but 
had to quit. When Doc arrived here plebe year 
be was pretty innocent, but then his 
roommates taught him the ways of the world. 
Doc will never be the same again The terrible 
trio will get together again some day and 
Moons (Jim) and Rans (Tom) will teach Doc 
a few more things, or maybe Doc will give 
them a story or two. maybe even some good 
ideas! You did well Se-Hun. Good luck to you 
out there in the surface fleet. Give em Hell. 

Fourth Company 295 


Sharon E. Pfeiffer 


Easton, Pennsylvania 

History, Marine Corps 

Sharon came to conquer the NavaJ Academy 
from the sticks of Pennsylvania. Having found 
that studies were not difficult she set her 
sights on the net. Realizing that her skills were 
better utihzed behind the scene, she traded in 
the volleyball for folded nets, statistics, and 
dirty laundry. First class year we found the 
real Sharon when, during the day she was a 
mild mannered Mid, and while at night 
swapping "Wuba" for jeans she became a 
radical at American V. while the rest of us 
struggled to get a B.S. Sharon decided to work 
on both her B.S. and MA. at the same time. 
Who ever said Marines had to be dumb didn 't 
know Sharon bad chosen the Corps. 
Academics, volleyball, and Marines were not 
the only things on Sharon s mind. She was not 
without charm for the opposite sex when she 
easily captivated the heart of a West Pointer 
10 the tune of roses after only one week. First 
the Academy, next the Corps, and soon the 
world. Good Luck and Semper Ft. 

Timothy J. Quigley 


Chicago, lUinois 

Marine Engineering, Navy Air 

Tim came to the uncollege from the Windy 
City. After 1-Day Quigs hit the deck plates 
running when he was fried for not knowing the 
location of T-Court. Wanting to become the 
complete squid, Quigs got involved in many 
ECA 's. Quigs became a charter member of the 
EMBC when be decided to hunt some strange 
after taps. Tim also received a gift member- 
ship to the No Nukes Society from Izzy, 
Rocket, Smitty. and Prof. Awlright. Quigs. still 
looking to get involved, joined the Death From 
Above Society Here he met two cool dudes 
named Sgt. Tuffy and Sgt. Rock. For some 
reason Tim didn't like the way these guys 
partied so he joined the elite force for 
youngster cruise. 

Tim's megastriper career got off to a gouge 
start being selected a second class squad 
leader. Due to superior performance Quigs was 
meritoriouslv advanced to company Rufus. 
Tim excelled in the Rufus capacity by keeping 
the sweating Hoi supplied with tp. 

Quigs also got his road quals while at the 
trade school driving to Old Dog Conventions 
in Chi-Town and visiting Marg, Dano and the 

Quigs plans on hitting the white sands of 
P-Cola after graduation. Crabtown will miss 
Tim. especially Bob Ward's and the people of 

Robert Ben Rabuse 

R. B. 

Queens, New York 

Generai Engineering, Navy Air 


Rob sailed into Annapolis with three goals 
in mind: to become an engineer, to excel on 
the Varsity Offshore Sailing Team, and to fly 
Na^y. He achieved all of these goals and even 
received an added bonus by the name of Kate. 
Mother Rabuse began plebe year professional- 
ly and by the book, however he soon learned 
the ways of deviance by eating lobster after 
taps with some of bis firstie sailmg friends. 
This act earned him a black "N" and a 
membership in the early morning breakfast 
club. On the sailing team, Rob's prowess was 
unmatched. How many collisions and man 
overboards did you have junior year? I forget. 
Rob's misfortune even extended on land, as he 
became a member of the Navy driving team 
by crashing his 280-ZX (way to go Sheik of 
Arabic). As first class year rolled around R. 
B. REALL Y began to mellow out and 
concentrate on two things: sailing and 
partying. He was host of the "Mustang Ranch" 
which was located across the river and 
entertained many mids with it's supply of 
Molsons. Rob is a classy guy in all aspects, 
from the beer he drinks to the cigars he 
smokes. Those H. Vpmann s added something 
special to our great American "tokeouts ". Rob 
has been successful in all his endeavors and 
knows how to have fun along the way. Navy 
air has gained a great man in Rob. Good luck 
in all you do'. 


Thomas S. Ransom 


Honolulu, Hawaii 

Oceanography, Surface Line 

Tom plans on heading to Newport upon 
graduation. This may be a wise decision 
considering his initial exploits with naval 
aircraft. Rans was a part of the ill-fated 
expedition to move the F-4 plebe year. 

Youngster year be graduated to throwing 
toothpaste bombs into Main-0. The true killer 
of that prank came when be called back posing 
as a Lt. to get the damage report. 

Tom majored in Oceanography and alth- 
ough had us worried on a few occasions 
managed to pull through quite nicely. Tom 
mav still be a little confused however, as to 
the primary use of the desk: poker table or 
dance floor? 

Rans also had his share of adventures with 
the babes. The end of second class year saw 
him juggling four women simultaneously. One 
or two of whom may still be weeping. 

Tom has left bis trail on the highway of 
Annapolis in blood. A motorcycle accident 2/c 
year left him bandaged for quite a while. As 
if that wasn't enough first class year he was 
in the Thompson machine when it went down 
in all of its glory one Monday night. 

Take care Tom. hope you can steer your 
ship as well as you can a crew shell. 


296 Fourth Company 



David Michael Schmode 
Frank Purdue 
Portsmouth, Rhode Island 
Ocean Engineer, Navy Air 

Dave came to us from the area around 
Newport. The Schmodez (as bis WlfBA shirts 
were labeled) had a most interesting Plebe 
Summer. He not only battled the first class 
but also his roommate (who to him was a 
llrstie.l His Second Set squad leader had a 
favorite phrase for Dave, "Get with the 
program Mr Schmode!" 

In spite of his precarious start at the Naval 
Academy. Dave made great strides during 
Plebe year Most notable was Dave's help with 
our entire class in computers (Doc will forever 
be in debt to him)- When Dave wasn't busy 
helping someone in their homework or taking 
their watch because they bad eaten too much, 
be was either coaching the first class on how 
to play Volleyball or in the famous "Schmode 
Mode" (with a long o in Schmode). As Dave 
flew into Youngster year, be became totally 
involved in Volleyball. Statics, and Strength 
of Materials the was the only guy I knew who 
could play golf the day before a Strengths final 
and still ace the thing). 

The best thing we can say about Second 
class year is that Dave survived it. As a firstie. 
The Schmode became the best training officer 
4th Company will ever know — the Class of 
'87 will always have a special place in their 
hearts for Dave - that is, Mr Schmode With 
a little luck Dave made it through first 
semester and became an air dale instead of a 
submariner. Good luck Dave, you have lots of 
potential and have always been the best friend 
a guv could want. 


Thomas D. Stubbs 


Corvallis, Oregon 

Systems Engineering. Nuclear 

Power Submarines 

Tom "There isn't a reg I didn't break" 
Stubbs blew in from a place called Cor\-allis. 
They say it is m the U.S.. but it isn't on any 
map. He quickly proceeded to demonstrate 
that the amount of trouble be could get into 
was inversely proportional to bis physical size. 
Somehow be managed to sur\ive the likes of 
the "Clay tool", and "Ivan the Terrible," you 
should have seen the way be dressed and 
found himself in the Vegetable Patch. Here he 
flounsbed like moas on a rock. His idea of 
studying was reading Heinlein or the latest by 
Clarke. Then it happened. He fell victim to 
the Bane of all men Yes. despite bis best 
efforts, be stood face to face, well maybe face 
to chest, with his wife-to-be; Diane, who was 
bound and determined that Tom would be free 
no longer. 

Well, the nukes got him so I reckon I'll be 
lookin' forward to some more galivantin' 
around with this dynamic duo. The best of 
everything to you and your gracious Lady. 
Who knows, maybe together you two can put 
Corx'allis on the map. It is in California isn't 

Robert G. Syring, Jr. 


Muncie, Indiana 

Marine Engineering, Nuclear 


In an ever continuing program to improve 
himself and his life. Bob left dull Muncie 
behind to bead east. He wanted a more 
exciting social life. Annapolis and West Point 
immediately came to mind, but the Woops lost 
out. Bob did the impossible during his stay 
here. Using the "Tizmo efficiency factor" 
(minimum input for maximum output), he 
disproved the theory, "You can't be a mid and 
have fun too. " Bob got good grades in a tough 
major, although he couldn't do the homework, 
three stripes and became a physical biomass 
in a variety of sports Not one to blow things 
off, he worked hard at haiing fun too. Bob was 
always out of control (o^c) He even managed 
to keep a Muncie girl for 4 years'. 

Bob's brilliant career will take on an even 
brighter, though green, glow as he heads to 
Nuke school. 

Good Luck. Bob. You Rage!! 

Jeff S. Thompson 


Centerport, New York 

Aerospace Engineer, Navy Air 

Jeff came to USNA from New York after 
spending a year at NAPS. Although be was a 
top-notch performer and a hard worker. Jeff 
always set aside plenty of time for a few laughs 
(as well as a few beers and plenty of rack) His 
plebe summer antics and bis formations in the 
CO's office during phone calls will never be 
forgotten; esp. by me! Jeff could usually be 
seen hitting the hooka at night with a break 
every now and then to consume "studying 
beverages" or to watch Hill Str. During the 
afternoons and w-ends, Jeff was either acting 
as a nav/rag dispenser for RB or was playing 
Time Pilot and chugging "Buds" at Petea. 
Wbile being somewhat of an academic stud, 
despite majoring in Aero, and a pretty good 
athlete {b-balD. Jeff did have his weak- 
nesses:: money, wisdoms, backrubs, Cables, 
picking out mo\nes and sleeping in claas to 
name a few His biggest problem was women. 
Need I mention any names. How's Boston and 
the honey, crack that whip. Oh Christy! His 
true love, however, will always be F-148. 
280ZX8 (■2nd to Z-28 of course), pepperoni 
pizza, and Pepper. Best of luck to and I'll see 
vou in Pensacola. 


Fourth Company 297 



Mark A. Thompson 


Hermitage, Tennessee 

Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear 

Power Submarines 

Mark wandered into Hotel Bancroft back in 
'80 with nothing more than the clothes on his 
back and the "Stars & Bars" under his arm. 
His rebel persistence manifested itself as he 
battled everything from, "The Lingus" to 
••The Rocket". This is not to say that be is 
a master of finesse, but rather he has that good 
ol' southern stubbornness that never dies. 

Mark has bad all kinds of roommates, such 
as the "California Condor" and "Cornelius" 
However he really went off the deep end when 
he became a member of the "Vegetable 
Patch". The Carrot. Mushroom, and Fertilizer 
grew with amazing speed and strength (similar 
to a slug) for three semesters, while oblivious 
of the outside world. Equally so. the outside 
world remained oblivious of the Veg. Patch. 
Somewhat ignorant of the regs. the "Garden" 
was always a source of fun, humor, and 
entertainment. Mark's singing and supply of 
jokes will never be forgotten by 'shroom and 

When Mark wasn't crawling over Gate 1 in 
a drunken stupor after hours or flashing 
obscene gestures at people in the hall, he was 
with the only lady in his life. Debra Jo. 
Sunday, after a weekend with Debbie, he 
bragged about bis bazaar activities. 

Now. the Nukes have him. Good luck 
wherever you go. 


Victoria A. Wall 


Daytona Beach, Florida 

Oceanography, Navy Air 

Vicki's dedication to both athletics and 
academics represented how she always strived 
to do her best. In the words of Barbara Burrow 
■ The Woman of Success. She loves life and 
lives it to the fullest She has discovered and 
shared her strengths and talents that are 
uniquely her own and leaves each situation 
better than she found it. She seeks and finds 
that which is beautiful in all people . and 
all things. She has found joy in living and 
peace within herself. Vicki - you are a success. 
Vli miss you. 

John Westerbeke 


Milton, Maryland 

Ocean Engineering, Navy Air 

Beeker or Beke. as he was known by most 
of the brigade, came to Annapolis with a 
Molson in one hand and a tiller in the other. 
Beke was so shocked plebe summer when they 
told him he had to march that he decided 
never to participate in that "ECA " again 
during his remaining 4 years. Instead. Beke 
pursued his true love-sailing. Sorry Buffie. 
"Beach Boys", and the puppy-dog!' At times. 
John was subject to much abuse by teammates 
on account of his usually "reliable i"^)" engines 
that most of the Academies' boats were 
erroneously equiped with. Obviously not too 
slandered since he was given his own 
command senior year. In the halls, his name 
changed to Westergeek as his QPR will justify- 
As with most mids. Beke earned his varsity 
Z early, and then kept it with alarming 
consistency. There was never a night that 
Beke was up past 12 despite the efforts of such 
••great" profs like Rocket. Beke's mobile home 
was a green jeep which came complete with 
copious amounts of Molsons and was used 
often for perverbial road trips. R.B. & J.T. 
won 't forget! how tough it is to go through tolls 
sideways!! Best of luck down in P-cola, Beke. 
We'll see you there, and if you practice hard 
maybe you'll be able to pound with the big 

J.f ■& J.F. 

Dale J. Zevotek 


Kannapolis, North Carolina 

General Engineering, Surface 


In July of 1980. the state of North Carolina 
got wise. They took Dale to the border and 
told him to take a hike. Certainly a strange 
beginning for a future CNO. As the Naval 
Academy only accepts the best, it immediately 
took him in with open arms. He endured and 
eventuallv became another inhabitant of the 
' ' Vege ta ble Pa tch ' '. 

Here he thrived like a fat old horsefly m a 
cattle pen When not in the rack, he could be 
found ridmg around on his pride 'n' joy, 
Bobbie Sue. four cylinders and four hundred 
and fifty pounds of pure pleasure. 

Through thick and thin (a lot of the former) 
Dale has endured with bis common sense and 
bis simple care- free nature. May your road rise 
up to meet vou wherever your journey takes 


298 Fourth Company 




John F. Abbot 


Birmingham, Alabama 

Systems Engineering, Surface 


Abbey swept through USNA o 
tide. He never settled for second best in 
anything. Perhaps it was the southern 
aristocrat in John that pushed him to success; 
in any event 3.9 was not part of his vocabulary. 

The hard work took its toll, however since 
no amount of desserts or SusticaJ could add 
a single ounce to his 130 pound bulk. An 
unquestioned champion at hide-and-seek 
when flag poles or street lamps were abundant. 
John prefered the sports of the elite - squash 

Abbey observed all the niceties of dress and 
manners. His festive wardrobe with a little 
help from the Bavarian Motor Works 
attracted numerous nice girls - perhaps a little 
too nice. Better try lOO^r Dacron and a 
Plymouth Valiant. 

John's forthrightness and outspoken man- 
ner will serve him well. Surface Warfare will 
certainly benefit from his commitment and 
talent. In five years, however, John will face 
a very difficult decision; an MBA from 
Harvard or a career as a Sumo Wrestler? 

Alan J. Abramson 
Action Al 

Cranston, Rhode Island 
Physics, Surface Line 

Al came to the Academy a shy, deranged 
little boy and he is leaving a shy. deranged 
man. Al has the kind of humor that requires 
observation from the inside out. Though be 
seems at times to be catatonic, those of us who 
know him know that he's waiting, for each 
response is to be well executed at its proper 
moment. Al is from New England, and you can 
tell. Though he says that he has lost most of 
his accent, you can still find yourself straining 
to interpret the barrage. Despite these 
setbacks. Al is 100^ Irish — by choice, not 
by birth and has been known to tip a few pints 
of Guinness on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Because of his distorted perception of 
reality. Action Al chose to drive ships and see 
the world for a living and not make lots of 

— Kevin A. S. Hays 

Steven J. Berninger 


Dunedin, Florida 

Marine Engineer, Nuclear Subs 

Steve, the only surviving member of the 
world famous Flying Berninger Brothers, came 
to US from the sprawling mudhole of Dunedin, 
Florida. Determined not to let physical or 
mental disadvantages stand in his way, Steve 
dedicated himself to standards of excellence 
far beyond anything expected from a Floridian 
redneck. Amazingly though, Steve has lived up 
to his expectations and during his four years 
at the Naval Academy he has had a great 
many succeaaes. Academically, Steve easily 
stands near the top of our class. Additionally, 
Steve has often been recognized for his 
dedication to duty and thorough profession- 
alism. Steve's efforts were recognized first 
class year by his being selected as Brigade 
Drill Officer for the entire year 

Although Steve did dedicate himself to 
school work and bis military duties during the 
week, he firmly believed in the adage of "work 
hard and play hard. " When Steve did decide 
it was time to play he could almost always be 
found wheeling through the mud in Bowie, his 
home away from home. Steve's favorite toys 
for playing in the mud included an enormous 
red Ford 4X4 and an uncontrollable Honda 
MX bike. After a grueling day of slinging the 
mud Steve always found that a large dose of 
thoee sweet "M&M'a" were just what he 
needed to revitalize himself 

Now that our stay at the Academy is rapidly 
coming to a close, I must thank Steve for being 
a great friend to myself and everyone else in 
the company. 


Yoda's huge 
1 a Rebel 
that has 

James Howard Bishop 


Jacksonville, Florida 

English, Supply Corps 

Jim made everyone aware that he was at 
USNA to stay from day one with those long, 
bellowing -GO NAVY SIR's" that echoed in 
every corner of the third wing Many people 
came to know Jim anyway because he dipped 
his hands into a variety of activities around 
school and also delved into a world that is 
beyond the average Mid's conception. But Jim 
was no a verage person . Ho w could you 
consider someone who drives through the 
crowded streets of Baltimore 
4-wheel drive pickup (comple 
flag) immaculately dressed 
blaring Beethoven from a i 
previously known only honkey-tonk music. 

One could say that Jim's interest in females 
were as diversified as his other interests. He 
became well educated on both the good and 
bad sides of women and learned some lessons 
he will never forget, including how to get a 
good deal on a diamond. After near disaster 
With the ' 'La ura Log ' ' and those m uch 
anticipated trips to Richmond to see the wife 
and kids, Jim still has a healthy outlook 
toward women. 

Always quick to make a firm decision, Jim 
has changed his service selection al least six 
times. He became convinced that Supply 
Corps was the way for him after his excursion 
to the Far East during First Class summer. He 
brought back a vast amount of goods and, 
along with the boys from the "Cripoli", he 
tasted the spices of a far-off world. 

The only limits you face will be those you 
set for yourself Good Luck. Jim. 

300 Fifth Company 

Douglas Patrick Cassidy 


Newport, Rhode Island 

History, NFO 

From the "Misogynist" of "Studly Sailor", 
Cass ■ midshipman days marked many changes. 
Holding the lean green Hying machines close 
at heart for three years. Doug got his wings 
clipped by the eye doctor However, Doug 
decided that navigating the skies in return for 
the opportunity to stay up with the owls all 
night and soar with the eagles during the day 
seemed a viable alternative, even if he couldn 't 
have a stick between his legs. Doug, your 
roommate thanks you for four fun years and 
countless "chow-packages" from home; AT&T 
thanks you for your prompt payment for all 
those marathon long-distance calls to Califor- 
nia; and the Navy thanks God that the Corps 
didn 't turn another soul green. May life give 
you tmlwinds and "greased" landings. 


Joseph R. Cook 


Coraopolis, Pennsylvania 

Mechanical Engineering, Navy 


Joe swam through the gates of USNA from 
a place called Coraopolis, Pa. He quickly got 
the hang of the place. Who else would refer 
to plebe summer as a "summer camp for 18 
yr. olds". He was looking forward to a 
Chemistry degree when somebody talked him 
into Mech- Eng. We became partners in crime 
second semester 4/c year. We went for a 
Sunday drive in the yard, and who could forget 
the Rush concert? Being the true friend he is 
he kept my hands full during spring break that 
year. His troubles began as he yearned for 
female companionship. He spent youngster 
cruise searching, in vain, for that special 
someone. He did set a new record, though, for 
the most strikeouts in one night. His prayers 
were answered at army, youngster year. She 
was tall, blonde, had long legs, and wore tight 
red pants. Right Clay to'^ Missy and the Mech. 
Eng. Dept. took their toll as his grades fell. 
He was further traumatized as his family 
moved to New Jersey (exit 4). The medical 
dept. did not help much as they played with 
his flying status. AM stories have a happy 
ending this is no exception. By service 
selection the nuts down in medical gave him 
a thumbs up. He now looks forward to 
terrorizing the skies. They say the skies are 
the limit, but Joe will go farther than that. 


PS. Thanks Joe . , , for everything. 

Claude J. Coucoules 
Tacoma, Washington 
Aerospace Engineering, Supply 

Claude, aka Couca or Chuckles, came all the 
way to Canoe U. from Tacoma. Wash. After 
brushing off an early 75-2 drinking offense, 
Coucs quickly became a mainstay of Academy 
party life. From gi\'ing his fellow plebes 
carry-on during plebe summer, to "decorat- 
ing" borrowed dinner jackets, to stealing his 
roommate's dates. Claude was always one to 
look out for his buddies. 

Girls were never a problem for Coucs. After 
plebe loves, he soon developed the Dahlgren 
"handshake" and sprint. Quick to notice a 
lonesome female. Coucs earned the title of 
"The 7-2 Octopus". It's OK though, she still 
thinks you're cute. By the way. how many 
beers does it take to make that "older 
Woman" at the MCRD attractive? 

Claude had a little trouble with regulations. 
He thought the Admin Conduct Book was a 
list of fun things one had to complete to 
graduate. It's a good thing he never staved 
more than one year in the same room because 
one roof can only support so many emptv 
bottles. Having already been a rugby player in 
mind, he joined "The Boys" his second class 

Coucs is a lover of institutes and decided to 
enter the institute of marriage, whatever that 
is. right after graduation. From there he will 
be headed for Supply School We wish you and 
Di all the best. It really was great rooming 
with you these last four years. Just remember, 
sometimes you just hafta say ■■WTF"' 


Peter K. Dallman 


Buffalo, New York 

Ocean Engineering, Surface Line 

Shuffling in from the ice box of the world 
(Buffalo). Pete Katmandu Dallman came to 
the Naval Academy for the "challange" of it 
all. But after a few weeks he realized that 
plebe summer was not exactly what he had in 
mind. During plebe year Pete quickly 
mastered the technique of acrobatically 
leaping from the upper bunk with grace and 
ease, 'you gotta believe me Rob", but he 
specialized in doing neat tricks with cups of 
hot chocolate Ihave you ever tried drinking a 
whole cup through the top of your head ■ Pete 
has). Love has not been overly nice to the 
Katman. just ask Cheryl And who could 
forget Kim the mud engineer destined to 
become yet another tumbleweed doomed to 
remain in Texas. He claims he is "playing the 
field" but sometimes he lets the field play him! 
Being an engineer has taken its toll on Pete. 
for who in his right mind would make a bet 
on who would get the lower QPR - only the 
boys from the Big Apple I guess! As one of 
the first members of the Partial Credit 
Engineers Society, it soon became evident that 
with midnight came the saying, "if I don't 
know it now I never will, ZZZ!" Truly the best 
friend a person could have, and through all the 
ups and downs (from curbs that jump into the 
middle of the road and inflict flat tires, to 
putting up with a thick headed Italian). Pete 
is a guy you can always count on when in need. 
May God always go with you my good friend 
- peace always. 


Fifth Company 301 

Donald R. Dugan 

D. R. 

Hunington Bay, New York 

Management, Navy Air 

The Doctor made bis first house cail to 
USNA, for Plebe summer, in true Napster 
form. 6 hours late. After Donald's initial 
roman tic escapades and subseq uen t wall 
toppings, be managed to steer clear of the 
system while still leaving his mark and Duge 
impression in such notable places as Ocean 
City. Penn State. Maryland, and the sorority 
houses of UCLA. Everyone is still baffled 
about how the Doctor managed to turn his 
absenteeism of second class summer, due to 
a mysterious clearance loss, into the longest 
summer vacation in USNA history. D. R- 
managed to find time between his professional 
endeavors and breaking hearts to become a 
mainstay on the Navy lacrosse field- There is 
not enough space and B. S. to elaborate on 
Donald Richard's romantic encounters, suffice 
it to say they have been on both persuasions. 
civilian and non. The one unique and 
memorable quality is his uncomparable b 
busting. D- R.. our ringleader, the nitwit 
brothers are only temporarily separated. The 
sunny southland has all of our callings. 
Wishing you the best of luck isn't enough 
'cause everyone knows you'll have it. See you 
in P-town. 


Bryan T. Gehringer 


Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 

Electrical Engineering, Surface 


Bryan bit USNA with one thing on his 
mind, Being an Electrical Engineer, he 
succeeded, barely. Bryan was smarter than 
most of his comrades in EE Masochism, as 
evidenced by their constant presence in the 
room for EI. It seems Bryan kept getting 
distracted by police officers (he was a sucker 
for a girdle in Blue) . . . ZORK . . Computer 
Games . . . Grinding a winch plebe year the 
tool grinding him . . . An aborted exit for gate 
8 . . - and anything that was new and 
interesting- He bad 4.0 knowledge and 2.0 

Bryan is going to be a good shipdriver. If 
the Captain can get him to shut up about 
wires, cables, transistors. IC chips . 
sometimes you would wonder if bis brain is an 
integrated circuit. Mygreatest fear for Bryan's 
ship is if they let him be Navigator He'll take 
the ship straight to Leehigh. 

Bryan has a destiny and a mark to make, 
he will make it, the path will be unusual but 
that is his style. He is a good friend, good 
roommate, and he will make a good officer, 
good luck, a following wind, and calm seas. 


John A. Glaeser 


Corpus Christ i, Texas 

Electrical Engineering, Supply 


Glaze, one of the old men from Fighting 
Five, hails from the Lone Star State. After a 
brief detour to Trinity U. in San Antonio, 
Glaze decided he couldn 't resist the healthy 
atmosphere of Camp Tecumseh. His "Iron 
Clad" fista were feared by many a firstie 
during plebe ; 

Plebe year sa^ 

roommates to go out with a cei 

mid's friends so that he could go c 

certain female mid . . and having a 

relationship with a YOUNG maiden (was she 

really six years younger than you. Glaze"^}. 

In the middle of this happy existence came 
SUSAN . . . fl guess the smell of a perfumed 
letter lasts longer if you put it under your 
pillow for weeks, right?) From that moment 
on, he was a man in love. I appreciated those 

ain female 
't with that 

From Plebe Year. Glaze has come a long 
way. Academically, he loved (?) putting all bis 
time into Electrical Engineering. Professional- 
ly, John deserves a BZ for his outstanding 
accomplishments as Bravo Company Com- 
mander and Glee Club Vice President. 

Beat of luck in the Supply Corps, Glaze. 
They're gaining a hell of a naval officer. 
Your nuke bubblebead 
roommate for three years, 


David Allen Coins 

Sandusky, Ohio 
Management, Supply Corps 

One never to show much emotion, Dave 
silently manuevered his way through USNA 
for four years. Yet be always had a cool way 
of making his presence felt. Rarely did he raise 
his voice, but as one youngster put it this year, 
"be still scares me to death". 

Dave's success in the Yard, from all I can 
gather, can be attributed to bis consumption 
of chocolate chip cookies and M&M's. Call 
bim a Mama's boy if you like, but "Mama- 
chops" kept the room stocked for four years. 
{Thank you Mrs. G.) 

The coiner of such words and phrases as 
"spackler" and "incompetency rules su- 
preme". Dave had bis fair share of "good" 
Navy deals during his matriculation here. 
However, he never let the chips get him down 
His casual, calm and collected way of dealing 
with incompetency and disasters (the tools, 
the battlesbaft cruise, and deerbunting with 
the Buick) show that he'll survive his required 
five with poise. Next stop, Athens, Ga. Good 

302 Fifth Company 



Robert Gonzalez 

San Jose, California 

General Engineering, Marine Air 

After spending a year in the Marine Corps, 
Bob decided to take a five year vacation at 
none other than NAPS and USNA. Always a 
quiet person. Bob went virtually unnoticed our 
entire plebe year — a subject be is vaguely 
familiar mth. A hard-core Electrical Engineer 
from the very beginning, he endured this 
demanding curriculum until first semester 
Youngster year. Terrified at the thought of 
getting less than 10 hours of sleep every night. 
Bob wasted no time becoming a Mecb-E. This 
proved to be a wise move, but it soon occurred 
to him that he could make an even wiser move 
— from Mech-E to GE. The rack, however, 
was not "Blue-back's" only pastime: he had 
been ce ugh t on occasion in a state of 
unconsciousness at bis desk chair — too 
exhausted tc> remove his reefer and cover. Our 
narcoleptic was also once discovered "getting 
horizontal" on top of his desk in order to avoid 
messing up his rack before class. Aside from 
sleep. Bob's only other love is Taco Bell. It 
was not uncommon for our hero to make three 
taco runs in a single week. Bob's charisma, 
sharp wit, and uncanny knack for having a 
comment for every occasion are going to be 
sorely missed in "flighting Five" and will most 
assuredly be hia stepping stones to success. 


Andrew J. Graziano 


Miller Place, New York 

Ocean Engineering, Surface Line 

Graz started out his four years here with a 
bang. The first time out. Parent's Weekend, 
the company officer caught him just a little 
too close to this young lady. The Major said 
be thought you were in New York City? Once 
Ac Year started, we saw classes weren't bis 
strength, but be ground it out in Ocean 
Engineering with some of the toughest profs: 
a big nosed Strengths teacher, Awesome 
Dawson, the Birdbrain, and who can forget 
your worthy Weapons prof first class year? 
You could tell when he had bad enough of the 
books: "If I don't know it by now, I never will. " 
Slam! Zzz ... 

Once he got out on the sports field, it was 
tough to figure out what Andy wasn 't good at, 
but golf and soccer seemed bis best. You were 
3 under par on the 16th tee. and you triple 
bogied it? 

The last 3 years are dedicated to the Long 
Island debs and OBI East. Many very good 
weekends were spent up there. But Marona, 
those trips back and forth in the Capri. What 
happened this time. Graz? Then there was the 
time you thought you'd use Route 50 in DC 
as an overnight garage. It's OK. they only took 
all 4 tires, the stereo and tapes, and some 

First class year found Graz thinking more 
and more of Dol. Almost exclusively of Dol. 
"I'm going to call the wife." You'll make a 
damn fme SWO. have fun, and God go with 
you, my friend. 

m1« I 

David W. Harris II 


Chesapeake, Virginia 

Marine Engineering, Civil 

Engineer Corps 

Woody regretfully came to us from the 
bikini-laden beaches of Virginia with a 
baseball bat over his shoulder. As a plebe. 
Woody spent more time driving his car in the 
yard than moat firsties. His ability on the 
diamond was reflected in his being a starter 
on the varsity as a youngster. This short-lived 
success ended suddenly when the almighty axe 
was propped over his head. His early 
retirement from baseball enabled him to 
spend more time on academics, weekends, and 
women and not in tha t order. Woody s 
friendliness and easygoing personality have 
touched everyone. (Just ask most of the girls 
on the 2nd floor of Thompson Hall) If hair 
length were directly proportional to intel- 
ligence. Woody would have earned himself 
stars, (nice picture!) While on the topic of hair. 
Woody was an active member in the 3rd wing 
barber shop. He has always taken pride in the 
fact that he went three years without visiting 
the basement butchers. Woody 's marine corps 
friends could not influence him enough to 
cbooae USMC. but enough to select CEC. CEC 
is in for a treat and USNA will never be the 
same. Good luck to "one of the boys"! 

John R. Herron 


Bargaintown, New Jersey 

Ocean Engineering, Navy Air 

An anonymous letter received daring "Plebe 
Dear John. 

As you know, the right of commanding is no 
longer an advantage transmitted by nature 
like an inheritance, it is the fruit of labor, the 
price of courage. 
- Voltaire 

As you endure la boriously through your next 
four years, and your own strength begins to 
fatigue, rely on your inner strength and the 
strength of your family. It is they who will 
carry you over any obstacle that you 
encoun ter. I am confiden t that you will 
continue to succeed and in time, you will 
•Go Navy! 
Dear Anonymous. 

These strengths that you speak of are so 
very strong. They are as vital to my mind as 
the rich blood that flows to my muscles. The 
strength and love that I receive from my 
family is always with me; on the football field, 
in a rowboat, behind a desk, and in the near 
future, in the cockpit of an aircraft. These 
strengths enable me to persevere when I want 
to quit, to work when I want to play, and to 
laugh when I want to cry. They not only assist 
me in my journey of endeavors, but they also 
give me the integrity to strive for excellence. 
You were right, in time, I will command- 

■Go Navy! 

Fifth Company 303 


Thomas W. Huff 


Louisville, Kentucky 

General Engineering, Navy Pilot. 

Tombone. Sponge, TWH-FLY. Huffer. all 
one in the same. You can see btw on his 
Prindle cat whistling across the bay with his 
lovely lady on the wire, cycling with team 
Navy on the Austro. sporting around in an 
MGWHIZ? but you'll always find him with 
his head in the clouds. Flying is truly his best 
friend from ISO's to space shuttles he'll go far 
- even as far as the wall, or do you have three 
striper liberty when you 're a junior ^ Spreading 
his time thin from all his "toys for big boys". 
Tom always finds time for fun - especially 
when the urge to strap on a pair of wings 
becomes uncontrollable. 

". - . there is nothing in the world but me 
and an airplane alive and together and the cool 
wind lifts ub to its heart and we are one with 
the wind ..." ■ Richard Bach 


David L. Kiehl 


Billings, Montana 

Political Science, Navy Air 

Dave arrived in Annapolis from the Big Sky 
Country as a legend in his own mind. With 
desires of following in Father's footsteps, he 
set his sights on the Naiy Air Attack 
Community. He took Plebe year in style. He 
knew who was boss. He casually chewed out 
his squad leader for being careless with bis 
Bible while trashing the room. An athletic 
sampler. Dave dabbled in football, sailing, 
powerliftmg. and track. He has never been 
socially oriented. In fact, during 3/c year, he 
helped to disband his roommate's social 
fraternity. At the end of that year he met his 
wife to be. Although a high school junior. looks 
certainly did not reveal her age. During bis 
final two years Dave divided his time between 
Tami and his Political Science studies. Now 
he is looking forward to P-cola and the 
married life. Good luck in the Nav and don't 
forget to check six! 

Thomas R. King 


Tucson, Arizona 

Applied Science, Navy Air 

Thomas Randolph King — his friends knew 
him better as Randy or even better yet as C. 
K Whenever he laid eyes on a girl he always 
had something to say By the way, what was 
it you said to Cubscouts sister that caused her 
friend to slug you? There was only one girt C 
K. dated that I could honestly say got to know 
him very well, so well as a matter of fact he 
literally spilt his guts out to her. Randy will 
always be known as a "Party Animal ". just ask 
any of the ruggers that went to the match up 
at Army and witnessed him swinging from a 
chandelier. If you're still not convinced ask 
"Sweet Lips" about their road trip to UVA. 
You can't mention Rsndy's name without 
saying something about Na\y Rugby — Randv 
saw his first rugbyball Plebe year and has 
since earned three letters and two "N-stsrs". 
To some people playing the field meant 
nothing but words, to flandv it meant a 
juggling act. He always found himself telling 
the girl he was with "Of course you 're the only 
one!" The truth is there was only one girl in 
his life but she was a Keg of the past. If you 
don't see Randy this summer trying to earn 
his wings by jumping off bridges you 'II see him 
in P-cola learning to be a ' — Hot Pilot ". Best 
of luck in the future Randy! 


Thomas C. Marnane 


Honolulu, Hawaii 

General Engineering, Marine 


First time I saw that mass of yellow hair I 
wondered at the genetic defect that created it 
and him. He almost glowed. I knew it not to 
be a halo. I was right. 

Kit has a Navy heritage that dates way 
back It shows in the way he parties, loves. 
jokes, lies, fights, and lives. He's learned so 
well that he is now a proud contender for the 
highest and best ~ VSMC. 

This man has escaped many trials and 
tribulations by being one step ahead of the 
rest. Can you imagine a Youngster Cruise 500 
yards from home; all good friends at an Axe 
Two-by-Four; a woman with wheels; and a 
leisurely sailboat cruise for First Class swan 

He came for learning and wild fun Negat 
the learning and he was a perfect accomplice 
in the class-A endeavors after dark. It took a 
$400 00 dinner for four to clear the way for 
physical fitness. Remember the 0545 runs, the 
weights we pumped, laps we swam, and fifths 
we killed. All for glorious beach bodies. You 
were the best to do it with and hopefully next 
January fifth you will be able to continue with 
your bachelor buddies. 

Well buddy - the future awaits you and its 
avenues and doors are wide open for one such 
as ye The Green and TBS is where we. the 
greatest and onlv. shall continue. Stav cool 
and be even so hard. CONQUEST FORE- 


304 Fifth Company 


Peter H. McDevitt 


Fairfield, California 

Physics, Surface Warfare 

Doc eurailed bis way to Annapolis with a 
crow and two chevrons only to be promoted 
to a plebe- 

Despite being old enough to be csUed 
'Grandpa'. Doc managed to elude fur traders 
desiring to make a "Rug" out of his backside- 
Being a very active member of the Fifth 
Company Drinking Club, Pete is a living 
taimostl example that there is a free drink 
today Pete Hnds refuge at his second home. 
Deja Vu, where many a girl has run her fingers 
through his locks. To say Pete is a traveling 
man is an understatement - this man has seen 
it all The 'beauty' of the Netherlands 
enthralled him but future 'engagements' bad 
to be c&ncelied. Although the Academy did not 
foster bis desire to be an M.D., the real Na\y 
is also rinding ways to bold him back 
Changing his service selection many a time ■ 
weeks, even days before the big night; Gramps 
determination to really be called 'Doc" lead 
him to SWO and a short tour aboard a 
Spruance out of Norfolk. Med School will be 
a breeze once be gets there The Na\y just 
doesn't know what kind of health-care it's 
missing through all this procrastination. Hang 
in there Doc. just remember that it's possible 
to get better as you get older - even more 

Craig W. Michael 

Hamilton, Ohio 
Economics, Surface Line 

Commander. CincPac, Gary, Tool, Fleet 
Cdr.. Danny Dockmaster, Horse finally got his 
first dream fulfilled when he got his 
appointment to the Academy the day before 
1-Dav after not getting accepted to Naps. 
From that point on we saw a slim athlete 
increasingly progress to somewhat of a balding 
ffffat'guy. When he wasn't running bis ohti 
3rd fning barber shop the first two years, be 
ran for the top position m the ball as the killer 
That skill carried into the summer months in 
the YP fleet. Somehow. Rob always woke up 
in the morning with an extra roommate (Gary 
took advantage of those double rooms with the 
interlocking doors; good ole Hatfield) Horsse 
found most of his success on the baseball field. 
earning All-League honors and tryouts viith 
the Olympic team. But don't forget the 
celebration of if '21 in the bathroom on 
Bourbon St. where the iced teas are made just 
a bit too strong for the big rigbty. Craig finally 
met bis special dream love. Amy. from home. 
Love after 5 dates'*'^ YUP! His last dream was 
met when he grabbed that MSO at S.S. 
Remember trips to New Orleans, Md., missing 
the "IN" dance, and having our o»ti Ring 
Ceremony at Yale. We'll certainly miss the 
Cdr. Wishing the best of luck with Amy. 84 


Mark Camillus Mohr 


San Francisco, California 

Management, Navy Air 

\faTcus strode in from a big year at NAPS 
Camio choose Cross Country 
here at USNA As a result of en. 
became a skinny fag from Frisco. But thanks 
to the Joe Weider weight program Joe Junior 
got huge. 

When We managed to drag Marcus away 
from his Surfer magazines and Beach Boy 
albums He managed to meet some really nice 
local girls. I mean REALLY NICE. From the 
streets of South Jersey to the warm summer 
nights of Texas, Camio put alot of miles under 
his belt. 

Halloween, one of Marks favorite holidays. 

often found Him with d 

lore TREATS than 


Marcus ' dream finally 

came tr 

ue - a blond 

surfer girl, and shes even 

agreed t 

marry him. 

Beat of luck in P-cola 

Adios Amigo. 

David T. Neely 


Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 

Electrical Engineering. Nuclear 


Dave will be leaving behind four years of 
academic excellence, professionalism, and 
some good times. Although he chose the 
toughest academic major at the Academy. 
Dave managed to come out on top His being 
selected as Company Commander first 
semester was illustrative of bis dedication to 
the Academy and the Na^y. 

Dave bad a tendancy to lose things. Gnarly 
knew it plebe summer, "Where is your 
ate Mr. Neely?" If it wasn't bis 
was his 0B71 gear that sometimes 
disappeared. Gnarly caught him losing a grip 
one night when a late night horror story got 
a little too realistic. 

Second and third class years were spent on 
Glee Club and choir trips, in the weight room, 
and of course on more academic excellence. 
Most of his first class weekends. Dave went 
home to the wife. Although they practically 
just met, he and Cathy tie the knot on June 
2nd. All the happiness and the best of luck 
to vou in the future 

Fifth Company 305 




Glen Otis 


San Diego, California 

SPH, Nuclear Submarines 

Glen cut the cord and came to us from near 
the border in San Diego. The Mexican border, 
not the Japanese border. Goat possesses the 
knack of snoozing all day and night and 
getting the gouge from his books at a distance, 
though be has a talent for retaining and using 
bis knowledge, and the Navy's nuke program 

Capta^in Ozone floated through youngster 
year with a beer in one band and the 
scuttlebutt of our female mids in the other. 
He did go out with civilian girls, though; in 
fact, he cared for one gal so much he almost 
let her keep his stereo. 

Goat made his biggest step during first class 
summer . , . that's right, be got that 
turbo-powered blue street machine. Who cares 
if he didn't have his driver's license yet? 

Those days are over for Glen. He is now a 
top-notcb leader and will make a fine addition 
to the submarine force, though he always has 
time to relax and smell the flowers. 

Good luck, oV buddy. Get that sub you 
wanted. Glaze. 

Clayton D. Saunders 


Frankfort, Illinois 

Political Science, Surface Line 

Clayton arrived at the steps of Mother B. 
with expectations of grandeur, a grin on his 
face, numerous freckles and. you guessed it, 
red hair! (How about those Mid-western 
boys?) In a short time he became "Richie" to 
those of us who will never forget those "Happy 
Days" in high school. 

Richie gave up the "normal" college life of 
SMU to become an engineer at good old 
U.S.N.A. But. as fate would have it. Mother 
B. and the Board Itbose 'all powerful' 
advisors) felt that be was destined to be a 
"political scientist" Richie enthusiastically 
accepted this gift of fate and his career at the 
Academy was to follow the path of the 
infamous "Bull Major". "Clayton, aren't you 
studying tonight?" "Is Clayton in the 
wardroom AGAIN!?" "Clayton will you type 
my paper!?" 

Clayton bad dominated many things while 
at U.S.N.A. (the pistol team, the backgammon 
board, the company wardroom, Debbie), but 
be wasn't actually known for bis dominance. 
Clayton ("Richie", "Douglas", "H. D") was 
known for his easy-going, care-free attitude. 
Those of us who were fortunate enough to 
really know him will never forget him. Good 
Luck in the fleet. I hope those grey boats keep 
you happy! 

Raul Silva 


Tucson, Arizona 

Aerospace Engineering, Aviaton 


Raul came to the banks of the Severn from 
the Arizona desert. Fueled with Mexican food, 
tequila, fast cars, memories of roller coaster 
bill and nice dry weather, he charged headlong 
into plebe year. He cheerfully 3ur\'ived the 
rigors of that year (and Batchelor's boys) with 
a great attitude and a big grin Spring break 
saw him really work on his technique, dee dum 
dee dum. but also didn 't agree with him that 
final morning. As we moved into youngster 
year Raul began his major, aerospace, which 
he will, I am happy to say, complete. Later in 
the year he shifted focus to American 
University and his wife to be. However, he still 
had time for his friends many good times were 
had by all, never to be forgotten. Take for 
example those wild parties, in Kit 's words, up 
at Tammy's. And who can forget the great 
times with USMC. Thank you but he'll pass. 
ff$@& ^ !!! grunts. Rudy will leave here bound 
for the Ghostriders of VF-142 as a mainten- 
ance officer. A future aviator, I know that 
anybody having him fix airplanes can rest 
easy. Thanks for being such great friend and 
roommate. I wish you the best of luck and that 
our friendship continues in the coming years. 

Robert D. Speer 


Cheswick, Pennsylvania 

Electrical Engineering. Nuclear 


Arriving induction day as your typical 
All-American Boy, Brock was slowly in- 
troduced and transposed into "one of the 
boys ". He learned much about life while at the 
Academy . , , Road trips to Pitt, and Penn 
State, cruising the strip of Va. Beach and even 
the ultimate of staying overnight at a U.C.L.A. 

School work was something unknown to this 
high school valedictorian. More time was spent 
styling hair than studying EE. However Brock 
did manage to squeeze in a few hours before 
finals to maintain the 3.00 mark. 

Unlike many of his peers. Brock's high 
morals remained with him throughout his 4 
years. Living by the phrase. "Loyal to one. fun 
with none". Brock was able to keep himself 
away from the poison apple, while at the same 
time keep his one and only Pitt. "Babe" 

Brock's friendship with all here at the 
Academy will never be forgotten even though 
some of us may never see him again. So once 
again. "Thanks Brock, I mean Jock, I mean 


306 Fifth Company 





Daniel F. Adamus 


North East. Pennsylvania 

History, Marine Corps 

One summer day. Moose made a mong turn 
on his nay to Point Park College in Pittsburgh 
and ended up at some military institution. 
Before he knew it, he was told his hair was 
too long, he weighed too much, and he could 
not see girls any more. Well. Moose was not 
one to let minor things get him down. Slowly 
but surely his hair grew back and he trimmed 
down to a low percentage of body fat Next 
for the girls While at the Academy. Moose 
successfully met the perfect girl for him at 
least ten times. When he wasn't fighting off 
girls, he was fighting off hockey pucks flying 
at him. or having fun at parties while drinking 
more beer than most people will ever see. Dan 
was a great friend and went to great lengths 
to keep others out of trouble, but he had his 
own trouble avoiding speeding tickets and 
restrictions for such serious offenses as a dirty 
room. While a DJ on WRNV. Moose featured 
Lionel Richie songs which lost the respect of 
bis roommate but earned several female fans 
in Annapolis. As Dan moves on to ser\ice in 
the Marine Corps, many people who know him 
will miss but not forget bis humor, warmth, 
and especially his friendship, and to some he 
was more like a brother than a friend. 

Daniel M. Boucher 


Ashland. Ohio 

Applied Science, Civlant 

Aft^r 1 1 ving through an a verage Plebe 
Summer. Dan was ready for his first Ac-year 
Despite his claims that he worked hard at 
academics, he never let his roomies keep him 
from a good nights sleep lyes. Dan, youll 
always be welcome to stretch out on the floor 
anytime). A recruit for baseball, Dan was a 
welcome addition to the Company Softball 
team in the spring. The next year, being one 
of the few youngsters having a car. Dan was 
not often found wasting his weekends in 
Mother-B. It was about the end of youngster 
year when Dan's trouble with girls were first 
noted (can't live without them, can't afford to 
live with them), a problem that still plagues 
him today Early in second class year Dan 
tried his hand at parachuting. Me was doing 
fine until he stopped on the way down to argue 
with a set of electrical lines; an argument that 
be not only lost but placed him in the hospital 
for the rest of the semester On his return. Dan 
was determined to catch up in academics, and 
with a lot of long hours and a short summer 
containing three sets of summer school be was 
able to get "back on track" just in time for 
first class vear (which he spent in search of 
the comforts of home away from home) Dan. 
try not to break too many hearts and watch 
yourself on that ultralight. 


Stephen Craig Brawley 
Big Steve 

Alexandria, Louisiana 
Aerospace, Navy NFO 

Big Steve came to 
crawfish. He was a tru 
once did he let anyon 
coold have won the w 

us from the land of 

confederate and never 

forget that the South 

u or that everything is 

bigger in Texas. We spent weeks trying to 
teach him that a yawl was a sailing vessel and 
not a term for a group. Plebe year began in 
a 4-man room with a Leb, a Moose and Mickey 
Mouse. Steve's grades were higher than the 
other 3 put together and he took up one of 
USNA's toughest majors; Aero Big Steve's 
grades never dipped below 3.0, a feat few can 
claim- Big Steve was not an egghead, as he 
enjoved wine, women and if you can call that 
stuff he listened to song, as much, and 
sometimes more than, anyone else. His years 
at VSNA were truly blessed with interesting 
adventures, like the trip to Trinity 3/c year (I 
still have the traffic tickets). Army-Navy 1982 
and his time as a POM (Prisoner of Moss). 
Big Steve was popular on the girl's school 
circuit 1/c year and although he claims he 
always went only for the cheap beer, he always 
seemed to return with a phone number even 
when he didn 't have his goggles on The most 
important thing anyone could ever say about 
Steve is that he's a true friend. Steve was 
always there and he always cared. B. S. is on 
his way tc Pensacola now for a career as a 
N.FO- May your skies always be clear ones, 
buddy and I hope everything good (including 
Miaa Right) is waiting for you down the line 
because do one deserves it more. 

Sixth Company 307 

David L. Burg 


Collinsville, Illinois 

Naval Architecture, Navy Pilot 

Burgie appeared with a basketball and a 
pillow, a kias from Timi and it was Navy-ho. 
What to expect? Who knows, who even saw 
Dave for the first two years! Is he in my squad, 
company? Club Pud! Civilian life is great 
Where's Byron & Bill ... who are they with 
now . . . how 'bout prep! T-shoes and blue 
jeans . . . That's my style" One last love shot. 
A $165 ring for one last date. What to do alone 
in Timmy's" Oh. Maggi. who is this gir^ True 
love! . . . Youngster . . . sunny Cal . . . burn me 
oh Sun God . . . "Nothin Man'" - . Sean. Back 
seat drain hole. What a great idea. Ice & fly 
. . . Long trips on the road & signal bridge 
Blankets & beaches . . . Florida. Tampa . . 
Mac flights . - missed flights . . overnights 
. drunk flights . . . the I-Hop . . . cowboy . . 
YOU Iranian: You're gonna die! Charlottesville, 
train tracks. Face tracks, parties , . Big Mac 
. . , bus stations . . . hard stuff Dog's hair! 
Where am I? The unigreasy diner. Another 
vear . . . How bout them libs . . - Wednesday 
afternoon . . Timmy's . . . good fun . . . room 
tours . . . restriction . . . the bench . . . you sure 
can find them suicidal women. No officer, let 
mv mother wake me up . . . Gray, what a guy 
. , , Ocean City . . . Quality Inn . . . Pool, beach 
and pork . . . real cheap . . . We need security 
let's sleep by the O.C.P.D , , McDonalds . . 
replay . . . corn . . eggs . . sun "Bobs" by 
the country club . . . movies, thank goodness 
for large trunks . . . oh the crowd . ■ . What is 
fluids'^ I'm an English major . . . Davo is 
summed up in five ways: He likes to crank 
tunes, water ski. cook on a grill, drive his 
Porsche, and wax the floors for formals . . . he 
don 't do windows!! oh . "I think . . . therefore 
I must sleep!'" . - . Seaberg's Raiders will never 

Michael J. Cameron 


Detroit, Michigan 

Physical Science, Surface Line 

Mike came to the Boat School prepared for 
almost anything Plebe Summer had to offer. 
He brought with him his fleet of toy boats, a 
rubber duck, a rubber chicken, and a rubber 
raft. Then, and now, he has shown a certain 
zaniness and enjoyment of life which has 
occasionally caught up with him. Such 
moments included ripping his leg up while 
running into a metal bench or breaking his 
shoulder while playing touch football. Mike's 
most engrossing hobby has been that of taking 
pictures, pictures, and more pictures. He was 
seen a t various times out on green bea ch 
capturing the sunset or in Mahan clocktower 
during a snowstorm looking for the right shot. 
He successfully transmitted this passion for 
pictures to his Polish roommate. Mike has had 
to perpetually climb the steep hill of 
academics to achieve the summit of passing 
grades. It has been a tough journey but in the 
end a successful one. The Fleet benefits by 
gaining an individual who knows what it is to 
work bard and to be under pressure. Smooth 
sailing Mike. May you be in heaven half an 
hour before the devil knows you're dead. 



Glenn J. Carpenter 


North Wales, Pennsylvania 

Physical Science, Surface Line 

Glenn came to USNA from the rolling 
countryside north of Philadelphia. He started 
his naval career by attempting, in one day, a 
round of fisticuffs with "Chi" and then taking 
out the company staff with a cross-body block. 
During bis first academic year. Glenn was one 
of the few midshipmen to be allowed to choose 
General Engineering as his original major. 
Youngster cruise saw Glenn touring the East 
Coast on the "Grey hounds of the Severn." 
and learning the meaning of the word 
"intoxication" in Newport. RI Returning from 
cruise. Glenn endeared himself to his new 
Company Officer by laughing at the idea of 
the sii-pack placing first in a P-rade 
Youngster year was uneventful until Dead 
Week, when Glenn was offered an opportunity 
to move up to the Physical Science major. The 
beginning of second class year found our hero 
road-tripping to Wildwood, NJ for long- 
weekend partying This was facilitated after 
Christmas break by the introduction of a ten 
year old, hundred thousand mile Pinto with 
a car stereo worth more than the car It wasn't 
much to look at, but it got there Then Glenn 
found himself the proud father of a new 
Mustang GT. his pride and joy. Glenn 's fint 
class cruise took him to Spain on a 
minesweeper with a stop in Bermuda long 
enough to be thrown overboard at swim call, 
by the crew. Glenn started bis first class year 
by losing his weekend to the 'Cuda. How was 
he to know that a dirty ashtray was a major 
offense? Service Selection Night rolled around 
end Glenn decided that "Underway is the only 
way" and chose Surface Line. Good luck m the 


Daniel Nicholas Da Cruz 


Beirut, Lebanon 

Aerospace Engineering, Surface 


He came to us like the Sirrocco — the desert 
wind of the Sahara (and the car he sometimes 
wanted). Just six months after he arrived in 
the States for the second time, this combat 
veteran rapidiv became known throughout the 
six-pak as the man with a most unique accent 
and hometown. He (along with Moose. 
Mickev, and Steve! had the rowdiest room on 
goa t court. Youngs ter year brough t the 
problems of an aero major and a roommate 
whose socks never did smell right. In addition, 
Dano found his own personal Menachim to 
plague him for conduct and room appearance. 
When he wasn't spending time at London or 
Paris or Cyprus waiting for a plane, Dano 
sought the girl of his dreams. He started out 
in Beirut and even found an angel in the 
States, but now he stands on the shores of 
Tripoli with his new and maybe final find 
First class year found our hero safe with his 
major, but service selection became a problem. 
His summer cruise at Camp Pendleton 
convinced him firmly that surface line was 
mighty tine indeed, and it is there that I hope 
he'll find some happiness on the grey ships. 
The htany of a thousand "Dano. it's time to 
wake up" will remain m my mind for a long 
time and his numerous "praises" of the system 
will forever be his trademark. Good luck. 
Dano' The best of luck in your future, 
wherever it may be. 


308 Sixth Company 



Gary E. English 
Fat Man 

Springfield. Virginia 
Management, Surface Line 

The Fat Man roUed into USNA Beefed UP 
To 235 -h. His Excuse -.. Ts gonna plea 
foobauH freshman year was team tables & long 
nighters- He literally moved walls. Yup . 
The hourly alarm clock . . Directions say use 
shoes or string to turn off! Youngster year saw 
5 men I''! spade games . and long trips . . 
Charlottesville . If you do over 70 the cops 
won 't see you - . . We always fooled old Mac 
. . Whose foreigner album is that anyway, 
guys, it's not a frisbee' How'bout Florida 
cowboy - 14 and more , Those boots 
You sure fit in!' Cholocate milk tsstes good 
but ruins the stomach. I'll finish the party! 
Sure you will . . - Fran O'Bnans and coco 
butts. You always were a gator from wavback. 
How do you spell "Bob" S.H E.R-R Y I'll put 
an end to those 5th Co. mate deskers Army 

Get this pass Don 't just rip your pants . . 
Dive Lights are cheap anyway We'll 

sneak in It's more fun Nancy reade, con 
I stay here'' Where have you been'^ 7-11 . . . 
Hey it's not my pool table . . Not my house 
Where were you sitting'^ Nope - . . Once 
again Gary your memory has failed you - . . 
Seems as though the bottles ARE heavier at 
my old school. "The right answer is" I've 
got the sieves: But , " You 're a bench bud, 
a JR. suds member . and pres. of your o«7) 
little "boy bashers" club We'll never make 
it. I can 't pay for a ticket. Wake yourself up 
I've got a new mustang . . . It's got 5 or 
8 gears Ih reverses and a nifty light 

switch/thief catcher . One contact One 
glass lens - and the even match 
Underwear cleaner . - And a door stop 
Capt. English watch us watch the Na\y game 
. . . Seaberg's Raiders will never die' 

Alex Joseph Daverede HI 
Joe Dav 

New Orleans. Louisiana 
English. Supply- 
Joe Dav had USNA wired from day one He 
knew boats better and had been in uniform 
longer than the better part of the officers 
there He left Bourbon Street for the sea. "the 
institution" being only a brief respite for the 
journey, and a place to tackle Shakespeare, 
steam and wires. Shakespeare won For a 
while, his obsession became building and 
destroying Na\y ships, all the while having to 
cope with a reject from the Third World. 
German class put an end to all that, and 
ushered in his involvement with family 
planning. The lady from Ohio captured his 
heart and also 2' : years worth of study hours. 
He became the only non-monk in the 
monastery, living only for a fateful day in 
May. Among his most peculiar interests, an 
obsession with Apocalypse Now and Patton 
convinced us of his absolute suitability for the 
militarv. and a distinct Surface Look 
developed mth the help of King Cake and 
Cafe du Monde. Two stones finally dashed his 
hopes of being a Black Shoe and thrust him 
to Athens, family included. Supply would be 
a cinch however. Hadn 't he after all expertly 
managed the new {and illegal) coffee machine, 
and disposed of chow packages large enough 
to feed all of Bangladesh and end \itamin 
deficiency m Africa !' His forte of course was 
indoctrinating the troops before PCRs. 
earning him the title of Training Officer 
several times. His room was better stocked 
with military pubs than Nimitz itself His 
four-year stint at the penitentiary finally 
earned him stripes, and the privilege of 
sleeping through whatever formation suited 
him. Ahead lies a no-doubt brilliant career. 
which he will handle as painlessly as he has 
the years at Canoe U Good Luck Pal. make 
some babies, and Allah Ma'ak 


Michael G. Devin 


Physical Science. Surface Line 

What a long strange trip it's been for Mick. 
It started in Upstate New York, leaving cold 
Bradors and Wasko lake behind, Mick found 
freshmen year wasn't that bad. Being one "! 
the last of sea bergs raiders. Mick made Bot- 
Ward's, the docks and vmce a weekl\ 
occurrence During the week Mick decided 
that listening to contraband Dylan was mort 
important than studying. After a short 
summer, sophomore standing saw Mick relne 
high school. Live concerts including Prine. the 
Stones and the Dead, kegs at Sandy point and 
a chick named Nutsy filled the time between 
restriction musters. He also found a hole in 
the wall that still hasn't ben filled. 2nd 
semester saw the Epigonic Cabal rise and fall. 
as snuff and Bert moved on to new things 
Junior year Mick finally got his head above 
water. Army weekend saw Mick get his second 
Black 'N' with a flakey date Mick ended the 
year by setting up a great Ring Dance party, 
which he missed because he got lost. Senior 
year found Mick with bis 7th roommate, 
behind the black doors. Unicycles and 
bandanas became his new loves. At Xmas 
Europe discovered Mick. Well Mick, now that 
it's all over. I guess ya just sorta got to chuckle. 

Thomas J. Goalev Jr. 
T. J 

Alliance, Nebraska 
Chemistry, Navy Medicine 

Tom's Naval Academy career has been a 
potpourri of what every mid strives to achieve 
during his fuur years on the Severn During 
plebe year, T. J. kept up his trumpet by 
becoming a Drum and Bugle Corps enthusiast. 
Of course, those plebe weekends on D&B 
excursions made it all worthwhile In 
youngster year. Tom began to kindle a growing 
interest m the possibility of becoming a Na\y 
doctor Soon, Tom was overloading to get that 
well-rounded education that looks so good for 
those grueling med school exams. In the midst 
of all t/j;s. TJ was to meet the girl of his 
dreams One a future MD. the other, a future 
RN What an unbeatable combination. Soon, 
first claims summer sa 
Bermuda and then nn t 
invaluable TAD at the 
first class. TJ continuec 
sibility in his position i 
Battalion Adjutant. But now it's time to s 
sail from Annapolis to begin yet anoth 
freshman year In the end. though, the Na 
will be the big winner Good luck. Dr T<-'i 

Tom sailing to 
Bethesda for some 
ival hospital As a 
to pick up respon- 
the first semester 

Sixth Company 309 



Randal Scott Gustafson 


Phoenix, Arizona 

Electrical Engineering, 


Randy came to the Naval Academy from 
Phoenii, Arizona. He lucked out and got in 
Cbi's aquad and was immediately introduced 
to the fine leadership opportunities available. 
Daring Plebe Summer Randy amazed and 
awed both his clasamates and the firsties with 
his amazing grasp of Morse code. This was due 
of course to his lifetime interest in Ham Radio. 
Randy was to eventually join and help lead the 
Academy Ham Radio Club. He was also very 
involved with WRNV. Plebe year was a hard 
time for us all — but for Randy ~~ well, it 
seemed to us that it had affected him more 
than most. Or maybe he just always had a 
bizarre personality. When Randy returned 
from Youngster Cruise he was the proud 
wearer of Silver Dolphins. Sure. I'd give up 
liberty in Italy to stay on a submarine and 
study — not. But it was worthwhile since be 
was accepted to the nuclear power program 
and has chosen submarines. Youngster and 
Second Class year saw Randy study and sweat 
bis EE major. And many, many late nights. 
But he has done well in "one of the Academy's 
toughest majors. " Along the way he amassed 
the largest stereo system in Sixth Company. 
Randy led a squad of plebes around during the 
summer. When be returned in the fall he drove 
back in a brand new sportscar ( Thanks, 
Grandma), to become the First Regimental 
Sub-Commander aka MIDN Blooddrive. The 
tail-gator after the Air Force game will long 
be remembered — Randy met his "true love. " 
How often do you call up your girlfriend and 
have your Company Officer answer the phone? 
Randy will always be remembered for his — 
unique — personality. And his antics. Not to 
mention his stupid straw hat. Good luck in the 
Submarine navy, Randy, from all of your 
friends. We'll miss you, but we know we'll 
meet again. 

Sean T. Hilferty 


Haddon Heights, New Jersey 

English, Surface Line 

Sean Hilferty came to USNA from South 
Jersey via NAI*S four years ago. bringing to 
this venerable institution the makings of a 
truly . . . unique future officer. Unique is the 
only truthful term one could apply to him 
because be is indeed . . . different. You see, 
Sean is an artist. But there are a lot of starving 
artists, actors, and musicians out there, so for 
the meantime he'll be sidetracked in the Navy 
while pursuing art, acting, and playing guitar. 

These are by far not the only interests in 
Sean 's life at USNA. There 's always his major, 
English, in which he's excelled — mainly 
because he's good with a shovel. He began as 
an aero major and had aspirations to be a 
pilot, but then be saw the Ught and was 
SAVED by switching to the humanities and 
a career track in surface line. Ah, but bis alter 
ego in The Log, Carl Pursor/Darior. lives his 
fantasies vicariously. "Darior" began as a 
quick-sketch comic strip and ended as a major 
endeavor occupying entire weeks. Sean never 
did do much homework and he didn't sleep 
a whole lot either. 

Those weekends Sean didn't spend laying 
out The Log or drawing be occupied by 
finding various and sundry Oriental women, 
for whom he has a particularly soft spot in his 
head. Being as he 's beaded for the Pacific for 
his first tour, we may just never see hinj again 
when be finally gets to the Far East If they 
play reruns of Star Trek in Japan, he'll have 
found heaven. 


John M. Jorgensen 


Peoria, Illinois 

Political Science, Surface Line 

John established the tenor of his stay at 
USNA early on — by volunteering to show us 
how to brace-up at the beginning of Plebe 
summer. He planned to double-major in EE 
and Econ. We laughed. He was professional, 
though; the second best source of info on 
Naval hardware and the acknowledged expert 
on foreign and domestic affairs. Thus EE gave 
way to Poll Sci and Jorgy had a goal: world 
domination. This dream decreased in scale 
and he eventually decided on Deputy Director 
of the CIA. He had to settle for Company 

One of his favorite bobbies was opening 
himself up for slams — and we took advantage 
of it. His "0.3 mm pencil" will be long 
remembered by all those who knew of it. First 
Class year found John with a car that only 
made an occasional trip across the river for a 
case of Mountain Dew. Not one to smoke, 
drink, dip, chew or socialize, he wondered 
about his underwhelming success with women. 
Nonetheless, San Diego should be a good time 
for him. The first words out of his mouth as 
he meets the CO of his Spruance will 
undoubtedly be, "Well sir, this is bow I think 
we should run things ..." 

Good Luck, Yon . . . and may the Force be 
with you. Bamail — 

Don Q 

Patrick J. Kolbas 


Tacoma, Washington 

History, Nuke Submarines 

Pat left his wet and rainy but comfortable 
backyard for a record-smashing hot, humid 
and uncomfortable Plebe Summer. He made 
it through Plebe Summer only to be absorbed 
by Plebe year. Not much on the wild or crazy 
side Pat got down to the nitty-gritty grind of 
academia and got off to a good start, which 
be never lost Academics were never a problem 
for Pat but swimming was a challenge. 

Youngster year found Pat on a "Love Boat" 
for bis cruise where he gained a knowledge of 
what the East Coact was like. He found 
himself rooming with a crazy and zany guy 
very much different from himself. The fights 

an outside observer, but each one knew that 
a deep friendship had developed between 

As time went by, Pat met the challenge of 
the 200yd, 400yd. and 40 mile swims. A Firsty 
at last, Pat was a different man by now, he 
had learned how to let himself go and have 
a wild and crazy time. The Plebes won 't dare 
forget the raging Polock during Plebe Summer 
in which Pat marched 6th Platoon into 4th 
place, lost his voice "talking" to Plebes and 
bad a great time being POLISH 

First Class cruise aboard the MJchigan 
convinced Pat that Nuke Subs was the way 
to go. I'm sure he'll succeed as he has here. 
He won 't be forgotten by his former 
roommate, take care of yourself My Favorite 
MARTIAN and good luck to 'ya. 

Your Roomie, Mike 


310 Sixth Company 


Todd C. button 


New York, New York 

Systems Engineering. Nuclear 


Todd button came to the U.S. NavaJ 
Academy from a Coast Guard family and has 
called a number of places home. NavT has 
been a rather special place for Todd, though, 
and of course he's loved it since the start. 
Todd smiled his way through Plebe Summer 
and drew all sorts of abuse from '81 — while 
they were trying to play with bis mind he was 
always making them wonder if be had one- 

Mostly he's enjoyed Na\y for the resources 
available Todd is one of those people who 
never has enough work to do and bis ambition 
IS enough for two. He did decide that be never 
wanted a youngster afternoon, so be double- 
majored — but he's always had a head start 
on everyone else because he speaks computer 
fluently. Being a computer god has had its 
advantages, since Todd bas enjoyed more 
access to NATS than most of the people who 
run It. but it's bad its down side as well. i.e. 
having 22 hours seven out of eight semesters. 

But it's not been all academics for Todd. 
He's managed to annoy everyone with his 
continual singing, and being m Glee Club has 
allowed him to annoy the public, too. Just 
kidding — he can usually carry a tune without 
changing keys more than twice. Todd's also 
been a fencer these last four years with a good 
record in foil. Perhaps someday he'll discover 
a good weapon like epee. 

Todd also discovered lasciviousness while at 
the Academy- But alas, his bachelor days 
appear to be ended and soon he'll have a ring 
through bis nose- Farewell to bachelorhood 
and fare thee well under the sea. 


Matthew M. Marron 

Matt Sioux Falls South Dakota 

Ocean Engineering - Nuclear 


While at USNA. Matt's personal motto bas 
been one with the class' - Deatinatus Excello. 
Matt's academic excellence was rewarded by 
his successful! design and construction of a 
turbine, his acceptance into Tau Beta Pi. and 
his commission into the Nuclear naiT- His 
outstanding leadership skills were also 
reflected in his D and B command and his 
Company CAO duties. 

Matt also seemed always to excel in good 
times. He got an excellent start with "Sir, You 
need a haircut"! This was only the beginning 
- Matt's four years continued with good times 
like: flying back from Towson: flats in D.C: 
an old friend in Tennessee; Muldoon's 
Rent-a-Car: Skiing at Killington; Powder 
Ridge. Leaky bodega bag: Boston Halloween; 
"Get your *ff! in gear"! a Sop tradition. 
Blondie; D & B swimming party, Viliiage 
Idiots: Daa-ditDaDaDaDaa Daaa-ditDa- 

Good luck in subs - we're sure you'll 
continue to excel in every way. 

Michael M. Martinez 


Parker, Colorado 

Mathematics, Navy Pilot 

Marty came to us from high tn the rockies 
via NAPS. His stay at the academy has been 
an interesting one, filled with many misadven- 
tures. We can 't be good all of the time, now 

Plebe year found Mike doing a variety of 
things: from getting caught water- ballooning 
Goat Court, to falling asleep with a future 
Deputy Brigade Commander on a hotel bed 
after the Army game. We know, Mike, nothing 
happened . . . 

Youngster year. Marty plunged forward into 
Systems Engineering. However, he soon found 
it to be too much like work, so he took the 
easy way out, and went Math instead. 

Second class year. Mike moved into a 3-man 
room equipped with the essentials: a toaster 
oven and a popcorn popper. We also found 
Mike locked in a semi-romantic death-grip 
with a lamprey eel named Addie. She had her 
hooks into him so deeply that's doubtful he'U 
ever get them out 

Many great landmarks in the life of "The 
Mex " were passed during firstie year. Amy: he 
met her on cruise, fell in love, talked about 
her constantly, got engaged at Christmas, and 
married her after graduation. The only 
drawback to this relationship was that she 
taught him to snore, something his roommate 
didn't appreciate. Another of his dreams, 
flying, was also realized. Now it 's off to P-cola 
to learn how to beat Ivan in the air. Good luck 
in the future, Mike, in whatever you do! 

Michael Joseph Massee 


Tucson, Arizona 

History. NFO 

Mike abandoned the fun and sun of Tucson, 
Arizona m order to excel at the Naval 
Academy He completed the academic re- 
quirements of bis history major in three and 
a half years, allowing him to commence work 
on a Master's Degree at the University of 
Maryland If all goes as well there as it did 
here. he'U be able to earn his M.A. before he 
reports to Pensacola in January. Undaunted 
by missing one letter on the eye examination. 
Mike chose an NFO billet to stay mth the 
aviation community. 

Mike's interests and involvements in the 
brigade have varied widely from D&B to 
VTNA to being vice-president of Phi Alpha 
Theta, the history honor society Mike bas 
achieved some degree of fluency in Spanish as 
a result of seven semesters of Spanish and 
participation in a foreign exchange cruise to 
Mexico. Despite almost being thrown in jail by 
the Mexican police for not having a passport, 
Mike plans to visit Mexico again this summer 
— this time with a passport. We all know Mike 
really wanted to attend the University of 
Arizona, but the closest Mike could get was 
by participating in their summer seminar at 
the University of Guadalajara. 

Buena suerte. Mike. Think of me on those 
days when the sky seems to go on forever, 
knowing I haven't seen it for the past sixty 

Sixth Company 311 



Peter C. Mayer 

Cinnaminson, New Jersey 
Oceanography, Surface Nuke 

Pete was the one ordered not to sweat 
during Plebe summer. That didn 't stop him. 
physically or psychologically. He never smiled 
in front of his firsties — a trend that stuck 
with him much of his USNA career as he 
began to take himself more and more 
seriously. When be realized that he had a shot 
at stars, he hit the books harder than ever 
When Company Commander came within his 
reach, he tried his hardest to shine brightest. 
And if the thought of CNO ever enters his 
head, watch out! 

But life wasn't all books and Brasso for 
Pete. He had a few diversions. One at home, 
though, fell thru during Plebe year. Youngster 
year found him with a new hobby, which 
turned out to be a cool mistake. But after a 
rather dull year, Pete turned to a new 
from second class year — which 
him his three stripes. But Urchin 
to pursue the matter, and the rest 
went smoothly, 
le to work harder than necessary 
in order to be better than everyone else, Pete 
took the ultimate challenge and went Surface 
Nuke. If he keeps plugging like he is now. he'll 
be either CO of a CGN or dead of exhaustion 
in eighteen years. 

Have fun, Han — 

Love, Luke 

almost I 
of the \ 

Kenneth D. McGann 


Greenlawn, New York 

Physical Science, Surface Line 

He came to us from the heart of "God's 
Country" with a lacrosse stick in one hand and 
a sheep in the other. He spoke to us with 
phrases like "Oh, say it though, you wouldn't 
like to be me," and "I didn't just hit a 
hemmie. " It took another person from "the 
island" to even come close to a translation 

Ken made his mark at USNA on the lacrosse 
team. Startmg out at the bottom and 
eventually achieving fame and fortune by the 
spring of his junior year. His picture was 
plastered all over lacrosse paraphernalia from 
calendars to yearbooks until his name 
eventually became a household word. 

Ken's prowess on the lacrosse field has been 
exceeded only by his skill with a beer bong. 
The big question in everybody's mind is, what 
will he do after graduation'^ A.) Go to SWOS 
school in Newport. B.) Go to Europe in search 
of sheep, or C.) Hack her to death with a 
kitchen knife. Well Ken. as "fric and frac" 
according to some, we've been through thick 
and thin. Good luck and fair weather and 
following seas. I hope you don't forget what 
to do with your trash can when the enemy is 
coming over the hill. - You cut the cake with 
the blings. 


Trevor A. Mclntyre 


Palo Alto, California 

Physical Science, Naval Flight 


Trevor came to USNA from one bay (S.F.) 
to another. Plebe summer saw Trevor's squad 
leader (Lil) hemming up his pants on I-day. 
Plebe year was uneventful save for his flaring 
temper and his receiving a six pack of beer in 
the mail from his girlfriend. Plebe year also 
saw the start of his illustrious crew career 
which led to his stroking the team to a 
national championship second class year. The 
end of plebe year found Trevor sucking face 
with Tricky Vicky after a party. He claims to 
have been drunk but we all know his 
attraction to women in uniform. 

Youngster year saw Trevor go through two 
roommates. He started his first affair with a 
girl bigger than a breadbox and his Dahlgren 
ventures included kissing snails. Mechanical 
Engineering presented no major problems 
until second class year when he found that it 
wasn't challenging his intellect to its fullest so 
he decided to move up to Physical Science. 

First class year found Trevor accomplishing 
many milestones, he quit the crew team when 
he found that he wasn't enjoying it. Who 
enjoys self abuse anyway? A prospective 
company sub-commander. Trevor found his 
quest for stripes foiled. The beginning of 
second semester found Trevor's weekends 
occupied by restriction and second cl^s 
privileges. Service selection night saw the 
NFO billets rapidly disappearing but the force 
was with him and he got the last one by the 
hair on his chinny chin chin. 

Good luck in life and cover your six. 

George T. Mesora II 


Palo Alto, California 

General Engineering, Supply 


The "Moose" went on the loose here at 
USNA from day one. He came here from 
California via a one year detour up at the 
watering hole in Newport. Sir Blackington had 
many conquests during his stay, many of 
which be can't remember and others he mav 
not want to This half of the Knit-Wit 
Brothers' reputation spread from the shores of 
Ocean City to the sidewalks of Fran Mesora's. 
However, all was not work for Tom here at 
the boat school. He spent many a winter day 
oyster diving, water skiing and surfing. When 
spring rolls around Tom's motto is "Batt Lax 
is where it's at. " Many women have come to 
know the "moose", but a special southern belle 
of Admiral descent seems to have tickled his 
fancy The Big Bad "Woor' is off to Athens, 
Georgia, to the land of "them dogs", pork 
chops, and Navy Supply School. Good luck in 
all you do in the future, continue to have fun 
in life and take care. 


I Till 


312 Sixth Company 


Kerim Lamar Powell 


Chula Vista, California 

Systems Engineering, Surface 


California Beach bum with great ambitions 
of becoming mature, taking responsibility, and 
making the college life the best it could be' 
Just what happened to these last four years- 
Schittehed was quick to find his long life 
academv friends. Charlie's Brother and ODR 
Bob . . ' Wife m California . . . The very few 
regs he didn't commit . But no restriction 
muBter . . Sailing (on the real team - civilian 
. . . Cowboy (the one m FLI . - . Who is driving 
this car! Not me, not my car! . . . Pass this test. 
pass this test, nope - nose is still there. 
Denny's raceway. Sean got us out of it, who 
was out of it! . . . Cloves . . . Chaw . - Crackers 
that fly everywhere, no problem crank the 
stereo . . . Sister in the bleachers Your watch. 
how immature . . . Physical fitness good thing 
she's a female! . . . LD. here is some ID . . . 
Cross country cycling, wait you can't have 
those - . - Expensive ocean city. Thanks cops'' 
. . . Georgetown. Clarkes. Hamlains. TJ's. 
Babes. The Bench. Fannys Red Apple. 
Caponea. Timmy's Pyramid of Cans - Bos'n. 
The General . . Shoulder surgery. We 
wouldn't want to walk up stairs with a hurt 
shoulder . . . car. What car'' . - - Clean room & 
on time . . . Thumb cuffs. Hurt me hurt me! 
. . . what CO. are you in? Depends on who is 
throwing the party. Wait you don 't need these 
Ughts - . . Wild turkey . . More cloves . . T. V 
. . . Charter member. Executive assistance & 
social affairs of the "suds" . ■ - "life was a bitch, 
then I graduated!" . - . Seaberg's Raiders never 

Thomas H. Nelson 


Dixie. Idaho 

General Engineering, Surface 


When researchers found Tom in the Idaho 
mountains, little did they realize they had 
found an evolutionary throwback. Tom was 
raised by a group of destitute bears until he 
was discovered by a desperate Idaho Blue and 
Gold Officer. Tom soon came to realize that 
bears sometimes have better dispositions than 
some firsties. Shields ring a bell Tom"^ Ha\ing 
been raised by bears. Tom was naturally 
accustomed to hibernation- 3 formations a day 
quickly disrupted his routine, but he did 
manage to sleep through about 65 "7 of the 
Xaval Academy experience. 

Tom was never one to worry about 
homework when he could be steeping. His 
academic life was not a total breeze He ended 
up fulfilling his desire to go general at the 
Naval Academy's request. Tom learned 
economics first hand when it came time to buy 
a car. Evil and wicked thoughts of sports cars 
were not allowed in his mind. I don't think 
they had a blue Ford Escort in mmd when 
they developed Blue Thunder And let's not 
forget the Ring Dance. Being from Dixie. 
Idaho, population 19. Tom had little contact 
with females Tom proved that he did indeed 
know what they were and how to charm them. 
You still owe me one for supplying your 
beautiful date. 

Randall L. Nixon 


Willingboro, New Jersey 

Economics, Surface Line 

In coming to USNA. Randy turned bis back 
on the ivy covered walls of Harvard. A decision 
he thought about more than once in the past 
four years. The better apart of Randy's first 
two years at the Academy were spent trying 
to decide which college he would attend after 
youngster year. But after much thought he 
decided he couldn't leave all his friends and 
so he stayed. Down deep we all knew he would. 

Randy's first love in life is following sports. 
Especially the Cowboys and VNC basketball. 
Randy could be seen spending many a study 
hour in the wardroom pursuing this interest. 
And if there were no sports on TV he might 
just decide to do a little studying to pass the 

Weekends were Randy's own time, and few 
were spent around USNA. If he wasn't home 
visiting his girlfriend, he was out getting 
rowdy with the boys from sixth company. 

Randy is indeed a true friend. One thing he 
has been heard to say on more than one 
occasion is that when he leaves here he won't 
miss the Academy so much as he will his 
friends. Well, that goes double for all of us. 
Good luck on the seven seas and please keep 


John P. O'SuUivan 


Farmingdale, New York 

Management. Naval Flight 


USNA brought many changes in ol 'Numa 
life- The adjustment was not his alone though. 
The rest of us had to adjust to his strange 
accent, such as going out for "pizzer and 

Saturday nights were often times to go out 
and get rowdy. We were always sure to bring 
Johnny along, since be was the only one who 
could keep bis cool in a partying situation. 
Manv a night his friends watched in awe as 
Num swooned women ranging from local 
college coeds to colonels' daughters. Not to 
worry, ladies, chivalry is not dead. 

Johnny was able to endure an interesting 
first semester first class year as Company 
Commander, which is a credit to him. He was 
able to maintain his sanity through a difficult 
and ever-changing situation. When service 
selection came around, be chose to be a 
backseat driver. This was an especially risky 
choice for John, since he is known to have 
trouble picking the right controls for the right 
system. Hopefully, however, memories of the 
soap dish incident will not follow htm into the 

Num, it's been 
yesterday when we 
much we missed hoi 
during plebe sumrr 
home doesn't seem 

nice. Seems like juat 
were talking about how 
ae on a Sunday afternoon 
er. But, as I discovered, 
that far away when you 

have family" living right down the hall from 
you. Good luck to you, and hopefully, we '11 see 
each other again while we are still young 
enough to go out and maybe have one too 
many- Love va. 


Sixth Company 313 




Brent E. Poynter 


Harrison, Ohio 

Applied Science, Surface Line 

Brent came to the sii-pack from a smali 
western Ohio town, but no one would call 
6'7>2' Poynt-God smail The level-headed 
guidance of one Ic "CHI" got Brent's naval 
career off to a start with a lesson in negative 
leadership. Plebe year progressed and Brent 
managed one of the most low keyed "plebe 
experiences" in record history, I didn't even 
know who he was until the last half of second 
semester. Youngster cruise took Brent on a 
tour of the east coast on a "Love Boat". 
Youngster Syndrome and 3c year passed 
uneventfully with Brent most likely to be 
found in the rack after 2200. Second class year 
saw many changes. Wildwood became a hot 
spot and Labor Days would never be the same 
iHow 'bout some lime vodka Brentl'l. October 
rolled around and Brent met a certain 
someone at St. Mary's College Jacquie got her 
hooks into our stud with a real smooth opener; 
"You look tall. Wanna dance'". The Dark 
Ages saw Brent with a '65 Dart and a long haul 
of SMC. but Brent's scheduled runs were 
interrupted when he set off a fire alarm while 
wielding a flaming can of Lysoi Visa and 
Spring Break took Brent, Jac and the Dart 
south for some camping The semester 
progressed and the Dart was hit and run to 
death at St. Mary's. First class cruise took 
Brent to Spam. Following an uneventful 22 
day passage. Brent soaked up the sights in 
Rots for 6 hours. Ic year saw the coming of 
the "Barracuda, and ihe culmination of 4 
years of sub-squad with his being named 
Captain of the team. Brent also waged a 
nip&tuck war with NAVMEDCOM over 
certain height considerations. When the smoke 
cleared. Brent had won and he is now bound 
for pointsun known on an AFS. Weil Brent, it's 
been real. See 'va at SWOS- 


Scott H. Randolph 


Mount Prospect, Illinois 

Applied Science, Nuke 


Scott H. Randolph blew into Annapolis 
from a suburb of the Windy City and 
proceeded to take this place by storm. Scott 
has earned just about every academic honor 
that exists on his way to graduating third in 
the class. He has been selected for the 
National Dean's List and bis honor society 
memberships include Phi Kappa Phi. Sigma 
Iota Epeilon. and Omicron Delta Epsilon. 
Enticed by his advisor youngster year with the 
opportunity of earning a CPA degree upon 
graduation, Scott overloaded and completed 
his major's requirements in seven semesters. 
Plans changed a little, and now Scott is 
working on his MBA at the George Washing- 
ton University. Just what you need for nuke 
school, right Scott? 

Scott was far from one dimensional, 
however. Originally recruited for Navy's crew 
team, Scott returned to bis first love - 
basketball. He anchored the Sixth Company's 
basketball team for three years and the team 
of the First Battalion for four years. Scott also 

got physical with hii 
classmate. Oh well, or, 
victories ain 't bad. 

Good luck in the fut\ 
having you for 
the low overheads 

bed springs and 
' out of ( 

Scott. It was great 
Just watch out for 
your sub. 




"^ H 


F 1^1 


^^^ ' f^d 

Joseph R. Thien 
Mean Joe 

Bellevue, Washington 
Physics, Surface 

After college in a real school for a year. Joe 
decided to try his luck at USNA. His long and 
somewhat skinny frame made him quite 
noticeable to the firsties. Though be didn't 
mean to. Joe took a lot of heat off his 
classmates when Chi went flaming. He Cmally 
did learn everyones names. Battling with 
Shields and Petzrick, Joe finally made it to 
youngster year when he began bis battle with 
physics. In second class year. Joe got tired of 
homework and decided to build the Army 
Project. With the help of a few plebes. he 
created a scale model of Pegasus It was so 
good that It fired harpoon missiles, and shot 
tootsie-roUs out of its bow mount — until the 
breach blew up that is. After the game, the 
CO of the Pegasus called from Florida and 
wanted the float for his command. So that 
spring break be went to Florida to help the 
real Pegasus in its operations. First class year. 
Joe participated voluntarily (what does 
N-A-V-Y stand for"^) in anti-recon patrol to 
keep certain individuals from moving planes, 
etc. Maybe the reason the watch worked, was 
that most of the people who did the move the 
night before were now guarding against the 

Have fun on the USS Sacramento — you 77 
do real good, but remember to duck under the 
low pipes. 


Eric Gardner Wills 


Madison, Wisconsin 

Economics Major. Nuclear 


Entering USNA at the age of 17. Eric 
became lost in the wild jungles of Plebedom 
with the rest of us. His membership as a 
C-Company Catatonic and his haircut of Year 
I earned him the playful name of "Urchin." 
The sailing team and the love for punk rock 
followed soon thereafter. Youngster year 
found Eric leading us all in our rebellious lives 
as tenants of "Youngster Alley " Higher 
grades. Dahlgren, late nights goofing off. loud 
stereos, and obnoxious writing on the 
youngster chalk board were all standards. 
What fun we had! By 2/C year, the plebes 
found a new friend affectionately known as 
Mr. Wills... "Sir'" Actually, the plebes feared 
and respected him at the same time; it was 
the firsties who were terrified of him He had 
the guts to stand up to anyone and was always 
ready to make a stand on anything. He became 
a respected leader and friend among us all 
Eric 's I 'SNA years had grea t m em ones 
including the Christmas Carolers of '84 who 
sang only during finals, the Punker laka the 
girl next door in Madison); the ^reat Russian 
language revolution; the battalion swimming 
coach job; Capone's; Big V; the R&R's to 
Arizona. Long Island, and Japan. Eric s desires 
to better himself found him harder courses 
than the matrix required and also holes in his 
chest from the gold jump wings he earned as 
a firstie. 1/C cruise convinced him of Nuc. 
Subs and The Admiral accepted him NPQ 
status may put him somewhere else, but 
wherever be goes he will succeed God bless 
V'ou Eric. You're the kind of guy that's got the 
right stuff You've been a great Midshipman 
and buddy. You're what a best friend is all 
about. Take care Eric and good luck in 
whatever you do. The Na^y needs you' Good 
luck and Godspeed 

314 Sixth Company 

*"'.'■'■ fc" • sKi*.''^* , ;'•'«&■' ^ 




316 Seventh Company 



John M. Augustine 


New Castle, Pennsylvania 

Physical Science, USMC 

John came to Camp Bancroft from 
somewhere in Pennsylvania called New Castle 
(the same as the disease) and, considermg 
what be bad to work witb, has smce done quite 
well as one of the country'a finest To say that 
Augie was warped would not be giving him 
credit, but who needs to give bim credit? 
Needless to say. bis unique personality and 
amazing knack with song lyrics earned bim a 
couple of uncomplementary nicknames; all in 
fun, of course- 
He was much more gungy than anyone 
would give him credit for, given his extreme 
apathy and apparent quietness. But from bis 
pre-academy days in the Civil Air Patrol to 
his summer at Fort Benning he proved that 
be was a natural for the Green. Okay, so that 
wasn't bis first choice, but we won't rub it in. 
All he was really interested in, anyway, was 
Stevie Nicks, his Rack, bis pet bat, and the 
cause of Cicada Man (but that's another 

After two and a half years as a slave to the 
Engineering Department, the late hours and 
few results, be decided that Aerospace wasn't 
such a big deal and attacked Pbi. Sci. instead. 
So what 's it Uke on the Company Officer 's list ? 
Unfortunately, he hasn't been able to fully 
enjoy the extra liberty since he sold bis family 
and went into debt for the rest of his life to 
purchase bis Machine. Fast cars and fast 
women, right John? Weil, at least fast cars. 
Just about everyone likes John, but rumor 
has it that it's only for the waffles his mom 
sends. I couldn 't say. but in any case we wish 
you the best at Quantico and in your career 
I dont think you will have any problems 
though; after all. "the Commandant's your 



Ronda J. Beagle 


Sacremento, California 

Economics. General Unrestricted 


Ronda, - no H - please, after graduating 
from H.S. decided to cut her hair and hop on 
a plane cross countr}' to stay awhile at Dad's 
alma mater Before she left home. Big Ron 
told Ronda exactly how to get through plebe 
summer at USNA. U'hen Ronda arrived at the 
airport she was met by Coach Welsh and was 
issued a pair of crutches Immedtately so she 
could obtain a medical chit for her knee. This 
excused her from PEP and enabled her to ride 
the elevator. Ronda was the only plebe girl in 
USNA histor}.' that was allowed to sit on 
football T- tables. On occasion Ronda sat on 
company tables but she would keep a frown 
on her face in order to scare off anyone that 
might ask her a question. After plebe summer 
ended Ronda was still no ordinary plebe - she 
was allowed to attend dances with second class 
midshipmen and down a couple of brews. One 
Spring Break Ronda decided to \isit Key West 
with the Boys ■ little did the "Bag Lady" know 
that she would be ser\-ing breakfast in bed. bar 
tending and baby sitting for three drunk 
fellows. Ronda made her athletic mark at 
USNA in both sailing and swimming. Before 
every race in sailing Ronda would check her 
hair and make-up and prop herself up at the 
bow as her skipper took charge and sailed by 
the distracted competitors. RJ has been a 
fantastic dinghy crew taking Rick to nationals 
twice. The NADS parties will never be 
forgotten or remembered. In off seasons 
Ronda swam, it was phun! phun' phun! She 
did spend time with others - Ponse's 
California girl could be found playing Jacks 
with Doug. Remember . . . Clem - "entertain 
me". JP's bedtime stories. Moe. Flights, and 
"I'm so wasted". The dirty dog will travel 
further east - this time to Italy. Ronda has 
always been a special part of our lives One 
of the fruits and nuts of California. 


Seventh Company 317 


William Scott Biel 
Big Daddy 
Santa Ana, California 
English, Submarines 

Scott came to the Naval Academy an 
innocent Southern California beach burn and 
quickly learned that he was not destined to 
adjust to civilized eastern ways. Plebe year was 
a sobering time for Scott (in fact, he seemed 
to spend a lot of time sobering) and in bis role 
as the Big Daddy, he soon became a 7th 
company institution. 

Big Daddy will always be remembered as 
being a great-humored {if not somewhat 
warped) individual, whose literary talents and 
lack of devotion to studying made his choice 
of English as a major an easy decision. Many 
were the nights when Big Daddy could be 
found behind bis typewriter, pipe in mouth, 
and chuckling to himself Big Daddy was never 
at a loss for ways to entertain his classmates 
and an occasional company officer. His 
fearless ability to mangle his fists on a bedpost 
and his unique taste in interior decorating 
(depending on the availability of a bucket) 
were always good for a laugh. As the Rockhead 
Scott had a fondness for butting heads in 
scrums, against the bottom of a shallow 
swimming pool, or through night club walls. 
Yet for some reason this somewhat neanderth- 
al appearing rugger always seemed to be 
fostering new and beautiful relationships with 
some very fine looking young ladies. Alas, it 
appears as though Big Daddy must finally 
settle down. Service selection found him 
joining the ranks of the few, the proud, the 
Nuclear Power English Majors. It's bard to 
believe that our steely-eyed, blood-n-guts, 
lady killing Rockhead is destined to be a 
bubble-head. Keep up the good work. Big 
Daddy, and good luck, you 're going to need it. 
A.C., T.P.. Ponce. J.J. and "the hoys" 

Douglas S. Borrebach 


New City, New York 

Oceanography, Supply Corps 

Big Dumb Doug, the brain damaged child 
of Mommv and Daddv Warbucks, met us at 
NAPS and lived with us at USNA. Ill tell you. 
after 5 years, nothing has changed. The Big 
Guy still thinks be is special. Probably the 
best way to understand Doug is to listen to 
him talk. (However he does write quite well 
with a little help) With that in mind. 1 have 
assembled some of Doug's more famous quotes 
. . . "Hey. 1 play football . . . I'm special . . . I'm 
a genius . . . I can 't go to class; my head hurts 
. . . The CO said I was a great performer . . . 
I can 't believe my VISA bill; too many ice teas 
. . - It's time for lasagna at the Olsen's . . . Gee. 
my car is great . . . I gotta call Nancy . . . I 
adore my waistline . . . and again . . . I'm 
special. " Although this all may seem conceit- 
ed, it really isn't. Doug is sincerely special 
Well - . at least one in a million. He's been 
a loyal friend and we all appreciate it. So to 
Doug, ole buddy, here's mud in your eye and 
coffee in your lap. Good Luck and Best 

The Boys! 


Edward George Butler, II 


Savannah, Georgia 

Oceanography, Nuclear Power 


Four years ago. George unplugged his 
guitars, left Georgia behind, and headed North 
to find civilization. By some freak accident, he 
ended up at USNA . Ha \ing attended a 
military high school. George appeared des- 
tined for big stripes. Fortunately, the inspiring 
examples of Big Bird and the Rudder 
convinced him that aptitude and rank had an 
inverse relationship at USNA. and bis 
priorities changed. His goal now became that 
he would spend the next three years improving 
his guitar technique and waiting for gradua- 
tion. His original goal of medical school was 
torpedoed by the consistent C^"'*) Administra- 
tion policy about medical school, and though 
he loved spending every Saturday night nith 
Organic labs. Chemistry was soon replaced 
with Oceanography. This aspiring bubblehead 
could thereafter be found buying more and 
more bizarre electronic devices for his music 
(?) and the rude noises began emerging from 
his room. A physical wreck. Jorge was 
nevertheless a definite asset to the company 
fieldball team, and was the only player who 
might have enabled us to win a game. Though 
generally an easygoing guy, George would turn 
Crimson with anger whenever some uncul- 
tured buffoon asked him to put on some 
AC/DC. Between the ear-splitting sounds of 
ELF, Yes. and Genesis. George somehow 
warped his mind sufficiently to decide on 
Nuclear power, and the nuclear bonus checks 
were rapidly followed by yet more bizarre 
guitar equipment. Despite one unfortunate 
drive with the shore patrol during Protramid. 
be managed to keep his nose clean during his 
atay at USNA. and the submarine community 
can be sure that they are getting a fine officer 
when George unplugs bis guitars once again to 
bead into the fleet. Good luck in the fleet and 
your music, and save me a ticket! 

Scott D. Chesson 


Goidsboro, North Carolina 

Mathematics, Surface Line 

The hick came to the boat school from the 
dirt roads of Goidsboro. NC. The "cheeae- 
slice" was always bragging about ACC 
basketball and bis purported beer drinking 
capabilities. Plebe year saw Chess obtaining a 
credit card at Bob Wards and becoming a 
charter member of the Marina drinking club. 
Chess became a notable casualty after one 
drinking spree with "murph" which resulted 
in a four minute mile back to USNA. Chess 
brought his wheels to Annapolis youngster 
year and became the chauffeur for "the boys. " 
However, first class year saw Chess as a 
"passenger" instead of the chauffeur. Chess 
was always up for roadtrips to Hood. Gaucher, 
Dickinson, and any other place which 
promised a good time. The sex kitten will 
never forget being dragged along 1-95 by a 
fired-up Chess after a frat party at theta chi 
Although not noted for picking up women of 
large proportions. Chess was occasionally seen 
with hogs while out with other inffunoua 
porker chasers, "Murph " and "Scrogs- " Chess 
made history by being UA two nights in a row 
while accompanying "Scrogs" on the cannon- 
ball run from Gaucher one night. The Hood 
Dog spent many successful nights at the 
0-Club drinking brews and slam dancing with 
various and sundry bims. Remember tools, the 
bovs, the scags, toecheese. and losers. 



■ ffir I 





318 Seventh Company 



Steven C. Clemencv 


Amherst, New York 

Ocean Engineering, Na\y Air 

Steve woke up one morning with a wicked 
headache and a lot of new clothes. He had 
meant to make his escape from NAPS but 
never got enough clean laundry together for 
the trip After fruitlessly searching for his 
separation papers under his blotter, he 
decided that he might as well fly high as a 
pilot. He maintained very respectable grades 
for a guy who never owned a textbook and only 
studied five minutes max on the way to class. 
Why study when you have a perfectly good 
guitar and plenty of deadly weapons? The only 
thing more brutal than his truck was the deer 
that caused htm to roll it. (the deer was 
laughing) He loves to wrestle and would never 
fight dirty unless be was losing. In Ocean 
Engineering he specialized m beam theory and 
buzzard preservation. He has been spotted in 
certain areas of a particular nature and whv 
nor' But no. What's a kid to do in this day 
and age - assuming Willard isn't around to 
entertain. If the thnli of flying ever wears off 
for Steve, we should expect to bear about a 
mysterious disappearance over Tahiti, bow- 
ever, as long as Steve is in the air. use bea\y 
duty adhesives on all roofmg materials. 

Brett A. Comstock 


Westland, Minnesota 

Oceanography, Geophysics 

Brett was accidentally conceived in a freak 
sewage accident near Detroit. After years of 
mistreatment by bis adopted family of 
Aborigines bamboo farmers, he left home to 
join the Naiy- Noticing bis complete lack of 
intellect and table manners, a recruiter 
suggested he try the Naval Academy Brett did 
not really understand, but agreed, anvway. 

He showed up a day late for Induction, of 
course, beginning a notorious 4-year span of 
being late or UA. Brett's unhurried manner 
and seeming obliviousness of reality earned 
him an honored place among the ranks of main 
office restrictees. Many a taps-taker ap- 
preciated his nightly transformation into the 
in\isible man, vanishing for hours into some 
far-off telephone booth to chat with the wife 
I whose name I couldn't spell if I tried). Is 
marriage in the future'' Are dead frogs 

An avid member of the God Squad. Brett 
spent many nights curled up with a Good 
Book, jamming with AC-DC and the Plasma- 
tics or. everyone's favorite, David Meece. 

First class year saw Brett buy a truck and. 
soon thereafter, do a kamikaie routine on a 
certain 0-6's van Oops! (He still swears he 
wasn't driving) Never one to take studying 
seriously, he spent hours reading comic books 
or trying to become Japanese. Somehow he 
still managed to get decent grades in his 
oceanography major. (An occasional all- 
nighter and bottle of No-Doze helped). 

The future will find Brett up to his elbows 
in mud or pork chops. Either Geophysics or 
Supply Corps will be getting a fine naval 
officer. The other will get Brett. (Just 
kidding!) Best of luck to a very good friend, 
and long live Cicada Man! 

Bradley Evan Flock 


Evergreen, Colorado 

Marine Engineering, Nuclear 


Braddie has never been known for his good 
luck. Second Class year his car was found 
inside the magic circle when a 2nd class alley 
local called Main-o to report a vandalized 
Mid's car. It seemed that someone liked his 
car stereo and didn't like bis windows, (be is 
Btill trying to find this anonymous Samaritan 
in order to thank him properly.) I don't 
understand him being so upset. Even though 
be couldn't use bis car to see his fiancee, he 
Btill had bis Y P. Many of his Squadron mates 
know how be used his Yippie to see her (unlike 
the youngsters with the spotlight. I don't know 
everything that happened, so I'll leave it to the 
imagination. Good vino, though, eh Flock- 
bead.) I hope she doesn't take this wrong 
though; how could he live without the girl who 
thinks he looks "good t 
all know how much . 
he doesn't have bis 

Flockhead spends 
that I wonder if his company even knows who 
be is. After all. he went three weeks without 
showing up for taps because they saw him so 
seldom they thought he was a three-striper. 
Second class year he spent so much time in 
31 that their plebes called bim the "out- 
of -company-outcast." The question is, where 
is this going to appear ■ under 7th Co. or 31 ? 

DAD 31 

■ Besides, 
uble he gets into wl 
man. just ask Elow 















^^K. 3/>/jjijjWK^M 



Mary Virginia Forehand 
VA ' 

Rockville. Maryland 
Oceanography. Supply Corps 

Virginia came to us running at full speed 
and hasn't stopped yet. A "Marylander" at 
heart, she put up with our "Maryland driving" 
jokes for four years. Plebe year was so long 
ago. but we're still together (minus the "Green 
One" who will always be one of the gang). 
We'll never forget the singing chow calls. 
RATS (in the ceiling too). Dr. Demento's 
Another one rides the bus. the Time Warp, the 
ice cream fork in your sock, and beaming 
aboard Scotty. I guess we've come a long way 
from the crazy yet "so innocent" Plebettes. 
The best years are yet to come. Home has 
never been too far away; Mom's Annapolis 
Apartment has always been a handy escape 
from institution life, huh, Tom? 1/c year has 
gone by faster than ever for us all. As Cross 
Country captain, the 7tb company Studette 
kept the team moving at a quick pace despite 
her own injuries. Did the Poison Control ever 
help??? Not one to limit herself, VA kept up 
her skiing, going "Big" with the trip out West 
to see Big Ron and the Beagle Bunch, our 
extended California family - 

Weil VA has decided to head south to 
Athens, Ga. where she will attend Supply 
School. A closer friend there cannot be in 
times of high and low - you were there. We 
wish you and Tom the best in life - LIVE. As 
always . . . 


Seventh Company 319 


Glenn D. Gurbach 

Mr. Gurbs 

Woodbridge, New Jersey 

General Engineering, Marine 


Glenn is a redneck in the true sense of the 
word, despite his modest beginnings in 
Northern (Woodbridge) N.J. The Naval 
Academy wasn't sure what to do with Gurbs, 
so they pushed him off on NAPS. He arrived 
at the Naval Academy a little less than 
anonymously, and quickly made himself at 
home, complete with a spittoon- Plebe year 
came and went, and with a stripe, a 71 
Lemons, and a little more freedom, he 
managed to make a lasting impression on 
Lcdr. Rudd . . . Within 3 months, Mr Gurbs 
managed to redefine the word conduct case, 
with 2 black N's and 60 days restriction . . . 
As a new 2nd class on summer cruise he 
further distinguished himself as one of the 
"boys of 3c". Being a good redneck, Gurbs 
bought a 4x4 truck to compliment his 
wardrobe of flannel shirts and down vests . . . 
Just 2 days later, it was off to Hawaii for a 
6-week vacation compliments of the Marines. 
This solidified his position m the mean green 
team, which accepted him despite the 
regulation against ugliness. Curb's idea of a 
perfect weekend is gomg out to destroy forests 
armed with an axe, a bottle ofJ.D., and a few 
friends. Good luck in the Corps, we're going 
to miss va. 

RAK and JSM 

Thomas W. Horn 

Springfield, Ohio 
Political Science, USMC 

Tom-Tom got off the hayride in Springfield, 
0-Hi and journeyed his way to VSNA to 
become a lean, mean, fight'n. Marine. It was 
obvious from day one that Tom-Tom was 
destined to be a Marine. For some reason ships 
never agreed with him. Every time he went to 
sea on a YP. he would manage to fall off so 
he could hit the beach running. When 
Tom-Tom Hnally dried off he would put in a 
dip and bit the books. This Academic Scholar 

for 1 



like , 

class that dealt with \'=1R c 
course requiring a calculator 

■ F=MA or any 
But Tom did 
well in classes that required term papers. After 
reading the book in EE Tom would write a 
12 page paper that evening and type 'til the 
sun rose the next morning. Only problem with 
this is that Tom would sleep through the class 
it was due for. Tom was also "Mother Hen" 
for his roommates ■ his duties included 
cleaning the room, putting out the TRAISH. 
folding and putting away the "landry" and 
occasionally he became the duty miter. His 
roommates appreciated Tom s effort and 
frequently rewarded him with a shin massage. 
Tom's roommates loved to party with Tom 
because they would always look forward to 
waking to find him sleeping on the floor with 
his head in the shower. Tom seemed to have 
a knack for breaking women 's hearts ' when he 
told them it was over. No girl could ever bring 
herself to date another man after Tom. 

WeU Tom, it was fun, Clem and I are sure 
glad you were there from beginning to end; 
The Boys will miss you — 


Russell Krause 


Orlando, Florida 

Physics, Navy Pilot 

Rubs came from Orlando via every other 
place in the world to USNA. The upper class 
immediately recognized his strong attention to 
details and set out to make Russ the best 
marcher. By second semester he had cleaned 
up his act considerably. He began his brilliant 
academic career every semester believing he 
was headed to an ac board. Even 1st class year 
with a 3.00 be swore be flunked his exams. 3rd 
class year. Russ began working on his image 
as a man who can hold his liquor. He nearly 
passed out at Gary's bouse, but did manage 
to navigate the stairs with uncommon grace. 
After an iU placed kick to Gurbs car, he 
quickly learned the redneck's revenge while 
flying through the air A legend on the pool 
table, Russ was a good man to play if you were 
thirsty. '2nd Class year brought the discovery 
of the wonders of Dahlgren women, several of 
which left their marks on his collarline. Unable 
to control himself in the middle of a session 
on the upper deck by the AOOD, who was not 
amused by our hero. First class year went slow 
until "krash " decided to fly on instruments in 
hia month old car, ending up against a tree 
on service selection night. Good luck in flight 
school and may your instrument landings be 
much smoother - 

JSM and GDG. 

Danny B. Kumangai 

Dan ' 

Spanaway, Washington 

Operations Analysis, Navy NFO 

This is the story of my life: 

- born in Tecoma, Washington 

- graduated from Bethel Sr. High 
School (Spanaway. Washington) 

■ attended U.S.N.A. 
The End (for now . . .1 

(nil Hi 


I ; 




320 Seventh Company 


John S. McCormick 


Milwa ukee, Wisconsin 

Computer Science, Nuke Subs 

John emerged from somewhere i 
(was it Milwaukee"^) to appear at VSNA. His 
pointed sideburns and thin face quickly 
brought comparisons mth Mr. Spock, generat- 
ing a new nickname. Plebe year brought the 
introduction of his hfelong idol. Marshall Rice, 
who bounced himself out of Aero trying to 
enhance John's professional development. 
Swimming brought about an escape from the 
drudgery of plebe year. John's education tn 
women began on a sour note at the close of 
plebe year, when he proceeded to try to 
educate a young lady on the fine points of life 
at 11:00 on a Wed. with 100 proof coursing 
through his veins. He never saw her again . 
His education continued in this tradition with 
two "almost" dates to Homecoming. A 
memorable moment of youngster year was 
Q-ball's party, where too many beers and crabs 
brought about a uniform conflict where every- 
one came back in civies. Big Daddy and he had 
an argument over who had responsibility for 
the uniforms, which resulted in his narrowly 
escaping a flying fist which hit the rack behind 
him. John thought it was only fair to let him 
connect with another punch. Second class year 
brough t road trips to Wes tmms ter, which 
included a game in which he drank 12 times 
before be realized that the others were 
cheating. Good luck bubble bead, and may 
your kids not glow. 

RAK and GG 

Andrew C. Litton 


Great Falls, Virginia 

Political Science, U.S. Marine 


"Andrew C. " Litton is a man of many guises 
and relatively few words. It's rumored that 
Andy, who spent his early years "all over the 
place" never really understood what he was 
getting into by coming to USNA- This fact 
became apparent to all of us on 1-Day when 
Andy asked if he could have his WUB"D" 
shirts tn a Hawaiian prmt. Spending his 
formative years under the hea\y yoke of grade 
troubles, the Rudder, and last (but least). "My 
hands are Tied" TV.P.. ole Monkey Head's 
determination paid off in the end — and 
proved an inspiration (tee hee. tee heet to the 
rest of "The Boys" (i e Scurf Scrodftsh. 
Chessdog. Burrow, Walt, Brownie, and Big 
Daddy ) Youngster year the humble abode of 
Captain Bob and the Mrs. became a 
convenient base of operations for The Boys' 
Georgetown related extracurricular activities. 
Also that year. A. C. emerged as a subtle 
operator when we discovered that he'd had 
eyes for "The Doctor" all along. Having 
wasted his summers at various "Gunge " 
schools, it wasn't surprising to learn that he's 
happily anticipating a bright future in the 
Corps as a "Ground -Pounder. " His occasional 
evening cultural excursions with The Boys and 
Moms Freeman 's Army parties made a lasting 
impression on this \'ulnerable young innocent 
from behind the "white picket fence. " We only 
hope that sometime in the future — perhaps 
about ninety vears, 'ole Andrew C will 
appreciate all we 've done for him. The Rabbits 
Are Coming! Hurray! Hurray! 

Cameron A. Manning 

Huntingdon, Pennsylvania 
Mechanical Engineering, Navy- 

When his reputation prevented him from 
finding any unsuspecting maidens in Hunting 
don. Cam chose to come to the Naval 
Academy. He was disappointed to find that 
there weren't many girls at USNA. but that 
didn't stop him. As a result the girls of 
Baltimore. Washington, and yes. even An- 
napolis suffered. 

When Cam wasn't chasing women he had 
his nose buried in tbermo, fluids and heat 
transfer. He survived the likes of Rocket Reed. 
Wild Bill Lee and all the other wizards of the 
M.E. department. 

Cam rolled in one weekend second class year 
with his new ride and decided to Hnd out how 
many miles you could drive without going 
anywhere He decided riding around would be 
more fun if he did it in an airplane so he's 
Pensacola bound. The Academy might miss 
Cam, but that's okay. 

Gerard F. Murphy 


Williston Park, New York 

Political Science, NFO 

Murf came to U.S.NA. from this land. He 
quickly managed to impress everyone with his 
razor sharp wit and dashing good looks. 
During his four years at the institute for 
rehabilitation and correction, he was a regular 
at restriction muster and the conduct office. 
He will always be remembered as a man who 
could party with the beat of them. Good luck 
and good riddance. 

Seventh Company 321 




Mary Kathleen Murray 


Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

Political Science, Supply Corps 

Pecs, pecs, and more pecs. That was the 
main reason we could always find Kathleen at 
Navy Wrestling matches. Besides, Guy was 
there — the second class who Kathleen swore 
she would never date. It's hard to say just who 
was the real love of her life — her Columbian 
pooch. Mini-Can, or Guy. But it doesn't make 
that wuch difference, anyway. They were both 
short and furry (in her own words!). But Kath 
alwavs did have a way nith words — a unique. 
MKM style. If something ever needed to be 
said (and even if something dida't need ttj be 
said), we could count on her to fill the gap. 
Thev must never have covered the topic of 
discretion in the poU-sci department- Kath- 
leen 's quick wit. good-natured personality, and 
eternal teasing always made her the focal 
point of conversations. Her way v^ith words 
even kicked off Plebe Summer C'But. Sir! I 
was chopping so fast that I didn't see you!") 
and lead to the defeat of the As Board — 
multiple times. First class academics finally 
left her some breathing room, though, and she 
took up Navy cheerleading and headed the 
Catholic Choir. Despite all of her official 
activities, however, the Small One always 
found time for fun. Between playing tricks on 
the plebes. baking cookies (well, she got out 
the chocolate chips, anyway), building a 
chaplain snowman, and shopping. Kath still 
had time to listen and share confidences with 
anyone who wanted to talk- Squeezing pecs, 
leading cheers, wearing an 84 jersey when 
delivering Easter baskets after taps as a plebe 
. . . although she's small. Kathleen will never 
fade into the woodwork, and she's always 
remembered with love. And Kath — Guy 

Lou Anne Nesta 
Lou Anne 

Waterbury, Connecticut 
Mathematics, General 
Unrestricted Line 

"Hell on the Hudson . - . damn the Class of 
'81!" Lou Anne was the first plebe in our class 
who learned to "wipe it off " But the smile 
remained, despite the unending disapproval of 
the 2nd Batt CDR- And her smile caught the 
attention of at least one 2/c m 7th. "Oh. Mith 
Nethta! I'm thtanding under the mitheltoe!" 
But maybe he was just there for the potato 
chip cookies sent in chow packages by Lou 
Anne's mother, grandmother, and aunt- Arnit. 
I mean — she's a New Englander! Youngster 
year Lou Anne was either m the gym working 
out, in Mark's room with her coffee cup. or 
in Ward Hall at the computers. She should 
have given up on computers and taken up 
writing: "How to survive on All-Nighters'" 

When Lou A 
She needed i 
good enough; i 
of America" v 
her firstie yea 

le's coffee partner graduated, 
replacement. But one wasn't 
ter Tom 1x2). The "youngsters 
re a highlight for Lou Anne in 
■ar. No wonder she had to stay up 
all night to study Between her visits with the 
Toms and her time in the gym. only the nights 
were left for studying. Despite her grace on the 
beam. bars, and floor. Lou Anne's characteris- 
tic Rocky Balboa walk in her Na\y issue 
B-robe could be spotted a mile away in 
company area. It was even identifiable at the 
company officer's wedding — one of the three 
documented instances of Lou Anne in a skirt. 
Now Lou Anne is heading for Charleston, SC 
as an 1100 officer and to a billet in electronic 
warfare. No computers, but close! Good luck 
in the Fleet, Lou Anne . . . where coffee pots 
are reg! 

Andrew Craig Ponseigo 


Littletown, Colorado 

Applied Science, Navy Air 

We all know about Ponse 's Hh 
football career. Somehow Ponse convinced 
reporter, Joe Gross, to print that he was an 
all-American boy who had girls waiting in line 
to see the god from Na^y. Well, at least they 
got the all-American right. Ponse was in bed 
every night at 11 PM to make sure he got his 
8 hours of beauty sleep- Heaven help you if 
vou woke the slurp monster with the cotton 
in his ears. Occasionally. Ponse had night- 
mares about his roommates snoring and woke 
up screaming Although he annoyed his 
roommates doing so; he made up for it by 
always being able t-o get his friend the Army 
1st LT. to fix the plumbing anytime he asked 
Ponse could always talk his way out of 
anything that was too physically exhausting 
If it wasn't getting out of weight training, it 
was convincing the coaches that he should not 
play spring ball because he might get injured 
Although Ponse was not on the gridiron out 
of season he was alwavs working hard, playing 
baseball for Stiff and taking early morning 
runs at Univ. of Md When not involved in 
sports Pons had other endeavors to take up 
the time. Whenever on a road trip he could 
always come through as the travel agent and 
find housing for all - such as O C- Other things 
went from chasing to his constant fight against 
campers to his medical degree in lip sores- 
Ponse will leave his friends to go to flight 
school to continue his so-called all-American 
life. We'll miaa you Ponse. especially Spoon 
(13). Gobble Gobble. 


Marjorie Ann Rawhouser 


York, Pennsylvania 

Systems Engineering. Surface 


Who would have guessed four years ago that 
the Na\y was a nightmare, not an adventure. 
From one Svstems course to another and from 
Statics to Fluids, they made "Pyscho" look 
like a Disney movie If it wasn 't one of Prof 
Olsen 's problems keeping us up late, it was one 
of our many men problems. But you solved 
that bv getting engaged. The poster in Smoke 
Hall ("Congratulations M/LT Marjorie and 
M/ENS Jerome") added a little levity to 
Parents Weekend. 

Believe it or not every storm ends in a 
rainbow They never let us forget that "this 
is the number one System Engineering school 
in the country" so a degree from here isn't too 
bad- (Neither is a husband.) I wish you all the 
best. You've been a great friend. 


As plebe year roommates, we'll always share 
good memories At least the RATS never 

got us — we had the "Green one" to protect 
us — and the beloved Or Demento! Yes, just 
"another one rides the bus!" The Orangemen 
and "California Dreamin" kept us busy. 
Strange"^ We understand. 

D&B kept you out of trouble — never mind 
those "late night" practices I guess you 
learned then that you would have to straighten 
out the Corps as sub-commander It developed 
a "FVNK-Y" beat and lots of headaches — 
but we loved you and your xylophone! 
Halftime will never be the same 

There's so much more ahead — who knows 
what surface/EDO will bring — but 
remember, you can he the best. Go for it Marj 
— you're a sure success lat least that's what 
they keep telling us') 


322 Seventh Company 



James M. Schofield 


Glenshaw, Pennsylvania 

Ocean Engineering, Surface Line 

Jim, from do'n Pittsburgh, graced us with 
bis presence for four years. His is a story of 
transition from naive innocence to Company 
Commander thug- For three years. Jim 
studied hard, dedicted himself to crew and 
engineenng, and generally watched his ego 
grow. Then Hrst class year, Jim wised up and 
bis attitude changed. Now it was time to put 
cert-ain trucks to the impact test, engage in 
fiscal insanity, and pursue many a clandestine 
adventure. But with all this Jim still found 
time for helping and such, as it might be. The 
only thing left unchanged was Jim 's inflated 
ego. Furthermore, at Army. Jim discovered 
girls could be more than sisters; the girls at 
VCLA really blew him away. No one could 
have anticipated the change to overcome this 
one time Shirley Temple. Although he still 
keeps the fifth wmg awake with his snoring. 
Jim basically gave up studying and going to 
class: "If I don't sleep now Tw liable to miss 
a lot more school. " Aft-er all an ounce of 
natural intelligence is worth a pound of study. 
Good luck in Surface/Diving and hit those 
deckplates skulking. 

Willard Tillman, Jr. 


Mount Holly. New Jersey 

Physical Science, Surface 


Willard Tillman arrived at the Boat School 
directly from the garbage state at exit 5 of the 
New Jersey Turnpike. He came with high 
expectations of doing well m academics. His 
efforts were thwarted as mstead of becoming 
a Trident Scholar the Boro became a 
Tri'Board Scholar. Willard is one of the only 
suniving mids on a first-name basis with the 
officers of the Ac-board. He tried to improve 
bis grades by obtaining tutoring from the 
"schoolteacher" up at Rutgers. 

Willard and the boys were always up for a 
hike into Chocolate City in order to obtain a 
few pints ofMD 20/20. Sex Kitten and Cheese 
Slice brought the Boro on a magic carpet ride 
down to Florida. Willard earned the respect 
and admiration of the Georgia Bulldogs by 
chugging a pitcher of beer, but soon lost it by 
losing it in the parking lot. 

Willard was always spouting the virtues of 
the Boss, Winston's. The Riviera. PhiUy 
cheese steaks, and Billy Penn. Good luck and 
good riddance. 


Scott O. Vogel 


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Oceanography, Na\y Air 

Scott Vogel cAwe to USNA with a beer in 
one hand and a baseball mitt in the other. 
After 1-Day they were replaced by a form 2 
and a rifle for all the ED he accumulated. 
Plebe year was made a little easier by visitors 
from the Hawk and his "sister" Patty. After 
enduring the unnatural horrors of being under 
Gay Ray. be bad an easier time second 
semester. Youngster year brought new 
roommates (AC and Sex Kittent While fun 
was had by all in the Disco Shack, many 
weekends were spent at restriction due to 
frequent visits by the Rudder. Second 
semester saw a successful baseball season as 
Vogues recorded two saves and his N in the 
College World Series After "the Boys' and 
the tenement room was officially disbanded. 
second class year saw more studying and even 
greater partying Road trips to Hood and 
Goucher became a graduation requirement. 
One particular adventure occurred after 
partying at Tbeda Ki and Goucher where 
Mario Andretti Vogel picked up 3 speeding 
tickets and still managed to return 45 minutes 
late for taps. Baseball was made a little easier 
by the gentle teachings of "Stiff. First class 
year saw the break-up of his romance with 
Pattv. and romantic interludes with Slimy 
Sue.' Fattv Addv. and Bonzo Bonnie You 
always knew you were m trouble if Vogel 
ended up with the better looking girl. Who can 
ever forget the beer bongs, "the wild things". 
Mom.-) Freeman, party animals, Billy Penn. 
and the Jersey Shore. Good Luck in PVola. 
I rank him 5 of 4. 

"Murf the Surf" 

Terrance B. Walton 


Piscataway. New Jersey 

General Engineering. Marines 

From the rockies to the Jersey shore never 
before has anv seen the likes of Terrance 
Berndrd Walton. He came to V.S.N A. Ma 
NAPS and a KZ650 Terry became an 
aerospace engineer for a couple of yesrs. but 
somehow we all knew that wouldn't last Later 
he went to general as was expected His 
academic ability was nevertheless up to par 
Plebes loved chatting with Terry about 
menues and major events, even when he woke 
them out of a sound sleep along with anyone 
else in the area From boxer io pimp, from afro 
to skinhead Terry just couldn't make up bis 
mind He knew he wanted to be a marine and 
a marine hell be See you later guys and gals, 
old Terrv will only be around for so long. 

Seventh Company 323 




Jeffrey James Weber 


Massillon, Ohio 

History, Marine Corps 

JJ got up one Cine morning in God's country, 
Ohio, pulled his boots on. hitched up the 
wagon, and set out to take a load of pierogis 
to market. Missing the turnoff to Cuyahoga, 
be ended up in Annapohs where he traded his 
pierogis to an e\ii man dressed sharply in 
green and black who was sent by The Great 
Deceiver (Genl. Barrow). In return JJ signed 
numerous pacts to enter the Few, the Proud 
after a purga tonal stay a r USNA to 
tborougfdy pollute his impressionable young 

Jeffrey was soon crushed into the proper 
mold of an officer candidate through the 
faithful, guiding bands of great leaders of men 
such as Moe man. and the omniscient Man in 
Black. How could he not succeed? Being of 
unsound mind and sound body (are you 
kidding?). JJ joined the lightweight crew team 
for a tour of pain which lasted several months 
until be wised up. Or did be? Soon be was 
heard to say, 'But sir, you didn't say we 
couldn't meet young ladies in the library." 
And so he went on in his mediocrity and his 
history major. 

Come second class year JJ opened his eyes 
and found out that he was smart and had a 
twisted penchant for bombarding his cranium 
with tons of old information and war strategies 
that define the History major. And so bis QPR 
did soar and he did feast upon the Gabriel, 
and Fripp. and Emerson, and other eccentric 
musicians that played unto his eclectic ear 

His pacts have now been called up and he 
is ready to embark on the great life of a 
married, evil man in green. Here's hoping you 
live to bit many a beach, JJ! Good luck. 


Allison Dee Webster 


Birmingham, Michigan 

Naval Architecture. Navy Pilot 

"Big Al" sailed to Annapolis on a windsurfer 
from the "M Go -Blue" state of Michigan (or 
state of mind). She surprised us all when she 
earned an honorary seat with "The Boys" by 
coming up with a few surprises of her own. 
Also, as one of "The Girls" she found Taboe 
skiing to be the best around. Back at school, 
the offshore sailing team offered an outlet for 
her abilities and her frustrations. When 
"which boat" was the choice for most 
members. Allison was busy choosing "which 
Skipper" Only she knows if tall, blond, and 
blue eyes is the "Right Stuff " (We think so) 
Sailing vcas great for Al - races, overnigbters. 
and Spitfire at the "Christman Yacht Club." 
But all things grow old at some point, and 
sailing for the Academy "coaches" was no 
exception. Red tape txwk its toll. However, we 
know she'll have the last laugh on them. If 
sailing on ships weren 't enough, Allison chose 
to draw them too. She chose the toughest 
major at USNA - Naval Architecture. A 
struggle, yes, but hey, wasn't it worth it??? We 
all knew Al was destined to lead, and finally, 
when someone with a mind recognized that 
fact, Al became our Seventh Co. Sub-Cdr. 
We'U never be the same. 

Well, fmally Ai's on her way to Pensacola 
(via KingsviUe of course), bound to be Navy's 
finest pilot ever. No one could be prouder than 
we are of Allison. Her spirit, determination, 
good nature, and great sense of humor and 
fairness easily earned her the respect and 
place in the hearts of her good friends. When 
you need a friend. Al is always there. And, 
although far away, Al, we'll always be here for 
you. Best of Luck ■ The Sky's the limit!!! 

Rose-Ann Leonie Wix 


Columbia Station, Ohio 

English, Marine Corps 

"Misss Wixx. We are not here to observe 

your . GET 'EM IN!" And such was the 

beginning of Rose -Ann's career at USNA. Her 
chronic inability to do chow calls (except at 
Christmas, when they took on a musical 
flavor) and membership in the "square club" 
characterized Rose-Ann's plebe year. Rose- 
Ann was alwavs active in social life at Navy. 
Her bubbly personality made her a natural on 
her version of Let's Make A Deal: Let's 
Make A Fiance. Behind Door ffSl was Jim 
Stewart, and behind Door ft83 was Jim too — 
Duran, that is. The Mexican boxer was 
Rose-Ann's harlequin hero come to life. One 
wedding dress, two engagement rings, and a 
full wardrobe later, Rose-Ann found herself 
looking at Door ff85: the Piano Man. Sgriggs. 
Finally, there was someone who enjoyed music 
as much as she did- Consequently, if we saw 
one, we saw the other, and, in any case, we 
could always hear the duet. That was 
expected, though, because it was Rose-Ann's 
singing that made her life at the Academy 
both happy and exciting. How many mids can 
say they shook hands with the CNO and the 
SecNav, danced with the Sup, and wore the 
'Dant's cover? That was not enough, though, 
because after two starring roles in two Gilbert 
and Sullivan operettas as the soprano, she 
finally got what she had always dreamed of: 
the soprano solo in the Blaster Messiah. We 
knew she had it in her. Everyone knew that 
Roaie was unpredictable, but the biggest 
surprise to us all was when our soprano 
decided to go Corps (and not Supply!). No one 
really believed it until she started locking her 
door between 2230 and 2300 so the plebes 
couldn't shave her head. But Rose-Ann — 
they never told you. Music isn't an MOS. 

Diane Marie Wuestenberg 
Lady Di 

Carson City, Nevada 
English, Supply Corps 

It's hard to say whether this should be about 
Diane or the Carson City crowd (that 's 
Nevaaada): Kiffer, Jess, Wizzy, Mama, Papa, 
and of course. Teacher. Diane wasn't too 
homesick, though; she always bad Froggy and 
Captain Kirk nearby And she maintained her 
hug quota in the Navigators, but once the cute 
guys graduated, she had to go elsewhere, like 
the conditioning squad We all knew why she 
really failed the mile: Tim and/or Rich. By 
firstie year, it looked like she d even follow her 
2nd LT to the Corps. OK So there's a 
difference between supply and semper fl. 

something done right, do it wrong, and Diane 
will fix it, just like Mama ' " She was our mom 
and could be counted on to band out bandaida, 
hugs, or candy bars, depending on what hurt. 
She was also our "Abbey" and Betty Crocker, 
yet could break doors like Bruce Lee These 
traits, though, did not reduce her literary 
skills. She devoted so much time to our papers 
that it would have been quicker for her to have 
written them, and then she might have gotten 
her own in on time. All of this (and her 
experience as a 2nd grade CCD teacher) 
prepared her for firstie year when she spent 
a semester as an English prof drilling 
reluctant plebes in "poetry and the novel." 
And no one got up quite like she did: 
bright-eyed, busby-tailed . . . We know. 
Consider ourselves counseled. But after 9:(X), 
her mood improved, and she became the 
talkative girl with the cheery smile that we all 
loved — even if the talk was occasionally in 
German- Maybe two summers in Germany 
were too much. But one word we did learn. 
Good luck. Lady Di, and . . Tschuss! 

324 Seventh Company 



Eighth Company 325 


Richard J. Babicz 


Peahody, Mass. 

Oceanography, Navy Air 

There are few Boatonians that will 
tolerate listening to hardcore country music; 
but then. Rick wins the award for tolerance. 
Having gone through ten roommates from ten 
different states Rick has put up with all their 
quirks and activities, which were many. Plebe 
vear it was the strange Belcher-Lluy comedy 
routine and the effective studying that was 
accomplished living in a wild four man room. 
3/c vear, Bernie's throat clearing was even too 
much for those who Uved across the hall, and 
the wild nocturnal antics of Stu and Chim 
brought Rick to the verge of "Red-Eye." After 
aii this excitement Bov proved boring, so Rick 
moved into the Tavern. Through it all Rick 
has somehow remained friends with these 
former roomies, a credit to his "merlowicity. " 

Hobbies have eaten up Rick's time here. 
Basketball, magic, scrimshaw, scuba, invest- 
ing, tarantula-raising, photography, and 
bowling have claimed Rick's undivided 
attention at one time or another. Actually, it 
was not so undivided when considering that 
the only remaining plebe relationship was the 
one between him and Marianne. 

Until 1/c year. Rick had been our class 
company commander. We suppose this P-3 
bound boy was Just not the right type for a 
Nuke Company Officer. Rick however, 
received his per diem, namely, a piece of mind 
and lots of sleep. 

Rick will be remembered most for his 
unlimited 2/c weekends, the H's. and his 
future marriage with his Boston beauty. Gotxi 
luck with the marriage. Rick, and make sure 
you can sing your kids to sleep with Jed & \lo 
Christmas Carols. 

Noatrovia! CHIM 

David R, Benson 

Walpole, Mass. 

General English, Navy Air 

Dave 's career at USNA had a strange turn 
of events. He spent more time in Dahlgren 
Hall and took more weekends as a plebe than 
he did first class year. Plebe year was very 
exciting. He spent many Saturday nights 
entertaining his young female admirers in his 
Penthouse hockey loft. It's also great having 
upperclass friends you can borrow letter 
sweaters from; except dancing on the dance 
floor as a plebe is bound to attract attention 
mainly from second class element leaders. 
Dave took hockey seriously, he needed his 
pre-game nights sleep so bad that he would 
actually tape the Ughtswitches so bis 
roommates wouldn't come in and wake him 
up. Dave took academics seriously, gouge was 
his middle name. If he had studied as hard 
as he worked gathering gouge he'd be a 4.0 
student with honors. If he had ever shared his 
gouge with all his "buddies" they would be 4.0 
students as well. If there was one thing that 
Dave never took seriously was his feet which 
smelt 80 bad that his own mother sent care 
packages with odor eaters in them. In all 
fairness Dave's career at USNA was very 
successful. He set high standards for himself 
and worked hard at achieving them all. Dave, 
we will all miss you very much and we wish 
you the beat of luck. Remember Dave, all good 
men come out on top. 

"I go to the fleet with many fond 
memories of my family, my friends on 5-3, 
those who I skated with in Dahlgren Hall and 
thaoe who encouraged me in the faith. I thank 
you all." John 1:12, Romans 12, 2 Cor. 4:6 

Samuel Roderick Bovington 
"Sudden Sam" 
Helena, Montana 
Aerospace, Nuclear Submarines 

Montana, the "Big Sky Country" where 
men are men and sheep are nervous. 
Especially when Sam is around. Roderick 
needed a break in the action so be came to 
USNA. Chased by women whose names he 
couldn't remember and by drunken Indians 
was almost too much for Sambo. Besides, the 
Academy is "like falling off a log. it's cake!" 
Sam was in for a surprise, though. He had to 
survive many a "blizzard in suitcase. " The 
Aero Major put his gouge-hunting techniques, 
and his un-ending luck to the test Youngster 
year saw Sam trying to be a ISO's stud "Sam 
I Am " lettered the first season and played out 
his contract the following year, and then 
became a free agent. Instead of pursuing 
football further, he found the rack more 
appealing. During that tumultuous second 
class year, tumultuous for any Aero, he 
avoided public drunkenness by passing out in 
a sailboat at the Afterdeck. Captain Cub- 
Scout still wanted an explanation. 

First Class year brought us the "VISTA 
CRUISER", the ultimate touring machine, 
and a number of new global tragedies. Sudden 
Sam suddenly decided to go Nuke Subs. Quite 
a shock to everyone, including Sam. Yes. his 
eves cheated him out of an Air billet (The 
Navy's Loss). So he decided that if he could 
not fly a navy jet, he'd make enough money 
to buy one of his own. The fun continues at 
use for TAD. No Geek, no A.C.. but he can 
still have tasty-treats and pick fights with 

326 Eighth Company 


Mark W. Chimiak 


Wilmington. North Carolina 

Economics, Marine Corps 

Early in July of 1980 the gates of Dixie 
opened up and sent north a semi-cultured hick 
from North Carohna that we affectionately 
grew to call "the Cbim". Being a legacy and 
with backing from "the Captain". Chim was 
destined for the waves. What happened'^ What 
caused him to go with the Oreen Team" Was 
it his love of late night pyrotechnics, 
amphibious landings with captain Smith, 
exercise (impossible situps), uniform stan- 
dards (working uniform Sahara), camping 
trips, or just green things (pet moss) that drew 
him to the Corps? Whatever the reason for 
joining the killer Boy Scouts. We'll never 

After a quick bout with crew and soccer 
Plebe year, Chim settled into academics. He 
chose physics only to learn later that he loved 
the penny more than the proton. Econ allowed 
Chim to indulge in his two favorite pastimes: 
bull&'~'c ^(a^mg and foreign languages. Hours 
of German practice out on the balcony led to 
two trips to Germany- Will Europe ever 

Chim has left many fond . 
underwear . special request chit t 
deputy fur bis N.C flag . deposi 
monuments throughout the yard . . 
Perchestermmson , , . country music 
arounds - . . red eye . . - a 25 hr. semeste 
a 3.6 .. . prehensile toes . . . Merlism . 
service selection dilemma . . . The i 

Whatever the future holds for you 
Good luck. Godspeed, and Nostrovia. 

Tito P. Dua 


McLean. Virginia 

General Engineering, Surface 

Tito hails from the far away country of India 

actually he lives in McLean, Va. but don't 
tell him. because he might go home more 

He came to Canoe- V (what seems like an 
eternity ago) with a ready smile, a happy go 
lucky attitude, and a mother who can cook. 

Tito divided most of his time here at the 
Boat school either working out, chasing 
women, playing cards, drinking with the boys, 
chasing women, watching Dynasty and Dallas 
on the tube, chasing women, reading Nick 
Carter, and studying only when absolutely 
necessary (if bis weekends were in jeopardy). 

His easy going & laid back manner 
combined with his sauve and debonair 
personality always seemed to get him what he 
wanted & at times more than he bargained for. 

A few things to remember along the way: 
chow packages from Wash., dentist mirrors, 
Timmy's. the aftermath of the Dynes final. 
Franny's, ski bunnies that just were not there, 
the lights (in Dahlgren) and in Wilksbarre. 
The Big Guy. Spider man. camping UVa. 
DFWMB, flights to France and Spain. 
Soilness. Stu. Bone. Chim. Proch. Plum. Bird. 
Stepb. and last but not least Dealta Change 
— The list could go on but who has the time. 
)u little Hindu - May 
irred). Nick. Conan. and 
lassage to wherever you 

? going, and may someday you meet the girl 
of your dreams (Indian or not) and settle down 
(once and for all). 


Well good luck 
James (Shaken not 
Rocky protect 

Alexander E. Farrell 
The Wildman 
Denville. New Jersey 
Systems Engineering, Nuclear 

For Al Farrell. the Academy was a place to 
recover from the alcohol culture and to escape 
New Jersey. Svstems Engineering was a way 
to learn more about stereo equipment. Study 
hour was a time to catch up on sleeping and 
to drive his roommate crazy nith his strange 
musical tastes. He filled the airways with the 
noises made by bis favorite punk rock bands 
on WRNV Unlike most of the clowns at RNV, 
Al was at least a -Rock n Roll DJ" 

The Wildman danced from tabletop to 
tabletop in such places as the Georgetown pub. 
Dahlgren Hall, and the Wardroom. Warning: 
To avoid this sort of impulsive, hedonistic 
behavior, never play the songs "Shoutt" or 
"Jungleland" within earshot of Al Farrell. To 
avoid other violent behavior, never blaspheme 
Mr. Springsteen by calling him "Bruce" unless 
you are a bona-fide Jersey loser- 
Young and impetuous (disgusting and 
intelligent, goodlooking and ugly), Al went 
Nuke Subs hoping that the sea would bold him 
in (Lord knon-s no girl from Mary Washington 
could) Al bas always liked smashing things. 
I know that its not a Ferrari 308GTSI. Al. but 
vour RX-7 was certainly above collision 
testing Maybe you can find a cheap 308 in 
Naples. Remember "you can't always get what 
you want", but if you try sometime, you just 
might Cind . that you are the weirdest guy 
I know. Remember, every day is "cake day". 

Eighth Company 327 

« 'I 



John P. Gelinne 
Yorktown Hts., New York 
General Engineering, Surface 

Three long years as John's roommate was 
my blessing. "Who wants to be a Mechanical 
Engineer anyway, " was our motto, and we 
lived by it very well after the smoke cleared. 
I knew from the start that John was a hard 
driver Who else could lay claim to four 
speeding tickets in the course of seven months 
after buying his sisters Cawaro; not to 
mention kissing a few bumpers here and there. 
John loved to dance and actually did alright 
after a few beers and in good company. In fact, 
the only thing that prevented John from 
having a good time was himself. He had a 
strange knack of inflicting undo damage upon 
himself (ie breaking noses, ankles and slicing 
tendons in fingers with peanut butter jars. At 
least we won the race. I. John comes from a 
warm and close family from the West Point 
area - - . but we are truly glad that he decided 
to come to USNA instead. We will all miss 
John as he hits the deckplates running as be 
reports to his reserve frigate USS never sail 
out of Newport RI. May God grant you fair 
winds and following seas and enable you to 
always "organize your hght" 


William A. Guerrero 
**See Below 
Ocala, Florida 
Physics, Nuclear Subs 

"Geeker, the Ocala Kid. The Big Guy. The 
Apparently Big Guy, The Seemingly Big Guy. 
The Pedantic Big Guy, Slim, Slick, Sly. 
Scooter. Sport. Sped. Ace. Aerial. Babe Slayer, 
Object of Every Female Desire. Commander of 
the Imperial Cruise Ship Amar, The Sustacal 
Kid. Khadafi, Klink. KUnger. Alpha, Omega. 
Squire. Esquire, The All Being. . . . and a five 
stripper to boot 

Bill has made countless trips to A.C. 
confident that be will win the Playboy Hotel 
in a single craps game. Every sourjourn brings 
Bill back to Earth (for a few minutes at least}; 
poorer, but with a song in his heart. Bill is now 
contented with more realistic goals such as 
conquering every undergraduate female at the 
U of Maryland. 

Bill's one moment of hedonistic frivolity 
centered around evading Capt. Cub-Scout 
while relieving himself of J-D. while on the 
run. Bill is also a regular at the Odenton 
Tastee-Freeze/Dragstrip where he makes 
weekly appearances with his Rocket sled 
(when be can get it started). Bill still has one 
thing yet to conquer, and even a romantic trip 
to LA with Ann the Man could not make BUI 
a real man. Good luck to you. Bill, may your 
freezer be always full of Tasty-Treats. 

Thomas R. Ivan 

T. R. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 

Physics, USMC 

First, the thanks. Mom. Dad, John. For 
believing even when I didn't. For everything- 
Not for just 4 years but for 22 years. 

Second, the memories. There are good and 
bad times to be remembered, the difference 
being that the good are not forgotten. 

Third, the challenge. It's time to leave 
USNA and -hit the fleet". What we always 
thought would end after four years is just 
beginning. Good Luck. 

Fourth, Barbara. You made First Class year 
better than any car or ring ever could. Thanks 
for caring and understanding, for believing 
and having faith, for everything. 

G. Scott Kirschner 

Davie, Florida 
Chemistry, Oceanography, 
Surface Line 

"Kirsch" arrived not knowing where be was 
from or where he was going. This uncertainty 
didn't however, cause him to lose any sleep. 
Scott found his niche early in piebe year. 
Getting into bed was no problem for Scott, it 
was getting out that gave him difficulty. After 
receiving a score of a perfect 10 from his 
roommates for a 'face dive" from the top 
bunk, Scott realized that it was better to get 
out of bed feet first. He solved this problem 
by never getting out of bed again. One time 
however, he was forced from bed by his own 
secretions. Scott loved his coffee no matter 
bow it was prepared; sugar, cream, or butter. 
His music tastes were a little odd also with 
bis all time favorite Pippin. On many 
weekends Scott could be found out in the 
woods curled up in a fire. Scott will now be 
spending at least the next five years in the 
grey Navy. Good luck and goodnight. 


328 Eighth Company 



Bernard J. Krueger 

Berne, Red 

Vail, Colorado 

Aerospace Engineering, Marine 


To say that Berne was wild plebe year is an 
understatement. His affinity for good bourbon 
and tearing off bis roommate's underwear set 
this big Colorado native apart 

Berne bad some quirks in bis character too. 
It took him a week to learn his plebe summer 
roommate 's name. Bern was also fond of 
turning on every hght when be walked into a 
room. He was considerate of bis roommates 
though, as be would awaken them to let them 
know that he was about to flip on the lights. 

Youngster year. Berne met the woman of bis 
dreams. Unfortunately, Wendy became the 
cause of some of the coldest showers Bern has 
ever taken. He still has hopes that be won't 
have to shower alone forever . . . 

Second class year brought Bern back from 
USAFA and into contact with the Conduct 
System. His drinking spree on the docks 
behind the Hilton shocked everyone, except 
bis friends, who realized that this was just 
another typical Krueger stunt. 

Berne was equal to the burden of 
responsibility as Co. Cdr first semester. He 
always found time, though, to bust a few heads 
(including bis own) in fieldbali or hockey. As 
hia Navy career heads for a close. Bern has 
simply to decide who be has to hand Capt 
Cubscout's favorite tie down to. The Marines 
are getting a great officer and pilot in Berne. 
Best of luck and God bless you in the years 

Paul A. Lluy 


Annandale, Virginia 

General Engineering, Navy Air 

I reckon blondes ain't much of a livin'. boy. 
A former Annandale Atom. Paul came touted 
as a superstar athlete. The swimming coach 
couldn't find him. the baseball field was to 
much of a walk, and the ISO's coach didn't 
care to look. Finding varsity sports too easy. 
Paul turned to academics. Always climbing the 
mountain of knowledge, he volunteered to 
evaluate the statics course twice, in order to 
improve it for future generations. From pink 
shirts, red bandanas, and neat sunglasses (not 
his), Paul set the standards for GQ. Naturally, 
the car was a black Bimmer. willfully 
purchased with his own money. His pension 
for blondes seemed to vary annually, in name 
only. Always a sweet talker, tbey loved bim. 
That one in the middle be has a flapped 
wallet, he ain't gonna pull it out. Never the 
less, Paul always bad a drink in his hand, when 
bis buddies were around. After be bad my 
great time in Hawaii, we looked forward to the 
set-up on the coast with his new found 
contacts. No go. Back to sleep. A future stud 
Navy pilot, Paul is a career man. Keep up the 
hard work for promotion is a matter of time. 
Good Luck. 

Art Lopez 


EI Monte, California 

Mathematics, Supply Corps 

Arturo bails from somewhere in California, 
I am not sure where and it really does not 
matter. He and I started from day one plebe 
summer. I am not sure that I ever would have 
made it through that summer without Art 
making my rack, showing me bow to fold 
laundry and keep my uniform in shape. Just 
like a mother. Rooming with a napster has its 

Art left all of the plebe summer stuff which 
was no real task behind and bit academic year 
bard. Over his course of time at USNA Art 
has had his bouts with the academic 
department and at times I thought that be was 
not going to pull through. But Art would have 
it otherwise and between his rather lengthy 
rack times he managed to get the required 
studying done. 

Art has always been a good friend especially 
in letting me use his car. Supply Corps is the 
route that the Navy has chosen for Art and 
be will no doubt do well. Art will not be hitting 
the Fleet solo as be has decided it's time to 
get married. He has found a wonderful woman 
who knows bow to cook, and Art bas always 
shared bis weekend supply of baked goods. 

Art may God grant you fair winds and 
following seas throughout your career. Take 
care and good luck. 

Charles Paxson Melcher 


Lexington, Massachusetts 

Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear 


Chuck has been an interesting roommate 
and friend. I'll miss waking him (or not waking 
bim) for 5 A.M. crew practices. Chuck rows 
bvy wt crew, and despite a nondescript body, 
bat* managed to pull an oai in Navy'a varsity 
boat. In Hubbard Hall. Chuck is most famous 
for the countless hours be spent on the ergo 
(a rowing machine that turns your mind and 
body into something that resembles a baked 

"That he which bath no stomach for this 
fight, let him depart . . . But we in it shall be 
remembered — We few, we happy few, we 
band of brothers ..." Redline Baby. 

In bis spare time Chuck studies Mech. Eng. 
He started out with a bang ■ you really 
shouldn't have cut your own hair! Plebe year 
was fun. But youngster year was better After 
all the room came with its own punching bag! 
The punching bag moved out and its been the 
two of us since. Chuck has continued to 
knock'em dead. Nuke school should be a 
breeze. Good luck 

A.J.P. &. B.K. 

"Brethren, I do not regard myself as having 
laid bold of it yet; but one thing I do: 
forgetting what lies behind and reaching 
forward to what Ues ahead. I press on toward 
the goal for the prize of the upward call of God 
in Christ Jesus" Phill 3:13-14 "Christ was 
killed for us. that His death washed out our 
sins, and that by dying He disabled death 
itself . . That is Cbristiaaity^ C.S. Lewis 

Eighth Company 329 




David Daniel Myre 

Dave, Mid-man 

Paducab, Kentucky 

Aerospace Engineering, Surface 



had a good time here at USNA. he 
o. Perhaps he missed whatever there 
3 to miss in Kentucky, but be never thought 
bout leaving plebe year. Cooksey and Shelter 
vere too close behind. Dave lived in a war zone 
Only he and Sam knew it was just 


act . 

It I 

it"^ Yo 

know, the screams, threats, pushing, and 
gunshots. Dave had nothing but fun 2/c year. 
Fun. Fun. Fun. We all know how easy a major 
aero is. The long nights almost drove him sane. 
Living with ET might have been pedantic, but 
at least there were no hopes to abridge Dave 
lugged two guitars and bis huge amp from 
home each year to be a guitar ace for many 
an unknown band. He also picked up a habit 
of smashing things in alleys. Too much 
bourbon, or too little. Army saw a new D. 
Myre. Esq., a British exchange midn. who 
could scale a horizontal sidewalk with the 
greatest of ease or stop traffic with just one 
finger This year it's been different, not 
normal, but different: Hours on the phone I my 
credit card, of course) were not enough. The 
route to Philly was often traveled in the 
Porsche Ithere is no substitute) But was two 
hours really worth three weekends'^ Even 
when he did stay in Annapolis, Dave preferred 
to sleep on the porch than in his bed. 

I hope you get to realize your flying 
potential, Dave. Good Luck and keep rocking. 

Mark C. Newman 


Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

Oceanography, Navy Air 

"Well it was all. that I could do. to keep 
from crying." How's that for an explanation 
of the Pood'Newm antics over the years. With 
the help of David AUen Coe and John Prine, 
Well never forget the road trips and the bus 
rides. Mark has left his tracks at L.S. LI. LS. U.. 
O.U.. (Canoe U-''''} When we think of Mark, 
the thought of a beautiful girl is sure to follow. 
Perhaps It was the red Celica and the 
numerous overland speed records that added 
to the charm. But Mark would always know 
when it was time to forget the women and 
concentrate on more important things. Take 
the spot for example. George Dickie will never 
taste the same. 

How can we forget the running. It controlled 
our lives from 6 AM to the late evening. 
Everybody was proud when Mark won the 
Heotagonai Steeplechase Championship. He 
showed that he had the ability to be the wild 
man on the team and still produce. In the 
words of our great mentor. "He knew when the 
RENT WAS DUE!" And now some after 

Does life really make sense at Rudy's? 

How many Cantlers are there? 

What does FELDSCHLOSSEN mean'' 

And - Is it your turn to go to Chicago? I'm 
gonna miss vou. Godspeed. 

Robert M. Olsen Jr. 


Annapolis, Maryland 

Economics, Navy Air 

Rob arrived at Crabtown via Crabtown (in 
between which was a short stay at NAPS) He 
spent moat of his life in Annapolis, and to boot 
bis father was an Annapolis graduate. During 
his formative years however, the last thing on 
Rob's mind was the Naval Academy Fate won 
out however, and guided him into the halls of 
Bancroft- Luckily his family was behind him. 
"you'll never make it" said his mother. Full 
of confidence, he plunged into four of the most 
enlightening years of his life. No longer was 
a 'hospital corner' an intersection of two 
hallways at Anne Arundel General. Rob 
learned that sleep was not nearly as bad as 
people made it out to be. but studying was 
Surprisingly though, be made it through with 

Early on Rob spent much of bis free time 
'entertaining' in downtown Annapolis, but 
thanks Elizabeth for pulling bim out of those 
dens of sin. Rob also says that Eighth 
Company was the 'SLLEST' of them ail. 

On bis way to Pensacola. Rob plans to fly 
the 'SLLEST plane of them all, the P-3. We 
know he'll make it - he's too tail to fly 
anything else Fair winds and the best of luck 


James J. Pagano 


Westbury. New York 

General Engineering, Marine Air 

When Jim came to us 4 years ago, he was 
confident he could go the distance against any 
obstacle. He was in for a few shocks, though. 
Tbe first came when be met his plebe summer 
roommate, a jovial Coloradian with a 
formidable quantity of flaming red hair. Jim 's 
pappy had warned him that hippies like this 
would only get him into trouble Tbey 
persevered, however, and became fast friends 
after countless wild, underwear shredding 
brawls on those late Saturday nigbts that left 
them searching many a time for a decent pair 
of briefs to wear to church the next day- 
After overcoming tbe obstacle of Systems 
Engineering (by going General) Jim set his 
sights on a pretty, young nymph with a 
bewitching smile who, unfortunately, wanted 
nothing to do with bim. He persevered, 
however, and he and Tracy are still going 
strong. Except for an unfortunate incident 
with a steel weightlifting bar following a 
typical drinking binge. Jim 's 2/c year was 



After spending 3 semesters with a new 
roommate with an obsession for R&B music, 
Jim succumbed to tbe overpowering urge to 
become "squared away" and he was given the 
reins of 8tb Company (and stars too. by God!). 
After May 23. it 's off to the VSMC to fly helos. 
Hang in there, Jim buddy, and next time, nail 
that steel bar before it nails you! 

330 Eighth Company 



1 order 

I of the 

Augustine J. Ponturiero 

Augie, Ponch 

Red Bank. New Jersey 

Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear 


There are very- few people in the class of '84 
who can say they've never heard of Augie 
(though many probably msh they could). This 
golden-throated "lady killer" hails from the 
"Joisey Shore". He turned domi an early 
imitation to join the Long Grey Line i 
to come to Canoe C Never one to be 
nith the simple existence of a 
midshipman, Augie threw himself 
assortment of activities. As prestden 
Glee Club, "Ponch " came to be recognized as 
a powerful talent as well as a reliable leader. 
He also found time to play his heart out for 
the Rugby team and bis efforts were not 
wasted on (hose who played mth him and 
consider him a valuable asset to the team. 
Even mth all of these activities. Augie still 
managed to 8ur\ive the Mech. Engineering 
program, and was gladly welcomed into the 
Nuke Na\y as a "skimmer." Augie found his 
"special purpose" second class year and the 
ladies have never been the same. His way with 
women has made bim friend of many labuser 
of more) but somehow going steady never 
worked out. We'll miss Augie and his friendly 
words and cheerful smile, but we rest assured 
knowing tha t A ugie will be 
whatever he does. 

Edward M. Renda 
E. M.. Edro. Eddy- 
Lower Burrell. Pennsylvania 
Aerospace Engineering, Na\y Air 

Just a Steel-town boy on a Saturday night. 
Ed. or E M. as be was knomj to many, knew 
since bis early days that his destiny lay within 
the confines of Bancroft. He had to come; I 
know He said he came to play tennis - but 
bis efforts to make the \a <,y team was 
"Squashed" Even so. be managed to avoid 
marching. Various tennis contacts should be 
blamed for this. As an academian, he was 
never one to shun the gouge when it was 
placed in front of him. He had the sun to bis 
back. I reckon he had the edge. Luck was 
never an issue he contends, though many still 
wonder how he got by Thermo without passing 
a single test. It seems classes were never a 
problem for E. M either. I reckon they were 
just another place to catch a little shut eye. 
In fact. Ed could be found sleeping in the back 
of the class any-wbere. place, or time. His Co. 
Officers were always quick to point out his 
Shining Professionalism and bis "Positive" 
attitude towards a naval career. A very- 
low-key. laid back individual, E. M. is happiest 
on the beaches of North Carolina with nothing 
but his rod and a good lure. The Jeep-Man 
was never quite sure what ser\-ice to select; his 
choice varied with the seasons. He finally 
settled on Naxy Air and will soon be on his 
way to Nasa to play ball with the Astronauts. 
Stay cool Joe. and Good Luck in everything 
you do . . . 

PA &. MG 

Jonathan J. Smith 

J. J. 

Newport, Rhode Island 

Systems Engineering. Nuke Subs 

The Beanhead came to VSNA from 
Newport with the most amazing "brace" ever 
Seeing J. J. with bis mouth under his left ear 
was enough to make anyone laugh. J. J 's first 
dip was also a cause of laughter, as Cope didn 't 
quite agree with his stomach. 

Youngster year was a banner year, as he 
devoted much of his time to his new sport, 
boxing. All his bard work and dedication paid 
off. giving him the Brigade Championship- 
How he managed this, as well as keeping up 
with Systems {getting a 3.6 no less) I'll never 

J. J. learned to enjoy some of the finer 
things in life from his new 2/c year roommate. 
He learned to sleep more and study less. He 
also discovered another new sport: chasing 
women. Some think that this was J. J. 's true 
calling in life. All his roommates knew was 
that It made getting up on Monday mornings 
a little tougher. That Regimental Duty 
weekend when he had no less than three dates 
was the highlight of J. J.'s love life. 

J. J. spent a lot of time with Michelle 2 c 
year, but an exciting cruise in the Philippines 
and a brand new car made him itch for bis 
freedom. So now. he's regular trips to the Big 
Apple and the Black Tahiti, jamming all the 
while to his favorite tunes 

J J has been a great roommate and a better 
friend Don't let those Nukes keep you out of 
touch with vour buddies. Take care and good 

Steven M. Smith 


Indiana, Pennyslvania 

Mathematics, Supply 

Steve came to us from Indiana. Pa. Unlike 
most incoming piebes who came with the 
standard 3 pairs of underwear Steve brought 
only his roll of Cope Steve's main goal at 
USNA was to graduate. Next on his list was 
to work his schedule to allow two IS hour 
semesters 1/c year. He did get his 16 hour 
semesters but unfortunately moat of his free 
time was spent at the computer center 

Among Steve's interest are camping and 
fishing. Of course a perfect trip does not imply 
he has hiked 20 miles in a day or caught many 
fish, it simply means be has his Cope and his 
brew with him and that there are several "jobs 
well done. " 

Steve has always been a great sports fan and 
also took an active part in baseball. He did 
learn youngster year that the object was to bit 
the ball and not Jim's face. 

Most people think that Steve became NPQ 
because of his three knee operations or bis 
allergies. The truth of the matter is that the 
surface community caught wind of the fad 
that Steve along with his first mate "the 
Chim " lost his first command, the USS 
Budweiser. during intense night operations on 
the Severen. 

Good luck in the Supply Corp and may your 
tin never be dry. 

Eighth Company 331 



Alien J. Stuart 

Stu, Stu-bro 

Brea, California 

Ocean Engineering, Marine 


East Coast mothers have fallen in love with 
Allen, the quiet, red-beaded, ail-American 
boy. His friends even felt safe setting Allen up 
with dates like a beauty from N.C. and an 
Amy from the garbage state. But juat like the 
cockroach out of Kafka's "Metamorphasis". 
the real Allen came crawling out at night. 
What turned our innocent Allen into "the 
Stu" began plebe year when "Mother B" made 
him come around 6 to 9 times per week and 
when a cope-dipping northern redneck 
convinced him to lay his "rate-light" down. 

Displaying artistic ability, Stu's 3/c transom 
was taken down by order of a blushing RADM. 
McCawley. The next commandant exiled Stu's 
famous bulletin boards; but to top the list, he 
sent a half-nude portrait to a fundamentalist 
christian's daughter. Stu modeled too: a 
certain army weekend would attest to that. 
Other jobs done and not so well done were the 
Pagano Destruction, the Ivan Biermeister, the 
Davidsonville mosquito, and the 15^ in 

Merliam forever changed Stu, inspiring him 
to single-handedly establish Country Corner 
and Tavern 5302. Stu also began to involve 
himself in ECA 's like the Black N club, the 
Hall Pyrotechnics club, the Steerage Runners, 
and the FHA (Firechief Helpers of America). 
He was also the president of the 8th Co. 
Nocturnal Warriors. 

Although Stu will get bis B.S. in Ocean 
Engineering, he deservees a B.S. in B.S. too. 
There is one thing about Stu that will never 
change: Stu, you're not the reason God made 

Matthew G. Waldschmidt 

M. G., Guy 

Wichita, Kansas 

Mechanical Engineering, Nuke 


Just when we get to likin' somebody, they 
go nuke. Matt came from the "land of ahs", 
wherever that is. He was an intense 
midshipman, and early morning formations 
sometimes c-aught him with his pants down. 
His major obstacle in his first year was 
combating the constant influx of the gross, 
disgusting habits of those around him. 
Throughout bis era Guy thought mechanical 
engineering implied high grades. Enter the 
Rocket The ride was long and be exited with 
slight academic burns. Never the less, we 
always bad the "greatest times", no matter 
what we did. From seeing the bums in 
Pittsburgh, to throwing my lures into the 
ocean at North Carohna, fun times never 
seemed to end. In the hall, all-nighters were 
a must ■ Pm an engineer. Plebes walked in 
fear, for Matt would never hesitate to "point" 
out their shortcomings. Matt, coke in hand, 
was red-shirted his senior year. He let his 
grandmother pick his car. and always enjoyed 
cruising to "church". From the pizza-girl to 
the salami-girl, and all in between. Matt spent 
his money freely. He was a professional on the 
outside, and a country-boy at heart. He's the 
one on the left, the one with crazy eyes. I 
reckon he's gettin' out. Best of Luck. 

Dana Scott Wilkes 


Rockville, Maryland 

Oceanography, Supply Corps 

Surface Line 

YEAH! YEAH! Dana 's love for the mihtary 
routed him through FUMA and NAPS after 
his boyhood in Rocktown. His military 
prowess flew him through Plebe year. As an 
upper class, it was books, a little Lax, Pete's, 
plans for the weekend and entering sweep- 
stakes to pick up that cash for a Tahiti 
Transit On weekends it was off to Rocktown 
for some brouhaha with the boys and 
interaction with the ladies. 

His dreams of Tahiti took him to Key West 
for consecutive Spring breaks where a good 
time was to be had. His militarism continued 
first class summer as he opted for pistol detail 
over Ocean City. But then came hia jeep and 
Dana could be seen carousing the local area 
at a fearful pace. "Jack" was game for 
anything. The Scrambler may be the sole 
reason Jack made it to graduation. 

His dreams and ambitions may be impossi- 
ble for others, but Dana will live his to the 
fullest He always shines when the Surfs Up!!! 
Beat of Luck to Ya! 

Gregory Patterson Wilson 


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Ocean General Engineering, 

Surface Line 

Greg came to Navy via the Marine Mihtary 
Academy and although he claims it had no 
lasting impression on him it was obvious 
during plebe summer that he was already a 
step ahead of the game. But he attributes this 
to the fact that he is a product of the fact that 
he is a product of that small milltown called 
Pittsburgh and like the steelers, success is just 
a way of life. But Pittsburgh is more than just 
a hometown for Greg, it was more Uke 
belonging to a fraternity. From the first week 
of plebe summer Greg was already getting 
visits from his native Pittsburgh buddies who 
would keep him up on the latest Pa. 
happenings. It wasn't long before he was on 
the road with them back to the Steel Mill 
country. Roadtrips became a second major to 
Greg and roadtrip he did. By second class year 
Wils had made more trips to PA than 
Trailways. It wasn 't long before our hero had 
mastered the Annapolis to Pittsburgh trip 
with an occasional slip that usually resultec 
in a small contribution to the authorities or 
local gas station. Although, when Wils wasn't 
venturing the highways he was out on the 
"links" with the golf team. But I feel we will 
all remember Greg for his cool and logical 
approach on life, bis many successful escapes, 
and for the great hospitahty his parents 
showed the boys during the darkest of ages. 
To a solid individual and a true friend. Good 

332 Eighth Company 




*■ ^H^^^^^^^r^ ^^^ 


^"^^^^m / 1 



tp^^^^^^ \ f 





AKntA Company 333 

Gordon P. Catlin 


Scottsdale, Arizona 

Economics, Surface Warfare 

Cat. I'd need this whole book to fully 
describe this guy. He came to USNA Academy 
from the Fatherland, with short visits in AZ 
and the enlisted ranks. Being of the Master 
Race and knowing how to abine shoes made 
plebe year easy for him. Come time to pick 
majors. Cat went Z-con. An easy major and 50 
hours of German validated meant long 
weekends and many Cat-naps, or. on Tues. 
and Tburs. when we were all in labs, extended 
hibernation. A dedicated believer in Neison- 
ianism, Gorda introduced us to the classic 
combination of Euro-Californian culture. Cat 
knew all the girls because of bis love boat 
cruise youngster year. But he always managed 
tv get to Europe every summer and travel to 
all those little countries and sell our military 
secrets so Europe can rise again. Service 
Selection brought Cat his wish, the chance to 
excel in the surface community on his way to 
CNO. (Fife and out'') He'U miss the weekly 
German banquets and drill, but as long as 
there is Letterman and if Overnight comes 
back, Gordon will be happy. Destined to excel, 
as they say. And so it goes . . . 

Jan Elizabeth Cbinn 
Chinn Bear 
Plantation, Florida 
Mathematics, Cryptology- 

Chinn Bear made her pre-Academy debut as 
a Company Catie. Thinking four years at 
USNA would be fun, she arrived with a bottle 
of suntan lotion under one arm and a 
volleyball under the other. C B. continued to 
catch the eye of many a male especially as she 
carried her fainting roommate through Plebe 
Summer. No one was ever sure what Karen. 
Niki. and Jan were up to; but, you could 
always find a little mischief in their eyes. "The 
Brigade returned" and we all met the 
upperclass - especially C. B- There was the 
gungy little Marine who took special interest 
in her "professional development. " Did the 
Marine ever check for dust on your pockets? 
Then there was "R-man" and the breathing 
exercises. Fanny, most guys seem to think C 

B. has pretty healthy lungs. On to Youngster 
Year . . . well, on the other hand, maybe we 
should forget about ail the good times C B. 
had as a Third Class. Second Class summer 

C. B. found her long lost twin, aerobics, and 
cloves. When Ac Year rolled around she was 
a little wary of the rooming arrangements. 
But, C B. found someone else who liked 
aerobics, cloves, and gummy bears. Who will 
ever forget tag-team wrestling at all hours of 
the nigbt. Flight Ops, Lady's Night, the 
morning munchies, the neighbor who refused 
to knock. 'Dillo's and chips, or oysters at 
McGarvy's? Most of all, who would ever 
believe we would room together . . . and like 
it? It's been an eventful four years and it 
wouldn't have been the same without you. I'll 
miss the great times and the late night talks. 
And, no poems please! 


Robert E. Everist 

Avalon, California 
Oceanography, Surface Warfare 

The Catalina Cat rode in on the crest of a 
wave into the Boat school. A cool and reserved 
chap, Rob soon won the hearts of all his 
classma tea. Rob could always be found 
slinking down the hall in bis boxers and left 
his paw-print everywhere. He is a true Navy 
man (dad was USNA '46) and yearns to be 
haze grey and underway in Subic Bay. A 
reincarnated Horatio Hornblower, Rob sailed, 
played tennis, and bung out with the old crew. 
Mount Gay was his favorite drag, but so was 
the old crew. Rob's bonked nose and pipeline 
will be sorely missed, as well as his back 
scrataher. There were no real flames in his life 
while at Navy, but there were a few bearable 
weekends. This well-muscled Conan will set 
the fleet on fire and plans to drive a mean 
cruiser. Aces, I love my striped shirts! 



.^l^fil i 




Richard E. Farrell 

Richie Rich 

Guymon, Oklahoma 

General Engineering, Navy NFO 

Where do you start with a person who 
reports to USNA with orange painters pants 
and mirror sunglasses? Fresh from the Bible 
Belt of Oklahoma. Rich did not smoke, drink, 
or swear, Luckily Navy taught him all three. 
During Plebe year, Rich managed to confuse 
the entire Corps of Cadets by telling them he 
was from ninth company and by giving a 
pro-report on the Nimitz while wearing a gray 
woop suit. Rich spent the majority of 
youngster year discussing the meaning of life 
with our favorite free spirit ■ usually until two 
in the morning. The man with the red face 
showed his love for the service by going to 
both jump school and Junior Barking Seal 
School in Coronado. It was at the completion 
of this intense summer that he met the love 
of his life - JuJu. As a result. Rich retired from 
the office of the President of the He-Man 
Woman Haters Club. Exit overalls and cowboy 
boots, enter pleated pants and loafers. 
Another lesson he learned was that Kami- 
kazies and beer shooters were not the secret 
of happiness. ("Never Again"). He also learned 
that, yes, sooner or later you will go general. 
Rich was the best friend a guy could ask for 
and is sure to go far as a Nasal Radiator. Good 
luck in the fleet. May you and JuJu live 
happily ever after. 


334 Ninth Company 

"^ > 






Gail M. Haberlin 
Gailie. 0. M. 
Marco Island, Florida 
Naval Architecture, Civil 
Engineer Corps 

Transplanted from MA to Southwest 
Florida just before plebe summer, this Irish 
Catholic showed up at USNA with a grin that 
stuck with her for four years. Sailing took up 
most of her time, whether she was working 
hard or playing hard. Plebe year was tough for 
Gail She was the victim of not only a few 
wayward kisses but also the whims of an 
egotistical powerlifter. In the next three years 
her room became a shelter for homeless 
MIDN. First they were homeless - then they 
weren't midshipmen. With second class year 
came the "barn " and what seemed to be a 
revolving door. How did we ever get any 
studying done"* But, alas, the terrible trio 
managed to have fun and pull out the grades. 

The second class 12 wk party at Flight's will 
always be special for Gail. The guys were so 
impressed with her cooking, the blue-eyed 
Bullet followed her home. Maybe Bancroft is 
more co-ed than some people think! Then 
again, let us not forget that private collection 
of poems that Gail so enjoyed. Gail's bard 
work paid off with her acceptance into CEC 
and with her determination she will go far in 
whatever she does. Beat of tuck! 

Robert A. Hammett 


West Chester, Pennsylvania 

Systems Engineering, Strategic 

Weapons/ E.D.O. 

Hamm strolled through the gates four years 
ago with his pictures of Tracy and high school 
vearbooks ready for whatever they could 
throw at him. He aced plebe year and was off 
into the Systems world. Youngster year he 
studied more and more until he grew these 
weird ears. He wore these things to keep out 
the noise, then would turn up the stereo so 
he could hear it again. Most of his time in the 
summer was spent on the foredeck of a 
sailboat or sleeping on the rail. Second class 
year meant weekends in Shippensburg nith 
his grease girl (She's almost legal now), and 
rogue waves and sand bars in the Bahamas. 
Ciieese popped out of his sub cruise green 
faced and headed into first class year, where 
be did so well as a platoon cdr. that they put 
him in charge of all the Coke machines, grease 
pencils, and paper clips in the batt. Free time 
he spent playing ultimate frisbee and enjoying 
golf on 5-4's indoor course. SSN (Service 
Selection Night) brought Cheesehead the 
E.D.O. billet he dreamed of so he could go 
subs and not be a Nuke. He's looking just ripe 
for a career man and will always be successful 
in the future. So go on riding the escalator of 
life and finding the best deals in those human 
mails. Good luck in the future, Brah. 

Derek D. Hudson 


Grantville, Georgia 

Physical Science, Surface Line 

A native of the Peach State. Derek 
weathered Plebe Year with an abounding 
tenacity and resolution to succeed. The 
"Ninth Company Novelty" quickly became 
the fastest thing on two feet at Canoe U. As 
he "chopped" past the sound barrier, following 
semesters brought some academic struggles for 
"The Kid", but he enthusiastically bounced 
back with fasth in his God and with the 
knowledge that struggles build character. 
During the summer of 1983. after wrestling 
with rattlesnakes in Camp Pendleton. Califor- 
nia, Derek met the love of his life and future 
wife, Angela. The Naval Academy opened a 
big door in Derek's life, and it couldn't have 
happened to a better guy. To my roommate 
and good friend. I propose fair winds and 
smooth seaa for D. D. H. and his Georgia 

PHIL 3:12 

Jane T. Lochner 
Annapolis, Maryland 
Marine Engineering, Surface 

Jane didn't have far to hike to this higher 
institution of learning seeing as though she 
was born & bred in good 'ale Crabtown. How 

Charged with enthusiasm, Jane jumped 
right into plebe year, always paying particular 
attention to detail, like who was in her Screws 
class — her future husband, of course! It was 
actually with the aid of Bob Hope at the end 
of the year that brought Jane & Bob together. 

As youngster year rolled in. she got her feet 
wet as swim team manager and as a member 
of the YP Squadron. 

Firstie year is when we all got our 
introduction to Jane as she left 27 for 9. She 
became a new member of the 0-6 club. This 
year also found Jane as the first female YP 
Commanding Officer. It's no doubt seeing as 
though she has a strong will & a fierce sense 
of competition. I hope that this won't rock the 
boat seeing as though her future hubby is the 
YP Commodore. I thought they didn't allow 
husband & wife to serve on the same ship?! 

Well. Jane we're glad you were able to grace 
us with your determination & drive; remember 
— Mahan is Condemned! 

Best of Luck with Bob & Surface Line. 
Remember: Loose Lips sink ships. 

Ninth Company 335 


Laurence J. Naeyaert 

Lar Bear 

Rosevilie, Michigan 

Physical Science, Supply Corp 

Larry ventured to Canoe V. after a short 
stint in Newport, RI. He, however, bails from 
that illustrious state where the wolverines run 
wild, or so he never lets us forget. "Lar Bear", 
as he 18 wore commonly known, came to the 
Academy prepared to do well in academics, 
sports, and professionalism. He soon became 
one of AJ's graceful puddle jumpers, yet never 
seemed to be able to get over the 'hurdle' 
which faced him each day. His dream was to 
one day serve on the bridge of one of those 
grey ships. Lar's bubble was burst when he 
learned he would have to settle for the title 
of "Pork Chop". That's right. Lar will be 
beading down to Athens, GA. for Supply 
School. His consolation, however, is that his 
lovely Florida Gator, Neta, will be close at 
hand. "Hey Lar, are those wedding bells I hear 
looming off in the distance?" Well, what ever 
the future brings, we all wish Lar and Neta 
the best of luck and that everything they strive 
for IB obtained. 

Michael J. Nevins 


CobleskiU, New York 

English, Surface Line 

Nev ventured into the Academy as a 3-aport 
athlete from a small town in the mountains 
of N. Y., where his Coby Cubs produced several 
"third in the state " teams. Having been 
recruited as a catcher and Qb, he had 
expectations during the heat of plebe summer 
of being Navy's catcher, but found himself 
with the ISO's after refusing to field fungos at 
2B with bis catcher's mitt. He then transferred 
into the lax program for two seasons before 
retiring to the company muffins with all that 
natural athletic ability. "Imagine?" 
Remember the UM excursion when it 
somehow took 3 brs to get from the Vous to 
Scott's dorm. "Imagine?" Maybe a few too 
many tall cool beverages of choice? Mike's 
raquetball workouts during the latter half of 
his tenure at USNA succumbed to BUDS 
workouts with Fat Ole Waters and frequent 
rack sessions in the afternoon. But then there 
were the Flight 'Lite' Nights that became a 
part of the weekly routine. Nev was a great 
guy even though his love for the Heels had to 
be tolerated; a sports nut with an easy going 
personality: s true and dedicted LTM. We'll 
all be waiting for you to use that English 
background to write a book: "1000 Ways to 
Prepare Chicken. " To a great friend, I wish 
you the best of luck as you join the 


Robert R. Paulk 

Sarasota, Florida 
Oceanography, Surface Warfare 

Bubby blazed into Annapolis tan from the 
Florida sun and full of spirits and spirit. 
Despite separation from Lin and Mom, he has 
fared well at the Naval Academy. With the 
help of loopers, a big spoon, and raisin bread, 
he has found a brave new existence and has 
been designated sub commander. A potential 
"ball" player, he has unselfishly sacrificed his 
career for Mexican meal and nuclear rack 
sessions ■ a feat we give our highest medals 
for. Bub promises to give Surface some tips 
on dressing and studying. Bub's appearance is 
perfect, but so is his heart. "Although many 
are called, few are chosen" and Bub is always 
chosen to do the dirty work. 

Mark R. Quigley 

Cap'n Quigs 

Bristol, Rhode Island 

General Engineering, Surface 


The development of Quigs is a unique story. 
He came to Annapolis a mild mannered young 
man from Bristol. Rhode Island. He quickly 
developed and nurtured a handful of bad 
habits that he now performs to perfection. 
Most of these will help him in the fleet though, 
(gallon of coffee and 2 packs a day}. Plebe year 
allowed Q to build up a lot of gravy in his 
QPR. Systems Engineering whittled away this 
surplus until it finally got the best of him 
youngster year. With an easier major (degree 
in graduation) and a rotary rocket there was 
no stopping Quigs although quite a few tried. 
(How many demos?). Despite the frayed 
tightrope Q walked academically be always 
managed to close down the wardroom in the 
small hours of the morning. A welcome asset 
to any wardroom Q is ready for the fleet. 
Good luck. 

336 Ninth Company 


Dallas Roy Roper 

Doctor Doper 

Pittsburgh, PA 

Chemistry, Naval Flight Officer 

The last person on the young doctor's mind 
as be saw the comely citv of Pittsburgh in his 
rear view was Al Cantelh. Little did Dallas 
know but the head coach of the track team 
and he would have one of the most popular 
love-hate relationships (mostly the latter) at 
Navy. After conveniently acquiring sprained- 
ankles during Plebe summer, he worked very 
bard to attain that same level of popularity 
through bis everyday dealings with his 
classmates. After numerous varsity track 
records, a change in majors, having to put up 
with little brother, several amorous advances 
by those of the fairer sex. and of course, the 
overwhelming demands of his new major, 
chemistry, Dallas surprised us all by selecting 
NFO on selection night. Whatever the future 
holds for Dal, we're sure it will be a bright one. 
We wish him the very best to both be and bis 
lady-bird, Robin. Best of luck. 


Barton M. Rowe 


Brooklyn Park, Maryland 

Physical Science, Surface Line 

Bart came to the Academy with just about 
one thing on his mind ■ baseball. After 
spending a year as a Hamster, Bart drove all 
the way down Rt. 2 from Brooklyn Park to 
USNA. Bart's dedication to baseball was 
incredible. He just wouldn't let the "other" 
aspects of Academy life distract bim. 
Academics were cert-ainly no distraction. 
Bart's another dedicated LTM who managed 
to cram 2 semesters of EE into 3 semesters, 
and he still built up all that "negative gravy" 
along the way. Bart did. however, have a few 
distractions in bis four years. He managed to 
keep himself under the watchful eye of a 
certain Batt Officer for most of First Class 
year. There seemed to have been a mix-up 
over football game attendance and perfor- 
mance? The many Flight "Lite" Nights also 
brought a distraction or two. How about the 
night three of us were "water-skiing" in the 
heads? Or the many times Greg's favorite 
article of clothing was removed from his body! 
There is also THE distraction in his life - 
Colleen! It seems the one time "woman killer" 
is going to make that distraction on a 
permanent one! Bart will take many friends 
and memories with him when he leaves. I can 
only hope you have the beat of luck in San 
Diego and wherever else you go. 


Mark S. Sakaniwa 


Fayetteville, North Carolina 

Economics, Special Ops 

Mark cruised into good old USNA from 
beautiful downtown Fayetteville, NC. Mark 
always seemed to have bis act together, but 
no one really knew just bow much until he 
became one of the biggies first class year. 
Mark had spent a lot of time with L.P.Q.. the 
island, then with the boys when the island bit 
the dust. One of Sak's greater disappoint- 
ments was the search for that elusive Sunset 
Strip during Army '83. Mark didn't connect 
on Sunset, but he did manage to make the 
Sheraton the next beat thing to a KOA 
Campground. Luckily, no one was caught 

Sak partied here and there, but be saved 
most of his partying for that Main Squeeze 
back home. He did manage to save some of 
that partying for the plebers. Who can forget 
those mornings at PEP after a late one at 
Frannie's? We probably won't see much of 
Sak, because he's going to be one of those 
"special" Special Ops boys. Wherever he goes. 
Obnoxious Nine wishes Sak fair winds and 
following seas. 

I said SAKKO!! 

Arthur K. Samara 


Salt Lake City, Utah 

Mathematics, Surface Line 

Art came to USNA from Salt Lake City. 
Utah, fresh out of high school and a life of fast 
cars, fast women, and hard drugs. The first 
years of transition were tough for this hard 
line partier, but he vowed to become a 
professional Mid. He gave up drugs for "cope", 
and he became heavily involved in sports as 
he lettered in varsity sub squad. In a further 
assault on professionalism he let "Guch" shave 
his head and he even shaved an N' onto his 
chest. Although be refused the homegrown 
(ha. ha), be even brought the military into bis 
lovelife in the form of a ROTC. But Artie's 
true state of professionalism wasn't realized 
until be finally met up with the "Dank". Art, 
we'll all remember the good times and laughs 
you gave us. Good luck in all you do. God 

Ninth Company 337 




Robert L. Sawyer 

Syracuse, New York 

Political Science, Surface Line 

Rob came to USNA via tcwtruck. His 
Muatang convertible just couldn't make the 
trip from old Sore-Excuse. Fortunately it only 
cost him four arduous years of his life in 
extiacurricuiar activities. Academics played no 
role whatsoever in Rob's career Much to his 
surprise this was how they evaluated people 
here, so "KITTYHA WK here I come!" is now 
his creed. 

Rob 's other abilities enabled him to sing and 
dance his way through two different compan- 
ies, a feat achieved by only the most elite 
individuals here at USNA. 

Knowing Rob has been like knowing Charlie 
Brown or Murphy (Murphy's Law), which 
should make following his career in the fleet 
nothing less than an incredible adventure. 
Good luck on the High Seas Rob! 


Deborah Lynn Sheppard 


Kalamazoo, Michigan 

Political Science, Supply Corps 

In 1980 Shep decided that she was having 
too much fun at the U of Michigan and 
entered USNA in the class behind her baby 
brother. After two years you'd think she'd be 
able to drink. Well she could, but it wouldn't 
stay down (Army Plebe Year). "Mom" had 
lots of words of wisdom ■ wanted or unwanted. 
Until she found Karate to keep herself 
occupied. Youngster year she learned a lot 
about her two former roommates. She 
experienced the real meaning of "things that 
go bump in the night." She was the last to 
know C. J. 's real meaning of "good friends. " 
Airborne-Mamma couldn't keep her feet on 
the ground. If there was a tree nearby she 
landed in it, resulting in "Sbeppard's Woods. " 
Second Class Year she found her stick-man 
two floors down. Her firstborn will be 
Steven-Stephen Shepherd-Sheppard - or 
maybe he will be the -Big O". First Class Year 
the old lady enjoyed knitting in her scarce 
spare time. Weekends were spent with the 
in-laws. As Honor Chairman her weeks were 
spent - well that's private/official. Deb 
stretched herself in all she attempted because 
she knew the importance of two inches. Good 
luck to her with the Fleet and the Air Force 
and the little ones. 

Chinn Bear 

Michael A. Strano 

St ran man 

Hammonton, New Jersey 

Oceanography, Surface Line 

Michael came out of the Garden State, and 
after a short stay at MMA of Texas, he arrived 
at NA VY, with the goals of getting married 
and going Surface (and both ASAP). Surface 
was a cinch, and he met the lady of his dreams 
in no time at all. It was a sure sight to behold 
when Mike disseminated the news of his 
engagement to Teresa. Mike's industry is 
illustrated in his decision to begin planning for 
his honeymoon while still in high school The 
Dr.'s favorite pastimes are writing to his lady 
and playing his guitar. Good ole Mike has a 
true admiration for ships of the U.S. Fleet. By 
the end of his first tour of sea duty, Mike will 
probably be known as "Salty Strano" Here's 
to you. roommate. There are many bright 
horizons ahead of you; therefore. KEEP 

Gregory T. Waters 


Casper, Wyoming 

General Engineering, Cryptology 

The Gerg Unit was destined for excellence. 
Upon arrival at Canoe U. with his frizz factor, 
he quickly showed us the epitome of a great 
American fighting man and lover A constant 
irritation to officers and his flakey room mate, 
Gerg was always happy. He showed the Navy 
his military prowess by stabbing himself for 
Todd's camera, by choking himself for the 
parachute club, and by going to every gunge 
school instead of leave. He is habitually seen 
talking to Bandit or Denise and staring at his 
tattooed car. Greg is the last of the He Man 
Women Haters and has been known to be a 
"raging tiger". Praise the Lord for the Gerg 
Unit because who else would immature '84 
abuse? EFSD and rotsa ruck in Crypto. 
being so happy! 


338 Ninth Company 


Tenth Company 339 



Mark E. Cedrun 


Los Angeles, California 

General Engineering, Surface 


After deciding be didn 't like the Army. "X" 
to USNA via MAPS. He shrugged off the 
meager physical requirements of Plebe 
Summer and delighted in singing bawdy 
cadences m steady tempo but varying keys. 
Plebe year was spent in occasional studying 
but mostly be wandered from j 
with bis favorite phrase. "Hey. pal. you got a 
dip'J'" With his high mass tlow rate spit cup. 
Mark quickly became a favored c 
the Skoal Corporati 

During the next two years, Ced made lasting 
and "SERIOVS" friendships with Spoon and 
Crum. the latter because Mark was so often 
called upon to nurse him back to health after 
football injuries. At every borne gridir 
contest. Mark couid be seen in his bumblebee 
suit, holding the down marker in one hand and 
a cheerleader from the opposing team in the 

As a firstie. Mark loved going home for 
Thanksgiving and setting himself up as a 
blackshoe on the Ranger two months later 

They should put him in charge of the Deck 
}ven boatswain 's mates don 't 
around with hot-beaded ensigns, especially 
when they don't say anything and just lunge 
at you when they're mad. 

Finally, many thanks to COL and Mrs. Le 
Cornu who were Mark's family away from 
home. He will miss you very much. 

Salvatore J. Ceraolo 
The Dancing Bear 
Nesconset, New York 
Aerospace Engineering, Surface 

Sal arrived in Annapolis with a huge amile, 
mom's pizza in one hand, a case of disco 
cassettes in the other, and a penchant for 
aircraft. If it wasn't aircraft it was Camaro's. 
Sal broke the lend speed record to "The 
Island" with his first Camaro. That car was 
on its way to break its own record 
got in its way. That was a great disappoint- 
ment to the 15 yr old who illegally borrowed 
the car. Sal, who would not be influenced bv 
his mustang loving buddies, got another 
Camaro. Until now, no new speed records have 
tumbled - 

Sal struggled through Aero and the cripple 
crown, but made it without . 
great optimism may have been th 
Even though those roadblocks got in the way. 
it didn't stop Sal from partying with the boys 
and searching for the perfect Italian wife he 
could bring home to mom. Sal t 
of the Dirty Dozen, a mid-week concert goer, 
and part of the peace-keepers in Lebanon. Sal 
was even willing to end his Ring Dance nighl 
early to help out in the Mid-east. (What a guy) 

Sal was as good a friend as you could 've 
want^. He would never think twice about 
helping a friend in a jam. which is something 
very special. We all wish Sal the best, let him 
get his pin quickly, so be can join all his 
baddies in P-Cola. 


Stephen D. Chachula 


Orange Park, Florida 

Political Science, NFO 


If it's food you need. Steve is the on 
to. From a box of cereal to a true. 
SHO-ETA-PS. Steve had it. right ne: 
glass of Diet Pepsi, with tee. which \ 
3 weeks old. 

Not originally a nocturnal beast. Steve 
learned this quality here at school. Rarely an 
afternoon passed without Steve in the rack, 
and It was the eighth wonder of the world if 
be was in bed before 1 a.m. As a Political 
Scientist. Steve earned a BS for more than 
just academic effort. It never seemed to occur 
to Steve to do a Poly Sci paper anytime other 
than the night before "Hey. Bill .are you 
using the computer tonight'^" 

What would Steve have done without the 
Meek 's"^ Something just short of nothing, we'd 
presume. "We might drop by the Meck's this 
weekend " Oh. really, I'm surprised. Honestly, 
we all owe the Meck's a lot. for all they did 
for Steve. Sandy, and everyone. When's the 
next Ring Dance'' 

Steve didn't come to the Academy looking 
for love, but he certainly found it After some 
work in the field, with the likes of Donna and 
Connie. Steve got what every super guy should 
get: An even better girl. Steve sure got that. 
Thanks for draining the girl market. Steve. A 
lot of hearts were broken when Sandy was 

Unfortunately. Steve didn't fulfill bis life 
long ambition of being a Surface Line Officer, 
I suppose he'll have to settle with that lousy 
a\iatton community You can be my back- 
sea ter an\'time. Yeah, buddy. 


340 Tenth Company 


JarreJ! R. Dunson 
Greenville. South Carolina 
Applied Science, NFO 

If I thought myself serious, I reconsidered 
when I met Jarreli Soft-spoken though he is, 
and brimming full of Southern hospitality, 
Jarreli is one of the most diligent and intense 
people I have ever met. And he gives God all 
the glory. From the outset we knew we had 
a top notch musician in our midst. He could 
play the drums (and later the guitar) with the 
best of them - and give God all the glory 
Second Class year, as we learned the rigors of 
upperclass leadership. Jarreli stood out 
distinctly as one who would go out of his way 
to make sure that the plebes were motivated. 
He knew be cared Through First Class year, 
finally, though there bad been some rough 
water and a lot of growing up to do for all of 
us, Jarreli showed us all what it meant to be 
a time servant through the giving of his time 
and diligence in not just the OCF, but the 
Body of Christ throughout this institution. 
May God richly bless you, Jarreli, and 
establish in your life His Word in a way that 
will astound men everywhere you go, and all 
through His Son Jesus Christ. 


Mark Alan Ehlers 


Yucaipa. California 

Oceanography, NFO 

Mark left the warm desert valley of Yucaipa. 
CA for the humid Annapolis Bay air. He loved 
the bay so much that he majored in 
oceanography. He was definitely an affirma- 
tive action student. He gave more than enough 
time to television watching and sleeping. At 
one time during his illustrious academic 
endeavor, be was known as Kelvin — because 
his knowledge of Chemistry was absolute zero. 
While at USNA Mark gained a reputation for 
being a party animal. This be learned well 
from being a Rugby letterwinner His real 
nickname, however, was "Wheels" because 
only he could drive from his home to Mother 
B in 40 hours. On the weekends be was Hood 
college bound with his favorite buddies, a full 
tank of gas. and a full cooler of beer. On the 
way up, be made record time; however, on the 
return he was known to enter the freeway 
through the exit ramp. Impaired or sober, he 
was always in control. His charisma and 
smoothness witJi women made h 
man at local bars and at Hood. 

He took a marine option cruis. 
summer and was a "die bard" mai 
and through. So much so. that he grunted all 
the way to the Navy Air NFO line. He musf 
have remembered how much fun be had 
during third class summer with the Black 
Russians. Anyway. Mark will be with bis 
brother and after the fiasco with the boat 
sinking surface line was definitely not for him. 
All jesting aside, there is no doubt that Mark 
will be an outstanding leader Listen man, 
listen . . . good luck 



' first class 
? through 

John D. Escobar 


Richmond, Virginia 

General Engineering, Surface 


John (aka Guido) came to USNA from 
Richmond. VA with joy in his heart and a 
smile on his face. 

When I first met John. I thought "geek", 
but it wasn't until later on (academic year) 
that I found out how much of a nice guy be 
really was (i.e. "cool" and "mellow"). It seems 
that' as much as I remember USNA I 
remember John. He has always been calm, self 
controlled, and extremely mature. (More than 
most folk). He is a peaceful guy — with a 
funny, spur-of-the-moment humor. 

The biggest thing in John s life has always 
been God I have always been amazed at the 
amount of revelation he knows. During the 
first years here, he was highly involved with 
the navigators and later, with other ministries. 
His presence at USNA (and graduation) has 
been a blessing from God — to whom he (and 
all of us) owe the glory. When I think of John. 
I think of a "brother"; I think of peace and 
joy personified in a way that lifts everyone up 
around bim As he goes on to his cruiser. I 
know God will use him — as He's used him 
at USNA. John, may God continue to bless 
others through you wherever you go — with 
all the glory to Jesus Christ the Lord. Amen. 
(PS. I Cor 16:14) 

Joseph A. Fijalkowski 


Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

Oceanography, Marine Corps 

What can you say about someone you've 
experienced the Academy with? He's picked 
up a lot from me, charm, talent, finesse, and 
good looks. I'm proud of him 

The thing that brought us together was our 
similarities. Who would have thought I would 
go 1200 miles north and find another short 
southerner who was just as prejudiced . but 
he's polish Let's get that difference straight. 

Over the years, he's developed a love for 
four wheel drive trucks, camping, the USMC. 
and firm feeling women 

Our room deserves a separate paragraph 
Let's just say it was homely At times it was 
like a thick swamp Last time we made our 
rack was plebe year Besides that, only when 
we bad formals As far as sweeping the floor, 
let's just say the broom we stuck under the 
desk was never seen again. But if you like 
coffee or our pet tarantula, it was a good place 
to hang out. 

The boys on the Battalion football team 
called him "instant O" for his running in the 
backfield I always assumed he played back 
there because be needed to be handed the ball 

As far as I'm concerned, anyone who can 
sumve our room for so long deser\-es the 
challenge of the Marine Corps. 


Tenth Company 341 


Nicholas E. Freeman 
The Raging Bull, Fred 
Cherry Hill, New Jersey 
Applied Science, Surface Line 

After a spectacular career at Valley Forge 
Military School. Nick came to the Academy 
only tc prove that would be as far as he would 
ever get in life. 

The master of the BEMHO, Nick once or 
twice gave up the rack for Rugby or Wrestling 
practice, but in the end, sleep became his 
preferred workout. Never daunted by consis- 
tent academic failure. Nick amazed us all by 
pulling it out every time. (At least there was 
one thing be wanted to pull out.) 

Early on, Nick demonstrated bis natural 
inclination towards Surface Line by piloting a 
stolen rowboat on College Creek, and sinking 
it. Along with the rest of us, Nick had always 
thought be was GREEN, but those role models 
can catch you by surprise when the choice has 
to be made. 

Nick always made a point of bis good looks 
and athletic physique. However, with the face 
of a pre-historic cartoon character and an 
extra 20 pounds after every vacation, we began 
to have our doubts. 

Girls, to use the term loosely, were Nick's 
major endeavor. Somehow, be always managed 
to work his way into the heart of every girl 
he met. and from there . . . How was 8-3, 

Nicii swore he would never go out with 
anything in a uniform; little did he know they 
felt the same way about him. 

Nick was a great road-trip companion. It's 
hard to be a nuisance when you're passed out 
after the first 100 miles. One Spring Break. 
Nick vowed to drink 10 cases of beer, which 
ended in unconsciousness on the 4th day. 

But whether it was girls, beer, or machismo. 
Nick always had a story to tell and a smile 
to go along with it. Though we can't really 
figure out why, we all love him, honestly. 

August Howard Hein 


Depew, New York 

Political Science, Navy Pilot 

August Howard arrived at Annapolis 
bearing a reputation of enormous prominence 
only typical of valedictorians at educational 
institutions such as NAPS. However, this 
former Buffalo resident is not limited to 
excellence in academics alone. After many 
seasons of watching hapless Buffalo sports 
teams. Howie launched his own athletic 
campaign. When the challenge of playing 
Navy soccer ended. Auggie shelved his letter 
sweater and became a demon on the 
intramural scene. Whether on the football 
field or basketball court. Howie is truly one 
of the few, the bold, the testosterone-laden. 

On a more professional note, this former 
project 21 member can best be described as 

presidents have maintained a "D" in conduct. 
Political Science proved to be the perfect 
outlet for the sharp wit and barbed tongue of 
this New Yorker. No officer or teacher at the 
Academy is too important to feel the bite of 
Howie's off-the-cuff sarcasm. Nor would any 
professor dare give him less than a high "B" 
on a ten-page paper slopped together at the 
typewriter overnight. Biamark - The 
Diplomat and Cold War - A Conflict of 
Interest are on permanent resen-e at the 
Nimitz library. 

Socially, Howie will soon be tying the knot 
with another former Buffalo inhabitant - 
Lynne Sroczynaki. Every weekend Howie can 
be found high-speed cruisin the Beltway in his 
black Vette en route to his fiancees' bumble 
abode in Va. Let this not be misconstrued. 
Howie can not party with native Virginians as 
evidenced by bis attempt to take on two good 
ole boys downing shots on his birthday. Nice 
try Gu8. 

Walter C. Lee 


Huntington Beach, California 

Systems Engineering, 


If anyone in Tenth Company enjoyed the 
good life it is certainly Hunington Beach's 
favorite son. Wally was a typical California 
boy with few. but well chosen vices. From 
Hood to Goucher. from the river to Marines 
the east coast will never forget him. 

Champagne taste was Walter's hallmark. 
Fast cars and hi-tech stereo equipment were 
'must haves' in bis lifestyle. To support these 
expensive habits he tried a brief stint as sales 
representative for Escort fuzz busters but 
there was no future in it. In the end the dollar 
signs beat a path to the doors of the elite force 
and Walter was 'goin' down" for a price. 

Wally was not without bis talents of course. 
How many times was the planet saved by his 
fast hands at the Defender controls? And who 
else could locate the OOW with such certainty 
at such appropriate times? Yes. be was great 
to have around at times like those, when his 
smiling face lit up the night with its warm 

Style was another of Wally's attributes. He 
switched with ease from beach boy to prep and 
was never out of place on either shore. A real 
trendsetter, he pioneered the collarless SDB 
look. If only we had seen what you saw that 
night, but you are an officer and a gentleman. 

Now you are off to another beach town to 
lead the simple life and our hearts go with you. 
Keep air in your banks and watch out for 




Gregg Marvil 


San Juan, Puerto Rico 

Political Science, Surface Line 

Marv went from the sands of San Juan to 
the shores of the Severn as a professional 
scholarly giant. This image was quickly loet 
whenever he got a beer in his hand. He 
transformed instantly into "The Latin Lover 
Maaan, the women, they need me." Marv's 
spread his philosophy to all who would listen 
— He even bad a book published with his 
greatest quotes. The first chapter discussed 
the question of "Why do people know?" It 
went on to discuss Marv's most famous quote. 
"He had a feeling, that's why he shot it." 

Even though you might not agree with bis 
philosophy, you had to like Marv. Who else 
would go UA twice, get class A 'd twice or who 
else could have been chosen for company 
commander, just two weeks after being fried 
for going to a concert on Tuesday night? Marv 
had the talent of completing three 10-page, 
A + papers in 3 days. Not all the cards were 
dealt his way, though. Gregg wanted to go to 
graduate school in bis senior year, and through 
hard work and determination qualified for 
this. But this was not to be as the Navy 
interfered. This just led Marv to hit the coast 
button First Class Year. 

Gregg excelled in sports and academics. 
Marv was a great pettier. Local bars and 
colleges gave him the chance to use his Latin 
charm. Often times he would just end up with 
some "chili" at the end of the night. Marv 
went on to be one of the moat popular 
company commanders in 10th company's long 
and glorious history. Marv, may you go on to 
have a successful "5 years" in the fleet and 
good luck in law school. 


342 Tenth Company 

William C. McMasters 


Royal Oak, Michigan 

Applied Science, Navy Pilot 

The only good opening for this man is a 
quote from Mai Guyll in a recent letter: "I 
remembered a vision of a pristine figure in the 
rack at S pm every night, waxing bis skis 
before that, hanging moose beads, building 
everything else, B.S.ing for countless hours, 
but never doing anything which had to be 
done. " Mac makes even the most laid-back 
man look like a sweat. 

First. THE BIKE. Mac learned early that 
the ticket out of the USNA was on wheels. But 
trying to beat the drawbridge isn't always 
healthy. Storage is another problem, keeping 
it in the shower makes the Major nervous- It's 
also a good thing Gary is so understanding. He 
understood bow easy it is to spin a car on the 
longitudinal axis. Count your blessings. Billy 

If it bad wires in it, Mac wanted to take it 
apart, or build it. They never did find out 
anything, did they'^ Three phones never hurt 
anyone. But when we needed a ladder to put 
that last stereo component on the stack, we 
knew it was out of hand. 

As the spearhead of many downright insane 
trips. Bill kept bis sanity by just thinking up 
new ones to top the rest. I suppose the L.A. 
weekend was about the best. Zan sure thought 
so, right Mac'' "Bill and Joe" became a 
household word, somewhere. 

After deciding marriage couldn't possibly be 
in his program. Mac decided firmly on Na\y 
Pilot, and a dedication to uphold all the 
reputations that go along with it. Don't break 
too many hearts. Bill. Some day you'll meet 
a girl to match what we've always talked 
about. Give James your best and Shrubba. 
Yeah, buddy 

Joseph W. Mongan 

The Monge 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Applied Science, Navy Pilot 

J(w gave up a perfectly good middle 
management position aboard an LST to come 
to USNA. He arrived with a wealth of 
practical Navy knowledge and about $300 of 
the Na\y's wealth that wasn't exactly bis. As 
the Ancient Mariner of the piebe class in Good 
Times Ten, the Monge was immediately 
looked up to by bis less wise and less aged 

As a youngster, Joe's deep friendship with 
Jack and Jim of distilled spirits fame became 
much less close. This imbibulatory decline was 
due in part to the Green Woman's watchful 
eye and in part to the old man 's waning health 
Between a separated shoulder, a screwed up 
lower back, and Bancroft Medical's elec- 
troconvulsive shock therapy, be was a physical 
wreck. Roomies Eel and Max chipped in to 
provide some mental anguish at night in the 
form of a quick descent to the bottom of the 
coffin due to the absence of bedsprings. 

After Guyll's chuteless jump, Joe lived with 
only Kelvin at the beginning of second class 
year, while be studied and studied some more. 
Throughout all of those hard times. Joe's 
salvation was Jan, the woman he has loved 
since his second year in school inot USNA. 
elementary school). Jan and Joe are married 
now, and he's out racing over the oceans of 
the world wirVi a pilot billet he managed to get 
because bis eves were the only part of his body 
be bothered to preserve. 

Fair skies and following jetstreams to you. 

John Hampton Oberle 


Fairfax, Virginia 

Applied Science, Surface Line 

After graduating Magna Cum Laude from 
the prestigious Wyoming Seminary Prep 
School, John Hampton came to Annapolis in 
search of a Rhodes Scholarship. His 1.1 CQPR 
first semester plebe year severely hurt his 
chances for this and Hamp's heart was broken. 
Luckliy for Na\>y, Hamp took out his resulting 
frustrations on the gridiron where be was a 
four year letterman. Incidently, that feat was 
equaled only by a somewhat heralded 
linebacker. Hamp was hoping for a USFL 
tryout this spring, however there are no teams 
in search of a "steady, consistent performer" 
with a "B" in military performance By the 
way Hamp, what seems to be this problem 
you're having with Miss Hittle? 

Hamp found in a fiancee someone who could 
finally match him in pectoral size. Kim will 
be taking her accounting degree along with her 
to supplement Hamp's substantial 0-1 pay. 
While Hamp was not known for conduct 
violations, be saw nothing inherently wrong 
with an appliance filled room - gotta have 
something to keep the beer cold right"^ 

Hamp 's naval future is still somewhat 
undecided. Actually, he is biding his time until 
Uncle Harry becomes CNO at which point 
Hamp predicts there will be marked im- 
provement in all his fitness reports. Disap- 
pointed that there were no forest ranger billets 
on service selection night. Hamp will have to 
store bis camping gear for a while - along with 
bis talents at four-wbeelin'. 

Hamp cAn be seen on the beltway in a black, 
tinted window Trans Am. but what can you 
expect from a bonafide member of the 
"Testosterone Team". 

Marshall Clay Parsons 


Sweet Springs, Missouri 

Electrical Engineering, 


Though a world traveler (from the Great 
White North to the Andes and 53 plus other 
countries). Marshall must always be remem- 
bered as the country boy from "Misura" He 
came to us plebe year from the to^'n out west 
where Debbie and the President Killer lived. 
mth 41 submarines and the gift of gab at his 
command. This master debater started his 
Academy career with a square deal, and his 
consequent skills in wedgy war and spit 
fighting will always be remembered Youngster 
vear saw Marshall change from "25 cents a 
word" to the level 42 nuke puke, and his new 
roommate was pushed out by his ever- 
increasing collection of Hardware. Though a 
world class debater, Marshall is also a skiing 
union man from Utah (which brought him 
fame as the great white Spanish speaking 
world class skier I who enjoys a good time As 
a nuker to the rapture. Marshall should be 
CNO in about 30 years, and we'll be laughing 
along with him all the way. 


Tenth Company 343 



Joseph F. Pasternak 


Scotia, New York 

Chemistry, Medical Corps 

Joey. Enough can never be said in this short 

After wanting to be a doctor all hia known 
life, Joey finally got his chance. And who ever 
thought he wouldn 't? Ranked first in our class 
after two years, with only one "B" in his 
academic life, Joe was on his way. Anywhere 
he wanted. 

Not too many people know the value life like 
Joe. Losing his brother and mother within a 
vear makes a guy find out what he really 
wants. And Joey knows. 

But the life of strict academics wore thin on 
him. After all. who wants to spend an entire 
Spring Break in the Scotia library on a 
research paper, and not even finish it? Second 
Class Summer broke the mold of the old Joe. 
and brought in the new. How many people can 
cut their QPR in half in one semester"^ Sure 
enough, Joey found girls. And they found him. 
He had a lot of catching up to do. 

8 hours to Boston? No sweat, why don't we 
leave early. Twenty days in Smoke Hail, that's 
why. A weekend in L.A. for a party? We were 
just there two months ago . . . OK. let's go. It's 
all worth it in the end. The memories never 

He showed all the doubters by finishing the 
USMC marathon with the fastest time of 
anyone in our company who ran it. 

First Class Year also brought three Honor 
stripes, and all the pri\i}eges, too. The phone 
was great, but. somehow, making nachos and 
yogurt had to be a fringe benefit. James 
thanks you for your support, too. Joey. Take 
all those teeth and run. Doc. you're the man 
to know. Shrubba. 


Timothy Pence 


Aberdeen, South Dakota 

General Engineering, Intelligence 

Tim came to Crabtown on the Bay from that 
bustling metropolis of Aberdeen. South 
Dakota where "coolies" and Esters made for 
a good time Saturday nights. Plebe year 
brought a continuous order form the first class 
of "Eat, Pence, eat!" Tim was not only the 
tallest guy in our company, he was also the 
lightest. This led to some good-natured 
"ribbing" which he always took in stride. 

Youngster year brought the docile Dakotan 
out of his shell as he began to stalk the streets 
of Annapolis with "The Boys". After a black 
eye. cut face, 20 days restriction, and ten room 
tours, he was back at his Naval Arch books 
to stay. Second Class year Tim was in his glory 
as he finally got to impart his enormous 
professional knowledge onto some people who 
had to listen. If he wasn't on the road with 
the Gay Club, be was improving half the 
Plebe's minds. First Class year brought 
wanted stripes but it also brought something 
much more important: A lovely Georgetown 
co-ed, his own height. Tim's lifelong dream of 
humming engines and 130" temperatures 
came to an abrupt end due to color blindness. 
His hardwork and desire will benefit whatever 
field be chooses. Good luck and God speed. 
That's what she said. 


Gerald Keith Peoples 
Jerry, GQ. Peeps 
Columbia, Maryland 
Applied Science, Surface 

The journey for Peeps (who hails from 
Columbia. MD) to Annapolis is normally a 45 
minute drive, but sometime m early July. 
1979. he left headed for Annapolis only to 
arrive one year later. (Seems he got lost in 
Newport for a year. I 

NAPS! WhyV! 1090 SAT. that's why. 
Speaking of being "sat", we'll just say 4 of 8. 
But Peeps was one of the few who proved that 
after three strikes you 're not out! Four has got 
to be some kind of record. Jo med! 

Speaking of records. Peeps has compiled 
many, besides academics. Beginning as far 
back as Plebe Summer, he bla2ed the 
W-Course and on to an unhuman 1:53 in the 
0-Course. Luckily, all is not as his track career 
and the life of misery with Al C 

Jerry is one of the dying breed of total 
optimists who fear no evil (especially raging 
bull Freeman and 27 year old school teachers 
from Baltimore). GQ claims that if he had to 
do it all over again, he would be a Political 
Science major, since politics is the biggest joke 
in America, second only to Spring Break '84- 
BEGO. Sance. 'Ski. Party 'till ya puke. 

This man loved majors (we're not talking 
USMC. either) so much that he had at least 
three before becoming one of the elite This 
man is a military animal, born to battle and 
geared for glorv. 


Randall D. Pierce 

The Dragon 

Manassas, Virginia 

Systems Engineering, Navy Pilot 

Nicknamed after a prominent part of hia 
anatomy. "The Dragon" emerged from the 
depths of nearby Manassas, Va to a roller 
coaster career at USNA that ranged from 
whole-man multiple perfection to project 21 
stardom. Those unfamiliar with the Dragon's 
bite are forever warned not to cross his path 
for he is armed and extremely abusive. He has 
practiced his incomparable sarcastic wit on 
marine majors and NIS agents alike. Hia 
3.00+ CQPR in Systems Engineering made 
him a prime candidate for nuclear power yet 
he chose the path of testosterone, and is bound 
for Pensacola The Dragon left Navy football 
for a very rewarding career on the intramural 
circuit and a shot at the superstars competi- 
tion. Randy's company ranking was fixed for 
two years after some Christmas skit antics got 
out of control vet that made the ensuing years 
productions more challenging The Dragon 
was also a victim of a bizarre series of thefts 
youngster year and kept his sanity only with 
the aid of "The Shaft". Known by the 
company he has kept, the Dragon has 
periodicallv played host to Jack and Jim in his 
room, and hev nothing like a couple shots of 
Tequilla before the PCR. huh"^ 

Thanks to his newly acquired Escort, the 
Dragon 's Shelby Cobra is now nothing more 
than a blur on the beltway. Always noted for 
his sweet tooth, the Dragon has. of late, taken 
a particular interest in a certain piece of 
Candy, will one Barr be enough'' The Dragon 
has come to the conclusion that four years 
with the likes of Fran. "X". the walkin' dude, 
and the biggest man in the yard are enough 
To end I'd like to quote the profound words 
of a bouncer at Charlie's addressing the 
Dragon some three years ago. " Yeah — you 're 


344 Tenth Company 

Marc C. Plaisance 

Coon Ass 

New Orleans, Louisiana 

Naval Architecture, Na\y Pilot 

Hailing from the swamps of Louisiana, this 
Ragin ' Cajun ' came to the Boat School loaded 
with a sq uirrel rifle, no shoes, and the 
ambition to be an architect. Marc started bts 
training by learning to read and mtte — then 
progressed to harder courses such as thermo 
— twice. His persistance or hull- headed ness 
caused him to finaUy get on track until he 
became one of the boat people That weekend 
made the Class of '84 very popular with Fran 

He matured and brought a '67 Mustang only 
opened the opportunity to go to further places 
for trouble. At one time he was so common 
at Hood College that USNA forwarded his 
mail there. As a senior it was also the perfect 
time for concerts, except going during the 
week may cost a few weekends. 

His leadership ability was best shown by 
having the WUBA gang disbanded after be 
took charge. Naiy Air should be proud to have 
him as a member. 


Stephen J. Shepherd 


Springfield, Virginia 

Aerospace Engineering, USAF 


Steve came to the Academy after a year at 
NAPS that enhanced his professionalism and 
sharpened his mind academically It also gave 
him the inside track on a little brown-nosing. 
One of the truly great procrastinators. you 
could always find Sbep kicked hack at his 
desk, can of Pepsi, dip cup and mocassins, 
pretending to be doing homework. He was 
truly one who lived and died by the gouge- 
Rest assured if there was any. Shep bad it. 
Shep always found great excuses to skip the 
banana picking festivities for watches. Does 
SOW watch count for BOOW. too. Sbep" 

Soccer was Shep's claim to fame until the 
coach didn't see things the exact way he did. 
He took up distance running to the tune of 
26+ miles. This kept him in good shape, if 
you're attracted to "sticks" Shep did 
eventually find romance, one which saved him 
a tidy sum on stamps and phone bills. 

All kidding aside, Shep has been one of the 
boys and a good friend to all. Remember, aim 
high, fly straight. Oh. yeah, you Ve also got two 
extra miles of runwav to screw up on. 


Scott E. Szvwanski 
(Classified) ' 
Ivoryton, Connecticut 
Oceanography, Navy Pilot 

You would think that after four years at the 
Naval Academy Scott would have changed a 
little bit. But Scott hasn't changed a bit since 
day one. He's still as laid back as ever. His 
casual attitude and pleasant smile quickly 
made him famous among upperclass. Scott 
was the greatest buddy that a plebe could ever 
have, because be did such a great job of 
attracting all the attention from the upper- 
class to himself. Needless to say, Scott became 
well liked by all of us. 

When it came to weekends and partying. 
Scott was always at the forefront. He knew all 
the local bars and colleges better than any of 
us, and he will always be remembered at a 
couple of them. During his first two years. 
Scott did a lot of research, but he finally found 
the answer in bis hometown high school honey. 
When it came to drinking, Scott never fell 
behind, although he did fall down a couple of 
times. As a drinking buddy, be was the best. 
You could always talk him into going out in 
town for a couple, even when you weren't 
supposed to. Scott was always participating in 
anything eventful. He was one of the dirty 
dozen, the Moody Blues concert boys, and the 
Winnebago bunch. 

When it came to academics. Scott figured 
out very quickly how to use his study time 
most efficiently. He never spent more than 3-4 
hours a week studying, and the rest of the 
time, be would be either at WRNV or in the 
wardroom watching TV 

Scott made a decision to go to Pensacola 
after graduation, because his casual attitude 
and personality will enable him to blend right 
in with the rest of the airdales. 


John Zwirner 
The Dead Man 
Palmvra. New Jersey 
Chemistry, NFO 

It was only four short years ago that the 
gates of this fine institution opened to admit 
John with a cynical, doubting gleam m his 
eyes. The Zwirn would never be the same 
again. Despite the miseries and woes of plebe 
summer and a near fatal bout with the plague. 
he steadfastly maintained his grim outlook. It 
appeared that he would live out the rest of bis 
naval career believing that the light at the end 
of the tunnel was only an oiler out of Norfolk. 
But that was not to be. 

The first sign we had of a sense of humor 
beneath that fatalistic front was a nearly 
successful attempt to suspend the Box from 
an upper bunk by his waistband. But plebe 
year went by with no one noticing this subtle 

The next two years left John with a deep 
respect for the surface Naiy. He returned each 
summer with exciting tales of life aboard oilers 
and amphibs and we began to see a wiser, 
saltier Zwirn. Suddenly there was more to life 
than Chemistry and bicycles. Even the loss of 
four weeks of leave in exchange for an 
"opportunity to excel" did not break his 

The story at least has a happy ending that 
points to another, even better beginning One 
might even say that the Zwirn /f satisfied with 
bis lot. Despite the dark prophecies bis smile 
does not he. It was not so bad after all. was 
it John" Best of luck, keep smiling, but don't 
forget when to punch out. 


Tenth Company 345 


v% ..ii'^l^' 

Joseph R. Albergo 
Joe, Chief, Bergie 
Brooklyn, New York 
Applied Science Surface Line 

Chief, aa be is known (looks) to hia 
friends, is our resident from Brooklyn. New 
Yawk. Once the skinny kid, Joe has really 
developed into a "whole man. " Always a hard 
core Surface Liner, Joe is looking forward to 
some good times in sunny Norfolk. Never will 
the Company forget who his sweetie is as 
everyone has been asked at least once to give 
him the message, "Call Mary. " His little inside 
connection to the Galley has really settled old 
Chief down, but not since the birth of little 
"Z. " Some wild times are in store for him and 
hia little baby and for his roommate who baa 
had to learn everything there is to know about 
a "Z. " Memories include the Frazier-Ali fight 
before a Goat Court audience and the 
"Breakfast Club" in West Palm Beach, and 
the T-shirt contests witnessed while on Cruise. 
Gail force winds and high seas be with him. 



1 ■ 

aZ ^ ji^i^^^^l 

J: ■ 


' l^i 1 

ffl R ^t 

Hbi\i^ V ■ 

Hbm w-^ 



346 Eleventh Company 



David F. Aumuller 


Worthington, Ohio 

Ocean Engineer, General Marine 


Junior hails from Buckeye town ( Worthing- 
ton) OH to USNA via the Bridgeton Academy 
With bis excellent preparation at Bridgeton 
Junior, he came to us with high hopes and a 
promising future as a Mid. In fact, be began 
plebe summer running on the deck plates 
(ugh!) and sbined all through the experience. 
Junior's high aspirations met their demise in 
bis new roommate. Habib Habib. who 
practiced breaking regs and the happy go 
luckv life was a complete opposite to Junior's 
"hard work" approach to USNA. Dave would 
room with Habib for two years during which 
he was indoctrinated t-o this random life style 
and WOMEN. Dave did not reach his full 
potential as one of the "laid back JO'7 " until 
Habib departed the tigers of Utb to become 
envoy to 23rd. The next summer "it" 
happened. Since then Junior has been a basket 
esse. At least nowadays people ask "can he get 
it" instead of "does he want it", you see he's 
been in a 3 yr. slump. Chin up Junior, odds 

Junior has played 4 yrs. of varsity lax and 
maintained a 2.7 GPA almost entirely by hard 
work. Dave wants either to fly or go to law 
school. Whatever he does no one doubts be 
will be an excellent officer. He was also a 
4-striper his last semester here. Best of luck 
Junior you'U make it big. 


Thomas W. Baker 


Spring Grove, Pennsylvania 

Physical Science, Marine Corps 

Coming from the small town of Spring 
Grove. Pa.. Tom didn't know what to expect 
in this place called the Naval Academy. Tbe\ 
gave him uniforms, papers to fill out and a 

■ from California - Mark. Tom was 
' worrying type- While bis plebe 

■ studied bis rates. Tom leaned back 
in his chair, looked out at the bay and fell 
asleep. However, the easy going days ended 
when academics came. Now. while Mark read 
his sci-fi novels Tom struggled to pass. 
Youngster year came and Tom learned how to 
drink. It was also the year that one of his 
roommates "Mark" got fed up with the Navy 
and decided to go Civlant. Second Class year 
brought Bakes and Skin a new roommate. 
"Tex" had weird study habits but be showed 
his roommates how to have a good time. Yes 

Bakes, it's going to be hard for the Mex and 
the Skin to forget those walks from the 
stadium. Halloween parties that ended in 
enforced Navy football spirit, heaps of 
SKOAL boxes, four years of baseball, and of 
course, California. 




Tracy W. Bowman 


Natrona Hts, Pennsylvania 

History, Navy NFO 

Wade or Tracy (whatever he wants to be 
called) came to us from Natrona Heights, Pa. 
Where? We heard his name often plebe year 
as his big brother was a big striper, maybe this 
is why Wade was translating German in a nice 
easy major while some of us were stupid 
enough to try and figure out why F=MA and 
why you can't push a rope. Another hint he 
got from his big brother was to get as much 
travel as possible. If Wade wasn 't busy 
explaining why be wasn't the company's best 
marcher to the Company Officer, he was on 
a movement order or out "scoping". Well, 
Wade was determined to be unmotivated by 
Eleventh Company's favorite nuclear motiva- 
tor, but the luck of the tiger company 
prevailed, and he became Company Com- 
mander. He gave up Glee Club only to 
participate in a new ECA: Diane. With plans 
to be a P-3 NFO in God's Country, we can 
only wish Wade the best in the Navy, and 
hope this Bridgton boy makes good. 

Yvonne G. BressJer 


Oakhurst. New Jersey 

Oceanography, Civil Engineer 


Ginger, our red-headed, mature woman, 
arrived here from the armpit of the U.S., New 
Jersey Attracted here to play basketball and 
Softball, she threw us all off and settled on 
cross country and track. Winning numerous 
varsity letters. Ginger had the hardest time 
with maintaining her minimum weight. Loaves 
of bread and Jars of peanut butter were her 
salvation. She was a sheltered geek until the 
end of 2/c year and especially 1/c year when 
she starred rooming with the bad influence 
who introduced her to nights without 
studying, abuse sessions with Munzo. and. of 
course, men. Still, Ginger managed to wear 
stars through it all. Memories of losing many 
battles to Yo and I and the amount of blood 
and broken windows she always ended 
cleaning up will always be there along with 
many Gina stories she could tell. Ginger is a 
great person and a great friend so I won't say 
anything about married LCDR's or Marines. 
She will excel in the CEC as she does in 
everything. We'll miss ya. "the kid" most of 
ail, so good luck! 

Eleventh Company 347 

I II t »jll 


William G. Castaneda 


San Antonio, Texas 

Management, Surface Line 

Billy, alias "Tex" or "Mex" as he was called 
by "the boys" in the Hall, claims be is a real 
cowboy from Texas only he never heard of 
country music until the "skin " and the 
"Bakes" told him what it was. In his first two 
years at the academy, Billy was dedicated to 
the management major and his favorite sport, 
tennis- His hfe changed drastically when the 
"Turfman: the junior Birdman" landed at 
USNA- Unlike the Colorado Flying School. 
Mex showed Turf that you don 't need an 
airplane to find where the fun is. Being a good 
boat. Tex volunteered as a Zoomie scout and 
as a ladder when it just didn 't feel right going 
through the main gat^. 

However. Billy wouldn't let things end. He 
felt it was his duty to show Bakes and Skin 
bow to have fun. This led to the Cellar. 'Vou. 
Bayou, and Annie's. His luck ran out when 
coming back from another "gigolo" night when 
he and the Skin thought that second class 
rated civilian clothes and parking in the yard. 
This event was the start of his professional 
life-haircuts, restriction musters and selling 
thumbs at basketball games. Casanova's party 
days ended with Turfs return for the Zoomie 
game. Of course Mex volunteered to play host 
again. Little did be know but the end was 
coming. What was the end you ask"^ A good 
looking brunette from Baltimore named Lisa. 
The cowboy was finally lassoed- Good luck 
Billy, the world will need it! Surface Line, 
mighty fine. 

Edward L. Collins II 
Ted, Coins 

Middleburg Heights, Ohio 
Management, Marine Corps 

Ted arrived at the Sea School after 
surviving life on the North Coast - Cleveland. 
Ohio. Not exactly sorry to leave, he came to 
Navy looking for a challenge and a future. He 
immediately found his challenge in the form 
of plebe year and academics. Fortunately 
though. Ted survived Plebe year with some 
good memories and a unique nickname. 
Youngster. Second, and First class year. 
"Coins" evolved into a roadtrip man with a 
race to the Cape that culminated m a 47 
minute "ride for life". Not to be outdone by 
previous feats, he worked long and hard on 
many other roadtrips with Frank. Linus. Mike, 
and his brother Kip. He also gained an 
undying interest in finance when he began to 
realize that money could be fun to spend. Even 
more fun than money though, he made 
extensive searches all 4 years for the perfect 
woman. Ted's four years were also spent in the 
pool swimming or playing Polo, with his nose 
in the Wall Street Journal, in the library, and 
looking at the future. Despite a close call with 
Subs, Ted's future is as a U.S. Marine; A 
future he'd been working years for. "Coins" is 
grateful to his friends (Mike M, Tim W., Joe 
A.. Mark P.. Perry H.. Bix) for making tough 
times enjoyable and having been blessed with 
a Mother and Father second to none. He's 
dedicated to the Lord and will give his all for 
Corps and Country. 

Gregory D. Crabtree 


Bellingbam, Washington 

Aerospace Engineering, Navy 


Gregory Crabtree came to us from Belling- 
ham, Washington via the Naval Academy Prep 
School God has always been first in Greg's life 
and the Naval Academy is part of the Lord's 
plan for Greg. With all the hustle and bustle 
of plebe summer. Greg soon became boggled. 
But he seemed to rise above it all. and rise 
and rise. Plebe year ended and Greg was 
thrust into a new challenge - "The Room". 
With Ted. Bill. Perry, and Munoz around it 
would have been easy to go crazy but Greg 
didn't. Youngster year brought about added 
studies, added work, and added altitude. Greg 
always had time to sit down and talk about 
life, love and the Lord. His sincere concern for 
everybody adds a comforting touch to his 
character. He has helped those m need and he 
will continue to do so. A major in Aero brought 
Greg many sleepless nights his junior year, and 
Dave Blank provided more spiritual leader- 
ship. Although Greg tried not to show it. his 
loneliness for Gayle hurt. Greg and Gayle will 
marry in July. (YEAAAAA) The Navy has a 
very capable NFO coming its way. A man who 
is thorough in his work, sincere in his heart, 
and honest in his actions. Good luck Greg and 
may you and Gavie be forever Blessed. We 
love you. THANKS 


Janet M. Giron 


Sierra Vista, Arizona 

Electrical Engineer, Civil 

Engineer Corps 

Janet "/'// never date a Mid!" Giron came 
to the Boat School from a tiny town in the 
Arizona desert. She left home with high hopes, 
lots of spirit, and a compulsion for neatness. 
(How can I forget meeting you I-day as you 
cleaned your room?) 

Her spirit led her to cheerleading and her 
high hopes to EE. Now all she has is double 
E and many memories. (Well, to all . . . your 
cruise to Bermuda will always be special.) 

A June week wedding follows graduation. I 

wish you and Bill all the best. You've been a 

great friend and roommate. Til miss you. "GI". 

Misa "G" 

Janet was one of the first people I met on 
I-day. By the end of the morning her laundry 
bags were bigger than she was. She worked 
bard but had lots of spirit and drive in her. 

First it was Bermuda, then 2/c year it was 
New York — I'm glad they're so special to you. 
Our room looked like a florist shop with all 
the roaes. How about the marathon phone calls 
— Ma Bell loves you too $$$$. 

Janet's two big days in '84 will be May 23 
and 24. Jan. you've been a good friend and 
almost a sister — thank you. Get that EE 
masters — you and Chria better watch out for 
a Columbian named "Munzo" who'll be hiring 
hia engineer friends from II to start hia own 
company (or is that country?). Here's to your 
future. Kid, and to '84!! 

Love, Dawn 


348 Eleventh Company 

^"*'-"-'— •"--^•^ 




^ J mi J-f^ -4 



Perry Gene Higgins 

Mililani. Hawaii 
Mathematics, Nuclear Power 

Perry came from the land of sun and ocean 
looking for a chocolate-chip cookie and a 
dollar. Immediately recognizing the good deal 
to be had at Canoe V-. Perry breezed through 
Plebe Summer Few of us will forget his 
General Hospital version of "My Girl's a Good 
Girl " With Academic Year in full swing. Perry- 
realized that the best place to be was between 
a zero and a hard place and slightly to the 
right of the squad "screen." Anybody want 
some pie'' Cruising to Herndon. Perry got his 
halo by presidential directive and has kept it 
ever since. One sub cruise later. "Piggins" 
thought himself under-involved in the 
company and subsequently volunteered for 
every Job except the Supe s, Jersey Joe was the 
primary beneficiary of Perry's gunginess. yet 
even he found it wise to be somewhere else 
when that final watch was assigned youngster 
year. Second-class year Perry seemed to be the 
only one on the company officer's nuclear 
level, and did his usual best, academics being 
one of Perry's strong points. After a nuke 
surface cruise and plebe detail, Perry found 
bis niche: Batt Sub-commander under Charles 
the Magnificent, a tough job if ever there was 
one. Hae those rack burns gone away yet. 
Perry'^ When it came time to sign away his 
life, Perry remembered the CA and went subs. 
Admiral, you got one of the best. Perry, let 
the equation always equaJ one. Good luck to 
the best friend and roommate a guy could 


Christine M. Gromek 


North Brunswick, New Jersey 

Systems Engineer, Navy Pilot 

Miss "G" came to L'SNA from Jersey — 
Which exif^ 8A to be exact She was sweet. 
she was innocent, and she had us fooled for 
almost a month. That's how long it took her 
to sneak her civilian boyfriend dotMi for the 
weekend plebe year. As time passed, so did the 
boyfriend . . now how many are there'' 

Chris is an optimist. Remember when you 
kept that tape in your desk all plebe year, m 
the hope that you could actually play it'' Or 
bow about going over the wall m the hope that 
some day you could go out legaJly on Friday 


■e been many: her trials 
few Making .-Mi-American 
■ was a high point - but was 
rising to company commander a success or 
trial'' How she put up with those guys in 11. 
we'll never know! 

It's on to Pensacola to pursue her dream of 
Naval Aviation. Barb and Lisa. 

PS. Forget It Gromer - you're not getting 
off that easy. How could I forget watching you 
get sick on board the "Humble Holt'"^ Or 
watching you pilot the ship into harbor with 
Clark Kent at your side? Funny how those 
birth control glasses didn't deter you for very 

What a gruesome threesome we were - you. 
me. and Clark. Or was it Ken-* Or a favorite 
classmate'' A good time was had by all — you 
learned how to dodge whoever you weren 't 
with at the moment, and I learned how to pick 
up guys at whatever bar! 

You know. I'm glad we both made it. as 
impossible as it seems. God bless you. Chris 
— He's always there for you. 


Todd Hastings 


Fredericks b u rg. Virgin ia 

Physical Science, Surface Line 

"H" came from Fredericksburg to play Naiy 
Football. His freshman year he played with 
the J V. team. Then his qualities enabled him 
to play for the Varsity team iLmebackerl 
With this advancement, the girls came along: 
first Barb, then Jan, Dace, Slash, and finally 
Mary Academically "H" was not too hot. As 
part of the requirements to be Munzo's 
roommate, he had to go to an Ac-Board. He 
successfully fulfilled this requirement by 
visiting the Superintendent and his staff at 
the end of sophomore year They changed bis 
major from Oceanography to Physical Science. 
Needless to say. he knew the Sup's daughter. 
That year he also earned a N-sweater. His 
junior year he struggled through grades and 
football; Coach Morrison became his favorite 
person. Senior year, he improved academically 
and in his relations with Coach Morrison; he 
got to play in more games than ever before. 
He also earned a N-Star and surprised his 
friends by becoming the most laid back 
company sub-commander ever. "H", good luck 
as a Boat Driver 

Dawn M. HoUoway 


Peoria. Illinois 

Political Science, Unrestricted 


Dawn came to the Good Ole Country Club 
on the river from the snowy regions of Peoria. 
Illinois. Really I realized just how much she 
really loved snow Youngster Year when she 
got me up at 0600 to go out and play in it! 
Dailv newspaper articles were about the only 
thing she never left behind after Plebe Year. 
Poli-sci kept her busy at her typewriter — 
RAT-TAT-TAPPING to all hours of the 
morning all the way through First Class Year, 
and especially then , , And the sound of the 
Post being delivered. PLOP!! Poh-sci's write 
their best in the middle of the night anyway, 
and what theories she's come up with for the 

Dawn, vou've come a long way. For better 
or worse, who's to say?"" Wait a sec — isn't 
that a cartoon strip? Oh. yes. and speaking of 
cartoon strips, are you taking Garfield with 
vou to vour first duty station'''^'' Now that 
vou 're used to getting up when the plebe chow 
calls are going, I guess you'll have to go back 
to 5 alarm clocks when you get out into "The 
Real World". (Told ya I'd remember that for 
your 1/C bio.) Well. Kiddo, we've been 
through a lot together . . . No one knows just 
how much, besides, who 'd believe it all, 
anyway"^ How about that book 20 years from 

Congrats. Roomie!!!! WE made it!!! Here's to 
the Future — It's OUR's and the CLASS of 


Eleventh Company 349 



Bienvenido P. In toy 


Chicago, Illinois 

Computer Science, Marine Corps 

The first two years Ben was at the academy 
be was aby, quiet, hard working and stayed 
away from trouble. Second class year be found 
himself with a new roommate and the real 
Skin showed himself. If be wasn 't arguing with 
his roommate about toothpaste, desk space or 
Forum, he was manipulating someone in the 
company with a devious plan. Nobody ever 
realized Ben's potential as a con artist and he 
soon bad people, including women, wrapped 
around his finger. As far as staying away from 
trouble, that ended with the late night out 
with Tex. Skin and Tex couldn't remember 
who said that second class couldn 't park in the 
Yard, but the OOD did! They went from the 
Cellar to the doghouse (restriction) in one 
short weekend. 

First Class year found Ben as one of the best 
high power rifle shooters in the nation and 
with a few more "notches" in the belt. He also 
continued to venture out on more memorable 
"gigolo" weekends. Some would argue that be 
paid his dues for such outings. His hardships 
included computer class retakes, late night 
studying and academic restriction. However, it 
ail evened out on the Labor Day weekend '83, 
Mao and Reisterstown experience of the 
closest kind, and all those senseless Cheecb 
and Chong flicks. Hopefully the Marines will 
be able to harness Ben's energies. 

Good luck Ben. I hope someday you meet 
your match. When you do, I want to meet her 
PS. Good luck Mark! 

Andrew J. Karabin 


Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 

Management, Surface Line 

Bravo Zulu to midshipman Karabin as he 
launches into bis career afloat. Drew came 
aboard from the steel town of Bethlehem, Pa. 
... via the Naval Academy Preparatory 
School. Drew started his career here by 
working hard in his classes and playing 
football. But sophomore year brought out the 
best of midshipman Karabin. No more 
football, graphics and running with some 
shady characters (Haddad, Petro, Plog, Davey, 
Todd, Z, Bakes) brought some troubled time 
into Drew's path. But did that bother him? 
Of course not. Drew still smiled, be still kept 
bis great attitude toward people and VSNA. 
Drew brightened everybody's life and be still 
wandered mto dark silent rooms to ask "Are 
you guys asleep?" Drew entered his junior year 
as a management major and the star of the 
Batt tennis team. He suffered through 6-n 
days, MCBO 's, and Bum gouge. Mega bummer 
man. The high point of this year was the end 
of Kehoe's domain and the arrival of Cathy 
(Haddad's Sister). Then there was Subic Bay 
and more of Cathy. Senior year came and 
Cathy went but Appolo Still was busy juggling 
two different ladies. Drew passes graphics 
(nnally} and went skiing with Davey again. 
(Don 't ask about the cold floors and the girls 
next door) Drew has lived life here at the 
academy and not just gotten-by. Smiles, 
laughs and good times. We love you Drew, 
keep in touch, you crazy knucklehead you. 


Rebecca L. Lewis 


Wallingford, Pennsylvania 

Political Science, 1100 

Becky came to us from the streets of Philly 
with basketball in hand, and one thing on her 
mind and that was to play "hoops". Soon her 
interests grew and she reached her peak 2/C 
summer running through the all male hallways 
at Fort Myers, stealing government property, 
and banging out at V-U's. To know Becky is 
to love her and realize just how talented she 
really is. Not only does she play basketball and 
throw the javelin, but she plays piano, guitar, 
and drums as well. Always the thoughtful 
friend, she tried often to share her talents with 
others. Becky took special pity on one poor 
spastic neurotic paranoid and attempted to 
teach me to play the guitar Ithank goodness 
you finally got the pick out). Beck, in short, 
ia one of those people you can't think about 
without smiling. For her roommate Ginger, 
thoughts of a certain Marine and broken 
windows brings about grins. For me it's 
memories of Tolger's daring plastic spoon 
attack, your solo food fights at various mess 
halls and the way you came to my aid the 
night of the terrible tick attack. Let me 
apologize once and for all for giving a way your 
aboee. Beck, you've been the greatest friend ■ 
thanks for the assists. The best of luck 
wherever your bobo's take you ■ 

Michael D. Matteo Jr. 


Medford Lakes. New Jersey 

Political Science, Marine Corps 

Mike came to Camp Tecumseb from the 
South Jersey town of Medford Lake after a 
one year stopover at the Marine Mental 
Asylum in Texas. Looking towards Navy Air, 
one really wonders if Mike won't actually turn 
into a little green man at graduation. Never 
a really quiet guy, Mike has really settled 
down since be met bis better half, Dottie. 
Wedding bells will be ringing for Mike and 
Dottie come June. Some of Mike's fondest 
memories include the "famous" Ali-Frazier 
fight plebe year and bis yawl cruise to 
Bermuda youngster year. The Marines treated 
Mike to a free "vacMion" in Hawaii this past 
summer. His roommate has learned a very 
valuable lesson, never ask Mike for directions 
to his house. Fair winds and following seas to 
Mike and Dottle. 

P.S. Hey Mike was it a street light or was it 
a street lamp?!!!! 

350 Eleventh Company 




Andres D. Munoz 


Bogota, Colombia 

Systems Engineering. Foreign 


Mr Andy Munoz bails to us from Bogota. 
Colombia. Yea. that's Mr. Andy Munoz. not 
Ensign. Seaman Recruit, or Second Lieuten- 
ant- How be swung it we will never know, but 
Andy is going to the civilian world and bopes 
to be a big success in the business world. 
"Munzo" as be was affectionately known by 
all including the Plebe Summer 'dant'. was 
always a bright spot for eleventh Company 
When be wasn 't standing in a trasb can gi\ing 
chow calls in his shower. Munzo could be 
found studying in his dad's office. But Andy, 
how about those great experiences with the 
females'^ We will all remember what a great 
chauffeur vou were at the ring dance, but what 
about that weekend at Goucher'^ or how about 
the weekend in New Jersey"^ Andy will do well 
in the real world because we all know bow hard 
he worked here, holding the record for 
all-nighters. Rumor has it that Munzo is 
attracted to New Jersey females, but we nill 
just have to wait and see on that. For now. 
we just wish him the best of luck, and a big 
thank you for four years of his friendship. 

Frank M. Petrosino 

Mi key — Petro 

Rockville, Maryland 

Ocean Engineering, Marine Pilot 

Stories could be told forever about the 
"madman." Along with his fellow bad 
influences. (Haddad. Karabin. Ploegeri Petro 
made waves at VSNA more than once. 
Probably the most memorable being the 
assault at U of Maryland where he scared 10 
.VTS out of a couple college hoys for being 
called a squid Petro still maintains it was 
Haddad's fault for stopping the car even 
though be spent the night in jail. This classic 
bought him many days in smoke hall and a 
trip to striper school (didn 't help, only 2 
stripes). His top priorities were women, fun. 
& sports. He applied himself and excelled in 
all 3. Women, many considered, a talent of his 
(as Linde. Patty. Debbie. Terrie. Lisa. etc. will 
attest to) not however by the way he dressed 
(a steady domibill trend - come on Petro. "elf 
boots'.). Petro lettered in 150 lb. football, 
played rugby and now "bulks" out. 

For service selection be picked Marine Air, 
a characteristic choice. What is the Marine 
Pilot mentality':' The 1st time he ever rode a 
snowmobile be saw bow fast it would go! and 
almost died. Look out Corps and somebody 
help Pensacola. Best of luck Petro. you'll be 
the 2nd best Marine Pilot ever (2nd to Habib 
the Horrible). No one doubts he will be a fine 
Marine Officer, it s the perfect profession - he 
might even get married some day. Nab! . 


Terry Ploeger 


Los Vegas, Nevada 

Electrical Engineering. Nuclear 

Power - Submarines 

Go Navy 
Beat Army 

Mark E. Porter 

Cleveland, Ohio 
History Nuc. Surface 

Mark came to the NavaJ Academy and 
immediately went to work trying to put a little 
culture into everyone's life. However, after we 
all grew sick of bearing how great history 
majors are, be game ua up for lost. 

Although be didn't come from the culture 
capital of the world, he explained this away 
by pointing out that he went to a private 
school on the East Side. Mark is best known 
plebe summer for the "whit^ walls" that Mr. 
Tracy graciously provided him but his biggest 
achievement came plebe year. Tracy, bis 
fiancee, must have seen the intellecutai 
beyond beergogglea and companions of 
doubtful character to pick him up in a joint 
like Timmy's. Mark has had his share of trials 
at Canoe V. Despite help from his loyal 
friends, he managed to learn to cut pies 
correctly. He also overloaded bis classes so 
that he could disappear first-class year to 
U.M. Has anyone seen him in uniform since? 
However, be did lead the class of '87 to drill 
proficiency, after be learned to call half the 
commands on the right foot. Road trips with 
Mark will always be remembered, too, for the 
White Russians, San Miguel Dark, and the 
vast number of Grand Prizs he pointed out to 
us. For service selection. Mark picked Nuc. 
Surface ■ a good choice for him. and a great 
officer for the na^y. Mark is as loyal as friends 
come - we need more like bim in our history. 
Best of luck, Mark. 

Eleventh Company 351 





Timothy Lee Williamson 


Forest Hills, Kentucky 

Ops Analysis, USMC 

Tim came to the Academy after 3 years in 
the enliated Navy. He found Canoe U. 
chalienging and rewarding. He had ah avid 
interest in leadership, people, apace, finance 
and hundreds of other topics too numerous to 
meodon. He studied the local history of 
Williamson, West Virginia, his place of birth 
acroas the river from Forest Hills, city and 
county government, colonial American history, 
guerrilla tactics and business management. He 
also studied the stock market and was 
interested in real estate development. He had. 
literally and figuratively, his first class year. 
a deep and somewhat untested interest in his 
car. It was a Mercedes nick-named "Lisa". 

He is an ex-Navy Cryptologist who wants to 
lead men in an elite corps and looks toward 
a career in the Naval Space Command by 
becoming the best Signals Intelligence Officer 
the Marine Corps ever 


David W. Stevens 


Greenville, New York 

Physics, Nuclear Submarines 

Dave came to the Chesapeake University of 
Naval Technology from the small town of 
Greenville NY, bringing with him dedication, 
good morals and a sense of humor. Putting his 
true love, motorcycles, on hold Dave managed 
to survive plebe and youngster years pretty 
well. Second class year was a different story- 
Red had to forget about the morals and 
dedication when he found himself in a room 
with Turf, Mex, and the professor Life was 
always interesting (right TurD but eventually 
the events that took place in 3150 resulted in 
a Kehoe backed maneuver that split them up. 
Second class year also marked Dave's return 
to battle on the motocross tracks of Maryland. 
Virginia, and New York (thanks Beef Fiddler, 
and ApoUo). Although pilot was not to be. 
Dave still takes to the skys aboard his trusty 
tronhorse YZ. First class year saw more racing 
action. It also found Mex and Dave with the 
same problem. The question is; who is going 
to give in first? 

After graduation (finally!) you wiU find 
Dave under the deep blue seas. Good luck 

John Alfred Sylvester 
Silver Spring, Maryland 
Political Science, Navy Pilot 

I'm not sure exactly how I met John or 
where be claims to lay his hat. My earliest 
memories of John were in Chemistry lab where 
his Copenhagen tin often found its way into 
other's titrations. Youngster year found John, 
John's brother. Tom; and "Stone" (who is 
rumored to be the missing link.) engaging m 
hijinks and planning future expeditions in the 
library. The furst expedition introduced many 
good things: that cool refreshing drink - Jack 
Daniel 's snowballs; hearty meals such as 
"Camper's Compote." and other delightful 
delicacies like "Bananas Sylvester. " Second 
class year began with Protramid in all of its 
glories. The death ride with Stumpy, the 
one-legged outlaw, the beaver dash, ripping 
apart gym shorts for fun and profit, the 
nuclear lounge, the golf game, the guardian of 
peace, the female bigfoot monster swim, 
mechanical bull-riding, and Andy's 50 or 60 
little pets he picked up in Quantico were ail 
banner momenta of the summer. The entire 
situation only got richer the following 
academic year. John convinced his parents of 
his dire need for a Porsche and found himself 
a girl. First class year continued John's 
spiraling decline into decadency. John met 
Betsy and bought a truck; pawning the 
Porsche off on bis little brother A mere 
skeleton of his former self. John fasted away 
the fall playing ISO's. John is a truly 
remarkable person; probably the moat intense 
individual I've ever met. Be it studying, 
playing, or gotcha-laat, John goes all out. He'll 
make one bell of a wingman. Good luck in 
P'Cola melon jaw! 



Joseph B. Ziemian 


Cinnaminson, New Jersey 

Computer Science, Navy NFO 

Joseph B. Z-Man, hails from exit whatever 
of wild wonderful Jersey. The "beak", 
"schnoz", "Z-Man" was a constant source of 
entertainment for llth Co. We will never 
forget the Red Balloonmobile arriving 5 
minutes before march-on in Philly or the time 
Joe's clothes were locked in the trunk with no 
key. "Spaz" was a sailing stud for 3 years, but 
decided to take up rugby as a senior. Joe was 
a natural, aa his muscular and immense 
physique contributed to a broken clavicle near 
the end of the season. He was a charter 
member of auch elite clubs as Project 21, and 
the Society Against Kehoe. Joe always offered 
excellent road trips to the ahore in one of his 
three Mercedes. He even had a permanent one 
here in Annapolis. We'll always remember Joe 
as the organizer, as he was the ultimate man 
for taiigaters and can recycling. Joe never got 
anything but the beat, deal that is, for ua in 
eleven. Joe plans on going in the back seat of 
an aircraft, but we wonder if the helmet will 
make it over his facial features. Joe has been 
more than a great friend here, and we all wish 
him only the beat in those P-3'a Good Luck 


352 Eleventh Company 

T??w-.^.r~,-.^-.^■^^^,p^^. ->.- ^"Trri 


■— ^WW Wl— PMUUiIlU I»J1 1 



1^(1 fill 

Pedro R. Alicea 


San Juan, Puerto Rico 

General Engineer, Marine Air 

Pedro spent the fint year here, trying to 
understand the ContinentaJ US. We spent the 
remaining three years trying to figure out what 
be was saying about it 

Dro skated through Plebe Summer totally 
confusing the First Class with trilingual chow 
calls. Plebe year soon passed and third class 
year brought the Major's greatest fear . . . 
Youngster Syndrome. This year also brought 
the first appearance of a girl whom Pedro has 
snaked away no leas than three times. 
Protramid brought a new dimension into Dro 's 
life, Pensacola, and his service selection 
rapidly changed direction. Second class year 
saw more things than a mere list can possibly 
describe: the Army party, our exchange 
student, Joio. ROTC mess nights. Company 
mess night, Forex, Aunt June, Cherry pies, 
throwing stars, etc. First class year wasn 't easy 
for Dro but it could have been worse — like 
all D's, an Army ROTC brother, and a 
girlfriend in the Foreign Legion. 

Pedro's still maintaining an even strain, and 
we are all standing by for the helo pilot Take 
care, beat wishes. 

RBS, KA. PVB Jr.. and the guns 

Eric G. Baker 


Monroe, Michigan 

SOC, Geophysics 

Unlike most midshipman, Eric Baker never 
beard of or knew of the Naval Academy until 
contacted by a coach. Unfortunately that same 
problem still exists. Eric was a three time 
letter winner in gymnastics, having mastered 
the art of landing on his bead. This scrambled 
his eggs enough that be took senior year off 
and devoted himself to his two favorite 
pastimes, the grape and the rack. Eric 
frequently lost touch with the concept of 
moderation resulting in his often losing 
control, even with his bodily functions. He 
reminds one of a chemist who has the ability 
to produce one thing three different ways in 
the course of a night. But be must get an A 
in reliability for you knew where be was 95% 
of the time, in the rack. He makes Rip Van 
Winkle look like a workaholic. Academically, 
he was masterful. He would raise his grades 
to a point where he would sleep through finals 
and still achieve a decent QPR. He seems well 
suited to bis major. Oceanography. But why 
not, labs on the bay consisted of having oysters 
on the half shell. With all his Cine devotion 
to duty and excellence, Eric is sure to do well 
in bis chosen field of Geophysics. Heck, 
studying rocks cannot be that hard. Eric will 
always be remembered for his outpouring of 
warmth that would permeate the air and cling 
to you like napalm. Everybody will remember 
Eric for his tremendous sense of humor that 
made this place enjoyable and bearable for all 
of us. We wish you the best of luck. Oh yeah, 
don't let the fishhook snag anymore Harter's. 
Hi Eric-Cathy. 

the Conks 

Twelfth Company 353 


Paul V. Barr Jr. 

Devil Pup 

Union viUe, Pennsylvania 

Aerospace Engineer, Marine 


The only surviving member of the "odd 
couple " (room 7019}, Paul came to join Twelve 
Platoon from the heart of mushroom country. 
Unionville. Pa. Unlike most of us. Devil Pup 
entered the Academy knowing what he didn't 
want to do for Service Selection, mainly. 
Surface. Suba or Navy Air. 

Plebe vear meant hard work in academics, 
and many sacrifices aince be wasn't able to 
pursue his favorite pastime . . guns. Summer- 
time came by. bringing Paul a cruise in San 
Diego onboard USS Frederick (LST 1184) and 
a new academic year as an Aero Major Second 
semester. Paul decided that it might be a good 
idea for a prospective Marine pilot to know 
how to jump out of planes. So Devil Pup set 
his mind and body on Airborne Training. 
Second class year, the new class co. cdr., 
wearing shiny silver wings, led the class 
through a demanding semester A new Co. 
Officer, new plebes. the firsties and lost hours 
at the computer kept Paul occupied until 
Christmas. Unfortunately, bis eyes suffered 
and come Pre Comm's our future Santini 
found out he was not qualified for pilot. No 
sweat. Recon all the way! And like one he 
sneaked out on his Ring Dance date. 
Fortunately, good things never last long. 

Now that summer cruise in Hawaii. Plebe 
detail, the camouflage door and drill season 
are things of the past, we are witing for Devil 
Pup to turn into a real Devil Dog. Take care. 
Haata la vista, amigo. 

Semper Fi 
Dro, RB & g (the Nuke) 

Franklin T. Carothers 


Elizabethtown, Kentucky 

Physical Science, Surface Line 

Some went down to the sea in ships, doing 
business on the great waters; they saw the 
deeds of the Lord, bis wondrous works in the 
deep. For be commanded, and raised the 
stormy wind, which lifted up the waves of the 
sea. They mounted up to heaven, they went 
down to the depths; their courage melted away 
in their evil plight; they reeled and staggered 
like drunken men. and were at their wits' end - 
Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, 
and he delivered them from their distress; he 
made the storm be still, and the waves of the 
sea were hushed. Then they were glad because 
they had quiet, and he brought them to their 
desired haven. Let them thank the Lord for 
his steadfast love, for his wonderful works to 
the sons of men. PSALM 107:23-31. 

Douglas P. Conkey 
Conkless Donkey 
Podunk, Foxy Mass 
FPS (Bull) Air 

The conks flew to Annapolis on the wings 
of his WWII ace Pappy. And thanks to 
alphabetic roomies, the inherited flyboy 
managed to pump me into the hall anytime 
his plebe summer locker happened to get 
scored upon. But Daddy's little propeller was 
soon to become a "LUSH" The hockey party 
plebe year sent poor Dougy heels over head, 
across T-Court I might add. with the 
symptoms of lubricated esophagus. He 
survived the weenie wars and agreed to occupy 
environments with the Errb and I. He was 
rightfully awarded the maid of the year medal 
for duties performed after a Rugby Party with 
respect to the bucketdippers and mirror 
sterilization association of America. 

For being Conkless. bis list of crabtown 
ladies is quite impressive. The Quantico Queen 
was among many to shine the jewels of bis 
royal crown, but the most notorious of course 
has to be a Dahlgren Dearest. The A-l was 
added to the steak after a gold match at a 
BAQ no less. A cute little cheezehog was 
blamed upon severe beergoggles, but we all 
know it was a matter of deprivation. 

The senior party was interrupted because 
the power hungry poly sci honor member had 
to leave the refrigerator cause his ice cubes 
melted under the pressure. But. with a wife 
named Gertrude - a burger strike can cause 
adverse reactions to the late night sock 
sickness. Best wishes to you and the kids. 

P.S. TbAnka for the cases of beer. 

The Crispy Critter!!!! 

Carv A. Cusumano 


Raytown, Missouri 

Physics, Nuclear Subs 


The academy certainly changed our slow 
talking little boy from Kansas City into a 
South Philly. fast talking stud- We will always 
toast to vou with red wine in remembrance of 
vour performance at the plebe year 12th 
Company barf fest. Youngster year marked 
the emergence of Squirmin' and your boxers 
out in the hallway with nowhere to run. It's 
amazing that Herman was contained so long 
with all the aprodisiaks you ate (or was it the 
protein pills'^). You can't deny that your idols 
changed from Elvis and the Statlers to the 
Greaseman and Scarbelly It was quite a 
revelation when we realized we were beating 
each other up due to your instigation. We 
know how much you enjoyed it when we 
diverted our aggressions toward you. We also 
hope you learned where not to park your car 
before Ring Dance. Your exponentially 
decreasing physical status will always inspire 
us and will lead to your position as athletic 
officer on all your subs. Who would ever have 
thought that the Nuke Power program would 
ever be in such dire straits? 

Take good care of Angela — she deserves 
the best! 

The Fly Boys. 
Chip and John 

354 Twelfth Company 


Eric S. Dunn 


Northeast. Maryland 

SAS (Management), Surface 


Eric came to us as a wet behind the ears 
graduate of the Mercersburg Academy. 
Recruited for baseball be soon became a rugby 
king- As a piebe sowing his wild oats, he soon 
became part of the early morning breakfast 
club Dragging at Frannies. scaJing the wall. 
and marching 76 hours were just 3 of his major 
accomplishments , . - amazing! With a fetish 
for water sports. Eric can often be found skiing 
or in a hot tub. Army-Na\y was more than a 
game — it was a felony thanks to the nurses. 
I'm cured. Ski trips to the Pocanos, 
knockabout fights, and Hood . oooh the 
girls. "Ah bed time - the best part of the day " 
yp cruise, vovage to Sweden. Did I sign up 
for Summer school Dependable Eric always 
showed up. "Hey got any food '^" Leader of the 
funnelator Brigade. Eric aggravated the enemy 
above and beyond the call of duty. What car 
did you decide on'' As his surviving roomie I 
knew Eric well - He may of had the biggest 
ideas but he also had the biggest heart. Eric 
made the big decision . . . look out San Diego 
here be comes. The Buddah's gonna baJast 
down a Frigate. Hope they enjoy his 
Humpty-Dumpty poses as much as we did. 
Eric you're a friend for life Keep the java 
flowing. Best of luck buddy. 


John W. Funk 


Drexel Hill. Pennsylvania 

Oceanography, Navy Air 


You came to USNA via Drexel Hill. PA as 
one of their best^" Your squad leaders over the 
summer couldn't help but be amused by the 
naive little boy who thought a line officer wa> 
the guy who says, "Put over the bow line 
And really. John, hoisting the ensign does mn 
mean "banging the new graduates on the 
flagpole. " Bur your hard work and indus- 
triousness pulled you out of that slump. 

Could it have been more opportune to have 
won a brilliant YP cruise out of the same hat 
as B.K '^ Those immortaJ words that sent the 
guy into a fit of tears: "I hope not, Brian'" 
And what about that other classic: "It's 
Hetrick'" But only a few guys ever got to you 
— like ole J. T. "You missed a spot . . you 
couldn't have gotten up on the wrong side ol 
the bed — there's only one side!" And how 
did all your sheets end up in the head"* And 
are vou sure na^y air is for you — after all. 
you developed symptoms of air sickness on 
service selection night. 

You were quite fickle with your women. You 
^'^t up your impotent roomy. Cuz, with your 
best friend. Nancy. When they were happy, 
you decided you wanted her back. But 
everything turned out for the best, 'cause Cuz 
found a lady of his own. Lots of luck to you 
and Nancy. (Try not to mix your underwear 
with your champagne!) Fair winds and 
foUoaing akies! 

Braps and poots. 
Chip and Cuz 

Robert S. Grade! 


Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Management, Surface Warfare 

Bob came here from Virginia Beach hoping 
to earn wings of gold as his father had 23 years 
before. Plebe Summer saw Bob's initial 
ve and he had to finish the 
a white-haired rodent. With a 
few key connections Bob was able to get 
through plebe year with relative ease and 
plenty of sandwiches. However, an afternoon 
with Herb and the Cheesehogs ruined its last 
day. Youngster year for Bob was perhaps his 
easiest Bob could never figure out why 
someone would park 7 miles away. He found 
it much more reasonable to park in the 
midstore lot and did so for 3 years - Dad's rank 
has its privileges. Have wheels will travel, and 
Bob did. He loved the girls almost as much 
as he loved himself; Coblentz Hall will never 
be the same. His only worry youngster year 
was to ensure his rack was made and the lights 
were out. Ha\ing fun above and beyond what 
he rated caused the early morning breakfast 
club to catch up with him second class year. 
Never one to avoid a challenge. Bob joined the 
band of brothers - Navy Crew. After that Bob 
was a frequent patron of Haisey. MacDon- 
ough. Lejune and Hubbard. The envelope has 
never been so narrowly defined. First class 
year was quite a letdown for Bob. everything 
became legal. Years of intense studying in the 
solarium claimed his perfect vision, so he's 
beaded for the Battleship Navy. Bob kept us 
laughing from 1-Day till graduation, and we're 
glad to count him as a friend. Fair ninds and 
following seaa. Pal. 

Stephen Michael Gravini 


Springfield. Massachusetts 

Mechanical Engineer, 


Chief left Springfield, Massachusetts on 
September 12. 1977 to begin his Naval 
adventure. First he enlisted as a machinist 
mate, then served aboard a ship, later studied 
at nuke school and prototype, and finally was 
assigned to a submarine At some point he 
realized the navy was not just an adventure 
but a job. so he applied to the Naval Academy. 

He wasn't lucky enough to get accepted on 
his first try, so he spent a year at NAPS After 
NAPS, he gave up his E-5 pay. sold his brand 
new camaro. and left his girlfriend to take the 
big step up to become an officer. 

Chief loved plebe year because of all the free 
coffee He spent a lot of time over at Hubbard 
Hall learning to drive a crew shell on the plebe 
heavyweight team. (Has he learned yet '^ I He 
rode the first boat and kept high grades 
Youngster year his grades started sinking and 
crew wasn 't helping them stay afloat Second 
class vear he quit crew to earn stars iMaybe 
he really did go to the library every night to 
study). He listened to a crazy man and went 
out for crew again. The hunger strikes paid off 
- Chief raced in the first boat again. 

His short timer's chain is for graduation, ll 
thought only enlisted people do that) Let's 
hope Chief can drive a submarine better than 
a crew shell, but if he can get his people as 
motivated as oarsman in a shell, he'll do just 

Twelfth Company 355 



John T. Hasbrouck 


Bronson, Michigan 

Oceanography, Navy Air 

Johnnv comes to USNA from the cold water 
3t3te of Michigan, the land that made America 
American -made. He cruised through plebe 
vear dragging down stellar grades and 
surviving his summer roomie Al. Youngster 
vear came and Johnny settled in with 
Funkadehc. Hobo, and Cus and the nuclear 
sweat pump image. Time was divided between 
studies and the boathouse. One of the original 
pretenders, he was known to take time from 
his busy schedule to pose for PR photos at the 
behest of Navy Crew. A radical change was in 
store for second class year as Johnny left the 
pumps to live amongst the Oakies. Afternoons 
spent with the mad galaxie driver or the rack 
nearly brought the vengeance of God down 
upon him. Divine intervention saved his 
weekends for Saturday night tours complete 
with refreshments of Annapolis' finest 
establishments which ended playing quarters 
in Dahigren followed by worship services at 
the porcelain altar. This set the tone for the 
big Army-Navy trip with Harry, Bakes, and 
KEK. Low on funds but not alcohol, the trip 
would have ended if not for well-timed 
breathing into the carburetor. 

First Class year brought forth the foresight- 
edness that Johnny always seems to have. He 
prepared himself for Na\y Air by keeping the 
grades up and flying with VTNA. Always the 
practical man. though, be was one of the few 
selected for SERE school at USAFA to 
compensate for pilot error. Finish high and fly 
high all over the world. No luck needed 'cause 
he's quality and the best friend to us who 
know him best. 


Charles Owen Hobaugh 

Avon, Ohio 
Aero, Marine Air 


No one has ever figured out where you came 
from (or where you 're going). There were even 
times when we wished that the "Room Cdr" 
would go back. We sure did miss you when you 
went off to Zoomie Land because we had no 
one who was "always right". Your unique 
method of proving a point (one or two fists) 
will carry you far with your Band of Brothers 
(It's got a good beat, the kids can dance to 
it. I'd give it an 84). Your passion for ducks 
on the highway far outweighed your compas- 
sion for us (Did you ever get the Vette fixed?). 
Of course your quest for the ultimate girl 
without fat thighs will never cease. We never 
thought a lightweight crew jock with bags 
under his eyes could do so well with the 
Deb-U-Nots. It must be the fact that crackers 
are an aphrodisiac! Despite the fact that we 
were bruised, suffered concussions, and had 
our lockers busted, you're OK by us. Best of 
Luck always Chip! 

Hugs iSi- Kisses, 

(You'd like that, wouldn't you!) 
Cuz & John 

Christopher Robert Kirschten 

Chris, Kiki 

Livermore, California 

General Engineering, Navy NFO 

One would almost think that Chris should 
have been born with wings. His love of flying 
is only paralled by his intense fascination and 
extensive knowledge ofaircrafts which extends 
back to the Wright Flyer. Actually, Chris has 
many interests including sporty modes of 
transportation. Yes, he is a car buff. He 
visualizes himself strapped into leather Recaro 
seats, with 13 position controls, surrounding 
him is a fully equipped Toyota Supra nith 
5-apeed transmission, smoked glass windows, 
lustrous black paint job with gold pinstrip- 
ping, and gold alloy wheels with P7 tires, and 
. . . then he wakes up. Chris started out as a 
mechanical engineer but soon saw the light 
and decided that the saying, "Sooner or later 
you'll go general" had some validity. Actually. 
Chris added a new twist to the general 
engineering curriculum which one could call 
Select-O-QPR. The way it works is you select 
the courses which will have the greatest 
buoyant effect on your QPR. If after a few 
days in class, you decide that you've made a 
bad "selection", you "engineer" a new 
schedule. According to Chris, the end justified 
the means because he got his NFO billet. 
Hopefully, in a year and a half. Chris will be 
in the back seat of an F-14 flying off the IKE. 
Best Always, 


Kent Edward Koehler 


Concord, California 

Systems, Nuclear Power 

Th is future U- boa t driver came from 
Wauwatosa, Wisconsin to the good life here at 
USNA. Striving towards bis maximum 
potential. Flounder set the example by taking 
on the Systems Engineering Department, and 
bv joining the Naval Academy Yachting Club. 
Kent worked hard to keep up spirit during the 
first three years by decorating the room with 
rose bouquets, and giving out free champagne, 
Kek exemplified the good life by skippering 
Moxie and Connie, two of the Yachting Club's 
finest pleasure craft. Many a fall Saturday saw 
3-stripers marching their companies towards 
Navy-Marine Corps Stadium, while this 
company commander sailed serenely out 
Santee. wheel in one hand, glass of wine 
(Christian Brothers. Chateau La Salle, 1980) 
in the other. Kent taught us all a lesson in 
chivalry youngster year when he went over the 
great brick barrier to comfort his florist in her 
time of need. Of course being a class act takes 
money, so Kent invested his car loan, 
becoming the A. J. Foyt of the investment 
world. Kent's rougher edges were revealed 
when be brought in his Bob Seger collection 
youngster year, and when he brought that 
sporty little Volare (Chrysler) to school. Kent 
will most likely be the first U-Boat skipper to 
sink a target while wearing a dinner jacket and 
smoking a cigar. Remember Kent, the dream 
is always the same, you step out of your 944, 
but you are not in the garage, you are on the 
bridge of your first aluminum tube, and FRY 
HOG is the skipper . . . 


356 Twelfth Company 

iqsmnnLmujLiauriwuj- ^i 

Terry Wayne Miller 

Mills, Sbnake 

Wichita, Kansas 

Political Science, Surface Line 

When one thinks of Terry, he is reminded 
of something else about him — his many girls. 
Even plebe year's restrictive rat^s did not keep 
him from dating; however, he did have close 




ned T and Ln 

Remember "We're youngsters. Sir'" Our local 
hangouts came to be Pete's and the Buzzard. 
Not the studious type. Terry spent numerous 
hours and dollars at poker with "Wadd, " Fish. 
"Wade." and others who wanted his money- 
He did manage to get a 2.0 that year. 

By youngster year Terry had so many girls 
mapped around bis finger that I thought he 
bad the biggest pinky in the state of Kansas. 
Dahlgren and Fran's were his main interests, 
as came to be Colleen, Bridget, and Anna, but 
not for too long. Also that year was the trip 
to D. C. for Easter Remember sleeping in the 
bus station, and the ham and eggs for 

Second class year Frosty sent Terry to 29. 
It seemed Ollie didn 't like his Molson 
paperweight. Even in 29 be found favorite 
firsties who liked to eat at Chic & Ruth's with 
him in ci\-vies. then race back to the hail to 
see who could get there tlrst. He still managed 
to see Vicky and Janet between restrictions. 
In Celestial and Wires his eyelids got more 
attention than the prof 

Tired of 29. he went to 12 mtb Nols. As they 
were bored with class, they opted to "study" 
in the room. He Cinally got his N sweater that 
year. Julia and Tracy Hood were his finds; 
remember Lucky'' The Saratoga, not air. was 
at 1009. Oh. well, that's America! 

Knowing you, Terry, has been real. Good 
luck. Swo Bra. 

Erik W. Nielsen 


Chicago, Illinois 

EAS, Navy Air, Aero 

Erik came to the Boat school from Illinois 
by way of Naps. He was a firm believer in 
working hard but always liked to play just as 
hard. This made Erik a prime candidate to see 
the real world after his tlrst two years as a 
midshipman, leaving with over a 31 grade 
point and the desire to become a civilian again 

During a brief tour as a civilian. Erik worked 
as a vocational teacher for developmentally 
disabled adults. During this time he also went 
to night school taking one class per semester 
Due to the hea\y course load. Erik decided 
that he wanted to return to the academy and 
pursue his dream of becoming a Na\y pilot 
His old aero- buddies were glad to see him back 
and spent many long nights trying to 
transform him back to bis midshipman self 
again. Erik was very successful in accomplish- 
ing their goals, however, he was forced to vent 
the many frustrations in the local ring. We all 
know be could have been champ too. but be 
was determined to break his hand just to get 
out of formal inspections. Erik never wanted 
to change his civilian hair too. 

Ail kidding aside, Erik is the most likeable 
indiiidual that we've ever run across and we 
wish him and Joy all the blessings in the 
world. Good luck in the clear blue skies. 


Timothy J. Nolan 


Beacon Falls, Connecticut 

Physical Science, Surface Navy 

This biography will not be long, as that 
aspect of Tim has already been taken care of. 
Nols came to USNA via Beacon Falls, Ct.. the 
Fleet and NAPS. Bruno caught Plebe year in 
stride, and had a lush-ious Parent's Weekend 
with his friends. Bud and Jack. Ac year was 
a time to cruise; and Army a time to crash 
(Tom, get away from the edge . . . Don't worry 
TD it's only Mike and KCl Youngster year 
saw the Double-UNN major come and go, 3 
pbyaics teachers and a 1.47 Pent Rd. later. 
Nola \isited the Admiral. A positive vote gave 
Tim an introduction to the "Class"^" of '85 . . . 
Dukes. JT. Mikey. Doppler. the Chu-Cha 
twins. Iguana and Sailor Boy. Moving on to 
2/c Summer (What is Protramid. anyway"^). 
Coach Miller plus Timmy's Happy Hour = a 
4'Credit "A". Then came Geology and Creevy 
. . . Enough said. With 2/c year came Bruno 
and Gito; so tough that we made Paul's belly 
pink! Nols went the free-agent route 1/c year 
and signed with the dirty dozen. A Merry 
Christmas from NlAOO catapulted Tim into 
the final semester and, with the help of the 
Tazmanian Devil, he juat might make it to 23 

Special thanks are in order to Maj. Lasher, 
the maid at the Horizon Inn for cleaning up 
afterwards, and especially the Ac-Board for. if 
it weren 't for an early return in '8'2. Nols might 
not have met Ann. Super guy. Fantastic girl: 
The makings of a great life. Yo, take it easy. 

Robert F. Oakenell 


Gladstone, Oregon 

Systems Eng., Nuke Subs 

Oakie finds pride in being the only twelfth 
company person to have the distinction of 
being able to say he is from the same state 
as the long gone Rat Man. Coming to the boat 
school to excel in any and every endeavor he 
undertook, it is safe to say he achieved his 
mission. Manv an afternoon we could see Bob 
m his yellow sweats, blue ball cap. and geakers 
leading the mighty Hubbard Hall fleet out 
into the Severn. Even m Dahlgren Hall he 
made his mark as an excellent "quarters" 
player. Oakie could fill not just one. but two 
of his grey gloves with recycled alcohol while 
lying under the table on the floor. As an 
outdoorsman, Oakie also excelled in being able 
to spend the night on a park bench at Hood 
while everyone else was forced to sleep 
indoors. When it came to departing on leave 
he was always the first to go using such 
excuses as a Rhodes Scholarship interview to 
get home early. Firstie year saw the Oaks move 
up to the Executive branch of the Brigade 
shouldering numerous well earned stripes on 
his uniform. In the future. Oakie will be able 
to reflect and say be survived living with the 
Company's Marine contingent: but their 
influence w^ not all for naught as Bob will 
go sub-Marine. Just remember this "crazy" 
9,iU be 30.000 feet above you. Through all your 
amazing achievements and hard work, you 
have been one of the best of us and a 
tremendous friend. 

Twelfth Company 357 


Earl A. Panico 


Ventnor, New Jersey 

SAS (Management), Surface 


Earl came to us a "high roller" from Atlantic 
City. Always with a card up his sleeve, the 
resident Napster slithered his way through the 
hazards ofPlebe summer . . . "nice whiteworks 
Panico . . . smile" . . . and into the goodtimes 
of Canoe U. Plebe year was a time to 
remember. Army-Navy was more than a game 
. . . Thank God for nurses . . - .Always the clown 
and jokester. Earl never failed to amaze us 
with bis knowledge of "femmes." Oh the 
women!. Thanks Frannies. you've been kind. 
Since a miserable plebe. Earl has been a 
faithful member of the crew team. Winning 
the Nationals wasn't so bad, . . . fighting for 
the shower was! 

Academics posed a hurdle for "the Pearl", 
but with age came wisdom and soon a kick in 
the pants was all it took. ZZZZZZ . . . "PU do 
it later!" If I had a penny for all the times 
. . . Hilton . . . Princeton . . . Killer Knock- 
abouts . . . mmm Good! Somewhere between 
plebe and man Tony realized there was more 
to life than the "pursuit of Happiness." Ob 
Cheryl, can it be? We all do it sooner or later 
. . . As his only surviving roomie, I know Ear! 
well . . . maybe too well!! the best of luck to 
my buddie from the Buddah. "Rub my tummy 
and make a wish!" 


David Holt Ruedi 


Decatur, Illinois 

Naval Architect, Nuclear Power 

Dave came to good oT Canoe U from one 
of the more well known coast-line states. 
Illinios?!? Well, at least his home town is 
named after one of our more famous beros. 
One of the few remaining NARCS in our class. 
Dave ia looking for bigger and better things 
in Subland. Remember, what goes down 
doesn't necessarily have to come up. 

Along with his B.S. in Naval Architecture, 
David is graduating with a minor in Sci-fi and 
MASH. He is also a music enthusiast and 
knows no bounds when it comes to quality 
sound. Just ask Nak. Carver. Bang, and 
Olufsen. Dave, the car's not bad. but someday 
the X 1/9 will grow up to be a full grown 
Lamborghini Just remember that when you 
are in doubt, do it. it's only money. 

Dave was one of the most dedicated Baggers 
I ever met (Lucky Baggers that is). He worked 
his way up from a lowly photographer to 
associate editor in only three years. Dave 
didn't have to march much with a piece, but 
Vm sure the camera was just as heavy, right?! 
Anyway, he became the most popular person 
in the company when he got his own phone. 
Grand Central Station, ramp 3240, in-coming. 

Good luck in the future Dave and remember 
that Monday is bote! night. Thursday is for 
dancing on the desk, and the weekend is for 


Thomas A. Schaefer 


San Diego, California 

Economics, Engineering Duty 


Little Nimo . . . What can we say? His 
eagle-eyes scared us during Plebe Summer, 
but his computer memory kept him out of 
harm's way. Just living with the Skinman was 
enough to have him California dreamin ' before 
August rolled around. Finally the Brigade 
returned and Tommy was fortunate enough to 
end up with Cbickenhead and Captain Rack. 
Bob and Rick were soon to experience King 
Morpheus' realm to the fullest as many a 
midnight's wild-eyed conversations bad them 
laughing into their pillows . . . "He's handing 
out Oreos!" Tommy was nowhere near Ft. 
Benning when he got his airborne quals , - . 
"Ob, wow. I'm OK." Until youngster year, 
surfing had been Tom's solitary source of 
gratification, but Dahlgren fixed that. Thanks 
to Bob, Jenny became Tom's first date, then 
his first fiancee, and will become bis first bride 
as soon as the hats are in the air. Being one 
of Baine's favorite boys. Tom has never had 
a spring break, nor can he enjoy the Dog 
Zeeebra he returns to every afternoon. Three 
stripes rewarded his fanatic obsession though, 
and he assumed command of Navy's casual 
lightweights. A member of the Top 100 Club 
by direction, Tom is counting the days until 
the Wicked Witch really will be over the 
reunbow and he can return to San Diego where 
it ia hoped he ctm relax. Our best wishes go 
with him. 

Robert Bruce Shibe 

Rob. Gordito 

Palmvra, NJ. (No Exit) 

EME, Marine NFO, Mech E 

Coming to Canoe V. with the same girlfriend 
that be has now, Rob spent most of plebe 
summer eating Herb's chow packages & taking 
flak for Herb's mess. As a 4/C. Rob decided 
to try out for the weekday liberty (sailing) 
team. He did his time there until the 
PRODEV sailing coup & 2 bumps on the bead 
proved sailing to be a waste of time. Plebe year 
was successful with a 3.0+ CQPR so Rob 
decided to become a Mech-E. Hopes of 
continued splendiferousness were soon shot 
down by Slush, Wild Bill. Fatman. Warlord, 
Rocket, & 280-Z. Always looking for a 
challenge. Rob chose Nuc power to be his 
niche in the Navy. However, 2 years & 1/C 
cruise with MAJ "Hammerslammer" gradual- 
ly convinced Rob (o become a MARINE. 
Besides, after living with the 'Pup since 
youngster year, be & 'Dro got tired of telling 
everyone that they weren't going Corps, so 
they gave in to the big green recruiting 
machine. As a 3/C. Rob spent most of his time 
sleeping, sailing, & trying to convince the 
world to buy HP calculators. He flamed on 
through 2/C year & fwally surrendered the 
crest. After stories of "Beach Bunny & Beach 
Bear", plebe detail & the camouflage door on 
4-3. the Brigade reformed & Rob assumed the 
awesome job of CO Training. 1ST semester 
passed with football games, dummy chits, & 
LCDR Tuggle'a CA tour & war stories (while 
Paul slept). The lat weekend of the Dark Ages 
found our 3RD PLT CDR celebrating his 
B-Dav & practicing ice skating (& tailing) on 
the way back from the 0-Club. BZ you NFO 
& good luck in "The Wing". And Rob, don't 
fall asleep on the couch!! 

My Friends, 
Smith &- Wesson. 

358 Twelfth Company 



Daniel M. Sileo 


South Meridan, Connecticut 

Oceanography, Surface Line 

Dan Joined us in July of 1980 with a desire 
to go to sea on a surface ship and a big alarm 
clock. We quick]y disposed of the clock, but 
be is still going tv be on a target. Over the 
nezt three and a half years Danno gave up his 
weekends, hta week days, and bis health for 
sailing. By the second semester of 1/C year be 
realized that bis weekends could be better 
spent. Dan never bad fo study very hard. He 
preferred to spend study hours reading, 
wa tcb ing T V. p laying ba ckga mm on, or 

In the future Dan will do well at whatever 
be tries, whether it's in the Navy, or in 
CivLant. Just remember to st^y away from 
little glass animals and that money is meant 
to be spent! 


Harry M. Summerfield 


Reno-Sparks, Nevada 

Political Science, Marine Corps 

Never Caught short for words, or to tell 
you what be knew was rigbt/or close enough! 
Harry will be the first '84' grad to fight and 
answer the call. He ^-ill receive the congres- 
sional. He has ALL THE RIGHT STUFF. "' 
With all the right stuff Harry will never have 
any money, he loves spending it too much. 
Harry is a gamblin' man and his tsJents were 
not wasted at USNA. midnight poker bis 

Harry will not have a problem with the 'O' 
course at TBS. He climbed enough walls 
during his four year confinement at USNA. I 
think the Jimmy Legs knew about the arsenal 
he carried 

Let's degenerate to some memorable times: 
Really 5.45 runs in any weather . . , coed 
room 400 at the Prime Rib . Road trips 
at Christmas , King of PAIN' , , . Get up 
Wimp . . . WAH! . . - Light up the FRYING 
PAN . . Harry is the never say never man. 
He can do anything, but most of all he is a 
true friend, and has many because of it. See 
you at TBS pal, forever watching your back 
while vou watch mine. 


Steven Gregory Skinner 
Skin Flicks 
Monmouth, Illinois 
Economics, Surface Warfare 

One of the Wires Professors had a saying 
"Great ideas need landing gear as well as 
wings." Unfortunately, this mid out of 
Farmtown, USA ( home of all great basketball 
players) bad bad feet, and his idea to come 
to the Naval Academy crash-landed. Fortuna- 
tely, be desired a SWO pin instead of the 
wings of an eagle which suited him just fine. 
The start of bis first semester of academics 
took this pseudo- basket bail player quite by 
surprise. But, he recovered to eventually brush 
shoulders with the upper half of his class. 

While at the Naval Academy, Steven 
pursued such diverse fields as Spanish, 
Economics. The Rack (bis hardest course) 
and -.All My Children" (He would unhook 
ERC and play around with the antenna until 
the desired reception came in). His Company 
Officer even joined him on occasion to watch 
Jenny, Greg and Arica. Eventually, that great 
scourge, women caught up to him. and on 
Fridays you could see bim on 1-95 to Pbilly. 

His summer cruises were something else. YP 
0N2 taught him how to be professional aboard 
a YP and offer cokes to damsels in distress. 
His first class Caribbean cruise (He was set 
up by a friend m PRODEV) sent him off with 
7 other Mids who knew as much Spanish as 
be did. Somehow, he came back to the States 
with 3 addresses, among other things. (He also 
came back fluent, it's amazing what men will 

He'll be soaking up rays in Long Beach. Just 
remember Major Hannigan. Ricky Adger and 
the weanie wars. 

Gerard Michael Vandenberg 
The Wedge, Salty, Spard 
New Canton, Virginia 
Naval Architecture, Submarines 

Coming from a small Virginia town didn't 
necessarily mean that Gerard was inexper- 
ienced in the ways of military life. He came 
to USNA as a distinguished graduate of Fork 
Union Military Academy (old Fork U. to his 
friends), a place where men are men and there 

Haling successfully "cruised" through plebe 
year, the "Wedge" (see photo) easily made the 
transition to a full fledged youngster Many 
late nights were spent planning and perpetrat- 
ing "spirit-related activities". He. Flounder, 
and Meso also spent a great deal of time 
refining this coordination, timing, and 
accuracy as members of the NFES (Noxema 
Foam Explosive Squad). 

Roddy was finally challenged in bis third 
vear. If he wasn 't gaJivanting about the 
foredeck of a racing yacht, he was contemplat- 
ing the long-term effects of the Navier-Stokes 
theory on the aerodynamics of the navy's 
fastest cruisers. His remaining time was spent 
pursuing his bobby of sport game fishing. He 
and the Gup (abort for Guppy, aka The 
Woman in Black) stuck it out through thick 
and thin. Just remember, driving privileges 

After four years, if there is just one idea, one 
underlying principle that will sustain Gerard 
in the years ahead, it would have to be the 
phrase . . . "Porsche . . . there is no substitute. " 

Twelfth Company 359 


■ ■■— . ...,-rr..,i-^f. 




Thirteenth Company 361 


David B. Bunker 
The Bunk 

Daytona Beach, Florida 
Physics, Nuclear Power 

Dave's 3tAy here baa been somewbat more 
relaxed than the norm. Between D&B. night 
caps, dub 21 and pin striped suits, this 
tendency often led to trouble. As far back as 
plebe year, it was "Everybody shove off — 
except Bunker. " Hailing from Daytona Beach, 
bia regional loyalties weren't without their 
coat, as hJB roommate can attest In spite of 
that, however, it didn't take him long to 
discover that all roads lead to Rome. Rooming 
with Dave has been a pleasure — usually. 
When threatened with possible wedgification, 
be didn't hesitate to follow up on his own 
threat, "I'm gonna hurt 'cha!"Beer was always 
his friend, with sleep running a close second. 
This initiated some bizarre rituals, such as the 
"Dirty Pup" song, sung just before sleep. 
Never a preppy type. Dave is looking for a 
chance to get out of the alligator Navy and 
back to Nukea. However it goes, Dave, we 
know you'll never be out of shape, between the 
12 oz. curls and the long runs to Rome. 


Eugene Giles Brady, III 


Memphis, Tennessee 

Naval Architect, Nuclear Power 

Gene drifted into Crabtown from Memphis, 
which we were constantly reminded was the 
home of Elvis. Plebe year really cramped his 
style, and it wasn't until youngster year that 
we all saw his tendency for skirt chasing and 
buying new stereo equipment every two weeks, 
a practice that made him very popular with 
the underclass, who he constantly supplied 
with his hand-me-downs. In Dahlgren, where 
he became a regular. Gene bad the great 
advantage over his shipmates of not having to 
drink to enjoy the use of beer goggles, thus 
sooner opening the field for a broader range 
of opportunities. How could he lose with lines 
like. "Can I have your picture for my blotter?" 

After a cruise on a grey ship and a leisurely 
sail to Bermuda, Gene decided that submar- 
ines were the way to go and promptly signed 
up. What he will be like after a three month 
FBM patrol with no women is anybody's 
guess. To end with a phrase from a well known 
Dahlgren girl, "Hey Cruiser. Trip, Gene, 
whoever, " have a good life in whatever you do. 

Mark E. Brodowicz 


Waynesboro, Virginia 

Mechanical Engineering, 


Mark came to us that one day in July as 
an energetic (hyperactive), innocent, bald- 
chested young kid from the megatropoUs of 
Waynesboro. Virginia where the streets are 
numbered from one to three. He did well here 
at the academy, though in the beginning he 
had some trouble with his inability to "lock 
on" ... Beep ... Beep ... He had high 
aspirations of quarterbacking the Navy 
offense, but those high squeaky frequencies 
just couldn't make it to the wide-outs. The 
Glee Club, however, pulled through with a 
position in their line-up . . . just check bis 
SCAMP sheets. But seriously, after four years 
of bard work and dedication, he earned the 
N-star award as an intelligent, hard hitting, 
and "swift" DB, not to mention his three 
stripes. Mark survived the Hawaiian excursion 
(How 'bout that $15.00 beer??) and entered 
youngster year in pursuit of "the" chest hair 
and the Mech-E department Needless to say, 
he faired better academically than biologically. 
Second Class year brought along varsity ball, 
the Rocket, booby traps, daiquiris and the 
queen thereof, a dying Valiant, but still no 
chest bair. Memories from Lauderdale include 
oiling down and heaving up. Recovery came 
abruptly, and by the Ring Dance, be certainly 
did have the ability to pound . . . and pound 
. . . and pound. All that coaching sure did pay 
off, huh Mark?! First Class year and still no 
hair - oh well, "grass just doesn't grow on a 
playground." An exception to Murphy's Law, 
Mark, you are a sure success as an NFO; after 
all, how can you miss with that luck and 
disposition? See you in Florida! 

Terence E. Busmire 


Kendall, New York 

Mathematics, Marine Corps 

He's no gentleman . . . But he's no doorknob, 
either! Bus bails from Kendall, N Y., which ia 
no great accomplishment, but we let him hang 
around us anyway. Plebe year Bus was the 
model plebe. His roommates made it easy for 
him to make friends. No one knew Bus 
youngster year, but second class year be 
discovered television, which occupies 90% of 
his time. The other W^ is spent sleeping and 
drinking. Studying? Sometimes, maybe. First 
class year Bus went schizoid, becoming Capt. 
Kirk, the Road Warrior, the Great Santini, 
Rodney Dangerfield, and Hanover Fiste, to 
name a few. Bus managed to stay in shape first 
class year, even though he had a car, by 
continuing to walk everywhere he went Yes. 
walking is one of Bus's favorite pastimes; to 
town, 7-11 . . . he even tried to walk on water 
once. Barring any unforeseen events. Bus 
should have a brilliant future with the 
Minnesota Center for Sleep Studies. He's 
currently experimenting with 3 hours of sleep 
per night, as well as the benefit of sleeping in 
class. Bus will go on to the Marine Corps sifter 
graduation, and our best wishes go with him 
for continued i 

362 Thirteenth Company 


Martin W. Deppe 

Marty, Dep, Depper, Big D 

Limekiln, Pennsylvania 

Mechanical Engineering, Naw 


Leaving bis day's as a farmboy, the Depper 
left Wilmington, Del. and came to the boat 
school as a "tourist" (Hey Deppe, wanna buy 
the place'') \^nth a lot of heart and very little 
luck. His determination pulled him through 
the summer, but fate took over the first day 
of Ac-vear when reading the paper was more 
important than going to quarters. It didn't 
talce long for bis leadership qualities to shine 
through as he honored the Mess Night with 
his presence as a "bea\y" Mr Vice. iWe know 
. . we carried him back ) The next summer. 
Big D had his eyes set on a Pearl Harbor 
cruise, but his lousy impersonation of Evil 
Knievel left him with a cast and a first round 
pick on the YP Squadron. Youngster year 
brought the first of his many infamous M.E. 
profs, but his grades survived and so did his 
liberty . . . many a novena was said while 
confessing the St. Joe's road trip. Second class 
vear brought an "impressive" patvh to the 
Dep 's SDB sleeve; however, due to the 
"pressure" of the Rocket, be was seen more 
in the ward room than at Franny O's. Big D 
was able to overcome the Rocket and, against 
all odds, even found a Ring Dance dale, but 
not before a run-in with a tree and a swing 
in S.C. Not all of bis luck was bad l/c year 
as he led the summer company to colors, was 
awarded the helm of 13th Co., and acquired 
a "sister. " Marty, your bad luck is behind you. 
Fly Navy ■ that's how the Duke would have 
done it. 


Da\id J. Etkins 
Crofton, Maryland 
Mathematics/Computer Science, 
Surface Warfare 

get I 

I't say I 

made the right decision to come here, but I 
know I didn't make a wrong one either. It was 
the thing to do at the time, so I did it. I Just 
hope this four year sacrifice is worth the Naval 
Academy's reputation everyone talks about. 

PS. For my brother Robert ('85). it's been 
a team effort, so don't go screwing it up. 

. . . That's enough for me. please pass the 
album cover. 


Mark A. Fallot 

Louisville, Ohio 
Math, Surface Line 

Mark came to us from Louisville. OH. of 
course well known for its high waves and deep 
seas. The word which would best describe 
Mark's pie be year is "sweat". Then a strange 
phenomena happened third class year when he 
joined the grease and grime duet from NJ. Of 
course Mark paid dearly for this change (Hey 
Mark, can I borrow $100 by Fn'^) A world 
traveler, he enjoyed many road trips with the 
glee club on weekends. This ail came to an 
abrupt end when be decided that he wanted 
to meet all the officers of mother B personally 
, , . and what a better way to do this then to 
have a few musters a day in smoke ball with 
the OOD. Yes. l/c year was not a good year, 
at least not at the start. Yet he surx-ived all 
bis problems with the help of bis closest 
friend, the new Apple He. If nothing else. 
Mark did become very efficient on his 
computer during tours. 

Mark now leaves us and the east coast to 
join the USS Foster out in San Diego. Fair 
winds and following seas. Good luck and God 


Jeff E. Gianguili 

Gi, Ginger, & A Man Called 


New Castle, Pennsylvania 

Systems Engineering, Nuclear 


Gianguili (that's like two girls names) 
arrived here at the "Boat School" with a 
nine-iron in one hand and an "Iron-City" in 
the other. "Gi, get your hands out of the 
cradle, you robber!" Seriously though, Gi was 
alwavs good with girls because be was quite 
the conversationalist. He was always offering 
them some "food for thought." Not only was 
Gi a smooth talker, but he was also quite a 
muscular Hgure. "That comes from carrying 
the world on your shoulders all the time, hub 
Gi?! I guess another one of Jeffs tricks was 
the way his cup runneth over with emotion. 
Something as simple as a chicken sandwich 
would always bring tears to his eyes, and we 
mean always! On the other hand, be was 
known to blow a gasket or two every now and 
then. "Hey. watch out for those whisk 
brooms!" Jeff was also a natural born leader; 
be even earned four stripes on Brigade staff 
Not only that, he led us all, as youngsters, on 
a revolt against colors! Jeff, you ringleader 
you. Well, we could go on and on, from Coastie 
stories to shaving stories, from Pam'a party to 
getting stuck "in" Mary Washington (who's 
she?) but there's no need to get nasty. You 
were a real friend and we wish you all the luck 

in the world, but most of all BLESS 



Thirteenth Company 363 


Israel Guibas 


Egg Harbor, New Jersey 

Physical Science, Surface Line 

Izzy came to USNA from one of the better 
residentiaJ diatricts of Egg Harbor, majoring 
in football and girls at famous Absegami High. 
One of your standard mids, Izzy would go to 
school during the week, but had an allergic 
reaction to staying in the hall on the 
weekends. His fun -lo\-ing spirit was evident in 
a variety of areas, including company spirit, 
yearly trips to Puerto Rico, and diligence in 
helping our nation's economy — by holding a 
credit card in almost every major store in the 
Baltimore-Annapolis area. But, all good things 
must come to an end ... a special girl at Notre 
Dame managed to reel bim in. Yet, when Izzy 
put his mind to some important task, be 
always came through with flying colors (well, 
most of the time). Although unable to grace 
the backseat of a naval aircraft, he will 
definitely make the most of his MSO tour in 
the surface community. Good luck to a great 
roommate and good friend. See you in San 

Sid Hatcher 


Moore, South Carolina (B.F.) 

Marine Engineering, Navy Air 

Sid came to us that one day in July as a 
Skoal dippin'. Suthan speakin'. knife packin' 
good ole txty from B.F., S.C. We all wondered 
about Sid's Plebe Summer; he bad hair 
everywhere but on his head — that buzz cut 
made him look like one of Jeri's kids. Sid 
breezed through plebe year and found himself 
6000 miles away in Hawaii — where be had 
trouble hanging on to his flip-flops. With the 
new youngster rate, Sid was quick to capitalize 
on a good thing . . . Dahlgren beer and red 
headed women. The latter of which caused 
him to "go down" under the conduct system 
because she wouldn 't "come down " out of the 
clouds over Essex Skypark. Speaking of 
clouds, we were always in one as to which 
school Sid actually pledged his allegiance. 
Let's just say there was more orange and white 
in bis room than there were gold and blue. Go 
Tigers! Second class year came around fast 
and Sid signed on for a seven year hitch. It 
seemed that the red head signed on for a hitch 
of her own. She was still around. Why, she was 
even driving Sid's car . . . in the yard no less! 
"Pardon me Red, are you a midshipman?" 
That's O.K. Sid, we didn't mind driving you 
all over town. Well First Class year and Red's 
still here- Is that what they mean by a "lifer" 
Sid? Could be! 

But seriously, Sid is a kind, generous, and 
caring individual whom we all respect and 
admire. Maybe that's why be did so well as 
our first set Company Commander. Good 
Luck down in P-Cola; you'll need that "Shade 
for the summer and heat for the winter!" 


Kevin T. Howard 

K. T. 

Annapolis, Maryland 

Physical Science, Marine Corps 

K. T. took the roundabout way to enter the 
Naval Academy. He hails from Annapolis but 
on bis way to U.S.N. A. got lost and wound up 
at NAPS. Kevin never actually lived in 
Bancroft Hall, he just commuted daily . . . 
living only two miles from Canoe U. 3/c year 
came and so did weekends . . . where 's K. T. ? 
He was the only third class in the company 
to put in a chit to request driving in the two 
mile limit. K. T. never lacked style. He would 
have won the company GQ award, but we 
didn't have one of those. 2/c year saw the 
beginning of K. T. 's Tazi Service as he would 
uae dad's car to cart the "gang" around on 
weekends. Kevin had a lot of tales about the 
harem of women that were chasing after bim 
... we never saw any of them ? . . . we believe 
he mentioned something about mids having no 
class . . . Naaaah! First class year. Kevin went 
from platoon commander to company 
academic officer, a job he really appreciated 
because it brought him so much closer to our 
company officer. K. T. will do 0-TAY in the 
Marine Corps. Semper Fi. 

Perry E. Johnson 
Independence, Missouri 
Electrical Engineering, NFO 

For the duration of bis four years here. 
Perry has been an invisible man to most. To 
the rest of us, he's something of an enigma. 
He's the only one of us to have kept the same 
girl for all four years, the only gun- toting 
neo-fascist to come from Missouri since Daniel 
Boone, and the only "music lover" who can 
play The Silver Beatles and Devo in the same 
beat. As for his dream of flying in the 
bombardier seat of a Uve B-17. will NFO 
training succeed where a life membership in 
the CAF failed? Or is it just the wings be 
wants? Although he hardly needs them for 
catching the ladies — besides his fiancee, 
there's at least one other who pines after him. 
Who can forget "He's @!Xff engaged?!!" In 
spite of his idiosyncracies. he's always ready 
to help a classmate, loaning him one thang 
(sic) or another. And who could forget the 
bedlam in the wee hours of the morning as 
even the toughest of roommates fell afoul of 
bis favorite tactics — the dreaded chin swipe 
or the last-ditch tickle. Perry's sure to make 
a big bit with those who really see him, at least 
as long as he keeps receiving those chow 
packages. Good luck in the wild blue yonder. 
Perry, and we all hope you get to shout, 
"Bombs Away!" 


364 Thirteenth Company 







Horace James Lasell 
Williamstown, Vermont 
Electrical Engineering, Naval 
Flight Officer 

Horace is from the maple state of Vermont 
and we can proudly say he's our friend and 
shipmate. If it wasn 't for his storming 
furiously about the room when frustrated be 
surely would have lost his sanity and we would 
never have truly known him. Horace is of 
superb mtellect and has worked diligently to 
become a professional electrical engineer It's 
ironic, however, that a piece of electrical 
equipment, operating at maximum rated 
power, has kept him from the fun and future 
be deserved. Although bis initial confrontation 
with the Academy shaped him into the ideal 
plebe. nonlinear It les have developed over the 
past four years- He surely mil be soaring high 
ID our thoughts and feelings for the rest of our 
lives and in whatever he undertakes. Fair 
ainds. following seas, and CdV/dt, or was it 
Ldl/dt'^ And Horace, try not to rip Judy's 
dress, OK? 

I fo' o 'clock . . 

- How do you 
\r roommate 

• be jammin ' 
.3rd Batt 

James Alan LaughUn 


Poland, Ohio 

Physical Science, Navy Air 

So what if I have no hair, you are a load 
. - . at least you know how to spell your 
nickname much . . . a lot! . . . older than water 
who are you callin' dogbreath'* . what's 
wrong with bis fingers . - . "No, " as he pushed 
an empty bowl in the rtrstie's face . . . BLAST 
81 . . . running steps ... a small shoe store . - 
laundry's m .. . good, now I can sleep . . . does 
be do this often . . I don't think red hair has 
an\-thing to do with 
place bums me out . .'. come oi 
Hev, Giovanni! . . . BLAST 8'2 . . 
spell POLAND"^ . , , Hows you. 
. . . I can play basketball, and \ 
- . , why don 't you buy a comb 
Team . . Mexican meal"^ . . - gonna go hydro 
the plant . . . What's white man's disease'' . 
bof my feets be off da groun' . . . That stuff 
don 't flush in Poland the Cowboys'^ Get 
a real team! . BLAST 83 ''The color 

company commander is . . . from Poland. Ohio 
Poland'^ - what naiy is be going to be in 
when he graduates . . steerage . . women's 
basketball games with Mean. Yo, Becky Lew. 
Silk, Sboop. Ike, I'il Becky Troop, et al . . . 
Who are you calling toecheese. now'' . . . "I'm 
still here" . . . Can I have two fish with cheese 
on white? . . . Chick & Ruth's, man , . . What's 
the difference between an abominable toe- 
cheese and a terminal toecheese'' . . . all this 
talk about cheese is making me hungry . . 
Rocco 's . . - Bogie 's . . . George & Pam 's? . . . 
Do they sell pizza there'' . . . Na\y Air"!* . 
Blue Thunder wasn't real life stop making 
helicopter noises with vour mouth . . BLAST 
84'' ... BLAST OFF' Congrats' 

Godspeed! . . . K-wagon and gone . . . I can 
blow my nose anywhere now ■ I'm an 
ENSIGN! ... We'sail bad, and then some . . . 

Philip J. Lan'X'er 

Danville, IL 

Applied Science, NFO 


I could have done more I should have done 
less. I shouldn't have blended with the walls 
so much, but at least I wasn't the door. 
Remember, if it doesn't make sense, blow it 
off It can't be that important. After all. that's 
bow I got through Calculus. Chemistry. 
History, Wires, etc. etc. After struggling 
through plebe year. I found that the answers 
came easier from a well-rested mind. I didn't 
sleep that much, did f 

Bud. Matt, Scott, how could I ever forget 
second class summer! It was such a panic, 
right HTjo would have thought that after 
getting so sick in the T-34 and not passing the 
swimming for the T-2 ride, that I would choose 
NFO. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment . 
I even tried to go Nuke. 

Thanks Gramps, if it weren't for you I 
probably would have missed out on this great 
experience. I just hope I get as much out of 
the NavT as you did. 

Prion Robert Martin 


Warminster, Pennsylvania 

Mechanical Engineering, Navy 


Martmatien went straight from Warminster 
into the dog bouse. But he got out of the dog 
house as soon as team tables ended. Youngster 
year Brion proved to all of us that drunk 
under the table was more than just an 
expression, and that the sink is not just for 
washing anymore. Bnon ended the year by 
eating some early morning breakfasts for 
blowing demo in the room. The weekends of 
second class year allowed Brion to get very 
PW'ed. but that didn 't stop him from 
slumming a girl from Bait ... "I didn 't know 
that the last time we kissed I was being kissed 
off. " Two cycle Martin also had a good time 
in Lauderdale . . . how was Shamoo"^ But 
really. 1983 was a very good year for Bnon, 
he didn't have a crash that be couldn't drive 
away from Although he tried very hard the 
first weekend he bad bis conette. However, 
LPD-13 wasn't so fortunate, it didn't need 
that catwalk anyway. First class year brought 
more trips home and to Penn State. On the 
weekends that he stayed, you could catch him 
at the 0-club chasing after Betsy, or Patty, or 
Wendy, or Sally or whoever else was there, 
{only kidding Janeene). See you in 5 at 
Bruce's Fair winds and following seas, yuk, 

Thirteenth Company 365 

Jeffrey E. McCreary 


Beaver, Pennsylvania 

Management, Navy Pilot 

Bear came to us from Beaver, for Beaver, 
and after Beaver. Spoons, I mean Jeff, was a 
track stud plebe year. That's why his name is 
on the wall in Halsey. Youngster year, the 
penthouse allowed Bear more liberty than 
moat firaties. Jeff continued to run . . . into 
town . . . after girls . . . and they were still 
changing the numbers on the wall. Second 
class year, injuries kept Jeff from running and 
Karen tried to nurse htm back to health but 
in the end. the differences between Jeff and 
Al became too great. With more time on his 
hands, hops and Pedro started to rule. Bruce 
parties and spring break earned Bear the 
nickname Dempsey . . . for making pickups as 
regular as the trashman. Second class year also 
saw the end of study hour at the Riverside. 
Jeffs Utile white spit turned into a pile of . . . 
when one of those nasty mobile guardrails 
decided to cross the road . . . too bad it never 
got there. Luckily, the 0-Club was only a few 
hundred yards away, so, Bear's style was 
anything but cramped. A source of much 
entertainment, some of the best Navy 0-clubs 
will keep Jeff busy for at least the next five 
years. See you in five at Bruce'a. 

John Christian Martinez 


Syracuse, New York 

Systems Engineer, Submarines 

Tippy, the great soccer player from 
England, Oregon. Syracuse, Blacksburg, 
Chicago, Long Island? His first mistake was 
living with Bob plebe year, who convinced him 
that Playboy was better than Proceedings, and 
beer was better than gatoraid. Too bad his 
body didn't take it so well. He knew Ralph 
well! Too well. He had a rank to match. 34 
out of 33. Thanks Tim. Youngster year also 
afforded him the time to play with high 
explosives and spend Easter Break on duty. 
Disney world was no vacation either, after 
getting booted from space mountain. Junior 
year brought voo goo and nubies. Albright also 
became a good friend. How about the doc's 
'stang at Hood and 6 weekends of running 
from security. Bruce parties and the Go Gos 
finished off the year. Then he met Blue 
Thunder, or should we say the 7 cylinder 
wonder. Why drive when you csn walk. If that 
isn't enough, brain damage entered his life, or 
was it his death. No, really, she liked the 
hooded sweat shirt ... a lot. I just hope the 
"bubba" head can bold bis breath long 
enough. See you in 5 at Bruce's. 

Robert E. Matts 
Bob, HCB 
Brooklyn, New York 
Management, Submarines 

Plebe year Bob set the record for the run 
from Saturday evening meal formation to 
Timmy's. Unfortunately, the Cardinal could 
not always hold the beer he was running for 
Like Mess Night when he repainted the walls. 
"Hey Bob, what's that smeW" Bob was never 
at a loss for words in Dahlgren either. "Oh. 
you don't want to dance. Well, I had to go to 
the bathroom anyway. " 3/c year was also the 
first time Bob was thrown out of Hood, but 
not the last. Youngster year saw Bob, along 
with Tip and Woj. develop the good grades 
theory. He had the bus receipts to prove it. 
Bob started 2/ c year by joining the EMBC. He 
also developed a close relationship with the 
company officer "What do you mean I'm 
through here. Major?" So much for 2/c Mess 
Night. Bob spent a lot of time at Hood. He 
found a garage and parked his car. First class 
summer Bob changed his initials to P W. 
Take many plane rides, Bob? Can I hold a 
sword? Club Coblentz was Bob's ending, but 
at least he went out dressed well. He still 
managed to log many a night at the OClub 
1/c year. Hey Bob. we '11 all hang around to see 
who the best man is. See you in five at Bruce's. 
Royal blue Keds, Sweety. 


Michael James Murray 


Fairfax, Virginia 

Political Science, USMC 

Mike came in through the hole in the wall 
via the Fairfax Express. He did not distinguish 
himself as a star until the Brigade broke out 

in WUBA. Mike s 
putting dimplei 
showed up at i 
dimples in his ni 

I became 

} proficient at 
that he once 
m less than 5 
r of dimples 

form. With no 

>ose. The profess, 

1 the social seen 
named I'il Mo, who looked like t 
a few depraved peers. Mike broke the bonds 
of plebehood. and established himself as 
definitely weird, if not completely strange. A 
walk on the wild side was a trip to Mike's 
room, after which no sane person could doubt 
that his mother still did his laundry at age 21, 
or deny that "The Land of Make Believe" 
wasn't just a hot piece by Chuck Mangione. 
Pssst - don 't tell anyone but Mike likes knives. 
He loves 'em! He's not put off by leather 
either. I was personally disappointed to 
become his roommate only to find out that his 
favorite expression is "not now, I have a 
headache. " Mike could always hoot with the 
owls, scream with the eagles 'til quarters, and 
dive with the demons into the blue lagoon 
immediately thereafter, il won't tell anyone 
that you worked only 3 days a week for an 
entire semester.) Don't look at bis informal 
picture: there's no such thing as a junk- food 
guru. And where's the diet 7-up? "I know it's 
here somewhere," (all-purpose phrase). Hey 
Mikey, congrats! - not bad for a social deviant, 
eh ? Godspeed! 

366 Thirteenth Company 

■nswfvjvuuuiuiivji LULLJiL- 

Peter Andrew Nardi 


North Miami Beach, Florida 

Mathematics, Surface Line 

Pete bails from "Little Cuba" better known 
as Miami. Fla. He made a double name for 
himself piebe summer when be became known 
as Mr Nardi, Nardi. Pete was a pioneer in 
many ways, becoming tbe only guy to evade 
Black Sunday, and tbe first to wear a Japanese 

During his first Army-Na\y game. Pete 
discovered bis reai roots, when he learned that' 
getting trashed gave him Chinese eyes. Being 
a loyal American, Nards firmly resolved to 
party on cokes from then on. 

Youngster year Nards got "married" to 
Jeanne, and happily remained so the rest of 
his time at USNA. He also managed to settle 
into the "youngster syndrome". 

Second class year sa* Nards getting into 
"televised education." as his name appeared 
in the Star Trek log more and more 
frequentlv. He managed to purchase a "rice 
burner" with his car loan, and it was soon 
baptized by the boys. During this year be also 
moved his base of operations from Miami to 
Arnold, spending most of bis leave time there. 

Coasting into first class year. Nards spent 
most of his weekends at "dad's" house helping 
bis roommate "beef up" bis car. During the 
lucid intervals when the wife was home, Nards 
disappeared far from sight but be always 
managed to remain one of the boys. 

After graduation, Nards plans to be a 
surface liner, destined for a Spruance-class 
destroyer. From his roommate of four years, 
thanks for being there. Beat of lack. 


Christian Thomas Noah 


Rohnert Park, California 

Electrical Engineering, Nuclear 


The computer whiz kid hails from aunny 
California. He was shy and innocent when be 
first arrived, but being aror.nd tbe likes of 
Perry. Horace, and Dave changed all that. He's 
still a good kid, but just knows how to have 

Chris was tbe first person in tbe whole 
company to have hia o»ti personal computer 
here. He buys tbe svstems and then takes 
them apart and builds them from scratch. If 
be wasn 't here, he 'd probably be putting IBM 
out of business. However, as be got more 
computers, he got less hair, and we didn't let 
him forget it. 

True love came in second class year, and it 
wasn 't much longer after that when be decided 
to go nuke power Chris is an Electrical 
Engineer in tbe top one-fifth of his class, so 
there was little doubt he would get selected 
for nuke. 

Just one more thing to add to his high 
character Chris has one of tbe most beautiful 
cars I've ever seen. Chris will have a lot of fun 
marrying Robin and driving around in bis red 
Formula Firebird to wherever tbe nuclear 
submarine force directs him. Good luck in tbe 
years ahead. 


Kurt Brian Olsen 

Annapolis, Md. 
Applied Science, Seals 

Kurt graduated from H.S. and came all of 
two miles to USNA to follow his family tree. 
Starting as a plebe with no neck, he spent bis 
time worrying about road trips in tbe Volvo. 
Most of his time in tbe hall was spent brawling 
with bis roommates, destroying everything. 
Mongo was always willing to go drinking - he 
even offered to get free drinks, tbe problem 
was he usually got them while everyone else 
got charged double. Kurt moved on in his 
career to make trips to PSU and check the 
grass conditions with his pan ts. He also 
invested in a Jeep to be like bis fellow 
Annapoli red-necks, but the jeep came to an 
end when be helped Jeff fly hke "Superman ". 
He always cared about Jeff even when tbe 
shelf and speaker fell on Jeffs head. Kurt's 
first question was if his sentimental bottle 
broke. Kurt moved on in his later years to take 
care of all his friends by having the house 
microwave always ready while tbe driveway 
became a parking lot on weekends. Mongo was 
also good at catching women too, he had many 
of them and even got presents from some such 
as bottles, red roots, and free meals. A 'vette 
was next in line and it was very popular with 
the local police as it gave them chances for 
chase tests in their cars. Kurt's other 
endeavors included such things as rumbles in 
Main St.. fighting the PSU football team and 
acting as a taxi-agent to Q-Town. Kurt is now 
off to become a Seal and we are all sure tbe 
"tough guy" will do well - we will all miss him 
especially Spoon. 


Marco Antonio Pagnanelli 
Huntington Beach, California 
General Engineering, Surface 

Marco arrived at Annapolis from sunny 
Southern California in tbe summer of 1980. He 
bad a somewhat difficult time adjusting to the 
rigors of plebe life. He was ranked last and 
next to tbe last by both of bis plebe summer 
squad leaders. His grease chits contained 
many phrases like; "continues to be a sweat. 
. . . chokes on basic plebe rates. " For Marco, 
plebe athletics brought him adversity in many 
shapes and sizes. Most of those adverse sizes 
ranged from 6'-4' to 6-5' in stature and 
weighed close to 250 pounds. He was used and 
abused as the scout team quarterback that 
serviced the varsity team each day. But plebe 
year passed and better times for Marco 
arrived. As a youngster, in the first Navy game 
of the season against the Citadel, he scored 
two touchdowns. With football rolling, 
academic troubles began tapping his resources. 
Marco then switched majors from chemistry 
to general engineering and tbe academics from 
that point on went well (despite S-3 Vining 
bombardment). Football continued to go very 
well for Marco as be traveled over moat of the 
country competing against some of the top 
teams in the nation. He scored touchdowns 
and threw for touchdowns. But it all ended 
where it began, against the Citadel, as a 
broken leg prematurely finished his fine career 
as a Navy quarterback. Now Marco will return 
to sunny Southern California in tbe t 
of 1984 as a SWO bound ensign. 

Thirteenth Company 367 

Scott Grove Spooner 


Williamsport, Pennsylvania 

Applied Science, Surface 


Good old Spoon came down from the hills 
of WiUiamaport to follow in poppa Hirk's 
footsteps. He atarted plebe year, but bad more 
liberty then, than as a firsty. Yeah. Spoon's 
first priority was to stay a redneck, ao be got 
his jeep. His jeep has brought him many good 
times, even wondering who was driving. Only 
problem with the jeep was when Ponae wanted 
to go to McDonald's. The big thing in Spoon 's 
life though were his many All America Teams. 
Most noteworthy was golf, but unknown to 
many he was also on the two week 150 team, 
king rag team, expert sniffer, NCAA wrestling 
champ, and moat of all the Bar Stool Diving 
Champ, he got a nice noae as a trophy. Spoon 
even spent one weekend at PSV as the 
placekick holder for the Patriots. Well, a 
certain truck driver came into this story and 
old CB MOMMA baa kind of tsken Spoon 
away from us. But, he still baa some time for 
hia stepmother. Black Momma, and occasion- 
ally gets to see the rents. We will ail mias 
Spoon while he is out floating on a grey tug, 
but most of all Mongo will mias telling him 
which way the beach is. Spoon will go far. We 
will all miss him. 


Jeffrey Thomas Ringel 


Maplewood, New Jersey 

Operation Analysis, Marine Air 

When Jeff first arrived to USNA we all 
knew we were in for something . . . exactly 
what we didn 't know. Being a former NAPster 
Ringel had bis military stuff down pat. With 
his ever present 5 o'clock shadow, Ringel 
applied his NAPster training and the help of 
fellow Jersey boys and survived plebe year. 
During the week Jers spent bis hours working 
out, studying, stopping intruders (jspecially 
Marine Officers), and being room referee . 
how anyone could calmly stand through a 
constant barrage of books, lamps, shoes . . . we 
will never know. His weekends were spent on 
shopping aprees as a plebe, punching friends 
in bars, "gree coffee and a cheese sandwich", 
and drinking Guineas. Even Jeffs boxing 
debut couldn't convince him and be was 
always throwing punches at everything and 
everyone. His most fascinating trick was the 
flying act from Kurt 's jeep . . . the only 
problem was that he bad to land. After a few 
weeks as Frankenstein the Jersey Redneck was 
back to dancing and balancing on the third 
floor banister. His roommate loyalty was never 
questioned, who else would take the full force 
of a fallen speaker to the bead just to aave a 
sentimental bottle. Jeff will always be 
remembered as a hardworking, dedicated 
individual that could build up your morale 
even when bia was down. With his attitude of 
"the sen-ice is the greateat" Jeffrey has what 
it takes to be a Marine. 

James A. Scannell 


State College, Pennsylvania 

Applied Science, Surface 


Jamie came to VSNA from the grasp of Joe 
Paterno and PSU. His idea was to play 
football. Academics, coach House, the Nose. 
Dumbo and 3 knee operations later, be was 
still playing, scoring TD's vs. ARMY and 
managing 4tb in the Heisman his senior year. 
Besides F-ball, Dude was well known for his 
refined manners and harvesting ability 
acquired through the fine upbringing of Black 
Momma, Capt. C. and his step-dad Byrd. 
Never one to forget bis home-folk. Jamie made 
many trips back with his buddies to impress 
his friends. The ability to return in 15 min., 
Bergie in reverse. Art festival weekends, and 
cowboy boots at Beta are all bis doings. 
Without a car. Jim's truck riding and 
thumbin' ability were unsurpassed. When he 
did get bis old man's car his interest wandered 
to peppy cars. Although this only touches on 
what Dude will be remembered by. he has the 
best red-eye and can sure set Mongo off 
Pbonebills keep the Faith. 
1-4-3 Dude 

Frank E. Sutton 
Frank (Bobo, Tank) 
San Antonio, Texas 
Management, Surface Warfare 

Frank hails from San Antonio, Tx., merely 
a stones throw from the Mexican border . . . 
so that's how he got here. 

Plebe year Frank discovered the pleasures 
of beer and indulged wholeheartedly into tta 
endeavors. Always an athletic person, Frank 
tried a variety of sports including handball, 
ISO's, lacroase, and powerlifting. 

Youngater year Frank discovered a new joy 
. . . women. Dalghren ball aoon became bia 
favorite spot. However, none of the relation- 
ships be made lasted very long. It wasn't until 
2/c year that he met "the nurse". He was 
sitting in the bottom of a glass of beer in the 
Little Campus Inn when be saw her through 
the haze. It was then that he realized there 
was more to life than studying, working hard, 
and becoming a lifetime member of the 
brigade hispanic recruiting team. 

From the beginning. Frank knew be was 
destined to possess a "muscle car". After 
seeing the "road warrior" he realized that 
more than ever He just had to have a 
fuel-injected V-8 Interceptor. So he got the 
closest thing he could find . . . a black '65 V-S 
mustang complete with in-cabin exhaust, 
allowing both driver and passenger to enjoy 
the benefits of carbon monoxide air- 

Frank will join the fleet as a Surface 
Warfare Officer Frank was many things, but 
when it came down to it, he. was always a true 


368 Thirteenth Company 

^r-....,.^.^ ,^ 


James Taylor Jr. 


Newington, Connecticut 

English, USMC 

Two roads diverged . . . and . . . what 'a up 
boss? . . . I'm not looking for a mattress! . . - 
Where's your sense of humor? . . . what sense 
of humor? . . . "What would you hke to be 
called. Mr Taylor-"' . , . "Mr Taylor, m'am." 
. - . youngster cruise on a yippie . . . just give 
me a warm hole to crawl into . . . I have my 
books and my poetry to protect me . . . what's 
your major this week . . . youngster year= YP 
Part 11 . . . running five miles down the road 
fiith a football is silly . . . where's your sense 
of humor? ... He said I was an enema . 
that's enigma, ailly . . - He's so unhip, when 
vou say Dylan, he thinks you're t-alkin' about 
Dylan Thomas - . . I don't like games . . this 
isn't just danghn' conversation - . . folk rock! 
. 2/c summer and more YP . Taylor's not 
a for-lett-er word! , . . Think I could buy a sense 
of humor at the Mid-Store? . . . Think you 
could pick up some tsct while you're down 
there ... 1/c cruise on a whaC - . . YP? . . . 
when you gotta go. you gotta go . . . plebe 
summer . . . truly amazing . - . and just what 
kind of hole are we talking about, here? . . . 
make up your mind, already . . . whose life is 
it anyway . . I've been to Zowie. for a ride 
on Noah's Ark. to WiUiams' burg. Laugh-lined 
to death, and to The Land of Make Believe, 
and J don 't believe this is happening to me! 
. . . Zowie, again? ... a vicious circle . . . no. 
a simple, desultory philippic . . . missing fall 
in New England - . . walk in a yellow wood . . . 
and that has made all the difference . . . B'bye 
Homeward Bound ... Uncle Sam's 
misguided child . free & wild . . . gone 

Terrance Williams 


San Antonio, Texas 

Mechanical Engineering, 


"Hi. guys'" This strange "BIRD" is one ol 
the smaller folks from one of the bigger state'< 
without a professional football team T came 
to us all the way from San Antone We knew 
he was a strange bird right away, and didn't 
waste much time getting him into the hospital. 
We figured he came so far without touching 
the ground that his wings must have been 
tired, or something. T made it through all of 
plebe year with a 2-man room. Believe me. it 
wasn 't because he had huge-head. Right! After 
plebe year, T lost touch with reality. He knew 
only "Mech. E". (in the biblical sense, of 
course.) He can do the problems ok. but I 
would be very careful if I were going to use 
any equipment with his signature on it. T 
spent most of his free time playing make- 
believe on various unknown or unheard of 
planets. But it 's ok T - we 'II give you your very 
own planet (for an undisclosed amount of 
make-believe cash and a promise never to 
return.) Any other extra time T spent just 
waiting for Dawn. Now, they're gonna make 
him a naval ocifur. Guess we can't call him 
huge-head anymore . , . how about water head 
- . , blow some bubbles for us - . . what does 
NUCPWRSCHL speW ... Ida who'' ..- & 
boots . . . Dive, dive! so long . , . it's been 
make-believe, man . . , Congrats! . . . Godspeed' 












Paul Joseph Wojtkiewicz 


Greendale, Wisconsin 

Aerospace, Navy Pilot 

Woj impressed us all plebe 
performing his own eye surgery on the drill 
field. When school started and the beer began 
to flow, Woj very scientifically proved that the 
shower isn't just for washing anymore. 
Youngster cruise found Woj in those islands 
that we took from Spain in the Western 
Pacific with a wife and kid. She even wrote 
back if he gave her the money for stamps. Ac 
year brought free beer in Dahlgren. and 
showed that you can blow demo without an 
EMBC qual card. He brought bis machine 
back second class summer and provided 
transportation for many tine road trips. On 
one of these we found, among other things, 
that Hopkins. Hood, and headlights don't mix. 
By the end of second class year Paul threw 
Jeff out of the room for looking for hubcaps 
in all the mong places First class summer 
Paul went around the world with Tip. and we 
mean they traveled. Fridays land Tuesdays, 
and Wednesdays, and Thursdays) at the 
0-Club. walking on ledges, and running the 
first class cafeteria kept Paul busy during the 
year. The guy after him is a short horny 
midget. See you in five at Bruce's. 


"'^''irKnpy^"^ ys 


■ <" ' T' ^B^^HH^H 




Hm 1 




It^; ^^^^^H 

Jeffrey N. Zaun 

Pin head 

Cherry Hill, New Jersey 

Physics, Navy Air 

Pinhead, Zowie, Toodlooms, Kormann calls 
"No Show Jones", the gargoyle with the 
Barney Rubble double . . all wallowed in all 
the way from Cherry Hill a small thud at 
Gate 1 . . . grody? ... a profound love and 
complete devotion to randomness . . . where's 
Taylor and Zaun . . . the odd couple , ,. a 
conspicuous absence . - . please pass the 
burritos , more elbow room ... a trained 
chimpanzee in MacDonough . . . flying without 
aid of plane . . hard workout . - . sleep , . . 
more burritos . . . more sleep . - . road trip . . . 
cherries and hills . . what 's an Alfa Romeo . . . 
a trail of Doritos. and another conspicuous 
absence he's back . . . what's this mess . . . 
ah, randomness . . . BURP!, burritos. please , . , 
/ need a small beer . . . "These times, they are 
a-changin'" ... a move to Halsey . . you did 
a front front and landed on your what'^ . . . I 
love History . . . and randomness . . . singing 
badly to badly sung music . . burritos . . . Hi, 
Jeff, and what would you like to borrow . . . 
can I borrow your tape player? . . . road trip 
. . . where's Zaun . . . the Doritos point this way 
. . . "No Show Jones "... work on getting your 
summer whites ready for a meet . . . hard 
workout? . . . ZZZZZ2 . . , Hey Norton, how 
would you like to . . . that's a little too random 
. . . stickin' a Barney Rubble double . . . 
Congrats! , , . Godspeed! . . road trip . . . 
red-hot beef & bean burritos ... to go 

Thirteenth Company 369 


370 Fourteenth Company 

-t^-.^.,-,.-,^ — ^., — J 



James Michael Allman 
Jama, Scarf, Mike 
Indianapolis, Indiana 
Chemistry, Navy Air 

Mike bails from Hooser country {Indiana 
if you've never beard of them) also known as 
God's country if you're still clueless. Starting 
off during plebe summer as a room dts- 
crepancy didn't appeal too much to Jama, but 
be stuck It out to endure the rigors of Organic 
and P-cbem along wiib the belp of bis "cbem 
buds". With tbe sole purpose of going Navy 
Air, Mike divided most of bis time between 
the rack and tbe rack. In fact be could sleep 
through just about anything including 
formations, classes imissed more than 50 one 
semester and got away nith itl and those 
Borroaall lectures with a little help from tbe 
locai "athJetic" club. Speaking of Eddie 
Hascal. Scarf could do some massive smacking 
up to parents, including holding a baby too 
long, and sending an anniversary card to a 
classmates parents when the classmate didn't 
even send one himself. To make matters 
worse, he took this same classmate's sister to 
the ring dance only to blow ber off and do tbe 
same thing tbe next year Or maybe did she 
blow bim off^ Mike's parents bad some 
awesome t^ilgaters if only Mike could have 
found them m time But then came Army in 
Pasadena and this "devout" single got 
snatched up by a California babe and ah . . - 
nuptials in June perhaps"^ The boys from 14 
will surely miss him as be succumbs to 
romance, vet we wish him the best of luck in 
P-Cola if he can find it. Fly Navy! 

Michael J. Balon. Jr. 
Brunswick, Balone, Baloney-wooo 
Lockport, NY 
SOS Oceanography Surface Line 

Mike csme screeching into USNA from 
the barren, frozen to»7j of Lockport. NY. a 
small town which exists only because of a GM 
plant- He soon came to tbe rude awakening 
that the academy wasn't like the catalog said 
It would be, so he did bis best to set it straight. 
He began Plebe summer by modifying a 
famous phrase to. "Sir, request permission not 
to bilge my roommate" Mike sur\-ived Plebe 
summer despite all of bis efforts not to. In the 
academic year, he established his authority in 
the field of automobiles by telling 1/C CJ to 
"SHUT- UP" during a discussion on US vs Jap 
cars. Cars were everything to bim; there were 
cars on tbe walls and on the blotters. Of course 
women were also of big importance to Mike. 
There was Miss Ml. his hometown flame who 
earned tbe VT-3J sticker on her picture. Miss 
L. who decided he would never return from 
a sub cruise. Miss M2. who had 5 other 
boyfriends, and Miss S (from CA). who asked 
for his address so that she could give it to her 
sister to write bis roommate The happiest day 
in Mike's life (the Jimmylegs'. too') was when 
he got bis Z28 Camaro pace car He liked the 
car so much that he locked it up for a yetw 
But his car led to problems: monthly gas bills. 
Mike finally achieved a solution one day in 
Jan '84. Mike's 10 year goal was attained on 
service selection night a Spruance class 
destroyer Mike's dedication and profession- 
alism make him a good man for the job Good 
luck and best wishes. Dude! 

Paul M. Beaumont 


Fort Lauderdale. Florida 

Aeronautical Engineering, 

Aerospace, Navy Pilot 

Paul came to us from Naps well versed 
in tbe details of plebe summer He showed us 
how to do everything: make the beds, do the 
laundry: once for himself and once for his 
roommate. With his eyes set on flying lighters. 
Bo pursued aero engineering, much to bis 
QPR's detriment, and be and Meaf remained 
one step ahead of the ac boards throughout 
all four years. Paul's first love was the Drum 
and Bugle Corps, which he avidly participated 
in for two years. His second class year he met 
his second love. Christine, whom he has also 
acidly pursued. Prior to Christine. Paul did 
not know tbe difference between love and 
pizza. Bo's a multitalented boy: filming and 
directing the youngster and second class 
movies, taking the O.C. out of OCT C. and 
stunt driving outside gate 8. When Paul was 
not hitting curbs with bis car. be was running 
down innocent girls on the ski slope learning 
how to ski. Paul also insured himself of good 

nd class 


•tting up his 


company commander with bis fiancee's 

gorgeous sister Bo has been a great friend and 

roommate Now that tbe four years are almost 

finished, we wish Paul tbe best of luck in 

Naval Aviation. 

O.C.TC. the Rat, and the Bear 

Fourteenth Company 371 




Andreas Paul Bierbrauer 


Spartanburg, South Carolina 

Mech "E", Nuke Puke 

Andy started his road to USNA early in bis 
life by getting his first subscription to 
Proceedings at the age of three. Horst and 
Ginny instilled in him the pride and 
professionalism it takes to be a part of the elite 
Nuclear Navy. We all knew Andy would be 
one of the best ever since the day he was smart 
enough to throw the dixie cup on top of 
Herndon (nice shot!). As Andy moved into 
youngster year he began to live up to his 
German heritage by trying to prove that he 
could stand up after drinking three beers. Yep, 
"Mee and Andy" picked up many a hot four 
teen -year -olds on the slopes of Seven Springs. 
Once Andy put on the goggles the brick came 
a 'shouting. Andy sure made for good company 
at a meal, if you could get him to utter a sound 
between breaths. Of course even then you 
couldn 't get close enough to bear bis mumbles 
because of his large wing span. After the first 
half of the dynamic duo was lost to the Ax. 
Andy was left to the mercy of the Mech "E" 
department and the Rocket. But he survived, 
thanks to all the quiet study time he got while 
his roomie was sleeping. Andy was always a 
man of few words but when he did say 
something nobody listened anyway. Well, 
we've been through alot together over the last 
4 \Ts.. and all I can say is the Academy did 
me right by giving me you as a roommate. 
Take care Admiral 

Ralph W. Bower 

New Orleans, Louisiana 

English, Surface Warfare 

Ralph came to USNA from New Orleans 
with three primary objectives: 1) to become an 
airline pilot 2) to buy a Porsche 3) to read 
more paperbacks than any other Mid before 
him. Plebe year Ralph concentrated on 
reading paperbacks and finding ways to miss 
as many early morning saim practices as 
possible. He also learned the hard way that 
swimming talents do not necessarily apply to 
gymnastics. An English major was not a hard 
choice for Ralph considering his addiction to 
reading. Youngster year FiaJph continued to 
read and swim, but he also discovered Jackie, 
Bob Hope helped to foreshadow Ralph's 
engagement by broadcasting his romance on 
national t.v. During his second class year 
Ralph survived an Ac-board, lost his chance 
to fly, quit swimming, and bought his Porsche. 
By taking out two loans Ralph began his 
tradition of debt. This tradition exposed itself 
first class year in the form of an engagement 
ring, new paint, tires, wheels, and a new car 
stereo system. Service selection came and 
Ralph swallowed his threats of "Canada, 
before Surface line" and chose a destroyer 
Ralph's last major hurdle was the PCR, and 
he cleared it with style, earning himself three 
additional tries at passing it. Ralph, fair winds 
and following seas to you, and keep striving 
for the maximum Visa limit. 

Thomas M. Campbell 

T. C. 

Farmingdale, New York 

Marine Engineering, Nuclear 


T. C. is definitely not one of your average 
mida, academically he peaked early (Plebe 
Summer). While hardly working, he escaped 
with a 2.7 despite reading nine-tenths (he 
hated romance) of the paperbacks m the 
bookstore. Pioneer of the new winter sport 
tree skiing, "Move Tree!" Tommy was always 
a source of entertainment. Many nights Tom 
could be found curled up in bed with a bag 
of cookies in bis lap, a Pepsi in one hand, and 
books like. Zilbo the spacer Blasts The 
Lizardmen in the other. You were safe as long 
as you stayed away from his mouth, clearly 
marked "Danger Food Intake. " 

Weekends allowed T C. to participate in his 
two Varsity Sports: Sailing and Drinking, not 
necessarily in that order. While not working 
with sailing Tommy could be found behind the 
wheel of his pumpkin, "Is it a rocket or a car?" 
Good luck Tom, the bubble-heads got a good 


Allen C. Coomber 


Huntington Beach, California 

Physical Science, Submarines 

Al's nickname, Eddie, came early in his 
career as a mid, due to his incredible 
resemblence to Eddie Munster. Al came to 
Canoe U. from the fleet, and Plebe Summer 
made him wonder why. Al found academics no 
problem, taking 25 hours a semester, only Al 
could never remember where he put his watch, 
wallet, calculator, etc. As a youngster. Al took 
to vociferous correction of the CO. CDR. 
Record holder for most tours for one slip of 
the brain, "that's the bottom tine." Al's study 
of physics enabled him to speak at the speed 
of light, too bad no one understood. Al 
finished his USNA education second class 
year. On to Johns Hopkins for a MS in EE. 
Always knew you wanted to be a EE. Al had 
fun on Plebe Detail, almost as much fun as 
his plebes had. "Uncle Al's Summer Camp". 
During Ac Year '84 Al commuted in his lime 
green rabbit to Bait. Did that thing ever run? 
Al was a great host in Pasadena, who will 
forget Wally World or the three hour tour of 
LA Freeways. Good luck, Eddie. Thanks for 
Calif '84. Thanks for your loyalty and 


372 Fourteenth Company 


John P. Cordle 


Rome, Georgia 

Ocean Engineering, Nuclear 


He came from Rome. Georgia, a good ale 
boy. No chip on his shoulder just a star on 
his head- Hey Skunkhead. Cornhead. Bullet- 
head, Peanuthead. Bonehead. Leslie Slot^ and 
finally Bo Diddles. So many women but never 
the right one. She's easy tell her I'm not 
in. Informal Ring Dance date. I think I'm 
turning Japanese. "Hey get over here!" Glee 
Club trips. Road trips. Ski trips. Canoe trips. 
Camping trips, just tripping out. The 7-4 
barber. Let's go 4-WheeIing on the beach. 
Where's my Flip steward" Where's your 
toothpaste'^ Billiard Champ'' Youngster 
afternoons . . Set condition zebra. Rack 
Burns ... in the rack by twelve. How many 
aspirins does it take'' Kill your roomie get a 
4.0. Where's the er vibrator^ Give her a Pearl 
Necklace. Try this bra on for size. Don't sweat 
inspections . . . put the playboy bunnies up. 
Where's my pet mouse'' From Hank Williams 
to Punk Parties. Don't worry you'll get the 
mai. Seriously though, we've been through 
some good times together and we've had our 
share of bad ones but you always came out 
smiling like cool hand Luke. We've come a 
long way during our stay by the Severn and 
there's so many other things to write. You 
helped me get through ibis place and I owe 
you a lot. You'll always be Uke a brother to 
me. I wish you the best in everything you do. 
Hang Loose Bubba . . . and remember to keep 
the music playing. 


Shawn M. Coulter 

Cretin 1 

Columbus, Ohio 

Applied Science, Supply Corps 

Shawn started his naval 
product of Capt Seal ai 
Shawn arrived at the 
prepared to perform in the 

•^eer at NAPS. A 
d Chief Hilliard. 
Naval Academy 
utmost profession- 
: As a plebe Shavin always found the 
right moment to have his old ankle injury flare 
up. Shami was one of the true football players 
to start m Halsey Field House with J- B 
Youngster year. Shann tried his hand at 
boxing- 2./ C year, Shawn tried to stop one too 
many punches with his head. Second class year 
was not all that bad. This is when Shawn met 
bis pride and joy. Lisa. At the end of second 
class year. Shami bought his first truck. In the 
beginning of first class Christmas. Shann 
became a two car man nith a station wagon 
and a sports car. By the end of January. 
Shawn bad 1 h cars left. On Sen-ice Selection 
Night Shawn choose "the Corps", Supply 
Corps. Good Luck Shawn and Lisa. 


Thomas R. Dalton, Jr. 


Fairfield, Connecticut 

Electrical Engineering. Nuclear 


Tommy D. gave up the rolling hills of Jersey 
to join the Fourteenth company here at 
USNA. His family quickly moved to another 
state, but he somehow managed to find them 
anyway - . . watch out Tommy: last time I 
talked to your dad he said something about 
Georgia! Tow was well Jcnown for his "cocky" 
strut, his fluorescent red hair I'a la Frank 
Perdue) and for the most obnoxious laugh ever 
to decorate the face of the Earth. HE was a 
great lover of the outdoors, especially snakes 
(not in the old sleeping bag. though!) and who 
can forget that scenic canoe trip domi 1-95. 
better known as "Deliverance 11" Tom 
managed to juggle a strenuous EE major, a 
rocky if sometimes hilarious social life, and a 
minor in auto mechanics with the infamous 
Audi, whose gas mileage far exceeded its net 
worth. He also tried his hand (quite 
successfully) at being Company commander 
and Basketball coach - how 'bout those 
Brigade champs' He accomplished this by 
being one of the most level-headed people 
around and. despite having reached the age of 
21 without even being able to spell 'tact', one 
of the best and most loyal friends a guy could 
have. Tom leaves us in May for ■ yeecch - 
another year of schooling in Orlando and then 
off to a career (we all know it. don't we 
tommy/^i in Submarines, the "silent force" 
Ha - no more! Beat of luck, eh-see ya in Nuke 


Gregorv J- Dimitro 


Severna Park, Maryland 

General Engineering. Na\y Air 

Greg hails from Severna Park. He was 
squared away enough Plebe year to escape 
most of the upper-class' attention. His sports 
periods were spent exploring the finer points 
of the back stroke for the varsity snim team 
He later moved on to varsity crew If there 
were one word to describe Greg, it would be 
intense. No matter how tired, he always found 
enough energy to get in an extra work-out or 
finish a homework assignment. Sleep was low 
on bis list of priorities First class year saw him 
marching tall in front of the company, 
wielding a sword, as a platoon leader. 

Mr Pipps and Route 3 — The way wasn't 
clear that night. Thirty dollars was a small 
price to pay. Don't worry there are no signs 
at 30.000 feet A cruise on the world's only 
active battleship con\inced Greg that being a 
pilot IS what every officer truly wants to do. 
Navy Air is getting one quality guy. Best 
mshes from close friends. In regards to your 
career. Greg. Take off. Eh. 

Fourteenth Company 373 


Kurt L. Dixon 

BeanHead, Midn-Dion, Kurtus, 


Herndon, Virginia 

Oceanography, Marine Corps 

Kurt spent 4 years at the Academy trying 
hard not to be a Midshipman. From plebe 
summer song leader to platoon leader he 
turned out to be a stellar mid. Varsity football 
kept him busy and on the road in the fall 
semesters, but he was always ready for a party. 
The result of these massive consumptions was 
always the same, trouble: scaring young 
children, trying to kill guitar players, grabin' 
some at the "Vous", visiting the Commandant 
at 4 A.M., running from the jimmylegs, 
hassling the rowing patrol "girls wear blouses". 
3 class A 'a in one night and EMBC. After the 
party Kurt could always look forward to a 
night of puke and a day of comatose. A .86 
first semester second class year almost ended 
his stay at old USNA. luckily be had friends 
in high places (the football rep.) His no sweat 
attitude made him a favorite among his 
classmates. Between him and his roommate 
they could always find a good reason not to 
study, "if I study now I'll be too tired toatudy 
later". Tbanz. you made this mickeymouse 
operation bearable. I could always count on 
you to put it in the right perspective "it just 
doean 't matter ". They tried to make good little 
squids of us and then gave us stripes anyway. 
I know that somewhere down the road you'll 
find that "low stess job" (baiting hooks sounds 
good) just don 't loose Miss Donna along the 
way. Until then, "get hot" and "make sure" 
you do a good job in the USMC. If we could 
do it all over again? You can pay me now or 
pay me later. At least we won't have to pay 
later. Thani again for the memories. 1 couldn 't 
have made without you. 

Brad C. Drummond 
Bradrat, Bradley, Drum 
Gladwyne, Pennsylvania 
Computer Science, Marine Corps 

Brad came to the Naval Academy for the 
education and the discipline. He managed to 
get the education (barely), but he deCmitely 
missed out on the discipline. After a 
horrendous start plebe year, (sorry for the 
bilge buddy) Brad developed the winning 
formula to get him through: the rank. How 
could they bug you if you're asleep? If be 
wasn't in the rack. Brad was always up for a 
party or a good bull session - anything but 
study! Except for a brief time when he thought 
he was an alcoholic, he was the number one 
drinking partner among his companymates. A 
promising career in soccer and lacrosse was cut 
short when Brad blew bis knee out youngster 
year. His constant good cheer was an 
inspiration to us all and he could always be 
counted on for some good advice. "Don't 
sweat, do it later. " Although Brad wanted to 
be a good midshipman and do things the Navy 
way. be always seemed to get himself into 
trouble. How was he supposed to know the 
wall be jumped over at 4 am was the Supe's? 
EMBC here I come. Academy life would have 
been much easier for Brad if he could have 
found the right girl - not that he didn't try 
his best, moat girls just needed more time than 
he did. Brad did manage to scrape his knees 
a few times though. Well we made it through. 
I don't know how, it's been great despite what 
they tried to cram down our throats - stripe 
me please! Thanks for the cool bead - / needed 
it. Here's to the future and the low stress job 
(baiting fishhooks in Hawaii) I know some day 
we '11 get it. Get hot and do well in the Corps. 
Thanks for the memories. It's been great. 

Mark Joseph Dvorak 
Dorvo, Mountainman, Pinhead 
South Lake Tahoe, California 
Systems Engineering, Navy Pilot 

Mark left the shores of sunny Lake Tahoe 
to become a sub jockey. Unfortunately, Mark 
decided that subs just weren't his bag after 
youngster cruise when he not only lost his tan, 
but also hia girlfriend. Mark managed to row 
crew and get good grades plebe year, but 
youngster year the "mountainman" decided it 
was better to chase women (Susy Socialist) 
and go skiing in Maine than to sit in the crew 
shells over spring break. With second class 
year on the horizon, Mark met and instantly 
fell in love with the first Maryland coed that 
he met. and she managed to get him fried for 
PDA twice in the same week. What a team - 
The Lettuce Woman and Mark! At tailgaitors 
they proved to be the craziest partiers we had 
' at least 'til the keg was tapped and the 
charcoal was lit, then they bad to leave. The 
Lettuce Woman is so loyal she'd follow him 
anywhere (tuition's cheaper in Florida 
anyway). Mark has boated many ski trips for 
the 14th Company ski bums. We wish we could 
remember them, we know Mark remembers 
New Year's second class year. Mark wanted us 
to have a good time ao he put his boots on 
and met us at the car at the end of the day. 
Mark is an expert on RX-7's and bridges, and 
joining the two in Ohio. Mark has been a great 
friend for four years, and we wish him the best 
of luck in Naval Aviation. We'll ail be together 
soon in Pcola. 
The Rat, The Bear, and O.C.T.C. 

Philip John Erickson 
Mr. I, Rat, Rodent 
Bothell, Washington 
Computer Science, Navy Pilot 

Phil took Plebe Year by storm, developing 
close professional ties with the firsties. Phil set 
the standards by shining his shoes for Gino 
and playing air guitar for Golf Company. After 
being cut from the baseball team, Phil began 
to train for the indoor track team, running 
around in his underwear screaming. "I'm 18 
Danny. I'm 18. " Youngster year gave Phil the 
leisure to show us all what a suave guy he 
really ia. He poured beer on a girl's head 
because she didn't want to dance, and then 
challenged half the bar to a fight. Phil's fierce 
competitive spirit knew no bounds. On the 
field or playing quarters be gave it hia all (Ack! 
Barf! N. D. '83) If Phil couldn't win real 
games, he made up his own. Stump the Star. 
Crutch Walk. Inside Elbow. His relationahips 
with girls were a lot like him; all short, but 
all special. First class year showed Phil's 
outstanding brand of leadership. He success- 
fully completed first semester as CAO 
discharging all his duties from his bed. 
Seriously, Phil was a great guy to have on your 
side, especially if you were winning. Phil hopes 
to pursue a career in Naval Aviation. 
Wherever he goes we know be will continue 
to do well and be a good friend to all. — 
Dorvo, The Bear, and TC 

374 Fourteenth Company 

J>r^»>tr^^^-»w^rT^,.ry^..v .- ^, WW^-""^ 

■■f^«giia.^jji JiJMA'imip 1 

Douglas C. Halpin 


Rockville, Maryland 

Oceanography, EOD 

Hailing from RockviUe, the city of shopping 
mails, Dougie joined 14 on the run. A beaviiy 
recruited barrier, be earned his varsity N bis 
piebe year. No slouch in the classroom, bis 
CQPR has always been above 3.0. Being an 
athlete and rather quiet, be was the 
anonymous mid. Heading to Switzerland on 
leave, be raced up a mountain, got naked on 
the Schiltom, then drank Felscbloaschen beer 
til he couldn't pronounce it His care were 
something, from the 66 Mustang (can you say 
"Heap") to the Volks (party) Wagon van, 
many roadtripa were made. From OU with 
Newms and Poodle, to ND where you served 
as disco dancer, photographer, driver (Has 
anyone seen my keys?), and chief partier 
(Fishhbhhit'). Doug was the embodiment of 
profeasionalism. from being put on hack on 1/c 
cruise to sucking down RWB's on protramid. 
Going over the wall became a nightly 
occurrence. At the Spot - just Doug, George 
(Dickel) and Jim (Beam). A short but hot 
romance with Queenie (Was that chick weird, 
or what?). Running the "Weems Loop" (Let's 
stop for a beer). Doug finally left the track 
team when be realized running was detrimen- 
tal to his drinking. A stellar I/c year included 
his lowest grades ever, a stolen battery, and 
going to court on a ' 'speeding ' ' ticket 
Exploding on the scene as an EOD, Doug 
should do well in the fleet Always there with 
a smile, you 've been a great friend and roomie! 
Beat of lack! 

John Bryan Fluhart 

Flu, Fluctor 

Clermont, Florida 

Computer Science, Navy Pilot 

Flu came to Naiy via Naps in search of bis 
wings. Hoping to play varsity lai. John 's 
brilliant career was cut short when someone 
wrapped a stick around bis ribs. Flu managed 
to nil bis spare time playing Na\'tag. 
Youngster cruise found bim on the Great 
Whjte Whale with Cap 'n G and cruise director 
Julie. Youngster year saw the first of the 
Spring Break expeditions to the Mont. 
Dejected by the engagements of two of bis pen 
pals. John attended a private showing at the 
House of Babes and threw a party at the Fox 
that nearly ruined his rep in Clermont He was 
heard to say. "You don't where you 

live. " Always a radical, be parted bis hair m 
the middle on the weekends while keeping it 
parted on the side during the week. Gotta 
maintain that cool, professional look. I'd like 
to talk about the women in John's life, but 
there was only one of any note. Hailing from 
Benny's alma mater the pseudo- intellectual 
filled John's life, but most importantly bis 
mailbox. First class year began early for Flu. 
He took over second set plebe detail and led 
the plebes to Color Company honors. With the 
arrival of the Beam Machine, or Bum Rider 
(welcome to the club), life got expensive. Flu 
was under alot of pressure; taking shoe shine 
lessons from Tommy D and writing notes to 
stick in his hat took more time than he had. 
His Hoya friend had to go. John has been a 
friend nonpareil in our time here. We all wish 
him the best of luck as be goes winging off 
in bis "super high tech jet fighter. " — 

The Bear 

Robert E. Froncillo 
Runnin' Bob 
Bristol, Rhode Island 
Systems Engineering, Surface 

If you weren't aware that Rhode Island is 
the biggest, greatest, and most athletic state 
in the union, you haven't met Rob. Bob came 
to the academy with great athletic potential 
which eventually got channeled into Nth 
company sports where he contributed greatly 
to a couple of Brigade Champ teams (Rob on 
fire for the half-court shot). He had the 
incredible ability to sense the mood that 
everyone else was in and be just the opposite, 
thus earning the name "cosine. " His competi- 
tiveness made him a glutton for punishment 
in such intellectual games as chess, backgam- 
mon and nerf basketball, and spent numerous 
late nights losing to the Dog in our room 
youngster year. Rob picked Systems in order 
to make bis stay here as difficult as possible, 
but he proved equal to the task even though 
sometimes it was touch and go. I guess all 
those late nights where worth it Rob lived by 
bis two basic rules: U Rob is always right, 
2> if Rob is wrong, see rule ffl. Rob was right 
about one thing, his choice of a wife - Nathalie 
may be just the rectifier he needs. After the 
eye dept of Bancroft medical dashed his 
hopes to be an NFO by insisting that the big 
fly was 3-dimensional Rob decided to hightail 
it to the surface Navy, which probably didn't 
upset the folks or the wife too much. His quick 
wit. good humor and natural competitivenas 
are sure to propel him to a successful career 
in the Navy and beyond. The Boys and I all 
wish the best of luck to you in SWOS - do 
us proud Fronzie. "Heeeeyy!" 

John M. Hemmen 


Detroit, Michigan 

Chemistry, Surface Line 

Johnny came to the Academy from the East 
side of Detroit, where he learned to appreciate 
Mo-town music and the value of being a good 
runner. Always athletic, John started plebe 
year on the crew team, but quickly returned 
to running on the batt track and cross-country 
teams. His love for blisters, aching joints and 
general self-abuse culminated in the successful 
completion of the Marine Corps Marathon 
during Youngster year. His determination 
showed in academics as well. When droves of 
our classmates abandoned the rigors of 
chemistry for the haven of phi-sci. Johnny 
decided that some sleep and free time were a 
small price to pay for the mastery of polymers. 
John led our company as underclass and was 
our Company Commander when it was S4'a 
turn to run plebe summer. But all work and 
no play was certainly not a favorite saying of 
John's as some young ladies in the area can 
attest Nothing could keep Johnny off the ski 
slopes, or stop him from having a good time, 
or keep him from giving a friend a helping 

John was torn between a lot of things for 
service selection. He fmally decided to go 
down to the sea in a ship, and a brand new 
one at that Watch out California, the 
Mo-town Kid is on the way. To a great friend, 
I all that you do. Go 


Fourteenth Company 375 


Richard J. Laufer 


Severna Park, Maryland 

Systems Engineering, 

Lauvs learned the USNA system as a senior 
at Severna Park High School, while his 
brother was a plebe. Rich memorized Reef 
Points long before 1-Day. and since he was a 
scholar in the classroom, he was able to sink 
into anonymity. Thanks to track and special 
request chits, he was seldom seen on 7-4. Rich 
enjoyed much freedom as a youngster on 
account of his Schwinn and the family Jmpala. 
Rich is fearless behind the wheel of a car. The 
deathrides down Route 2 are history now, but 
not the nightmares. He never lost his senses, 
but once he put on a raging bull impression 
at the Donegal. Second Class year brought the 
raft race and the end of an era of wreckless 
fun. Lauvs managed to escape the EMBC that 
night, as did DKU, but his cohorts got nabbed. 
Caution struck; life slowed to a crawl. Rich was 
volunteered for Plebe Summer Detail. The 
Capt.ain decided it would bring Rich "out of 
his shell. " He spent the summer tied up at the 
Afterdeck in his ski boat. Nevertheless. Lauvs 
found his way back into the common ranks of 
midshipmen. Rich is a strong link in every 
success we have enjoyed. He is ani'ul quiet, but 
he also doesn 't talk any BS. I am sure he will 
find success in the Nuclear Na\y. and moreso 
after. Rich, you're a super friend. God bless 
you and your family. 

Mark R. Lyons 

Crevecour, Missouri 

Physical Science, Marine Pilot 

Mark's hometown is a small suburb of St. 
Louis (which is about as far from the ocean 
as you can get). He was always set on a 
military career like bis father, a retired Army 
colonel, but wasn't positive of what branch be 
wanted to serve in. He considered following in 
bis father's footsteps by applying to West 
Point, but decided that he would rather fly 
tactical jets. Since no one flies better than the 
Marines. Mark chose to go for the best. 

Mark wanted to be an engineer, but couldn 't 
decide which type. Being sensible, he chose 
General Engineering so he could "work his 
way upward" and change bis major when the 
time came. Well, it didn't (aie long, and he 
moved "up" to Physical Science so he could 
apply himself "more effectively". Mark chose 
the Marine Corps Option Cruise during his 
First Class summer to really find out if the 
Marines were for him. He enjoyed the 
abundance of sunshine in Hawaii and 
discovered that nobody parties better than the 
Marines. From then on, it was Marine Corps 
or bust! 

Mark is the kind of person who loves to pull 
practical jokes. He also threw knives at his 
roommate (which I did not appreciate). He 
was dependable though, and you always knew 
where to find him (in the rack). Mark stands 
for what the Marines are, "Semper Fidelis". 

'&''Jsd il 

Michael E. McCracken 

Cracker, Mr. dB, Necro-man, 


Cincinnati, Ohio 

General Engineering, Navy pilot 

Mike finally managed to tear himself away 
from Cincinnati and the fabulous golden flow 


and came 

here. R's no 

wonder be 

thinks Cincinnati i 

9 great. He can 

ae here with 

grea t expectations 

but soon ra 

n into two 


3 departme 

nts: Svstems and Pro-Dev. 

He also 

wanted tc 

run for Nav\ 

Track and 

good old Al Cantello. After bis 

one showing 

on the 

track, he 

decided that 


breaking his ankle was more fun. It's not that 
he is clumsy, that's only half of it, he runs 
around in so many circles that neither he nor 
anyone else knows which way he is going. 
When he flies into a room, everyone knows 
instantly who it is by the 3-6dB increase in 
the noise level. The only time that 1 have 
known Cracker to be quiet was following his 
financial loss during the "Striper Bowl." 
Unfortunately he was able to find his wallet 
then, although he has lost it an infinite 
number of times since. He also seems to have 
a problem Hnding the proper facilities as Lt. 
Schlientz found out. Cracker was able to find 
his way to several other fine learning 
institutions on road trips. The only thing be 
forgot for these was the No Doze. After a great 
amount of practice elsewhere, we brought the 
party back to old USNA and Cracker 's 
parents' hotel room at Ho Jo's. Sorry we didn't 
invite you Cracker, maybe at graduation. Now 
you're going up in the air, not that you haven't 
already been playing with the birds, and Til 
be happy to stay down here on the ground. 
Best of luck. 


Ricardo F. Miranda 

Ricky -rat 

Tacoma, Washington 

Political Science, Surface Line 

Ricky came from Washington hoping to 
make Admiral by 30. Based on the amount of 
sweat on his floor during Plebe year he was 
right on schedule. Most of his time was spent 
on studying and crew practice. Rick was 
always a quiet dependable member of the 
company. He would actively seek out to help 
those in need, whether it be personal 
problems, decisions or homework. 

Rick 's background is rather dubious. He was 
born in the Philippines but claims to be a 
Mexican. His father was a career Air Force 
man. but Rick took to the sea instead of the 
air. He even tried out the Army for one 
semester, but was glad to be back at good, old 
USNA. Rick finally decided that Surface 
Warfare was the way to go and set out to get 
a Spruance. 

Rick's academic interests were primarily 
government and law. and therefore he chose 
political science as his major. His favorite 
college (other than Canoe U.) was Purdue U. 
He spent many a spring break there with his 
fiancee. Cheryl.) Good luck to you in the fleet 
and happy sailing (to both you and Cheryl.) 


376 Fourteenth Company 

I tifli 

Mark F. Openshaw 


Rockville, Maryland 

Ocean Engineering, Navy NFO, 

Surface Line 

A native of RockviUe and Kent Island. Mark 
had no problem ("Wipe down Mr. Openshaw") 
adapting to the oppressive heat of plebe 
summer Mark cruised through plebe year 
with the sailing team; whether the coach knew 
be waa on the team, however, is a mystery. The 
sailing buddies, Opey and Duane, took full 
advantage of T-tables and excusals from 
P-rades. formations, and marchovers. Practic- 
ing individually rather than with the team 
they often stopped at the beer ball for a little 
afternoon refreshment Always one to count on 
for a favor, Mark, as a youngster, once drove 
the 2/C out of the yard. Mark joined the 
EMBC early in 2/C year when, after a hard 
day of raft racing and trying to sell beers with 
Brad, be climbed over one too many walls on 
bis way back in and ended up in the Supe's 
backyard. Acedemically. Mark had a knack for 
coming through with the grade when it really 
mattered; whether raising his average a full 
point with finals or beating the Rocket- This 
may be attributed to his sometimes studying 
for finals at the "Vous". Never one to hang 
around on the weekend. Mark organized some 
of the more memorable road trips: Spring 
Break '81 (Nice sunburn), Easter's '82 (Skunk 
beera). and NavyAJVA '83 (My feet are black). 
Mark also hosted the Beach House Bash 
before the Ring Dance. The future holds Mark 
aa a Navy NFO. After November he'll be 
driving "top down" around Penaacola where 
I'm sure he'll have great success. Good luck 
to a great friend. 


Joseph B. Murray III 

Joe- Mom a 

Wheeling, West Virginia 

Systems Engineering, Marine 


Joe came to USNA from rural (Very rural) 
Wheeling, WV with one goal in mind: Marines, 
■loe took Plebe year seriously, as he always 
knew his rates, even when the class had 
carry-on. Joe also selected systems as a major 
that year, not realizing his mistake until 
Youngster year. It was Youngster year when 
Joe kept many others awake for long hours 
while struggling with Bode plots. It was also 
at this time when Joe discovered Recondo. 
Too bad that Frankie, AI. and Paul did the 
same. With their help. Joe could clean his 
uniforms in the shower on a regular basis. 
Second class summer saw Quantico draw Joe 
even closer to the Corps, and second class year 
Recondo finally had some competition: Patty. 
Joe finally kissed a girl and was engaged 
within the year. Joe also spent this time 
contributing to another losing 3rd Batt 
football effort. Leadership found Joe one year 
early, as he was also a 2/C squad leader. 
Following a summer Marine Option Cruise to 
Hawaii, Joe returned as a three striper. A 
company petition tried to keep him off 7-4 for 
the entire year, but unfortunately it failed. 
First class year saw Joe become (he coach who 
led 3rd Batt to a 4-1 football season. Service 
selection finally gave Joe the chance to cut his 
hair again. Joe then began his last major 
hurdle at USNA: learning to drive before 
graduation. The best of luck always to you. 
Joe, Patty, and Marine armor - and watch out 
for those Hinds! 

Brian C. Murtha 

Cretin II 

Orrville, Ohio 

Applied Science, Marine Air 

Brian is a product of the fine Naval 
Academy Prep School. His football career was 
short, yet a blessing in disguise. His 
competency and ability to get along well with 
people helped him gain company Commander 
this year. Brian never had it easy and always 
faced some sort of tragic event due to his truck 
and the red lights. However, in the end Brian 
beat all the odds and tore T-shirts all the way 
to the top. Good luck Brian, the Marine Corp 
finally got a good man. SMC 
P.S. I tried to write without reaching into 
Brian's dirty laundry, but I couldn't fill 20 
lines with good stuff. So I must tell you that 
Brian's feet don't smell half as bad as JBM's. 

Paul A. Povlock 

The Pov 

WiUiamsviJle, New York 

Marine Engineering, Submarines 

Coming from Buffalo, you know Paul 
started off on the wrong foot already. But the 
"Pov" had a talent of overcoming many 
obstacles (Actually, more like stumbling over 
them.) During the first week of plebe summer, 
Paul did only one thing right, and that was 
to arrive on 1-Day on time. You might say he 
made himself well known to the firsties. 

Paul was only looking for three things in life: 
Submarines, plenty of rack time, and a little 
red headed girl. He managed to get all three 
and is still going for more. He never did like 
to let the others get ahead of him, and so 
quickly joined the Car Crash Club. Paul was 
a man who knew his place and stayed there 
(i.e. the rack). 

Many of us are going to miss the "Pov". 
Then again, many of us won 't! The only thing 
we know for sure is that Paul will be among 
his own kind in the fleet. (Bubbleheads). 
Russia, watch out! 

I I 


Fourteenth Company 377 



Clay G. Tettelbach 
Tidibach, Tettles, Plagioclase, 
Golden Boy 
Annandale, Virginia 
Oceanography, Navy Pilot 

Clay came to the Academy thinking be was 
already a fint class - boy. was he mong. Plebe 
summer was especially tough - be just didn't 
think be should be running around with a 
shaved head screaming "Go Navy Sir" in 100" 
heat. Come on Clay, wbat's wrong with that"^ 
Moat colleges treat their freshmen that way. 
He was ao upset his eyebrows used to twitch 
when answering rates. Weigbmg them down 
with a mattress cured thai problem Once 
academic year started. Clay settled down to 
become the stellar midshipman we all know 
and love. He is beyond a doubt the coolest 
geek ever to grace these ballowed balls. For 
a brief time Youngster year Clay thougbt be 
would rather manage hotels than fly jets. 
Some good? words of adxice from hia friends, 
and a new car luckily made him stay. When 
he waan 't studying. Clay found time to pursue 
his two favorite bobbies, beer and women. 
Much experience made him an expert in both. 
"Oh Clay I just love your blond hair. " Yeah 
you just better bope you keep it Bozo! We 
didn't call bim the Golden Boy for nothing. 
Clay was also an excellent all-around athlete. 
After giving baseball a try. he joined the 150 
lb. Football team and starred for two years at 
wide receiver It was a little tough to spot him 
on the field though - all tboee midgets look 
the same. It's been great through this B.S 
together. Ever though you complained I know 
deep down you loved it. Thanks for the 
Oceanograpby gouge. 1 just wisb one time you 
would have given me enough to get an A like 
you. Hail to the 'Skins, kick butt in P-cola, 
the sky's the limit! 


Artemio P. Quintong 


San Leandro, California 

Physical Science, Surface Line 

Artie gave up the San Francisco hot tub 
drug culture for a visit to the shores of 
Newport on hia way to USNA. At NAPS be 
learned how to make his bed and lie in it too. 
a skill he practiced quite extensively during 
the next four years; everyone knew where to 
find the Dog during a youngster! After 
breezing through plebe summer (Gee Mr. 
Thorp. I'm a boxer too!) Art made short work 
of plebe year, biding behind bis own brand of 
down-tO'Eartb philosophy which was to 
become knovm as "Dog-iam" because it didn't 
make sense to anyone else. If be wasn 't beating 
up the bags in Halsey during his rare waking 
hours. Art could be found at bis favorite bank 
(Pete's Place) or out at Burger King with bis 
favorite Burger Queen (yeah, we know, Huggy 
Bear!) Second class year brought two new loces 
into Artie's life: his Visa card and his silver 
Vette, the Bullet. When bis Oceanograpby 
studies began to interfere with bia driving 
habits, he switched to a double major; 
"Physical" and "Science", which just made 
him have to work harder to keep from getting 
above a 2.0 (after all. wbat else is a minimum 
for/?) Seriously, though. Temie - you pulled 
through PCR's. situpa. anything with an EE. 
EN or £S in front of it. and a couple of 
summer school sessions with an undying sense 
of humor and a flair that few could match- 
After years of threatening to go Marine Corpa, 
he foUowa bis brother Willie's footsteps into 
the Surface fleet where I know he'll do well 
because underneath that devious smile and 
those "G Q. " clothes lives a heart of gold and 
a damn fine Naval Officer. And, like you 
always say and the Boys in 14 all know. "You 
just can't catch the Dog!" 


Thomas Michael Smith 
Smitty, The Bear 
Cape Neddick, Maine 
History. Navy NFO 

There are probably more stories floating 
around about Smitty than anyone else in the 
company. Mike claimed Cape Neddick, Maine 
as his hometown, but you could never tell from 
his accent unless be started his "Bert and I" 
Rubber Boots routine. As a plebe Mike 
literally sailed through just about every 
military evolution while nearly drowning 
academically. Nobody could figure out who be 
paid to take bis SATs. When youngster year 
rolled around he showed up driving a brown 
bomb (not to be confused with bis BMW) with 
Vacstionland plates and a bird stuck in the 
radiator. Many great road trips were planned, 
but it seemed the warwagon spent nearly every 
weekend at Goucber College. Fortunately 
Mike's tenth or eleventh true love, I can't 
remember which, went to Spain during second 
class year which allowed us to expound him 
to the virtues of bachelorhood. Mike showed 
us all that he wasn 't lost by walking five miles 

St snow storms in Maryland 

t that quote " 

8 then that we first saw Mr. 

lot only bought the first car 
t drove but singlehandedly attempted to 
keep VISA and Annapolis merchants in 
nth bis buying binges. Senior year 
't a fire under Mike; I think it was 
the fear of being stuck on the USS Neverport. 
Anyway, he contributed greatly to the Brigade 
Championship B-Ball team (when he and 
Meef weren't at subsquad) yet he also got a 
3.3 GPA which moved bim up 112 places in 
the class and insured an NFO billet. Mike. I 
expect you to be the "best damn Naval 
Aviator" to go through P-cola since the 
Gasman. Take care, you Ve been a truly super 


in one of the wor 
history, what was 
will travel". It wa 
Impulsive, Mike i 

James G. Willson 


West Palm Beach, Florida 

Aerospace Engineering, Naval 

Flight Officer 

Jim came to USNA from sunny West Palm 
Beach. Florida. To this day he proudly claims 
to be a "Fourth Generation Florida Cracker". 
Jim ahowed true classmate loyalty Plebe Year 
by taking the pressure off everyone else. Jim's 
days in high school band also inspired bim to 
join the Drum & Bugle Corps. Jim was proud 
of his Southern origin, but be learned the hard 
way tha t not all upperclass shared his 
enthusiasm. He tried bumper stickers and 
flags, but they all came down Youngster year 
Jim continued as a member of the D&B until 
the Air Force competition. He then led the 
mass exodus of corps members in search of a 
QPR. Second class year Jim found that there 
was more to life than Aerospace Engineering, 
ao he joined the Judo Club. Jim's separated 
shoulder, pulled muscles, and bruises attest to 
bis aweaome talent in this sport. First class 
year Jim found a more productive way to 
spend his time: Afternoon workouts with 
coach Lenz. In addition. Jim could finally 
hang the flags and bumper stickers stored 
since Plebe year Jim also proved to be a fine 
correspondent first class year, writing at least 
four letters for each one received. Further- 
more, he distinguished himself by providing 
numerous no interest loans to needy class- 
mates. Finally there was service selection, and 
Jim headed toward his longtime goal: The 
Navy astronaut program. The best of luck 
always to you, Jim, and keep aiming high. 

378 Fourteenth Company 

J.r^«»^r-^v^-,^->.i^-r.^^|yr^.v- - 

ff^ggtBB^mtrrwtMiMiiuimim^i. Lm«-Lu»< — »-a 







Fifteenth Company 379 


John Stacy Bates 


Chattanooga, Tennessee 

Management, Navy Air 

This good old boy came busting into 
Annapolis on 1-Day and hasn't slowed down 
one bit since he got here. Plebe year went by 
pretty smooth down the SHAFT until Stsce 
decided he couldn't live without that country 
music and got caught with bis radio. Then 
came that annual "Spring Fever" of his and 
he made the mistake of doing a little partying 
out in town after taps one night. That was a 
heckuva Commissioning Week . . . Youngster 
year looked like a time to just sit back and 
stay out of everyone's way. Unfortunately we 
got in the way of a certain SEAL officer one 
night and Stace ended up paying for it for 2 
years. He also liked to have a good time at 
the Army-Navy game, occasionally going a 
little overboard (Mr. Morlock still doesn't like 
vou for that'.!) To say that this guy loved to 
workout would be an understatement. He had 
a permanent spot in the weightroom and when 
he wasn 't there he could be found under the 
desk doing situps or against the wall doing 
pushups There is no doubt that he could be 
very happy if the only things he had were a 
weightbench, a blender, and an unlimited 
supply of milk and granola cereal. Stace was 
also very dedicated when it came to academics 
but he firmly believed in getting his sleep, 
another area in which be excelled. 

Stace didn't get his pilot billet because of 
bis eyes but P-cola is getting a winner in this 
NFO. We're all going to miss him and wish 
him the best of luck. V'ouVe been a super 
friend Stace, keep in touch and keep on 
pumpin' bubbaH 



William Stevenson Bowman 


Palm Beach, Florida 

Physical Science, Supply Corps 

I first saw Steve on 1-Day 1980. He was 
dressed in an OP tee shirt, faded jeans and 
sandals. I remember wondering when the 
Academy had begun giving twelve year old 
hippies age waivers. Looking at bis long, 
blonde hair, I thought maybe he was an ROTC 
Midshipman who had taken a wrong turn. 

After a short but fierce struggle resulting in 
a haircut and change into a uniform for Steve. 
I was amazed to find that he was two years 
older than I was. I didn't worry about it for 
long because the ghost, being a sailor, 
disappeared for the rest of the year, except for 
a run in with the Company Sub-Commander 
before Army where neither could remember 
the others name or even if they were in the 
same company. 

Since Plebe year, Steve has reappeared and 
tried to instill in me his love for sailing, 
sportscars, loud stereos and Florida. I in turn 
have tried to cure him of his chronic anorexia 
with much less success. 

Grounded by a childhood bout with asthma, 
he's now land-locked in the Supply Corps and 
loving it I just look forward to the next time 
we get together in our twin X 1/9's and go 
cruising under the Florida sun. 

Take off. you hoser 

Robert J. Budicin 


Olympia Fields, Illinois 

Chemistry, Nuclear Power 

A displaced Chicagoan. ol'Cyco Bob quickly 
adapted to life in the Navy. It can never be 
said that he was one to settle for second best. 
From his '83 charcoal grey RX- 7 to his success 
as a Chem major to bis ultimate destiny of 
becoming a nuke power trained officer, Bob 
faired well in academics, athletics, ECAa, and 
general USNA support. As Ring Dance 
business manager, he oversaw some many 
thousands of his classmates' dollars without so 
much as pilfering a cent - thank heavens for 
the financial officer, hub? Recruiting for 
USNA was another of our boy's priorities. In 
fact. Bob took part in the Academy's academic 
recruiting program ■ for three straight years. 
He led this dubious intentioned group in his 
final summer. Seriously though. Bob will be 
remembered as the epitome of the notion of 
integrity. Both his sponsors, the Wescoes, and 
all his good friends will always remember Bob 
for his honesty, generosity, and fort brightness. 
And now, this Midwest city boy has Orlando 
on his mind. He leaves behind a legacy of 
romances spanning the continental United 
States, the Cyco Bob and Sean show oa 
WRNV, and an unquenchable pursuit of 
excellence. Success must certainly be in the 
cards for Rich Central's finest graduate. 

380 Fifteenth Company 

Richard P. Cassetta 


Rye, New York 

English, Surface Line 

Looking for the most prestigious liberal arts 
education available. Rick missed the turn to 
St. Johns and found himself chopping up the 
ladder in white works- This mishap in no way 
hindered him in striving to obtain his BA in 
English (although his primary responsibility 
was proofreading, correcting, and even miting 
papers for bis illiterate engineering friends) 

Hailing from the center of the universe. New 
York City. Rick was astonished ibis natural 
state of being) to find that LAX personalities 
could exist in the South. Midwest, and West. 
A natural sociaJ critic at heart. Rick has never 
been at a loss to give advice or supply an 
opinion. Always an enthusiast of company 
activities. Rick's amiable personality has 
encouraged us ail at one time or another. 
Often by mid-February with snow still on the 
ground. Rick could be found shaping up for 
company softbaU in the spring while most of 
us were still clinging to the rack. By first class 
vear Rick became company commander and 
found himself justifying the virtues of 
marching in the afternoon, a true turn of 

Service selection decision came easy to Rich. 
Although the nukes and Marines were offering 
him everything, Rick distrusted them all. 
staying with his first love. Surface Line. Ricky 
"Haze Gray and Underway" Cassetts has ring 
to it . . . but we'U see if the Cassetta pipeline 
is carried out with a whooosh or with a pair 
of binoculars. Best of Luck, 


Robert E. Clark II 


West Chester, Pennsylvania 

General Engineering, Nuclear 


This man should have been a rock star. Bob 
came to Annapolis off bis North American 
tour, with a special appearance at NAPS, and 
be hasn't stopped rockin' since. He did 
manage to put together a couple of groups 
while he was here (Burnt Angel and Xea). but 
soon realized bis future in music was limited. 
After coming to this conclusion he set his 
sights on Nuclear Power (what else?!"^). The 
REALM then became a place for long hours 
of studying and other strange rituals. Bob also 
worked very bard on keeping bis record intact 
of never taking a P.E. test on time. He had 
so many "sudden" injuries that medical 
stopped asking questions and just signed his 
chits. Bob met the love of his life early so he 
became pretty tied up on weekends. Second 
class year was full of trauma as Clarky had 
to battle both Rocket Read and his fear of the 
tower jump. Tower jump EI helped but no 
amount of EI could save him from the Rocket. 
He also built an infamous reputation with the 
plebes and lived in fear at a pep rally or any 
time a rumble broke out. The Nuke interviews 
finally came and a suicide was prevented when 
Bob found out he had been selected. 

You've been a great friend Clarky and your 
sense of humor will be missed by us all I still 
hate subs, but they're getting a good one in 
you. Best of luck to you and Susan and keep 
in touch . . . 


Richard B. Czechowski 


Pensacola, Florida 

Political Science, Marine Corps 

Czech came to USNA from Pensacola. the 
son of a Marine and heir to a fine southern 
tradition, of sorts. There was some dispute as 
to whether Florida counted as part of the 
South or if Pennsylvania-born parents count 
as a southern heritage, but Czech had his little 
of confederate flag to prove it, so we let it 

Czech's two great loves in life are the Marine 
Corps and country music. You could always 
bear some good country music coming from his 
room, punctuated by an occasional "AAVUR- 
RAUGH"; plebe year, it was provided by bis 
fine guitar playing, afterwards, it was 
supplemented by his stereo at full volume. 

Czech had little use for courses such as 
Navigation, but judging by the wrong turn he 
took looking for the bead after the dining-in 
plebe year, he needed all the help he could get. 
(Hey Wise-guy. bow's your briefcase doing 
these days?) 

Czech also had difficulty with technical 
endeavors such as rigging a apiffy or a drill 
belt as a plebe. so when it came time to chose 
majors, it was Poly Sci for our gyrene. He was 
perfect for this field as evidenced by his 
remarkable memory, especially of all our 
academy experiences, every single one! He 
look forward to seeing him at future reunions 
BO we can hear the instant replay. 

On graduation day. Czech trades in his Na\y 
blue for the forest green of the Marine Corps. 
We wish him the best of luck. Semper Fi. 

Larry Donald Dion 

Sanford, Maine 

Political Science, Cryptology 

Mere words are insufficient to do the Larry 
Dion story justice. It is a story that may never 
be told in its entirety, and certainly never 
relived. But just so that the legend of his 
exploits will never be forgotten, his friends 
have recorded a few memorable tidbits of the 
incredible story. Over the course of four years 
Larry could have been classified as any one 
of the following: Sanford's Ambassador to 
America; bootcamp sweat but uninspired 
nuke: Mr Organization; matchmaker and 
social director - "Hey ladies, ever been to a 
formal?"; maniacal driver; silver-tongued 
communicator; Tolstoy's pet; the Great 
Procrastinator and eternal optimist; cat 
napper and NoDoz king; world's worst MHP 
interpreter; Q-ball proteg^; professional 
restrictee; van customizer; co-founder of 
Debbie & Co.; Ring Dance Chairman; corduroy 
and velour fashion model; author of "Gomer 
Goes to Russia"; blackmarketeer; and above 
all, a true friend who has always retained his 
zest for life and bis ability to instill this 
quality in others. 

We wish you the best of luck Larry, and 
when you decipher the big message, don't 
forget who your friends are. We still don't 
believe you would have ever gone Corps. 


Fifteenth Company 381 


Philip R. Dobbs 


Spartanburg, South Carolina 

English, Surface Line 

Falling off the turnip truck. Phil came to 
USNA from Spartanburg. S.C. We never saw 
Phil all summer long until the night of the 
talent show. (We all thought you should have 
won) Throughout Plebe Year Phil kept the 
upper-class off his back by seranading them 
to the tunes of country music- 

Aside from his musical talents, Phil proved 
himself on the grid-iron as well by playing 
ISO's. I think one thing that I will remember 
about Phil are those big girl friends of his- 
Phil's priorities are easy enough to list. 
1. Academics 2. Sleep 3. Physical Fitness 
4- Girls He was constantly studying at the 
library and had the grades to show for it. I 
couldn 't understand why, with all his 
potential, he came to USNA to be an English 
Major He made up for it by selecting EDO. 
(1 still can't ftgure out why they took an 
English Major. I Phil, for your sake I hope they 
never stop showing Buggs Bunny. Beverly 
Hillbillies, and Green Acres. We're gonna miss 
that Southern drawl and that funny laugh of 
youra. Don 't worry. I'll always save you a seat. 

Armando Gomez 
Detroit, Michigan 
Political Science, Navy Air 

Good humored 'Mando came to us from the 
Motor City, the Big "D". Detroit, and brought 
with him all those fine Mid West values- 
'Mando was always in good spirits as was 
evidenced by his continual grin Plebe Year, 
which caused him no little amount of trouble 
when be was flamed on. When youngster year 
came 'Mando spent a great deal of his study 
hour studing in his favorite spot, the company 
office, with his buddy Ted. Academics did not 
come easy for 'Mando. but somehow he 
managed and when the weekend came he 
would go out and get just this side of squirrly. 
And who could ever forget his many exploits 
in Dahlgren Hail? When Segundo year came 
' Mando was anything but good humored to 
the plebes. Yes, 'Mando became a true hard 
nosed flamer. This was, of course, in an effort 
to instill those noble Mid-Western values on 
the tender, naive Plebes of 15th CO. When 
'Mando became one of the exhaulted l/c of 
Bancroft he found a new past time, that of 
ribbing all of the Southern Boys of 15 with 
his outrageous views of the Civil War and the 
South- Naturally this made him no friends 
during Dallas football games, when his ribbing 
approached true art in its' form. Of course this 
was all in good fun. Finally on service selection 
night Armando's dreams came true when he 
got his Navy Air billet which he worked so 
bard for. Good luck in the fleet. Armando, 
we'll miss your wonderful sense of humor, and 

Laurie Jo Grammer 


Maywood, New Jersey 

History. 1100 

Some might wonder when USNA's non- 
discrimination policy began to include the 
mentally different. Laurie could be found 
engrossed in some bizarre science fiction book 
when she wasn't asleep (which she usually 
was). She did put in occasional guest 
appearances at the pool and somehow becsme 
the laziest AU-American ever seen Becoming 
captain as a l/c. she mended her ways 
somewhat and visited the pool more frequent- 
ly And as always the cry rang out. "Sign the 
blood log!!" Who could forget the sillywalks. 
the penguin on the tv. dissections, and 
Einstein'' Or Jane Fonda's special Olympics 
and ol' Slug Lips'' 

Thanks to the many people I've learned to 
love and appreciate here - roomies departed. 
Ted. Fez, Sean. Tim and all the others Andy, 
thanks for making this the best of all possible 
worlds. But especially — thanks Nat and Jo 
- for all the things too numerous to mention, 
but most of all for being there and being 

"What a large volume of adventures may be 
grasped within this little span of life by him 
who interests his heart in everything, and who, 
having eyes to see what time and chance are 
perpetually holding out to him . . . misses 
nothing he can fairly lay his hands on. " Sterne. 
SeotimeatAl Journey. 

Roger K. Knapper 

Capt. Anemic 

Woodbridge, Virginia 

Applied Science. Marine Corps 

Kurt came to the Naval Academy ready to 
put his best foot forward. The only problem 
is that If sometimes ended up in bis mouth 
Nonetheless, with both teeth and toes still m 
place, he finished plebe year ready to take on 
the world. 

As youngster year rolled around. Kurt began 
his hunt for the ultimate possession ■ a 
girlfriend. As it turned out. this hunt was to 
last him the next two years. In the meantime, 
he bounced around like a super ball. 

Kurt's desire for a female was only thwarted 
by his love for sports and his craving for 
chocolate donuts. One never knew which 
desire was stronger. Yet, the latter must not 
have affected him too much for Kurt was a 
fine all-around athlete He even bad the knack 
for knowing more statistics than Howard 
Cosell. His only physical shortcoming was 
towards weights, hence the name Capt. 

As first class year unfolded, Kurt's class 
crest finally found a home and he got engaged. 
He also became a Marine. Though he lost hia 
single's status, as well as most of his hair, be 
didn't lose his many close friends that he had 
made in bis tenure at Navy. Good luck in all 
you do and wherever you go — 

382 Fifteenth Company 

■»rrT-*^-.^>. T^.T' 




mt ^ 

e/oAn Dietrich Lamade 


Marsh field. Massachusetts 

Physical Science, Nuclear Power 


Deet Lamade skiied down to Annapolis from 
Marshfleld. Maasacbuasets. becoming a third 
generation NavaJ Academy man- Otherwise 
known as the "Marathon Man". Deet could 
almost always be found either running, 
working on bia car. or womanizing out tn fowTi 
BuMed forced Deet to make an early service 
aelection decision, and Deet looked to the 
dolphins of gold for bis future. He'll need that 
Nuke check too, if he plans any more trips li> 
Atlantic City, or attempts to finance the 
Visa/Mastercard Corp. And then again, buying 
more porta for bis Challenger. Deet will always 
be remembered for some of his more famous 
sayings, such aa. "Let's do some serious mogle 
bashing", or "piesah" Two of us have bad the 
privilege of living mth bim for ,'? ' ; years Deet. 
it waa great! You will be a great asset to the 
aer\ice of stealth and will long be remembered 
To Karen, you let a good one get away' To 
Deet 's Navy proteges - yea. be did consider the 
Marine Corps, and from bis Bancroft 
Brothers, also known as "Chaz" and "Rock". 
you're the beat!! Good luck in life and in the 
fleet - Deet. 


Feza S. Koprucu 
Fez, The Mad Turk 
Winchester. Massachusetts 

Political Science, Submarines 

He is a modern day warrior descended from 
one of the fiercest fighting tribes in the history 
of the world- The Ottoman Turks. He la The 
Fez. The Fez's battleground is not the plains 
of Turkey though. Here at VSNA the wild 
Turk's battleground is the fieldbalt field on 
hospital point, and in the fleet his battle- 
ground will he the depths of the ocean Feza 
demonstrated his battlefield prowess to 
everyone when he acted as the enforcer on 
CMOD watch plebe year While The Fez was 
on watch a second class ran by him in civilian 
clothes. The Fez used what force he thought 
was necessary to stop the intruder by tackling 
him to the ground. The Fez was very 
remorseful when he learned that he bad 
tackled and chipped the tooth of a second 
class. For a man who moves with great 
intensity when be needs to. The Fez has been 
known to lie dormant frequently When asked 
wbv a modern dav Achilles can be found 
horizontal so often. The Fez answers. "All 
great warriors sleep a great deal. To put out 
the tremendous amounts of energy 1 do. 1 have 
to recharge my batteries for most of the day. " 
Secondary sources have reported seeing The 
Fez at a bar named The Library. According 
to sources. Feza is a "smooth operator, 
probably as good as James Bond. " Look out 
ladies of Orlando, here comes The Fez. 


Thomas S. Kvmn 

T S. 

McLean, Virginia 

Mechanical Engineering, 


Good thing his dad waa an engineer and he 
didn't tell hta folks that be planned to jump 
out of airplanes for fun; or Mama Kymn might 
have had her way and Tom would be a 
pre-med going to med school instead of an 
airborne mecb E. going to nuke school. What 
would have become of the Society of Fifteenth 
Company Mechanical Engineers without one 
of their key members'^ There is no way they 
could have sweated and struggled and laughed 
their way through statics, dynes, thermo, 
fluids, and heat transfer. Some people just get 
all the luck - Tom got to coast plebe year with 
that laid back Texan - the Degs. For most of 
us coming to the Academy was traumatic for 
several reasons, one of them being that it was 
the first time we had to move from our 
sheltered home tijwns. For Tom the move was 
no big deal since home waa just an hour away 
from bis nearest Naval Academy. Tom claima 
to be proud that he is a Virginian, but secretly 
he knows that his former place of residence 
- the Empire State is the only place to live. 
He has been a atandout player and coach on 
the company soccer team, be provided military 
leadership as the company subcommander. 
and be has widened the cultural appreciation 
of his friends by introducing them to classical 
muaic aucb as Springsteen 's Fifth (album, that 
is). Tom sings that be waa born to run. but 
after watching his daily routine for four years, 
bis friends decided that maybe he was born 
to rack. See vou on the slopes buddv. 


Sean Patrick McGinty 


Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Applied Science, Submarines 

Sean lived a happy, simple life in bia 
beloved "Great White North" until bis family 
abandoned him. He choae Annapolis as the 
sanctuar}- for rekindling the spirit ot Bob & 
Doug McKenzie and love for the tundra As 
a plebe. Hoser quickly earned a reputation for 
bis ability to outsleep even youngsters (From 
months of hibernating back m the Great 
White North) He further inspired everyone 
with his "Beer-Hunter" method of studying 
for finals 

During his 4 years, developed further and 
exchanged hibernation for late night dates 
with the computer in seeking to become the 
World's foremost bit-brain Later, intensive 
bramwaahing and alcohol enabled him to 
endure vacationing in Florida, where Sean 
found a new purpose in life: Dating more girls 
all at once then he could count, without using 
FORTRAN This "neat guy" took {perhaps 
very distant) control of WRNV and its huge 
budget great staff meetings in Florida' 

The submarine force baa seen the incredible 
potential in Sean, and. if they can overcome 
the hibernation tendencies, be will contribute 
the relaxed leadership that Nuclear Power has 
traditionally lacked Good luck & AMF! 


Fifteenth Company 383 




Nathan Hills Miller 


Atlanta, Georgia 

General Engineering, USMC 


Nathan came to USNA. a alow talking, Bible 
toting boy from Atlanta who you wouJdn't 
expect to say "Boo!" However, once he learned 
to speak English (vice Southern) We found out 
he was a little insane. His love of recon raids 
and boxing didn't seem to fit his quiet 

After Plebe year, we found out what else 
Nathan loved - Women. I believe be stiii holds 
some sort of record for number of phone 
numbers added to a little black book in one 
weekend. Unfortunately, during second class 
year. Nathan found out that bis hobby and 
Electrical Engineering were not very compat- 
able, and with some very experienced advice, 
Nathan re-examined his priorities switched to 
General Engineering, and bought a BMW so 
that he would have the time and mobility to 
pursue his primary interest. Alt that remained 
was to learn how to drive. 

Nathan leaves USNA for Pensacola via 
Quantico, and we all wish him clear skies and 

Glenn A. Murray 


New London, Ohio 

Management, Marine Corps 

Glenn "call me Rocko" Murray was New 
London Ohio's gift to USNA, a true Marine 
in every sense of the word- His short lived 
boxing career during plebe year earned him his 
title "Rocko" which be was affectionately 
called throughout his stay here. Rocko was 
also famous for his feared "Coco Crush" both 
on and off the athletic field. Rock acquired his 
gold jump wings second class year like all good 
marines. While here, he majored in Hotel- 
Motel Management and in the future be plans 
to get his MBA and mange us all. Rocko had 
this natural tendency to pull out all the stops 
on the weekends, drinking himself in to 
oblivion and getting himself into some 
harrowing experiences of which he always 
managed to escape unscathed. He put it all 
together first class year as our company 
commander. He was friends with all, especially 
beer, women, Ohio, and most of all, VISA! We 
had a great seven semesters rooming together 
and Glenn Deet and I will always have fond 
memories of our time together at this here 
boat school. 

See ya round Rock, 
Best wishes from ail of us! 

Douglas B. Nedry 


Camarillo, California 

Applied Science, Navy Air 

Doug entered the Naval Academy in true 
fashion — with a California tan and the 
attitude of a laid back civilian. The only 
problem though was that he was now in 
Annapolis, Md. and in the Navy. Yet, through 
extra curricula activities (le. weights, radios, 
and extended liberties) be somehow managed 
to survive plebe year. 

With the tone set for his entire stay at 
USNA, Moogie (from a Cbeech and Cbong 
excerpt) changed only two things. He got 
serious about women and academics (in that 
order). One could never be sure of which one 
was rising faster — his list of girls or his grade 
point average. However, one thing is for sure 
though. Doug received more "outside" mail 
than any one else. So, you be the judge. 

While it is true that Doug had his fair share 
of good times, he had them in the midst of 
friends. No one could ever challenge Doug's 
friendship for he was a friend and always will 
be in the true sense of the word. I, and the 
rest, will miss Doug, but at the same time, will 
be able to look overhead and think of that 
streaking Navy pilot. 

Capt. A. 

Jonathan Scott Nowicki 


Waltonville, Illinois 

Aerospace Engineering, Navy Air 

Dual member of the realm and master of the 
rack were but just two of Wic's many positiona 
at the Academy. Wic was a napater and a lot 
of people expected a great deal out of "slim". 
During plebe summer he was put in charge of 
a bus operation (it was a slippery situation but 
Wic managed to straighten it out). During 
plebe year, Wic kept busy by thinking of ways 
to eat crackers and read papers yet convey to 
others that be was sound asleep . . . sort of. 
Youngster year brought freedom ... a freedom 
Wic obtained a year earlier according to many 
in the Class of '82. Wic excelled in sports and 
academics. Wic played ISO's and baseball until 
bis shoulder destined him to company sports. 
Sports for Wic. as for the rest of the realm, 
was a challenge — not to see how well you did 
but to see how many I's could be accumulated. 
With second class year came the commitment, 
ring, and car. Along with the material aspects 
of 2nd class year the mental aspects were 
numerous as well. It was hard for Wic to keep 
track of his women and visa bills — a problem 
he still has today. Wic was a real heartbreaker. 
Though he had many be never found one to 
marry . . . sort of Wic loved all sorts of women: 
college girls, girls who worked in bathrooms, 
and plain old girls. Many girls stemmed from 
Army weekend experiences . . . and many 
experiences stemmed from Army. May the 
realm always rule. Navy Air is getting a great 
guy. Good luck buddy, you are the greatest 
and I wish you all the beat in the fleet and 
the future. 

384 Fifteenth Company 

r^Tw-^ »c.-r-, L_^ -^.^^^y-p-,^- 

turned o 



Theodore Oren Pickerill II 

Canton, Ohio 
Mathematics, Submarines 

This young Hercules came to us four years 
ago from the cultural and economic center of 
the neatern world. Canton. Ohio- During Plebe 
summer Ted established himself as the top 
performer in the company and was chosen as 
fourth class company commander. This was 
not enough, however, for Ted nith his 90 
pound frame of twisted steel and sex appeal 
spent his plebe year as a member of the crew 
team Weren't we all shocked when third class 
vear came, and this pillar of professionalism 
ut to be a closet youngster. In 
to the change in his professional 
nother change had taken place, and 
I that Ted had now found "the secret" 
to academics, and has been a "4.0" student 
ever since. Many were the nights when one 
could find Ted and bis proteges dehing into 
academic endeavors in the company office- 
Tbey disguised their geek -like habits by rarely 
having their books open, making an inordinate 
amount of noise, and taking many backgam- 
mon breaks. Second class year. Ted's 
profeaaionalism took a firm swing upward; in 
fact, it was so firm and so far upward that 
during plebe detail, the Class of 1987 was 
asying that their beloved sub commander, 
Teddy, was about the firmest and hardest guy 
around. Whenever Ted's friends watch a 007 
mone with him. Ted's favorite genre of film, 
he brings to their attention the fact that 
Bond's suavity with the ladies reminds him of 
himself. As evidence to this fact, he gathered 
a small group of young women, from Bancroft, 
which bis friends fondly refer to as Teddy's 
Angels. In all seriousness Ted. it has been our 
pleasure. You've taught us to laugh when we 
felt like crying and to smile when all we had 
was a frown. Thanks. God bless, and good 
RP. JS &. PS 

John A. Prokopiak 


Syracuse, New York 

Applied Science, Surface Line 

John came to USNA by way of prep school 
in Minnesota. Realizing that plebe year was 
a far cry from what be was used to ( Van Halen 
and his girlfriend back home), John got 
involved m other things (ie. room to room food 
fights and WRNV radio). By years end, John 
had made a drastic change. 

Now being a shaft dweller. John was right 
where he wanted to be — Coolsville. With the 
volume half-way up and the lights turned out, 
it was not unusu&l to find Pro involved in the 
Friday night concert hour. Yet, this would 
only last until Johnny Carson came on For 
at this time the newing apparatus (t.v.l went 
on. It is not hard to see why Pro and hia 
academics spoke a different language. 

As time went by. John diversified. He saw 
different girls (Oneota and Capt.'s Row) and 
got the car of his dreams iZ-28). He even 
managed to throw in a semester of academics. 
However. through all of this. John maintained 
his friendships. Good luck Pro m wherever the 
high seas may lead you. 


Natalie A. Quick 


Long Island, New York 

Management. General 

Unrestricted Line 

Nat came to the Academy from Bayahore. 
uncertain as to what the future might bring 
but certain that she would make it. .After 
getting cut from the Volleyball team plebe 
year, she worked until getting elected Captain 
in her first class year. Nat is the type of person 
that could give you looks that could be easily 
misinterpreted (no - not the bad amell on a 
bus trip look). What might appear to be 
non-caring, snobbish, and itchy, are looks 
known by those who know her well as caring, 
sensitive (hah!) and sometimes half awake. I 
have not known a time when Nat did not stop 
to lend a listening ear whenever her friends 
needed it. We laughed, cried, bitched, 
criticized, lost games and boyfriends together 
but most of all we have always been best 
friends, since we are the only ones who will 
put up with each other But. now our lives are 
following two different paths with many miles 
to go and many promises to keep both to 
ourselves and to others. However. I am certain 
that our paths will always find a connecting 
point. Remember Nat. bold fast to your 
dreams, for a woman without a dream is like 
a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. Good 
luck in D.C. and best of luck to both you and 
John. AHT 

/ first met Nat Nyce when she stopped me 
"accidentally" during plebe year. Little did I 
know then, that we'd be like brother and sister 
for the next 4 years. A woman of the world 
with worldly advice. Friends till we die, I 
promise . . . Mac Nyce. 

Four years was a long time, but good friends 
made it worth it. Joey and Laur made 
everyday just a little bit strange. Mac Nyce 
always made me smile. Mug and Vick who are 
just plain strange! And. of course, John, who 
ia always there when I need him. Goodbye, 

Jeffrey R. Schmitt 


Alexandria, Virginia 

Economics, Surface Warfare 

Jeff came to Annapolis from a Navy family 
and the disciplined tanning circuits of Hawaii, 
an excellent foundation for officer training. An 
aspiring track star. Jeff immediately joined JV 
Cross Country and remained unknown by the 
upperclase throughout plebe year. When 
speaking of his first fleet experience you could 
say Jeff missed the boat. Recovering from his 
first, but not last. UA he settled in to life aa 
an upperclass. Among his greater accomplish- 
ments, he was a charter member of the Edwin 
Diamond Fan Club faithfully seeking a 
moment of sleep from every precious free bit 
of time. Keeping in the spirit of Navy. Jeff 
learned to avoid serious relationships and has 
since found a girl in almost every port. To be 
sure every cruise was eventful he went 
FOREX during 1/c summer and escaped 
Canada safely in the end. As an Ekon. Major, 
Jeff spent four years perfecting the art of 
deficit spending. Being an incurable romantic, 
be is quite excited about the Destroyer Navy. 
He will surely be aucceasful in all hia 
endeavors and a compliment to the Surface 

Fifteenth Company 385 



Johnson Pineda So 

J. P., John 

San Jose, Mindoro Occ, 

Applied Science, Philippine 

If any Naval Academy graduate has the 
right to claim that he bad a reaJ plebe year 
it is Johnson So. After a relaxing plebe 
summer at the Philippine Military Academy, 
Johnson got to start the fun all over again at 
the U.S.N.A. When asked to compare the two 
academies, Johnson says, "compared to the 
P.M. A., the Naval Academy is teets," 
Fortunately for Johnson, his plebe summer 
squad leader at the Naval Academy, Kevin 
Schaaf was a kind, compassionate man who 
understood how difficult it must be for a 
foreign national. When asked about Schaaf, 
Johnson replied, "A great guy. I would never 
want to keel him. " Johnson is a very inventive 
and resourceful person whose motto is, "The 
stock products are good, but a So modification 
is better. " J. P. is reported to be quite a ladies 
man, but when asked about reports that he 
was seeing a mysterious Madame Diaz and 
several other women, his reply was, "You have 
no need to know. I can neither confirm nor 
deny. " J. P. has been an outstanding leader 
in the company and has set an excellent 
example for his companymates. He will be a 
great asset to the Philippine Navy and a great 
loaa to the U.S. Navy. When J. P. goes home, 
he will be dearly missed by all his friends here 
in the U.S. We ail wish you the best of luck 
and know that you will be successful in 
whatever you do. 


Joanne Schmitz 


Mahopac, New York 

Political Science, General 

Unrestricted Line 

Joanne-Joanne!! Only 13 days left until the 
mile. Run away Run away!! I really don 't know 
bow to sum up our relationship since it never 
has been too rational. First of all. how stable 
can a friendship be when it comes about from 
being members of the same team, and the 
fencing team at that. What an exhilarating 
sport and what about those male fencers on 
the other team - what men! I guess we all know 
where the term the gay blade comes from. 
Remember the Major and those one minute 
ice showers, admonishments in the Brigade 
Bulletin, and no jeans. We sure showed her 
didn 't we, you in your red mini skirt and me 
in black leather. Looking back I realize how 
lucky you were to have me as a friend, that 
snowball would never have killed her anyway. 
Remember the wild Key West trip? How 
exotic that week was with the shark, jellyfish 
attack, Ned and Gary and let's not forget the 
killer conch train. Remember that if every- 
thing else fails, Jo. you have a promising career 
in dog racing; betting not running. Go Rathole! 

Remember fencing with Benito Mussolini 
and Bette Davis in the same day. Remember 
also never to play catch by yourself with a 
horseshoe on a string. What I'll remember is 
a terrific friendship that has nothing but ups 
and too many laughs to ever set down. I wish 
you luck and happiness. You've been a great 
friend. Love in Krishna. 


Lawrence W. Seutter 


East Grand Rapids, Michigan 

Management, Navy Air 

When Larry was only five, he was already 
zooming around the playground pretending to 
fly. Now, twenty years later, his dream is in 
sight. When asked where he was from. Larry 
would lower his eyebrows, drop bis chin, and 
in a low voice say, "East". After a few years 
as an enlisted man. a year at NAPS, and four 
grueling years at the Academy, Lawrence is on 
his way to P-cola. He was always a hard 
worker, and his persistence has paid off 

Lawrence has been known to spend many 
a weekend in Georgetown watching basketball 
and developing what he hopes to be a life-long 
friendship with Maureen. 

Larry will always be remembered for his 
slam dunks (almost) on the Co. basketball 
team and his awesome bands for our 
heavyweights. He was always known for his 
unselfishness on and off the court and field. 

Larry's prior military experience has been 
invaluable to him as the company drill officer 
and pit. cdr. for the spring drill competition. 
Once a brown shoe, always a brown shoe - The 
tity will once again have his 

While at the Academy he began to take the 
claims of Christ seriously. "Trust in the Lord 
with all of your heart, and lean not on your 
own understanding, in all ways acknowledge 
Him and He will make your paths straight. " 
Prov. 3:5-6 

The pleasure has been ours. Best wishes 
from all your friends. 

Phillip W. Springer 


Deer Park, Texas 

Mechanical Engineering, Civilian 

We always thought Texans were a stubborn 
bunch and this fair haired poet from Deer 
Park, Texas confirmed our suspicions — be 
accomplished things that people told him just 
could not be done. After a rocky academic 
plebe year, our greatly respected and eloqueDt 
company officer, the Boober. told him, "Ah, 
ah. Mr. Springer, ah. you better choose 
another major; you'll never metke it as a, ah, 
Mecb. E." Easy going Phil never let much 
bother him. especially plebe year in deeding 
with his upperclass buddy, Bennion Joe. Ever 
since youngster year and stereos, you couldn't 
fmd Phil without his country music. Four 
years later our big grinned buddy from the 
Lone Star state is the Academy's most (only) 
marketable engineer. Springer's academic 
success was a feat; but who would have 
believed that anyone could excel for four years 
in this program, be perfectly healthy, and be 
graduated as an engineer in civland! Dedbur- 
nit, just as Phil was fixin ' to get hisself a slot 
in CEC. the doggone waiver didn't come 
through. Phil was upset for awhile: but then 
he thought to himself, "Shoot fire! I done sleep 
walked myself into the most sought after billet 
from the Academy. " The Lord must be smiling 
upon Phil, and although we're envious, we 
must admit that Phil deserves it. He has been 
a diligent disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, 
and although the fleet will never have the good 
fortune of Phil being one of its leaders, 
indirectly it will receive the benefits of his 
caring leadership through the positive in- 
fluence he has been on all the future officers 
whose Uvea he has touched. We'll miss you 
bud; you're the last of the great lax heroes. 
Psalm 37:4-5 


386 Fifteenth Company 

-^'^^^TT-^^T^^-^.K-m^y ■■■^->v- 

Charles Andrew Sternberg 


Austin. Texas 

Mechanical Engineering, Naval 


Chas came to VSNA from the stste of 
Arizona with the hopes of someday flying jets 
and driving a blue and silver 280ZX. Not being 
one to t^ke the low road, he decided to major 
in mechanical engineering and has managed to 
keep his grades above a 3.0 with a seemingly 
minimal amount of effort. His other accom- 
plishments over the past four years include a 
scuba qualiCication, master parachutist gold 
wings, stsrs (I thought 2/c year was supposed 
to be the hardest), a blue and silver 2S0ZX. 
three stripes as Batt sub-cdr l/c year and a 
beautiful blonde fiance to top it all off 
Bonnie, you 've got the best that this place has 
to offer but you deserve nothing less. I know 
that you and Chas will have a wonderful life 
together. Chas. you, and Rocko and I have had 
some great times here the last four years and 
thev won't soon be forgotten. Its been a lot 
of fun and I just want to say thanks. Na\y has 
got a real hot shot pilot now that they have 
you signed on. Good luck and take care. 

J.D.L. II 

David C. Terwilliger 


Cornwall, New York 

Math, Navy Air 

Twigs came, he slept, he graduated. (If he'd 
staved at home he surely would have mated.) 

it took him five years to be indoctrinated. 
(Little did he know it would be ao 
complicated t 

On the weekends he was intoxicated. (At the 
O'Club be could not be placated.) 

With women, he was fascinated. (He wanted 
to be dominated.! 

For service selection ■ Navy Air - he 
indicated. (Although, he wished, by IBM he 
would be incorporated.) 

With Edwin Diamond he was infatuated. 
(His room was never illuminated.) 

Someday. I'm sure, by the NIS. he will be 
investigated- (And someday. I'm sure, by a son 
he will be imitated.) 

Twigs csme. he slept, he graduated. 

Ray Wach 

Washington, D.C 

Political Science, Marine Corps 

I must thank everybody on the Pistol Team 
who waited, almost patiently, when I was late 
getting ammo, during these three years. I don 't 
think I ever did convince Coach Phipps that 
I had things under control; he's not the best 
pistol coach in the country for nothing. But 
with Bob's help this year. I think we fooled 
everybody else. 

I owe a lot to my roommates: plebe year I 
was helped by Bill, who left the Navy, and 
Phil, who will. Youngster year I lived with Bob 
and Steve, who always liked the room too hot 
— they have both given me much more than 
they realize. Junior year I lived with Rich and 
Armando, who rarely saw me. Senior year I 
suckered Bob into rooming with me again: he 
still liked the room too hot; I hope he s happy 

I muat thank the Admiral's granddaughter 
who let me take her to the Ring Dance when 
I couldn't get anyone else, then became much 
more than Just a date l/c year. 

Timothy A. Wise 
Mattoon, Illinois 
Aerospace Engineer, Navy Air 

I just wanted to let everyone know that I 
enjoyed the friendships I made. Jon. tlmnka 
for carrying me through Aero. I'll see ya in 
Montarey. Kurt, ya know I think ya shouldn 't 
have done it but good luck, just the same. 
Armando P.. I'm gonna miss all of those 
arguments we got into. Bobby, we're all going 
to miss those prank phone calls and \isitora. 
But don't worry. I'll get you back. I think 
Bobbers liked the Beverly Hillbillies and 
Green Acres because it reminded him of home, 
and I ain't whistl'n Dixie. Let's not forget 
Doug (Moogy). JP, after you get back to the 
Philippines, stay out of the way of the bullets 
and good luck on your private enterprise. 
Before I leave Annapolis. I just want to say 
that I hope to see you all in the fleet. You all 
will live on in my memories. But if I don 't see 
vou. I hope you all live to be a hundred, for 
only those who have the "right atufC. will live 
to see the Autumn of their years. 

Fifteenth Company 387 



Dennis K. Baker 


Hagerstown, Maryland 

Civil Engineer Corps 

Denny is a Maryland native who entered 
USNA via the nuclear aavy. Possessing an 
abundant amount of professionalism Denny 
soon found he was expected to share it with 
of his squad. The word sweat 

nted with DK 


stripping the floor with rmgernail brushes'^ 
Having heard how smart midshipmen were, 
Denny began to sweat the comtng of Ac- Year. 
How was he to know that three years and 
many "blown off study hours later he would 
atiU have a 3.0. Maybe vegetating is good for 
you. Denny's weakness for junkfood became 
apparent youngster year and he soon became 
a famihar sight "drinking a Pepsi and studying 
Mech E.". His musical awareness was also 
tested that year. After a few weeks of "The 
Who" and guess the music. Denny decided it 
was time for silence. Denny could always 
respond to a challenge and as a certified 
aqua-rock he certainly was tested After many 
hours of perfecting his strokes, he breezed 
through the 40 Yr swim. First class year and 
the arch-villains of the ME dept then decided 
to take their shot at Denny Finding himself 
with three of a kind at 4-»eeks the ante was 
raised to a nuke career, and knowing Denny's 
luck he waa beaten by a 1r5*&^c -checker with 
a full house. On his way to the supply corps 
he was saved by the Duke who was looking 
for s man to handle a . 46 in one hand and a 
shove! in the other. I pity the fool who crosses 
paths with a fighting Seabee. Good luck 
always little buddy, you didn't want to be on 
a submarine with a slob like me anyway. 

Micheal Barry Chase 


Daytona Beach. Florida 

Mike came to USNA from the sandy shores 
of Daytona Beach- While at the Academy 
Mike led a varied life. It all started Plebe year 
when as a Midnigh t Raider Mike began 
stealing double-barreled sling shots from 
long-haired mids. At Christmas break he was 
visiting bis favorite animal. Camel, when be 
made a mess on his Mess Dress with Ralph. 
Mike also made fast friends with an aie 
handle held by a disgruntled papa. Youngster 
year Mike lifted himself out of the sewer into 
the Penthouse. In his second year he found out 
his knowledge of statics ran out at 59 
whereupon he changed his major. Second class 
year Mike became part of the abuse squad. 
Mike was so popular with one girl he not only 
left her speechless be also left her breathless. 
Knowing a good situation when be sees one 
Mike drank all of her liquor while she was 
resting in peace. Spring break saw Mike 
subdue to his animalistic needs and tag along 
with something of the female gender. First 
class year Mike could always be found eating 
at Wendys. Mike became infamous by calling 
bi8 immediate superior and leadership 
example a head. This has been the 

condensed version, for a copy of Mike's 
Exploits into the Twilight Zone write your 
neighborhood magazine store. 
AWARDS: Y'oda lookalike contest. 

B.S. in Tactlessness 
P.S. Where are mv gloves 


388 Sixteenth Company 

"-'^^ v^Ti--^^-rt-.«^y^-y. 




Christopher Clay Collins 


Morgantown, West Virginia 

Electrical Engineering, Navy Air 

The blinding Hash experienced by the 
population of Annapolis on the morning of 
July 8th. 1980 was not a nuclear detonation: 
Chris Collins, Mr. Sun extraordinaire, had 
arrived Hailing from the sligh tly Indus - 
trialized stMe of West Virginia, Chris is the 
man of the eternal smile His good nature and 
caaualnesB have carried him through the ups 
and downs of life here at USNA- Plebe year 
was a cinch ■ for a while. It is debatable 
whether or not Chris' amazing hair style had 
anything to do with his becoming a fecal 
magnet. Not one to let things bother him. 
Chris began a new and adventurous life 
youngster year. He participated m normal 
activities such as the Arwy-Navy inebriation 
contest (Kangaroo ugly is an understa- 
tement!), and tension relieving Hoodtramids 
(Pam sure was great therapy, eh Chris'*). Chris 
passed through a slight manliness crisis (let's 
be friends and develop a meaningful relation- 
ship) with flying colors, proving that in 
actuality his mmd did not lack a Clint 
Eastwood-like thought process of a true 
fighter Speaking of fighters. Chris was a 
sporadic member of the Military Studies 
Association, amd more than one night saw him 
hulking over a game of "Squad Leader" or 
"Third Reich". At one time he could, with 
little difficulty, recite the serial numbers of all 
Panzerkampfwagon V'a in the 1st SS Panzer 
di\ision. Much of his time was devoted to 
studying, however, and bis long hours staling 
over EE have paid off; Chris will graduate with 
honors and a new hairstyle (he succumbed 
under pressure). Chris ' future as a Na\y pilot 
looks bright, as long as his habit of dropping 
miscellaneous objects doesn't follow him, and 
we will all miss this great friend and soon to 
be great officer Good luck. Chris. We sure had 
some great times! 


Edward P. Dennin 


Haverton, Pennsylvania 

Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear 


Ned strolled into the Academy on l-dav 
completely unaware of what he had started 
Not one to be bothered by trivial details like 
inspections, chow cslls, or homework, Ned 
cruised through without letting many things 
get under his skin. A good all around athlete, 
he decided to try his hand at something new 
here at Naiy and soon became the number one 
hitter on the men's volleyball team. Ned 
became known throughout the ME depart- 
ment as a relaxed and really laid back student. 
Almost everyone had witnessed him "laid 
back" sound asleep in wore than one class. 
This style of learning, however profound, 
earned Ned a respectable QPA and a spot in 
the subsurface navy when be finally decided 
that subs were the place to be. 

Ned's friends will always remember him for 
his outspoken manner, his knack for partying, 
his 'colds' the day after, and all the times we 
spent hours shooting the breeze in his room. 
Don 't forget the parties after Army games, the 
great Green Machine, and all the road trips 
we took in it to every girls school around. None 
of us could find the perpendicular plane Ned, 
so I guess you'll have to go subs alone Have 
fun, take care of the family we all know you 'II 
have someday soon, and remember that ''Pride 
Runs Deep. " 

Joseph A. Doyle 


Georgetown, South Carolina 

Marine Engineering, Nuclear 

Power Submarines 

Joe came to us from the sunny shores of 
Myrtle Beach. He and Huckleberry soon 
became the midnight raiders during plebe 
summer. During plebe year he became a 
connoisseur of cheap beer and women. 
Youngster year Joe met the Deputy Dant and 
accidently decorated his shoes with old beans. 
Some of hi a dates weren't too lively, but that 
didn't bother Joe. While on Protramid, as a 
member of the party animals (3-c). he met 
Scarface over a year before the moiie was 
made That same summer Joe tried to enter 
the Demolition Derby Circuit, but didn't have 
much luck. He was one of the first to get a 
car, but the last to drive one iFix It Again 
Tony). Besides pinochle and hearts, another 
hobby of his is being a human bunsen burner. 
Junior year he found a home as a member of 
the illustrious penthouse, where contrary to 
the wishes of Rey, he had to feed the birds. 
DING' That same year he got indoctrinated 
into the "DEAD" way of life, which took him 
from California to Connecticut to Norfolk, to 
who knows where'* Joe could be found most 
of the time at Rardin's (not the bar. and 
thanks for the sponsors), occasionallv at 
topside 's (try the other side Joel, and 
sometimes going out with his sister. Joe spent 
part of his time as 16 co. adviser, with a record 
of 2-0. Thanks again!! Joe chose submarines 
and not singing - Thank God! Joe. lake care 
of yourself, all the beat, and remember - see 

Michael E. Edwards 


Margarettsville, North Carolina 

Physical Science, Navy Air 

It took a while for Mike 's soft-spoken 
Southern personality to get a strong foothold 
on Academy life. A bit shell-shocked from the 
hectic pace of plebe year, due mostly from the 
constant harassment of a paranoid- 
schizophrenic tlrstie, Mike lost over thirty 
pounds from his 1-Day frame. One big notch 
up the ladder, youngster year brought an 
unexpected change in both his roommates and 
bis intended major. Appointed chief taster in 
the gourmet dining club of room 7127. he 
contributed notably in the concocting of a 
choice "Chablis de Chesapeake." Mike was 
also an active member of the "Dark Ages in 
Dahlgren" ECA — paying his weekly five 
dollar dues. 

Spring of youngster year, an unexpected 
angel dropped in on his life at a Notre Dame 
Mixer. All of a sudden, weekends took on a 
new light: P E. tests lingering over from plebe 
year were polished off promptly. Mike 
attacked his last two years at the Academy 
with renewed determination. 

He absorbed the shock of plebe year, 
endured the introduction of country-western 
music to his life youngster year, and survived 
the rough roads up to Baltimore for two more 
years. Not to mention, he still has that 
"unexpected angel" by his side. Continued 
success in Navy Air is guaranteed for Mike, 
a special friend to all who know him. 

Sixteenth Company 389 



James Thomas Foster 


Alvin, Texas 

Applied Science, USMC 

James Thomas Foster (Jim) left the Sandy 
soils of Alvin Texas for the sidelines of 
Annapolis. Jim holds the record for missing 
the most classes. After plehe pep. Jim would 
beach himself. Jim has lived by the motto 
"Don't let going to school interfere with your 
education " and he hasn 't. Jim s first Army trip 
included dancing with a lamp and "bring me 
a trash can". Jim made friends quickly at our 
pie be dining-in by saying "bring it on 
". Jim had no problem in getting 
roommates youngster year, they were picked 
for him. Youngster year included his first 
Vous-trip. Me now rents an apartment above 
it to cut travel costs. 2nd class year was his 
indoctrination to the penthouse (R.I. P.) Jim 
has slept in various places, the wrong frat 
house (UVA), janitor's closet (Mary Wash.), 
lobby (G-Town). Remember, "rise and shine 
corpus. " 2nd class year saw Jim's tweety legs 
get playing time "pile jumping" to get his 
name on the radio. Later he got a sweater to 
keep warm. He learned how to use the back 
door at the Vous, the sink in the attic, and 
how to spot landmarks (the Tuhorg Factory). 
Jim didn't want NorefUl for his hangover but 
he did want 3 stripes. The Lt. wanted to 
inspect Jim's coffin but be was undressed, 
reading the paper in bed, no stripes. Jim s Ft. 
Lauderdale trip was a "hea\y" memory from 
Teddy 's party, remem ber amazon woman, 
whiskey wisher? Jim's bed saw an occasional 
visitor. Jim does deserve credit but bow about 
the following: the nurse, Shelby, Cathy (Mary 
Wash), Susan in the Rambler, the gymnast, 
Robin Hood, Lisa-Goucher. KeUey -snaked- 
fm-Eddie. Eileen (Wash), Janet. They deserve 
some credit. If some aren't mentioned, it's 
because he's too ashamed. Best of luck in the 
corps. "See you there. " 

John B. Hartman 


Cherry Hill. New Jersey 

Aerospace, Navy Air 

Across the table, he stood at rigid attention, 
eyes burning with fire. This was my first look 
at John Hartman, alias Capt. Intensity. I 
realized right then he would be a hard man 
to keep up with. I didn't even have the 
strength to mat^h his facial expressions. From 
that day on Hartski attacked every aspect of 
Navy with limitless energy. A natural athlete, 
with a love of pain, John breezed through P.E. 
and terrorized tb e Ugh t weigh t field. 
Academics couldn't stop him either, even the 
dreaded aero major. Late nights at the 
computer, rereading physics and thermo books 
again and again were all in a day's work for 
Hartski. All his hard work led to a Co. 
Commander position and induction into 
Gamma-Sigma-Sigma. Partying was also a 
pastime of Johnny's, and he didn 't take it easy 
here either. Late night dancing, air guitar, 
Rutgers trips and the deadly sambuca proved 

After flirting with the Marines for three 
years John went with Navy Air in hot pursuit 
of the stick of an F/A-l's. JB will make a 
superb pilot, especially since he won't have to 
worry about his keys or cassettes. Johnny will 
bit the fleet with a running start, like be often 
did our doors. So heads up P-cola. don 't stand 
in the way. As spokesman for the Intensity 
Squad I wish the best of luck to a great friend. 
May God bless you as you reach for new 
heights and greater goals. Those of us below 
will be pulling for you. 


WiUiam Scott Heys 


Seattle, Washington 

Systems Engineering, 


Federation Report: Frontier explorer Wil- 
liam Scott Heys. 

A long time ago, in a galaxy far. far away. 
Bill Heys set out on the first interstellar 
expeditionary mission to the planet earth. 
Arriving in Annapolis on the 8th of July, 1980, 
Bill immediately put his superior intelligence 
to work in improving the technologically 
inferior human society. In adapting to the 
American way of life. Heyser has added a 
colorful perspective to the U.S. Naval 
Academy. He cruised through plebe i 
camp and plebe year with only m 
to his superstructure, and still managed to get 
in a few yoga sessions. Bill has had a slight 
problem in being the only astronaut in our 
class: his shuttle tickets home to the Crab 
Nebula for leave periods have cost him a 
considerable sum of money. I guess the Nuke 
bonus is good for something! youngster year 
Bill found his karma in the systems 
engineering department, and he immediately 
assumed the leadership position of 
Commander-in-Chief, Systems Gouge Trio. 
Bill proved that he could do the work of three 
men. Needless to say. Hank and Captain 
Midnight owe you a few beers, Bill! Second 
class year saw Heyser opening new doors, 
delving into the human pleasures of wine and 
women. However, we're still waiting for his 
voice to lower a few octaves. Bill has another 
claim to uniqueness: be is one of the only avid 
s upporters of the Seattle Seahawks and 
Mariners. Have they gone pro yet, Bill? No 
other person has made such a positive mark 
in 16th Company's history, and Bill's 
invigorating presence will be missed by us all. 
Nuke power could not receive a more capable 
mariner, and there is no doubt that we'll be 
hearing good things about this man in the 
future. Fair winds and following seas, Bill! 

Robert Brent Jenkins 


Richmond, Virginia 

Political Science, Navy Air 

Jenks came to us from the land of the 
Wahoos: Richmond, Va. After the initial shock 
of USNA he had to perform those distasteful 
things like wearing uniforms and worse yet 
getting a haircut. Hobbling around on 4 legs 
instead of 2, Brent decided to try stunt driving 
with little success. Later that year Wheels 
discovered women; the problem was be got bit 
by the snake and saw "one of the ten ugliest 
girls in the world. " He then became the proud 
owner of one of the infamous "wheels. " Tough 
finding a space huh Jenks? Got the McKown 
spot, Fraay! He made many road trips during 
his stay including a high speed return from 
Bait, tours of the city, and the search for . . . 
bird or ripple? Almost a track star. Jenks was 
the only mid to outrun his pants after a rough 
workout. His other athletic skills include 
slashmg, darts (nice dartboard), and the great 
outdoor cathedral downstairs race. Outstand- 
ing academics led Jenks to an early parole at 
Georgetown grad school. A poly sci major who 
also had interests in zoology (Panda Bears) 
and mythology, having studied in depth the 
Greek God Thor. We'll never forget the shows; 
the top hat, salt pile or dayglow. Jenks leaves 
US as a Navy Pilot to fly where the sky is 
yellow and the sun is blue! Good luck Jenks 
cause Lord knows you've done your time 
gettin through! God Bless 



390 Sixteenth Company 


Michael F. Johns 


Alpine, New Jersey 

General Engineering, Marine 


Out from the jungles of New Jersey came 
Mike, and we could almost swear he was 
wearing cammies that hot day in July of 1980. 
As the days got hotter, so did the firsties and 
Mike was always quick to respond with a yes. 
sir. no. sir. or was that just a rasp"^ The bets 
came early on among us on whether or not 
Mike would be the first to commit himself to 
a lifetime of grunting, short haircuts, and 
loving women. The hints came in early as Mike 
hooked up for some pre-Quantico training 
nitbin the yard in the form of a shell and to 
the command of "stroke." With the climbing 
of Herndon, Mike now bad a chance to test 
his tactic^ skills against the women of the 
world- But that was too easy for Mike, so he 
decided to shave bis head that first summer 
in order to make it more a challenge That 
summer we found out Eddie, oh. I mean Mike, 
was just not suited for Na\y Air as everytime 
they put him in a plane, he would bead 
straight for the side door and the quicker route 
down. Just couidn 't keep the girls waiting- 
Jumping out of a perfectly good plane. Mike, 
yo u passed our psych ological tes ting for 
entrance into the Corps. With the next sport 
season Mike decided to chill out as he bit the 
ice for Na\y- Just scoring a goal was not tough 
enough for this crew veteran, he wanted to be 
on the receiving end of an 100 mile an hour 
puck. Finished with target practice. Mike only 
had one essential skill left to refme before 
service selection, a command voice. Opportun- 
ity knocked with the plebes of '87. and Mike 
taught the much needed skill of Up-reading to 
his squad- Well. Mike, now I must get going 
m order to get in line to cash in on my bet; 
good luck and go easy on the Corps. 

Stephen C. Lanier 


Brunswick, Georgia 

Marine Engineering, Nuclear 


Steve came to USNA. already determined to 
teach us the fundamentals of abuse- He set 
himself up as the bead of the abuse squad and 
led bis troops into battle on such diverse 
operations as Hood. Goucher, Trinity. Prince- 
ton. UVA. College Park. Ft- Lauderdale and 
the Frieda bunt in Dahlgren. Steve also 
founded the Steve Lanier School of Tact to 
teach us the finer points of etiquette. His 
motto was "If I don't get none, neither do 
you. " Phone calls at all hours of the morning 
were a Lanier trademark that always started 
out "Guess What?" Steve was the biggest 
Dawgs fan in the Brigade, following them to 
two Sugar Bowls, which be can't remember 
On youngster cruise. Steve proved m France 
that you don't have to know the language to 
be tactless and went skinny -dii^ping on the 
Riviera. Youngster year in Boston. Steve got 
off the bus and said "Look at all the damn 
Yankees!" On the way to Army that year. 
Steve got people to open their windows, even 
though they were in North Jersey. 2/c summer, 
Steve was one of the 3C animals and he found 
the bat which from then on he always wore, 
even to the Ring Dance. His favorite place to 
be was m a Jacuzzi with a honey and a case 
of Black Label at a Marriott- First class year. 
Steve rediscovered his childhood hero. Dusty 
Rhodes, much to our chagrin. After Rooster 
puts in his time at grad school and in the 
nuclear Navy, we '11 look forward to seeing him 
on Championship Wrestling from Florida on 
Saturday mornings. Thanks for all the good 
times. Steve. We'll never forget you. even if 



Kent Christopher Mann 


Bremerton, Washington 

Political Science, Surface Line 

"They said he would come; from the North, 
a man of great strength!" Kent did indeed 
arrive on day 1 of July. 1980. fulfilling the 
age-old prophecy- Due to his gargantuan 
stature and his possession of a Hyborian- 
forged broadsword. Kent was not long in 
acquiring the nickname of "Conan". Kent's 
North was not Cimmeria. but Bremerton. 
Washington. Bremerton 'a weather has left him 
undaunted (it's a nice home; for a duck'), and 
I'm still Mickiefied about the reasons behind 
his pilgrimages back to "God's country". Kent 
came to USNA because he knew "what's best 
in life". Aak the '87 plebes of Foxtrot 
Company. From I-day Kent has made an 
enormous contribution to 16th Company. 
During plebe summer he was very rodent 
"Mr. Jagietlo! What's wrong with 
ate Mr. Mann! He ees sleepeeng 
on dee floor - stupeed! Mices and theengs 
gonna crawl all over hees body!" (Max 
BlandonI During youngster year Kent tried a 
variety of majors. He finally settled on the SE 
major — Study Evasion. How about those 
Poly Sci majors! Of course, those weekends 
with Lynn were very time consuming. Kent 
also joined the Men 's Power Volleyball team 
that year. He did very well considering bis 
tendency towards hypochondria. First class 
year (second class year was a study in 
vegetation) he became an avid reader; maybe 
be will actually read a textbook before 
graduation. Most of the year Kent was on The 
Far Side. "Say! What's a mountain goat doing 
way up here in a cloudbank!" He also became 
very dress conscientious (since Mrs. Mann, bis 
mother, became a color consultant, Kent ha.^ 
gone wild). Don't tell bim that Phil Donahue 
wears Camel's hair blazers too! As Kent is 
destined to excel in the Black shoe Navy, we 
wish him the best of luck. He 's been a very 
good friend. Fll get the lights. 


Henry P. Matlosz 


Cranford, New Jersey 

Systems Engineering, Nuclear 

Power Submarines 

Ding! From Symbo's garage and the 
Ratskellar came Hank. Two days late but 
complete with black glasses and eyestrap. The 
only noteworthy event of plebe year was his 
first escape to Georgetown which left him fiith 
a flat tire and an extensive road tour of DC. 
Hank slipped comfortably into the youngster 
syndrome with his dartboard and whiteworks, 
soon inheriting Foster to make life interesting. 
With R Gorman as ICOR be moved up to the 
penthouse 2/c year. Back from class (when he 
went) Henry immediately went into lamp 
mode and out came the cards. Pinochle and 
Hearts replaced systems as well as week night 
outings to the Boat and Dead night, 'ry, 'rage? 

Henry kept busy with his Far East Studies 
at the library, child care, and penthouse 
acti\itiea. He traveled far and wide with his 
one wheel, a Granada and a GO NA VT thumb. 
His constant quest for California was finally 
attained after leaving us in stitches after 
Tubby's wedding. The Jf2 member of the 
A-team (between Skylab and Rooster) 
managed to fool the admiral and will soon 
board the nuclear navy. Though he'll soon 
reach Independence Day he'll never break the 
ties that bind. 


Sixteenth Company 391 


Warren Anthony Mazanac 

The Maz 

Harwich, Massachusetts 

Applied Science, Nuclear 


FTNA, DTG — The day had come for The 
Maz to sacrifice hia soul (hair, personality, 
eunligbt . . .) for mere money. His NA career, 
however, had been a fulfilling one. The Maz 
came here with the intention of participating 
in a varsity apart, but be became a aaiior 
inatead. Hia real athletic ability rested in an 
uncanny control of hia sphincteral I can atill 
hear it! The Glee Club lost quite a baritone 
when The Maz decided to sit on his talents. 
So. sailing gave him several varsity letters as 
well as many memorable sunsets and 
Moon-Reys. Generosity was one of The Maz'a 
attributes. I can vividly remember him 
returning from liberty having left aeveral 
items of clothing across the River. What an 
Amy-able fellow The Maz was in his wilder 
days! But True Love, by the name of Michelle, 
aoon captured our spinnaker thief and turned 
hia life into the ball -and -chain existence that 
leaves him happier than "Coffee and 
Captain ". Good Luck Maz! Jimmy Buffett was 
supposed to be a Naval Academy Grad. but 
he just sang about and left the rest to you. 

Ronald McDonald 


Detroit, Michigan 

Physical Science, Marine Surface 


Mac was a man who was never caught on 
the abort end of the stick. He could find a way 
out of any tight situation, and if he couldn't 
he'd just "rash". He could never be found 
without an outfit for the occasion, from his 
right shoe to his laid do. If G.Q. was in the 
market for a representative from NA VY, Mac 
would be the top aeed. not only for his suave 
personality, but also for his everlasting role. 
He maintained bis role at all coats, even if he 
had to "imp" from our role to make his more 
helluva. Mac got a laugh upon every 
introduction, but his antics earned him even 
more colorful names. Sweet Legs for his 
unorthodox running style on and off of the 
football Held. "Ooul" was given to him by the 
"boys" on the ball team. LMAN for his 
frequent absence from Mother B. And his 
lateat for his dreams of grandeur "McRourke ", 
or Mac Nyce as be would prefer it. We were 
all very proud as be geared for bis 30 yd. TD 
against ARMY. No one deaerved it more than 
MAC. he paid hia dues. We will never laugh 
longer or harder than we did in Pasadena at 
DBOY. All in all he's been the boy. even 
though bis duty schedule keeps him busy 
Continue to have a good one Mac, because we 
will. It won't be the same without you. (E & 
Jake) — I'd like to thank my Mom and Dad 
for their endless support. Bowls, you'll never 
know how much. E. Jake, Nat, J. R., 
Hank-Glo, Yo. E. R.. Maniacs, {hand me a cold 
one from the fridge SILK) and anyone I 
forgot, I Love you all. 

P.S. I miss you Jags. 

Andrew M. Meurer 


Tampa, Florida 

Oceanography, Navy NFO 

Drew joined the ranks of Canoe U. the 
summer of '80. trading hia bathing suit and 
Florida sunshine for chow calls and geek- 
glaaaea. Never the showboat. Drew succeeded 
in being the unknown mid for most of plebe 
year. Plebe Year also brought brief wealth in 
the form of a gorgeous but hidden stereo. 
Youngster Year and a certain tailgater 
changed everything though, and from then on. 
when be could be found, be was usually 
working out or selling stereo components for 
weekend funds. Second class year brought a 
diamond ring and chapel date into our 
financial wizard's life, as well as a Mustang 
which he was constantly repairing when he 
was not playing Company Social Rep at Notre 

Once feared to be a narcoleptic, physical 
fitness was now a big part of Drew's life, with 
six hour jogging trips into town, bike rides to 
Baltimore, and superman imitations down 
Charles St. 

After serving his country bravely in Beirut, 
our highly decorated hero returned with the 
abinieat Firebird ever to grace the streets of 
Crabtown, only to come to bis senses and trade 
it in on the inevitable family wagon halfway 
through the year. During the week nothing 
could get under Drew's skin except maybe the 
threat of a working weekend impoaed by 
Pokey's sidekick. 

After graduation. Drew is headed for P-cola, 
where be will be busy learning to be an NFO 
and Chris will be busy feeding their many 
bachelor dinner gueste. 

Beat of luck and "get P-3'b"! 

Dean A. Miller 


Dun woody, Georgia 

Marine Engineering, Nuclear 

Power Submarines 

Dean came to the Naval Academy because 
hia family was too poor to send him anywhere 
else. Once times were so bard at the Miller's 
that tbey bad to sell one of the planes. Even 
though Dean came from the school of bard 
knocks, he didn't let it get him down. He 
quickly assumed a leadership role among hia 
classmates, becoming known as Field Marshal 
Miller (C'mon guya! Get in step!}. When 
academics began, the former wrestling 
champion showed he wasn 't just your average 
dumb jock by quickly climbing to the top of 
his class even though classes in Sampson were 
taught in a foreign language, English. Not 
much was heard from Dean until second class 
year when Penthouse ceased being a source of 
bedtime stories and became a way of life for 
him. Who will ever forget Roxanne (120 
MPH), a "Smokey and the Bandit" special 
onlv a man's man could handle? Dean 
managed to drive it anyway, only wrecking 
twice, both times because be had something 
more interesting at band to think about. First 
class vear. Dean switched bis preference in 
vehicles to the back of Rooster's truck and his 
preference in women to the tattoed variety 
(Let me out here!) He also discovered a new 
form of entertainment that kept him running 
to the change machine for more quarters. 
Dean went to the Ring Dance second class 
year. As a firstie, Dean was placed in charge 
of regulating the amount of cereal leaving the 
wardroom, and met the one mid who went 
through money faster than him. We're all 
going to miss our favorite nuke, although when 
he's a rich and famous civilian, I'm sure he'll 
bear from all of ua. 


392 Sixteenth Company 


David M. Osen 
Captain Midnight 
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 
Systems Engineering, Nuclear 

Dave arrived at USNA from the average 
mid-American town of C-burg. Pa which 
quickly became Easter HQ of the abuse squad. 
He was blessed with a typical Ail-American 
family of 2.6 kids of European descent and 
with a father who was a child psychologist. 
The former Eagle Scout made such an 
impression on hia first squad Idr. that she 
called him "noticeably unnoticeable". What 
bis background did for him was to give him 
the ability to room with anyone. He was the 
referee for two years of Frankenstein vs. the 
Testtube Baby and spent two years keeping 
Sharpy from getting a Section 8. When it was 
time to pick majors, Dave gave up Crew for 
Systems with this decision began the greatest 
bunt for gouge in Academy history. With help 
from Henry & Bill, Dave forged bis way 
through Systems. When Dave wasn't gouge 
hunting he was accumulating nicknames like: 
Bos'n Osen. the Rabbit, Ra. power Boater. 
After 4/c year. Dave was picked by Uncle A 
to be the first midn deep-selected for Capt 
when he was named Capt. Midnight for his 
habit of arriving at odd hours of the night. 
Dave was very popular with the ladies while 
at USNA. Aher two years of Chops and late 
night visits, bis parents breathed a sigh of 
relief when they found be was dating a New 
Hampshire scholar. During 2/c year, be did his 
best to entertain bis Hood College fan club, 
but after 1/c cruise, be changed bis interests 
to oriental studies. Dave has joined the Nuc. 
Navy and will run Silent and Deep upon 
graduation. May continued success with 
women and work follow him into the Fleet. 

Sherman L. Neal 


Georgetown, South Carolina 

Physical Science, Surface Line 

In an environment where strict adherence to 
the rules and crack discipline are the plan of 
the day for most mids - Silk was the exception 
to the rule. He didn 't break the rules often. 
But he just had an inconspicuous way of 
making them adhere to the concepts of Silk 's 
Code. Fraternities at the Academy - unbefird 
of; three striper libs since third class year - 
wouldn't dream of it. And there is no question 
that TVs, toaster-oven broilers, J. D. and J. 
B. (close friends), coffee pots, and other illegal 
paraphernalia are illegal in Bancroft Hall. He 
is probably only one of two people who hasn 't 
been to a Bancroft barber since 1-Day. (His 
roommate is the other.) 

To mom and dad (World's Greatest 
Parents), my sisters and brothers, thanks for 
the love, encouragement, and chow packages. 
"Thanks" is the cheap way out, but I owe my 
life in speeding tickets. To Mr Ms. Wilson. 
Ms. Bowman. Mia, Farlene. Foncia. and 
Juanita - a lifetime of love and happiness. You 
gave so much and asked for so little. To my 
frats - Drow. Scoob, and Wait - "No band of 
brothers could be more loving". To Mac - pass 
the Bacardi and turn up the TV. My special 
love to Michelle and to so many other special 
friends acquired to the years I surrender. 

Establishment of fraternities, sororities, or 
other similar fraternal organizations at the 
Academy is not permitted (Midn. Reg. 0438). 
Go Omega. Beat Navy. 

Omega Psi Phi 'til the day I die!!! 

So iong Navy. You are a beautiful sight in 

David L. Nenna 


San Diego, California 

Aerospace, Navy Air 

On 8 July, 1980 Rad bit Maryland. 
Unfortunately, the interpretor was left on the 
plane. Those first few months ofplebe summer 
we muddled our way through gnarly, bitchin, 
primo, cougat. and of course, rad. Actually, it 
wasn 't so much the quantity of words brought 
over from San Diego, but the density of each 
sentence those first few months was pretty 

Initiation into Gamma Sigma Sigma came 
early for Dave. Membership is not easy, but 
Dave was a shoe-in with a hefty four points 
above his expected average after the first 
semester. Afteraii. Dave was a born aeronau- 
tical engineer, and was always able to spew out 
the right formula for the test. 

Along with the G-dot came many other good 
deals for Dave. Youngster cruise he was off to 
Pearl Harbor, first class cruise was spent in 
Australia and Dave got extra lucky when be 
was sent to Air Force. Dave turned over a new 
leaf as be traded in his Mustang for the 
exquisite, finely tuned German sportscar. As 
a banana it did fine, but dress it up first class 
summer and Dave just couldn't take it out. 
except with the help of a tow truck. Most 
people are satisfied with just changing the oil 
every three thousand miles, but Dave always 
went for the complete tune-up and so the girl 
had to go also and a fresh one installed in her 

With first class year Dave hooked up with 
Captain Intensity and hairy and intense came 
into his life. But the Rad lived on and now 
Dave's beading for Pensacola. the peach is 
calling him. Hopefully he will use some of that 
thousand dollars the Navy gave him to cut his 
curls before bis career full of inspections. I'm 
sure vou won't make any wrong turns in a 
nicely heated F-14. 

Mark Alan Patterson 


Huntington, Maryland 

Applied Science, Special Warfare 

Life is like a wheel, so it's the going, and 
not the getting there. 

Going and coming, coming and going. Mark 
has been running around in circles ever since 
he left the maternity ward of Anne Arundel 
General 22 years ago. A token NAPS graduate, 
he eventually made his way back to Annapolis. 
As a plebe year walk-on. he ran his way to 
prominence by becoming captain of Navy's 
Cross Country team and a multiple letterman 
in both indoor and outdoor track. While hia 
dedication won him the respect of coaches and 
teammates alike, it also won him an invitation 
to his OB7I girlfriend's wedding. When be 
wasn't running. Mark traveled to keep going. 
At times he seemed convinced his Honda was 
a Ferrari, laying a nine mile skid in a ten mile 
ride. Seeking to expand horizons, he traveled 
to Europe, where he acquired a taste for 
certain Swiss sweets. Hia other voyages 
included Spain (meals of tequila and bread), 
New Orleans, and who could forget Pasadena, 
with its starry nights and Christie clear 
mornings. Never an overly excited or terribly 
exuberent person, many were surprised when 
Mark chose Special Warfare for his service 
selection — you know better but I know him. 
Best of luck with the Seals. Summer, and 
remember: the wheel is turning and it can't 
slow down . . . 


Sixteenth Company 393 




Charles Kenneth Perkins 


La FoUette, Tennessee 

Electrical Engineering, Nuclear 


Old Reliable is brought to you by the folks 
in East Tennessee. After a year of "real 
school" at UT Charlie made the trek to Canoe 
U. - who ever thought going to school in a 
National Park could be so much phun. After 
a three week whirl-wind romance (talk about 
robbing the cradie!-but a three year old?) 
Chuck had enough photos of the "Kid" to 
paper his room. A sudden Stack attack took 
care of his UlegaJ plebe year stereo-shame on 
vou Tuna. A quiet youngster year primed 
Chuck for June Week escapades. He single- 
handedly rewrote Moby Dick by haxing the 
greatest whaling adventure of the last century. 
Thar she blows ■ Maria the Whale'. Old 
Reliable made his mark by bringing Tim D. 
home to the World's Fair. Poor Tim, he made 
a great exhibit. Following tradition Charlie 
both gave and got rings at the Ring Dance, 
sealing his fate forever. First class year saw 
Chuclc come out of his shell in Pasadena by 
dressing up his brother as a mid I no. it wasn 't 
Halloween). Will the real Charles Perkins 
please stand up; HO. HO. HO! Hey. who loves 
ya baby? 


Jon E. Reimer 


Colorado Springs, Colorado 

Electrical Engineering, Navy Air 

In from the slopes of the Rockies of 
Colorado skied Jon that beginning July day of 
1980. Ever since then. Jon has looked for the 
easy way through; in fact. G has become 
aynoDomous with him ■— ask me. Seriously, he 
does work hard at some things. Last year he 
was once involved with horizontal stress 
analysis for over 22 hours, a definite record 
What else are those mid-semester, unofficial 
vacations for anyway. I think he needs a new 
alarm clock; one he won't sleep through. 

During bis spare time, Jon 's been preparing 
himself for the day he gets to sing the National 
Anthem in the Superbowl. He'll get Paige 'd on 
that occasion. Actually Jon had quite a good 
time as a member of the Glee Club. He kept 
a record of all the trips he took in his Black 
Book. The trips are almost over now. but he's 
still having a won-Dee-fuliy good time. Too 
bad Sue. Sue and Pen. I wonder if Jon decided 
on his singing adventures that September 
night out at Middleton's Tavern or the night 
of the 1980 Company Dinmg-in. On second 
thought, not on those nights. 

Jon is all set for Navy Air; waiting until the 
last night before deciding whether to don the 
Blue or the Green. I sure hope Dee and the 
Misfit don't mind P-cola. By the way. I 
wonder if they have big oak trees in Florida? 
Best of luck Jon; see you on the beaches. 


Sean Thomas Roskey 
Mr. Boston 

Framingham, Massachusetts 
Applied Science, Navy Air 

. . . first there was one, then there was none, 
and now there is one again. After that fateful 
XC meet in the fall of his junior year. Mr. 
Boston became a weekday only resident of 
Annapolis -— preferring 34th St to 7-2. The 
only thing that kept him in Annapolis on 
weekends was his dedication to the NA VT 
distance corps. One of the pillars of the team 
(what with 6 letters and 2 seasons left), he 
took some flak for not heading out after-hours 
with Newms. Poodle, and Scummer but after 
the gun sounded he was right where he was 
needed. Four years of college (or attending 
USNA) are enough for anyone; and the 5 yr. 
plan was too much for the CSBs as computers 
fell victim to outside interests. 

Time travels when you go from one fiasco 
to another — especiailv in the company of 
dik-runners. The NAVY XC mark is' left 
everywhere we travel; from Gabe's Cabin to 
Camp Da vid (a t leas t for a night) to 
Switzerland (Grassier, Gimmelwald, and 
Feldahlossen forever!). It's up to you Woody. 
Stoner. Ron. John, Wade. Can you carry on 
what was started before even us, before 

Can NAVY AIR and TPAC fill the void? 
May your successes continue through NA VY 
AIR and beyond. 

Williani D. Sanders 


Los Alamos, New Mexico 

Mathematics, NFO 

Bill came to USNA from Los Alamos in the 
"Land of Enchantment" and for four years 
managed to keep up the worlds longest lifeline 
back to home. Plebe year. Bill's natural agility 
allowed him to become proficient at going over 
things; on the o-course or just AROUND the 
yard. During the next two years Bill found 
that he had an excessive amount of free time 
on his hands, (much to the sorrow of his 
friends/victims). To fill this void be embarked 
on a number of hobbies and ventures of 
self-improvement, (much to the sorrow of his 
shower curtain). In the pursuit of these many, 
varied, and sometimes short-lived endeavors 
he became something of a master chef and a 
competent distiller. Finally Bill found a home 
in the Men 's Volleyball Club where he quickly 
rose to the rank of president and fashion 
consultant- Bill kept us guessing right up to 
service selection before he finally did the 
smart thing and went Navy Air So Bill's off 
to Pensacola with the cherished hope that 
major geographical upheavals will cause a 
large part of the southwest to fall into the sea. 
creating the potential for NAS. Los Alamos 
and more duty in heaven. Good luck in the 
Navy, Bill. The good guys don't always wear 
white hats. 

394 Sixteenth Company 

Alexander V. Sharp 


Butte, Montana 

Applied Science, Navy Air 

Aiex ■ a study in contrasts ■ Butte 's 
contribution to a long family tradition of - 
NAVY. Thafa right. Montmia {Montana" A 
state"), where men are wen and sheep are 
nen-ous. Under that mischievous facade lies a 
"sharp" wit, a keen intelligence, a professional 
attitude and a genuine friend. A pohshed 
circumventor of the bureaucracy - a job will 
be done quickly and efficiently. Sharpy took 
the 'SI plebe detail by storm as keeper of the 
log 3/c year Aiex met Laura-one. He could 
leave on a date with a dollar in his pocket and 
return with change On some of the more 
memorable dates, they drove ail the way to 
MacDonough Hall parking lot. 2/c year Sharpy 
finally found out what it was like to live nitb 
a white roommate. He took leave from the 
abuse squad for several weeks that vear to 
earn a black N and membership in the EMBC. 
Spring found Sharpy at Hood every weekend 
seeing Laura-two. After 1/c cruise. Alex drove 
his Seville cross country from San Diego, and 
finally made it with 4 speeding tickets and a 
new engine! He maintained the company's 
moat expensive wardrobe - right out of GQ - 
and taught us all how to dress correctly. Na\y 
Air is the right choice as his antics during the 
past 4 years have been good training for the 
"serious" business of flying. However, we all 
can be thankful for the fact that there are few 
shopping malls on the decks of aircraft 
carriers. We salute you, Alex ■ you put some 
fun into the past 4 years and we have all 
laughed together. 

DMO and DAD 

Alexander Peterson Smith III 


McRae, Georgia 

Economics, Surface Line 

Smif came to the Academy from the State 
of Adventure and he has been looking back 
toward it ever since. At the end of Plebe year, 
firsties would ask him what company he was 
in. This was an indication of Smif s visibility 

Youngster year Smif led the beaut ification 
program in Phiily by helping grow trees. Smif 
also found his niche in society by going out 
with any girl from Connecticut he could find. 
At the end of the year a trip to Tennessee 
resulted in talking to girl scouts. Second class 
year Smif was UNSAT. First class year Smif 
made many road trips, including trips to UVA 
and Pittsburgh to cheer on his two favorite 
teams: Navy and The Atlanta Braves. He also 
made an unforgettable trip to Georgetown 
where he finally broke his one rule: He went 
out mth a girl who weighed more than he did 
Smif has always loved iced tea and fried 
chicken, I just hope he can find it on his 
cruiser- Good luck in the surface fleet. See you 
in five years. 


Tracv Dean Smvers 
T. D. 
Boyd, Texas 

Oceanography, Navy NFO 

In fine, considerate striper tradition, T. D. 
would like to aid those who share his quest 
for weighty collar devices, so he asked me to 
list those activities which prepared him for his 
semester of leadership. 

1) Go to a small high school. Then, your 
picture can appear on half the yearbook's 
pages. (This is no good unless on many 
occasions you show all your mid buddies how 
popular vou were in high school- Pretty soon, 
you'U be everyone's friend at USNA too.) 

21 Be considerate while visiting Sleeping in 
the shower is especially recommended as this 
prevents the messing up of an extra bed. 

31 Set an Academy record m the half mile. 

41 Follow the four rules of women to the 
letter /Corollary to ff4: Practice your opening 
lines e.g.. While wading in the ocean, look 
down and ask two pretty girls. "Have y 'all seen 

51 Ingestion of LFCD's can aid in the 
solution of any problem. 

61 Be beat man on those occasions when you 
decide to go to formals. 

7) Answer your striper fact sheet honestly. 
This gets you noticed. 

S) Never drink beer straight from the 
pitcher. This makes riding in a Scout very 

9) Keep your desk top bare to facilitate 
clean room. If you must have 
ntation, try to limit it to one piece of 
armadillo dung dressed up as a bird. 


Robert Alex Stephens 


Ozark. Alabama 

Applied Science, Naiy Air 

When Bo left L.A. (Lower Alabama) for 
Annapolis he was more prepared than moat 
since he already had a sponsor and brought 
along a brother for company. After going a 
round with his roommate Bo thought he had 
mastered plebe boxing — he learned different- 
Iv in a bar over spring break Second semester 
saw the beginning of a drought that would last 
for a year and a half — not even a stop in 
the Lone Star State after Youngster cruise 
could end this drought. Bo found himself in 
Myrtle Beach for Easter and his birthday 
Youngster year. On hia birthday Bo started 
the celebration at noon — four score and 20 
beers later he ended it sleeping peacefully. 
Always a good golfer Bo found a Rose on the 
course that spring and the drought soon 
became a flood on Second Class cruise where 
Bo had a girl m every port. Bo joined an ECA 
Second Class year — The Wednesday 
Afternoon Activity Club — an active group of 
2 or 3 members with common interests, 
fishing, golfing, drinking .Bo went to Ft. 
Lauderdale for spring break his third year and 
had to sell his body to eat. Bo. always popular 
nith the ladies due to his southern charm and 
BS borrowed an idea from the Braves and 
went on a double-header date, good thing Kris 
and Laura never knew! Bo settled down and 
spent most of First Class year with Barb — 
even took her home to meet the folks!? Bo's 
ability to change D's to B's during finals, and 
find the gouge got him to P-Cola where I hope 
he is "Happier than a pig in manure. " Good 
Luck Romeo! 



Sixteenth Company 395 



396 Seventeenth Company 


nHnmVfVIHKLUUlVJl LIumLXLii. i uiuilir 

David P. Anderson 

Corn head 

Kirkwood, N.J. 

Ocean Engineering, Surface Line 

After a year at prep school. Dave arrived 
at Annapolis with high hopes and a knack for 
sur\iva]. Plebe year saw him awarded his 
nickname and he spent his next four years 
Imng up to It. Dave quickly showed his 
leadership ability when he marched us ail out 
to Elastport for pizza and beer. Plebe yeai gave 
way to youngster cruise and an eye opening 
experience in sunny California. Dave met his 
first love who just happened to have a black 
Porsche. But that quickly faded and Dave 
plowed his way into second class year a proud 
father. But parenthood was not to be for Dave 
and first class year finds him making that all 
familiar trip to Hood College. Academics have 
always been on Dave 's mind. His will to 
succeed was always stronger than the 
Academices attempts at failure. The future 
will certainly find Dave a successful engineer 
getting lost on his way to work. In his four 
years at Navy Dave never let us down for a 
moment by always carrying a smile and a 
positive attitude. After leaving Annapolis 
Dave will be traveling to Charleston. SC 
taking with him a refined innocence and a 
determination to be a successful surface 
warfare officer Just don't forget to tske a 


Lee A. Barker 


Powder Springs. GA 

ESE Systems, Navy Air 

From Powder Springs to the shores of the 
Severn, Lee came with his backwards accent 
and a strong desire to fly for Na\y. Lee quickly 
established himself plebe summer when the 
knucklehead squad first heard that high- 
pitched southern drawl screeching "Irene 's her 
name they say she's best" as we marched along 
the streets of the Academy- Whenever Lee 
could pull himself away from the halls of 
Maury we found him either sailing for Navy 
or falling from the skies. Well on his way to 
getting those gold jump wings Lee managed 
to distinguish himself as the only midshipman 
who could hit the side of a house. We hope 
Lee has better luck flying planes than he has 
had jumping out of them. Good luck at 

Seventeenth Company 397 

'* '&•>• 


William H. Freeman 


Killeen, Texas 

Naval Architecture, Naval 


Freebird, as be is commonly called, was born 
in and claims residency from Killeen, Texas. 
Everyone knows, however, that he actually 
fares from all over the VS., seeing as his 
father is a cohnel in that "other" senice. At 
any rate, he is an enthusiastic supporter of 
America's team. As a pleber, WHF was a 
sailing jock. His biggest problem was that be 
could not find a wetsuit thick enough to keep 
his poor old bones warm. He has this terrible 
problem called: "I fall out of boats a lot," a 
good thing he is not going surface line. WHF 
became quickly dissatisfied with this and 
decided to concentrate on academics and 
intramurals. As a naval architecture major, 
WHF saw it would be difficult to get through 
academically unscathed, so he joined the I'll 
pull a C out of my ass in the last week club 
and has been a thriving member ever since. 
In intramurals, WHF is never afraid to accept 
a challenge; be took on the coaching 
reaponsibilities of the 17th company B-ball 
team and led them to a stellar 1-9 season: not 
everyone can be taller than six feet, besides, 
they beat 18. WHF is probably moat famous 
for his recital of "1001 aggie jokes" to Lt. 
Aggie at our Christmas party. I think Lt. Aggie 
was not too amused. The thing about USNA 
which disappointed Freebird the most was its 
lack of a ski team. You see, William holds 
delusions of being Jean-Claude KiUy. Some 
day he may really have bis Austin -Healey, but 
I doubt it. I won 't say anything about his many 
wild women or several exotic religions because 
be must live with this for the remainder of his 
days. I do enjoy drinking with Freebird and 
I am sure that he will be a terrific Naval 
Aiiator. Don't forget bow to punch out. May 
the sun and moon always shine upon your 
path, and may the winds of time blow softly 
acroea your doorway. 


398 Seventeenth Company 

David E. Berko 


Kings Park, New York 

Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear 


Dave-o migrated south from The Island, 
leaving behind his cozy home, good food, and 
high school sweetheart to continue a family 
legacy established at ser\ice academies. Dave's 
head was full of the idealism, moralistic virtue 
and youthful innocence that speaks for an 
entire generation. Needless to say, none of the 
above sur\'}ved during his four year residency 
in .Annapolis. 

Academics came easy to the Boy Wonder, 
as Dave managed to make Dean's list every 
now and then with a minimal amount of 
studying. Training as a Mecb-E provided 
enough of an edge for Dave-o to be screened 
and selected for nuke power. He has yet to 
realize that be can't go "o 
submarine, as Dave was 
during his four years. 

Despite years of being battered i 
rugby and soccer, Dave lived in relative 
comfort. He was known for his pioneering 
work in testing the Admin Conduct System by 
improvising fashionable uniform styles and 
room standards. These accomplishments 
earned him perennial status on a year-long 
restriction squad. 

Dave's easygoing nature disguised the woes 
be confronted with women and cars. Luckily, 
Dave had better luck nith the fairer sex than 
with bis '74 Mercury Crapi, as the latter bad 
the tendency to turn against bim. Love dag 
its claws into Dave's back more than once, yet 
be managed to survive unscathed and still 
mellow The qualities of the true gentleman 
that Dave naturally exhibited continued to 
attract the ladies without end. Dave-o is surely 
destined to meet with glory, honor, and a safe 
return wherever the submarine force may take 
bim. Fair winds always. 


r the wall" in a 
fond of doing 

William J. Faucher 


Worcester, Massachusetts 

Economics Marine Corps 

Fauch (Fosh) arrived at Annapolis a 
seasoned veteran of the FLEET. As may be 
expected. Bill was not terribly enthused with 
life at the Academy. Not to say that Bill's an 
unenthusiastic person — you see, Bill simply 
directed his energies towards pursuits which 
are not necessarily encouraged by the 
administration. As a serious contender for 
ratiest plebe. Bill developed bis characteristic 
talent for getting along with superiors. From 
his famous confrontation with "Uffy", to worst 
room in the company, to Army-81. to D.C.C.. 
this talent has ser\'ed him well. While excelling 
in rumbles, boxing, company football, and 
pounding brews on the docks, Fauch still 
maintained a good reputation with bis 
academics and his position as honor rep. 
Among the underclass, he's undoubtedly best 
remembered for bis flaming tendencies. In 
fact, these tendencies prompted several 
faint-hearted plebes to pack their bags. 

First class year saw Bill grow more at peace 
with the world, if not the Navy. Perhaps 
Michaele had something to do with this. But 
make no mistake — Bill will never become too 
"mellow and worldy", as evidenced by bis 
aptitude for "macho games", the "van" at 
Myrtle Beach, and bis membership in the 
exclusive Southern California swim club 
(Pasadena. Dec. '83). Suffice it to say that Bill 
will always be a formidable foe and a true 

See you in the GREEN, Jeckel. 


Robert J. Gundlach 


Terrace Park, Ohio 

Marine Engineering, Surface 


Plebe Summer — Knuckleheads (Where did 
we go wrong?) O'Kane and my tongue, Mr. 
Suggs, Virgil, my VSN ID., exceUed at 

4/c Year — Timmy's, Charlies', and the 
Buzzard, Snake and Sel. Craig's Bears, rating 
the rack, tally sheets, where's Cornhead, 
Weber and his chowcalls, snake and his 
pregnant women (T), I've got the world on a 
string, I need some wiiine, Pritchard. 

3/c Year — Har key's party (where were all 
those girls?}, Har key taking on Skull and Mac 
with the jelly, the stern look, the lookin's free, 
Army in the Pbilly subway, Snakette and her 
prom, Hey Buddy ■ yeah you, Rooming with 

2/c year — BoUardhead, the Gang of Five, 
camping at the Naval Station, a Wiedemann's 
Army, where's Wendel. suuure, Piel'a and 
bologna sandwiches in Norfolk, Oceana with 
Foxy, selling Piels for 25<i a can, converting 
from acid rock to new wave, hanging out with 
five Trinity girls all at once, loaing my wheel 
on U.S. 50. 

1/c Year — SSBN 61 7 (Stir Crazy), yeah 
buddy — no problem. 12 hours of Dunoon 
Scotland, flying back to the states and getting 
my VW demolished and losing my Trinity 
connections all in a weekend, Plebe Detail 
(Boy was I tough), rooming with Virgil then 
losing the Red Man to the fleet, loving that 
chicken from Popeye's, hanging out with Pat, 
Ed. and Bunk at the Richards, hot tubbing, 
the Ford Ranchero, the van, stuck in the sand 
with Boy George, tailgating with the LT, USS 
Moosbrugger (thanks ADM McKee). 

Best of luck to the Gang of Four, the 
Harkeys. my SWO Brother John. Pineapple 
Head, and all my other friends and acquain- 



John Patrick Harkey 

Bloomingdale, Indiana 
Applied Science, Navy Pilot 

Pat CAtne from a graduating class of 64, four 
wheel drive trucks, a forest two blocks from 
bis bouse, and a definite accent. It was bard 
for bim to get used to hod, being raised on 
blue jeans and T-sbirts. 

A poorly made rack and tbe word "sure" 
became bis trademarks, along nitli tbe annual 
Form-'J for not meeting prescribed st^andards 
of cleanliness. .After a cert-am tsckle snow 
football game gave hsm tbe ultimate John 
Wayne walk, and a certain female on tbe 
weekends, academics were an uphill climb- 
Probably tbe only person I know who could 
take her home to meet bis parents, then 
having to leave her there while he flew back 
for a surprise Axe Board- Lea\ing alive and 
the only engaged youngster, he hopped right 
into second class year, discovering rugby and 
earning platoon leader first class year. Bui 
after a nice scar over the eye. plus a small 
incident with a certain girl falling asleep at tbe 
wheel, bis rugby career was ended second 
semester in favor of Navy Air 

As Seventeen's "expert" on mechanics, he 
was aJwayn willing to let us know what be 
thought, as the June week wedding comes 
near, be leaves us with these thoughts: 

"If you're not having fun, you're doing it 
wrong. " 

Though together we Ve been only four years, 
you guys are tbe best bunch here. Without 
your friendship and support I'd have died, and 
parting makes me almost cry; God bless and 
take care. 

William Meade Harrison 


Bainbridge Island, Washington 

English, Marine Corps 

the Marine 

How long hav 

All my bloomin' life'. Me mother was a 
0-Club junkie, my father was a Na\y Pilot- 
I was born on two skies and rocked in the arms 
of an opponent. "Borrowed" Kahkis and 
Cammies are me clothes. Every tooth in me 
bead IS stained; tbe hair in my head is gone. 
Every bone in me body is broken, and when 
I spits, I spits Cope! Ise hard, I ea I am - 
I was. 

Ah, yea! As the numbers rolled on, and the 
dreams of Navy Air dwindled, our brother did 
not despair. For be knew he 'd accept the Corps 
as he did good ole USNA- Coming from a line 
of Naval heritage. Bill did his best not to 
conform to the system, with a little influence 
from the "Boys of 'SI " Constantly testing tbe 
accuracy of the Hall clocks, nothing could 
keep Bill from a quiet weekend, whether it be 
a midnight swim in Dec. at J-V.'s, a sleep at 
the Chaplain's place, or a struptease at the 
Thrift. Not to mention tbe Friday night card 
games and Sat- morning hangovers. Over the 
years, his "love" has stretched coast to coast, 
north to south, and wing to wing. But it seems 
a surprise Ring Dance date (Sorry Lee Ann) 
shocked Bill into the real thing and he's been 
"faithful" ever since. His spontaneous 
presence will be missed by all, the Ruggers 
included. But none will ever forget our fallen 



Semper Fill 

John C. Heiss 


Ellicott City, Maryland 

Mathematics, Surface Line 

I write this very biography as the grizzly 
stands proud amongst his peers on a Friday 
evening. USNA finally caught up aith him- It 
sure took them a long time It was never 
John's fault. He was the unfortunate victim to 
incredible peer pressure He had very high 
standards to live up to. Tbe gang m '81 
introduced Bro and him to John V and the 
adventures started from there. We all know he 
flagged the first PCR just to be like Pager 
What tbe heir This was John's backyard and 
nobody tells you when you can or can not go 
out into your own backyard. So when there 
was a craving for some emotional rescue at f ' 
of M or just to drive a bucket of balls nitb 
Milierman. John complied. The summer he 
was drilling the plebes was his first major slip, 
but a rainy day and a lazy judge 6 months later 
solved that problem. 

Overall, John's experiences at CSNA are too 
bountiful to be wasted in some nuclear 
engineering plant, so we are all glad he had 
joined the real Na\y to pass on to his men 
what you can only learn by doing. 1 7 will miss 
John ver\- much Beat of Luck. 


John H. Lerchbacker Jr. 

Lorain, Ohio 
Mechanical Engineering, 

Jack came to USNA fresh out of high school. 
Immediately, those of us in the 1 7tb platoon 
could see that Lerch was prepared for life as 
a mid. who else brought spiffies on I-Day'^!'^ 
Jack was 4/c Co- Cdr. for tbe academic year 
He even roomed in tbe "back shaft" as a plebe 
while being subjected to the various leadership 
styles of its inhabitants; "We love it here sir'" 

Jack gained renomi for studying with 
intensity. His high marks didn 't come easy, be 
earned them the hard way. A British 
midshipmen exchange and Pep Band road 
trips provided relief First class year brought 
Jack Hve stripes as Brigade Ops, and his 
marriage to bis car. It was a beautiful white 
BMW, and Jack was as eccentric as an old lady 
with 100 cats in caring for it. 

Good luck at nuke school and afterwards in 
the submarine fleet. We all need you. and 
others like you on our first line of defense. 


Seventeenth Company 399 



David L. Lihani 


Lexington, Kentucky 

Political Science, NFO 

Dave blew in from the wastelands of 
Ken tucky. determined to perpetua te the 
warrior mystique. His goal was to serve his 
country as a Naval Officer. But the deeper 
reason for coming to Annapolis was to reap the 
benefits of a free education. This being the 
esse, then Dave has succeeded. Gifted with a 
keen awareness of his surroundings and a 
quick wit verging on the bizarre, Lonnie was 
a natural bull major. Able to form an opinion 
on any issue, Dave convinced the polisci 
department to let him complete the academics 
here in three and a half years. He escaped the 
last semester of Ciratie year as a Real College 
Student at Maryland. Even the extra workload 
(rack time) on regimental staff couldn't slow 
Dave in his pursuit of the ladies. Established 
in an Arnold base camp, Dave wandered in 
and out of weekend forays from Baltimore to 
Belgium, always on the Fun Wagon. 

It took Dave nearly three years to convince 
himself that the Academy was the right choice. 
Driving t^nks in the Army disappeared, since 
be discovered Navy air to be the true Gateway 
to a Great Way of Life. Visions of flying a 
mahogany supply corps desk faded at 
pre-coms. It seems Dave's eyesight just wasn't 
bad enough. 

A true friend and a great listener to any 
classmate with a problem, Dave could be 
counted to get the job done anytime. 
Undoubtedly, Dave will find much happiness 
and success in the Naiy, and beyond. 

Move, Move we've got the gift of life. Go 
and shout it from your roof mountain top. 
Give it to me once and give it to me twice. 
We've gotta keep movin', we've gotta keep 

James (Jim) E. Lindsey 

Genz (Wild Man) 

Vernon, Texas 

Marine Engineering, Submarines 

Jim. haihng from Vernon. Texas, came to 
the "Trade School" via NAPS. At NAPS Jim 
specialized in Calculus and SaJve Regina His 
indispensible attendance during EMI, at 
company parties (The Point), and the EM 
club, will always be remembered. Jim, playing 
a very mean trumpet, became involved in the 
a ward winning band ' 'Sea Breeze ' ', bes t 
remembered for their break-out performance 
at "Fat Peoples". On 1-Day, Jim appeared to 
be in a haze, but he quickly recovered and 
started marching (as usual). He is a charter 
member of the "Timmy's Pocket, Sleeve, and 
Collar Club". Hawaii on Youngster Cruise was 
tropical. Joined the 3C Traveling Circus for 
2nd Class Summer. Jim started that awesome 
5 day bloat at Dam Neck that got 7 
accomplices sent back to Mother B. "Jim", the 
12 year old shouted, "my mommy wants to see 
you. " First Class Cruise Jim traveled to 
California and researched beaches. He then 
backpacked from Yosemite to Mt. Whitney. 
Snow, rain, and hungry bears eating all his 
supplies could not stop this intrepid back- 
woodsman. Academically Jim started slowly 
but gained speed. Culminated in a 4.0 his 
second class year. Jim was and is the solution 
to problems when the Gouge fails you. 
Athletically, he won the 165 lbs. plebe Smoker. 
During Batt Football he booted a 51 yard field 
goal. First class year he pumped iron, lots of 
it! Don 't tell Jim that 30000 sit-ups in 30 days 
is impoasible, he might have to prove you 

Jim: scholar, friend to all, trumpet player, 
iron man, athlete and submariner. Best of 

Clifford M. Maurer 


Orefieid, Pennsylvania 

Oceanography, Civil Engineer 


If there's anybody in this world who you 
should look up to it's Cliff The "tower of 
power" ia the only person I know who has to 
undo the bottom of hia bed before he goes to 
sleep. Speaking of sleeping, we always 
wondered where CUff did his real sleepin'. 
Needless to say, this was a very well kept 
secre t. La tely, ho we ver. Cliff has been 
occasionally occupied with a beautiful South- 
ern Cal woman. She has a personality, too. 
Strange that this stellar basketball star chose 
CEC and is going to be stationed in the San 
Diego area. The CEC corps should be glad that 
Cliff is joining them. Not only is he a great 
guy, but he 's been able to get some of the best 
grades at this school. I can't think of anyone 
I'll miss more than this roommate of mine. I 
hope and know that he'll do a great job in 
anything he attempts. I'll miss ya ' bud. I hope 
everything turns out good. Good Luck. Thanks 
Johnny V. 


David B. McClary 

Charlotte, North Carolina 
History, Marine Corps 

One thing Dave quickly decided was that an 
engineering major was out - not only was he 
too tough on calculators but when the bull 
flows that easily, well, why waste it. Plebe year 
went well enough with numerous practical 
jokes being perfected upon "Cum " and Mark. 
Mac kept himself busy youngster summer - 
reaffirming his love of "the Corps" on the 
oldest ship in the fleet, inspecting the Myrtle 
Beach bars (both nightclub and iron), and 
hanging from the cords of his 'chute at 

The start of ac year met him with an acute 
case of youngsteritis and many more classics 
yet to come. Dave held a membership in the 
Hilton's artic beer drinker's club, was a 
resident of one of the "best" room's in the 
company and was always one to start studying 
early (in the morning). 

2/c year found Dave somewhat preoccupied 
with academics and his future Mrs., but still 
possessing a great sense of humor and a knack 
for making us laugh. 1/c cruise saw Dave pay 
bis dues over in Hawaii finally getting a 
chance to be with the few, the proud. After 
all didn 't he come to USNA for drill? Just ask 

' of the guy 


much time studying, 
Mac often did better by winging it. as his 
improving grades showed. His tenacity and 
ability on the playing field, in whatever sport, 
are virtually unequaled. ("I was just going over 
the ball - really I was "). Dave has always been 
a true friend and he and Bernadette are 
wished the very best in the future, Semper Fi. 
P.S. Have you done any late night 
swimming in Pasadena lately, Heckel? 


400 Seventeenth Company 





Billv Lvnn McKinnev 

Tacoma, Washington 

Physical Science, Marine Corps 

able estimation. Bill c&we to the 
Boat School with 400 of Mother Ney's double 
cheeseburgers strapped somewhere. He quick- 
ly had those removed, and got dorni to a more 
reasonable 186 Ibf. during Plebe Summer He 
ranted, he raved, until finally, First Class Year 
It was "Love that Chicken from Popeye's." 
Motorcycle mags weren't enough. A motorcy- 
cle wasn't enough. Musclecsr Mania wasn't 
enough. A Barracuda was!!! Speeding tickets 
became Insatiable. 

Having bad a sister at school with him. Bill 
learned to cope with the realities of existence 
■Hev BiU. do vou have any money^" 

Bill's most memorable instances: Plebe Year 
- finiahmg: Youngster Year • aur\i\ing: Second 
Class Year - Quantwo; First Class Year - 
surxixing (a Reign of Terror imposed by a well 
loved CO.). 

BiU loves everything fast: cars, bikes, food, 
and women. Bill also loves the Corps! Quantico 
might never be the same again. BiU: scientist, 
humorist, trivialist, and Marine. Good luck, 
for when you laugh, the world laughs (Haaah). 
Always a friend. 


Joseph Russ Moulton 


Fredericksburg, Virginia 

Physics, EDO 

During his first three years here Russ 
concentrated on ensuring that his last would 
be worthwhile. His reputation as a scholar was 
suddenly established after bis first ibut not 
last) close caU at the library — he knew it was 
getting close to taps when the lights went out 
and the doors refused to open. That 
emergency door alarm really did work, didn 't 
it Rubs? And so the 4.0'a came and went until 
we saw stars every time Russie walked by 

But firstie year brought the transition which 
was to shock us all. First it was Susie, the girl 
be never could seem to shake off after she 
discovered his charm. Then there came the 
wild summer in that new Mazda, further 
exposing him tv the delights of social 
extravaganza. Moat felt that Russ would never 
recover after the nukes discovered be could 
only teU if a traff.c light were red by the 
honking of nearby horns. Yet he bounced back 
with vigor, coaxing those EDO's into working 
at MIT. and yes of course coaxing DoUy as 
well. Wild parties soon followed; Russ 
especially liked hot tubs for socializing with 
the ladies, or keeping me busy with his date 
while he searched restaurant trash bags for a 
lost waUet- Soon we lost count of bis juggling 
methods. Of course. Susie could only stay til 
5 cause Tammy was due at 6. 

Yes. Russ. rU have that drink at your 
favorite place on Friday night. I'U see you in 
Boston thia fail. 

Robin Keith Myers 


Cinnaminson, New Jersey 

History, Intelligence 

Robin came to the Academy from South 
Jersey, exit 4. Having made it through the 
summer with relative ease, he immediately 
found a friend in Crutch. Robin spent the rest 
of the semester outside her door. A sailor at 
heart. Robin could usuaUy be found at the 
sailing center and. despite the evil influences 
in 20, Robin made it through plebe year. 
Youngster year saw a switch to the big boats 
and a very light academic load. The foUowing 
year brought Hood quals, dean's list, and an 
unexpected three day extension of spring 
break. So Robin, how bard is it to saU a 52' 
boat through an Atlantic 
storm? That summer brought even more 
sailing and aU night friends in port. During 
first class year, Robin's goals were a Master's 
at U of M and a degree in skiing while at InteU 
school. Robin will leave many friends behind 
and we aU wiah him the best of luck. 


Joseph John Pasola 


San Antonio, Texas 

Mathematics, Surface Line 

JoJo came to the boat School from San 
.An tone by way of NAPS. Jose breezed through 
plebe summer and moved quite easily into the 
rigors of academic year Between Sat. 
afternoons at Pete's and Sat. nite at the Buss, 
he somehow found time to make the grades. 
He was never one to party alone so he found 
kindred spirits with which to associate. As a 
matter of fact. Sterno, Mills and Ginz were 
seldom without spirits. Remember "Guys. I'm 
gonna lose it" and "We're youngsters' sir!" Joe 
was always lucky and never got into trouble 
even when be got caught with girls or late for 
taps or both. Ten minutes to taps. Joe's Buzz 
with a girl. 0006, Joe shows up for taps and 
Mills takes the bit for letting him be late. 
Thanks Joe. I needed that! 

Youngster cruise found Joe in S.D. and in 
love. Cindy occupied much of his time that 
summer and next year. That year the boys 
road tripped to D.C. Remember "I need some 
M.F. wine" and Continental breakfast in the 
open air. 

Joe knew he was a first-class kind of guy 
even if he did have second class stripes. Thus, 
three-striper libs were in order. That's how be 
met Fat Sue, his pool playin' honey. 

When year ftnaUy came, it looked as if Joe's 
luck bad run out but not so. A brush with the 
Legs and an unwanted talk with the O.D. 
bought J.J. a pair of 5s. He somehow escaped 
with his life and only 1 weekend of restriction. 
An appointment with the atomic admiral and 
Joe knew nuke was not for him. He decided 
to keep his PlasticHead and not turn green so 
he went conventional surface. Joe's off to 
Pearl to find a Japanese model. I know he will 
do weU in whatever be seta himself to. Good 
luck and never forget the fun we bad, Swo Bro. 


Seventeenth Company 401 


Mark A. Prusinski 


Litchfield, Minnesota 

Aerospace Engineering, Navy 


Mark Prusinski is in some ways, well, a bit 
different than the norma] person. For 
example, most people get obnoxious when 
they're drunk; Pru is obnoxious when he's 
sober, but mellow when he's drunk. Most 
people crack up. their parents' car: Pru's 
mother cracked up his car. One way in which 
Mark is not unique, however, is in bis desire 
to Hv F-14'a. Mark knew he wanted to become 
a pilot as earlv as junior high school and 
shaped his career at the Academy around this 
desire. When it came time to pick a major, he 
chose Aerospace Engineering, figuring it was 
as close as be could get to the real thing for 
the moment. Another unusual thing about 
Mark is that he did well In this major. So well, 
in fact, that be found himself sweating bullets 
when the prospect of a nuclear draft was 
brought up. Mark was, not, however, so 
obsessed with flying that he couldn 't take time 
out to enjoy other things. He joined the Glee 
Club and for four years terrorized the United 
States with its subsidiary, the "We're There 
Club." Y'oungstfr year he even went out with 
the same girl more than twice. To commemor- 
ate the occasion he made her bis girlfriend, 
and they've been going out ever since. In 
keeping with Pru s tradition, AnnaMaria s 
parents hate Mark, so this may turn into a 
permanent affair The other love of Mark's life 
is his car, a British- Leyland MGB. His mother 
put it into the shop for the first time, but 
decidedly not for the last time: that car has 
already failed to start in two countries. True 
to form, Pru got what be wanted for service 
selection, and will be reporting to Pensacola 
one fine day m July. We wish him all the best 
and send him off with one of his favorite 
toasts: "You can pick your friends, and you 
can pick your nose, but you can't pick your 
friends nose. " 


Mark Douglas Robinson 


Fort Lewis, Washington 

English, Navy Air 

Mark came to the Academy from Rhode 
Island, or Kansas, or Alabama or . . . well it 
depended upon what day it was. Being an 
Army brat I guess be got used to moving a lot. 
He moved so much the plebes could never 
keep up with his podunk. 

A cross-country runner in high school, he's 
the kind of guy who calls a 5 minute mile 
"slow"- Off the track Mark has a habit of being 
late. In fact be didn't show up for plebe 
summer till Parent's Weekend. You can bet 
be wasn't ever late for a haircut appointment. 
That's because he never had one. 

Rooming with an artist was fun. Everything 
I tried to do in a simple, effective manner. 
Mark would change so it would be elegant and 
have "significance". His creativeness somehow 
seemed to brighten up a rather standard way 
of life. 

Mark was a sort of "World Traveler". You 
know "Join the Navy and Sea the World". 
That he did and he got a chance to see Italy, 
the Philippines, and Japan. He went and 
bought one of those blasted imported cars. 
Ever try to fit a 64' lineman into a Toyota"" 

Mark's wanted to fly all bis life, and God 
blessed him with an early flight school date. 
God truly worked a miracle by leaving the 9 
July AI date open just for you! He's a true 
servant of the Lord, always putting Jesus first. 
(Meb. 10:23). 

Sav "Goodnight" Mark ... "Goodnight 

U'HVC- Your brother in Christ. 

Robert K. Romaine 


Park Ridge, New Jersey 

Physical Science, Surface Line 

I have known only two people from Park 
Ridge, l^ew Jersey One was Ken Jagiello — 
another story m itself, and the other is Rob 
Romaine. Rob has had an amazing career at 
the Naval Academy. Not only has he survived 
every poeaible board thrown together, but be 
haa also survived every midshipman, other 
than male, who has ever crossed his path 
Many of us regret that this Navy "basketball 
atar" is now actually serious about someone 
Come on! This is the same person who 
practiced his delicate art on every imaginable 
surface. The astro-turf the fantail of a YP, 
cars. hiB room, probably your room and BOQ's 
to name a few. Oh yeah, golf courses too. Get 
the picture! Seriously though. Rob has spent 
hie years here accomplishing things that no 
other person has ever attempted. He has 
virtually rewritten Navy's basketball records, 
and who can forget, during plebe year, that 
come from behind victory over Army which he 
single handedly performed. Many of us will be 
sorry to see Rob go his own way He should 
do a fine job as a career officer in the LPD 
fleet. Imagine — CNO: Vice admiral Rob 
Romaine or Commandant of Midshipmen- 
Captain Romaine. Anyway Rob. good luck 
We'll miss you. Remember, keep vou cbin up! 


Robert Rovce Rowsey 


Mount Herman, Massachusetts 

Oceanography, Marine Corps 

FFLAM, the mystic spiritualist imbued the 
best qualities of the Roughriders - speak softly 
and cArry a big stick. After arriving here from 
Yankee Land, he found that the academic 
curriculum would offer no challenge (a 
perennial Dean's List member) so Rob turned 
to sports for entertainment and to satisfy hia 
quest for physical contact. He spent his plebe 
year pulling for Navy, but finding little 
physical violence be moved on to the Karate 
Club. Here Rob found a home for two years. 
Noone, especially his roommates, was free 
from Fflam's frequent demonstrations of his 
latest Chuck Norris Kung-Fu round house 
death kick. But to Rob's credit he always knew 
when to pull his punches. But this was still 
not enough, so as a finale Rob joined the 
Hockey team where he could thoroughly abuse 
human bodies and to his dismay, his own. 
Away from the academy Rowse was a first 
round draft pick of the Peg & Earl home for 
wayward mids. It was there that Rob fully 
developed the talents of beer chugging and 
csble viewing. In seeking refuge from the daily 
tria ls and tribulations of life, veg-TV was a 
godsend. RRR was also no stranger to the 
opposite aex. especially to a certain Puerto 
Ric&n Girl . . . Rob's tremendous ability to 
always appear related, yet perpetually ready 
to spring into action, has made Robert a 
natural for the Big Green Machine ■ To The 

402 Seventeenth Company 


Michael Salach 
Cameron, Texas 
Oceanography, Navy Air 

Mike came to the Academy from Cameron. 
Texas recruited for rifle. But rifle didn't start 
until November, so Mike faded into the 
woi.>dwork for the summer and first semester 
Once asked for the correct pronunciation of 
hi3 name, Mike gained another, "like Peach. 
Sir!" Rifle that year gave Mike the Hrst of his 
letters. Youngster year Mike saw the light, 
switching from Engineering to the rigors of 
Oceanography. Peach became a real mid in 
other areas though, with a girlfriend in the 
hall, dean 's list, and visions of nuke power. 
Second Class year saw Mike finally get his 
Hood quals and a kick in the face Undaunted. 
Mike kept going, getting st-ars. a squad, and 
another letter As a firstie, Mike hit the coast 
button m September with his three stripes as 
Rifle captam. Despite three striper libs. 
Peach's weekends started ending at midnight 
on Saturday. And who's ever heard of using 
an outdoor hot-tub in January, surrounded bv 
snow'' Even though Mike was tnowTi to 
change his service selection daily, he is finally 
Pensacola bound. We all wish thia future naval 
aviator the best of luck when he joins the "Big 

Craig M. Selbrede 


Middletown, New Jersey 

Mechanical Engineering, Nuke 


Craig came to Navy from Middletown, NJ 
always willing to remind us he was really from 
Illinois . . . we're still not sure why. Pebe year, 
for Craig was not quite the challenge it was 
for his sweat roommate. He soon learned that 
he could skate by. using one standard answer 
to every question asked .. "AAh" After 
validating most of Plebe academics. Craig 
moved on to second class courses. But be 
always found time to lend a helping hand to 
anyone with a question. In fact. Craig spent 
more time helping everyone else than he did 
doing his OH77 work. Youngster year opened 
many doors for Craig as he finally made Glee 
Club- He soon learned the finer points of social 
drinking and the many uses of such things as 
the common drawer. Craig became a founding 
father of the "We're their club" and reached 
his high point by pouring a beer on his head 
without any one ever knowing. Craig drove 
into first class year with his "Shelby" and a 
pitcher of Manhattans, determined to live up 
to the motto. "If you ain 't having fun vou ain 't 
doing It right"- Craig will no doubt do it right 
at nuke school and continue to enjoy life to 
its fullest- It's better to be number two and 
have fun than be number one and work too 
hard. Hail to the chiefs 

Robert A. Sichler 


FarmingdaJe, New York 

General Engineering, Marine 


"Buddy Sichlah" came to the Academy mth 
a Long Island accent and a determination to 
somehow evolve into an officer and a 
gentleman- He applied himself so diligently to 

this tAak plebe year that his 
accompanied by the word s 
year be discovered that he wa 
after all, and became that lo^ 
upperclass whom we all knew an 
there was another side to Budd: 
asserted itself only 


ble. laid back 

nd loved But 


alcohol intake. Thia aide can best be classified 
as "Long Island obnoxious"- An apt descrip- 
tion of thia state can be found by looking up 
"tactless" in a thesaurus In an all-out attempt 
to meet the challenge of his other half Buddy 
joined the Glee Club and Protestant Chapel 
Choir. Soon be became a member of the 
infamous "We're There" club and embarked 
on a CAreer of partying and fun which 
stretched across the United States and has 
seldom been equaled The success of this 
medicinal endeavor became quite apparent 
Buddy developed a modicuim of self-control 
in the face of obesity, and the phrase "Leave 
me alone. I'm just having fun "gradually faded 
from his speech The day finally arrived when 
he could confidently that "I've got twice as 
much class when I'm drunk as you gu\'s have 
when you're sober" How successful wa.^ 
Bobby in the accomplishment of bis original 
goal'^ The beat testimonial of ail came 
unsolicited from a certain Marine major over 
a glass of beer "There's a guy named Sichler 
in Seventeenth Company who's going to be the 
best damn Marine of them all!" Buddy's 
reaction? "I sure have him fooled, don't h" 

Gary T. Swain 

Orlando, Florida 

General Engineering, NFO 

Gary Swain left no doubt in anyone's mind 
when be came to the Academy that he was 
from the South- He had a southern accent, a 
rebel flag, and pictures of his aouped-up 
pickup truck- Gary never loat his love for the 
South, but it soon became apparent that this 
was but one of the unique characteristics 
which were to mark his career as a 
midshipman. One of the moat obvioua of these 
was his talent for hurting himself First it was 
a separated shoulder Then it was a 
reaeparated shoulder. Then it was an 
operation on a perpetually separated shoulder. 
Then, when Gary was finally getting over the 
operation, he hurt bis leg skiing The most 
amazing injury of all. however, was the broken 
foot Gary sustained while fencing. Fencing!! 
perhaps Gary s southern background had 
something to do with his success with girls. 
Lots of girla. Gary waa so successful, in fact, 
that on one occasion be found himself bringing 
one girl to a Navy football game and another 
to the tailgater afterward. Of the numerous 
girls who entered his life, however, only two 
stayed for any significant period of time. 
Gary'a high school aweetbeart Dee Anne was 
a large part of his thoughts plebe and 
youngster year, and from second class year on 
be was seldom seen without Ellen at his aide. 
Despite the diatractions caused by his 
injuriea and his girls. Gary found time to have 
a successful career with the Academy. He 
progressed from a "typical" plebe to a 
"mellow" youngster to "that flaming second 
class. " Somehow no one waa surprised when 
Gary was made Company Commander first 
class year; he had seemed destined for the job 
since be waa a plebe. Destiny does not 
neceasarily preclude occasional fun and games 
however. Eighteen plebes will long remember 
a rude, wet awakening in the middle of the 
night. As Gary takes off on his new career as 
a Naval Flight Officer, he ia followed by a 
heartfelt prayer from all bis friends: "May the 
injuries atop but may the girls keep coming. " 

Seventeenth Company 403 



William Harvey Weidenhammer 


Salinas, California 

Applied Science, Navy Air 

Bill thundered & crashed his way into 
USNA in the sumwer of 80 like a bull m a 
china shop - and he's been plowing through 
things ever since. He never opened his books 
but always got those great grades. Of course, 
there wasn't much to study about the 
split-back offense anyway. 

Somehow " Weeds " made it through plebe & 
youngster year without succumbing to the lure 
of civilian football or financiai prospects . , . 
these management majors often have delu- 
sions of corporate executiveness. 

Maybe Navy's Academic All- American will 
someday be on WaiJ St.. but, like the 
Academy, he'd still rather move it all to 
California, his home state ("You mean you 
came all the way from Salinas to frustrate me, 

So much ambition fuels an even BIGGER 
appetite. Why was it that wy chow packages 
seemed to get smaller between first & fourth 
periods ? 

When it comes to cruisin' down the streets 
of Crabtown. size & comfort are "primo" with 
Bill. The -Land-Yacht" is probably the only 
car that requires at least 3 harbor tugs to park! 

A big heart is actually the best way to 
describe my roommate of 2 yrs- He really loves 
people and especially loves bis Lord Jesus. But 
the real strength of this big guy comes from 
God. (Phil. 4:13). Whether in P-cola or the 
kitchen of a P-3. "His grace is sufficient 
(always!) for you. " BiU. (2 Cor. 12:9} See you 
in July Brother! 

Kent David Whalen 


Grand Blanc, Michigan 

Applied Science, Navy Pilot 

Kent came to the boat school from the 
heartland of America. Red-dog's alternatives 
out of high school were to work either for the 
Navy or for General Motors. With visions of 
starring on the tennis team, Kent arrived full 
of exuberance. Unfortunately, tennis was not 
to be. Kent faded into the background for the 
rest of plebe year. To all but his classmates. 
Dogger was the Invisible Man. It was during 
youngster year that Dog's wires short circuited 
and a fuse blew, as he found a solution to his 
academic problems in the form of a computer. 
From EE to Computer Science in one easy 
course. Without tennis, bicycle racing became 
Kent 's next sports interest. However, the thrill 
of the uphill climb didn't last too long 
Leadership came easy to Kent as youngster 
company commander and as a squad leader 
the following year. Kentley's real personality 
surfaced Second Class year while rooming with 
Mike, when beer displaced blood in his body, 
especially with women around. First Class year 
brought Company commandersbip and deal- 
ing with The Lieutenant. In addition to 
classes, hockey occupied Kent's free time. Ace 
nearly joined the nukes, until leveler heads 
prevailed. Kent will make his career with hia 
head in the clouds as a Navy jet jockey. All 
of us wish the ever friendly Kent the best of 
luck in all he does. 



Barry Robert Witte 
The Bear 
Albany, New York 
Chemistry, Surface (Nuclear 

Mild mannered Barry Witte. the pride of 
Loudonville, New York (fortunately it's on the 
other side of the river from Troy) came to 
USNA with the purest of intentions, known 
only to himself. It took us all a little while to 
figure out where he was coming from. Little 
did the men of 17 know that once this lad put 
on the uniform he would become "The Bear 
of Witte". The two greatest obstacles for Barry- 
were memorizing irrelevant plebe rates and 
Bleeping. This sleepless wonder would detect 
the change in air pressure when someone 
opened the door and be awake enough to tell 
you about it (as so often he did). Testimony 
can be given by all those on youngster YP 
cruise with Barry, who could not sleep 
underway. In spite of it all. the Bear was 
always good for his dry sense of humor. Who 
do you think made the fifth wing smell so bad 
that Friday morning? Chemistry was good for 
something (like retaliation) besides all those 
hours in the lab. Who could forget the man 
who turned company banking into big 
(non-profit) business youngster year? 

Barry went about his duties first class year 
with a zest matched by few others. He is a 
reliable and trusted friend. Best wishes for a 
successful career. See ya in Orlando. 


Geoffrey Alan Zimmer 


Duesseldorf, West Germany 

Physics, Nuclear Power 

Plebe year and Bradford 's history claaa were 
our proof of Zim 's naval heritage and 
Dusseldorf was one of the easier hometowns 
for us to learn. A die-hard nuke from 
childhood, "to the core", he played with his 
model sub for three years until Admiral 
McKee asked for sailing instructions over tea. 
And I was a smack? 

Alas, submarines were not his only love as 
he went through several girls worldwide before 
finding that the girl he'd left in Paris was the 
right one after all. First Julie, then Kari and 
finally the gorgeous Frederique. Love that 
accent. A ring, fur coat, daily letters, a photo 
album and long distance phone calls — no 
wonder he calls her "the wife". Not bard to 
believe he grew up with the girl. 

From women Geoff moved into fast cars. 
Keep babying that Scirocco, Zims, but I 
wouldn't wash her more than twice a week. 

Geoff was by no means a playboy, however, 
holding quite a reputation for acing courses. 
Maybe his genius came from those Genesis 
lyrics or those weekly episodes of "Cheers ". By 
the way Zims, how many 4.0's did you pull? 
I lost count. 

Well roomie, it hasn't been a picnic but we 
did have a few good times: a "wild" party at 
Mary Wash, "studying" at the Library, and 
the babes and beers at Bogie's. We'll have to 
work on the social life or you'll not have 
enough to tell the grandchildren. Whaddya say 
we tie a few on this Friday night? 

404 Seventeenth Company 




n!n«i8imB«nBVI«Jl.(JLUJ>L-liL LBvem 



Robert L. Aiken 


Las Vegas, Nevada 

Applied Science, Navy Pilot 

Bob flowed in from the quiet, peaceful town 
of Laa Vegas. He was stunned with the fast 
paced Crabtown; his first encounter with 
Maryland girls wasn 't until the night before 
1-Day. His first day here set the tone for bis 
career as he was caught in the rack twice by 
his squad leader. Bob fooled most everybody 
during plebe year . . . not by behaving, but by 
not getting caught. He and Spinuzzi fit 
together like Jock itch an cruei. Bob began 
dragging people into restriction during plebe 
year. Kiiroy was the Hrst (during the old 75 
and 2 days). Bob wore stars for one brief 
fleeting semester, then he began escaping 
SQPR's that began with a 1. Bob earned his 
Black "N" one Youngster Friday night along 
with Fred. Face, and Kilroy when they all had 
a simultaneous craving for tavern pretzels 
("We had a little beer sir, but that was to wash 
down the pretzels!"). The fun ended only 
yards from the wall with Bob bleeding from 
the head yelling "Go guys, go!" and shielding 
his eyes from the policeman's flashlight. Bob 
bad a knack for being there for some girls ' last 
night at the academy and other girls' first 
night out without their boyfriends, thus came 
the name Snake. Bob did his beat to re-earn 
the name . over and over again. Destined to 
be a pilot in the Aiken tradition and a 
fun-lover in the Lustre tradition, we ail wish 
him the best of luck. 

David A. Brumley 
Dave, Brums 
Camarillo, California 
Political Science, Navy Pilot 

Dave came to the Academy not knowing 
what he was getting into — he bad just heard 
that this was the place to go to be a pilot. He 
arrived from Southern California a little too 
laid back and mellow — at least for Serene 
Eighteen, with its unique definition of 
professionalism. 0615 was way too early for 
Brums, so he spent plebe year sleeping 
through classes. Sailing kept him off company 
tables for most of the year, but not out of 
trouble with the second class. He did all right 
after he learned how to play the game, and 
life became much easier when his roommate 
SuperPlebe transformed into the Face after 
the first year. They had some good times in 
the Wholigan Room, but didn't get too much 
studying done. Brums learned how to get 
around the rules quick enough, and was always 
lucky enough not to get into too much trouble. 
Though he lived by the law of "You Rate 
What You Get Away With." he took a little 
long to figure out that it works better if you 
don't tell everyone about it Well it was an 
interesting way to spend some time on the way 
to flight school. 

D. M. Caldwell 

Dave "Face" 

Fairfax, Virginia 

General Engineering, Surface 


Every once in a while, a guy comes into this 
place with one personality, and throughout his 
"sentence" here he adopts a variety of equally 
attractive faces. This was especially true of 
Dave Plebe year saw this guy as a true sweat. 
So much in fact, that he refused to cost the 
Academy $1200 in sand-blasting a "re- 
decorated" LA -area and Herndon monument. 
Youngster year he really relaxed and took 
advantage of the free time all Y'oungsters 
receive. He wisely spent his time designing 
"coat-hanger-like" items, and climbing the 
Wall. His Tirst (that's right, I said first) Class 
A came about when he and 3 buds had an 
unquenchable thirst one Friday night. (Oh 
well, who needs liberty during June week!) 
There's a rumor that Dave ended Youngster 
year as winky trunk-rider, but we better not 
mention that here. Second class year. Dave 
again "minned out," but he still managed to 
team up with Brums and become a truly 
dedicated Wholigan. Upon reaching his last 
year of Confinement, we lost Dave to the world 
of the non-returnables. Right again, Dave fell 
full force into LOVE. He loved this beautiful 
girl so much, that be was billing to give up 
a half semester of liberty for her. Yes. another 
Class A was upon him. (If they only knew just 
how much he really got away with) Here's 
looking at you Graduation. 

406 Eighteenth Company 


i TrrT» , Ti i TfTr;7iirn^- | — TT^ gaBBasB^^ 



Daniel P. Callaghan 


San Mateo. California 

English, Surface Line 

Dan embarked on the Neurosis Field Study 
from California, leaving everything he loved 
(except his water ski) behind him Plehe Year 
highlights include a shaved head, rooming m 
The Squirrel's Lair with Iguess who) and 
Captain Valium, spooning The Bean, squaring 
corners in civ\ies. and what we didn 't do to 
Cochran s shoes. 

Dan the Man moved on t 
Youngster Year, keeping " 
the Hogger and Big Cheest 
Boats, and wondering hov 
that trunk. Oh. and let s not forget the episode 
in Dahlgren that cost him his Conduct "A" 
With Oak-leaf Cluster 

The Scbleemer became famous during 
Second Class vear bv participating in the only 
VERTREP ever performed on a YP. and for 
introducing Bancroft Hall to Heineken on tap. 
A six-week vacation and sixty days on THE 
SQUAD brought about some painful behavior 
modification, but the Tiger Bounced back. 
First Class Year brought the War Wagon, 
symbol of raw horsepower, and a clerical error 
brought three-striper libs. Hey Tigers — Til 
miss you guys. Just remember . . . the game 
ain't over till the fat lady sings. 


I low profile" with 
. doing battle with 
■ Caldwell got i 

Mary Beth A. Chipkevich 

Hazleton, Pennsylvania 
General Engineering, Genera! 
Unrestricted Line 

It started with plebe year and the infamous 
Mr Massa and your geekers. Memories of that 
year are just gloomy all around except for the 
chow packages from Mom. Chip and Donna 

With youngster year as an Aero major you 
became one of those weekend recluses. I tried 
my hardest to talk you out of such a social 
negat endeavor but you were determined Wei! 
the following year the axe boards made up 
your mind for you and you ate your ortj 
words, "to have the full Naval Academy 
experience one must go to the axe boards." 

I always told you to open up and talk more 
about anything, but even if you had you 
probably wouldn 't have gotten a word in with 
my constant yakking about Mike, the mile 
run. and nothing. You always listened! 

You were affectionately refered to as 
"MOM"- As the most stabilizing factor in our 
class, you were always there for everyone. 

You really shocked everyone when they 
found out you drank J&B on the rocks at your 
famous parties. If they only knew about that 
one adventure at 3:30 A.M. 

The real clincher was switching your service 
selection choice at the last minute, and I was 
all ready for another two years with you as my 
roommate in Hawaii- What's that you changed 
your mind again, and again, and again . . 

Good luck Chip. I know you'll do well for 
yourself. I'm going to miss our coffee breaks 
and late night talks. You 're the fondest 
memory I leave behind at V.S.N.A. 

Take care of yourself for me. 

Love, Anne 

Lawrence J. Clark 


Buffalo, New York 

General Engineering, NFO 

Larry lived his plebe year on the edge of 
trouble. He excelled in the physical part of 
plebe summer, but the mental part landed him 
in come-arounds with "killer" Coons He and 
the boys got their time from Timmy's down 
to 7 minutes. He was in constant danger as 
mediator in Brums i-s Face room fights. At the 
year ending Ocean City trip he got several 
scars and two nicknames - Spiderman and 
Fred. Fred stuck. Youngster year Fred should 
have jumped the fence when he had the 
chance. He shouldn't have joined the PBP 
Club, and he should have left his pants on at 
Damn Neck. June Week in his room and a 
summer on restrictramid settled him domi. A 
gratefully less eventful second class year saw- 
Fred and Karl abuse every person who entered 
their room. Fred blamed everything from bad 
grades to post nasal drip on the "Rocket" 
Read. At year's end he finally brought Wilma 
down from Buffalo. First class year Fred rarely 
used bis three-striper libs because it's not 
nearly as fun when you rate it. His belly grew, 
he got his first B in PE, and he became a true 
member of the Chiefs Club with Hog. Cheese 
and Spank. In the Big. Bad. and Ugly room 
he claimed both big and bad although the 
argument still goes on His fondest memory of 
his Academy days will always be the time 
spent with friends (when he should have been 

Paul R. Cochran 
Catonsville, Maryland 
Political Science, USMC 

When Paul stepped off the bus in downtown 
.Annapolis he was inspired by the diversity of 
people here. It was as a result of this 
inspiration that led Paul to take an active part 
in affirmative action programs here at the 

On the subject of women I would like to 
dispel a grave misconception. Paul is. in fact, 
a very romantic person. Youngster year saw 
Paul with his first Academy relationship, this 
was. however, short lived. Never one to accept 
defeat. Paul plunged into the sea of femininity 
and found Rocko. But this was. alas, to be but 
a way station another road to true love. Paul 
left Rocko during second class year and took 
up nith the Iron Maiden. The Iron Maiden has 
Paul so enthralled in love and excitement that 
he has not gone in search of anything else and 
the couple are still together. 

Paul's attitude toward leadership inspires 
awe in all who got the opportunity to observe 
it in action. During Plebe year he did a 
comprehensive study of the "Nairn Method" 
of leadership. He attempted to utilize this 
method during youngster year but found it 
difficult to adapt to his lifestyle. During 
second class year Paul stood at the forefront 
of leadership technology with his own 
"Leadership by Contrast". This method 
worked so well that many who were under his 
direction are now studying this method for 
their own second class year. 

Now Paul is m the MARINES, well good 
luck in motor-T and. as they say down south 
of the border. "A.M.F." 


Eighteenth Company 407 


David O. Cooper 
The Rod 

Pebble Beach, California 
Physical Science, USMC 

David arrived at the Boat School as a 
spaced-out refugee from the land of the frusta 
and nuts. He quickly obtained the friendship 
of Mr Spaghetti who made it his personal 
duty to God and Country to drive poor little 
Davey out of the Academy. David survived 
Plebe year with the winning combination of 
a high and tight haircut highlighted by radical 
sideburns. Youngster year saw the transforma- 
tion of our hero into quite a womanizer as he 
stood voluntary watches in the Dogpen to get 
the first shot at the fresh meat. Second class 
year bro ugh t the tragic brea k up wi th his 
longtime California girlfriend whom be was 
planning to secretly marry during Christmas 
leave. Heartbroken, he returned to the Pen for 
a more reliable replacement A subsequent 
major change enabled David to enjoy the great 
Bociaj life in the Hall to its fullest. Second class 
year was highlighted by pleasant high-volume 
chats with his roommate Cack that climaxed 
one day in a lively pre-quarters wrestling- 
boxing-judo bout between the two lads. 
David's First Class year saw him realize his 
lifetime dream of becoming a real, live Marine. 
It will be interesting to observe how the Corps 
will handle this Sixties holdover who mellows 
out by playing "Puff the Magic Dragon" on 
his guitar. 

R. K. Darden 


Aurora, Colorado 

Ocean Engineering, Navy Air 

Karl arrived at the Academy from Mile 
High Country full of equally high hopes and 
enthusiasm. However. Plebe Summer and a 
roommate who bore a striking resemblance to 
Willard quickly shocked htm back to reality. 
Plebe year was kind of bumpy, but it didn't 
go too badly for him once he mastered the 
third law of the Navy. Too bad that wasn't 
until mid-April. Youngster year began with a 
bang and a crash: namely the sounds of the 
mirror in his room breaking into a million 
pieces. It became a victim of Karl's frustration 
after another losing battle with Statics. 
Second class year found him rooming with 
Fred. The two of them were quite compatible, 
one of the reasons being that neither believed 
in uttering a syllable in the morning until after 
first period. During First class year, he teamed 
up with Fred and Spank for a while in the 
aeW-proclaimed "The Big. the Bad. and the 
Ugly Room. " Exactly who was whom is still 
a subject of heated debate. You figure it out. 
Now that it's over. Karl wants to thank them 
and the rest of the bunch for the terrific 
friendships which are sure to last. He wishes 
the beat of success to everyone and has these 
parting words: Set your goals high and go for 
'em. After all. nothing is beyond the reach of 

Daniel G. Doster 


Lafayette, New York 

Resource Management, NFO 

Dan arrived at the Academy 
condition and remained that way until 
September Whether his damage stemmed 
from some strange allergy or a chronic upstate 
New York party hangover still remains a 
mystery. He struggled through the rest of 
plebe year while sustaining only a few bad 
grades and a few brushes with the upperciass. 
Dan still can't figure out why ail those second 
class got bent out of shape when be showed 
them hia ability to use sign language. That 
bird must still be flying around the L. A. area. 
Youngster year brought Dan new wisdom and 
good grades. He attributed his great academic 
achievement to the philosophy "don't try to 
learn the . just take the gouge and run. " 

Dan gained his new name during this era by 
showing his prowess at scarfing Cheese Nips 
at night and suffering Cheese Nip hangovers 
in the morning. The big Cheese was born. 
Cheese had a tough start on second class year 
by amassing 40 days before it even began. 
Fortunately hia Actramid acquired Val and 
varsity lacrosse kept him out of trouble for the 
rest of the year. First class year Cheese joined 
several clubs including the backahaft Chiefs 
Club, the all day Sloth Club, and the Order 
of the Sacred Shroud. It 's hard to beUeve that 
Dan baa done so much in his career at Navy 
and is still around to talk about it. Good luck, 
take care of yourself and may your P-3 be well 
stocked with frozen pizza. 


Thomas M. Downing 


Florence, New Jersey 

General Engineering, Navy Pilot 

Thomas came to USNA from Florence, New 
Jersey. His first squad leader tagged htm with 
the name "Spanky" and the name stuck. 
Spank aspired to play football at Navy. His 
dream was dealt a serious blow when he lost 
the weight equivalent of a subcompact 
automobile during plebe summer He spent his 
plebe year on the meat squad while his 
evenings were taken playing room b-baU with 
the firsties. He still contends that he had a 
plebe year though. Youngster year saw Spank 
drinking, dipping, fighting and eating his way 
to a rotund 230 and the nickname "Fatman". 
On weekends that year he would do one of the 
things: stare people into fighting him at 
Dablgren, get steered from a fight by his 
roommates, or fight his roommates. Spank's 
last encounter with alcohol saw him break up 
a party early, dislocate a classmate's shoulder, 
harass a duty section, start a fight with an out 
of company youngster, and, finally, get 
knocked on his butt by Fred. That evening 
landed him an all expenses paid vacation at 
Bathesda. Md. Spank stopped drinking early 
second class year. He then quit smoking, 
dipping, swearing, gambling, and Burger King 
food in rapid succession. Tbelma was the 
happiest to see her good little boy return. 
Thomas battled all his internal difficulties and 
won (except against bis weakness for women). 
All who know hi m salute him for his bravery 
and his honesty. He will be a truly great navy 
pilot. Good luck Spanky and hey, let's go out 
for a Whopper! 

408 Eighteenth Company 

■ null m I mil ^'^"— ^ 

David G. Gallaer 


Massapequa Park, New York 

Physical Science. Supply Corps 

Dave came to Annapolis and joined the club 
(34) where Sgt. Mike looked out for him by 
frying him for his own good. Sunday 
breakfasts in bed, footbalJ. and a car made 
plebe year bearable. Youngster cruise (all 18 
days) really enhanced Dave's professional 
development, especially being attacked by an 
older woman. Youngster year. Dave should 
have left the driving to someone else, since 
within three weeks be totaled his car and 
wrecked his roommates. Boom! He got to 
travel with the varsity and did some skating 
at N. D. That spring Dave decided to Ramble 
("But officer that car can't go SO mph") to 
Hood. Goucher, Catholic, and the Vous. 
Horsey, as his football buddies call him, even 
tried tv corral a cow. 2nd class year it was 
decided that 1st Reg needed Dave's leader- 
ship After a short stay with the "Twitch" IS 
became Dave's new home. Horsey became a 
rat that fall, and got some official shoes for 
the College Park Express (the 20 min. 
Ramble). Dave got himself a new car for 
X-mas and blasted off to the Stray Cats. On 
1st class cruise Horsey. Tweety. and Gumby 
went to the Zoo and saw a giant Cal. crab. 
Dave finally got his N-star. in the fall of 1st 
class year. Between ECA's of midnight tower 
jumping. Dahlgren roof climbing, and blow 
gun hunting Dave made a lot of friends 
zipping around for four years. Most of these 
can 't be mentioned since a net couldn 't handle 
them. Good luck in the Corps and everything 
vou do. 

S. E. Hedges 


Scott City. Kansas 

Applied Science, Nuclear 


Stee came to VSNA still flying high from 
the gridiron glory of the Shrine Bowl. A 
typical Midwest farm boy. He would keep us 
all spellbound with his mountain oyster 
stories. Plebe summer gave him the nicknamf 
of Meathead and a chewing out by an iratt 
firstie for an accidents! flashing of hi> 
girlfriend. The rest of plebe year weni 
smoothly due in part to a heatsink named 
"Fitz". Youngster year brought Steve together 
with Gland and Cheese to form the finest 
abuse team ever A few Uncle Les "PBR" 
weekends and a couple of cbeesenip hangovers 
later found our boy battling 2nd class year 
with tag team rack, the "shroud" and some 
2nd semester influence from "Monkey". He 
was able to max his sleep output and fine tune 
the gouge system resulting in over a 3.0 cum. 
Then came Deena, the hometown honey who 
followed her mid East. Steve would magically 
disappear every Wed. afternoon and weekend 
to reappear bright eyed and bushytailed. First 
class year brought membership in the back 
shaft "Chiefs" club. The Hog's, and the 
He-man Fatman workout club. Plans for the 
future include a June week wedding and Nuke 
school in the Fall. Best of luck in the future, 
whatever you do you'll always be a success. 
(Beware of falling pizzas) 

Gregory J. Karpick 


Middletown, New Jersey 

Applied Science, Surface Line 

Greg came to the Naval Academy with only 
one thing in mind — driving boats. Hailing 
from a naval family, his father and a cousin 
both having graduated from USNA, his time 
here was just temporary active duty. 

Greg made it through Plebe year with not 
too mtmy grey hairs and selected Mechanical 
Engineering as a major. He soon found himself 
losing the battle between him and the 
Rickover Horror of the major breakers of 
youngster year. Statics, Strength of Materials. 
Material Science and Dynamics each in turn 
took their toll on Greg's grades. At this point, 
Greg shifted into high gear, leaned back and 
coasted into his remaining years by switching 

During first class summer. Greg went on a 
Forex cruise to England to tread the seas with 
Her Majesty's boat jocks. Instead. Greg went 
about carousing and came away from his 
experiences with a girlfriend named Jane. All 
kidding aside, Greg has not left his mark on 
the Academy. 

Seriously though, under that silent, but 
dedicated veneer, dwelt a very understanding 
fellow and a good friend. The future has much 
in store for Greg, as a SWO officer and the 
possibility of tying the knot long distance- 
wise. Whatever happens Greg, my sincerest 
and beat wishes. 

Kent Lewis Kilday 


Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Physical Science, Surface Line 

Kent arrived from Va. Beach with his 
anti-sunburn lotion and mirror sunglasses 
ready to party, in his suitcase he had brought 
everything he thought he could possibly need: 
3 T-shirts and 2 pairs of shorts (his entire 
civilian wardrobe). After making it through 
Plebe Summer he met his first major obstacle: 
grades. After meeting this nemisis head-on be 
then set out to make it even more difficult for 
himself by earning a varsity "N". It never 
seemed to bother him too much that his "N" 
was black and everyone else's was yellow. 
After spending the better part of his Plebe 
vear on restriction he finally broke into the 
light and freedom of "youngster year". Not 
content to remain a simple unknown young- 
ster. Kent set out to see bis name in print . . . 
Again. This time he had three accomplices 
(Face. Fred and Snake) to spend bis 
restriction time with. At the beginning of his 
second-class year he already had his letter and 
star Throughout the year Kilroy managed to 
stay one step ahead of the Ac-boards and two 
steps away from another "letter". During 
first-class year Kilroy moved into the closest 
room to bis beloved wardroom couch and set 
up house. Despite Ricky's best efforts Kent's 
side of the room always had that "lived- 
in-look" that he loved so well. Bui it was easy 
to see that he had come a long way since plebe 
year when be started to use the trash -can and 
not the floor. He'll miss the late night talks, 
adventures with Snake and always remember 
all his friends. 

Eighteenth Company 409 


Richard D. Lee, Jr. 


Poughkeepsie, New York 

Mathematics, Navy Intelligence 

"It Came From Poughkeepsie" . . Yes. the 
incredible sequel to "A Fistful of Yen " starring 
Rich Lee is out. See a long-haired, 

free-thinking New Yorker turned into a finely 
tuned warrior during six weeks of Spaitan-like 
summer training! See - . - the still naive Midn 
4/c Lee cower in sheer terror during the 
horrifying "hard boiled egg being ground in to 
the roommate's pillowcase by a huge Hrsty" 
scene! Thrill to the spectacular "exploding 
youngster room " segment, with more thrills 
provided by America's favorite Superhero. 
Chicken Legs! Relive the excitement of 
Chicken Legs' final D&B obligation, and 
recapture the most sombre moment captured 
on film — the hesu-t-wrenching retrieval of our 
hero from the throes of the bowels of the earth 
bv Rich's Righteous Roommate (R^f. But wait 
— there's more! Who could sit still through 
the most blood-curdling stunt on celluloid — 
the somniforic Route 301 death rides in the 
3-cylinder "Chicken Coupe"? Happy Endings 
abound for our hero, starting with the 
climactic coupe de grace of acquiring 
intelligence and recognizing the fallacy of bis 
meandering ways. Be sure to catch the 
upcoming Rich Lee showcase, "My Rebirth", 
in which America's Superstar forms his own 
religion and becomes a cult figure (and be sure 
to look for the colossal Madison Square 
Garden wedding scene, featuring a cast of 
thousands). Coming to a Navy Exchange 
theater near you!!! 

Heidi M. Merk 


Kirtland, Ohio 

Marinp Engineering, Supply 


She came to the Boat School wide-eyed with 
wonder and looking for an engineering degree. 
Plebe summer, however, taught her the rigors 
of the system, and as the toll for 34 increased. 
Heidi 's determination to s urvi ve becam e 
evident. Her true personality became bidden 
to those who knew her as new and threatening 
challenges showed their faces. Youngster year 
saw a relaxation of sorts, and the no\ice 
engineer struggled her way through shoals of 
Thermo. Dynes. The spring of youngster year, 
however, brought a new beginning and a 
twisted knee. Despite the disappearance of 
some roommates and the transparency of 
another. Heidi showed that the 3.0 goal could 
be achieved. Second Class summer brought 
her crashing into a carrier deck in an A -6 and 
sending ATP- IB messages in the middle of the 
night - waking everyone up in every YP CIC. 
Yet she survived again only to plunge 
headlong into Cables. Mat Sci. Reactor 
Physics and. yes. even a bout with the Rocket. 
Despite it all, Heidi managed to survive in a 
place where the numbers 3 and 27 were mixed 
up. First class year started out well, and she 
was all set for the Surface Navy, until a nasty 
tumble with a stone sent her in Supply's way. 
But. hopefully, now the Navy will accept her 
as she really is — a very Cine officer and person 
in her own right. 

Scott C. Orren 


Abilene, Texas 

Systems Engineering, NFO 

Scott came to USNA from the Lone Star 
State equipped with a tennis racquet, jar of 
hot sauce, and a bag of Snickers. It didn 't take 
Scott long to adjust to plebe year - by 
Christmas, he and Spank spent most of their 
time in various firsties rooms "gettin down 
and talkin Dirty " Youngster year. Scott 
emerged as the true class Casanova. He used 
a simple but powerful line to melt the hearts 
of women everywhere. "Let's go". This phrase 
got one girl so excited, she joined the 
Merchant Marines. Second class year. Dirt 
found out what it took to be a Systems 
Engineer, long nights and short weekends 
With the rocky roads of 2/c academics behind 
him, Dirt surfaced as a 1/c social dynamo. 
Powered by margaritas, lizard skin boots, a 
Riviera and an occasional EMHO. he is in 
search of the perfect woman. Dirts' first job 
as an ensign is to persuade Spank to give him 
back the 216 snickers. 543 oreos and 47 bags 
of DoritoB that he 'borrowed'. Scott has always 
been a winner and operates under the premise 
that if you go. go first class. I like that Dirty 
and I wish you continued success as an NFO 
You can fly my backseat anyday. 





H <^ 


^Kkihs^ i 



^^m -^ 







Robert R. Richardson 

S lees tack 

Vineland, New Jersey 

Electrical Engineering, Nuclear 

Power (Sub) 

The Fit2 was shining with all his might/ 

shining on the yard 

He did his very best to make 

Our plebe year very hard 
And this was good, because we had 

Many a tub of lard. 

The Sleestack and the Hedgehog 

Were walking on the ground 
They sighed because they had to go 

To Valinske come arounds 
While some classmates dear, did appear/ to 
have leisure time abound. 

The Sleestack would always beat his 

Drum for the D&B 
But. it always seemed the bus 

Would break continually 
And from the nonexistent audiences 

He said. "I take my leave." 

And so the Sleestack resumed the bass/one of 

bis first great loves 

He did defret his Rickenbacker 

So as to sound like doves 
And yet his time was split between 

Music, major, and LOVE. 

"O Dolphins, come and stay with me!" 

The Sleestack did beseech. 
For that will help me. when we relive/The 
scenes from ON THE BEACH 
Because 1 will be underwater 

Where radiation can not reach! 

"I weep for you. " the Sleestack said./"I deeply 

With sobs and tears he sorted those 

Checks of the largest size. 
And those of us who didn't go Nuke 

All ' 

' do i 

410 Eighteenth Company 


wrm&ssBKmM I n .HLMu 

Rov D. Sexton 

Ashland, Kentucky 
Mathematics. Surface Line 

"Mr Entropy" levitated all the way to the 
Academy from Ashland He left bis long ritle 
behind, but he remembered to bring his "dip ", 
his twang, his Charhe Daniels tapes, and an 
intuitive feehng for the conservation of energy 
Ptebe year found the Valium Vampire rooming 
with the unlikely land never repeated) 
combination of a sharp-tongued Californian 
and a bushy-tailed fellow from "dee Island". 
Through an unending display of fireworks Roy 
kept bis working heartrate down to a steady 
25, staying on the football team long enough 
to collect his Liberty Bowl watch and tlnd out 
what surgery is all about. That was about the 
time he began to hang out with aoopahs - 
respectable gentlemen with names like Hog. 
Edbo. Big Cheese. Spanky, Dirty, Schleem, 
Kack and Smurf. 

I lost track of Roy for awhile after he 
became a math major, bought stock in Burger 
King, and brought his pillow into the 
wardroom. The Commandant woke him up 
long enough in 1983 to get him to be 
Regimental Adjutant during plebe summer 
and kept him awake long enough for one set 
as Company Commander Roy became 
legendary as the co-author of the Buzzword 
Board and the Morrow papers, reaching the 
pinnacle of stardom by bringing Jose and Jake 
together as the dynamic duo. Ma and Pa 
Sexton, you done good. See you in the fleet. 

Richard J. Sheldahl 


Myrtle Point, Oregon 

Electrical Engineering, Nuclear 


Rick came to the Academy from a tiny town 
in Oregon (somewhere towards one of the 
corners} and was in constant awe of the 
built-in showers and indoor bathrooms. He 
also was extremely proud to announce to his 
friends when his town finally got a telephone 
(down at "Bessie's Cafe") His parents had a 
tough time naming him since moat of the 
names they could think of were already taken 
. . . by various barnyard creatures. After we 
fmaily got him to take the picture of his 
tractor off his blotter. Rick settled down to the 
routine of bells and not roosters. From the 
very beginning we knew Rick was special, and 
he never let us forget it. He taught us such 
useful phrases as "golly-gee" and "holy-moly" 
and could always be counted on to say 
something nice m any situation. Despite 
continuous bad-influence by 
Rick managed to keep himself and the i 
pretty clean 

Then came the fateful day when oui 
met his beloved; Lisa. From that day on he 
had a continuous gleam m his eye and the 
number of days 'till his wedding day 
memorized. To Rick and Lisa we wish the best 
of everything and a special life together 


Michael A. Shepherd 


Chicago, Illinois 

General Engineering, USMC 

This smooth talking cat rolled into the Boat 
School having just come from the Windy City. 
na a small part v in Newport. Taking no heat. 
Shep had THEM scared for the better part 
of Plebe Year Then he became a Youngster 
Chuck came out of the closet to spend many 
long hours by Shep's side. When these two 
were not together, Shep could be found mth 
another close friend, the computer. Females'' 
What were they'' Second class Year found 
'The Man' diversifying himself as he formed 
many intimate relationships nith his beloved 
profs Enough Said' And so time marched on. 
without Shep of course. He was playing parade 
judge with Chuck. Chuck did not last long. 
succumbing to a bad case of heartbreak, a M 
New York. Taking this in stride, Shep 
charmed his way into First Class Year land 
the AC Convention Hall). Not even Miss 
America could resist! Pure charm — a (rue 
suave and debonair cat! The fruit was and 
continues to be abundant for Shep, but he is 
still moving fast; at least for now. 

Hold on tight to the memories, John Paul 


Clarence Scott Talamantes 


Modesto, California 

Applied Science, Marine Air 

Scott spent most of his formative years in 
the small aggregarian tosvn of Turlock, in 
central California, where he continually had 
difCiculty distinguishing between cows and 
women At the young age of 19 years. Scott 
was foolish enough to walk in to see a Marine 
Corps recruiter Being a tyv'cal USMC 
recruiter, he shanghied Scott to the East oast. 
In boot camp, the Corps removed the hayseeds 
from Scott's hair along with all of the 
surrounding hair. At that time the Corps told 
Scott he was too dumb to do anything in the 
serxice except talk to computers Scott's 
ineptitude at being a marine, enabled him to 
be selected for NAPS. And at Newport, he 
proved himself worthy of midshipmen stan- 
dards, and was appointed to the Naval 
Academy. At this point Scott made a decision 
to give up completely on "Tamale Hustlers" 
and go for RN's (Registered Nypho's). After 
his initial year of mandatory celibacy. Scott 
set out to conquer the world of women with 
his usual dogged determination, and met with 
his usual luck - bad Luckily Scott, in a 
drunken stupor, chanced upon an equally 
drunken female at "Frannies. " who eventually 
consented to meet him again. As it turned out 
she was an RN (Registered Nurse - oh! so 
closei. Since then, he has forced her to spend 
as much time as possible with him by the only 
means he could think of: an offer of marriage, 
a diamond, a car. and his paycheck for the 
next 100 years. Scott selected Marine Pilot 
because of his masochistic tendencies. He and 
Cheryl should be quite happy together. 

Eighteenth Company 411 


Kerry R. Tirman 


Brentwood, New York 

Mathematics, Surface Line 

Kerry came to the USNA from Long Island 
At first the language barrier gave him some 

Plebe year was a real experience. When we 
weren't laughing we were fighting. (Still don't 
like the nickname Dan-0) Tonto avoided the 
fights with admirable skill. The year ended 
with a trip to OC The guy at the liquor store 
will never forget that the drinking age in N.J. 
was 18. Fred, getting into a third floor party 
through the balcony. Snake was in his usual 

Neit was second class summer. 3-c, the 3 
stood for the number of kegs we drank a day. 
And who will ever forget Damn Neck and its 
ten moons. Cheese. Fred, Demps I heard they 
were going to kick Cheese out. He's still 
brushing off the sand- 
Second class year brought Love, and 
happiness. Baltimore isn't that far away. 

A near miss with marriage and bad eyes has 
sent him to Japan, Kelly son wishes the best 
to all. 

Anne M. Tolg 


Alexandria, Virginia 

Mathematics, General 

Unrestricted Line 

If Anne had been an average mid, then 18th 
company may have never noticed her as she 
grabbed catnaps and hours of sleep whenever 
possible. However. Anne definitely was 
noticed! She generated fun times and laughs 
whenever she went to Franny O's. a party, or 
formations. Drill practices were some of the 
few times when Anne wasn 't a barrel of laughs; 
perhaps she just didn 't like being told 
repeatedly to correct a physically non- 
correctable right-shoulder-arms. 

Successful completion of her mile run was 
the green light each semester for Anne to 
"coast. " After the mile everything was "cake" 
for Anoe and there once again was a variety 
of conversation topics in the room. 

At Anne's squad party plebe year, Alfalfa 
started to show that he wasn't "so shy." It 
didn't take him long to realize that he "loved 
every 'HI thing she does." After Patch, the 
Ac-Board, NJIT, summer cruises. DCS, 
SWOS. and service selection, Anne and Mike 
are destine to have happy, smooth years 
ahead. Sorry guys — she's taken!!! 

I know that I'll have many great memories 
of Anne at USNA land Hawaii). How could 
I ever forget your talkativeness, sensitivity, 
humor, and friendship? Take care, God Bless, 
and watch out for Miss Piggy. 


Edward P. Wilson 
Fast Eddy 

Timonium, Maryland 
Political Science. Nuclear 

Eki was a local boy from Timonium arriving 
at the Academy with a knowledge of the area 
to compliment his vast knowledge of the ways 
of the world. As a member of the Na\y cross 
country team until he escaped from the "cult 
of personality" second class year. Ed ran into 
the hearts of his classmates and up against the 
hearts of the local females. By second class 
year, as a Political Science major. Ed already 
had well defined academic and career goals 
(PoU Sci. QPR high'^ Maybe, but can he argue 
without his fingers?}. Ed was the quiet one 
who came out of his shell with a few Iced Teas 
and although he was a bull major, he always 
showed great prowess as an engineer, like the 
night at Fran's when he began to explore all 
those lovely curves of form. He will be 
traveling down to Orlando to become one of 
those straight-laced nuclear power boys, but 
if I know Ed. he'll have a lot of partying to 
do before he's through. 

Karen A. Winering 

Willingboro, New Jersey 
English, Intelligence 

Most people attend college to experience 
life, and perhaps to get an education. In 
Karen's case, she didn't realize that USNA 
was the wrong place to do the former, but she 
attempted the latter with semi-seriousness. 
Living at Hubbard Hall during her first two 
years and at Sampson during the last two. she 
avoided Bancroft with some success. Trusting 
in the belief that "it will get done eventually", 
many a night's study began with a cribbage 
game. All-nighters before any technical exam 
(how many times did you fall asleep with the 
light on?) allowed her to escape work from 
Michelson and Chauvenet for most of the 
semester. But she must admit that the trips 
to France and Germany made up for a YP and 
a Tender out of Norfolk. After those 
wonderful cruises she knew she was not meant 
for Surface Line, but with arms too short to 
be an NFO. what was left? Hope it works out. 
Spy work may be just right ■ sensitivity and 
a tendency to take it all too seriously may 
come in handv If vou write that book, make 
sure to change the names to protect the guilty. 
You can dedicate it to the friends who helped 
you after you had too severe a night 
experiencing life. Even though you were a 
little on the quiet aide, I know you really did 
care about everybody - hopefully they 

412 Eighteenth Company 







Pflu/ M. Arends 


Seattle, Washington 

Aerospace Engineering, NFO 

Hoo-ya came to Canoe U. from Seattle — 
A town he never abandoned, even after sports 
team after sports team went down in defeat 
and bis city was enveloped in a cloud of dust 
from Aft. St. Helena. Paul came in to his own 
youngster year when he managed to combine 
a 3.4 QPR in Aero with time on the sailing 
team (Remember the Delaware Regatta?). But 
Paul wasn 't content with just those 
achievements, so be started a second career as 
a tour guide for the Ho Chi Minb trail. There 
were no doubts where Paul was going when he 
would leave at 2300 dressed in cammies and 
a black watch cap followed by several of his 
friends. Perhaps it was a foreshadow of his 
airborne days to come. Paul's excursions onto 
the 2-4 ledge certainly foreshadowed bis career 
in aviation. Whether he was savoring a cigar 
on the roof under the stars or bombing his 
favorite mids with snowballs, or brasaoing hia 
initials onto the copper ledge, the open air and 
high altitudes beckoned Paul to adventure. On 
the other hand, that after-taps run to the ice 
cream store was one costly adventure. So 
much for two weeks of leave . . . Ouch! But 
don't forget; he who will not risk cannot win. 
During second and first class years, Paul 
worked for stars and stripes. As such, he 
pursued his second class duties as CAO with 
a vengeance for which he was rewarded (?) 
with the job as company adjutant. Paul 
decided early in his naval career that the very 
young girls of Annapolis should be blessed 
with his acquaintance, so he became a 
frequent patron of Disco Dahlgren. This 
served Paul well until he fell for a young lass 
from Notre Dame during his first class year. 
Service selection night saw Paul pick up an 
NFO billet and a severe hangover We all wish 
Paul the beat of luck in bis naval career and 
in life. P.S. Plebes. today ia really Hoo-ya's 


Scott Cody Atkin 


Las Vegas, Nevada 

Marine Engineering, Nuclear 


When Scott came to us from Sin City and 
validated 19 hours, we knew he was going 
places — like to his room to read a book or 
the MSA space to win another war. Maybe you 
should have used that extra time to learn to 
sing, Scott, you never could during plebe 
summer. And then there's your ears and that 
haircut that gained you notariety as a celebrity 
look-alike. Second semeater youngster year 
saw you moving in with me so I wouldn 't have 
to walk down the hall for E. I. and then you 
left those bottle rockets out during a formal 
inspection and got ua each a 4(XX) aeries! (Good 
thing for both of us the Cdr like me.) Who's 
got control of the stereo? And what's this 
about you coming home from cruise two weeks 
early and catching your parents moving 
without telling you ? Second class year saw our 
first Christmas tree — and one of the first in 
the Brigade that year! We spent most of that 
year dodging Lock'em'up. First class year 
came and you were putting up Christmas 
decorations in August. Maybe you were hoping 
Santa would bring you a car that worked. In 
fact, your car worked so little that you had to 
register another firstie's in your name so you 
would have something to drive. You didn 't get 
to spend much time in the room either, 
between getting your masters at Maryland and 
giving E. I. to room 2401. (But you did fmd 
time to break my snake and kill my corn 
plant.) How do you explain that "D" in 
Diffy-Q's at Maryland? You always came 
straight back after classes. And about your 
service selection — my hair may be short but 
at least I know it will grow back. Glow Navy!! 
Good luck, have fun. and watch out for the 

Hey Scott, wake up. time for formation. 

414 Nineteenth Company 



William Douglas Blue 
The Bluechow 
Houston, Texas 
Mechanical Engineering. 

Bill, or The Bluecbow as I affectionately 
dubbed him. comes from Everytown, V.S.A. 
No kidding. Bill has lived in more places than 
any guy I know Whatever happened to him 
during those pre-Academy years, it sure 
prepared hirn for this place - minus plebe 
summer BiU was known for his twelve digit 
alpha code during plebe ho 's, and his own stvle 
of chow calls - "Sir. you now have the menu 
for evening meal is Neeb's loaf, mash um. 
carrots, um. etc'!" Personally I thought it was 
out of hne when this was still going on the day 
before Parents Weekend- Bluecbild settled 
right down, though, to become one of the 
military maies of Canoe V. No guy ever had 
this place aired as well as he did. nor will 
anyone be able to completely fill his shoes in 
the future. Seriously, Bill's grades were never 
great, but then again he was a Mech E- with 
less hours logged studying, and more hours 
logged at Sammy's Bar than any Mid ever 
Inspections were cake for Bill I've never seen 
a guy come back from P E-. shower, shave, rig 
a uniform, and then proceed to win color man 
in the platoon every single time - it's Riplev's 
Not only was Bill on a first name basis with 
the USNA janitorial force, but he also knew 
every bartender, waitress, and busboy in town 
In his spare time I frequently found Bill at 
Fran's buying rounds for everyone and then 
at the end of the evening producing a $7.50 
bar tab. Bill has been both a baby brother and 
a pet to me I love to introduce hiw to wy 
dates because they all find him so cute and 
cuddly. Bill's ability to care for people will 
take him far. God blessed me when he brought 
you into my life Billy-Catch. 


Kurt Andrew Brandquist 


Annapolis, Maryland 

Operations Analysis, Surface 


1 will now relate to you all the story of my 
roommate, if I would. One day our hero. Kurt, 
awoke to find that he had graduated from high 
school, and his blissful days spent "borrowing" 
champagne from the 0-Club and throwing 
nocturnal parties on the Parade Field werf 
over. Realizing that he hadn't given (<kj much 
thought to his future, be decided to look for 
a place to go to college. He started by looking 
out of his bedroom amdow, and being 
uncannily perceptive. Special K noticed that 
he lived on the very grounds of such an 
institution of higher learning. So on July 8. 
1980. he walked across the street and became 
Midshipman Brandouiat, VSN. The first thing 
that stuck our hero about the Academy was 
the wide assortment of activities into which he 
could become involved There were so many, 
in fact, that he thought it would be unwise to 
spread himself too thin. So he decided not to 
do anything. Of course. I'm not saying that 
good ol' Kind-A Bad had no interest in 
"extracurricular activities" He'd finished a 
book in high school, and planned on reading 
at least one more m college. And on any given 
day. one could always find Tinkles sampling 
a vintage Miller, while contemplating the 
social morality involved in making a choice 
between watching MASH or Happy Days. Not 
to mention the fact that Kool happened to be 
a \irtuo80 tenor, singing a shower-rendition of 
"Rapper's Delight " for a certain first class who 
will go unnamed. (Hope you liked it. Vic') And 
then, of course, there was Stephanie . Best 
of luck in the Real World of both of you! And 
Kurt, you're the best friend I ever had Some 
day they'll invent the words to express just 
how much our friendship means to me. Take 
care, buddy- 


Jeffrey Darryl Brown 
J. D. 

Baltimore, Maryland 
English, Navy Pilot 

Jeff didn't have to travel far to seek 
knowledge (as well as discipline, profession- 
alism, etc.) at the college level In fact he 
almost didn't have to leave the fine city of 
Baltimore, home of the world series cham- 
pions. This made things very convenient as his 
girlfriend. Lisa (soon-to-be-hride) was not just 
a phone call away, but a few miles away This 
situation seemed to help Jeff out in his first 
year as he made it through plebe year almost 
effortlessly The one problem Jeff did have. 
however, was a major knoan as "Aero" .After 
finding out this field of study required 
excessive labs, calculations with calculators, 
and staying up after 11:00. Jeff realized bis 
love for the English language was greater than 
he ever could have imagined. Yes. the English 
major was what suited him best (and his 
roommate on occasion). He would soon attend 
the majority of his classes in the dreaded 
Sampson Hall. Jeff as a midshipman was a 
very well-rounded individual and his efforts 
were not just limited to academic excellence 
No, not at all For example, as a youngster he 
was given several stripes one semester and 
given the duties of the Brigade Operations 
Officer. We were all glad to see be soon came 
down from the clouds Jeff also headed the 
Churchill Society as President, played guitar 
for "Sea Breeze", making Ekidie Van Halen 
very envious, and fenced for Na\y Jeff also 
displayed his love for skiing by spending 
numerous paychecks on ski attire He certainly 
received most votes for best dressed on the 
slopes. Jeff slowed dorni during his first class 
year, which seemed to be a change for the 
better. He set his priorities which were Lori. 
taping Greaseman and studying. Jeff chose Air 
for service selection So by dropping Aero, he 
never gave up his love for flight, just the 
theory behind it. Good luck in all you do. Jeff 
Catch :" 

Daniel P. Burns 


Brooklyn, New York 

Applied Science, Surface Line 

Dan-o showed up at the Naval Academy 
caught in a well known stereotype: The 
Brooklyn sailor. You know, the big guy in all 
the war movies with the funny way of talking. 
It took us a while to realize that he was 
actually speaking English. It was just a 
different dialect knon-n as Brooklynese. Dan-o 
brought a big appetite with him and to make 
sure he would get enough to eat, he made sure 
he got not one. but two sponsors. He also has 
a loving Mom back home who realized that 
even his multiple sponsors would have a hard 
time keeping him fed. so she sends him King 
Neptune size chow packages. Dan-o's locker ia 
affectionately known as "The Deli". Speaking 
of food, we won 't forget those New York bagels 
and the late night hot dogs during 3/c finala. 
"More Beer" was Dan-o's advice to everyone. 
When the Navy issued Dan his undershirts 
they made a mistake and left the sleeves on. 
Dan-o always took charge when it came to 
planning a party. Hey "Big Guy", can I let the 
word "party" pass without mentioning 
Florida. Spring Break, and Disney World? 
Hey, to keep Cooter awake you gotta stay 
awake. And how about 2/c summer when you 
took the guys to New York and showed them 
all the dives in town. Also remember: 
SNOOPY!, backgammon, the dry bar. the fire 
hydrant, your STBD list (a true surface liner), 
ice-teas and 7&7'a running with your weighta, 
and of course Goat Court during Army week. 
Dan-o was always the first to put up bis X-mas 
decorations although I always tried to make 
him wait until after Halloween. Finally, Dan 
was always professionally minded- He knew 
what we were here for and he knows where 
he's headed. Here's to a long and promising 
career Dan . . . Bartender, a round of drinks 
for the boys! 


Nineteenth Company 415 


Charles Ward Cox II 


Piedmont, California 

Political Science, Nuclear 


Chuck earned his unenviable nickname one 
day during Plebe Summer when he was 
ordered to shave. Upon return to a heated 
come-around, all were aghast by the spectacle 
of Chuck's gashed face and blood-soaked 
white works- In no way was this an isolated 
incident: During Plebe Year, it was rumored 
that the only reason "our hero" passed 
gymnastics was because the instructor also 
worked for the March of Dimes and could 
sympa thize vtith people like Spaz. in all 
fairness, though. Chuck has managed to 
validate the swim tests every year while 
satisfactorily completing the other physical 

As much as he's playfully teased, we that 
are close to Chuck can appreciate what he has 
done for us as individuals and for the class as 
a whole. He will do his best for anyone, 
whether it means getting good car loans as 
Treas urer for '84, or turn mg out q uality 
material as editor of the yearbook. 

On a personal level. Chuck always has time 
to help people. It is no coincidence that 19th 
company consistently does well on the PCR. 
Chuck's tutoring and knack to get "the gouge" 
has played a large role in that area. 

I can safely say that a lot of people are 
enriched for having known Chuck- If be does 
half as well at Georgetown as he's done at the 
Naval Academy, he won't have a thing to 
worry about — just as long as there are no 
agility tests at Nuke School. 

Curtis Craig Dukes 

Night Train 

Tampa, Florida 

PoliticaJ Science, Navy Pilot 

Curt came to the Naval Academy from 
Tampa, Florida with a golden t^n and a free 
spirit. Plebe year Curt ran track and showed 
great promise until he gave up running to 
pursue his real am bition: courting young ladies 
— and voung they were! Even though Curt sat 
on team tables as a plebe. he still maintained 
a high level of spirit as exidenced by his 
actions one night when he poured his entire 
table s meal on himself in a rage of 
uncontrolled spirit. 

Youngster year was a banner year for Curt. 
His heart went out to the beautiful young lass 
Anisaa. One ECA that Curt founded. Radio 
Free Fifth Wing, firmly established Curt as a 
leader of men. Never the one to let his 
classmates down, Curt softened the difficulties 
of the day with his famous bedtime stories. 

Second class year brought a new change for 
Curt as he joined the boys in Cloud 19. Curt's 
accomplishments are many, but perhaps his 
greatest achievement is graduating with no 
grade lower than a B — and doing it while 
being in bed by 1100. This early rack policy 
coincided well with his roommate Chuck, and 
together they set the noble goal of being in 
bed before plebe taps. 

First class year Curt con tin ued seeing 
Anisaa as well as polishing his leadership skills 
as company Moke and Squad Daddy. Not one 
to let discrepancy slide (Hey Middle. It's a 
question of accountability) Curt assumed the 
awesome duties of dental officer which 
included nightly checks to insure that the 
plebes had flossed properly. 

Curt will be missed by all who know him 
here at USNA for his warm personality and 
easy going style. As a close and trusted friend, 
he will always share a warm part in the 
memories of our days here. Best of luck to you 
buddy and Godspeed to you in all you do in 

William Dewey Elliott II 
Wild Bill 

Louisville, Kentucky 
Electrical Engineering, 

And then there was Bill, two T's Elliot, 
alias: Lantz. Bubblehead. Boltneck. and 
Openheimer Franchise. He got off to a running 
start until his plebe summer 0-Course . . Bill 
didn't realize that obstacles were made to be 
cleared and not smeared. About halfway 
through plebe year. Bill decided he'd been a 
plebe long enough. Between listening to his 
radio and missing every other plebe quarters, 
we all weren't sure if he had been promoted. 
Youngster year we saw a new side of Bill . 
the man with barren chest and black bandana 
who terrorized the 4-4 shaft along v,ith his 
trusty companions — the Seal Team of 4-4. 
His manly image alone did not enable him to 
rise to the occasion at Army — don't worry 
Bill, it was probably only nerves. His failure 
at Army drove him to masochism. His hours 
of torture underneath his mattress could never 
prepare him for his Airborne days and Hooyah 
nights at Ft. Banning. Bill will never know 
how sweet that ice cream be paid so dearly for 
would be. Remember Bill, if you come to 
watch TV, watch, but don't get caught 
(GB&U). Bill vowed never to let an Army go 
by without female success even at the expense 
of shattering the little gripper's feeble heart 
. . . take her lad. you need her more than 1 — 
told ya it was only nerves He always brought 
warmth and light into the Dark Ages even at 
the eipense of a little butane and a lot of foot 
(I swear it didn't hurt!). Weenie still can't 
believe you held out amidst a little tequilla, 
a lot of Early Times and a warm Florida sun. 
We're confident you'll do well, only because 
you've got seven minutes on all of us. As we 
leave you Herb, our CC, remember, be careful 
out there. 

Grip <Sl Dig 

Lantz C. Ellis 


Modesto, California 

Electrical Engineer, Submarines 

It turns out that Modesto, California is just 
as good at making Mids as it is Gallo wine. 
Lsmtz came from the Golden State with plans 
on becoming an NFO, but after surfacing in 
Guam after his youngster cruise, it became 
nothing but Subs for him. (appears to be that 
he wouldn't want to be a backseat -rider sifter 

Lantz also had an insane desire to become 
a "Double E"- Fortunately he was able to turn 
his psychosis into a successful major He 
always said. "It 's not my major, it 's my 
hobby, " as he set about building this circuit 
or that. (Rumor has it that be has a Robot 
in the works!) 

Enough about academics. He also found 
some unique ways to blow off steam during our 
four years here at the boat driver's school. The 
bad news is that blowing off steam helped him 
accumulate three 5000 series frys. The good 
new-s is that none of them stuck. It was in such 
situations where he used to say. "You can't 
take life too seriously, you're not getting out 
of it alive anyway!" But don't let that fool you. 
he took this place seriously enough to become 
second set's 2nd regimental subcommander. 
Lantz is headed for Orlando but it appears 
that he might hang around Georgia Tech. 
awhile and pick up some E. I. in Nuclear 
Catch you later and good luck Huey — 
signed Dewey and Luey. 


416 Nineteenth Company 

Noel M. Enriquez 


Union City, California 

Genera] Engineering, Surface 


Fortunately. Christinas comes more than 
once a year. If he's not snipe hunting, he's 
studying - so he can graduate. Ob' Let's not 
forget the ladies either "Flip, here i 

of } 

t first. . 

changed a lot in four 

: iVo»'. everybody knon-s 
understand you. During 
eer. Christmas spent his 
Things didn't 

his midshipman i 
free time chasing fast wowei 
go well at first, so be bought a fast car. Now 
the women have slowed dof^-n and be doesn't 
have anymore free time. The only problem is. 
since ail his money goes into his car. he can't 
spend any on the ladies. Ob well! You win 
some, vou lose some. Of course, the speeding 
tickets didn't help either A couple of special 
ladies gave him problems along the way. They 
didn't last long. Plebe year and 3000 miles 
took care of that, until he went home for 
Christmas leave One of his favorite hobbies 
was buying clothes. Flip had the most "out of 
sight" wardrobe at the Academy Everyone in 
the company waits to see what he's wearing 
on a casual outing. His favorite outfit 
consisted of five shades of purple. (Rumor has 
it that be has been contracted out to fit the 
Brigade in new uniform styles! Christmas 
drives bia sleigh from San Francisco (close 
enough for gov't work) the city of the famous 
Golden Gate bridge, but more popular today 
as the city without steers. Well, everybody 
can't be perfect, but Noel has sure tried. He 
didn't graduate in the top ten percent of bis 
class, but he made many warm and lasting 
friendships. Even when he was pushing 
against the wind, be stopped long enough to 
help others along the way It may take a while 
to get to know Flip, but having Christmas all 
year long for four years has been the best gift 
I could find under a tree. 

Always, Cooter 

Paul M. Gawrvszewski 


Sandusky, Ohio 

General Engineering. Surface 


Four years ago. Ski left Bedrock and the 
banks of Lake Erie for the banks of the 
Severn. Armed nith a baseball glove and a box 
of animal crackers. Ski quickly adapted to the 
plebe summer regimen, from post taps parties 
with Fourth Class Greenley to the drawer that 
never seemed clean. It was during ac-year that 
Ski learned the real gouge about college life 
from Dan-o and the latest Brigade gossip from 
Chuck. Academically, Ski inspired us all ivith 
yearning for higher knowledge and the rate to 
rack. Sent off to Youngster Cruise in royal 
style. Ski arrived in Hawaii and fell in love 
nith the gray ships (You couldn't fool us with 
that Marine talk!). Youngster year Ski made 
I50s but turned them down realizing that be 
could hve on oranges for only so long This 
year also was the first time we met Sammy 
nith Cork and the arrival of hy's daily steamy 
letters Second Class Summer came and went 
and Ski found himself m Locklear's roommate 
shuffle, gaining new appreciation for Alan 
Parsons It was this year that Ski redefined 
"road trip" on the way to Jersey with the Boys 
I We knew there was a reason for driving so 
slow!). First Class Cruise found us on the Ark. 
doing the ditch and terrorizing the teenagers 
on St. Thomas. The fall brought a platoon, a 
well-coached Brigade Champ football team 
and the hair that grew and grew. Ski. you've 
shown us all what it means to be a sports fan 
and a connoisseur of fine rack. You've been 
more than a roommate these last four years, 
you've been a good friend. Take care, good 
luck. God Bless and I'll see you on the high 


David Joseph Gellene 


Wayne, New Jersey 

Mechanical Engineering, Surface 


Weenie, lean. mean. Gellene came to this 
resort on the Severn with high ideals and a 
love of New Jersey"'^'' (sorry I couldn't resist) 
that no one can forget Greenly quickly made 
bia presence felt plebe summer by getting the 
privilege of wearing the bilge bucket even 
though it was my fault'' And of course there 
were always those after taps parties to keep 
Dave occupied. Plebe year brought many new 
dimensions to Weenie's character 1 wonder if 
he will ever be the same after making the 
acquaintances of Cork and the boys of '33. 
Speaking of character Weenie showed real 
character by going swimming in Santee Basin 
when he was supposed to be sailing il still 
think he did it to impress the crowd. I .As 
youngster year rolled around Weenie finally 
began his long awaited social life. It seems that 
Dave had a thing for the een's. Maureen and 
Doreen. Maybe Weenie should have changed 
his name to Saint Gellene. Second class year 
marked Dave's majestic return to N. J. for the 
famed N D. game. I am sure it is a road trip 
he will never forget. Weenie's trip to Florida 
for spring break 2/c year also marked a high 
point in bis life. (Do } 
1/c cruiae found Ween 
rough time. I mean St Thomas is really a bad 
liberty port. But, at least it left him time to 
practice Spanish! 1/c year saw Weenie 
"rocket" towards nuclear power See Dave ell 
of those late nights studying really do pay off 
As one of the "6" Weenie could always be 
counted on for a good laugh (come on a 
shark?) and an unwianable argument. Thanks 
for being a super pal and a true to life friend. 


I need a ride back") 
> again baMng t 

team, and "Jane", i 

Soon after, a worn. 

his weekends wt 

After a good i 

Marc E. Granier 


Vestal. New York 

Electrical Engineering. Naval 

Flight Officer 

Marc came from the Adirondack MouDtains 
of i'petate New York, and four years later 
wondered what bis bometovin really was 
(you're mo\ing where'') People doubted his 
sanity when tbey beard that he was going to 
be a EE and row crew Luckily, he wised up. 
and a few months later he'd found that, even 
as plebe, weekends would be very important. 

enough alone, be let his mentor (the infamous 
Johann) talk him into sailing on the offshore 
^e was known, was bom. 
came into his life, and 
■ again important 
Tt academically, youngster 
I the long, uphill battle against the 
EE Dept Somehow, incredibly, he graduated 
a EE Alihough be would study long into the 
night, he never lacked sleep - what are classes 

If there was one person that helped create 
Marc's ups and downs, it had to be Ma Bell. 
Between the long phone calls that had him on 
the Taps Taker's bit list, and the nights when 
he'd drive bis blood pressure sky-high and his 
roommates crazy, people were ready to break 
bis dialing finger Luckily, no one did, and 
during his First Class Year, he found a new 
way to reach out and touch someone, and he 
was engaged to Joanna. 

Somehow, he made it through the yean, 
with help from the people around him. 
Without Smiley, who was always there when 
Marc's dip can was empty; or his family and 
sponsors who were always there for him ■ he 
would not have bad as good a time. Marc's 
graduation proves the old adage that someone 
looks after fools, drunkards and Graniers. 

Sow it 'b off to Pensacola. and, with luck, the 
most he wants will be the least he gets- 

Nineteenth Company 417 


Andrew Martin Hale 


Miami, Florida 

Aerospace Engineering, 


Andrew, also known as Digger. Mongoloid, 
and Boo Boo, managed to blow off the first 
10 days of plebe summer by showing up late 
and getting in with a note from Mom. After 
obaerving plebe summer (what's PEP""), first 
semester plebe vear brought on his blossoming 
relationship with TNT Throwing the 35 lb. 
weight on the varsity track team brought out 
Andy's killer instinct. However, hopes of 
earning an "N" sweater ended when track 
practice gave way to the call of the rack — 
especially long distance calls from New Jersey. 
Actually Andrew s favorite racktime was in the 
classroom, his head perched on a stack of 
books . . . "But I was facing the blackboard. " 
With girls Andy was a two-headed ogre, 
though influence wasn't dependent on size. 
Whether they were gnarly, or from N. J.. Andy 
could charm them with conversation about 
plumbing repairs, and NFCU deposits. If 
Andy ever decides to leave the NavT, be can 
always get a job with Shell or Exxon since he 
already has had experience at offshore drilling, 
even though it was only a hobbie with Andy. 
Andrew's appropriately named car 'Spitfire', 
coat htm $3000 . . . +$2400 . . . +$1500 . . . 
+ $?. When Andy wasn't repairing beaters, he 
was preparing his car for road trips . . . where 's 
the marshmallows f* Andrew was such a 
dedicated student that he even cut short his 
enroling during Christmas to write a computer 
program . . what an inspiration to ua all. 
Andrew's dynamic personality enabled him to 
acquire a multitude of acquaintances over 
Protramid t remember Quanticoi. However, 
most of these relationships were eventually 
kwelled. During these past 4 years. Andy never 
failed to keep us amused with his thousands 
sounds, his confused martian. his unique luck, 
and all of those pantomime battles that were 
waged nightly. Regardless of Andy's incurable 
ZOA. he will always be our cardboard hero. 


David C. Hall 


Beltsville, Maryland 

English, Navy Pilot 

It is a very lucky thing that Dave comes 
from Beltsville right here in Maryland. If Dave 
were not fortunate enough to have lived close 
to the Academy, he would have left all the 
beautiful female population from 15 to 30 
broken-hearted. But Dave is known for more 
than his magic with the women. Where do I 
begin to tell the story? If I had to compare 
him to a writer, it would be Shakespeare; if 
comparing him to a thinker, it would be 
Einstein: if comparing him to a lover, it would 
be MAURO! Although Dave has many things 
in common with these giants, there are things 
about him that dwarf the greatest of men. 
Even though Dave would wait until the night 
before - or maybe even the period before - a 
big test to get ready (in order to maintain his 
3.5. 90th in the class standing, the Burke 
scholarship winner form}, he would spend 
moat of his time helping everyone in the 
company solve a tough one. Dave would bend 
over backwards for a friend, and everyone was 
Dave's friend. There is nothing in life Dave 
Hall can 't do. He came here a skinny kid and 
leaves with a Greek god-like physique. I will 
never forget the evenings at Wendy's, late 
night talks about Sandy and Kim Hi. 2. and 
3. Sir Lawrence of Olivier. Mel knocking on 
the wall. Scott and Kim. I can never forget all 
the great times we spent inith your mom. We 
will never forget Mrs. Hall and the beautiful 
loving person she was. After knowing a person 
like her it is easy to believe there is a beautiful 
person like Dave Hall. Let's go get 'em in 
P-Cola. How 'bout that Dave Hall. Jimmy 
Giruzzi, Slomated. aexual stimulation, have a 
stump, make sure you got a car! 
Love, Tony 

Craig Alan Hamner 


Niagara Falls, New York 

Management, Navy NFO 

I'd like everyone to meet my r 
Mel Mel came to us that first s 
atudly figure of a man (Remember those good 
old days. Chief?). I knew we were meant for 
each other from the first time we liaited the 
local pubs. How vividly I remember those last 
second dashes through the "Yard." And who 
can forget that first Army when Mel decided 
the hotel needed a sit -on -the -floor doorman. 
Mel's liking of the sweet nectar really became 
apparent, though, I/c year when he organized 
some of the beat tailgaters ever seen by man. 
Of course, Mel had many other interests over 
the years. One of them, for example, was 
WOMEN! Mel loved to like women, especially 
the more "mature" of the apeciea. You know 
the expression "talk is cheap", well . . . 
anyway, if you ever see him, ask him about 
"Bootsy!" As for Mel'a lifeatyle in Mother "B". 
he was the epitome of cool. From aleeping au 
naturale to coaching the Batt. Football team 
to a championahip, Mel was everyones 
multi 'talented leader (If only he would get his 
hair cut!). Even when it came to academics, 
Mel never panicked. I think this was due to 
his unique study habit of going to bed early 
and setting hia alarm for 3:00 am, 5:00 am, 6:00 
am, and fmally 7:20 am so he could study 
while he was reated (That'a alright buddy, I 
didn 't need the sleep anyway!). Seriously 
though. Craig ia a very special person. He was 
always there when you needed him, and one 
helluva "best friend". I love him dearly, and 
we're all going to miss him a great deal when 
this nightmare is over Good luck, pal, and 
God Blesa You!!! 

SJW (Willy) 

Ronald S. Hollenbeck 


Spokane, Washington 

Electrical Engineering, Naval 

Flight Officer 

Ronnie came to 19 all the way from 
Washington State via a last fling at Va. Beach. 
Plebe year found him doing time with the 
Spaz — who would later become bis partner 
in crime on the Lucky Bar staff The Three 
Muaketeers regrouped to enjoy plebe year with 
their bootleg stereo system. On weekends Ron 
could be found at the Lawn's, who would soon 
adopt him for the duration. Ron returned for 
youngster year behind the wheel of hia little 
blue truck. "Midnight Madness " was an 
appropriate name. He stayed in ahape by 
training on pizza, beer, sunshine, and thoee 
last minute sprints for taps. His training 
peaked with the 30 second change at the gas 
station, (thank God for uniform races and new 
covera) Ron abused the term "road trip" 
whether he was driving, hopping, or hitchhik- 
ing . . . (Alabama?) Hia love for the beach took 
him from Green Beach to Ocean City where 
he threw in the towel and was picked up by 
Sweetie. Ron 'a love for Italian women led him 
to Italy for 1/C cruise where he continued the 
USNA tradition of going over the wall in 
Rome. With first claaa year came the struggle 
of EE. all-nighters, braces. La Machine, body 
by Soloflex. 'the phone', budgeting six figures 
for Lucky Bag and atill managing to atay 
broke. We will carry his friendship and love 
with us always. Good luck in P'cola. Ron! 


418 Nineteenth Company 


Matthew Christian Jacobson 


Torrance, California 

Applied Science, U.S. Air Force 

Matt is California aU the way. He came to 
U.S.N. A. aporting bleached out hair, a healthy 
tan, Dodger blue blood, and the Surf Punka 
blaring on bis waikman. He found Plebe 
Summer a breeze (being a NAPSterl and 
unselfishly helped the rest of "Donovan s 
Dnps" learn the ropes. What Matt didn't 
know he eagerly learned from Lori Rampp. 
and what he couldn't learn from her, he 
learned from her younger sister. Jake found 
bis calling second claas summer, where he 
enjoyed beer for breakfast, and women for 
lunch and dinner. One important fact was 
established then also, he was never getting 
married . . . ever The dawning of second class 
year brought Matt 's three date Jake era where 
he refused to go out with any girl more than 
three times. He wanted no commitments, for 
be was not gettmg married . at least not for 
a few years. First claas year brought Matt's 
desire for a commission in the Air Force, and 
after meeting her. a desire for Tracy. He got 
both, as well as something else - engaged! 

Matt's quick wit. rather loud disposition, 
and straight- forward emotions will be remem- 
bered by all as he heads into the wild blue 
yonder. We will remember times such as the 
endless road trips (check your six, sport), 
mooaec^ils, scream and beer weekends, and 
Disneyland, and know that although Matt will 
not be in our senice. he will always be a loyal 
friend. Best of luck to you and Tracy, Matt. 
You've got it ail now. Roscoe! 

Anthony J. Mauro 

Big T' 

Utica, New York 

Political Science, Navy Pilot 

Never let it be said that the Big T took a 
low profile in his years at the Academy From 
the beginning Tony stood out as something 
special. Leaving behind the security of his 
large family in Utica. N. V he immediately 
made a big splash. (His performances at plebe 
summer come arounds are now legendary - 
lucky are the few that got to witness them!) 
We learned to expect big things when Tony 
waa around, and we weren't disappointed In 
a first year full of football, magic marker 
fights, words of the day • oh, and an occasional 
plebe rate - Tony finally overcame plebe year. 
As an upperclass. nothing could atop him. Not 
football, not academics (well . . .) and certainly 
not girls. His unexplainable power over women 
waa envied by ail (and surpassed only by his 
roommate's). But at the center of his world 
was Sandy, the hometown sweetie with a 
stronghold on his heart. It just goes to show 
even the toughest guy has bis weakness. 
Through all the hard times, though. Tony has 
managed to come out on top. I don 't know of 
anyone with so much zest for life. Affectionate 
end caring, be knows the meaning of the word 
"friend". The memories of these 4 years • 
immature faces, ski adventures, a double date 
in the cadillac (bow 'bout those reclining 
seats!), too many late night talks, trips to 
Wendy's, some fantastic times in Utica and 
Beltaviile, a "mishap of an evening", girl 
problems, worthless alarm clocks, a couple of 
intense fights, and 3 years in the craziest room 
at the Academy ■ don't even begin to tell the 
story. Suffice it to say that our friendship is 
the greatest thing I take away from here. Good 
luck always. Ton. Holy geez, P-Cola is 
definitely not ready for us! 
Love, Dave 

Stuart Russell Mc Arthur 


East Norwalk, Connecticut 

Political Science, Navy Pilot 

With a name like McArthur, Stuart Russell 
waa destined to be a military man. So Suey 
found himself one weekend after graduating 
from high school on the desolate shores of 
Newport, RI where he awaited the rank of 
Seaman Recruit prior to reporting to NAPS. 
The civilian/military transition was quite easy 
for Suey. as was the academic load. Here he 
met his life long Mends Drewy and Moohy. 

Entering USNA, Stu showed bis military 
might as he and bis classmates from NAPS 
made plebe summer look as if it were a piece 
of cake. He soon realized that academics 
weren 't important and be then started to excel 
in bis military activities by attending 
Treebome and Baby Seal School This was not 
all Stu did on bis free time. 

During Plebe and Youngster year Suey 
invited many of his close acquaintances from 
New York and Boston down for the WE. In 
bis second class year I became Suey's personal 
answering service by answering the phone on 
a frequent basia. After setting up bis weekend 
rendezvous, Drewy, Suey. and Moohy would 
knock the wontona dead with their dancing 
tactics. Tbey were always burning up the floor. 
Slingshot entered the video about this time. 
And the boys trekked on down to Lauderdale 
for spring break. Suey received bis first lesson 
in first aid and the art of fine fashions (i.e. 
Bocca Ration). He also learned something 
about Lebanese while in Florida. 

In bis senior year Stu fmally started to show 
bis military expertise by becoming a platoon 
commander. He also dreamed up such lingo as 
Yarr Darr, Waldo, Catch, Latch and act. In all 
honesty Stu baa been a great roommate and 
one of my best friends. I wish bim the best 
of luck in the future and get that pin. Catch. 
DJD and the Bluchow 

Gregory S. Navin 


Westport, Connecticut 

General Engineering, Surface 


Greg came to us from a small New England 
town called Westport. Greg's first mistake, as 
far as the class of '84 is concerned, was that 
while we grunted and sweated through the 
hottest Annapolis summer in SO years, he 
relaxed under the cool Connecticut sun with 
his windsurfer and bis girl Yes, you'll have to 
admit it now, Greg, you never had a Plebe 
Summer. Plebe year, for the second time, was 
a challenge rooming with Tony and Dave and 
trying to study at the same time, yet you still 
managed to get a 3.11. Youngster cruise to 
Italy on a submarine sure was fun. but at least 
you saw the light and decided surface line is 
mighty fine after all. Then came youngster 
year and all those major's courses came to life. 
They can't compare to second class year's 
load, though. The only light we could see at 
the end of the tunnel was a subway's headlight 
bearing down on us. How about all those 
all-nighters we went through ? I'm still amazed 
at the amount of coffee the human bladder can 
hold. We did have some good times that year 
though. Going out to Mrs. Lively's after the 
company dining ■ it had to be one of the 
funniest. Are you still red? Somehow it all 
ended and we got our rings and cars. But that 
waan 't good enough for you. Greg, you bad to 
go and get a wife, to boot. Well, we'll let you 
sUde this time — but that's only because 
Wendy's such a great girt Well roomie, 
thanks, thanks for being there and helping me 
see over all the crud they threw at us. I guess 
that waa one of your best talents. You cxyuld 
always get to the bottom and put things in the 
right perspective. I don 't need to wish you any 
luck — you don 't need it I will wish you all 
the happiness in the world for both you and 
Wendy. Take care. 

Nineteenth Company 419 




Michael E. Purcell 


Pueblo, Colorado 

General Engineering, Naval 

Flight Officer 

Smiley came to us from Pee- Yeblo. CO. with 
a amiJe on his face and Navy Air in his heart. 
Hia high spirits and happy disposition earned 
him the name Smiley. His plebe summer 
found him laughing many a night away to 
Richard Pryor. (LFP) Visiting the 'ship in the 
yard' was among bis plebe duties. His 
exceptional skill with model Airplane design 
demonatrated his early interest in aviation, 
because Smiley knew that only airplanes were 
better than women. His expert ability in 
swimming led to 4 years of validation and one 
night of backstroking home from Jaspers. 
Smiley and the other Musketeers spent their 
first Easter at the Lawns basking in the sun 
by day and raising hell by night Don't craw! 
too far into the woods, Smiley! Mike was soon 
turned on to some real music and found a 
bidden talent somewhere between his drum- 
sticks and bis abused desk lamp . . . but only 
he knows where. While studying under bis 
mentor, the Big Kid, Smiley learned that 
dipping in parades was not so mun after all. 
Wba t company Mesa Nigh t?? Mike was 
always a ladies man. Remember the missing 
girl in Florida, the girl in the Corvette, the 
Beak, the Gorilla, Little Orphan Annie and the 
one in the cradle. But then there were the 
midnight runs and marathon phone calls to 
the real woman in College Park. Mike owes the 
Ac Dean a favor for finding his car for him 
at the Mail. When be wasn't in the rack or 
on the phone, Mike was the most caring of 
frienda and we will long remember his ability 
to brighten even the darkest of days. Good 
lack in your queat for gold, Smiley. 

420 Nineteenth Company 

Anthony Beach Onorati 
Tony O. 

Great Falls, Virginia 
Oceanography, Navy Air 

Tony 0. Started USNA as if he were right 
at home . . . with his family living in the yard, 
that wasn't very far from the truth. Actually, 
no one else had to deal with his "Capt. Daddy" 
bracing him up, so I paid his dues. The 
summer melted into Ac- Year and in true Mid 
fashion Tony melted into bis bed. That's right 
his bed. at bis home: not a bad way to spend 
a youngster. After this grueling introduction 
he was generously rewarded with a fine 
youngster cruise on an AD out of Alameda. 
Tony quickly learned that be really wanted 
Navy Air. Youngster year brought fame and 
fortune as Tony won an N-star, the first for 
84 in 19. As an upper class Tony blossomed 
into quite a ladies-man. Weekend frolics with 
Jammin' Jenny. Kendel, and Rosie were 
commonplace. Tony's cruise on the Battleship 
served to solidify his desire to be an ace, so 
he'll be off to P-cola. The Navy won't find a 
better fighter -pilot, and we'll not find a better 
friend. Good luck Tony, see you in the wild 
blue yonder. 

Lenny F. Price 
Mr. Mellow 
Inkster, Michigan 
Physical Science, Civilian 

From day one, nobody has ever been able 
to guess what this native of Inkster. Michigan 
was going to do next. When he arrived after 
a vear on the beautiful shores of Narragansett 
Bay, Len was convinced that be was going to 
graduate with a degree in Aerospace Engineer- 
ing and become a Submariner. 

And if it hadn 't been for academics he might 
have made it through Aero. But the effort to 
stay one jump ahead of the Axe Board forced 
Lenny to switch his major to Physical Science 
during Youngster year. Also, after a visit to 
NAS Pensacola during Protramid. be was 
convinced that he wanted nothing more than 
to be a Naval Flight Officer So. with the start 
of second class year, a new Lenn returned to 
the halls of 19tb Company. And in apprecia- 
tion for his positive leadership and profession- 
alism, the Class of '86 threw a party for him 
out in Goat Court on his birthday. It wasn't 
easy dodging those waterballoons while 
tied-up in a chair and wearing nothing but 
shaving cream and a smile — but Lenny 
pulled through in bis usual dramatic fashion- 
First Class cruise in San Diego left Len sold 
on Surface Warfare and Southern California. 
There was even a little time to be semi-sadistic 
up in Newport training NAPSters as he 
uttered those now famous words. "I'm your 
worst nightmare — a jerk with authority." In 
the fall, Lenny found out that he was not 
physically qualified to be commissioned, so he 
spent most of second semester preparing for 
bis new career as a professional musician! 
Thanks to Huey and Duey (Lenny was Louie), 
The Boys in 19. SEA BREEZE, Jon Katz 
(Meow), Julia S., ENS Sue. my Family and my 
Lonnie. See ya on MTV! 

John H. Quint 


Stone Mountain, Georgia 

Electrical Engineering, Nuclear 


Quincy from Cincy arrived at USNA with 
a strong desire to excel. His plebe year found 
him on the J. V. Soccer field and in the 
classroom. After a short term with Spaz. the 
Three Musketeers were reunited. His intro to 
EE came with the design of the bootleg stereo 
system. John's lack of experience in the social 
arts was quickly diminished starting with 
Army if I. As his parents moved to Atlanta, be 
learned to enjoy his new found "Southern 
Comfort. " Youngster year be returned from 
bis cruise a died in the wool Nuke. John 
redefined the term "road-trip" from beneath 
the cover of the little blue truck. Speaking of 
road trips, remember iced teas, Roaanne 
Rosanna Danna, and OC (Don't forget your 
towel, John!) During 2/c year. Quintessence 
helped 19 to become Brigade Champs in 
soccer, while at the same time corrupting 
Wheels. John bad a hard time staying awake 
at parties. How is it that the toes of your shoes 
get worn out so fast, John ? - certainly not from 
running those marathons! First semester 
senior year it was John Quint . . . Company 
Commander. Although academics were 
tougher than ever and time was short be found 
time for extracurricular activities from coast 
to coast. Pasadena, Portland. Cincinnati, 
Atlanta, College Park, and Fort Lauderdale to 
name a few of the fun spots. John, you had 
a knack for remembering names, but bow 
could you mix up the girls? Besides being the 
best of friends, be always gave more than he 
took. We expect to see great things from you 
in the future, John. 



Scott H. Rasplicka 


Cullman, Alabama 

Electrical Engineering, Navy Air 

Scott ventured from the city of Cullman. AL 
into the unkmm-ns ofCrabtown. USA. WeU . . . 
let me see I guess that's all folks . . . Scott 

Are the last two lines enough to describe 
your life at gotxi ole USNA'' I guess it is. for 
you that is. but not for me. To begin with - 
Plebe Summer Can you remember that far 
back? Your foremost squad leader? She was ^ 
always on your case for having a southern 
drawl. Couldn't figure out what you were 
saying or was it the other way around'' (WeU, 
Lori, if you're reading this, you did well - he's 
improved . . . I think?) Plebe Summer, it was 
the best, or was it? . . . Plebe year . . . Keith 
. . . Sully . . . rumbles . . . stop, that's it. It was 
a short year . . . Youngster year . - . relaxation? 

double E . you didn't know what major 
to get into, so you followed my footsteps. Well, 
you made the right choice but for me'' WelH 
. . . weekends . . . girls, uhmmm, sorry, can't 
remember them! . . . movies . . . pizza . . . ice 
cream! ■ even when it was freezing . . . Florida, 
spring break - well, it could have been better 
. . Second Class year . . - super latenigbters 
(Scott, turn off the lights!) . . double E . . 
double E . ■ - super late-nighters - . - hey! it was 
rough but you did it buddy!! . . . Cooter. yeah, 
remember, the boys were watching Saturday 
Night Live and they were doing a skit of the 
South and one of the guys named Cooter and 
so, the boys decided to name you that , , 
super late-nighters . - . sur\ived . . - First Class 
year . . . Bye roommate for a semester . . . sleep 
. . . sleep, or was it'' - . . paperwork . . . double 
EE . . . sorry pal, we didn 't go out often, too 
busy studying (girls???) . . the Lively's . - . the 
Latini's . . . Service Selection . . . Navy Air!! . . . 
last everything for Na\y . . Graduation. 
WeeelU, roommate, friend, pal, old man, 
buddy, kaibigan. It has been great the past 
four years and it'll be great for another 50. 
Take it to the air pal and "what the $%i& 
I" Go for it!!! God Bless. Cooter! 

"Merry Christmas" 

Robert Lyle Shoemaker 


St Petersberg, Florida 

Aerospace Engineering, AMDO 

Shoe came to us from the beaches of Florida 
with bis shorts, flip-flops, and a full volume 
of Jimmy Buffet albums under bis arms. His 
plebe year was spent at Kathy's house where 
he became very close friends with Jose and 
Pepe. Shoe soon learned to live by the saying 
"Why put off till tomorrow what you can do 
the day after tomorrow. " Yes. Shoe is the 
world's greatest procAstinator. He used to put 
off work until be could string 3 all-nighters in 

Bob was also strong in the area of women 
Third class year went to New Jersey and found 
his "angel". When that didn't gel Bob worked 
on some smooth lines. Rumor has it that Shoe 
once asked a girl "not to spoil this beautiful 
moment" You remember her Bob (I've got 
nice teeth, I like to clean and I love to .J 

Shoe was also an excellent athlete. Plebe 
year he realized that baseball just wasn't for 
him and gave his talents to the intramural 
circuit Shoe stayed with the same sports all 
four years: basketball, football and soft ball. As 
captain of the co basketball team Shoe wasn f 
looking for the brigade championship, but 
rather for that one elusive victory each season 
And in football Shoe will forever hold the 
record for the most completions in a gams, 
unfortunately the passes were caught by the 
other team. 

But, on the serious side. Shoe is one who 
is a friend to all. Bob may have graduated in 
1984 but he will always be remembered as a 
member of the class of 1983. Unfortunately. 
Bob was delayed in graduating because of a 
serious accident, but through sheer determina- 
tion he is back with the same happy-go-lucky 
attitude. Bob is the best friend a person could 
have. Shoe. Friends like you make the whole 
experience worth it Good Luck. 


Mark Anthony Stolarski 


Sealy, Texas 

General Engineering, U.S.M.C. 

When Mark came to ua from the land of 
steers and queers he was 5 6'. 125 lbs. and we 
thought he was a strange little polack. Now 
he's 140 lbs. and we're sure he's very strange 
I mean a varsity D & B 2 striper with a toy 
rifle, rubber alligator, ceramic snake, and 
power windows on your truck; come on Mark. 
How about csmies for Army Week roving 
patrol, assorted items rescued from the trash, 
and switching from Aero to General so your 
grades can drop? After all that's what GE is 
all about isn't it" One thing I never 
understood though is why you bought a 
nenspaper. Your life subscription to the Sealy 
News brought you stories like "Jones cat 
caught in tree" and "Smith dog dies": and 
what else important ever happens in the 
world? I guess that 'a why you always bad such 
a stack of old newspapers lying around. The 
real clincher was service selection — Marine 
Corps? What will people say? "Look, out on 
the track, it 's a snail, it 's a tortoise, it 's Mark 
rurming the mile again!" Maybe it'll be: 
"Faster than a speeding caterpillar, able to sit 
up on his own, it's the Grunt Runt!" Really 
Mark bow could any enlisted man take you 
seriously when you need platform shoes to be 
able to stare him in the navel'^ The Corps does 
have its advantages though, when you come 
back here no one will mistake you for a 
mailman — maybe an elf at Christmas, but 
never a mailman. Anyway when are you going 
to get a haircut? 

It's been a fun four years, never a dull week, 
whether it's been burned pens and pencils, 
strange brews in my mug. or assorted liquids 
poured in my bed or on me, you've kept me 
from being bored. Thanks for the fun and as 
for your service selection — better you than 
me! I hear the Marines are still looking for 
thoae few good men. 

Good luck and Kill the Commies!! 

David A. Vanderschoot 


Phoenix, Arizona 

Oceanography, Navy Air 

The Navy dragged Dave away from God's 
country kicking and screaming. The fight was 
worth it. though, for Dave quickly displayed 
his athletic abilities by challenging the 
W-course record and being high scorer in the 
plebe B-ball smoker. But basketball was not 
to be for Dave, with the exception of frequent 
and Mciously competitive nerf tourneys in the 
room. Instead. Vandy resigned himself to an 
all-star company sports status and the study 
of starfish and sand. Despite the latter 
discipline, the zoomies agreed to keep him for 
a semester in Colorado Springs. Now Air Force 
A s are relatively easy to come-by. you see. bo 
(he Schooter spent the majority of his time a 
safe distance from his books. There. Dave 
enjoyed jumping out of airplanes with nothing 
attached, diving with the scuba club, skiing, 
fishing, and terrorizing the bus drivers during 
Na\y week. Plebe summer and first class year 
brought a plethora of stripes, a new truck, and 
a continuation of a nasty string of 4.0's. Truly, 
Dave's faults are few and far between, yet we'd 
be remiss not to mention a few. Most notable 
of course, are his dubious musical tastes 
("ladies and gentlemen. Miss Amy Grant") 
and temperance in manner and drink. Dave's 
amiable disposition, moral dedication, and 
cool hand will make him the best "high-tech 
Capt. Kirk" to ever blaze a path across the 
sky. More importantly though, it's made him 
the finest friend for whom any could ask. 
Godspeed Dave. 

Nineteenth Company 421 


Scott D. Vogelsang 


Liverpool, New York 

Ocean Engineering, Submarines 

Schlong came to us from central N. Y. a 
lean, mean, stroking machine, having just 
captained one o( the best swim teams in the 
country. He proceeded to validate every swim 
test they could throw at him for four years. 
After a go at the J. V. team and a bout with 
the waterpoio fellows, however, Scott decided 
that swimming was for fiah. Yet bia affinity 
for water did not end there, as Schlong became 
quite the ocean engineering stud. For Scott, 
an "A" was 95 and above, although even the 
profs allowed more room for error. Despite his 
academic prowess, the scouting report on bis 
nerf basketball game illuminated an acute lack 
of dexterity in bis left band - one might even 
say an affliction • earning him the nickname 
"The Claw." Second class year brought a 
company commander position and a spring 
break road trip to the surf, sand, and suds of 
sunny Ft Lauderdale. Soon afterwards, Scott 
sacrificed good gas mileage in return for the 
high performance of a 1980 diesel rabbit, in 
which he perfected his "lO-and-2" death grip. 
After an exotic Forex cruise in Brazil, his 
attentions turned to more important matters; 
Joan and nuclear powered submarines. Both 
parties could hardly be more fortunate, and 
both will undoubtedly discover that Scott's 
imagination and commitment are rare quali- 
ties. We have. 

Matthew T. Wallace 


Reston, Virginia 

Systems Engineering, Nuclear 


Matt'a pilgrimage toward higher education 
and a Naval career began in Reston, VA and 
ended an hour later at ''THE ACADEATY". 
He quickly proved himself a man of many 
talents and a quick wit Among his talents was 
an affinity for poetry, which delighted bis 
plebe classmates, but did Utile for the first 
claas critics who were die-hard Pittsburgh 
fans. Despite being so short. Matt could cover 
a mile in 4:35. and could walk from his room 
to the bathroom on his bands. Youngster year 
found Matt experimenting with Aerospace 
engineering. After testing over 30 paper 
prototypes in T-court, his career was cut short 
by the OOD, and he settled for Systems 
Engineering instead. To prove his dedication 
to multiapeed blenders and dishwashers. Matt 
decided to forfeit all sleep for an entire year. 
All kidding aside Matt is a brilliant engineer 
with a promising future. After all, the world 
needs better blenders. There were 2.5 days a 
week when Matt was at bis best, and rarely 
could be found within the confines of Mother 
B. His adventurous spirit led him to Hawaii, 
Norway, and Europe. His taste in cars (even 
Chateau Silver) is superb, although his flavor 
for music is questionable (Who's King?). 
Throughout the past four years, Matt has been 
a valuable friend and a great roommate, be 
knows bow to enjoy himself and helps others 
to do the same. He will be greatly missed but 
be will be a super addition to the fleet We'll 
be seeing you down in Florida. 


Gary Harmon Williams 


Las Cruces, New Mexico 

Oceanography, NFO 

Gary, also known as Mr. Meticulous, Gerber, 
King of One-liners. Toper, Burper and Stu, 
came from the badlands of New Mexico where 
gunalinging, drinking, and listening to country 
music are a way of life. During Plebe Summer. 
Gary was known for bis obsession with Irish 
Pennants and his flawless knowledge of rates. 
In addition to being a perfect plebe — Gary 
exchanged alt of bis P.E. shirts — he was a 
perfect drinking companion . . . after any 
drinking occasion be remembered perfectly 
nothing. Not even a sellout crowd at Giants 
Stadium could rouse Gary from a drunken 
stupor. Several times we have bad to explain, 
"He's not heavy, he's my roommate." 
Dragging Gary's body at the expense of belt 
buckle, shoes and trousers or bouncing bis 
unconscious bead off of door frames, dash- 
boards, etc. provided entertainment during 
Gary's moments of indulgence. Gary overin- 
dulged at times . . . nose shots of Guinness 
Stout, Harvey's more-than-Gary-could-keep- 
dowD special, and Chicken Mc Vomiting. 
During conscious moments, Gary entertained 
with endless one-liners. He was the power 
behind Mike Force with the ability to clear the 
wardroom with a single one-liner. And when 
Gary couldn't come up with crude comments, 
a thundering belch would do. Then there's bis 
outrageous accent . . . the woe-man in 
Dee-troit who he couldn't take to the tbee-ater 
because he didn't have his billfold. Gary 
outgrew bis gross taste in girls and found 
satisfying companions for his roommates. 
We'll never forget the duty car — the Olds 98 
that could (well it almost got us to 
Lauderdale). Or that "off-duty cop" wardrobe 
of Gary's. Rooming with a future 5-striper for 
two years taught Gary to overlook friendship 
when it came to the Admin Conduct System 
. . . et tu Gary. But we still love ya. Best of 
luck to everyone's best friend. 


422 Nineteenth Company 

Scott J. Williams 


Yardley, Pennsylvania 

Computer Science, 

Nuclear Submarines 

Now I ask you, bow can anybody spend bo 

much time at the Halsey weight room, in 
Frarmy O's, at Wendy's hamburgers, in the 
company wardroom, and at home just about 
every weekend with bis bride-to-be and still 
get a 3.3 QPR? ■ by being my roommate Scott 
WiUiams. that's how! Even in the moat tense 
situations Willy's laid back attitude prevailed 
• "Relax, it's only 6:27, I'll make it" ■ as he 
steps out of the shower. However when push 
came to shove and hard work was called for, 
Willy was the first in line. His many 
all-nighters at Ward Hall and his outstanding 
performance on the company fieldball team 
testify to this. 

Along with Willy came bis beautiful Mom 
- the adopted mother of the 19th company. 
Her humor, smile, and fantastic cooking will 
be sorely missed by us all. But she can be 
assured that we'll stop in whenever we get the 

Upon departing the sacred halls of Mother 
B. for the last time and leaving behind the 
days of company sub-commander, conduct 
officer, color guard, and the gang. Willy will 
don the dolphins and tie the knot. BeUeve me, 
both are gaining an outstanding person. I'll 
miss your smiling face Willy, but it's nice to 
know it will always be that way. 
Love, Mel. 






^^K^'iM '"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l^^^l 



^HHv'i^ ^ 


Twentieth Company 423 



Matthew Raymond Avila 


Turlock, California 

Aerospace Engineering, NFO 

Being an aero major and the skipper of the 
fastest boat and crew at NASS is no picnic, 
but Matt managed to make it one. He quickly 
learned bow to skate out of plebe year, 
watches, duty, and weekends. Matt strives for 
perfection in everything he does - studies, 
sailing, striper billets, sleeping. As an aero 
major he does quite well; he averages 12 hours 
of sleep every day. Matt's sleeping habits 
resulted in fame. Last month, the American 
Medical Association did an article on him and 
his terminal Burnius rakcius (rack burns). 
He's buying his o»7i bedspread when he 
graduates so he'll always have a home away 
from home. The only time Matt isn't sleeping 
is when he's nitb the Peruvian. That's the only 
time he has better things to do than sleep, but 
sleeping runs a close second- I'm sure one day 
he'll trade in the blue bedspread for his very 
own Muggy blanket. Everybody puts up with 
a lot from their roommates and Matt is no 
exception. His chances for being a pilot were 
ruined when his roommate hit him in the right 
eye with an icebali, causing him to lose vision 
in bis left eye. Matt loves to drag his ballrat 
roomie out into the real world once in a while 
- Dahigren. the Dockside, Catons\iUe. the 
Azores. I've enjoyed all of it. Thanks for 
everything. Keep the cowboys and indians 
coming and don't let flight school interfere 
with your sleep. It's been real and it's been 
fun, but it hasn't been real fun. 

Charles Howard Bagwell Jr. 
Clinton, Mississippi 
General Engineering, Naval 

Clinton, MS not MA, and I want to fly . . . 
3125 . . . Maj. Mayer: "He won't make it here" 
. . . Ac-year cornea and the nomad begins his 
trek through the desert of roommates . . . 1:15 
late at X-mas: metal detectors don't like big 
watches - . - Porter, McCarthy. McCauley and 
I'm still here . . . 20 min. at dead week: cheap 
youngsters . . . 3 hrs on Aug 21: ATC Strike 
. . . Youngster year: laying low, visiting little 
brother at UVa. and making my best grades 
. . . June Week and Christie B. . . . Commit- 
ment?: No sweat! . . . now 20if lighter ...4-2 
and life with Pearsall . . . 20/20 ... 1.58: Bye 
bye Aero . . . Second semester upper rack scam 
. . . 2 hrs at spring break: Airline overbooking 
(Delta ia ready when you are) . . . Bagaday Inn 
. . . Lt Marty: "Alice in Wonderland" . . . I 
never drove it, I just bought it in the yard 
. . . various weekends: major traffic jams . . . 
tell us about the greyhound race . . . 20/20 . . . 
one curb=$936.32 (32 cents!) . . . 70.3 miles in 
6:59:27 . . . Baitin ' snail traps in Sicily and 
gettin' blown sideways by F-14's . . . 63 days 
of leave=$240 of comrats . . . Navy vs 
MSU=2.000 miles in 34 hrs (4-weeker8? 
ROLL ON BAGS!) . . . Bergen says: "He's not 
ready to be hired" and I say: "It was worth 
it" . . . Did 1 ever really restrict? (Thank you 
Nolea) ... 1st semester and the Doghouse 
Squad . . . 3rd Wing Change Machine Runs 
(2:09.52 and no challengers): Hey you! Stop! 
. . . Finals come and I'm an LTM minus the 
labs (of course) . . , 20/20 + if814=Pensacola 
on 16 Julv '34, Thanks to a rigorous program 
of nonstudy . . . made a B on PCS by one 
question and if I cruise Vine-UN I'm outta' 
here (well in the black on leave time) . . . 
Thanks to the man upstairs, 'cause he knows 
better than any that I probably shouldn't have 
made it through here . . . may 23 May truly 
have been "June" Week. 

Love, Bags 

Warren C Belt 


Panama City, Florida 

Systems Engineering, Nuclear 


Here are just a few of the things that have 
had a lasting effect on my life while at the 
Naval Academy. 

Mom and Dad - Model parents, I only hope 
I can do for my kids what you've done for me. 

Megan-Smeggiea/War-WarH A team forever. 
You love me bo much you almost lost me, now 
you're stuck for eternity. 

FCA - /( turned my 2.6 on paper to a 4.0 
in my mind, some things are more important 
than grades. Thank you Ace for taking me 
from one side of the alter to the other. 

Hometown ■ I am privileged to be from a 
city with two cultures. P. C. has the world's 
most beautiful beaches — it also has some of 
the worst (or beat) Southern drawls of any 
hick town in nearby Alabama. 6 months TAD 
on the Gulf, I'm glad I'm finally working for 
a livin'. 

John V. ■ My Best Man. 'nougb said. 

Bags - Thanks for putting this place in 
perspective so many times. May your Mach Sf 
be greater than your QPR. 

J. B.. Tom, Tommy, Rips, and San ■ Thanks 
for the semester in the 2-3 shuffle. 

Dobbers - you get my vote whatever you run 

Systems Eng. - 4 yrs. and I still don 't know 
what it is. 

God deserves all the credit for any good I've 
done in the world and he only knows what is 
to come in my life, but I feel safe. 
In HIS service. WCB 

David A. Booth 


North Tarrytown, New York 

Mathematics, Marine Corps 

When Dave decided to attend Canoe V. over 
nearby West Point, he doubtless had very 
little idea of the impression he 'd leave with the 
Brigade. His impact has most certainly been 
felt by all those who dared to step between 
him and the goal line in Company football. 
Not that he's an animal or anything — 
animals don't laugh while ripping someone's 
shoulder out: Dave does. Fortunately for 20, 
he left a much more lasting impression in 
other, more important ways. His friendly 
demeanor touched us all each day: the Booty 
never let his horrendous math courses 
interfere with his personal dealings. Dave is a 
model leader: not the type we read about in 
NL, but one with an amazing ability to deal 
with all people — a thinking individual, who 
can cope with any situation handed him. As 
a result of this, he has earned the respect and 
admiration of everyone who has had the 
pleasure of dealing with him. The plebes 
idolize him — at least those he didn't maul 
over Plebe Detail. Dave will always remember 
his one weekend away from Annapolis (in all 
4 years), explaining to his parents that 
Dobbers really is a living entity, his maid, and 
the love he has for the Naval Academy. His 
only mistake was going Corps: He can't go 
Blue/Gold with Mike (Sorry, Susan), and I 
won't be able to serve with him. I will sorely 
miss the finest person I probably will ever 
know. The Marines will never appreciate just 
how lucky they are. 


424 Twentieth Company 

.»„-..., ^,»->.^Tl^ 

John Brendon Bowie 


Wynnewood, Pennsylvania 

Physical Science, Surface Na\y 

And a apeciaj thanks to Susan, 

to whom the only appropriate way to 

thank you is: 


Richard B. Cox 

Pueblo, Colorado 
(History) NFO 

Rich came to the banks of the Seve 
Pueblo in a seersucker suit, bag i 
-Hold on to my money, mister" 

rn from 
n hand: 
■ Plebe 

Summer went fairly smoothly for Rich, with 
only an occasional breakout of baseball with 
Tony. Plebe year found Rich toiling in the 
Boge-Man's class, trying to comprehend the 
modernity of the Bauhaua. This intrigued him 
so much he became a History major 
Youngster year found Rich on 2-3 with some 
really cool roommates. That year Rich became 
the Monk of VSNA. -This damn East Coasf. 
••Why do you guys call me B. H."^" Nobody 
will ever forget the wet T-Sbirt contest. As a 
second class Rich went to West Point; what 
really happened is only conjecture He 
returned only to go 4-2 with He-be-ge-be. 
Plebe Detail brought the best in Rich: "Hey. 
Beanhead!" Firstie year saw Rich become 
company sub-commander and a force to be 
reckoned with f'^l. Rich evolved into the 
strange star of the punk world. Rich Vicious, 
to the surprise of bis friends- There are so 
many memories of Rich that we remember: the 
sight of Rich forever munching on sunflower 
seeds or sitting in his bed with his books open 
and his eyes closed, or his favorite position ■ 
slumped in his chair with no visible signs of 
life- SLNESS; UNNESS; No. Worse!! Good 
luck in the air; it's been fun. Watch out for 
Jim, Ed's bra. 

Thomas J. Cuff 

Seminole, Florida 
Oceanography, Surface Line 


The Felix Unger of the Naval Academy. 4.0 
Cuff was "a good plebe". As the twentieth 
company meteorologist, Tom holds the 
distinction of being the only Mid in history 
to drive more than 100 miles to watch the 
snow fall. Excellence and consideration come 
to mind when describing Tom. He came to the 
Naval Academy with an idealism that would 
not quit. If a good cause existed. Tom could 
always be found as its advocate. Never one to 
become irate at a well placed barb, his good 
humor was an example to all. lAs a Tampa 
Bay fan this was an absolute necessity.) Tom 
has a chemistry of friendship, pride and 
integrity mixed in a perfect solution of 
judgement and toleration which sets him 
above his peers. An intense individual, when 
Tom started a job it got finished. When it was 
done, it was done well. To most Mids he v-ill 
be remembered as a dedicated and considerate 
leader. To a lucky select few, he will always 
be a very special friend. 


Thomas D. Deitz 


Matawan, New Jersey 

Political Science, Marine Air 

Tommie came to "Das Boot" school from 
"the Swamplands of Jersey. " The first thing 
on his mind was to continue a sparkling 
wrestling career He did find himself on the 
mat, but after a short time, be also found bis 
knee under the knife. It was at this point in 
time that TD crossed over to the 150 lb. 
football pipeline. Go Na^y Club Army! 

After a relaxing cruise to Gitmo during the 
summer TD returned to tlie Academy to 
become the field general for 150's. But 
wrestling was not out of his blood yet, be and 
Bruno successfully captured the tag team 
championship that year. How about those 
Churchill lectures on Friday nights Tom! 
Academics, youngster year? Well let's not talk 
about that- 
Second class year brought an enemy to 
Bruno and Gito and their way of life. A quick 
room change and a hard-core treatment with 
discipline problems soon found the tag-team 
champions towing the line! Yeah right! Second 
class year had its ups and downs for Tommie, 
another good ISO's season insatiable weekends 
and fieldball. Academics finally caught the 
quarterback behind the line and sacked him 
on the 1.47 yard line. At half time he was 
reprimanded by the owner of the mids and 
bad to withdraw from the "Mr. 

425 Twentieth Company 



Charles Andrews Frederick 


Greeley, Colorado 

English, Surface Line 

Chuck baa bad a very unusual past. He must 
be one of the few mids (if not the only) to 
graduate from the academy without having 
graduated from high achooi But before be 
came here be used the Marine Corps as a 
stepping stone. He really wasn't a Marine, be 
just wore the uniform for a while. After a short 
visit at NAPS, be left bis mark on plebe 
summer. He was a big help to his squadmates 
who didn't know what the bell was going on. 

One thing about Chuck is that be always 
tried to slide by with the minimum amount 
of work. Academics were definitely not a high 
priority, they weren't even a medium priority. 
Asa matter of fact, I don't even think he gave 
them a priority. He also avoided physical 
exertion like Don Juan avoids that thing called 
AIDS. Working out was not one of Chuck's 
me^or endeavors. Coming back from Christ- 
mas plebe year he brought back with him a 
double chin and a double belly. 

One of the habits be had which always gave 
bun problems was bis smoking. But no one can 
say he never tried to atop. He quit the day 
before every mile run and about 2 weeks 
before room selections went 

First class year he developed a chronic 
health disorder which caused him to frequent 
Medical regularly. I think it was called, or 
rather, she was called Robin. 

But now that we are divided by this vast 
continent all I can say is Good Luck Chuck 
oa board the USS Frederick. Fair winds and 
following seas, and may God deep six all your 
problems in life, 


Michael J. Dobbs 

Lakewood, California 
History, Submarines 

Every form of refuge baa its price. Four 
years will get you five but I somehow suspect 
it is more than that. Maybe it's simply not 
knowing if your name is Migbt-Have-Been; 
also called No More. Too Late, Farewell or 
simply coward. Maybe it is not knowing 
whether they really intend, and have the 
power, to eat the orange and throw the peel 
away — surelv a man is not a piece of fruit. 
Maybe it is not being able to aid the rebel who 
guards the seemingly impregnable fortress of 
youth as something of undefinable essence and 
inestimable worth dies before your helpless 

Maybe it is hurting the people you love the 
best and creating a debt that can never be 
repaid and will never be forgotten. To learn 
that the world breaks every one and 
afterwards many are strong at the broken 
places. But those that will not break it kills 
— so you break. 

Maybe it is imploring to some unknown 
entity to speak to me, take me up — take me, 
Life of my Youth — you who are care-free, 
beautiful — receive me again. But nothing 
stirs. Listless and wretched 1 sit as the past 
withdraws itself . . . Nevermore. 

But. the past is the present. It's the future, 
too. We all try to lie out of that but life won't 
let us. The real price is realizing you've sold 
the only thing you have of real value — your 
self and allowed them to do things which are 
done before you realize it. And once they're 
done they make you do other things until at 
last everything comes between you and what 
you 'd hke to be, and you 've lost your true self 

Thank you Susan. Mom, Dad. Booth, Yo 
Deitz, Rips, Bitch, Cindy, Hanno and Dave 
Thomas — appearance is not reahty. 

Je suis venue. J'ai vu. Et j'ai vaincu. Mais, 
j'ai peur que le prix etait trop cber. 
Neanmoins, j'avats eu la chance. 

Rafael Espinosa 


New York, New York 

PoliticaJ Science, Surface Line 

Ralphie came to the banks of the Severn 
with an open mind. He soon lived up to his 
name when we were let out in the fall to drink, 
just ask the "bead". He had a knack for 
running fast which meant be was never late 
for taps. 

He got a chance to use his Spanish when 
he went to the Med. for youngster cruise. It 
was there that he fell in love with shipboard 
life. He didn 't go Corps because be doesn 't like 
to shave! Except for formals. 

First class summer be was off to Mexico to 
"study" Spanish and the Mexican Maidins. 
That is where he met Beatriz. He was so taken 
by her that be went back during X-mas to see 
her again. At the party after Service Selection 
be was a bit with bis "yard of ale" drinking 
glass he brought back. Again he was true to 
bis name, as always, when he got back to the 
Hall. At least he feels better in the morning. 

Good Luck in the Maban Ralphie Baby! 

Alfred John Grosskurth Jr. 


Branchville, New Jersey 

Economics, Navy Pilot 

Aldo comes to us from the peaceful bills of 
northern Jersey. After four years he atill baan 't 
convinced us that the air ia actually clean up 
there. So this is what NAPS produces. A boy 
wonder who 'got Cuff for bis entire stay at 
USNA. A clean cut preppy who all but blew 
out of bis shell over the summer of '82. A guy 
who tried so desperately to save Manny but 
lost him. finally, to 36. 

"How's my hair for inspection?" he'd 
inquire "It's to Long Al." "Ah c'mon yours ia 
longer on top. I . . .. I . . ., I . . ." Yes you got 
fried. Ob well, you live and learn. And learn 
be did. To beck with bis conservative part and 
tweed dinner jackets. Zippers, hairapray, 
zippers, earrings, zippers, shades, zippers, and 
leather. Eyeshadow? The Musketeers would 
never have been the same without you. 

What about those '82 parties. Ashley + 
Shelley, hotel rooms in the Little Creek (not 
to mention those 'gripping' cab rides), car 
hoods at P. J. 's (tears for Sheena), late night 
snacks on Culver's lake. Lady's night (or was 
that Lifeguard night?). Gata and Izzy 
homeless. New England arm wrestling, and of 

Second class year molded the inner man. 
Al's crazy influence spread hke the plague to 
bia close friends. By first class year he'd settle 
into his image of new wave man and set his 
mind on the three most important things - 
music, clothing, and of course Heidi. 

Good Luck at P-Cola . . . The fun has only 

426 Twentieth Company 



■M luwa^aaB 

James W. Hannan, Jr. 


McLean, Virginia 

Systems Engineering. Nuclear 


Hanno, the ma/j the legend, arrived a( 
USNA and was immediately distinguished by 
his cool Northern Va. style. Though a Systems 
Major from the start the Boge held a macatire 
fascination for him. Never such innocence 
again. He was the Co. Lt. Wt- QB stud. iSo 
shaU YEE hear it again) (Dining out at home 
with Anna). Youngster Year brought Jim two 
SL roommates and a 2-3 state of mind, along 
mth some less than reg actiMties. We aJ! know 
he was ripped off in the wet T-shirt contest. 
Jim continued to excel in company sports but 
free agency was in the air. (Fieldball) (WE's 
with Anna). 2/c year saw the emergency of the 
SL brothers in the suite on 4-2. Hanno went 
to England on an exchange, played mess 
games and proved that the human body can 
survive the Royal Navy. Not to be outdone the 
Brits came over here and almost got Jim in 
trouble: "Flag'^ what flag'^" Jim did well over 
plebe summer but the plebes thought he 
needed a shower. Jim was company com- 
mander during the first semester of first class 
year. A four wheeled British mistress filled 
Jim s time but there was still enough time to 
give Anna the ring. Hanno, you're a great 
friend. I know you'll always remember the 
good friends and times with Slward, Rips, J. 
B., Tom, Tommie, Bags. Warren, Mike, Noles, 
Ose, Tites. J. T. Dopper, Dukes, Mike H. 
John, Rich. Aldo. Lou. Bucks and all the rest 
of the fellows. Good luck in the real world- 

Gregory Alan Heruth 


Manitou Springs, Colorado 

General Engineering, Navy Pilot 

Greg or more affectionately called "Grit" (as 
in "TRVEGRITI by his roommates assaulted 
USNA from Zoomieland. And assault he did 
Greg entered the Acsdemy with the same vigor 
as he has always had. Grit's love for life was 
obvious. He did things he liked to do 
unafraid of the consequences (as can be 
verified by the Manitou Springs and D. C. 
Police DeptJ. Greg's adventures took him 
from skinny dipping in D. C. to 1/C boxing 
in 6th Wing parking lot, to 32 hour "no 
rest-stop" drives to Colorado, to bathing suit 
dives into snow banks and whirlpools with 
Kathy. Grit has this thing with pain • he loves 
it. That's why he joined Crew. He loved the 
seemingly endless hours of power, the early 
morning marathons, the hours of power, THE 
ERGO, and those big blisters be called hands 
(knit one-pearl two . .)- Crew has meant a lot 
to Grit - it gave him a challenge and he 
surpassed that challenge 2/C summer gave 
Greg more than just fun and games in Pcola 
and V-beach - it gave him Kathy. She made 
such an impression on Greg that he voluntarily 
threw his little black book (which was in 
Playboy's top 10 Ust) away. Greg and Kathy 
hit It off from the start ■ all you beard was 
"I can't stand it ■ it's going to be one more 
week till I see Kathy. " To Grit the separation 
seemed endless, but their love endured and at 
Ring Dance Greg slipped the engagement ring 
mto Kathy's wme - she almost choked. Kent 
and I have been rooming with Grit since plebe 
year - but Greg, I still pinned vou - our 
'friendship wiU be lifelong - THANKS GREG. 
Thanks for the cookies, Kathy. Thanks Bob 
and Rufua and the kids; and thanks MOM and 
Wiegs and Pecks. 

Alexander S. Heyward 


Vienna, Virginia 

Applied Science, Navy Air 

Slward 's chief worry when he arrived in 
Annapolis was academics. He thought the 
dictionary was a poem and he read only R&T. 
Indeed the struggle was long and hard at first, 
but the academic excellence rubbed off of such 
roommates as TD and JB and Heyward was 
on bis feet in no time. He left the JV soccer 
team to start an upward trend, but it failed. 
Then something beautiful came into his life: 
SLNESS. Sandy and his new love were reborn 
in '82. To celebrate the event, he took off and 
skied in the Bavarian Alps with JJ and Rips. 
He'll always remember the trip because it was 
then that he learned the value of a dollar. 
Spring break brought more excitement as he 
contracted water-on -the-lung for backseat 
quais. The summer was emotional diversity. 
Hedgewood soared in PenSLcola, met the Big 
O and gagged in speech. 2nd class year looked 
to be an improvement while living under the 
influences ofJH & SR. He began to break onto 
the other side and after a quick trip to Ohio 
bad the best semester out. The ring dance was 
a bit unusual with Lo, especially having to 
caravan down to Norfolk at 6 am. But Bucks. 
Lou, Hannan & Heyward survived with the 
help of Gliebe, Mr. Taylor and the beach. 
Then it was back to USunA for some revenge 
doing detail. Slward finished the summer by 
cruisin to LA to check out the Bronze God 
(Sweathill) and catch some real waves. By 
moving up to slsville with J Bonus, Tommie, 
Tom, & the boys. Sandy could concentrate on 
better things besides school: like coaching 20th 
CO soccer to its best season, adding chapters 
to the SAAB story, talking to the babes. & 
bringing the guys down to sponge off Shan 's 
Pool Hall and MA 'a Diner. 

Willie H. Hosch Jr. 
Salisbury, North Carolina 
Physical Science, Surface Line 

Willie needed more than Carolina sunshine. 
Willie's desires searched for new adventures 
and the height of fun. So what did he do? 
Well, you should know by now be joined the 
swingmest place on the east coast. Disney . . . 
I mean the United States Naval Academy in 
Annapolis Maryland It has a ring to it, the 
Ignited States Nav , . Anyway. Willie has 
single handedly proven that the numerous 
academic boards and company officers could 
not over shadow his desire to prove the 
common man's value to the armed forces. 
Excelling in track and field for four years, 
helped to improve his general concept of the 
mission of the Academy. All is well with this 
young man and good luck he will always 

Twentieth Company 427 


John E. Johnson, Jr. 


Harvard, Massachusetts 

Oceanography, Navy Pilot 

John came from the sheltered world of 
Deerfteld Prep in Massachusetts. Who would 
ever think this pure young boy could be 
corrupted by the Ukea of Lorelei. Doreen. 
Lesly. Wendy. Aundi, Annette. Bridget. 
Suzanne, Jenni, Mary-Anne. Gina, not to even 
mention Shelly- Prep. Prep. Prep. NuPrep. 
Nuprep, Nuwave. Noway. That's John, like 
the ultimate in vehicles, ready for all 
occasions. "Aldo. I'm not even going to wear 
that, no way! Hey this doesn't look too bad!" 
"Oh John you look so cute. " New Jersey, home 
awav from home, always a roof and a room 
ready. Christmas formal. 2nd class year. 
"Doreen. I said that ^ Tell me I didn 't do that 
Al. I can't believe it. Straight to waffled. 
HWalp!" "unter glieben. glauben. globen. " 
Those insane moments. Those special vaca- 
tions, "go for it, Al " Mani's cousin. Christmas 
'82. summer '82, a life of insane experiences. 
Academics, partying, John found the ultimate 
balance between the two. How he ever did it 
I'll never know. For those following learn well 
from the master. There's a wealth of wisdom 
to be found. 

To think it 's all gone so fast! P-cola here we 
come. AU for one, and one for all! 

Michael R. Lopez 


San Antonio, Texas 

Marine Engineering, Nuclear 


Only two things come from Texas . . . 

Mike bad submarines on the brain from day 
one and not even heat transfer with "the 
Rocket" could change his mind. From his 
silver dolphins to his Marine Engineering 
major (engineers forever!!} he had never 
known what it was like not to glow. "Lopes" 
worked pretty hard, but let it never be said 
that he didn't have fun. too! The dirt-cheap 
price of rum in Puerto Rico wade his 
Caribbean cruise a real dream, though it 
adversely affected his golf match with the 
Shore Patrol. They sent him to Airborne 
School to learn some discipline, but all he 
brought back from Georgia was an affinity for 
Southern Comfort and Holiday Inn hotel 
rooms. Tim told him to "get wet": the only 
way he knew how was to become a scuba diver. 
Mike always pushed himself to the limit in 
sports, even if it meant playing while injured. 
After all. a broken ankle only takes a day or 
two to heal, right? How do you do it. Mike? 
"Sports through chemistry. " Mike did have 
one small problem. Moonlighting as a 
consulting philosopher apparently damaged 
his musical taste. He sometimes had trouble 
telling the difference between country music 
and the Beatles. Mike has a very bright future 
ahead of him if he can just get one thing 
straight — the wedding march does not start 
with "Whv don't we do it in the road!" 

Edward C. McCarthy 


Beacon, New York 

Math, Marine Pilot 

Ed came to Crabtown from a small NY town 
washed by waves (wavelets'*) from West Point, 
you know, that Other Place"* Unfortunately, 
he bad been affected: "Mr. McCarthy' Beat 
Navy?!" On route he stopped at Marquette: 
Sae a ROTC sir? No. KiU a ROTC! Yes. Ed 
had it rough: As he was loved much by Oram 
and boat booms. He couldn't seem to find a 
major or a sport, either. Finally, as a 'ster. he 
found himself. His personality fit right in with 
Math (you know, it works, but you can 't prove 
its existence), and he discovered CREW. 
Surprising for a guy who hates water. He'd 
decided on 3/c sub cruise that he didn't like 
Subs or targets; he'd rather stay on the 
ground- Ed learned much as a 'ster. (No. you 
can't study in steerage after Taps!) Second 
Class Summer rolled around, and with it the 
bet with "Cutch" and Todd (I still don't 
believe it!) Second Class year, well there's only 
one word - Dace. First Class Summer brought 
Marine Option cruise. Airborne, and a 
girlfriend ("She's the only one who can do 
more pushups than me. ") Y'es. love was truly 
Airborne, (can't keep away from those women 
in Uniform, huh Ed"^). Then came piebe detail. 
and for the first time the plebes fried their 
squad leader (white socks at drill, Ed? Come 
on!) Seriously, Ed's managed to overcome all 
obstacles (Hey. we tried.) He'll do well in the 
Corps (Hey Ed. teach thew to drag their feet, 
huh?) Hey you, give me fifty! 

Thomas A, Meadows 


Osceola, Arkansas 

Mechanical Engineering, Navy 


Tom would have written this himself but, 
he is at crew practice, so I'll tell the story . . . 
Gritz came to USNA from Ar. not having any 
idea what the place was about. He united with 
an ex-fleet-type Plebe summer and he and 
Nols became inseparable: same weight, same 
height, same receding hairline, yet morals 180 
apart. This is not to say Tom was a saint, his 
bashes made their mark (Philadelphia looks 
great from the edge of a 20-8tory building, 
huh"). This Southern Man saved his best 
partying for the Jersey Shore: the beach, a 
steak, a six-pack, James Taylor and Bicardi 
(we did have a good time, didn't we''?) Tom's 
Ar. habits followed him to Annapolis as was 
evidenced by his job "wake-up man" for his 
roommates (Tim, Tommie, J. B.. it's time to 
git up). The amazing part of his early morning 
rises was the fact that he rarely got to sleep 
until the A.M. hours, only to awake facing 
strengths, dynes, thermo. etc - . . You know all 
those sadistical courses taught in that 
Engineerig building. Tom fell in love during 
1/C summer to a beautiful '83 Cutlass and 
became the apple of every Southern Belle's 
eve. 1/C summer also brought Tom to San 
Diego and many adventures with his cohort. 
Bing Bing and Tom didn't just party, they 
helped the children and senior citizens of the 

Well, now the days are getting short. Tom 
will prove many people wrong with his ME. 
degree ad 4 yrs. of crew, but only those who 
didn't know him Pensacola will be just 
another challenge to face and I'm placing all 
my money on Tom. The flight suit and the 
gold wings will look good with the dark glasses. 
Yo. take it easy. 

T. D. 

428 Twentieth Company 

Kent Thomas Peckenpaugh 
Clyde Park. Montana 
Physical Science, Surface Line 

What wouJd someone from land-locked 
Montana want to be in the Navy, let alone the 
Academy for'' This is one of the eternal 
questions for which Kent has neivr been able 
to give us a good answer tu Kent came from 
far-off Clyde Park, Montana (a thriving 
metropolis of 350 souls) to join us in July of 
'80 - a mere 2 weeks after learning of bis 

It seemed for the first two years that we 
were destined to lose this member of the 
"Boys." since with every return from leave 
Kent professed to being closer to leaving 
However, somewhere between cleaning pools 
at Ho-Jo's, 3h years rooming with Bob and 
Greg. 6 long drives to or from Montana, and 
2 seasons of supplying a tailgate Kent decided 

Kent shared alot with many of us: his 
speakers with Greg (how did you use them 
plebe year?); fish with Bob (really, only 3"); 
cousin's bouse with John (Lorrette who?); 
sponsors with everybody; 3/c cruise ship with 
Rich (bow's Tijuana'^'); and plans for San 
Diego with Cuffer lenjoy that Kidd for him)- 
Nonetheless. he swears he has gotten more 
than he ever gave- How many times did Greg 
make his rack n-ben Kent's arm was in a sling; 
bow manv chow-packages did Bob share; how 
often did we hear of his plans to go? 

Kent left for everyone who touched his life 
in his four-vear stay here a special kind of 
Thank You. but an especially strong one to 
Wiegs. Grit, and Bob and Rufus (and clan). 
As he heads off for his San Diego, he wants 
to wish everyone the best and (hat we all find 
the same kind of friendship that he found. 

David Scott Ratte 

Navy Davy 

Stillwater, Minnesota 

Marine Engineering, Nuke Subs 

Early in his Ufe the Ratte's realized that 
Dave was special, being the only redhead 
among the four brothers. He confirmed their 
suspicions when he spoke his first words "nuke 
bonus" . . - thus sealing his fate' Two of his 
brothers went to the UnCollege so it was not 
surprising that Navy should arrive at the Field 
House on 1-Day 1980 with the class of 84 — 
but who else came with Reef Points in their 
back pocket and already memorized!?! (He 
was to carry the Concept of Gouge into 
academics for years to come.) Memorable 
moments during plebe summer revolved 
around his insatiable appetite for ice cream, 
which would force him to draw up before his 
firsties more than once! (It was hot that 
summer for all but no one suffered as much 
as Minnesota's redbaired boy.) Ac-year began 
and Navy struggled through classes with the 
rest of us ... only to relax to his older 
brother's stereo and "take out" ice cream. 

Dave's youngster cruise was naturally on 
board a boomer — where he grew a scraggly 
beard and badgered Supply for more 
"scream ". Earning his silver dolphins between 
movies Na\y returned a "changed man" . . . 
and more fervently a nuke than before (can 
you say "$6K Bonus"?) He began bis studies 
as a Marine E. anticipating NRC interxiews 
and only sweated once — Na\y vs. the Rocket, 
staying up late into the wee hours nearly every 
night. Later he was able to begin bis social life 
and Holii B. replaced ice cream in his lovelife. 
With a new red station wagon bought we can 
expect little nukes in their near future! 

Best wishes and God's love to Navy and 
Holii — have those kids soon!!! Glow with the 
flow always. 

K. Wurly. 

Scott David Ripley 


West Carrollton, Ohio 

English, Navy NFO 

All for one and one for all 

Sunrise, sunset 

I am the bold thunder 

With cat-like tread upon our prey we steal 

February Twentieth Nineteen Eighty-Two 
If I keep on talking now 

I'll only start repeating myself 
She doth teach the torches to burn bright 
The colors of my life 
I met a girl, Kate was her name 
You know I love you, my Darling Angel Eyes 
So though we are as nothing 

to the stars that shine above . . . 
One singular sensation 
Don't bother, they're here 
Goodbye Osip. goodbye Ivan 
Please celebrate me Home 
Erinnerst dich unseres Deutsches Geheimnis 
You can close your eyes, it's alright 
Everybody ought to have a maid 
Suddenly the raindrops that fall 

have a meaning 
But the moon is slowly rising 
Yet herein will I imitate the aun 
... for worms, brave Percy 
This story will the good man teach his son 
I'll adore your charm sublime 
See how the Fates their gifts allot 
And yet, to me. what is this quintessence 

of dust? 
Dear Catherine. 
Yet in these thoughts myself almost 

Haply I think on thee, and then my state 
Like to the lark at break of day arising 
From sullen earth, sings hymns at heaven's 

For thy sweet love remember'd such wealth 

That then I acorn to change my state with 

Timothy J. Rogers 


WaJdron, Arkansas 

Math, Nuclear Submarines 

Not long ago. in the unexplored western 
territories known as Arkansas, a man destined 
to be known as "God's gift to Gaucher women" 
set out looking for the true meaning of "It's 
not just a job. it's an adventure." He went 
through a year at Hendrix College plus a stint 
in the Marine Corps before he happened upon 
USNA. Once Tim arrived, be immediately 
immersed himself in what is truly important 
at the Academy: ECA's. From the glamorous 
world of the Masqueraders to the floundering 
Radio Club. Tim found the time to make 
significant, well appreciated contributions and 
countless friends. Academically, Tim had 
THE PLAN He started off as a chemistry 
major, switched to math, and took lots of extra 
400-level courses. He had the Administration 
so completely snowed that they sent him 
packing for a try at a Rhodes Scholarship. Tim 
will always be remembered for cruising to 
Subic Bay. butchering the Spanish language, 
and running with Goucber's Fun Bunch. His 
altruistic nature was a source of strength his 
friends could always count on. Now that 
you 've set the world on fire, enjoy some of the 

Twentieth Company 429 


Kurt Venard Scott 
Kurly Wurly 
Chula Vista, California 
Oceanography, Nuke Subs 

Kurt IS the only person I know that brought 
his body to the Academy but left his heart in 
San Diego, his memories in Hawaii, his mind 
in Wisconsin and his family on the high seas 
of the Pacific. As a plebe, Kurt had to decide 
between validating a few semesters of classes 
or getting great grades. His choice: a 3.5. He 
kept this up until he met his favorite teacher. 
Tappy Jones — the pride of the chem 
department. Kurt tried to be Uke his other 
classmates, but like always, he wound up being 
different. He got (OH MY'i a 'D' in Organic. 
The rest of the students? An 'F'. See how 
selfish he couid be? So he decided to continue 
the traditional youngster slide and become a 
swim major, I mean an oceanographer. Second 
class vear Kurt got back on track and started 
jamming with his sponsors Linda and Eddie. 
In a matter of a year lat.er he became the most 
feared ftrstie in Twentieth Company. He 
wielded more power in the realm of academics 
than the Supe at an Ac Board. The end result? 
itl in academics for 20th, first semester, senior 

Kurt went everywhere with bis portfolio of 
pictures of his sweetheart Karen. And God 
forgive the person who messed with Kurt's 
leave. He'd gladly exchange ten room tours for 
an extra 6 hours of leave — even after be just 
had 21 days. He became the master of 
validating out of potential summerschool, 
hiding hair as long as Van Halen. never 
admitting he was a mid (even to Fwayne. 
Party Marty or Drew), and getting to sleep 
before midnight every weekday night. 

If Kurt keeps at it though he'll become as 
successful in life as bis water polo teams. Good 
luck and may God and radiation always be 


Gregory Allan Shore 


Hampton, South Carolina 

Operations Analysis, Supply 


Greg made his way to USNA via the 
backwoods of South Carolina which provides 
some insight to his character. It didn 't take 
Greg long to make himself comfortable as a 
midn. During the course of plebe year he 
managed to start several new habits such as 
smoking, drinking, and swearing. Youngster 
year, after trying various afternoon activities 
(YP's, sailing, etc.) Greg found his niche on 
ISO's and earned his no cover chit for life. 
Greg's acsdemic achievements were over- 
shadowed by his pursuit to live an easy life. 
Being the company wardroom rat for several 
years it was only appropriate that he became 
wardroom pres. The one aspect everyone 
(including COsI will remember first about 
Greg will be his room. Room standards simply 
didn't exist. In his natural habitat Greg could 
usually be found in the rack at any hour and 
must have set a record for classes missed over 
4 years. First class year he modified his room 
with the purchase of a computer. This wasn't 
your normal PC, it allowed him to enjoy video 
games and OLD MASH*** at home. First 
class summer was a real shock to Greg on 
Marine Option and put his career plans in the 
air. Through a chain of events Greg found or 
rather his service selection found him the 
Supply Corps. Best of luck. 


Robert N. Wiegert 


Chicago, Illinois 

Oceanography, MSO (Diver to 


In the world there are large gerts and there 
are small gerts. 20th company got lucky and 
got the only "WEE GERT" However, his size 
never daunted his relentless spirit. Any time 
of the day or night you could hear him yell 
"Hey, you wanna wrestle" to whoever might 
be in the hall. When he wasn't in the hall 
wrestling someone he could be found playing 
his melo with John on the contra on the many 
weekend fiasco's with D&B. Spring of '83 
brought out the he-man in Bob, he became a 
powerlifter, in less than a year he had 
qualified for Nationals and had beaten 
ARMY, receiving an "N" letter. Sweat was the 
name of the game in his Swimming Major, he 
wanted to be a Navy Diver and but for a short 
delay he would get his wish, eventually retiring 
on his own Fantasy Island. Bob joined Kent 
and Greg plebe year and the three spent the 
following three years sharing almost every- 
thing; after-quarters breakfast, care-packages, 
and a wonderful set of sponsors, but Bob you 
still lost the pizza bet. After the 3 fmally 
retired to the "Barn ", Bob decided to change 
his style. He tripled his wardrobe and went 
fox-hunting to far away places: California, 
Florida, Colorado, Montana, Philadelphia, and 
Chicago. Well, look out sharks cause Wiegs is 
on the way. 
Grit and Pecks 

Wiegs' Note: Thanks MOM and DAD. I 
couldn't have done it without you two • 
THANKS. Love those Care -Packages. Mom! 
Thanks Willi, Liz, Marianne. Greg, Kent. Bob, 
RufuB, and the kids; and thanks John, Nancy, 
Kathy. Mr. and Mrs. Funk, Uncle Eddy and 
Aunt Mary . . . and you too Kathy. So many 
people to thank but not enough ink. This place 
has given me everything ■ I'll miss it. Greg. 
Kent, and John ■ THANKS! 

Navy Divers - We Dive the World Over 





m 11 

-— - 



Thomas M. Wing 

Tom (Winger) 

East Hope, Idaho 

Aerospace Engineering, Surface 


Tom started out in California, and went 
downhill from there. How could anyone live 
in Idaho? Was USNA a turn for the better'^ 
Plebe summer was interesting (What's a 
chowcall?! and plebe year even better (I 
forgot, sir!?). He managed to validate himself 
right into a hole (Have you climbed out yet?). 
Youngster year was better for Tom: a 3.00 - 
a first! • and Connie made life easier. Cuffer 
and Dobbs also made life-interesting. Second 
class summer came and Tom began to 
question his dedication to surface line: subs 
began to look good. Well, like always, Tom 
decided to put it off as long as possible. On 
to the summer of '83: YP cruise, Elisa. and 
home. (Not bad Wing-man!) Considering all, 
you might say this last year has been a 
challenge for Tom. Squad leader twice, (What 
happened the first time?) Tom's role model 
just couldn't be beat (never did like the 
dentist, did you?). But as we all know, he was 
always there when needed. Service selection 
came and Tom's true self came through - 
surface line.iWe knew you'd do it!) So it's the 
USS Stoddert, Pearl Harbor, and 8 months in 
drydock for Tom. Oh well, as the saying goes, 
fair winds and following seas (But you never 
did like it that easy, did you?) 

A thanks to all the people who helped you 
through: your Family. Fred, Cuffer, Booth, 
Dobbers. Connie, Elisa, and especially Mom 
and Dad. Love you all. 


430 Twentieth Company 

nHnBBmsfSW!*! nmuiuu ivem^aELULu^Lu . I i-H 

Twenty One 

Twenty-First Company 431 




Daniel J. Adams 

Uncle Dan 

Brick, New Jersey 

Ocean Engineering, Marine Pilot 

Dan came running in from Brick, N.J. (exit 
7A) via NAPS thanks to Al's intense recruiting 
techniques. Dan's post NAPS gunginess 
quickly waned as did his desire to please Al 
hy cutting weight off of his already massive 
6-6. 1 7fy lb body. Being a misplaced 60's flower 
child, Dan's music tastes were under constant 
scrutiny as was his music bible. His "punk 
rock" posters provided a psychedelic aura to 
what would have been a drab decor, even Bud 
agreed with that one. Since all of Dan's heroes 
expired (i.e. Hendrix. Morrison} bis only 
shoulder left to cry on was that of Timothy 
Leary. While serving his country in San Diego 
1/c summer Dan 's appetite shifted to his Suzie 
Q and her Barbara. Swimming across the bay 
with those Cahfornia curves turned out to be 
a natural aphrodisiac for Dan. As a matter of 
fact. Dan opted to go into the Marine Corps. 
They tell me that the Corps is a great place 
to start a family. To the best "XO" and friend. 
Good Luck. 

Edwin Leigh Armistead 


Yorktown, Virginia 

Physical Science, Navy NFO 

The man will be a legend in his time, 
whenever that will be! Leigh came to USNA 
from the growing metropolis of Yorktown, 
VA., a place where sidewalks don't exist and 
where big nights were spent at the 7-Eleven! 

Leigh had 1 goal, and that was to be a Navy 
pilot, we even remember his flying lessons with 
Chuck during Plebe summer! Tragic was the 
day he had to settle for NFO. Another one of 
his dreams came to an end when the dean told 
him that with a 1.1 he should switch from 
Naval Arch to Phy Sci. 

A funny thing is bow nobody realized what 
a ladies-man he really was, like going to 5 
consecutive dances with 5 different girls! 
Maybe because be didn't date any of them a 
second time?! We will also remember the life 
of the Party for the Army-Navy game in '82. 
especially Keith! That's probably what started 
the war between them, where Leigh lost 2 fine 
airplanes and a hammock! Leigh is also a 
modest guy. be wouldn't wear bis N-star 
sweater just because it bad a little black M 
on it. For him everything 
strength and coordination, Wi 
of luck on bis boxing, in 
thought processes amazed i 
Armistead logic at USNA, 

is a matter of 

wish Dorky lots 

Pensacola. His 

'J9 all. known as 

Lesliatis at JMV. 

T just bear him: "2 plus 2?. Well. I don 't 
know. But. You see. HUM,. Its like. Of course, 
my dog died you know! What does that have 
to do with China?" As one of your 9 
roommates here at Canoe U. I want you to 
know that we wish you the best of luck in your 
life and career. Is that the same'' May you find 
that special girl that will decipher the 
"Armistead logic". 

James Ashley Clark 


Ocean Springs, Mississippi 

Aerospace Engineering, Navy Air 

James came to the Boat School from the 
Deep South, but forgot and left his accent at 
home. We all thought he wanted that debonair 
"James Bond" mystique when he refused to 
be called "Jim" or "Jimmy" ■ it was only 
"James", and an occasional "Jimbo-de-dimbo" 
or "Ashley". 4/c Sweat-er -Clark bad a pretty 
rough plebe year. He lost his high school 
girlfriend spring leave and the PE tests made 
him realize what an uncoordinated spastic he 
really was. His trademark, a laser-beam study 
light (to keep bis eyes 20/20). kept the whole 
room awake. James returned 3/c year with a 
vision. He knew be could become a stud and 
began to work out hard. He pushed himself 
all the way to Ft. Benning where he got his 
jump wings. 2/c year was the Geek year. He 
took the only real major ■ Aero ■ and paid for 
it with many Mother B weekends. He bought 
his dream car (Celica GT) and guarded it with 
top security - bis own father couldn't drive it. 
James had a relapse of bis studliness and 
blanked out on his plebe wrestling one night 
during a rumble when our plebettes took him 
down for the count. During 1/c summer, plebe 
detail was dropped due to a very difficult 
FOREX to New Zealand: bar- 
in-the-wardroom, Kim, cocktail parties, Fiona, 
wet navy, and "Debbie does Dunedin. *" He bad 
impressed Jill so much the year before that 
he became our token lat semester Batt tool. 
We welcomed him back 2nd semester with 
open arms - especially Pete. Despite all the 
prodding be had to go Grunt or glowing green, 
be kept his sights on the F-18 and is sure to 
Cmd his dream come true (unless he parties 
too often like he did after Service Selection) 
in sunny Penaacola. 


Ramon Antonio CoUazo Jr. 
Glen Burnie, Maryland 
General Engineering, Navy NFO 

Ray came to the academy from a town, not 
too far away from Mother "B" known as Glen 
Burnie. After a disillusioning plebe summer 
that left him unprepared for the "POW" 
experience. Ray eagerly accepted the personal 
interest shown toward him by his ac year 
squad leaders. 

Plebe year was otherwise uneventful with 
the exception of learning how to write (viva 
la Revolution) and his induction into the Aqua 
Rock Society. 

After a terrifying excursion on the high seas 
in a Navy Yawl (or as he told his mother). Ray 
returned to youngster year with a new 
determination to "find his roots. " The beans 
and rice were flowing freely and the Salsa 
never stopped (remember Manuela) as our 
Ramoncito reeled in his ethnic bliss. But 
something was missing from the wine, women, 
and song of life. fiay. never one to let a good 
deal stay gtnxl. left his present girl in search 
of a different breed. When he found her he 
thought the good times would never end and 
frankly neither did we. 

Also youngster year. Ray subscribed to the 
Major of the Year Club that would eventually 
take him from Poly Sci to Aero to General in 
a whirlwind of academic interests. 

Second class year brought stability to Ray's 
turbulent academy experience. He decided to 
live a little outside of the classroom thus he 
made his final major selection. The cultural 
crusade also came to an end with the advent 
of a girl who wasn't even Puerto Rican. 

As service Selection rolled around, Ray was 
steadfast in his decision. He was definitely 
going to choose something. What it was 
exactly depended on who he talked to moat 
recently. Ray fmally chose navy NFO and with 
that we wish him much luck and success in 
the future. 

432 Twenty-First Company 

James R. Deal 

Doktor Deal 

Grand Prairie, Texas 

Genera! Engineering, Surface 


Russel — I personally refuse to call him 
Dok. Rusnel operates on ti slightly different 
plane than most people around this place. 
Some of my early clues were when he woke 
up one morning and cracked about every joint 
in his body (knuckles, arms, legs, neck, back, 
eyelids . - . everything). My second clue was 
when Scott walked in and found him sitting 
in the closet. 

But despite his quirks. Russel is probably 
one of the best people I know. There is Utile 
doubt in anyone's mind (with the exception 
probably of bis onn) that Russel can be 
bizarre; but anyone that can put up with Scott 
and I for two years must have something going 
for him. 

Russ has a beautiful fiancee, Tberese. who 
I'm sure will lake care of bim in the future. 
I wish you both happiness and success in the 
future and I hope the Surface Navy treats you 
well. Good Luck. 


Bob Ernst 


Plantation, Florida 

Management, Navy Air 

Ern strolled into the Boat school from the 
beaches of South Florida. Along with his 
flip-flops, mirror sunglasses. Jimmy Buffet, 
and ONJ head bands, he brought his Save the 
Manatee campaign. Although the Company 
Mellow Officer preached mellowness, behind 
closed doors not even the largest family sized 
Ban roll on could keep him dry. Not one to 
shirk personal hygiene, be still stows his shoe 
strings. Throughout his academic career. Ern 
never once completed a technical homework 
problem without the gouge. As a matter of 
fact, his gouge box perpetually runneth over. 
After a short first class cruise. Ern the 
professional stud, attended the Amphibious 
Assault School in Fort Lauderdale. During his 
final vear, he never missed an episode of 
Cheers, HiU Street, or Monday Night F(X>thall 
at Mrs. Cleevers. With any luck. Ern may 
becouie the first 20 year retiree with 19 years 
TAD. If you ever get there Ern, Good Luck 
at Flight School. 


Frederick Morris Fegan 

Small g 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Physical Science, Marine Corps 

I came here from the Queen City vie NAPS 
and MMA. It was a long journey getting here 
and an even longer road to graduation. I have 
learned a lot from rny fellow mids and maybe 
they learned a bit from me. During my stay 
I have seen a few deaths and a few births. But 
through it alt Jesus Christ was in control and 
still is. It was His will that was done and all 



Scott S 

. Gordon 


East Lyme, Connecticut 

Political Science 




Whetugh; that's really rude ! 


Hey, sorry. I think I'm sick. 


That's no excuse ■ get outta here. 


Wait, this one isn't too bad - / kind 

a' like it 


Thai's really disgusting. 


Right, and I guess you poop vanilla 


Hey! There's gonna be a Thunder- 

cloudover the desk in a minute. 


Did you go huntin'? 




At least I call mv birds 


I called it! 


Yeah, a minute after the fact when 

there is no chance to escape. 


Would you be quiet I'm trying lo 







Hey Scott . . . 





ukk ukt ukk 


Twenty-First Company 433 








BBksr ^^^ 





Butler, Pennsylvania 

General Engineering, NFO 

Griff flew into Canoe U (well not really, he 
was in the back seat and aJways will be) from 
Butler. Pa. His love of airplanes led him into 
the Aerospace Dept. but one of his ex-Marine 
buddies led him right back out. Griff really 
didn't mind the transition into G.E. because 
the free time enabled him to join the 
recreational reading book of the month club. 
Griff was known to be a hard, but vivid 
sleeper. The rack was his podium for such 
famous quotes: "You guys better do your 
Graphics homework." "It's all for the 
audience, "and "I'll take my dirty laundry over 
to Jody's. " (We have a feeling that Jody will 
be doing a lot of Griffs laundry) Griffs easy 
going style fit in well with the abusive firsties 
in 21. We hope he doesn't blow things off in 
P'Cola like be does here. We wish you the best 
in your naval career even if it means financial 
security through long deployments. Seriously 
Griff, we all treasure your friendship and 
spiritual encouragement. May God be your 
guiding light in ail you do. 

Ec 4:9 

Jonathan Edward Hartman 
Uncle Jon 

Fish Lake Valley, Nevada 
General Engineering, USMC 

Jon Hartman flew out from a ranch in 
Nevada and quietly began his military career 
in the humid summer of 1980. Ambitions to 
graduate from USNA with a Mech. E. degree 
and a Navy Air billet pushed him through his 
first couple of years here. Although Jon was 
over 2700 miles from home, he carried with 
him a trait that was easily recognized by those 
who knew him - Jon was impeccably 
organized. We often kidded John that he 
stepped over the line in his efforts to keep 
track of his daily life in an exact and 
disciplined manner, but we couldn 't help but 
admit that Jon "had his act together. "He sure 
did make efficient use of his index cards, 
calendars, filing systems, and even the 
computer to organize anything from class 
notes to financial transactions to PCR gouge. 

Jon was a hard worker in whatever he did. 
whether it be struggling over homework 
problems, running with company-mates over 
some nasty jogging trails, or even racking. Jon 
was a pretty sound sleeper, and it was often 
an enormous challenge to ensure that he was 
upright for morning quarters. Jon bad a 
friendly and outgoing personality that made 
him a favorite in the company, and bis bold 
leadership traits made him a natural company 
nder during the second semester of 1st 

Somewhere along the way Jon decided to 
join the Band of Brothers in the green 
uniform. Despite going Corps, we all still came 
to love Jon, and so did a cute gal from back 
home who will tie the knot with him in a June 
wedding. It's a sure thing that the Lord will 
continue to honor Jon as he heads out into the 
real world to exert a very profitable and 
positive influence on the lives that come into 
contact with his own. 


Michael C. Jelepis 


Haddonfield, New Jersey 

Physical Science, Surface Line 

Those who go down to the sea in ships. Who 
do business on great waters; They have seen 
the works of the Lord, And his wonders in the 
deep. For He spoke and raised up a stormy 
wind. Which lifted up the waves of the sea. 
They rose up to the heavens, they went down 
to the depths; Their soul melted away in their 
misery. They reeled and staggered like a 
drunken man. And were at their wits end. 
Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, 
And He brought them out of their distresses. 
He caused the storm to be still. So that the 
waves of the sea were hushed. Then they were 
glad because they were quiet; So He guided 
them to their desired haven. Let them give 
thanks to the Lord for His loving-kindness. 
And for His wonders to the sons of men! 
Psalm 107:23-31 

Bruce D. Kocher 


Annandale, Virginia 

Political Science, Marine Air 

sleep (slep), v.. slept, sleeping, -v.i. I. to 
take the repose or rest afforded by a 
suspension, complete or partial, of conscious- 
ness. 3- to be dormant, quiescent, or inactive, 
as faculties. 4. found in the rack, or in 
classroom, in the act of sleeping. 

row Iro), v.i. 1. to propel a vessel by the 
leverage of an oar or the like. 3. to convey a 
boat that is rowed. 4. to sit backwards in a 
boat and expend great amounts of energy. 
5. blisters, on Spring Break, ergos. 6. to row 
against in a race, and win. 

graduate In., adj., graj oo it, v. gra aj oo 
at), n. adj; v;-af ed, - ating.-n. 1. a person who 
has received a degree or diploma on 
completing a course of study, as in a 
university, college, or Boat School. 


434 Twenty-First Company 


David J. Kowalick 


AUentown, Pennsylvania 

Ocean Engineering, EDO 

Dave stumbled into Canoe U. from 
AUentown. Pa. He started his career as an 
integral cog of the infamous "House's Helps. " 
After George disbanded the "helps" Dave's 
interests turned towards "bodybuilding" or 
whatever it is those muscle-heads do. 
Speaking of muscle-beads or is it meatheads. 
in Dave's case we never could tell He was 
USDA prime as was is appetite. He even 
required his personal "cold spot" life support 
system and often "searched and rescued" 
gallons of ice cream, and shopping bags fuU 
of chocolate chip cookies. Dave typified the 
ocean engineering major by his extensive use 
of gouge. He often produced amazing gouge, 
when all others had failed, as if he had pulled 
it out of his "poop shute." Unfortunately 
Dave, the only gouge on the bridge of a ship 
will be your bottomless coffee cup and a pack 
of cigarettes. Remember, only 2.179 more 
bridge watches till MIT. Always have fun with 
Suzy and Yoko. Rudder amidships, all ahead 
full, smooth sailing, steamboat Davie. 

A. G. Laing 


Braintree, Massachusetts 

Resource Management, Navy Air 

"Quick, powerful, totally unpredictable" 

Andy claims to be from Braintree, however, 
this is merely a coverup- Everyone knows that 
he is found only on Cape Cod playing smash 
mouth. He has many interests. He enjoys 
floating in warm sea water, going to the 400 
club, reading the funnies, traveling, eating, 
sleeping, getting his roommate in trouble with 
the chief He is not without problems, be 
relates poorly with other people's tooth- 
brushes, and I have suggested counseling. 

Plebe summer it was quickly apparant that 
be loved to march. He found it amusing 
stepping on Mike's heels. His joy turned to 
sorrow when he had the misfortune to 
question a first classmans sexual preferances 
Plebe year he got off to one of the fastest 
starts in Academy history, only to blow it all 
in the now famous "Beer an Pretzel affair" 

Andoo's escapades during cruise are well 
documented and no matter how much be 
attempts to down play them, it is true that 
he has wreacked havoc, caused panic, and 
spread social unrest in every port he visited. 
On Blacks beach in San Diego he laughed at 
the Nude Bathers. In Tiajuana he drank 
cactus whiskey and dared Los Federales to 
arrest him. In Frisco he viewed the annual Gay 
Dav Parade with amusement and showed 
absolutely no sympathy for the handicapped 
lesbians with children fund. 

Athletically. Andy starred on the hockey 
team. His powerful defensive play retired 
several opposing players early. Lettering all 
four years, Andy provided much excitement 
and leadership. 

Socially he is one hell of a good guy. and 

the women accept him too (Ha), love is more 

like it. Andy has chosen Navy Air. Goodluck. 


James Francis Lazevnick 


Paulsboro, New Jersey 

Ocean Engineering, Navy Air 

Shizzy came to us from Paulsboro, N J., a 
small town surrounded by chemical plants 
which may explain a lot of things. As soon as 
he set foot inside the "Yard" he was 
determined to excel. During Plebe summer, he 
somehow managed to blend into the woodwork 
and. at the same time, put up nith his Latino 
roomie (what did you say your name was?). 
Plebe year was uneventful, except for choosing 
Ocean Engineering as his major (the mellowest 
major around$$$S). Youngster cruise, though 
the shortest cruise in VSNA history, couldn't 
persuade him to become one of the "elite" in 
the Silent Service as he began to lean towards 
Navy Air. 

Youngster year Jim came back with what 
would turn out to be an unreachable quest ~~ 
Stars! For three semesters he labored, only to 
just miss the mark each time. Bruised but not 
defeated, he realized that being the model 
midshipman just wasn't meant to be. Thus, he 
redirected bis energy toward a more attain- 
able, and invigorating, goal. Summing up as 
much charm and vulnerability as he could, he 
somehow managed to catch the attention of a 
Univ. of Maryland coed. Linda. Soon, 
thoughts of Fluids (remember the Rocket) and 
Ocean Structures were replaced by thoughts 
of other structures. Jim. not one to rush into 
anything, realized in just 8 months that she 
was that special someone, and hopelessly 
caught the dreaded Engagement Disease. 
After that, he'd never be the same, as was 
evident in bis newly -acquired taste in clothes. 
Upon graduation. Mr and Mrs. will sally forth 
to Pensacola in search of the coveted wings of 

Best of luck and all good things always — 
the last 4 years have been a pleasure. And 
remember. P-3's equal Per Diem. 

T. C. Luke 

Thousand Oaks, California 

General Engineering, Marine 


"Recalling an Age when Demigods walked 
among Men". "Coolhand Luke spent a year 
giving the benefit of his experience to fellow 
Napsters before joining the Annapolis educa- 
tional movement. Plebe summer he started a 
legacy of outrageous behavior, by dressing as 
an admiral for come-around and wearing his 
glasses to meal so that he could deliberately 
act like a Geek. It was bard to keep a straight 
face when Tom used his nerd voice on an 
unsuspecting firstie. 

Ac-year Tom got down to the serious 
business of being a laissez-faire plebe. Army 
week was the highlight of the year, beginning 
with the unauthorized abduction of 3-0 Jack 
Daiton and culminating in an outrageous night 
in Philly 

Youngster Cruise T. C. saw action in various 
West Coast cities, notably Tijuana and San 
Francisco. Cape Cod also benefited from 
Tom's partying out-of-bounds that summer. 
After that, Tom's reputation grew along with 
his popularity aa an entertainer Dahlgren Hall 
became his personal Kingdom of Pleasure 
while slam dancing his way into the hearts of 
various women and "who can ever forget the 
humpback?" Tommy was always sticking 
things up his nose, eating small bugs and 
running up scores like 3-2-1 for one night. 

In athletics. Tom began bis career as the 
Plebe smoker Heavyweight boxing champ. 
Second class year Tom reached his goal as 
Brigade Champ in his weight class. In between 
bouts. Tom landed a spot on the wrestling 
team twice, but was limited in action due to 

Tom has chosen the Marine Corps as his 
future service. Good luck in the F.M.F.. Tom. 
and we hope your troops can keep up with you. 


Twenty-First Company 435 


Charles B. Lynch 


Bordentown, New Jersey 

English, Navy NFO 

Chuck wrestled his way into Canoe U. via 
NAPS and was immediately discovered by his 
fearless squad leader, Pretty Peggy. (Boy, 
could she give a tuck) Chuck was a great help 
to his Plebe Summer roommate by giving him 
bis first flying lessons . . . across the room, that 
is. Chuck rolled around on the mats and other 
places until be HnaJly found a real sport in 
Navy Rugby. Thanks to his new found sport. 
Ch uck was a hie to make some las ting 
impressions on Navy, his body, and of course 
the ladies. Chuck could be picked out of any 
scrum, since he was always the best dressed 
rugger. One question though Chuck, did those 
ear casts really come out of the fall issue of 
G. Q.? Chuck's classy appearance was carried 
off the field as well. Always an eyeful for the 
ladies. Chuck had many a woman falling at his 
feet. They came in all sizes, shapes and service 
selections. These girls, however, were no 
match for his Bordentown babe, 'Ebelin'. who 
managed to keep Chuck happy and confused 
for bis entire four years stay at USNA. 
Chuck's confusion lasted into service selection 
night as he decided to leave the Band of 
Brothers for those Navy wings of gold. 

We're all sure that Chuck will fare well and 
be happy anywhere be touches down. Whoever 
else is lucky enough to make Chuck 's 
acquaintance will immediately know the great 
friend that we've had for the past four years. 
Good luck Mugs. 


Charles J. Martini Jr. 


Springfield, DelCo, Pennsylvania 

Physies-and English, Surface 



Skimmer Puke 

"Why be normal?" — Hilf 

Arsenio K. Menendez 


Hamburg, New York 

General Engineering, Surface 


CALLED (we're talking proud) Buffalo via 
NAPS. Almost immediately be became known 
as a sports whiz kid and the Navy's foremost 
proponent of jet aircraft. After subjecting us 
to a year of standard issue NAPS stories, we 
decided nonetheless that be wasn't that bad 
a guy. It did, however, take some doing to 
make him admit that James Bond and Luke 
Skywalker were really fictitious, but, after all, 
that's all part of growing up. 

As time marched on, Chico weathered the 
academic monsoons by throwing his precious 
Aero major overboard. It was tough at first, 
but be could always find comfort in bis school 
yard haunts searching for worms in a bottle. 

First Class year, Chico redefined "valiant" 
as, armed with only a Visa card and a 
Midshipman salary, he sallied forth to 
confront the horrid foe known as Sports Car 
Expense. It was not a pretty sight but as the 
phrase goes it was "above and beyond the 

Alas, Chico lost bis coveted pilot vision and 
choae instead Surface Line. Thus be will be 
heading to the land of abundant blonds known 
as California. Happy bunting, Chico, and 

Good Luck and Godspeed. 

William Linwood Mergen, Jr. 
Surface William 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 
Marine Engineering, Nuclear 

Bill came to the Academy from Rhode 
Island or England or Cuba or somewhere. 
Anyway, he got here. Bill was a surface liner 
from conception. From the way bis over-logical 
engineer's mind works to his low center of 
gra vity for riding rough seas. Bill is all 
skimmer Even his low stature will come in 
handy down in those cramped engineering 
compartments. He spent bis first three years 
on Navy's sailing team trying to get even more 
salty. First class year Bill finally realized 
weekends existed and gave up the yawls for 
a Toyota Supra. Right full rudder and full 
speed ahead!! Watch out Bill, the "Rules of 
the Road" are a little different on the 
Interstate. We will never forget his annoying 
logical systematic approach to everything. 
Who else would spend three weeks of research 
before buying a sleeping bag? Somehow girls 
never seemed to fit into Bill's scheme of logic. 
I guess they don 't have enough right angles for 
him although he did seem awfully interested 
in a certain Army Lieutenant. Of course Bill 
was a member of the famous Savage River 
Expedition. Everything that could go wrong 
did. including BUI almost dying in the middle 
of the night of food poisoning. Care for some 
frozen chicken? Now Bill is headed to Nuke 
School. Just think of all that green. No. not 
the money Bill . . . your skin! And say 
good-bye to what little hair you have. We all 
wish you luck as a nuke skimmer. You will 
need it more than once during your 36-year 


436 Twenty-First Company 



John Weslev Montgomery 


Chattanooga. Tennessee 

Electrical Engineering, Nuclear 


■ taking his 
hie study 

Everyone that knows W 
perfect man. He is well known 
time at meals. His most 
environment was horizontal, blue, and 
furnished with a lamp just over the pillow. I 
have no idea how many hundreds of electrical 
engineering problems were conquered from 
that comfortable office space. 

Sometime after midnight. Wes managed to 
finish the homework and get some sleep. 
However his roommate had the peculiar 
problem of being deaf while asleep, as Wes 
patiently woke to noisy devices each morning 
for three years. For most mids a "double-E" 
major is enough to stay busy ^ith. Yet lies 
was able to conduct Bible studies, be a 
member of the Honor Committee, play 
basketball, golf football and work out. and 
still make time to be sociable, kind, and a good 
listener m his unhurried way. We often 
answered the phone to hear a pretty voice 
from Tennessee iwith a distinctive drawl) say. 
"Is Wes Montgomery there'^" So we all knew 
Wes and Marice were more than just friends 
. - but their September secret kept real well 
until after Christmas. Our congratulations to 
both of you and may God bless you. With the 
foundation of good parents, and the faith, 
hope, and love that only God provides, we 
anticipate that your future will be one of great 
satisfaction and reward. Fair winds and 
follof^mg seas on the finest nuclear surface 
ships "All that are wttb me salute thee Greet 
them that love us m the faith. Grace be with 
vou all Amen.- iTitus 3:15) 


Peter Marshall MuUenhard 


North Augusta, South Carolina 

Aerospace Engineering. Surface 


Pete Thunderchicken MuUenhard came tc 
VSNA from North .Augusta, South Carolina 
where Pete was a high school ROTC stud and 
cruised 120 mph in his chicken coop orange 
vega. Pete was famous for his vega stories. We 
have heard every one at least 1000 times. We 
can't understand why be ever got rid of the 
thing If you ever suffered from insomnia, you 
just had to ask Pete to tell you one of hi<- 
stories You were cured mtbin minutes. Pete 
never drank before be came to L'SN.A. but we 
soon changed that. We are sorry we did Pete 
always did one of two things when he drank 
- he either jumped into your rack or went 
woman hunting. Pete's first experience with 
overindulging was when be found love in a 
Dutch prison during youngster cruise. His next 
experience was during youngster year when he 
met Amv and was in love again But a month 
later he did it again and met Jeaneen. Four 
months later they were engaged and that led 
to joint checking accounts and bedroom 
furniture Pete's last experience with alcohol 
came the day after service selection He blew 
tubes in first period class' What a class-ic' 
Pete enjoyed the surface line phase of second 
class summer so much that it became his life 
long ambition. We all want to wish Pete. 
Jeaneen and the kids the best of luck. 

Scott Michael Newman 


Baltimore, Maryland 

Aerospace Engineering, Na\T 


Scott joined us at USNA after a one hour 
car ride from Baltimore. This could be one 
reason why plebe year bad such little affect 
on him. since be knew home was just over the 
horizon. From day one. Mugs was always one 
of the most dynamic people in the company, 
that is. when he decided to open his mouth. 
(How can you go for four years without saying 
a word'') Of course, he bad some more passive 
ways of letting us know he was about, 
especially in the wardroom Scott bad a very- 
successful academic career, being the only 
Aero to both survive and keep bis grades up. 
His efforts did have some influence on his 
otherwise drab social life, as the number of 
weekends be didn't take will attest. Scott's 
sportsmanship will never be forgotten. No 
separated shoulder, bruised or broken nose, or 
cracked eyebrow could ever come between him 
and his endeavors. (Remember passing out 
from that strenuous PE lecture") Scott 
showed his true colors in Pasadena when he 
refused to let any of his friends meet bis 
sponsors' daughters (How about that Califor- 
nia basket leave"! Scott was an excellent 
roommate and friend and be deserves the best 
of wishes for the future See you m P-coia. 




"Scott, you didn't'" 
"Thank you. " (smiling! 
"That's disgusting'" 
(Service Selection night. 
I can remember! -It just 
doesn't matter anymore.' 

Nicholas Palmiotto 

Palm tree 

Mahopac, New York 

Applied Science, Nuke Subs 

PaJmtree came to the boat school from 
Mahopac. NY, home of famous celebrities 
such as Henry Winkler and the 3-529. Nick's 
plebe year was relatively uneventful except for 
one minor 5(XX) series offense. Youngster year, 
Nick soon began his normal routine of life at 
I'SNA. Any late night at the hall Nick could 
be seen studying and sweating profusely. Nick 
met a certain "Naomi of the North" youngster 
year and it looked like he was going to be 
sharing his igloo with her after graduation. It 
all ended suddenly second class year, however, 
and Nick was never the same after that. Soon 
after I believe he decided to go Nuke. Nick 
never really desened the nickname kneepads 
because he went to three striper boards and 
struck out at all three even though the Batt 
O was a nuke. First class year was a complete 
change for Nick. He gave up his geeking and 
four consecutive 4.0s and began to lift weights 
so he could be like the grease-man He also 
became a party animal. Trinity College will 
never forget the night of Nick's 21at birthday. 
Good luck Ens. Nicky Kneepads and watch 
out for Japanese freighters. 

Twenty-First Company 437 


Javier E. Roquebert 


Panama City, Panama 

Systems Engineering, Guardia 

Nacional De Panama 

Javi came to USNA via the Panamanian 
connection and having been used to the slower 
lifestyles of Central America he had to learn 
to adjust to the fast paced life at USNA. He 
was always late for class. 

Javi's grasp of the English language was a 
little problem during plebe summer. Who can 
forget Javi being fried for not knowing the 
National Anthem! He knew bis but not ours! 
Or how about his attempt to save Mike from 

Javi was never one to work hard at anything. 
He will be remembered for bis strenuous 
afternoon workouts. It must have been tough 
for him to get out of bed every day for 
formation. His favorite passion was to sit in 
bis room with a cigarette in one hand and a 
coke in the other He dreamed of this. Javi 
liked classes, they enabled him to catch up on 
his sleep! 

Since he was the only smoker among us, Javi 
was always switching roommates. Of course he 
always got along with his roommates like when 
he got fried a 4000 aeries offense over a 

For a man who by law can't marry until 
1986, Javi sure has been flirtin with disaster. 
It all boils down to the BB theory. The 
ladies-man at all times, Javi sure knew how 
to love them and leave them. That is until he 
met Dawn! 

In a final glimpse of what it must have been 
like to live around Javi at USNA. I think it 
can accurately be defined in one word: sloth. 
Javi was the epitome of slothliness. We will 
all really miss you and your adventures. Have 
fun in Panama and don 't get married before 
you are 30! 

Scott S. Spearing 


Danvers, Massachusetts 

Political Science, Marine Air 

Scott arrived at the Academy the same way 
he left complaining the whole way. Being a 
native Bostonian Scott could always be 
identified by his use of the "proper english" 
(what accent?). Taking up rugby early in his 
academy career, Scott gave his all for Navy 
and shattered the record for the number of 
broken noses. On the academic side. Scott 
took up the "rigorous " Poly Sci program as his 
major. All Poly Sci did for him was make him 
cry about doing papers, at the last minute, and 
let him go to Georgetown twice a week to 
"research". We all know or at least assume 
what be was researching ■ beer and women 
Scott's two favorite combinations. Mr. 
Fidelitey still as his hometown honey, but we 
all know how that goes. Scott has had to ftght 
off the women since be has been here. We 
know he has done everything in his power to 
resist, but. the Trinity girls, the "Porcelain 
Princess" and other such desirables are just 
too overpowering at times. Through these four 
vears Scott has been a friend to all. We did 
have to put up with his crying at times, but 
then again he was always the first one that we 
would cry to. Scott's been a great friend to us 
all and we know that he'll do great in the 
Corps and anything else he decides on in life. 
Take care and stay "Spears" . . . 



Jerome Stephen Stefanko Jr. 


Allentown, Pennsylvania 

Chemistry, Nuclear Submarines 

Jerry came to Canoe U expecting to rip the 
academic facilities apart; with 155Q SAT's 
and valedictorian of his high school, what 
would you expect? Since he had no problems 
with academics or rates, his main goal was to 
stay out of trouble. He did this by becoming 
an out of company plebe. He had more 
weekends plebe year with the Glee Club than 
most of us had as firsties. Unfortunately, 
companies tend to forget you when you 're out 
of sight. Therefore it wasn't until second class 
year that Jerry finally got those big stripes he 
was after, but not without forgetting bis own 
company at the interview. He later lost those 
stripes in a power play to a four striper, but 
during first class year he regained three and 
his "wife" didn't outrank him. 

Jerry met Marjorie on a romantic moonlight 
cruise on the Chesapeake Bay in an 80-foot 
cabin cruiser. Together they survived the 
cruise and the trials and tribulations of second 
class summer. Marjorie wasn't the first three 
striper that Jerry dated at the Naval 
Academy. It must be that affinity for 
intelligent women in uniform. 

Jerry has really changed at USNA. He 
arrived a short, meek, quiet little guy but 
when he leaves, he will be known as the beer 
drinking, m uscle bulging, womanizing man 
that he really is! (His alcoholic tolerances just 
amaze everyone.) 

Of course Jerry went nuclear power, what 
would you expect from someone who drives a 
Ford Fairmont We will always miss you (Ask 
Jerry, be knows, he knows everything). Good 
Luck. Hope you have lota of little Stefankos 
with big Dosest 


Douglas A. Suriano 


Medford Lakes, New Jersey 

Management, Marine Corps 

Doug came to his second home via the 
Marine Military preppie school, wearing his 
hod Lacoste pink and green cammies. Hound 
had that whooped look in his eye from day 
one. Though he had been away from home for 
a year, he still possessed one of the longest 
umbilici cords in history. He went home 
every weekend he could to work on his car but, 
supposedly, never to see his "buddy". Of 
course, we knew better. His dad worked on the 
z-plane while he sucked face! Amazingly, he 
still bad $100 a month phone bills, that should 
have been $50. except that be had to explain 
things twice. Doug's academic career was 
non-existent. He could frequently be seen 
roaming the balls at night, working on Co. 
business, of course. Even though Doug was an 
integral part of the navy's national caliber 
rugby team he was always getting abused by 
the GETO, producing the famous saying "you 
guys are too tough for me. I'll never mess with 
you guys again!" Doug was the easiest and 
most abused of us all, but only because he was 
the only one who was willing to put everything 
be bad into the company and the class. 
Without him. '84 wouldn't have been '34. 
Good luck to you and Lisa with the (Supply) 
Heb. 11 

438 Twenty-First Company 

11— MllW^llil 

James Shizuo Tajiri 


Parkridge, Illinois 
Chemistry, Surface Nvke 

Jim came to the Naval Academy from a 
suburb of Chicago. He quickly became knorni 
to his friends as Shizuo- His career is a never 
ending series of zany antics and has been 
marked by a general disrespect for just about 
everything. For one thing, nhen this kid 
drinks. look out. He has slapped his best 
friend's mother, destroyed TV sets at Army, 
beat up officers and gone swimming in the 
creeks of Annapolis in the dead of winter- 
Being a chem-head Jim has access to assorted 
explosives which, at one time, resulted m a fire 
alarm. Typically, Shiz works out for hours, 
then studies until 4 and wonders why he feels 
so tired. However, his intensive workouts have 
produced one of the best athletes in the 
playboy gang. The Tajiri room has always 
been a spectacle. If you enter into his realm 
on a weekend, you may not get out alive. His 
personality is subject to assorted quirks His 
big kick for senior year was culture. This 
resulted in the acquisition of a fledgling 
collection of classical music and a renovated 
wardrobe. Unfortunately, his ability to use the 
English language failed to experience equal 
improvement Finally. Shiz was a member of 
the infamous and ill-fated Savage River 
expedition. Overall. Shiz is a fun and decent 
person and has been a super and unpredict- 
able roommate- The nuke surface community 
is lucky to get him. May your shield continue 
to protect you from the better half of 
mankind. Good Luck and God Bless. 


Stacy Lee Turner 

The Burner 

Columbus, Georgia 

Systems Engineering, Nuclear 


Came to USNA from Columbus. Ga. in the 
hopes of following in his big brothers 
footsteps. A marine, true to the core, that is 
reactor core. The big bonus was too much for 
the Burner so he became the next best thing 
in a marine — a submariner Besides his love 
for being a bubblehead and diving deep. Stacy 
enjoys a voracious appetite for women. Big 
women, little women, tall women, short 
women. You know, sort of like Armour 
hotdogs, tough girls, sassy girls, girls that 
climb on rocks - . . the Burner just can't turn 
down a pretty face. His favorite stomping 
grounds was Frannie O's on Friday night 
because the odds were more in his favor since 
the underclass weren't around. Able to charm 
women with his obnoxious sense of humor and 
quick mt the Burner could always be found 
with a slim trim dreamboat under his arm. On 
the more serious side. Stacy will always be 
remembered as one of the boys. His wide grin, 
quick wit, and "squeeling" laughter will always 
remain imbedded in our memories. No matter 
how deep you dive, Burner, you'll always be 
in our thoughts. Good luck to you in the 

Semper Submanno 

Maarten Vermaat 

Verm it 

Beloit, Wisconsin 

Political Science, Marine Air 

Maarten has always been a slight de\iant - 
Just look at him . . then look at his name: 
Maarten Vermaat. What kind of ret-ard writes 
two aa's back to back. Twice''! Maarten came 
to us from the belated tomi of Beloit. 
Wisconsin Where the heck is Beloit'' What is 
this place that spanned this pre-pubescent 
psuedo Marine. Well, in Beloit 100^7 of the 
population chews tobacco and the men rope 
their women. Weeee' Haaa. Needless to say. 
Maarten 's a little backweird. — RUDE 
GREEN SWEATER. ff''7c&"'^ — The 
Vermaat lineage has a history of drinking like 
trout, they have developed an afCiliation not 
only to alcohol but to the residual effects. 
Maarten has been known to sleep with, cuddle, 
and show affection to the regenerated residue 
of multiple pictures of beer and pizza. — 
Barrff- — Fishheads Fishheads rolJy polly 
Fishheads. He ate them up. Big old Japanese 
one's. Yep. bit their heads off in the Mayport 
0-club classic Maarten. — STOP THAT 
CRAZY LAUGHING!! — Maarten is a 
poly-Bci who can argue any side of any 
argument and often does so simultaneously, 
confusing his friends and himself as well. But 
despite bis lack of any form of organization, 
Maarten has a 3.65 In short he's an apathetic 
success. Surxevs. Savage River — OBNOX- 
THA T CRAZY LA UGHINGH — See you later 
Maarten. We'll miaa your laughter. Look out 
Marine Air and P-cola women!! Good luck and 
God be with you. 


A'e^f^ Leonard Wagoner 


Sedro Woolley, Washington 

Oceanography. Marine Air 

Keith came to us from the Wagoner Ranch 
on Wagoner Road, somewhere in Washington. 
He IS immortal, a perfect physical specimen 
and the coolest person he knows As a plebe 
his incredible wit led him to bet against Na\y 
when his home team came to town The next 
four years were spent doing what he does best 
- showing off He went to jump school land 
got a rashi. vacationed in Bermuda land 
v.Tecked a moped) and honed his marksman- 
ship (but couldn't even qualify on rifle). Then 
he found the ultimate way to show off and 
took charge of conditioning squad. Coach Lenz 
was so impressed, he put Keith on the cover 
of his new book. Next he bought a '53 Jaguar. 
but bad to tow it home. At the end of the year 
his mischievous side took over as be terrorized 
the company with his gunpowder contrap- 
tions. First class year followed with the Great 
Savage River Fishing Expedition He began to 
steep whenever he wanted to (mostly during 
class) and stayed clear of trouble by employing 
his great manipulative powers I asked bim 
about the future and he replied. "I'm a 
MARINE'" and something about. 'Habba du 
gi. habba du ga. kapernk. kapernk." His 
shaved head proved it. My roommate had 
turned into a Marine. I'm sure he'll have fun 
showing off as Mr Pep for the class of '8S. 
But most of his time will probably be spent 
chasing those girls in blue lSer\ice Dress Blue 
that is). He has been all over the world — MP 
at Andrews. E-5 at Tinker. 0-1 in D.C.. E-5 
at Point Mugu . . . Anyway, it was a good four 
vears and I know it won't end now. 

Twenty-First Company 439 



Twenty Two 

Rebekah Ruth Bairish 


HEG Naval Intelligence 

Rebekah, you 've done it all here . . . 
survived varsity track plebe year with Major 
Dunham (a big accompliabmeDt), come back 
from knee surgery to star in three musicals, 
taught English, earned a 4.0 and four stripes. 
Well, almost everything ■ you never did run 
the entire Miklos escape route (guess the 
upperclasa wouldn't have stood for two plebes 
eating with the "gang" at Chick and Ruth's), 
or earn your MRS degree, although you came 
cloae more than once ■ and that was only the 
first year! 

Except for wrestling leaaons youngster 
year, from a "captain" no less, you spent the 
next two years directing your energies away 
from this bastion of male virility towards more 
intellectual pursuits. Intellect came to a 
screeching halt Cirat class cruise, when you 
went to Hawaii to further Canadian -American 
relations — or was that relationships? Just 
couldn't resist those shorts, eh? From 
Canadian Sub-Lt to Regimental Cdr, your 
politics made interesting news. 

You fooled us all by going Intell instead 
of Corpa. They'll be getting a hard-working, 
devoted, outgoing, shall we say "lusty" 
individual. Good luck to a very special friend. 
CMG and GMD 

P.S. From me (RB) — I couldn't leave without 
telling Gina. Chris, Kathleen, and Barb that 
I love you all, mucho. Smooches kids. 

Stephen L. Blau 


Phoenix, AZ 

EME Mech Engineering, Nuclear 


After going to NAPS, Steve joined the 
rest of us here at Navy and quickly made a 
name for himself by being the only one to 
make it through plebe summer without getting 
fried. Steve is quite a runner. He ran 
Cross-Country and during plebe year he ran 
a 50-mile race. I shudder at the thought but 
Steve baa the right idea, for life is a marathon 
not a 100-yard dash. That is the way Steve 
looks at the personal relationship he has with 
Jesus Christ, his Lord and Savior Jesus loves 
Steve and Steve loves Jesus. Christianity is 
not a set of rules to live by, but the endurance 
of an everlasting relationship with Christ and 
that is what motivates Steve to do what he 
does. Steve's lifestyle challenges us as he runs 
with endurance the race that is set before him, 
fixing bia eyes upon Jesus, the author and 
perfector of faith. (Hebrews 12:1,2) 

440 Twenty-Second Company 

, LisU 

n to what 

. Cor. 
his aki 

ae get your 
e'> I didn't 
Med cruise. 

Scott R. Campbell 


Wallingford, Pennsylvania 

Plebe Summer . . What's that funny smell 
neit to me? . . . A rally huh. what should I 
bring? . . . Plebe year 
happened to me tonight 
roommate, he's out here in 
5 o'clock, should I go to 
think ao -.- The bet' , 
doing circles with 1 weekend in Rota 
Youngster Year . . - hey, give me another 
Kamikaze . . . Who's tennis shoes are those'^ 
. . Let's get some hamburgers . What class 
are you guys ?'.... Any plana for spring break '' 

-15 long days , Where did those bottles 
come from'' . . . You saw nothing, right'' 
2/c Summer . . - This is the mong way. Warren 

. She's only got half her teeth Directing 

traffic on Bourbon Street . . - You guys wiU 

have f<> leave now . . . Best toot in Louisiana 

You walked in at (he wrong time . . . 2/c 

energy for me . - - Colorado . Where do you 
go to school at"^ Ob really, juat take it as a 
compliment . . . Meet my husband . What 
do you mean you won the bet ^ . . . l/c Summer 
. . . Got any movies? . , - Take this card and 
look her up . . l/c Year . . - You hitchhiked'' 
. . . You'll have to get out of the car . . Look 
at those grades - Am I ranked high enough"^ 
. . . No problem. It's been a lot of fun. see you 
in P-cola. K. 

Colin Brett Chaffee 


Horseheads, New York 

Chemistry. NFO 

Colin started off well at USNA. His plebe 
year he avoided most potential problema and 
all upper-claas. Third class year Colin's 
illustrious career really took off How about 
that cozy gutter outside Hammerjacks? Looks 
like you tvok that Kamikaze idea a bit too far 
Then there was the V of M lacrt^ase tailgater. 
sorry you missed the game. Second class year 
brought Ivan and his friends who fought 
valiantly but died. 3D Scbrodinger wave 
equations, and golf at Harry Brown's. Colin 
and RH aet out to vanquish the entire USNA 
lab facility We must also remember (because 
you can't) that night at Fort Appacbe. V of 
Delaware- First class year saw Coiina 
academics give way to comic books. Colin 
really tried to get into the spirit of leather at 
the Billy Idol concert. Overall we must thank 
Jim and Sheila, with a special thanks to Ann. 
Eileen, and Debby for providing Colin with 
more mail than the entire plebe class. Good 
luck as an NFO - watch where you aim those 

"Gain' where the climate fits my clothes. 
Goin' down the road feelin' bad." 


Kenneth Alan Everill 


Picayune, Missouri 

Applied Science. Marine NFO 

Ken came from the bustling city of 
Picayune. Missouri. Being an ex-NAPSter 
Ken found Plebe Summer very eaay. He also 
found academics fairly easy. Ken had himself 
a girlfriend at NAPS, and through Plebe Year 
be continued his hot romance thanks to AT&T 
calling her every Saturday night at 11:00. It 
went like clockwork every weekend until Ken 
found Fran O'Briens, and that there was more 
than one girl in the world. Ken found himself 
in conduct trouble Youngster year when a 
loser gate-guard wondered why Ken was 
dri\ing in the yard without his ID card. Old 
C C wanted to take away Ken's Cirat born, 
but the Battalion Officer straightened that 
out. "Who owns blue Etonics'^" Schnapps. 
Beer. Killer Kamikazies. Colorado roadtrip. 
The man with many shadowa. "Hey Kenny, 
getting ready for the weekend?" 3 striper tool. 
Europe and the Greek islands. Good luck in 
the Corp. 


Kathleen M. Farnett 


Cinnaminson, New Jersey 

Phvsics, Engineering Duty 


Kathi arrived to USNA via the same path 
all good mida take - the Jersey turnpike. Not 
exactly the land of Oz at the end of that yellow 
brick road. eh. Icky"^ Not one to come 
unprepared, Kath brought her flute. Mickey 
Mouse ears, and a case of homesickness not 
even a letter a day from Mom could cure. 
Having a l/c sister upstairs helped - nothing 
like a little TV and hot chocolate when curled 
up on Joanie's rack! While Kathi's plebe year 
exploits may have come to a screeching halt, 
youngster year brought a whole new aet of 
adventures in the form of a 6 foot hulk named 
"Markie." Don't look so innocent, we know 
what you're thinking about! 

After a 2 year long distance engagement 
I that's a long sigh) during which she nursed 
"Markie's" way through Nuke school, and her 
own dilemma over service selection, Kathi's 
settled on Engineering Duty, and a home in 
lovely downtown Norfolk. Anything to be with 
the guy she loves! 

Well, Kathi, it doesn't seem possible that 
you'll finally "be free" on the 30th of June, 
your wedding day, but we all wish you the 
best- God bless you both. By the way, does the 
hulk know you blow dry your hair while 
balanced on one leg? 


Twenty-Second Company 441 



Edward A. Flores 


Fredericksted, St. Croix 

Physical Science, Surface Line 

Why anyone would leave the Virgin Islands 
to come to Crabtown we'll never know but 
Taco did. Eddie came to USNA a highly 
touted track star only to become captain of the 
excused squad instead. Despite his annual 
knee operation be managed to fit in a year of 
ISO tf football and eventually even convinced 
himself he was the "star" of the company 
lightweight team first class year. 

Taco was as close to being married as one 
could get upon arrival in Annapolis. As 
youngster year came to a close it was becoming 
very clear that Eddie would be one of the first 
to walk through the tunnel of swords on the 
chapel steps in May, 84. Second class year, 
however, seemed to show him the light and be 
will now graduate a free man like the rest of 
ua (we think). 

Eddie spent four years here thinking of two 
things (besides girls): motorcycles and surface 
line. We are convinced that he will do much 
better with surface line than he did with the 
others. Good luck on the USS Long Beach and 
we hope you get v< 


Idean J. Fortune II 
Sugar C'Sug*') 
Elizabeth, New Jersey 
Enghsh, Marine Corps 

Sug hailed from Exit 13 off the turnpike and 
made it through Plebe Summer relatively 
unacortched (only 2 Form-2's), but she nearly 
burned herself out trying to pass SC, SM, EN 
and NS. With the help of two crazy roomies 
(Sue and Di), she was able to pull it together 
during finals. Thus missing the ACBoard by 
3/10 of a point. Second semester went a little 
better. Sug went from a .78 at 4 wks to a 2.5, 
while starting at 3B on the Varsity Softball 
Team. (Softball was a varsity sport back then.) 

On Youngster Y'P Cruise we all found out 
why Sug would never go Surface. That year 
she became 22's first 3/c flamer. An 'F' on the 
Statics final convinced her to go from MECH 
E to HE. Known for her bluntness, Sug was 
once asked what she was allergic to. C^ asked 
her. She replied "Everything that's green and 
grows, sir. " 

Sug went from 3/c Flamer to 2/c Torch. Just 
ask anyone in '86 who gave chow calls near 
2004. When S. W. departed, Sug got the 
pleasure of living with R. B. Room 2004 soon 
became known as the Icebox. Sug took her 
anger out on the books and hit a 2.79 at the 
semesters end. 

1/C summer took Sug to France via LCC 20. 
Upon return to CONUS, she returned to 
USNA for her 3rd consecutive year with the 
people at NASP. She also spent a month 
teaching '87 how to fire a .46. Even though she 
rarely called the column rights on the right 
foot, everyone thought she would go Corps. 
She did too until a week before service 
selection when she was torn between Navy 
Crypto and USMC. Aa it turned out she 
decided to be one of the Few and Proud. 

Dianne A. Hardin 


Evans vi lie, Indiana 

Economics, Supply Corps 

Di came from the land where you "worsh" 
your clothes and "arn" your pants. You'd 
think that they didn 't have anow in 
Hooeierland 'cos her favorite line was "Ha! It 's 
snowing!" at 1:00 in the morning. She spent 
plebe and youngster year running from crew 
practices to D&B performances. It took her 
two years to decide to stick to crew, and her 
heart's been at the boathouse ever since. After 
practice, she was always too tired or hungry 
to etudy. When it came to classes, she thought 
it was "better to be lost than confused. " She 
was lost moet of the time. Study hours were 
better spent operating the 2-0 Deli and Disco 
2021. Thanks to Di, (and her uncle's xmas 
presents) 2-0 DeU soon branched-out into 
deUAitchen/TV room. Needless to say, her 
favorite hobby was collecting electrical 
appliances. Her moet traumatic experience 
ever was when that one favorite appliance 
broke — her waterpik. (to the sheer delight 
of her roommates who could now sleep in the 
morning) As a firatie, Di's professionalism and 
leadership abilities began to shine, during 
plebe detail. Conversation at the table 
revolved around "bring me a form-2 and pass 
the A-1 aauce." As crew captain. Di felt 
reapoaaible for the well-being of her team. She 
felt that the crew that parties together, rows 
together (that waa her excuse for all those 
Friday-night crew parties) Anyone who can 
cook in the room and watch a little TV on the 
side (without CC getting a clue) is destined to 
be an Admiral in the Supply Corps. Good luck 
and God bleaa. 


Susan L. Honan 


Madison, Connecticut 

Political Science, Pilot 

Sue, who we fondly call H. B., Honan the 
Barbarian, or Susie-Q (by the boys), first 
started at NAPS, and come to USNA with 
everything under control. She laughed her way 
through plebe summer, and never saw a 
form-2. Since Sue was not the studious type, 
socializing was much easier for her. When she 
wasn't chasing Navy pilots (or NFO's). she was 
running around Georgetown, where the 
civilians chased her! (One poor soul even tried 
to convince her that he waa a mid in 22nd Co. 
- was he in for a surprise!). Only Sue and 
Monica could stay out until 7 am the next 
morning, then go for champagne brunch that 
afternoon! Or convince Capt. Dempsey to let 
them throw two Army parties at his house! Or 
give a champagne tailgater . with straws! 
But only Sue could mix her own drink in 
Franny's! Nothing was more precious to Sue 
than her liberty, except maybe food; she 
became the joint owner of the 2-0 deli and 
polished off any profits that could have been 
made! Sue's ffl priority here was running with 
the track team, and her excuse for eating 
massive amounts of carhos was that she 
needed them for her track meets. By the time 
she became Ail-American and captain of the 
team, we couldn't begin to count the number 
of varsity letters she earned. We also couldn't 
begin to count the number of nights she spent 
carousing the town with her special ex-Navy 
quarterback once she got her three striper liba 
(and before!). But headed for Pensacola now. 
for a different kind of "AIRBORNE", we 
know you'll make a great pilot. Sue! We low 

DH and MS 

442 Twenty-Second Company 



John L. Judy 


Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania 

Oceanography, Navy Air 

JJ never let too many things bounce him 
from his comfortable laid-back every-day 
mode: not piebe summer, not finals, not 
PCR's. not mile runs, not severed en- 
gagements, not CC, not even four years of bad 
luck with roommates. In fact, the only thing 
that could consistently accelerate the moun- 
tain man 's heart rate was a road trip with good 
friends and cheap brew. And it usually took 
JJ to make thmgs happen or to get things 
done: A lot of those road trips might never 
have happened without Ludes lighting fires 
under our butts. 

Among the people who matter most ■ "The 
Gang" - John earned tremendous respect and 
friendship. Very few of the genuine "Good 
Times" - and there were many - occurred 
m(/iout JJ being a central figure Yet beyond 
the numerous traits which make him such a 
great friend. John has a quality which we all 
recognize- This quality makes him a capable, 
efficient, and clear-headed officer. So let the 
good times roil. JJ. but don't sell yourself 
short. Few people have your traits and talents. 
And when you're down, think about us. about 
"The Gang". And we'll pick you right up. 

Konrad Kircher 


Kettering. Ohio 

Political Science. Marine Corps 

Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, 
and remember what peace there may be in 
silence- As far as possible, without surrender, 
be on good terms with all persons. Speak your 
truth quietly and clearly . . Many persons 
strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is 
full of heroism . , , nurture strength of spirit 
to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not 
distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many 
fears are born of fatigue and loneliness 

Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle 
with yourself. You are a child of the universe 
no less than the trees and the stars . . . and 
whether or not it is clear to you. no doubt the 
universe is unfolding as it should . . . in the 
noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. 
With all Its sham, drudgery, and broken 
is still a beautiful world. 
Max Ehrmann 

Scott T. Kushino 


Elk Grove, Illinois 

General Engineering, Supply 


If anyone was ever at the wrong place at the 
wrong time, they were never there as many 
times as Suki was. Suki came to USNA from 
the Chicago suburbs and began to decorate his 
bulletin board with Form-2s. He met the First 
Company boys on restriction and soon became 
an integral part of Fun One. Suki had hoped 
to fly when he graduated, but his eyes would 
not cooperate, forcing him to sport geekers 
plebe year. A lover of the good life. Suki spent 
many late nights partying with the boys - how 
'bout them swimmin' parties! Suki entered 
Youngster year with a huge stereo system and 
a laid back attitude, but never could seem to 
Bee eye to eye with the Tool. He was eventually 
rewarded with an inter-Brigade transfer, 
winding up in the Captain's company. Suki's 
favorite pastime has been faat cars, and he is 
another member of the porsche club. After 
trashing one 911 at the end of second class 
year, he found another one, although it is so 
hot to touch! Suki thinks that heaven can be 
found in either Hawaii or California, and he 
hopes to eventually wind up on the beach with 
bis wild baggies. Now he has found a home 
in the Supply Corps, so better watch that 
weight Porky! You sire a machine Suki. so keep 
pumpin' or else you might lose face. Scott, 
even as we go our own ways, you know the 
boys are, and will always be, the boys. 

Thomas Sumner Leach 
Aurora. Ohio 
Economics. Navy Air 

With his housing deposit already paid for 
at OSV. Tom got back from the Bahamas only 
to find out that he received an appointment 
to USNA and that be had 2 days to make his 
decision. Subscribing to the WTF philosophy, 
Tom found himself at USNA on I-day with 
electric guitar in band. Tom had relatively few 
problems with plebe year and actually did 
pretty well on the military aspects of this 
institution. 3/c cruise with the "Squeech" 
changed bis outlook and that's putting it 
nicely With the beginning of 3/c year came 
a new company officer who came to iiew Tom 
as "defiant. " When Tom bad a free weekend, 
the gang formed for many a good time with 
Matt C- and his party machine, with many 
incidents bordering on truly classic. 2/c 
summer saw Europe round 2, with the Stones 
in Munich. Then there was Gunny and many 
memorable roadtrips. Who could forget Army 
that year with Tom saying to Don, "Don, 
Annapolis, road trip. " at 3 AM. the day of the 
game (in Philly). Gunny met a flaming death 
that following July while Tom was on his way 
to Georgetown to meet two young ladies, yet 
! spirit. 1/c summer saw 
\n interesting experience 
security police with 
the train to W. Berlin. 
Then there was "The Party" in Brussels with 
Philippe and friends. 1/c year has been wild, 
which is to be eipected when talking about 
Leacher. We wisli him the best at P-cola. 
knowing him the town will never be the same. 
Remember Tom, 


Europa round 3 with i 
with East German 
submachine guns 

Twenty-Second Company 443 


James Joseph McConnell 

Jim bo 

Chester, New Jersey 

Electrical Engineering, Nuke 


I remember as little of Jim's stay here as 
he does himself. Piebe year he destroyed his 
parents Bronco and spent a month in the 
hospital, pretty routine. Jim jumped into 
youngster year with a floor clearing erotic 
dance with a girl of questionable age. 
Remember the Dead concert? Probably not. 
How about your night with the girl with 
"Woodstock" sunglasses'* Painfully unforgett- 
able. Second class year brought an equally 
unforgettable trip to Georgetown. Didn't it 
snow that day"* How about golf at Harry 
Brown's? And everyone thought it was 
impossible. Those mountain dews first class 
year were a bit stiff. Thanks to Jim and Sheila 
for all that they've done. Good luck in your 
sewer pipe under the sea. "If you get confused, 
listen to the music play. " 


Brian A. Mcllvaine 

New Braunfels. Texas 
Electrical Engineering, Nuke 

Brian came to us from Texas, but if you 
didn't know that, you needn't worry, he 
would 've told you so. In fact, he would 've told 
you so even if you already knew. But if by 
some reason he happened to be thinking of 
something else, or he didn 't see you walk in 
the room, it wasn't too hard to guess where 
he was from. He was the only guy in the 
company who wore a cowboy bat during study 
hour and jeans and cowboy boots every 
weekend. And if you happened to meet him 
on the weekend it was even easier. He spent 
every Saturday waving a Longhorn's pennant 
and all day Sunday waving his Cowboy's flag. 
It was always fun when the gang got together 
to watch Dallas and Washington play football, 
especially when the Redskins won! 

I don 't think anyone will forget the Second 
Class Road and Ski trip to Colorado. Everyone 
had a lot of fun, especially Brian, who 'd never 
gotten sick before!! And of course how c&n we 
forget 36 hours inside Seika (his car!)! 

Studyin' or Stowpin' Goat was always a lot 
of fun. He could always be counted on when 
you needed a favor, a friend, or part of his 
nuke bonus (j'^f ^ loan "B", Til pay it back 
. . . someday) You were a true friend to all of 
us. an example in Academics and Leadership 
Good luck at VT (I hope you remember how 
to wear your uniform after Grad School), 
Nuke School, Prototype, and in the Fleet. 
We'll never forget you so keep in touch. 



Donald William Merino 
Big "D" 

Tenafly, New Jersey 
History, Surface Line 

From exit 18w on the N.J.T., weighing in 
at2331bs.. the Mr. "T" of Tenafly. The Savior 
of Psuedo — intellectual ism and the three 
martini lunch. ■ Don "Juan" Merino. He was 
accepted to USMA to play football but. 
declined the invitation and took on the bigger 
challenge - USNA and the black "N". A 
fighter at heart, he never takes the easy road, 
even though he always tries. He heard the 
mythical t^es about the Black "N" and 
earned one before Army Week plebe year. 
Throughout his trials and tribulations, he 
weighed in at a lean 205 after his first year 
and was ready that summer to explore new 
erotic frontiers - Sue. 

Youngster year, back at 233 lbs. and almost 
engaged, a new roommate (as usual), Don was 
ready for challenges, even if they weren't 
ready for him There weren't enough chal- 
lenges around, so be found the Double R's 
(Restriction and Rack) Ah! But alas, the true 
explorer of distant lands and myths did 
diacover Delaware. As waa quoted, "He came. 
he saw, and Quinny came. " The explorations 
didn't stop there. 

Australia, the Philippines, Europe, Thailand 
and others were not spared from his follies. 
But amongst Don's many adventures and 
antics, true strokes of semi-genius have 
occurred. Finds such as Harry Browne 's. 
Saiab, Barbara, the L. A. Woman, and Crab 
Cakea. Ideas such as . . . Censored. Don will 
always be remembered for literally sweating 
out the weekend on Thursday night. 

Let's hope there are no scales on BB-62. 
Good luck and have an adventurous and 
exciting, hut brief career. Catch you at N. Y. 


444 Twenty-Second Company 

Mark C. Quinn 


Southington, Connecticut 

Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear 


Look out world, cause here comes the 
Amazing Spiderman. No?!? It's just Quinny, 
bouncing off the walls. Not a good way to start 
off on the right foot (your other right), but 
what a way to make an impression. So what 
if he did take microdots before (?) going to 
the institution lUSNAI. but he'll get over it 
sooner or later (I think). There's just not 
enough words anyway, so why try? Twins are 
opposites in reality, that's why they go to West 
Point. But at least they see the light. And then 
there's Delaware, if you can Navigate out of 
that mess. Oscar Madison (big D) didn't have 
the key so why not put it on ice. you know, 
chill it! When your first roommates try to axe 
you. it only gets better. So he picks up this 
one guy. will it work. It does work and we both 
(I'm Will-it) go to Head to get some Hood. It 
really was his first time, which is quite obvious 
to his roommate (is there life at 0900?}. So 
now we're both unsat. That means we're both 
below C level to you morons. 

Sooner or later we'll come up for air. "Fun, 
Fun""' (That's 4 Nancy). But seriously, Mark's 
a super guy and my best friend and he is going 
to be one of the best in the Nuclear Submarine 
Fleet. Good luck and God speed. 





Eric R. Rice 

San Jose. California 
Applied Science, Surface 

During high school, Eric was heavily 
involved in CAP from which he learned a lot 
about being a leader. This experience helped 
him to become a quality company commander 
during the first semester. Yet he considered 
himself as a servant as did his best friend 
Jesus Christ. "For even the Son of man did 
not come to be served but to serve, and to give 
His life a ransom for many'' iMark 10:451 
Eric's desire to walk with Jesus increased all 
four years here because of what Jesus could 
provide and the world could not Jesus said. 
"Come to Me. ail who are weary- and 
hea\y-laden. and 1 will give you rest. Take My 
yoke upon you. and learn from Me. for I am 
gentle and humble in heart, and you shall find 
rest for your souls." i Matthew 11:28-291 At 
times this world is full of frustration and 
confusion but Eric knew where to find true 
happiness and desired so much to share it with 
others Jesus said, "but whoever drinks of the 
water that I shall give him shall never thirst: 
but the water that I shall give him shall 
become in him a well of water springing up 
to eternal life." (John 4:14) 

John J. Riley 


Cohasset, Maine 

Economics, Navy Air 

The Life of Riley 
A mind clouded by an overindulgence in 
alcohol. It will be a free trip to Hawaii. What 
do you mean it's not short enough. Sweat, 
Sweat. Sweat. We got to get out of this place 
if it's the last thing we ever do. Escape to T's. 
Weekends on the water Weekends on the ice- 
The floating hotel. The Hotel 33. Scandin- 
avians. Europe. Another Marine. Time to get 
out. Applications. Escape to Europe. Rays on 
the Riviera. Jamming with the Stones and 
Giels in Munich. Accepted Room assigned, 
deposit in. Another mmd altered decision 
Here. No. Too late. Do it on a Windsurfer 
Cinnaboof The Tilt'n Hilton. Endless. 
Mindroasting adventures of OC and Stiggs. 
Scbleuter Love. 9:30 a place in time The 
SX-Mobile. Go Feet. The Beat. Steamboat 
Slamming- 100 Punks Rule Gen X. Is there 
after WHES"" Nobody thought you'd 

■ make it thit 

■ but I 


Baricade Beach. Insect Surfers. Morning 
Light. Rip and Tear. Cut back. Gotcha. 
Custom Boardsailing. Air The only thing that 
helps me pass the time away is knowing I'll 
be back on Echo Beach someday Just give me 
some tasty waves and a cool buzz and I'm fine. 
The Sinbin with Passion pit. Vengence. Maybe 
now Hawaii . You see Dee Dee. out there 
is a wave one maybe two miles high and 
someday I'm going to get on that wave and 
I'm going to ride it forever and not fall off . 
Oh Frankie. you're such a dreamer 

Joseph M. Sawitsky 


Bronx, New York 

Aerospace Engineering. Nuclear 

Well. "It just doesn 't matter!' 
in '80 Joe decided togive up a lucrative "used" 
hubcap business in "da" Bronx to become a 
Naval Officer via USNA. Actually, rumor has 
it that a lenient Judge offered him a choice 
between the slammer or a "free" education. 
He opted for the later and found himself at 
the pearly gates of USNA nith his hair parted 
down the middle and his new wave sunglasses. 
He really got a kick out of Plebe Summer and 
on a number of occasions he laughed his way 
to Regimental come-arounds. Joe began 






academics and on a 2/c. His illustrious career 
here at Na\y has been characterized by an 
inverse relationship between his CQPR and 
MQPR. and a record amount of restriction- 
/room tours accumulation Joe nearly drank 
himself to death after seeing his blind date for 
the Valentine's Dance, and Quinny. being the 
altruistic person that he is. covered him for 
the evening. 2/c year, he began training for the 
Olympic Saimming Team (Special Olympic 
that is'l He acquired the "Batmobile" after 
spring break and while backing out of T-court 
minutes before dinner at the Ring Dance (at 
high speed) nearly ran over the Dant. 1/c year 
saw him still training for the Olympics, and 
road tripping to Delaware. Joe is ready to 
graduate and we wish him the best of what 
life has to offer. Good Luck and we will always 
remember the good times that we had. 

Sonja Patricia Soleng 


Croton-on-Hudson. New York 

Ocean Engineering, Civil 

Engineering Corps 

Sonja hailed from a town on the Hudson 
(that's Croton not Crouton). Short in stature 
(I'm keeping a low profile sir) she could be 
found at the end of a formation. Plebe summer 
saw her guided by Goatboy though she nearly 
ended his career with a bayonet. First 
semester landed her in Ice Station Zebra with 
Boo. Younger than most of her classmates (I'm 
not old enough to vote sirt. rough treatment 
from a cowboy made her grow up fast. It 
looked like she was headed for civilian line but 
encouragement from the home front helped 
her through. Summer came and she avoided 
the greyhounds of the Severn by cruising the 
East Coast on a Blue Pig The fall Semester 
brought Shari Baby and True Love tor so 
she thought). She was ready for wedding bells 
but they never rang. Another summer came. 
Though Sonja missed out on P-cola. an airdale 
in Oceana kept her from being too disappoint- 
ed (she always preferred older men). Second 
class year brought yet another roommate and 
some rough times. Fortunately Wiggles (her 
best USNA friend) was there to give her a 
hand. The last summer came with 64 days of 
leave. Cruise in the Philippines convinced her 
that the Orient was for her. First class year 
brought a new roomie (Sug) and duties as 
Squad Mom And so. with that big smile and 
dimples, she's fleetbound 

Twenty-Second Company 445 


WiUiam H. Stephens 
Billy Bob 
Ozark, Alabama 
Oceanography. Marine Air 

Stephens. Wilhaw H. ■Btlly-Bof. -Biliy- 
Stob". -Slob", -in Hens". -Retard". -Baldy", 
Bill has been called many names, but we 
would all be missing something from our life 
iwe're not sure what) it he wasn't here. He is 
a necessarv item at any party, if for no other 
reason than entertainment. Bill joined us from 
NAPS and had a rough Plebe Year. Being the 
same age as most of the seniors, he bad a bard 
time calling them Sir- He bad an idle 
sophomore year, without getting into too much 
trouble. He just didn't get caught that year. 
Protramid was the start of a very long year 
for Bill, after doing his time for getting kicked 
out of Protramid. he seemed to get in trouble 
every weekend — Drinking in his room, UA. 
etc- Senior vear started with the big move to 
the twenty-second company, where he, not by 
choice, has been quiet. At the end of each 
semester here it was always touch and go; 
nobody thought he would make it through, but 
he always seemed to be here the next semester. 
Bill just barely got the last Marine Corp spot 
and we all B^s/J him luck at flight school. If 
we could sum up BiUy-Bob it would be his 
home address — Squirrel Drive. Ozark, 

Daniel E. Teclaw 


Port Allegany, Pennsylvania 

Economics, Navy Air 

From the upper wildernesa of Pennsylvania 
came ole Danny boy. alias Claw. He always 
wondered if he was going to survive the four 
years. Five letters a day helped him through 
plebe summer By youngster year the letters 
started to come from California instead of 
home and then they stopped completely. 

By 1/C year Dan showed us three things: 
even 3'- 2 years of being Semper Fi can be 
changed by a pay change. Orientals naturally 
picked on him. and he would even let the 
Colonel marry his sister in exchange for a 

Danny had a couple of unique things about 
him, especially his laid-back slouch walk. 
Whenever be was out of the rack, bis walk 
would tell us it was him even at a distance. 

Your mellow attitude and the couple of talks 
we bad will always be remembered. Don 't lose 
your "mug " and play the same song over every 
now and then. 

Navy air has gained a fine officer. We all 
know why you did it (you couldn't get your 
RX-7 to go any faster) and we know that even 
though you won't be Blue Angel tf 2 you'll be 
one of the other five. Watch out for that great 
ball of fire. 


John B. Wilcox 


Santa Clara, California 

Aerospace Engineering, Marine 


JB came to USNA to be a Navy pilot. From 
the start. JB waa a glutton for punishment. He 
spent as much time In the hallways as possible 
during Plebe Summer, just hoping the Hrsties 
would ask him rates. Plebe year came and be 
would volunteer for watches just to stay in the 
hall. His only consolation was to be able to 
look at the endless pictures of bis beloved 

JB seemed to have an obsession with the 
sister services also. He spent countless hours 
on the Plebe Army Project and even more on 
it as a Youngster- Second Class year JB 
decided he needed a vacation and headed for 
the Government Country Club in Colorado. 
But. he never let us forget him. as be wrote 
the Company 3 times that semester (with no 
reply). Upon returning to USNA, JB had real 
problems readjusting to the disciplined life 
here in 22. JB liked bis new room (and rack) 
so much that he found it impossible to leave, 
even for Morning Quarters. He soon found 
himself (thanks to C. C.) spending a lot more 
time in his room (but not in the rack). 

JB always made the best of every situation. 
He saved enough money to buy his Subaru and 
take his imaginary girlfriend (who was older 
than 16) back to Goucher. 

All in all. JB was a friend to everyone and 
was always there when we needed him. JB. 
you've verified that you're a glutton for 
punishment by going Marine Air. We'll look 
for you in Blue Angel tt2 and we know that 
it'll someday be you. 


Perry Neal Willette 


La Canada, California 

Applied Science, Nuclear 


During plebe year. Chill-it commuted to 
USNA during the week from 60 miles away 
in Rockville. Leaving an interesting life of a 
college student partime fireman, be proved to 
have all the skills for surviving this place. Like 
the time when Perry put bis firefigbting skills 
to use when he torched Joe Sawitsky's shower. 

Youngster year found Perry rooming nitb 
Ludes and the Colonel only this time be was 
a resident at Na\y since the circus (quoting 
Lodes) moved to CA. Second class year, being 
a different year, brought a different set of 
roommates in Quinny and Don. This promised 
to provide a wealtii of new experiences for 
Perrv- One of which was joining the EMBC 
for a disagreement with the Company 
Commander. This earned Perry admission in 
the company rebels. 

By Second semester there was only Perry 
and Quinny. Perry, being the older and 
wiser('^) of the two began, as be likes to say. 
convert Quinny. This was not without a price 
after all Perry went Nuke. Anyway, with 
frequent road trips, double dates and his solo 
to E-town. not to mention the successive days 
without studying, the two managed to party 
their way through the rest of the year into first 

Connecticut became a popular destination 
for the pair, despite Perry's paranoia about 
cops. Setting their sights a little closer to 
USNA, the two cruised off to Hood. That's the 
night when Perry was left out in the cold while 
Quinny was elsewhere. Still, Perry didn't 
break stride, leading a trail of broken hearts 
wherever be went. But with graduation coming 
the question is. Will Nuke school slow him 
down? Probably not. Best wishes and good 
luck in the fleet Perry. 

446 Twenty-Second Company 

Twenty Three 



Kevin J. Astrup 


New Hyde Park, New York 

Physical Science Marine Corps 

'Strup was one of those guys that stood out 
Plebe Summer He was well known in Mike 
Company for having to shave 2 or 3 times a 
day. It seemed like some firsty wouJd ask him 
at every formation if he had shaved that day. 
As academic year rolled around, 'Strup was 
ready to play J. V. Lai and breeze through 
Plebe Year At first, academics gave him a 
httle trouble until he worked a bit harder. He 
also found out who the gouge profs were and 
became one of the brothers of PHY SCI. Even 
though life became easier, Strup was still 
somewhat of a sweat. He has been known to 
brush off 20 minutes before formation and 
leave for class half an hour early. 

'Strup has wanted to be a Marine from the 
beginning. Even though he occasionally talked 
about going Navy, none of us bad any doubts 
that he would be going to Quantico after 
graduation. The Marines are lucky to be 
getting a guy like 'Strup. He has a sense of 
humor and tends to smile more than the 
typical Marine. His friendship has definitely 
made our stay at the Naval Academy more 

Good Luck Kevin, we hope that your eyes 
are good enough to fly once you get through 
with TBS. If they're not, have fun driving 
tanks! We still have one question for you: How 
much longer are you going to be single? 

Bernard Frederick Allman 


Brazoria, Texas 

Physical Science Nuc Surface 

Bernie came to USNA from Brazoria, Texas 
feeling that be had places to go and people to 
see. Four weeks after Plebe Summer ended, he 
bad gotten to the top of the Chapel and bad 
seen the Deputy Dant. Joining the Antiphona! 
Choir took him from New York to New 
Orleans. Joining the Pep Band sent him to 
West Point. Air Force, and the Liberty Bowl, 
as well as many other places in support of 
Na\y sports. 

First semester youngster year, his academic 
prowess allowed him to meet the Supe, the 
Dant, the Academic Dean, and the five 
division directors. Not bemg satisfied with the 
result of their first meeting, his company 
officer arranged another one for bim a few 
days later Fortunately, it ended much more 
pleasantly He then entered the "Brother- 
hood" of Physical Science majors and has 
stayed over 3.0 ever since. 

Second class summer, his travels took him 
to New London, Connecticut, where he 
decided that Nuc Surface was where be 
wanted to be. This decision pros-ided bim with 
a trip to Naval Reactors and allowed him to 
meet Admiral McKee and ail the other nice 
people at NR. After graduation, Bernie gets 
to go down to Orlando and bask in the sun. 
He then travels to New York, to Newport, 
Rhode Island, and finally enters the fleet in 
the fall of '85. 








Miles Courtland Baker 


Anchorage, Alaska 

Ocean Engineering - U.S.M.C. 

During plebe summer. Miles made a lasting 
and lingering impression early when bis mom 
sent him a truly "down borne Alaskan" chow < 
package. Miles was frequently frustrated by 
continually having to explain to girls that i 
-NO, 1 do not live in an igloo, " and that i 
despite bis "baby-face" and "cute buns" he • 
was still a commieeating, beer-cooled, . 
battle-ready Marme. OOORAH""!' Except 
for taking a short but untimely nap on Mam 
St. in Anchorage. Miles finished plebe year in 
outatandmg fashion, as evidenced by being 
named 3/c Co. cdr. However his year and a 
half of stellar performance was rudely 
interrupted in the entire span of one weekend. 
Miles started that famed we. by placing a caII 
to RALPH via the company officers shoes at 
the company's annual dining in. and be then 
closed the evening on an unfortunate note by 
failing to run fast enough in civilian clothes. 
2/c vear saw Miles being awarded the title of 
"Mr. Accountability", due to bis narcoleptic 
tendencies. (Gee Miles - wasn't that neat - all 
four of us on the Q's list - & not for 
outstanding performance either') Miles 
demanded superior quality in three areas bis 
clothes, music, and women Unfortunately for 
Miles, fine clothes and music were easier to 
find. The search for the elusive "10" goes on. 
Good Luck Seriously though Milea. your 
quest for perfection, constant enthusiasm, and 
leadership have impressed us all Any Marine 
unit will be fortunate to have vou as their 
commander "THE FEW - THE PROUD" - 
you certsmly belong. J.S., MM., & LD 

448 Twenty Third Company 


1 I 

Joel G. Bishop 


Dallas, Texas 

Naval Architect, Navy Air 

Following in big brother's footsteps. Sloth 
came to the Naval Academy directly out of 
high school, full of ambition and professionai 
zeal. This attitude lasted through plebe year 

antagonistic grilling at a striper board along 
Hir/i the corrupting influence of Habib the 
Terrible eventually corrected his attitude 
problem. Joel's "excitable" nature and 
nocturnal habits unjustly led to bis being 
tagged with the nickname "the Sloth" by an 
ungrateful roommate. 

Better knomi for his academic exploits than 
his athletic prowess. Joel somehow always 
managed to get his B in PE so he could keep 
his stsrs, despite a broken nose in boxing and 
a rude introduction to the mat in wrestling. 
His roommates grew accustomed to bearing 
Joel moan and groan about what a tough time 
Narcs have academically, but they also grew 
accustomed to his pulling out a 4 after tinals. 

An avowed submariner when he first came 
to USNA. Joel eventually saw the light and 
decided to carry on the family tradition. Go 
Navy Air, see you in Pensacola. 

George Steven Carradini 
Deer Park, New York 
English United States Marine 

George stormed the academy with high 
hopes. His crew cut showed that. Of course his 
expectations were never met. How could they 
be':' He was a Marine ROTC from the 
University of Colorado at Boulder (and let the 
whole company know it) He was fun. at first. 
How can anyone forget George Curtis' feet 
getting tied to his chair, or the famous chapel 
climbing episode which netted George and 
seven classmates a Class 'A ' under the real 
conduct system! However, recons soon got old 
and form-2's were coming fast and furious. 
Who was the first mid to get fried for dumping 
beans over his entire person — vep. George. 
Ob. well. Who 
plebe year? H> 

years. Herndon * 
the limelight ver 

nothing good happens 
was fortunate in meeting 
nd only for his entire four 
ame and George faded from 
■ quickly. Youngster year he 
and not get fried once. He 
sure learned what "low profile" meant. It was 
smooth sailing in his rusty pinto every chance 
he got. Weekends would come and George was 
nowhere to be found. He was at Kasey's (New 
Joizey — yes, Gary, exit ID or New Yawk, ya 
know lawng'island. (Are you happy. Fray^l He 
soon outgrew the pinto. Kasey outgrew the 
academy, and it was a long second class year- 
Good thing first class cruise broke the 
monotony. What fun he had in Camp 
Pendleton (watch out for the poison sumac at 
Quantico). However, first class year arrived, 
and George and Kasey made wedding plans. 
Now George can't wait until graduation (plus 

Good luck and God Bless you both. 


Steven M. Cochran 


Reisterstown, Maryland 

Applied Science. Na\y Air 

Where do you stsrt with a preppie like Slim 
Dog" Maybe at NAPS where he set new 
records as quarterback. For interceptions 
Right from the start we realized that Slim was 
nobody to mess with, as he returned from his 
Saturday Night Escapades bruised and 
bloody, but always ready to go another round. 
If Slim played hard then he worked twice as 
bard. He was the only mid to have his only 
key to Nimit2 Library. When not hitting the 
books, you could find Slim out on the pitcher's 
mound for Navy baseball. He was a hit with 
the team, except maybe the outfielders, whom 
he kept running around on most afternoons 
Slim really showed his stuff t'irst class year 
He was sitting pretty with brand new wheels, 
his old girlfriend, many cold brews and a fresh 
can of Copenhagen. He surprised us all with 
his genius academics first semester and he 
even settled down long enough to give Igor a 
second chance. Hey, Slim! somewhere out 
there is an F-18 with your name on it. Until 
then. P-cola will have itself a Golden Boy and 
a great pilot. Take it light and best of luck 
from "The Infamous Five. " 


ji%L ' 

"^ il% 






^ ▼ J 


^^ ^ 





James J. Collins 

J. J. 

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi 

Naval Architecture, Surface-EDO 

J. J. emerged out of southern Mississippi 
and came to USNA directly from high school. 
He had never been north of Tennessee before 
I-dav. so to J J Maryland was as far north 
as Maine. He figured if it snowed here it could 
not be in the South. 

During Plebe year. Jim disappeared into the 
sailing team and spent all his time either 
sailing, studying, or drinking. The fact that he 
managed to maintain a 3.5 average amazed his 
classmates. His roommate once accused him of 
being practically illiterate, and realistically he 
had the spelling ability God promised Bill the 

Being on the sailing team and traveling 
everv weekend was not enough for J. J. He 
decided the only way to get away from USNA 
was to transfer. Since Southern Cal and 
Florida were not offering an exchange program 
with USNA. the Coast Guard Academy would 
have to do. It was real convenient since his girl 
friend was only an hour from USCGA. First 
class vear provided some changes for Jim. 
After 2 letters and countless hours of sailing^ 
J. J. left the sailing team and reappeared in 
his company. As Sub-Commander he always 
claimed he bad alot to do. but everyone knows 
Sub'Commanders do not do anything. As 
Brigade First Lt. he did even less if that was 

Being locked up here for four years did not 
teach Jim a thing, because two days after 
graduation he will be married. We wish Jim 
and Tammy the beat of luck, and hope she can 
keep him out of trouble in his Navy career. 
God Bless Them. 

Twenty-Third Company 449 




Frank J. Crespo 


Pittsburg, California 

Applied Science, Navy Air 

The Stickman came to Canoe V. with one 
thing in nund: to 'drive' ships. However, we 
learned that he often changes his mind. After 
3/c cruise he became loyai to the airdale cause. 
He switched to nuclear power after 2/c 
summer at New London. Moving back to air 
and then going Nuke again, and finally being 
forced by the Nuclear Power Rejection Board 
to opt with Navy Air. all in l/c year, he finally 
ended the Human Twig's little chess game 

Unlike some of his classmates. Frank was 
civilized before he arrived at the Boat School. 
His fine little lady was "numero uno" in his 
mind 100^ of the time. She kept him busy 
by either writing letters almost daily or drying 
tears over the phone. Their only argument was 
over the subject of how many little Crespos 
they were going to terrorize Naval Stations 
with!!! We all know who will win that bout and 
SHE is about 5'6' tall. (We know who "wears 
the pants" in this family) But being a 
Management major. Frank can find a way to 

Frank has many friends at this institution 
of higher learning. Best of luck to you and the 
wife. Big Fella. 

James Doyle Cunningham 


Speedway, Indiana 

History, Surface 

J.D. came to the Academy with the hopes 
of being a Midshipman who would be 
mentallv, morally, and physically the best 
ever. Those hopes soon faded and his goal 
became more realistic — girls and booze. Over 
bis years here. J.D. has shown his aptitude to 
get along with anyone and sometimes noone; 
however, on the weekends, there was always 
someone. The Army/Navy game in Pasadena 
became a turning point for J.D. Having 
become engaged to his high school sweetheart 
a few weeks before, he swore his faithfulness 
to her. J.D. failed to mention his responsibility 
for ensuring that the thousands of ladies that 
came to the victory dance were entertained- 
Come on J.D., not even you could have met 
that challenge. What is that rumor we hear'!' 
. . . no more miles for Navy. 

Richard S. Dohoda 

Seward, Pennsylvania 
Chemistry, Medical School 

Rich came to the Boat School from Seward 
(or is that Sword) PA. After surviving plebe 
summer and the culture shock of WW III. the 
academic year promised to be a breeze while 
playing JV football. 

Youngster year brought on the chemistry 
major. He tackled it with a 4.0 first semester. 
"How tough is chemistry?" Rich 's varsity 
football career lasted 12 seconds. "Nice pitch 

Navy football couldn't use the services of a 
"twelve second" quarterback so be set his 
sights on medical school. When you think of 
Pennsylvania basketball who do you think of 
firsf Thanks Duff 

First and Second class years found Rich at 
Penn State on many weekends. "Six years 
with Karen. Time to get married. " Medical 
school grabbed Rich and bis next 17 years at 
service selection. "Can Karen wait a year? 

First class year. Rich survived the heat of 
the "shade" and WW III once again. "Never 
pass up an argument." 

"Thanks Mom and Dad!" God Bless you. 

Edmund Lee Elkin 


Macomb, Illinois 

Electrical Engineering, Nuclear 

Surface Line 

From the start. Ed has demonstrated that 
he was meant to be an EE. Few things that 
have come within his grasp have not been 
taken apart and put back together again. Ekl's 
room soon became the home for unwanted 
stereos. Youngster year was definitely a very 
trying time for him. Ed came back from a 
three day weekend with a broken ankle and 
crutches that would help him get around for 

Ed makes use of his spare time reading 
science fiction books requisitioned from the 
Midstore. If you can't fine it, chances are that 
Ed probably has it. He also has the distinction 
of being the video game master of 23rd 
Company. As you can see. Ed is constantly 
thinking of the future and that future looks 
bright for him. Ed is entering the Nuclear 
Na\y like bis brother Herb, except Ed will be 
on top of the water. 

Good luck Ed. we hope you have as much 
success with neutrons as you've had with 



460 Twenty-Third Company 

!»-^ ^g^t^^^^^^^yy-^-.^ 



Paul S. Esch 


Grand Haven, Michigan 

Applied Science. Na\y Pilot 

Pa ill breezed through Plebe 
natural born plebe). His 64 teeth served as a 
guide for others to be inspired by Paul's only 
problem, which had to be corrected by none 
other than RFN. was his inability to keep his 
eyes in the boat iSome people's boali< are just 
a little bigger than others). Plebe year. Paul's 
experiences centered around the D&B but it 
was life in 4016 that opened his eyes — all 
those new words and phrases he knows. All 
along Paul fought hard to maintain his 
innocence but the forces of fun (M. T.. 23rd 
r>' . and Cdr. B ) are winning out. After two 
vears of living in great liberty ports such as 
::-0 and 4-1 it wasn 't until he was a firstie that 
he realized what a "benny" out -of -company 
was. Although out -of -company did not always 
mean out-of-Q. NaiyAir will do well by Paul's 
services — especially when they start putting 
grand pianos in helos. 


Gary R. Frey 


Canoga Park, California 

Aerospace Engineer, Marine Air 

Gary comes to us from warm, southern 
California, where everything is twenty minutes 
from bia house. Not being satisfied with the 
Air Force or the Marines, Gary just bad to try 
the navy. Being unaccustomed to the wintery 
weather in Maryland and the nasty sickness 
that accompanied it. he soon remedied the 
situation by vowing to keep is feet warm. 
Having conquered this obstacle, he was ready 
to attack plebe year and any classmate that 
he disliked. After Herndon. it was off to the 
P.I. where most of his fantasies were fulfilled. 
One remains, however, soon to be accom- 
plished. Youngster year was full of abusing 
roommates who did not know any better, 
firing bottlerockets and studying Physics on 
Hospital Point. Second class year brought the 
reality of academics and the release of tensions 
in Memorial Hall. Finally, after all of that 
work. First Class year arrived, being full of 
travel, skiing, too much EE and a return home 
for Thanksgiving. Good luck Gary and we all 
hope to see you flying with the Marines very 

Harold L. Gilreath, Jr. 


Marietta, Georgia 

Applied Science, Navy NFO 

When he arrived at USNA. Hal (Harold to 
bis friends) bad a singular purpose - sailing. 
Sometimes sailing would take priority over 
this, and at other times sailing was more 
important. Then there were those rare 
moments when sailing was bis highest priority 
Below sailing (far below) was sleep. For Hal. 
as not a duty or a necessity, but ti 
> to be indulged in at every available 
. After quarters, before quarters, after 
■ class, free periods ■ Hal simply chose 
t be awake After the 2-0 experience and 
Navy Sailing indoctrination, for Hal. 
and civilian clothes became inter- 
dependent Not just ordinary civilian clothes, 
either. Only the most outdated low-rent 
Salvation Army fashions would suffice. Hal's 
counterculture trends didn't stop at clothes, 
for his fascination with reggae music knew no 
bounds. At any moment Rastafarian rhythms 
could come booming forth, with Hal's radiant 




voice crooning 

over beauteous 

Not that he wasn't a professional 

a hair cut every week. (Which oni 

ask.) Truly. Hal. the Air Navy w 

with you in mind, so good luck and go NADS 


His charm 
oo! Hal got 
' we would 

Jan Thomas Goff 


Saltillo, Missouri 

Chemistry, Marine Corps 

Jan arrived in Annapolis straight from the 
bustling metropolis of Saltillo. Unable to put 
his football skills to good use. Jan was 
inducted into the cult that is Navy Crew. 
Plebe Summer was spent facing Pigley at 
PEP. and laughing with roommate Bad 
Ronald Plebe year was spent at Timmy's, at 
practice, and above all. laughing with an 
insane person from California. Youngster year. 
Jan embraced the desperately fun chemistry 
major. Most of all. Jan was rack-starved. 
Wiiether it was after supper (wake me up at 
S) or in Boats. Jan had the talent of being able 
to fall asleep anyv.'here. Instantly. The most 
enduring image is Jan. in full uniform, in the 
rack, books in band, both feet on the floor, 
snoring happily. Another is Jan 's ability to trip 
over girls like Jessica and Bernadette. Don't 
ask me how; he doesn 't seem too certain 
himself It has been a long strange trip, from 
camping in the Keys, to the Ring Dance, to 
"Liquid Sky. " to desperate Hobie fun. and all 
to musical accompaniment by the Sex Pistols. 
We've ever survived the Q and the Amazing 
Hal's Reggae Spectacular. Best of luck in the 
Corps, and continued success in whatever you 
end up doing. Do not salute Bill. Ever. 


Twenty-Third Company 451 




Richard E. Haddad 


St. Louis, Michigan 

Chemistry, Marine Air 

Rich Haddad alias Habbib The Terrible & 
MA^TCOL Haddad came to us from St. Louis, 
Michigan. (I know St. Louis is in Missouri, but 
don't tell Rich.) Plebe summer taught Rich 
how to keep from laughing at the absurd and 
brought ideas of serious pain to certain 
upperclass. Plebe year ended when Rich met 
H. Chop and Stu. (That was around October.) 
With Rich s selection of Chemistry as a major, 
thoughts of Tilling goat court with pink smoke 
emerged. Youngster year came and brought 
with it a tirade of complications. Rugby 
replaced football. Friday night jogs to the 
Seven River Inn supplemented the third wing 
bar, and LCDR Kehoe took a special interest 
in Haddad- So Rich drove in the yard a few 
too many times. But we all know that he 
shouldn't have stopped the car that fateful 
night in College Park when Petro got him 
arrested (oops). Junior year came, and Rich 
left to become llth company's special envoy 
to 23rd company. (Thanks Mikey) A great 
year in rugby, the finals in Brigade Boxing, 
and an unexplainable talent for always having 
a pretty lady beside him. (I sure as hell can't 
explain it. i Senior year was a relief after the 
marching in Camp Pendleton that summer. 
Along came Julie. Las Vegas, and the Marines. 
What else does a wan need to be happy? Plus. 
Rich possesses the proper fighter pilot 
mentality. Who else (besides myself) goes as 
fast as be can the first time he rides a 
snowmobile? Rich is fmishlng up here with 
great grades, great friends, and great 
memories. Good luck Rich and look out 
Marines 'cause ail Hell's about to break loose. 

Gregory S. Hook 


Ottawa, Kansas 

Mathematics, Surface 

The Guns of Brixton - The Clash 

When they kick at your front door 
How you gonna come? 
With your hands on your bead 
Or on the trigger of your gun? 

When the law break in 
How you gorma go? 
Shot down on the pavement 
Or waiting in Death Row? 

You can crush us 

You can bruise us 

But you'll have to answer to 

Oh - the guns of Brixton. 

The money feels good 
And your life you like it well 
But surely your time will come 
As in heaven, as in hell. 

You can see he feels like Ivan 
Born under the Brixton sun 
His game is called survivan 
At the end the harder they come. 

You know it means no money 
They caught him with a gun 
No need for the Black Maria 
Goodbye to the Brixton sun! 

You can crush us 
You can bruise ua 
Yes, even shoot us 
But Oh • the guns of Brixton. 

(Copyright 1979. CBS, Inc.) 

James A. Lamontagne 

Jim bo 

Berlin, New Hampshire 

Marine Engineering, Surface 


Jimbo came to the un-coUege from the 
scenic mountains of Berlin, New Hampshire. 
Here at the Academy he excelled in being 
mellow and. of course, sleeping. If he was not 
in class or doing mandatory workouts he was 
perfecting the art of "rack". Jimbo always 
managed to do well in academics even though 
he didn't study much. He learned early that 
"gouge" weighed more then knowledge, and 
"gouge" be had ■ enough to fill the room. 

Jimbo'a favorite pastime was playing video 
games. He could not resist the temptation of 
walking past a video game without playing it. 
The dragon was never a match for Jimbo. He 
also enjoyed hstening to music when he wasn 't 
watching a James Bond movie. His love of 007 
flicks earned him a temporary nickname of 
"JAWS" when he came back first class year 
with his mouth wired shut, due to some dental 

We 'II always remember Jimbo as an 
easy-going guy who would always do you a 
favor Good luck on the "BERRY" and in the 


Jack E. Leanhart 


Townsend, Montana 

Oceanography, Navy Air 

This Yoda-looking Montanan was so 
backwards when he came to the uncoUege, 
that he didn 't know there was a plebe summer 
to go through! 

During plebe summer, the inevitable took 
place - Jake was fried. His punishment was 
one hour of marching. A night to remember, 
Jake ended up marching a total of four hours 
that night, with the first hour double -timing^ 

Plebe year went by faster than we all had 
anticipated, and being an upperclass was a 
reality. Jake deided early in his VSNA career 
that he would be a dual major - oceanography 
and sleepology! Oceanography was such a 
"bagger's" major to begin with, Jake felt be 
could fit the extra major in with no problem. 
In fact. Jake studied so persistently towards 
his sleepology degree, he has already began bis 
master's degree before leaving the Academy! 

Although low on the totem pole of class 
rank, Jake's ultimate wish came true ■ NAVY 
AIR. The air community will welcome Jack as 
be will be a fine naval officer. Good luck in 
all you do, and strive for nothing leas than the 

P.S.- / will make it to Montana . . . some day! 


452 Twenty-Third Company 



Patrick C. McCabe 


Maitland, Florida 

History, Nuclear Power 

Pat rocked into the NavaJ Academy from 
Maitland, Fla. with visions of rowing, rock and 
roll, and engineering. His career in rowing was 
illustrious though unfortunately short. ClI- 
culus and Chemistry spelled the end of any 
engineering aspirations. However, Pat found a 
home in the bistvry dept. and used his free 
lime tu expand his record collection and his 
roommate's minds. The remainder of his time 
was spent digging for Miss Right in the depths 
of Dahlgren Hall. He struck paydirt m the 
form of a short southern girl who was 
incredibly gracious and approving of Pat's 
gentlemanly ways. No one could even guess 
then what a gold mine he'd actually found. Pat 
was all for it when Mr YOUNG came to town. 
Yes, NEIL was great. Too bad he didn't hear 
Andy. Pat then tried to sail his way through 
rirst-class cruise but lost his lunch on the way. 
He looked forward to being a nuke but the 
glow bovs put him on hold This was the year 
he felt' the mfluence of a NAD. He was 
introduced to Riverside, Weems, Creek, 
Reggae, and 4-1 Whether it was ELVISCOS- 
TELLODEVONEIL, it was great Along the 
way were great road trips to Key West, 
Orlando, and others that Jan, Pat's moderat- 
ing influence rode along He was always there 
when Pat needed to be guided back to Mother 
B. The Navy luoks forward to gaining a cynical 
and satirical wit, so relax, enjoy the ride and 
let's go easy skanktng. 


Mark William McCann 
Saratoga, California 
Systems Engineer, Marine Corps 
- NFO 

To Mark life at the Academy 
game of craps. Unforti 


up a/wa; 
often. Mark came 
seemingly endless v 
abiUty to manipuli 
This coupled will 
educating the 

early and usually 
the Academy with a 
ibulary and an uncanny 
the English language, 
vith his perceived duty of 
masses often found him 
alienating more than he allied. But we knew 
Mark was destined to be an engineer when 
plehe summer be tried to educate MCompany 
on the principles of sail aerodynamics. 
"Thanks Mark, but even Jimmy Buffet 
doesn't know what a viscous boundery layer 

When he wasn 't studying, Mark was 
pursuing one of his three favorite pastimes: 
scouring the bars of Georgetown in his 
relentless but fruitless search for his female 
intellectual equal, trying to customize his 
RX-7 at the caswos in A. C. (. . . now was that 
leather or vinyl interior and where should we 
put the Escort?}, or sleeping off the monotony 
of the Academy routine. Mark expanded the 
traditional youngster afternoon into youngster 
mornings, youngster evenings and sometimes 
even youngster days. His propensity to sleep 
found him a frequent but unfaithful member 
of the restriction squad. 

-HeUo'^ Cash Call?" 

But seriously Mark, without your continual 
quest for excitement, life for us at the 
Academy would not have been complete. We'll 
never forget the double trip to A. C, Myrtle 
Beach and Mother Fletchers and other typical 
McCann adventures. We're sure you'll breeze 
thru flight school with the same ease that took 
you thru the Academy. Any pilot will be lucky 
to have vou aboard. Good luck at TBS and 
in P-col'a. Go CVGT! 

M.C.B. 6t J.A.S. 


Ht^ i 
niid ; 


James Andrew McGregor 


Fairport, New York 

Applied Science, Marine Corps 

Youd never think that Drew Daddy would 
go Marines, hut sure enough it happened it 
all began a long time ago as Drew set his 6a^'> 
down in Newport. He couldn't have been 
happier, with more money and more bars than 
be could shake a stick at. Drew's mo>i 
important objective was always finding ou! 
where the biggest party was. Drew was a bi^ 
splash with the women, a knockout with ihf 
girls, and always a little out of control He 
seemed to mellow with age though, especially 
after that night when he first met the 
onionsprout- He finally found the girl of his 
dreams right here m Crabtown. On a whim. 
Drew decided to go out for 150ff football 
during his junior year. He surprised us all by 
getting All-League honors two years in a row. 
He wasn 't too pleased about the starvation 
diet though. Drew never let school cramp his 
lifestyle. While most of his classmates were 
out buying cars. Drew got a little action on a 
sleek new ski boat. Most weekends during the 
summer and fall, you could find him skiing up 
the Severn, downing a few brews with the 
Moose and Jim Daddy close at hand. Best of 
luck in the Corps, from the "Infamous Five" 
and all the rest of the Boys. 

Marc James Miller 


West Point, Missouri 

History, NFO 

Marc Miller . . .?!?! If your friends are a 
measure of your sanity, then Marc and the rest 
of the Muskateers must be on the verge of the 
funnv farm: Girard's, the Browns (maybe 
still). Hood, Notre Dame, crashing parties in 
L.A., Doreen and Lorelei - psuedo sisters 
extraordinaire. New Jersey! GUHH Or is it 
GUUVHHHH! (C'mon Marcus, more gut!) 
Second class summer (if Cindy only knew!} 
After all, what are true friends for? 

Who would ever think that a deep down 
Southern boy could enjoy the Northeast as 
much as Marcus has? Actually, it was pretty 
easy: the saga of "Bubbles and Soap Scum ", 
hearing music four years before Aido. and 
knocking over coffee tables at Colgate all 
helped. Mix well with three striper libs, 
Apfelkorn. and 7-11 burritos and the package 
is complete. One of America's finest - a mid. 
Even though he never could sing on key. 

iPssst . hey Marc'. Is that a new wave 
hairstyle or is your cover on too tight? Ask 
Aldo, he knows all about it Nice outfit, but 
those shoes have to go - here borrow some 
Capezios. ) 

Desperate fun - and lasting friendships. 
That's what it was all about. In amongst the 
road trips, the sodas, and the desperate fun, 
we had a blast Despite our haircuts. Where 
do we go from here? P-cola, of course - all of 
us. USNA was only a prep for what's in store. 
So. its head to head, toe to toe. mid to mid 
- or as Shaun would say, " !" Can you 

dig it? CLICK. 

Twenty-Third Company 453 



Robert Forrest Newton 


New Baltimore, New York 

History, Surface Line 

Bob came to USNA from the Hudson River 
Valley. A sweat (in several ways), be earned 
a reputation for sweating and "Newton 
blisters" during one of the hottest Plebe 
Summers ever 

Not content to remain in "Mama B" Bob 
joined the Antiphonal Choir. Virginia Beach. 
Atlantic City, and Hood College made Plebe 
Year more enjoyable. A port cruise in Italy 
made it worthwhile. 

Youngster Year brought a navy good deal, 
the Pep Band. No march-ons, funny hats and 
trips from Boston to the Liberty Bowl 
improved life. Choir trips to New York. New 
Orleans, and Hood College did too. 

Second Class Year brought more travel. 
Protramid meant Boston-New Orleans. Fall 
meant Atr Force (via Pep Band). Spring break 
meant New Mexico land being snowed in in 
Denver and sunburned in El Pasoi. NAFAC 
'83 Staff provided other experiences t^o. 

First Class Year brought a twenty-six day 
tour of West Germany, a five week SSN cruise 
in San Diego and the Rose Bowl. It also meant 
leading the Antiphonal Choir, as its President, 
to New York. Williamsburg, and Hood College 
and writing the program for NAFAC '84 as 
Program Chairman. It also meant an East 
Coast destroyer on Service Selection Night. 

The future'^ He'll st&rt with New England 
this summer. Then the Med and then . . .? 

Gary Allen Quist 
G. Q. 

Saline, Michigan 

Political Science, Navy Air Pilot 

"Think positively, imaginatively, aggressive- 
ly (but more aggressively than anything else)- " 

G. Q. claimed that his home town was in 
Michigan, but it soon became clear that he was 
originally from New Jersey Inot too obvious). 
Gary got off to a good start Plebe summer by 
taking a leisurely stroll thru 1st class alley only 
to get a personal visit from Joe Arango 
himself. ONE . - . TWO . . . THREE! G. Allen 
had too much energy for his own good (OOPS! 
No one needed that rifle anyway). He soon got 
involved with sailing and pursued the sport 
vigorously. After a year of forgetting to do 
chow calls, youngster year brought us a year 
of heaven on 2-0. Toot!Toot! A pull-up a day 
and one shattered Rubik's cube. Belch Fire 
Motors! Second class year saw Gary as captain 
of the Resolute, fighting rough seas, heavy 
winds, and ProDev. In our last year and final 
stretch we saw Gary looking amazingly busy 
without actually doing anything at all. We 
know Gary as a man on the go and ready for 
action. Good Luck, Gar\: 


Samuel M. Bidder II 

Slam, Ryder 

Eaton, Ohio 

Aerospace Engineering, Marine 


Sam came from the sprawling metropolis of 
Eaton, Ohio, home of the infamous Eaton 
New8. He came here to be a football player, 
but soon found out that he wasn't one of the 
coaches' boys. He took some good advice and 
joined the track team where he lettered 
throwing the 4.4 pound fnsbee. He has always 
wanted to go to space (at times others think 
that he won't need a rocket) and figures that 
Marine Corps aviation is his best ticket there. 
He IS an avid anti-Nuker. mostly due to the 
great examples set before us. He's had some 
good times - eating < 
ice cream in D C. Civies 
as youngsters. And the. 
country road trip and Rush Street. The girls 
have been there, but he always seemed to find 
the ones that wanted meaningful relation- 
ships, not just fun. Sam has always given his 
all to his endeavors, a fact which will ensure 
his success in whatever he does. Take it easy 
big guy, and remember, "This place s -s!" 

in Philly. and 

felt better than 

always the * 

David A. Sanchez 


Silver Spring, Maryland 

General Engineering, Navy Air 

This native Marylander is by 
of the mill. His "do i\ 
to stop" attitude always kee 
The best thing about oT Da 
just about anything once, 
there lived a man oi 
unparalleled courage, 
capabilities, and a "I don 
I'm going to do what I wt 
and mental strain, it can 

tells you 

that he'll try 
If ever 
?/ise cunning, 
■nse physical 
what you say. 
do" emotional 
ine other than 

David. Just ask the 150-lb. football team, 
whom David slyly and cunningly fooled into 
beliexing he was a football player who really 
wanted to play, when all the time this devious 
gentleman just wanted to get out of 
formations. Oh. what a clever gent! David 
really had a way with the ladies, too. Why. not 
only did be manage to find one of the most 
beautiful of the female species to fancy his 
attentions, but with suave manner and 
eloquent voice dodged the dreaded "June 
Week Chapel" syndrome she tried to afflict 
him with. Surely David is one of a kind. The 
skies await you my friend, and there can never 
be another that flies higher than you. Take it 
to 'em, and never accept less than that which 
vou most rightfully deserve - the best. 


454 Twenty-Third Company 


~°"" v^;T..->^T^T.n-~^-- 



James A. Sauer 
Bernsville, Minnesota 
Electrical Engineer, Navy Pilot 

Jim came to USNA with Reef Points in 
band, a gouge vocabuJary. and a Go Navy 
attitude. But this is no surprise considering 
that Bob f'58) and Bob Jr. ('33) blazed the 
trail H'e knew we bad a sweat on our bands 
when he arrived on I-day with the "Laws of 
the Naiy" memorized. But academic year 
liberty calls revealed that Jim's Na\y training 
was not quite complete. 

Drinking is one thing you didn 't learn in 
Rota. Jim Your "receding hairline" got you 
into bars but we had to carry you out- We'll 
always remember you facedown in a German 
snowbank. locked m the Piedmont lavatory, 
and crashed-out in the back of Dal